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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, September 09, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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Sh (&wuitig fffttllctiit.
ruiit.iMiiiit hy john it. oiikhly a cm.
Arrival nml Drjmrt lire ofMnlli.
Cairo lVt (fllct, IMirimry 2 1600 )
snuivt.. urrAmj.
(Tumi of closing.)
yjnn mirougn ;o"a.iu.. ...v, y.rn,
.sorin tway) ji.in.,
,.lt:0U p rn.
. 1:W) p.m.
. CiUOp.rn.
louth (through and way). 4i(XM.tn
Jouth (Memphis AN. ).).. 4:00a.m.,
Ohio Itlver route- 6:Wp.in.,
Mississippi River route,
Turaiinyn nml Fridays... S:00pm..
tftiarlcstnn, Mo Tuesdays
Thursdays 4 Haturday-.. 11:00 a.m
. 7:(K) p.m.
11:00 (um.
rncries, noose jsiau.' inn,
HnutaKe .. ... O.fXjp.mK1. 7;(Wa.m. Sal.
tohlo Hive rout dpMtvery day extent Mondays.
IIIInoI CchIimI K. It, C)iiBKe or Time.
On Sunday, August 20th, tho following
Mme table will take effect and govern
until further notice:
ooino nohtii:
tfall train leaves at J;U)o'cloelc
xprers " " .. 110
.Mall train arrives at V l ' o'clock
Sipreis ' " ,....,....... 3.30 "
Way, leaves at......... ,.... :.) o'clock
fepreia, " ... Vl'i
Way, arrives at MO "
lb press 7: "
Demm-rntle Canntv- and Precinct Con.
Tho Di'mocrntlcCounty Convention for
the purpose of nominating candidates
tor the varlouii county office nnd for the
purpose of delecting delegates to nltond
tho legislative District Convention, will
ncet at the Court Houae In Cairo, on
TucHday, fieptombor !Mt, 16G9, ut lii
'clock, m. The Domocrntlc voter of
Aluxunder county will meet nt their res
pective voting places In each precinct on
Saturday, Septombor 19th, ISO'J, nt 2
o'clock, p. m., to select delegates to the
County Democratic Convention.
Delegates have been apportioned on
the uim of one delegate for ovory twenty-fly?
Democratic voters, or frnctlon of
twenty-five, as follows:
Kouth Cairn, ......... IT Th .. 1
SorthCa . . ls Clear Cr.'i. . ... 1
lxT th 4 ltj..-f,l 2
I:-.'!' 'and 8 Pntt) 5
Vntt IV ..... J-., . j
Signed, F. K. Albright,
A, Kst'hbiich, i
J. B. Taylor. ,
.Jus. II Mil I key, i
M D.C.unter, ?
CSreen -Mn-oy, i
ti. Miirchlldon,
Jn, 12. McCrlte.
Patrick Sullivan,
Horn. Co. Central Committee.
sept Ud
lender's Stomach Hitters! "Tne best
In use."
for Sulf.
My rebtdeneeon Klghth street. Will
bo sold cheap, and on easy payments.
sepSet IJ. 8. JIaruki.i..
Thero was a pleasant hop nt tho St.
Charles lust night.
The tobacconist, Myers, on Ohio Lov
ee, has for sale several brands of most
cxcollent cigars, prepared exprtsaly for
thlsmarkot. Ills "Cairo Bello" Is dell
clou". Every smokor should puir this
larnmiiln I'lime. '
Tho lest nnd prettiest cook stove now
A now lot Just received. Call and aeo
Ihem at Beerwart, Orth & Co,, 130 Com
merclal evenue, Sepfldwlm
To County OArcra.
Notice Is hereby given, that the pub
lic lawn of 1SC9 are now in my office for
distribution. J. fl. Lynch
AuglSlm County Clork.
Tbo canvass for county officers la open
ing in a lively manner. Candidates are
multiplying. The columns of tho 'Bul
letin' nro open for the publication of an
nouncements ?5 each, Invariably In ad
vance. Our Gorman fellow citizens projKne
an observance of Humboldt's hundredth
birth day. Buthavo they not grown luke
warm In reference thereto? The day Is
near at hand.
