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She (Svcnfaji uUcthu
Arrival nml l)rjmrnro of Mnlla.
(Cairo I'o-t Ullluo, Kvl.ru.iry ii lf )
(Timiiuf closing.)
"North (through :i.5"n.m... a.Wp.m.
North (way) 414ft p.m...... 11:00 p in.
Hoiith (throiiKhand way). 4:V0it.ni .,..1I:UU p.m.
Hoiilh (Mumplilf AN. 0.).. 4:WB.m ..... litXio.m.
Ohio ItHer route &;V)j).m MHJp.m.
MlimlKiilppI Hirer route,
TUendajH and Friday... 0:00 p til 7:U) p.m.
Charleston, MM.,Tuetday
Tliurmlny AKtunl.i)e- 11:00a.m. ..11:00a.m.
Thebea, OuoMi Inlaw Mid
HantaFe ... O.OUp.mFVI. 7:0lH.tn, Sat.
'Ohio Itlvo route; depart every day cirept Monday.
A , J. M. (JHAHA.M, 1' M.
f llliinl leiifntl R. It., Clmujfo r TlliitC
OtiHunduy, AugiiHt 29th, the following
timetable will take elTeot and govern
until further notice:
ooino noktji:
Mill train leaies at. ...... ?.M o'clock a.m.
Kxprrti" " i ' p.m.
Mail train arrltci at :1J o'clock a.m.
Exprea " tn " p.m.
Way, leare t.,.......... VI o' lock a.m
Fjp.-w, " .. 4 1 " p.m.
Way, arritea at...- a f.ito " p.m
TiJ " a.m.
' - K- .
DcMtocrnf ic County and I'rtelMcl Cnu
vrnllonn Thj Democratic County Convention for
the purpoHe of nominating candidate!
for tlio vnrloUH county officer and for Iho
purpose of Hfluctlng delegated to attend
the LeglnIativo District Convention, will
meet ut tho Court House In Cairo, on
Tuiwlay, Hepburn Iwr 21 ft, 18fl, tit 12
o'clock, in. The Democratic voter of
Alexander county will meet at their res
pective voting places In each precinct on
Saturday, September 18th, 1809, at 2
o'clock, p. m., to hclcct delegates to tho
County Democratic Convention.
Delegates have been apportioned on
tho basis of one delegate for every twen
ty-llv Democratic voter.", or fraction of
twenty-live, as follows:
Nuth C,rc
S'orth Ca tj.
'tooMr (I'an 1
MntA K'
IT Tliel-
lft ClMrCnw-k
" Hail-'!
S l'nlly. .
. 1
5 Is
.. 8
V. K. Albright,
A, K;chb:tvh,
J. 11. Taylor,
Ja-i. II Mulkey,
M. D. Guuter,
Green Mntuey,
H. Murchtldoii,
Jo, E. McCrlto,
Patrick Sullivan,
Dem. Co. Central Committee.
Ilartnimlw t'amr.
The best and prettiest cook sto,vcjow
A new lot Just received. Call and kco
them at JJeerwurt. Orth &, Co., 1H0 Com
merclal ovcntic. BopCdtvlni
i ii 1
Crash at Itellly's for 14 to it) cents per
yard. ' 2t
- -
Ttio Hon. D.. W. Mann, who Las. dur
ing a period ofteoveral weeks, been ru
tlcatlng1, In tho Green Mountains, re
turned homo yesterday, In tho enjoy
ment of excellent health.
Four quarter floor oil cloth at Rcllly'ri
at GO cents per yard; and a good artlclo
at that,
Uarrett's" Is not sticky or gummy.
The change In tho temperature of tho
weather, this morning, excited very gen
oral remark. Tho thermometer dropped
dotvu to 05, ami a wind that swept over
the city gave a chilliness to tho atmos
phere that ouc U accustomod to lu No
vember. Nothing wanting In ''Roraett'a.''
Jeaus and woolen goods, generally,
can bo purchased at Rollly's at a less
price than tho same articles pell for In
New York at wholesale. 2t(
Tho professional card of Dr. II. "Ward
nor appears In another column. Tho
doctor Is well known In Southern Illi
nois as u skillful, oxporlenced and suc
cessful physician aud surgeon, and enjoys
u practice that Indicates a proper appro
elation of his worth as a professional
I O. ft. K. Fitiiarnl Trnla.
