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OXIO-E: No. 13 Tonfih Sli'Odt. Thornton's Building.
On tho south side ouinld Juiou, Ln
county, there Irt a very extensive depos
it of real French burr millstone grit. It
e rops out in great masses at several
pohuiv Inducing luti'b'elief tha&l'a ntlilek
htrntuin of it underlies the entire mound.
It possesses all the qualities of the
Krench burr grit, the porous texture, the
mixture of hhells, etc., and 'competent
Judges have expressed the opinion that
in its compactness and flrmuees, it is su
perior. A oorresnonUont of Mm Anna 'Herald'
speaking of this ,valuublfiiil,cpoIt pay.-
IhatJtJmHa .great advaniago over tho
.renoh'grft, in Off-? tV? French artlclf Is
found In mav-4.-,tooiiiiiill to makoa'hed
stone or runner, ol any size, out of one,
hut necessitating Hfp- rnonMniiffavcj;
nl pieces toother and tji.o , eojiflnlng. ,pf
tho wiiole ma.xrf by iroibbandii TlioJUald
Knob gill U'f.Hmd In ompaftt (fluYntlltoY, '
sutllclcntlylargt,' to nitike'jjtflii'sf uii
deslre4l nlz. Another fact omjnoiitiy
worthy of consideration u tiilVi XfiMtV,,
pair of French burr. co.it ?"Ou to tOOO.
Burrs' In every rowpeot equal van be man
ufactured from Him grit for 1.10 per
Anil nsaTn,,!Iii' n(Hnl-'1n)"nt1 wo ex
c'alin, what a country.
TEiV.Sk&StiBAXij' Ilk Fll-WjUiXTlI
A M12SDM 12S '. .
The Chicago 'I'-J-Vl-iySU will believe
thai Toiihenece Intend to ratify the Fif
teenth Amendniont.whetiltrecelves well
I I ... .I.- .... I
1I'.IUI'-IIU MV I IIIHII II1UU'II llllll lilt- inn-
II-..H.... i...- i i...f.
' .. ...v.v...
on me oilier nuiiii, uovernor numer
Miys that he udviicHtud
tin.' amendment irotu
the adoption of '
everv stump lu' 1
...i .T i... .......
TonnViro, nnd U hatUtk-d that the new
Iri.l.lulnr.. liitoii, I. t . rullfv Ir Mr.iwn
low is of tlie same opinion. "Hut. If," '
UIIV. till. IflttllP "tin. iinTT.ifif urn t.hnll re!
" ""w - -
fuse t , ratify It, why then I ,J.all act lu
accor lance with my convictions of du
ty " From thN declaration it I in
ferred that If the amendment is nrtlfled
i, I ii in., ..,,-, I....
IJrOWnhlW Will HOI act "III accordance
In vhwof the,,., eonlllctlug hpeculu- ,
tious wo are forced to the conclusion that
the Te..uessee legislature will or will not i
ratify the Flfieenth Aniendmetit-we ,
i.-Hii't t-iiy which.
sua .viL kssl r rjwisrm'T.
The certllled copy of the Joint reolu-
tlonof the fractional part of the In.ll-
ana Legislature, ratlOing tho Fifteenth
Amendment was forwarded to theSecre
tary of Statu ,ut Waihlngtoti, on Satur
day. It lulttu-.i by tho signatures of j
the sneakern of both Iivummi and of the
goverpor, ami upon its race Dears evi
denco of having been passed by a constI
tutional mujority.
Upon this Infamous proceeding the
Chicago 'Piwt,1 a rudioal sheet,- remarks
thtit'thl-4 certificate may lu construed as
making a prima facie case of ratltlcatiou
by the State of rmlfuna. It may,- never-thek'.-',
hereiifter appear that It Isacertl
lied copy, according to tho form of law,
of a mcrouuap-judgmeiit proceeding, of
no account at all. Hut with or without
Iudiaua there tire no hopes of the ratifi
cation of the amendment!" And so
mote it be.
' co'xrjiyrio.y. '
The Saline county democratic conven
tion was held on Monday, Aug. 30th.
Tho convention declared for James
Macklln as Its 'Unit choice for tho con
Mltutlonul convention, and for W. G,
Bowman as Its fcccoud cholco.