What la your programme, gentlemen?
Our columns are at your .service.
Attention llllicrnlana.
Tho annual mooting of tho ahovo
company will bo held at tholr engine
house, corner of 12th Htroet and Commer
cial avenue, on Wednesday evonintr
Sept. 8th, 1669, for the purpose Jif
selecting officers for tho ensuing year;
and all tboso members who owo tho com
pany and wish to havo a volco lu said
election will please bo prepared to settlo
up tholr arrears. Wo would also Uko to
have somo good men join us as we nro
sadly in need of more mcmbera.
SeptO 3t C. J. IIyland, Soc'y.
I. C. R. B. rnncrnl Trnln.
Couches for funeral trains can be
ooartercd on tho basis of flfly passortgors
to eaoh coaoll All in oxoess of ttftly will
be required to pay the regular fare Pay
mont for such trains must, in all cases,
be made in advance. A baggngocar will,
be put on to carry tho corpue nnd pall
bearers; but no passengers will be allow
ed to ride in it,
The price is, forty dollar for mio coach
and engine, no chargo being made for
MinhnirfTuco nar. Each additional coach,
tjn n .
thirty tlollars. 1
James JoiiNrioN,
Bept3.lt Ageni I. ('. U. It.
NtrniiKo mniluctofn n oilier.
Miss Louisa Mooro lives on Fourth
street. Hlio Is in humble circumstances,
having to earn her livelihood by "day's
About o'clock yesterday afternoon a
strange woman entered Miss Mooro's
humblo abode, carrying In her arms a
boy baby, about ton mouths old, and In
her hand a black carpet-sack. She mado
known the fact that alio lived In Jackson,
Missouri, somo eight or ten miles from
Cape Girardeau, and was In Cairo on
business. Hho was a stranger, and being
somewhat fatigued, alio would feel much
obllgod if Miss Moffre would permit her
to loavo hor baby and carpot-sack in the
house until sho went out in town and
secured chango for a bill. Permission
was given, and the strange woman left
tho house. An hour passed by, then
night eamo on, but tho mother did not
return. Tho baby bocame hungry and
frotlul and showed Miss Mooro what a
Missouri baby could do In the way of
crying when incited thereto by hunger
and neglect. The little fellow had not
yet learned how to feed from a bottle or
spoon, and resisted any attempts of the
new nurso to satisfy tho cravings of his
appetlto by any such unusual appliances.
And far Into tho night the baby bellowed
and Miss Mooro watched for the return
of the mother; but she came not. The
baby wouldn't sleep, and seemed to take
a sort of savage satisfaction In keeping
everybody else from sleeping. Tho dawn
of daylight, therefore, found Miss Moore
nursing and soothing the obstreperous
Iittlo stranger.
What became of tho mother, we cannot
say. It Is evident that she has purposely
abandoned her child. Tho carpet sack
contained tho baby's wardrobe, but
nothing to indicate tho namo or its
Miss Moore, being tumble and uuwil
ling to take care of the child, laid all the
facts of the caso before one of tho direc
tresses of tho Orphan Asylum, and we
presume that the youngster Is now In
stalled lu that institution. Information
from any -source tills will dissolve the
mystery Mirroundlug the transaction, will
be thankfully received either nt this office
or tho Orphan Asylum.
All Druggists recommend "Barrett's.'
A little blind girl, leading a little two
year old "toddler," walked off of a
shoulder In tho sidewalk at tho west end
of Thornton's block, yesterday evening,
and fell a distance of eight or ten feet,
alighting among a lot of old crates and
rubbish. Tho women of tho neighbor
hood were thrown Into a state of consid
erable consternation, thinking to ftnu the
girl badly hurt or killed. Bho came out,
however, comparatively unhurt. The
little "two-year old" stopped on tho very
brink of the otfiet, from whouco it sur
veyed the fallou girl with a composure
In singular contrast with the alarm of
other lookers-on.
For Courtly Clerk.
Mr. Jacob O. Lynch Is a candidate for
re-election to the ofilce of County Clerk;
but, llko tho unswerving democrat that
he is, submits his claims to the decision
of tho democratic county convention.