Couches for funeral trains can bo
chartered on the basis of llfly passengers
to each coach. All in excess of llftly will
ho required to pay the regular faro. Pay
ment for such trains must, In all cases,
be madoln advanoe. A baggage car will
be put on to carry tho corpse and pall
hearers; but no passengers will bo allow
cd to ride in It.
The price la forty dollars for one- coacjt
and engine, no charge being made or
the baggage car. Each additional coAoh,
thirty dollars.
.Iamks JoHNSaJfrv ,
Hopta4t Agent I. C.R. R.
Wrd la tut Wo Bmltaesi.
F. M. "War1! advertises his ability to
upply any quantity of oak and hickory
tire-wood, having a large supply on hand,
to which he is constantly making addi
tions. CltlawiB who have dealt with Mr,
Ward are filling to certify that ho deals
on the square, giving a cord for tho price
of a cord, and always furnishing good
sound wood. Leave your orders at Hu
len'sold stand, or at tho postofhee.
"Barrett's" is a No. 1.
r , . , . i
Ender'fl Stomach Hitters! "Tho best
In use."
Tli- I.Hte trout Cel. lirt'on.
At a regular meeting or tho Mechanics'
Flro Company No. 1, held at their hall
In Puducuh, Ky., on Friday September
3, 1809, tho following preamble and reso
lutions were uiiaulmnusly adopted:
"Whureus, The Mechanics' Flro Com
pany No. 1, nf Paducah, Ky,, puruuant
to an Invitation extended to them, visi
ted tho Arab Flro Company of Cairo,
Illinois, aud participated in tho celebra
tion of their tenth anniversary, on tho
1st Instant, and
Whereas: Tho members of tho Me
chanics' Flro Company Np. 1, of Padu
cah. Ky., being desirous of expressing
their thanks for the high consideration,
gentlemanly courtesy and generous hos
pitality extended to 'them during their
visit, therefore.
Itesolvcd, That wo tender specially
our thanks to tho Reception Committee
or the Arab Flro Company of Cairo, Illi
nois, for their generous promptness In
supplying overy want expressed, or
which could bo even anticipated on tho
Resolved, That wo appreciate, to our
fullest extent', and cannot appreciate too
highly, tho generous hospitality and
good demeanor or tho members of tho
Arab Flro Company on this occasion.
Resolved, That wo tender to tho May
or aud Council of tho city of Cairo, and
to tho officers of tho steamer William
White, our grateful thanks for tho many
kindnesses extended to us during our
Resolved, That wo tender to the Arab
Fire Company, of Cairo, Illinois, and tho
citizens ot Cairo, our unbounded thanks
for tho welcome reception and tmfelgne:!
liberality cxteuded to us on our arrival
and during our stay In the city.
Resolved, That we tender to Mr. Alex.
Brown, of J'adueah, Ky.. our thanks for
his asslstanco In promoting harmonious
action on the pari of the I'aducah com
pany, and alro for his response to the re
ception address of H. W. Webb, Esq.
itesolved, That Cairo and Paducah pa
pers be requested to publish these resolu
tions, and that a copy of tho name bo
sent to tho Secretary of the Arab Fire
Company, at Cairo, His.
V. K Auouhtus, Pres'nt, pro tern.
Lewih Dick, Sec'y, pro tern.
Heavy Domestics arc selling at Kelt
ly's at 10J cents per yard. 2t
i. - - -i ..
D. M. Kuowles, esq., connected with
the house of D. Rlock A, Co., St. liouis,
is lu the city, stopping at tho St. Charles.
The house of Hlock 5c Co. deal as ex
tensively In grocer'vs, wltiw, liquors,
cigars and tobaccos as any other estab
lishment lu tho Northwest, and its abil
ity to compete with the best Is unquest
ioned. Purchases can hs cMccted
through Mr. Kuowles on terms fully nH
satisfactory as could he obtained by per
sonal application at head quarters.
Six Hi'mikki) Do.kn more ofthweel
hrntctl "Mason" Fruit Jars, perfect and
simple self-sealers, the btt in Amtrica
Juit received and for sale at reduced
prices, nt tho Queenswaro House.