The following nominations were made;
For County Judge, ..M, P. Mc Goheu.
For Associate Justlcitf, J. W. Cox, J. 1),
Church. x i- ( t y.,, i
ForCouuty Clerk, Thos. A, Jones.
For Couuty Treasurer, J. M. Burnett.
For Suporlntuudent Public Schools. F.
F. Johnson.
For County Surveyor, J. . Iluseell. i
Tho convention resolved that, here-
after, county Jiomliitttious shall be made I
through the primary eluctlon Myntcm.; ,
Tho voto on locating tlm Southern" Tl
llnnl- Vnvnvil alnrnt! Bowver ftn'Olnovt -
Palmer for.Tamaioa; Jlnnl, Ilurr'ja and roads, mlulug ,una cduoatlonl Objects
Flminlaau (oi) J.gorrndalo.. iJuco'tho wprtby of your best oudpavors, gentle
voto has been pnWlfchedFlannlgan has nion'
'oeen publicly ycquostod "to go to Wash- j The election of n democratic leglsla
Jfigton und got that Ilttlo olllce", that Is turo in Callfornlalfa'acatised tlio radicals
to reward him for violating promises to regard tho Fifteenth Amendment 'as
most sacredly Sealed In favor of othor j dufeated. ', ,
1 ' ,
Mrs. Emily 4,IWitttligtqn, Millyi-. ao
ciato edltoi' oT tho 'Llttlo' Corporal,' lids
been selected to read the poem aUlfe
been selected to reatl the poem at tho i
neiit nniHlHf"meeung m lite UllUOlrt
has boon aeleotCtf M thoorator. There
Unamuii j ,y r
is no ol itlc lu tuw aasoolatlon Dr, Boo
. . l
just happens tq h rIeal. Mm. Mil j
ler IS an al'UOlH licuiuuuil'itniui , uni ii
nil happened so.
Johnson county boastH of ton pofitonl
oeti. Alexander county conlaliiH five.
Proas Assooiauou, ami hub, mo. uuio , niomuem or tho "Cairo' St. Patrick's Be- ' uMt jwfo Biruw marctf.i bm .Meditorinueun. .md
editor ot'tlid Bloom'lngttin U'antagraph,' , Jiovolejit.Boolcty," In tho city of Cairo 1 oeru-im Amber eardi, r tho bat, eariieti hard-
lu -...I i i
r a . t..r .... I mul AAimfit ,.P A i . .1 L. I 1 1 ..... I i'LkliU 1111191 ilrOil ill l lit n in u orirvu
;. 77 of anN. ra wlinos.
Gen. Itawllnga, Secretary of War, died
at -1 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Tlio
disease of which ho died h:ul Its founda
tloiijji.u.cold contracted by. him In the
army during tho year 1603.
An Odin correspondent of the Centra
llu 'Sentinel,' who spcaltH of hlm'sclr as
"u fulthful Journalist," says that brothels
are ovi-rrunuliiK that luterestlng..vllugo.
''Our'iuostuhllo strccUf aro helhlh'
vadud," and our best neigh horhoodH dls-'
graced by t begot nuUance. Almpsiii
the very door; of two of our churches ro
Hide a bevy of nymphn du-pavc, whose
conduct is outrageous , beyond eudu
ranee." If this is true, Odin Is evidently
maiitululng, in some respects, her old
Several years at:o we were a imssemrer
foniifuU'iriiln tbatoDped'at billu, about
: tnld-duy. The moment the tralu.halted
I a bottlc'nos(jdrJjidIvidalf tpnsiL'd( down
the aisle of he coifcii nntl 'invited tin'
crowd out to dinner. "Time h 11,"
i responded,, ,,lu,'f y nnhHiujh-y 'yo'vo
goi plenty lime to cat ami gci unum
afterwards; and If anj of yon wnnt to
excercl.se for an ai.petlte, why Jest Jlne
thelyjj ott tliere.'"lcOn tho platform i
were about a hundred and Yiftvv voltur I
teem home oil' furlough atloaetruiio.
third of whom Were engaged ln. a pro
mheuous knock-down. About twenty
of the unengaged "boys' entered tho
cars on a hunt for ."copperhcada,',' .ex,
pn-Hiiij; a uecioeu anxiciy 10 rip ine
heart out o anv man who had made un .