Mr. Lynch will, most probably, bo
nominated by acclamation. He has filled
tho office In a manner that Is highly sat
isfactory to tbo public and creditable to
himself. Ho is entirely Inmlllar with the
thousand and ono details that mako up
tho duties of his office, and is in overy
respect tho very man for tho position.
"Barrett's" keeps the scalp healthy.
This morning, about tho time tho Chi
cago train left tho depot, Mr. Swift, tho
a flit bio gentleman who has so long pro
sided lu tho office of the St. Charles ho
tel, disappeared in a very sudden and do
cidodly mysterious manner, and up to
tho time of tho present writing has not
been iieard from, When last scon ho
was conversing with a prominent drug
merchant of the city ou the merits of
Barrett's Hair Restoratives. His frlonds
are hopeful for IiIh Hafety.
. .
Eiidor's Chill Cure Never Falls.
First, securo "Barrett's."
I'or County Tre"nrer.
William A. Bedman, esq., is a candi
date for ro-olcctlou to tho offico of County
Treasurer, provided his candidacy is
sanctioned by the democratic couuty
convention, to couveuo on Tuesday tho
21st. Othorwiso ho Is not a caudldate.
If nominated ho shall receivo our hearty
support. Ho possesses tho ability to fill
tho position satisfactorily.
"Tho Best in Use." Eudor's Stomach
Our JiMlyr, Hiltl Kx.JudtVK.
Judge Baker is holding court in Mas
huo county.
Judgo Green is lu Metropolis.
Judge Allen is in Jonesboro.
Judge Mulkey hus been in attoiulauco
at court In Mount Vernon.
Judgo O'Melveuey Is settling his busi
ness, and making other preparations to
movo to California the present Fall.
Hix IIunduei) Do.kn more ofthncol
bi n ted "Mason" Fruit Jars, perfect and
'imple silfhoaleih, the bent in America
ti iceulvitd ami for ulu at reduced
, ut I tie Queens ware House.
I'ausons, Davis & Co.,
i.'J:!tf No. 6 and 7 Tenth St.
''Bartelt's" isastudicil compound-
Business is becoming tiomowhut brisk-
or. Wo anticipate a lively fall trade.
Chills Cured in Six Hours, by Hnder's
Chill Cure.
Letter ileitis pr.utud ut the 'Bulletin'
Offico for J9 (Ml per thou-and.
Uso Ender'.s Chill
Cure. "It never
Wo publish elsewhere tho card of Dr.
R. 8. Brlgham, Homeopathic physician.
Ho Is, wo believe, the only physician in
that line of practice in tliu city. He has
built up a flno practice, and numbers
among ills patrons many of the flist
families of the city.
Lawyer Wheeler has sued the citv for
$300, his salary as member of tho Board
of Public Works last year. Why the
council refused to pay Mr. Wheeler is
not very clear. His colleagues were paid
without question. To contest u claim
llko this looks very much like wasting at
both bung hole and splggot.
Councilman Jorgeuscn lias returned
from Chicago, and will again begin his
researches into the mysteries of the city
finances, which ure, wo fear, wonderful
and past finding out. Mr. Jorgensen U
a faithful and very efficient public ser
vant. He has done, and Is doing, au
Immense umotiut of labor for tho city,
without money aud without price.
At the meeting of tNe Hoard of Alder
men, Monday nlght.a bill of 51,600 costs,
In street filling cases was allowed, und
another bill of $700 for luwyer's fo"!S In
the Fox, Howard A Co. caso presented,
Tho council, during tbo six months last
past, haH paid about .?G,000 debts contract
ed by former councils entering into prof
itless and foolUh law mil.
To properly support their homo papers
is one of tho tricks nf trade which nur
merchants have not yet learned. When
we say that some of thooG merchant,
very prominent ones too, never adver
Use a Imic, and that mint of them write
their bill heads, we tell a truth that
shows how far tiny ure lu the woods of
old fogvlsmyet. A bill head saves labor
Is a good advertisement, and shows the
merchant la no "slouch "
Dr. Austin, surgeon deiitM, over
Klllott, Haythorn & (V, Is one of the
most skillful giMitlemeu In t lie profession.