Paksons, Davib & Co.,
jyItf Nos. 5 and 7 Tenth St. ,
Don't fall to uo "Rarrett's."
A little child of Mr. Schuh, a mero In
fant, tumbled Into a cistern, at tho cor
ner of Commercial a von tie nud Tenth
street, yesterday evening, and was res
cued lu a. sound condition. Tho llrst out
cries of the child were heard, else It might
have drowned.
The cistern was about half-filled with
Juvenile Drprnr
A llttloboy not more than eleven or
twelve years of nge, appeared on tho
streets to-day, fairly reeling undor tho
inlluouco of liquor.
Tho saloon keepor who furnlshod this
child liquor should bo deprived of his li
ce use Thospcctaclo was shocking in
tho extreme.
Excellent bleached musllus can bo
bought at Itcllly's at from 15 to IS cents
per yard. 2t
The Hibernian Flro Company made
application to tho Board of Aldermen,
last night, for tho usual quarterly allow
anco. As tms company uus not oceu m
very effectlvo worklug shapo of lato, the
propriety of tho expondlturo was serious
ly questioned, and tho allowance was
made on tho conditiou that tho officers of
tho comnany should satisfy tho mayor
that tho condition of the company, as a
portion of tho lire dopartmout, warrauts
The very best brands of prints for 12
cents at Rellly's. 2t
Allcutloti HlberulRBH,
Tho annual meeting of tho above
company will be held at their engluo
house, corner of 12th street and Commer
cial avenue, ou Wednesday ovonluc
Sept. 8th, 1869, for tho purpose of
selecting oftlcers for tho onsuiug year;
and all those mombors who owe tho com
pany and wish to havo a voice In said
election will please bo prepared to settlo
up their arrears. Wo would also like to
have some good men Join us as wo are
sadly in need of moro members.
Sepl6 3t C. J. Hyland, Seo'y,
Buy your hardware at Rellly's. Hols
selling goods in that lino at less than
two-thirds af tho regular retail price. 2t
Elegaut castors, cut-glass cruets, for
merly sold for $6 00 can now be bought
ut Rollly's for $3 00. 2t
Use Endcr's Chill Cure. ''It never
To County UAccna.
Notlco is hereby given, that the pub
lic laws of 1800 are now In my ofllco for
distribution. J. G. Lynch
Augl3 lm County Clerk.
Letter Heads printed at tho 'Bullolin'
Ofllce for fO 00 per thpusund.
"Barrett's1' popular hair restorative.
v Ni;vi;iti:Kii: i...
A .Stcniiilnt linml Ii Heittrn, Shot nnri
If one Frank Moonle tells tho truth
our old tlino rollow citizen, Frank W.
Bedard, Is part owner of a steamer tho.
ofllccrsof which aro as heartless a'nd
cruel as so many Catnanches. Tho
name of the boat Is Flirt. Moonlo says
that he was hired for a trip to tho Rocky
Mountains, hut when about ninety miles
below Fort Buford, ho displeased tho
mate by tying a head lino bungllngly.
Tho mate flew Into a passion, knockod
tho uuofTondlng man down, kicked and
beat him, shothlm In tho mouth, knock
ing outthree of his teeth, and then landed
him on a sand-bar, without food, and
many miles from any tracesof civiliza
tion. Moonic remained on the sand-bar
28 hours, when ho mounted a Ior that
camo drifting by and floated down tho
river. Tho moment ho readied the
shoro a party of red skins took him in
charge and convoyed him to their camp.
Alter roasting him all night over a slow
fire, and stripping him of overy
vestige of olothlug, they drovo
him from their presence. Ho roached
the bank of the Missouri, whuro ho re
mained two days, praying for death to
relievo him from his suffering. Finally
tho steamer Tacony hove In sight, aud
hosuccoeded in arresting tho attention
of tho pilot, and was taken on bourd, and
conveyed to Fort Buford, where ho re
covered sutllcleut strength to return to
St. liouls. On his arrival ut St. Louis ho
Instituted suit against tho Flint, first
communicating his grlevauccs to too re
porter of tho St. Louis 'Democrat,' that
the public might know how sadly ho had
fared among tho red-skins aud the scarce
ly less savuge officers of tho steamer
- -
Ladles' cloth gutters, worth $2 00, can
be hud ut Kiclly's for $1 16. 2t
lulek Work.