his mind to vote the democratic ticket,
........ u .un.mv iiviuuviniiv
it un.1su,...M.w-ri,,,.r,wi m
- ..-.,....-- - --I- .
uumu biijiijbh mvir uuwu jininin.-
stay most excrtitiutiligly-t . Ltnl tho gen-
tlemeu well they stib.ie'iiientlv Iwujiht
........ toi.
r - -i
Fremont Is lu Denmark.
u.... - rri .t. ...!.. ...i I... !,...,
lirlcl.-Pomeroy won ,00d on Oxford.
Charlotte Cushman U hick at Edla -
b '
tJnlu.rfa tin. Iillllnrill.it lu li'inl.-riiitl
... i- ......... ..j...
,. . ... .,ot; In v,.l
" !, Stuart, of I enn,ylvanla, is
In,",e toi,sIMl "l Iur?" llTl; , t ,
la' anf. Va'iderbilt have
"ol l-' IlL,ar,1 from "M" " ly or
Camp meeting Is waulty. The Slug
Sing meeting has not paid expenses this
c"' Il.L.Ill ,,, ,(r
. nnr,..lI.L,. vl,.,.
O " ------ . n T
u Chinese doctor hi San
Francisco, gets $7,003 a week for dosing
700 fellow Colestlals
The President has roongnized V. M.
Uaumbach as Vice consul of Sweden
and Norway utSt. Paul.
A Virginia paper calls 3frs.'Stowe "a
literary body snatoher." Virginia dosu't
love Harriet B. particularly.
Wliineck'a comet may bu seen by sil
ting up until three o'clock lu tho morn
ing. It Is In Tauruf.
Mm. Oatcs and her burlesque company
arc working their way down tho Missis
sippi, after a successful tlmo in St. Paul
and Mineopolis.
The Improvement In tho telograpli is
in using it to pay debts across the ocean.
If a man in Now York owes a bill in Lon
don, he may pay it by going to Wall
street and purchasing a "cable transfer
er;" nn equivalent of monoy hopaya In
Xow York will be Immediately paid to
his creditor lu Loudon. This Is tho tol
egraphlu edition of tlio post oflice mouey
order syitom.
The Illinois StntoFairnT Decatur will
comiuenco on tho iT7th Inst., and contin
ue until the 2d proximo. It will nn doubt
bo one of the most largely attended fairs
ovor given in the West. Kfirypt'will bo
there with her Hue fruits ami vegetables,
her big corn aud lino wheat, nnd, possl
bly, will carry nway aomo of tho blue
ribbons for fino cattle,
ul'"" "i 'u lu
orgy, jiruiJiwtCH 10 "WiK-uir- 1110 vjiiesier
nnd Contralla railroad; to boro for coal
buIIl 11 8'lool bulldltlgl Kail
AV i'f-il'MI IUnilUUihlllrfnvi..i.luj.
ciE-rv t , ,
n. oC,,: "V V "L1"J?
Section l. Bo it enacted by tliopeo
lo of tho State of Illinois, renresnnted
, tu Go..oml ASjmi,r'. "rTiit the.!
hi tho Gouoral Assembly: That tho
. w - -----
" ' 'VBS"u"or' " Fr-
Hon8 WJ,0 shall hereafter becomo IISSO-
(l,llttr,i wilh HfA nrh"ifiv.i,w.ni,iiii.i
tt body ijolltlo and corporate.V thoname
c,. V. . . , -fi i .
St. ratrlok'fl Jlenovolotlt
by that namo shall have
cession, with powor to
" mo vniiu ou
Knnlnlv.l' ami l.i.
i Bocloty," and
perpetual succession.
1 make, hayo and use a common ueal,
aud tho samo to alter and renew at plea
sure, to contract and be contracted with,
sue and be sued, Implead and bo im
pleaded, answer arid' bo answered unto,
in all, courts of, competent Jurisdiction,
and shall have all such other powers and
privileges as may be necessary to fullll
tho objects of tholr incorporation.