The work performed by him has given
entire satisfaction. He Is perfectly
familiar with all the advances and up
proved methods of his jirnfe.-slon, and
i", practically and theoretically, a flr.t
cla-s dentist. The citizens ofCaiioaud
vicinity are fortunate in huvlugat their
command the services of n gentleman of
of such acknowledged skill and pro
ficiency, SeplUlw
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow.ware, copper or "beet-Iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything in that line,
on 1 1 on A. Fruser, Commercial avenue
beteen Eleveuth and Twelfth street,
where he bus moved to, u a fitted up the
large1' ami most complete shop in
Sou'.nerii Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
and sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
breecher escaping steam-pipe?, etc.
Wnlnui Timber.
For Sale. Eighty acres of tho finest
Walnut Timber Land in tho country,
situated In Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton aud within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land Is adjoining John
Swank's farm. Also ten acres of School
Land situated three mlls from Cairo,
Illinois, on tho Cairo A St. Louis railroad
l'or terms and particulars enquire o
B. T. Whitaker's Drug Store, No. 108
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
A Nrlun trrUtnt.
While tho down freight train was in
tho act of leaving tho Cobdcn station,
Mr. Thomas Lee, ono of tho brakesmen,
mado a mlstop and fell to tho ground,
his body on tho outside of tho rails and
Ills foot undor tho frame-work of tho
brake. His heol and anklo were very
badly torn and crushed, somo of tho
bones of tho foot probably being broken.
Ho was brought to Cairo ami Dr. Dun
ning called lu to dress tho wound. Tho
lacerated llosh was sewod together, and
tho tho belief is expressed that tho un
fortunato man will not only save his foot,
but bo able to resurao his place in a fow
weeks. Tho wound was a very raggod
and ghastly one, and many norsons
thought that Immodiato amputation
would be necessary, but a practiced eye
could discover uo such uocessity. Mr.
Loo is now as comfortablo as could bo
oxpectcd undor tho circumstances.
Id Cit) Tttx-P)ers.
The tax book for 1SG9 will bo placed in
my hands to-morrow, and on Monday
next 1 shall proceed to it collection of
thorovenue. As tho time allotted mo
wheroln to collect tho taxes Is short, I
shall certainly exccrcisoall thedlllgonco
required of me.
Como forward then, on and after tho
13th Instant, and pay your taxes.
John Hyi,axj,
Treasurer and Collector.
Cairo, 111., Sopt.8, ISG'J. tf
"Barrett's" Admired Hair Restorative.
llov i, Mxri-ixt Hun wit KiiIiIk iI by Ills
W r.
About two week ugi a man led gentle- 1
man, of this cltj, iinideu trade by which I
uu came Into tbu potiusHioii of about two
hundred dollars. 'Ho had long been in
tho habit or "looking upon the wine
when It was red," und this, of course,
led 1)1 in Into extravagant expenditures.
Furthermore, according to his own
showing "minify always burned a
hole in his pocket." He couldn't stand
prosperity ; and uo ttoouor had he fobbed
the $200 than lie determined on a grand
TheshadcH of theenstilug night fouud
him sipping "green-fceal," and 10 o'clock
found him on the streets drunk. In this
condition he met two females. A third
soon Joined the crowd, and a restaurant
supper was agreed upon. Aud towards
a restaurant they directed their steps.
The third lady declined a participation,
butpromlsed to Join the festive crowd at
a point designated. The oyster and
wine were discussed. FMi and cofToo
well there was a perfect Indifference as
to expenses. ThogeiitlemHti whs on "a
lark," and proposed, he said, to "aeo
things through." The rentaurateur'a bill
was $8 25. Pshaw I The gentleman
would make It $10 the $1 75 for polite
ness, you know. But where was his
pocket book 1 IfubtuMiN builds on It
two minutes befon 'I he ft males had
picket! his pocket ! It couldn't be other
wise; and neither one of them should
"budge" until they disgorged his money.