Kditors lMlelin: Permit mo to acknowl
edge through your columns tho prompt
payment by tho Homo Insurance Com
pany, of Columbus, Ohio, or their loss ou
the dwelling belonging to tho estate of
S. B. Hallidsy, deceused, which was de
stroyed by the fire of tho 3d Instant, and
luitircd In that company for 1,000. I
to-day received the amount through Har
ford, Morris & (,'andee, ($1,000.) Such a
prompt paying company us this deserves
a litrge amount of tho public patronage
Hknuy L. Ha i.i.i day,
It Ex. utulo of S. B. Halllduy, dee'd.
"Tho Best In Use." Euder's Stomach
If you want a good stove, or tluwaro
hollow. ware, copper or sheet-Iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In thut Hue,
villi on A. Fraser, Commercial avonuo
buteun Eleventh and Twelfth street,
where h has moved to, ulu fitted up the
large?' and most complete shop in
Sou'.nera Illinois,
Particular attention given to steam
boat and mill work. Conner smltlilno-
,- - - r - -
and sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
breecher escaping steam-pipes, otc.
' a-in .an
Splendid French Merinos, worth $125(
$160 for 00 cents! "Where? Why at
IllUu't Like llicliooks orThlnca,
Tho SHuo county 'Register' regrets to
see so much distrust manifested by tho
citizens of that locality concern
ing tho future of tho Cairo and
Vlnconncs railroad. While tho contrac
tors, who are best acquainted with tho
ability and purposes of tho company, ex
pend their monoy and labor ou tho road,
the people, who really havo llttlo or
nothing directly at stake, are seized with
alarming apprehensions.
This distrust was not entirely Inexcusa
ble. Tho third cstlmato day passed with
out bringing tho coutractors any monoy;
and as tho contractors themselves could
not say with precision what might bo
expected, It was qulto natural that tho
farmer, who was asked to sell his corn
and bacon and hire out his horses and
oxen on credit, should hesitate even re
Xow, however, everything Is in shape.
Tho United States Ruilnmd Construe-
tlon Company stand at Ooneral Burn-
sido's back, and say that the road shall
bo built, and that cash shall ho paid as
tho work progresses. Tho rarmors ami
merchants along tho routo may now fur
nish labor and material, and know wnat
they aro about whoro tho monoy is to
como from. An lucreasod confidence
will bo awakened, not by promises, but
by deeds; and then if there are those
who still oroak "f.dlure," "Iraud;" 'bot
tor bo careful," etc., our cotemporary
will bo justified In visiting them In ex
tromo wrath.
Walaal TtaIr.
For Sale. Eighty acres of the finest
Walnut Timber Land In the country,
situated in Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (-1) miles northeast or Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles or Cairo,
Illinois. Bald laud is adjolulug John
Hwank's rami. Also ten aores orSohool
Laud situated three miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on tho Cairo St. fault railroad
i or tortus and particulars enquire o
B. T. Whltaker'H Drug Store, No. 108
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtr
Chills Cured in Six Hours, by Euder's
Chill Cure.
- i -. ...-
Good hoop skirts, 23 springs, are soil
lug at Rellly's at 50 couts per pair. 2t
Sum! ' School i on vent loll.
The Alexander County Sunday School
Convention commenced Its aniinni sns
slon in tho M. E. Church this morning,
the attendance lining equal to expecta
tion. Prof. Gillette, principal of the
State deaf and dumb asylum, Is present,
and takes an active part in tho proceed
ings. Ho Is a forcible and eloquent
speaker, and manifests a lively concern
for tho successor tho good cause to which
ho is lending his otforts. Tho Rev. Mr.
"Williamson, or Chicago, an efficient and
hardworkingSabbathSchool man, is also
The morning hours were dovoted to or
ganization, appointment or committees,
reports, etc., a more extended allusion to
which will ho made to-morrow.
During tho uftornoon reports from
schools wero heard; thp obligations of
citizens and the relations of parents to
Babbath Schools discussed, which, with
other mutters wero expected to prolong
the meeting until 5 o'clock.