Bkc. 2. Tho object! of this corpora
Hon shall , bo tho. allbrding Its members,
mutual assistance In, tho' Hour of atlvef
sity, disease, sickness and death, and all
other such benevolent and charitable
purpose; as tho society may in Its by
laws and constitution appoint, director
sanction..' C X JO X . JT Ot
w B:c. !J. Tho ofllcers of this corpora
tion shall boa President, Vlce-I'rcsldent,
Bonrotnri'j Troarurcr, jHtyuid, and a
hluanco Committed or live members of
the society, all of whom phall be chosen
annually by ballot, at such tlmo and in
fluoh manner as may be prescribed In
Uio constitution or by-laws and shall
nold their ofllccs for one vear or until
their HUcce.ssorH aro elected und quull-
Ofifl 7.ntt!lrfl Mint li lit. ..nln... ...n. Im .
removed by a voto of two, thirds r of thp
ruciii bera I ' .; lil'"
Hkc. 1. The President, Vlcc-Prc?ident,
Hecretary, Treasurer, .Steward, and Fl-
ua ti ee Corn m tlce. bhnll toge t v.f cons tl
tutcan execulivo committee, tho powers
and duties of which, may bo prescribed
in the by law of the.soefoty.
Hr.C. Tj. This' corporation shall liavo
powor to dellne the powers and duties of
lU)(1 illferior Vmeera and agents and
adop guch by la vs as it may deem
neccisary for it-- weir'Omlng?
Its olllecrs, oppolut such committees,
gorm 'overumeni auu the ruimiment
of thbtd for which It is crcatcUtinUdt
shall bu competent In law and equity
to take to Itself In Its corpoiate name,
real, personal, or mixed property, by gift,
grant, bargain and sale, conveyance,
will, devise, or bcijuestand to grant, bar
gain, sell, convey nnd devise, let. or
place out at any Interest, orotherwisedls-
l1?'0 9 11,0 'tne for tlie usq and benefit
,, . , ,
luaucb manner ih
hihii ncetn most bvneneialthereto una
in nirilierancc af its ol)Ject.. snld corpor
atlon shall not 1
1 real estate to ex
Hold and own personal or
xceed In valuo the sum of
ty-llve thousand dollar.
Bi:c. 0. Said cbriwrutlon' tnay reoulre
bond and and satisfactory security ot its
Treasurer, for the faithful performance
oi ins uuuooUH sucn omcer.
u-J Viy said Cairo t. Pat
! rick's Ilcnevolent Hociety, and now In
I force, which arc not inconslHtettt with
I this act, or with the laws of the Slate, or
I il... 1...H...I 4J. , I..
ui 1IIU IVIIIII.-U uiuil-j, Dllllll IVIIHUII huu
..nntlnnn In frr... rVm .....I C.r tlio n.w.
sago of Uils act, uutll altered by said so
ciety, and all personal property and ef
fects of any kind now held by said soci
ety, or by any person iu trust therefor,
shall by vlrtuo of this act vest in, and
hecomo the property of tho corporation
heroby created, and may bowled for and
recovered In Its name.
SKi. 5. This corporation shall not be
(M?ni veil so long as there snail rumnin
ten members disposed to nerpettiato ft,
at any time it should bu disolved, what
soever property may be in the possession
of, or iu any way belonging to It, shall
not revert to the original donors, but
shall bo donated to such benevolent and
charitable purposes as the society may
Skc. 0. This act to take effect, and
be in force from and after its passage.
, , w J Cohwi.ny .
Speaker of tho House of Representatives.
J. Douohkkty,
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved March 27th, 1S60.
John M. I'ai.mku,
.Ifnilcd, iitalc y'tA.m:ripti Slate o, Jlll
noU. ss,
OrH'of fHvrrtr-.
I, Kdward Uuminel, Secretary of State
of Illinois, do hereby certify that the fore
going is a true copy of an uct to Incorpo
rate the Cairo St. Patricks Benevolent
Society. Approved March 27th, 1609,
now on file lu this ofllco. In witness
whereof I hereto set my hand and affix
the great seal of State, ut the city ot
Sprlnglleld, this 21th day of Augnst, A.
D. 1M31). ,
Seal EowAitD Rummei.,
Secretary of State
The musqultocs aro about to retire
from business. Vo are apprlaetl.ofj this
by tho porllnsoity with which they pre
sent their hills.