But the fem.le were spirited; they bo
rainl him as a humbug; he dld'nt have
any money, and hail concocted the
story to swindle the restaurateur. This
tirade over-Uxid the "gentleman's''
powers of endurance; he'd see the thing
through noA', ir It coMt hlra his "bottom
dollar." A quarter of an hour later a
friend found him reeling atwiut tho
streets in hen roll of an officer, and, kind
ly voluiiMirlng to ai-slat him in his
search, beguiled him to his own home
and tn the care of his wailing wife.
N.-xt mi.rnltitf, In a cplrlt of deep con
trition, he confessed his los.4, and was
about to call tlown a vast amount of
wrath Ui,.n the heads of tho abandoned
wrctche who had robbed him, when
hit wife handed him his pocket book,
containing $1S5. She hud disguised her
self, and was the third femalo who re
fused to participate lu tho supper at tho
Vl,o Stole tUf 4 ont.
Somebody lifted Mr Llge Smith's new
coat from Its peg In tho European Hotel,
and who that hody Is even Joe Arnold
can't say. This morning Joo got on tho
track of the garment and found It In tho
-oiesioii of Flip Alexander, a uotorlotu
"lltflit linger," of the colored persuasion;
but Klip happened to bo innocent of the
theft. A white man had offered tho coat
for three dollars, and Flip seeing that it
wu.s worth about fifteen dollars, bought
it. He had proof of tills fact and conse
quent e.eaped prosecution. Tho whlto
muii has not been fouud.
Mr. John llnwtry.
Mr John Howley will bo a candldato
for rn election to tlio office of Assoclato
Justice, submitting his namo, however,
to the democratic county convention.
Mr. Howley Is an earnest democrat, an
Intelligent gentleman and a faithful of
ficer. A better man for the position can
not be named.
Hilllial ntilbat
A flno assortment of beautiful Fall
flower bulbs at Davidson's. scO-lw
ArrlraU and Drnrtrtnrra Durlnglhe 1'aat
J 4 llonm.
Hen. Amleri'on, Columbus Wm Wliltp.Paduciih
Kxtt Itolnmon, .St Louis Julia, Vlckiburi
Clara rV-tt, KvKnmllle Alplm, Trnn Rlicr
Hello Mtmphl, Memphis
Gtn. Anleron, Columhua. Win Whit, IUriucah;
Julia, St IuU Kuto Uoblnot, Cincinnati
Ji'illo 5!'m,lim,St I.oul t'lnrii tkrtt, Kvaiuvlllu
Longworth, N O ltonieo, "
Tlio weather has beeu somowhat
cloudy slnco last report, but not enough
to mako It gloomy or unpleasaut. There
are scarcoly any signs of rain.
Tho Mississippi Is rising considerably
above Davonporl from recent ruins. Tho
riso will probably amount to thrco feet
at St. Louis. Tho Missouri remains sta
tlonary, and is only navlgabln for modi
um class steamers.
Tho Ohio is rising at Pittsburg, with 20
inches of wator in tho channel. It Is
stationary at Louisville
Hero tho river has fallen two Inches
lnco last report.
Tho Eyansvlllo packets bring out fair
Tho White, Capt. Northern, Is the
regular packet for Paducah this evening.
Tho Robert E. Loo is receiving a load
hero and doparts for Now Orleans Satur
Tho City of Cairo, Malin, master, Is
the regular Memphis packet this oven
!h& :
In pinsilanoo of the provisions of the Jat will and
tcHtamcut of linker Uonton, late of Capo Onttrdoaii,
Mo,, ilecviiaeil, a copy of which In duly rc"orilu la
tho Kecorder's ofilce of Aloxandtr county, llllnoU, In
record boon "A. A." pKea lul.oto., the undersigned
executor of said Imtwlll and tostament will! otTer for
nalo, at puhllo auction, at the front door of, the court
house, in the city of Cairo, Alexander county, llll
nls,(m Monday, tho Wih day nf September, at two
o'clock p.tu., that raluablo Ut, wfth thelareetwo
story Htore bud dwelling thereon, situated on Twen
tletli street, butwem Toplarand Washington streets,
mid nenr the court home, and kuonn and designated
uu tho recorded plat ofsald city an lot No. , In
block No. Ik, in tho llrst addition to tho city of Cairo,
llllHol.. From Km location, beinf within a short dia
tanco from tho court house, thin property is doomed
us deidrahlo a.touy In that part of tho city, being adapt
ed allUn to, business as for rosldanco purposes.