Tho children's meeting will be held
this evening, at 8 o'clock, In tho M. E.
Church. Sabbath School children gene-rally-sfo
expected, and should, If possl
ble, attend.
At 7 o'clock p.m. there will bo street
preaching at tho north end of tho market
house, by Rev. Mr. Williamson.
The programmo for to-morrow Is as
9 o'clock M IWotlorU Eitrtix-i
9M How uiay adult ncholarx be ftainn in Sun
day School.
IMS jyuprlntndnitiilborl:y ita extent and
how rxpal-(l.
1MJ.,....A common Him Uses thoolJgntlon nf heirly
co-ojx-ration Are all Sua-iy School woikcri.
11:30 Method In School Now nml th r
2 o'clock .IVvotlona' KiercfiM
2.30. Hooka and I'.ipia How lo ret ino bcM and
maUe the mot of them.
3 -............ Sunday School Concerts
4 'llio .MoiM School
wrsiwDAr tvtMKG Clo'in Addre,
Carpeting at Ilellly's 25 per cent
cheaper than over before offered In Cairo.
A Drnce if ConHileiioe Mrn.
Tom Gladdyand Nathan McLemore,
a braco of colored sharpers, met a strang
er named Henry Smith on our streets,
some two or three weeks a.o, and after
a fw common place remarks secured
his attention to a curiously constructed
box which tho initiated, only, could
open. The thing looked exceedingly
simple. Mr. Smith had handled it;
there was no mystery about It, and ho
was sure that he could open and shut It at
pleasure. The negro rascals did'nt
think ho could do so; they were sure
they had never met a man who could,
and so certain were they that Mr. Smith
was mistaken they would bet all tho
money they had about them that
he could'nd open the box. Smith had 1
and a railroad ticket to Chicago, aud
he would bet them. Oneol tho neaoes
took out a pocket book, exhibited wo
twenty dollar gold pieces and a roll or
bank bills, and put up tho pocket book
against Mr. Smith's ?2o and ticket.
They then passed thn box to their victim,
and much to his surprise it resisted his
most determined efforts; tho box ho had
opened so readily only a moment before
nnd, lu some mysterious manner, be
come utterly uuopcniiblo! The negroes
fobbed the money and ticket, and left
Mr. S. that much poorer.
Meeting Joe Arnold shortlyafterwanls
Smith made known his loss and a de
scription of the negroes; but by that tlmo
the rascals had loft town. Two or three
days ago they returned, Joe kept his
eye on them, expecting to catch them
nt ouo of their confidence- tricks, but
wearying in waiting, ho finally gobbled
them as vagrants. On their persons he
found the walnut box, aud the pocket
book containing the gold and currency.
The gold wasabaso imitation, and tho
currency was worthless Tonncsseo nnd
Indiana bank bills and counterfeit green
backs. Tho charge or vagrancy was
sustained, and Messrs. Gladdy uud Me
Lomore having no current monoy at
hand, were committed to tho calaboose
ror the period or thirty days.
Arrli)l mitt I)rinrlurr During (lie l'uil
Gen. Anderson, Colnmbiia Wm Wlilte.Padnoah
(ihck'nw, Mcuip'.tlj; Jim WatMin.tit. Uals.
Itob'i Fulton, KvsuimIH-! Atlantic, do
L'uiitiiifiital, .Nw Orleans;
fieu. Audcraon. Columbu. Wm Wlilto, Tadm-ah;
Jim W'aiann, Ironton; f,lanow, ("ino'nnati,
Atlantic, NewOrleam; A, lUUur. Kattport;
ltob't 1'iiltoii, ,MinphiHi Cantlnrntal, At. I.oul,
Tho weather underwent a radical
chango yesterday evening. A heavy
rain fell about 0 p.m., lusting nearly an
hour, and during tho night a high north
wind arose, which still prevails and ren
dors tho atmosphere qulto chilly. Clouds
entirely obscure tho sun, which adds to
the dreary diocomrort or the day.
Tho rail in tho Mississippi continues,
aud tho Missouri is about stationary.
The Ohio is unchanged at Pittsburg,
with 22 inches water, and falling at
Louisville, with threo feet two inches in
tho canal. Tho Lower Ohio Is at tho
same stago as at last roport.