- i . i it
HTin perfected their irrnnKftnent for tho tnanufat
uireorHrooniitthli city, me now prepared lo fl
ordenat a
Ijow Prloon
A the aauii. iualitlrn of broom can Ih puielia.sed an)
where. . , 1',
Orderi. left at the hlo're nf u V. WlllaTmon, CS Ohio
Levee, oral the
JInniil'uttory, Fourti-eiill' Nlret-I, betii nn
Haluiit nuilCodnr,
tl-ili I ........i).. nriA.i.l...l n
... ..... im..
W. F. M'hhl. 11110.,
u . .i Cairo. Illlnoi,.
i 'i )i).i
tvi..i.... H'lieul.
i And tut t KA1IM MJI-lif. from Dciti'k Ci-irihi:.s.
tt"i7!'Tr- W i" . 1
1"?."' ? .""' .Hoiifl.t"" Iteunll. -! .Wj f k". amlTrrud-
. n iiiiiikiai I U llllfl Ill'llII. I KHIlll 11 Illlil II II II IE(1I
niMfcr J .rwicliiiu-aUoii. -iuioeApr)iiih.
j U. i i'o'mfc of any kmk by mini, pot paid, foi-81.
Te..iVi ,.'.i7.f XTu.r.it uriei.eitVJit ut ulti.i! rP
j "X&i
I 1,1 yenr iiuimiuuihiii. . .-y- -mm-ii-
perjuun tho moat iwcfui ourna
wrtwU- ' fWmfr
je to be
tieaa, aud
i ti'i-i: r uiiim t 'l'lioueuuiue uriicl
l i nail lifirt!lah uillllimi inuiium uirueaa. wu
yet oontainins ull th virtuta of commoa qulniuo.
P ,2$. WARD,,
U cropaicil to llll onlir prnmiitly ntnl cnllfrtclor ly
lTjtllllip boat imtJMil hiri).tv. hfiv.il 4 .
fc.'voorijlnr at IIiilvn'Mjfj.iaoil, or al.tliu i-ict-
Olllf P
t ' ' All "I H T ' I- fc
ir CAIRO, il,r.I.OLS. '
ttjfi .la,;KT3 , OO R-AHtft . iO. mMJOl etc'.
1 tjik .Lonrmrof u
II.MMUS. ' '
1 r.
mill Clinrli-ri-il lJ' lic Mule of
IIIIuoInIii IMI.1,
r jrx ij j
tlj. 1 ; IT .uoii ini-lixt liilvl nnd UiMnif,
w.lunz an. ntfttionury, wr Urrii of the
ilnlit', itinetYrJ, knUuli'und i'flV-'Yiti'iiiB'j'JiKtrai ' J
Knr further uifurnialiun npptvto dm
f iglTiUin MuTHKIt SflT.IUOII.
;fi.rx ice.
! I
Oomcr Eighth Mrccl and Ohio Lcvce.
Iceilel eriii tou't Lrt of tlio uty. All onler frdm
ntjfonil promptly tlilf (I j aplUtoncpl
QOVEli;S ligTEU j
SA9TIEL covi-:it,M pnoiK.
rcsrojViW bATTis&xianv.
Cur. KJevrulli mid. WnrliluKloii Avanuv
heepfn han Hharelelrt-il CrsneA llrrotlf snd
l'.iymomli mctlllr hnrltlc mkh '
Alio, bfneK rrlret, waliinto talricd c-ufiinn niacto to
order, at"vrrj'lor rrire.
it. FXth perform fill ok n work, deliic a pr&ct
cottln maker, and litintcforv Ma to ellcliouprtaan
nyti rUc mj8 3m
. Tvr ., j S - . V- '
3E3 -xr o x-'.y t lx inc- 3T" r o la.
ji.utiaixs "fok thk peoplkj
uii,!.i:it A: miLm:i:,
Hav ii' ed out their old tockof Clothing, hato
brous(ht on a
-Lhi-ko and rSplouditl Stuck.
WKn.li etntwei intrj' Jclnd or
Knatilnnnble Jr.llinrD' Vr,
And ueh a In nuilvd to all cIamc.