Ttnutf.Oiie-fourth tosh, tho Uilsnco (n 13 months,
with note, hcurlnK iutrrost, Secured by trust-deed on
Ihci property. ruesiou given on day ofsulo, Halt
ooiiduoU'dbr ( Winston.
Hoptuut t AVtM.tAMC KAN'NIiY, Kxccutor. '
itHuur.Aii uu it.sn.tv imqkkt.
" .dTTLfci ''bn liehl draught rteniuerAI.PiiA,
,iA T. O. ItYMA.V, .Master. W. K. IIYK1
Clerk, Hill lento for thn ahovnnndnll Intf rmedlnli'
point i on
Thn Alpha i'OniicrHelofly nl lhinvillo jlh tialr..
for Clnrkuvlllp, limiting Green and Louisville, sail
nt Johiuonvitln m ith trains for Nashville.
Hcturnlnir she connects nt Cairo vllh stnniners and
trains for nil points. nulOff
The light draught pastcnger Steamer
R. T. NORTHERN Master,
J.y.IiEVRRJ.r Clerk'
Wll. make reenter DAILY TKIrS between Cairo and
Paducnh, leaving Cairo every evening (Sundays ex
cepted) at five o'cloclc
The White connect at Paducah wif - Dim New Orleaa
nnd Ohio railroad, and the Cumberland and Tcnnc.e
river pockets.
Far freight or passage opplv on board, or to
, ,, .M.J. Ht'Ciafcr, Agent.
JanUdtt Cairo. Illinois.
Tho splendid paiscngor and freight steamer,
- T
I.F.W KiTI'S lla.i,...l- nntvL'iiu l
virimr it. iiikiii'iiiitu.
' " ... ,"""., , ... .. H4.v,rir
Will leave Cairo for the aUvo and all Intermediate
points, on Moudav, tfept. Cth on arrlyal of evenlot
train. For freight or passage apply on hoard, or('i
lepU-ta " J.M. MfM.irs. Agont.
Having perfected lima arrangement for tho miinufjL
ture of Hronms In this elty, aro now prepared In h'
orders at
Ijow Xrioon
As tho s awe iMlltlc of brooms can lie purchased auj
where. Orders left at the M.)ro of O. I). Williamson, C Oil
I.evee, or at th
.f aBBfartor)-, I-'ourtcentli street, betivcets
tsfilntil nml Cellar,
Will be promjitly attended to.
Orders by mail should lm addressed to
W. I. M'KKEl HUO.,
1. 4. II. .31 451.
Heptllf Cairo, I.linols.
And Printing of Every Do.srriptiou.
. I)e.i1f . lu
Brushes, Wall I'nner ami Window
hop In the basement of the Ity National Ri
building, on Ohiu I.eice,
Cairo, Xllixiolfs.
Is supplied with all Uindi of
'WXl,tOT- XllCXIXOi'lBI.
Ilecr, All, vo.,
Commercial a-eune, bet. Nmth and Tenllistrce's.
The thirsty, n ho r,-" gnrd tiriuors. shou'd clveb,i
a call, and those ho wsh to pufTn fragrant elriresw
have their wauls supplied ut his bar. decldtf
0.necnswarc, Hnr Fixtures, Ulnsswai-o
Vos. 1H5 and 1 H7,Cm. Av. i CAIHO
marlldtt .
Baalaets Cards, (llristol) 'o 97 per IO0
HttaakoM 111 1 1 lleiids . $5 to per 10
KhvU, s to H8 ir lot
111 HMts, SI! p-r Ha
Otncr Work In l'ropuri lou-
Thrutou'i VulltliiibN 1 1 ti It St.,
vAinn u mois.
WEKV UUi.M - n.t s
had llarclays Quininu ir.
tie fa b
'Hess, and
u ti n.
jotuontaiulugHll ihnv rtura

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