Here tho river has fallen four Inches
Binco last report.
Business is not so active.
The waves caused by tho hlh wind to
day In tho Ohio, on account of tho ab
sence of any current, were so largo as to
rook the boats o,t the wharf and endanger
hoaully laden coal and othor barges.
Tho splendid stermor Lougworth will
leave for New Orleaus this ovening.
No better opportunity can be found for
passenger' going southward, as boat nnd
officers stand A. No. 1.
The Great Republlu has boon sold to
Iltshurg partk" fir$00,tmo. Her orlgi
mil coit was near $230,00. Capt. Wm.
B. Donaldson will command her.
The .White, Capt. Northern, is tho
regular packet for Paducah this ovonlng.
jtrr1", Tho llcht dr.-uifzht ntpanii-r A I. I'll A,
.r-";t T. O. flYMAN, Mnatnr. W. E. 11YKRS,
I'forkTwiirlcnvc for Iho ahom and all Intermedial
point on
INO. Thn Alphn connect finely nt Pnnvillc with ImIm
for ClarkiTillt', Howling (ireen nml Louisville, and
nt Johnaonr He with trains for Nhrillc.
Itrturnlns alie. conncctn at Cairo with rdoamf rs iuii
trains for all points. auietf
XJnily Faoltot.
Tho llfjht drailght panengcr Ptcam? r
It, T. NOItTHKtlN n . MMMaatiir,
Wll. mak rennler DAll.T Tim's twren Cairo and
Padaeah, learlnc Cairo every ernlnn (Hundaya ei
ccpted) at fits o'clock.
The White connect at fuducah wit the New Orleans
and Ohio railroad, ami the Cumberland and Tcnnease
rite r packet,
Kr freight or pMMee applv on board, or to
if. J. UUIKLEV, Agent,
lanTMtf Cnlro. Illinnla.
Tho plendld pnifierifier nnd freight aleatner,
I.KW KATKH... -MaatiTlK. IIOWKIW ...Clcra
Will leare Cairo for the alivo nnd nil intermediate
point-, on MoimIiit, Pept. Cth oil arriyal of rrrnltiK
train. ForfrlKht or p(Hae apply on tionrd, orU
Inpl4-t2 J. 11. I'llfM.IlV, Aent.
Aud Printing of l'.vcry Description.
liealvr in
wiim: i.KAi), zinc and oils,
Ilrualira, IVnll Pujirr nml Window
Shop In thn bnoement ut Ww tty .NhUgmI HajiI
buildup, on Ohio l.rtff.
Cairo, lULixj oiat.
Uaiipplied ith 0)1 klml of
Stxpoi-ior XjiciTiorai,
Ilecr, Ale, A'.,
Commercial aTcnue, lt. Ninth and Tenth atretU.
Tho thlrity . who lot jtood llquori-. houlil h
Avail, and lhoo who wlli n puR fraBrant civar r
hT their want Miprlled at hl bar. declfldt
Thothlnty. who lot koc-1 llqnori-. houlil kI'o him
g S. R Aim'KLL,
Queenswnre, Bar Fixtures, (Jlfts&rraro
.Voi.IK6aiiillH;lCm,Av. I CA1UU 'LL
cheap row cash:
Iluiluraa t'ardM, .llnstah - 4 l 97 per 1000
NtrnroboHC Illll llcniu - 35o8R inr 100i
Kavelopt". SStolS ptrWM
BUI Heml " P'r Hvmm
Otlitr Work In l'roporlloa.
Thru ton' Bnlldlug, TeHth St.,
!Omc County Sup'l of 8chool, I
l'lre, Alexander C5., lib, August 2J, WW.
Notii t ii hereby glieu that ou Thuraday and Fri
fay m .2.1 and 3rd of tto pCember . I'RMtJ :
teucbsr'i certificate.. vlin f ;xn' "' Ah, ai,uW,'
School building, corner of J hbTLER?
County Hup't Bohoolt.
mwaIlake ice .
Cairo. Illinois. laErenare.Kto farullla
clUW'UO or ateambot utl the abovft pnr ljcw
K'o t iUf lowot market w lc, CltlieH will f"
ciilarly aupplled by boneat, aeeoinraodwanjt ?

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