TLey would &k c-iclafatkntlun to their1 supf.lj
XZn.toi mxxcI Oapa,
JwhjWijIie iof. toleadtli nuikt? AUo to
Whleh einbraeo 'nil Ujts of Clotlu, filmier,
Treel, etc., from which they munufi.-mr
In the butt U)uner, and ttrklljr fashionable. Their
Geiitlciucu'H FuriiiNbliiK OooiU
In Tery rompleti', ineludlns many noreltie neer be
forobioUht toUitiniaxkou ' -
Aitnured of the. r ability to ell gomla from Ihcr nw
tock,chipr.Uiu evrlirforc, hy fvlyo-j.i dm
cnminattnc pulill' to extend Iheni tbo pMrohavto they
i,m vi ,uii,llr: I .
. mala. II 'i f i
Int. ACAPKMIC KnRlUhttnd ClakMral
2d. M'IKNTI FIC .Thrctt t.
3.1. COI.I.WIIATK roilf Vearx
I.Tniid(oitly buildint j.at.i i Co ly kou ei vot
ed, with adinintili iKvoiiuiiixInllous for n larue num
ber of iititdent.. I)o.iiutbvC9)l)'iin lloarilina Hall
The entire eipeimo for Tuition, lUhrd Hgoui lient
f U-, VIU, UUL'3 1U Ul'ITU
81.00' A n.'KATt. ' 1
. men; nnu ui recnio mo wium uetrt-ej. nmii unj
i Krndunte. Thuy obtain board til reaiouablerntei in
The iie.it feriirifil7i-ii??iiiioii -.'"cM trie?1 1 ' 1
; First 5roudau,i iil',
For further Information tiiMref. Prof J. W Iliiley,
; "r ' w ,v-", v-ymn v1"" -w?-""
' h4An Vfitirei'y'uew'fvollthJlt ha'benn' lit nilfvoprep
iffl t
nratloti fur over thirty your i cordially endorsed ky
lenditiK eerynien nfiall the prlntupul nenominniioiw.
For u 111 pngo tlreiilar, anuix iuii parii. uini.
ample jic(.Iv aud ojWtiplo ofjbU(ranl full i'iw
enuruvluu with which thowork will bo embellUhed,
I --.
i VKXT. Iiit)lllier.
JySOw tin
a W. I'ourth utreot, Clnclnn:iti.O.
" t.T7inr.TrT?' T V, , VmVu
WAN.T?fiu-A,Mulicrtf"n,y.Pri,e.rtfi?, Si
n -
J kWMrn WAnwx.
i .......
; U
For anew domoatlo arliolo of groat utii);l iiitila
j uBiror! waiitj Un i iut i no cojwpui itlon. awiul
I auunn iior.oitTulur. UWU;VIKI.DL, PAMC, Jo
i .limn .
, tia Wwhiiuitoil t.et, IMMton, Mm.
7 .l.M'K l).-A 'o, I xlrl to iId general libu.-p-IT
work. Inmilro of D. T. J'arlu-r, corner Tenth
WA.ri:i. Tlin-i .pHini Iiu.ipI, l.v 'lay or
cek.raU Lo'iiceonlinolliltnl t'.Mn-( fJvJinnn'n
rorner of Hcventli street nnd WnsliiiiKton uvcniie.
.Terms i ?3 (n) iicr wutk board : V vo pcrweuk
.IjoiiH nd LMgliifi. m4 nuis im
IWH PAIK. - Twnhiinrtrwl hwl of limf lr.i
fis )r fall) ,udTijuwftt(l, at I'rvu'icv, Ilollvnr,
rntmt)-! Mln.' Inrtrtennillllrtnfnr feMil?llif-Wl-
Firiartlenlnni, nililrt J.T HKltllY, llculnlt, lloli
Yrtbuiity;nMi .s f iiiijint , k
i" i.rl FOR SALE. ii, - -l
JC.wmithr-wMel.- of tltftonrrnr lonlmija-iilio
nun- lies nt the wharf Ml Cxirn, III
, DVAH T. l'AIli;i:U, -KMit,
Cairo, Illjnjt. 15, for UniIohtrllei.
nwrfKAfcrS. ClIK.Vf-evr Cittagc in-l tlttce
U lut, corner hocuxt unl rtlxleenth Mrc.'U.
marlddtf tlltr.KN t OlMlurtT. AttY, '
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r otlleeof tlieKvo-in,4'll(lllctfii.' 1 llf i
1 L" II f. IJ T It A C K .
fil Miles the .Shortest Kontcto Ken Vork!
' 1
AU'itUldrtruimfri.iu ').. W.-t run l rr. t to the
t'nion dejiot. whero pn-n-ncrri f r IlnrrM'tirff IlallN
mure, Washington, rhlluilitii.-i, Xt w V'.rk, lloilrn.
mul nit tlio Ntir l.naliitnl t..wn, otu. trumfitiul to
trninsojUiatJj f
lluy yott hi-kul for Ne Vork, Thilndelphia and nit '
Iointi:t, via the I'lttji.iip. Tort Wajiic.A. ! iico
.ml the I'eiiiDVlviiniii lli'ntr'Al f?-tllnil The (iniut'oi
ho . r "
I L LLXOIS .f,I X T Jt,A, It,
mnkoi I' .c norut'tlru)flt M iIIihiii und (lili ngo; nn I
tin. tntirr trip iSiivw Toin ' made nillr on.y lo
clunjiMfifyjjM x (,
EluguutiilViilu iumiiKur CarM,
, with
HnloiMl-ltiinN uiilprot oil Statu!
Thee enr nro IhnroilRhls i'-iitiluted iiih! pruvided
with cirry inodiij ini.rov.ornt nintr; t..the
Mkfvty nuif coiiifort'ui tnielcr
1 Woodrull's Pittcnl,
Run tlni.iikli to rhlliilelphln on all Nitflit Train,
nd .Vi-w York via l'hlhtdeli.hiA and AIInlon, with
out fhoiiKC nitording IWengern n night of undi
tmlW! rvt. And
l.nn iIiik llirni In Nc' Turk llnurN In
Arivnurv or all oilier Linen 1
Vnd In llmotoiir- Hotel oeuommoiUtionii befoie
the arrnul of the H-eiiKer by other routes,
Tor.o.ton u-il Xi w trnuln'tnl pa..enucf this route
UespeeliJIy ililrU,a it tlieni uu ojiinirtiiiiity
of Ki-t-lni; (he" flnent tle Rtnons tit" Alleshnny
MOUiiUinj.iei'U' (laiiiiiK rui.ojri;, l uumu'ipuia
and er York, Wllhonl lUIrn ('out.
ntr All New Kntclund iukm tiKcrw holding IhiouRb
tlekelt. will tiuii-feriedi vilh iliclr lKX'U-, to fattl
and'lUat Connection, In New York, rilhoiit thrK.
Four Dally Trains Leau'X. for Ilo.stou.
TJiirtcrn Daily Trains Leave PIiIhitlclplilA
for 'eir Vork,
Via Jersey Cltv'aiid CUIndon ild Arubo. Ilistance,
j 4 Wrt.Meis.Tl.mi-. . '-wr.
Tim U tlfinonly rouui f.y nil h uu.enj;er.i tan tear
Chk-uKO Suliiril.)' noniinin,1n u tliroiiK'li cur. Tim
irnin lemea the IMtoLur. Kott Waynu k Chieao
tnilMjy Depot ts:M p.m. and run through without
lelny.HnlTinn In VnrUtf.-"7 Monday inormuji.
Hours hi Advance of Other Line:.!
Tlie l.C0 p.m tr-iin frour (.'luoattu arriv!' in New
HorktttV.Ua.m tlu-ril.CONl) 1AV, U I--J llwnrs
In AdvitucK 1' iinj tillier Houlft will, tor
renmiitnir rr.iiri..m llOn l'uN, I'll I I.ADKI.IMl 1A,
r ll iirtr.ici. eherked Ihrnugh to nil t-tit in.f no th
l.innof thu PvnnnvliAiiin lUilwny, nnd to IlilliinorV,
I'hllAdelphinAnd N. w Yor. from tMtt urg, fhirago,
and nil principal Wiwlrrn Citlt.
n-lUieiif freight nnd cxpri m freight to nay
l-intern point, nr.- at ah time n luvoruuie a i
vu'iii-4l hy older imrx,
t6' Through lii kett a!e nt the ptliu'lp
,n,,,U,, E0WAM H. W1U.IAMS.
OeneiAl Superinteiid.'iit, Altoonn t'a
T. - KlMUAl.l., t'i.eni;.-rAi;.-iit,t. hleuju.
letTwlf 12
Tlie London Qunrtrrlv Keilcw,
The KdlnKbiirtf llerlew,
The WcaliulnUUr Kcvlrw,
The North 1U.U ltilew,
Blackwood' KUIuliurg .MngAiluf.
The reprint of the It idiiij,-(Ji'a. tul . and llluck
wood nro now ludloiHiiuabld lu all u no ile.ire to keep
themnelveH fully inf rine l with leitard to th great
ubieetaof thedav hi Mewed by the U-t cltoUr
and Mnilei ihlnlit rn In Orvut llntam. Th eontrl
butora to the uige4 of hee IteVle are men who
aland al the hrnd ul h lixl ol Knulll wiltera 00
fVU-nce, llellgiou, Art und liem-ral l.ilemture, and
wliateteri wortliv f ll-ii.n Hilda alleiition in
the .use. or theK.'Bttfjwr and ii"kw ' ,''
riety 1 o great that noHiib ilbrt an fad to l- satin
lied. There prri.diuiN an' prilled wiili thorough
fldrllty totheKimli-h.i py, and .ue ortei-d i price,
which ptare them iiiilim ieai n t l n l.
' I Irrnia fin- INUn. Yonr
invooeiif the IKvn-HK . i rr
Ally l" "I- the lleTieua
All four of the ltele
mtkwo,"l'f.M-K-U'-v, - 'Vf'"
lilnekwood ami an one Ilevlew .
lllai-Uwood nml anylu- IJ-i'W.
Illaekwoo.1 iuid any Ihp'f Rei H
Iilnokwood and (h ..m lu-ntw-.
7 00
. 10 ou
. Vi w
.. 7M
. 10 CO
13 CO
. ; co
AdiK-oumof twenty pur will l.o iilloaeit lo
olilbsof lour or iiiorv-rVoii-. Thin, four toplet ol
lllack vood, or of one "f the Hi t cw, mil be sent t
one uddrcs-i lot 113 SO. ' J
l'oli;e. r
Su).W4-ilH-jH,!0i0Ud,pr-y by, tlut quajtei. 1 i
odU-e or.Ieilfei)'. -Tlie piW.itfol" lr' of J.VS
l ulled Htatcs laiwf' ivia n numb -r Thi rato only
nppliei to current "iibsoilptlon. K-rluek nunmer
tho Mj-miij la double.
, IVrtaai io 'ow Subvcrlberfc.
New SuUv't'M"'." M ?f ;' ob0, Pcn9""
t-Ma for l()lmb..ohiilf. 1 to reti-iW. xrutlsuny 00
prthqfour;toviee i n '!" Aett Mll!.iriU)r!) to all
HlaekHOod or any lo ol ll.t-lour lioviewa tor lNd.
lbiiil. and of llu. ki" l' Majamiu Irom Januar),
1S60. tu poicinU.. ball tl..- euireut aiiworlp-
viMi'uthcr pFeUinim 40 -.tlWin . !!. aer dioUtft
. i..i. , .:.ii ...I 1 1 1 ...... f... 1,.,-L iiniiilieri, run be
Hi., MH.I.1ILI u nHiuttHii ilireot to the
niiuwni, i.iii " im' j .. ..... i.,i
publiahcr." No premium tfati bogiventoeiuiw.
' 'Tirp'rA-niiTlro.tM'nbllalilnir ?'.lW
'"lit IVHOII lurk-
TheI..H;l"MJt.C,0!aNo publlah' h '
by Henry iiUpheua, tt KdinKhuri;. and tlio Into J ,
le.YdoOli0e. to h-,. royaWoctavo, I ,
paged, and nuuieroua engraviUKH. Prlcv, 47 10
the two vola.-by mail. pop!d.
JjlVWI-'ArlluM hkik A superior aiiapeE
drforaklt.or pjitoi an unrqualled brnco ftr
ahoilldcRir t.wayvnariHpoMt.1" a brace or MM

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