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Fill DAY, SISPTiiMBIill 10, 1809.
Illinois 'c-ii t it I It. C, CIiihik" or Time,
OnSundny, August 2l)th, tho following
time table will take effect and govern
viiitl I further notice :
cioino mouth:
Mail tr.'tln Ii'attaat 'i.-SOoVlook a.m.
Bipr' ' " .. 2:40 ' p.m.
Mull train trriri t 7:15 o'clock n.m.
Hiprr-s " " ...... a jo p.m.
VTy, lesion at s":M o'clock a.m.
Ft ," ...... 4-Jii p.m.
Way, arrlt-t at ti40 " p.m
Ktprfi " 7,m .,,,.
DcmorrHtlc family and Trrrlnrt Con.
Tho Democratic County Convention for
tbo purposo of nominating candidates
tfor tho various county office mid for the
purpose of (selecting delegates to nttend
the Legislative District Convention, will
meet at tho Court House- In Cairo, on
Tuesday, September 21st, 18C0, at 12
o'clock, m. Tho Democratic voter of
f Alexander county will moot at their res
pective voting placet in each precinct on
Saturday, September 18th, 1869, at 2
o'clock, p. in., to select delegates to tho
County Democratic Convention.
Delegates have been apportioned on
the bails of one delegate for every twen
ty-llvo Democratic voters, or fraction of
twcntyflve, as foil own:
KouMi Cairo,, IT Tlt'Ua J
North Cairo .....14 Clear Crrd:- , I
Jjotf Tooth 4 Hazlewood ..ijy
ffio .ulaU'l .... 2 Unity ....... , 3
Ntbta l'n 2
Signed, F. E. Albright,
A. Knoll bach,
J. B. Taylor.
Jas. H Mulkey,
M. D. (iuntcr,
Green Mutsey,
S. Marchlldon,
Jas, K. McCrlto,
Patrick Sullivan,
Dom. Co. Central Committee.
Jinder's Stomach Hitters! "Tnc be.M
in use."
Tor Wnr.
My rcMdonceon Klghlh street. Will
be old cheap, anil on easy payments.
K'pS6t n. S. HAIHtKI.ti.
- -
IlnriiKinln - I 'line.
The be.st anil prettiest eook fatovo now
A new lot Juat received. Call aud see
them at Beerwart. Ortb & Co., 1.10 Com
merclal evenue. SepOdwlm
To CuuMijrOinprnt.
Notloo Is hereby glveu, that tho pub
lic laws of 1809 nre now In my office for
distribution. J. G. Lynch
AugKJ 1m County Clerk.
"UarrettV keeps the scalp healthy.
Knder's Chill Cure Never Fnilsr
Tlie Xf w (lanloni llonao nnd I'ost Ortlrr.
The masonary work on tho custom
liou?o aud post ofllco was completed to
day, at noon. The work will not Htop,
a Mated by tho 'Times' this morning.
The Iron for tho roof Is hourly expected
and when It arrives tho building will be
enclosed as speedily as possible, the Mate
being already on tho grouud. Monoy for
this purirose Is at tho command of the
For Aoaaclntr JuMlcr.
JumosE. McCrlto is a candidate for
re-election to tho ofllco of Associate Just
ice of couuty court. McCrlto nays that
he lias worked In the democratic traces
forty years and Is too old now to kick out
of them. His services oro at tho colu
mn ml of his party. If they aro not
wanted ho will bo coutent, aud support
tho mau whoso services they do want.
He Is an honest mau, possessed good
practical sonsc, nnd has served tho peo
plo to the best of his abilities,
- - -
Jf you wnnt a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or Micet-Irou ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything in that line,
call on A. Fra.se r, Commercial aveuuo
betcen Klovonth aud Twlfth street,
whero ho has moved to, iv.a fitted up tho
large' and most complete shop in
Sou'.ncrn Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
beat aud mill work, copper smithing
and sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
broodier escaping steam-pipes, etc.
First, secure "Barrett's."
"Tho Host In Use." Euder's Stomach
All Druggists recommend "Barrott'n.'
Tho magnificent steamer, Itob't. 13.
-Lee Is at our wharf, loading for New Or
leans. She Is Just, from tho hands of
Capt. W. L. Hamblcton & Co., and is as
handsome a specimen of steamboat archi-
tectum a over navigated tho western I
waters. Hor intornnl finish is maguill- i
cont, tho gold-leaf used in her cabin
finish costing $5,000. Tno sum of $2T),000
was expended lu tho work of repainting
and embellishing hor, and thrso who
havo seen hor, wonder that so much
could bo accomplished even with $25,0 0
Kho will leave for Now Orleans on Mon
An linlip iiili-nl nnillilate.
Judgo Hodges Is of tho opinion that
the people of Alexander wish him to (Hi
for another term tho ofllco of County
Judge, which ho has already filled for a
number of years. Should ho go Into tho
democratic convention, he thinks that
Wish would be defeated by tho nomina
tion of some other man. Hence, that
the people may secure the man, which
ho is pursiiaded they want, hoannouuees
himself as an Independent candidate.
Our feelings for tho old Judge are of
tho friendliest character, Wo would noti
for tho world, say a word calculated to
offend him. That wo will say some
things that will provo distasteful to him
Is altogether probable. Ho will not, for
Instance, relish tho assurance which we
now give him, that tho scopter Is passing
from his grasp; that ho will not bo per
mitted to break down tho democratic or
ganization and defeat its regularly nom
inated candidates. As tho nominee of
tho party wo could, and would, support
him heartily; but as an enemy of its
usages, and a defler of Its will, ho must
expect our opposition,
Wo regret that tho Judgo has not
placed his claims subject to tho decision
of the democratic convention. Surely,
If the democratic party want him to All
tho ofllco another term, there can bo
nothing in the way of his nomination.
If the party does not want him, as a
democrat, which ho professes to be, ho
should scorn an office at the hands Of
radicals whom ho has fought all his life.
Then again, the Judgo should pass In
roviow tho fato of tho various "indepen
dent" candidates who havo sought ofllco
in Alexander county In defiance of tho
democratic organization. In 1804 Arter,
an 'arf and-arP republican and domccrat.
was elected SherifTby a diversion In his
favor in Cairo; butsince that tlmo inde
pendent candidates havo been defeated,
without a single exception, and many of
them by overwhelming majorities. The
Judge can expect no diversion in hit
favor lu Cairo, and, therefore, his easels
hopeless. The democracy have nearly
live hundred majority in Alexander
county, and is better organized than it
ever was. That any democrat In the
county can break out of tho traces, and
lead oil enough democrats from their
party fealty to overcomo this majority, is
not to bo supposed.
Tho Judge has been deceived. Ho has
neeo deceived by assurances that he
would nave "no chance" in the conven
tion ; ho has been deceived by tho assur
ance of democratic support, lu tho event
that he put Ills party at defiance and run
as an independent candidate. We tell
tho Judgo, in all sincerity, that, If a
majority of tho democratic party want
him as Judgo for another term, no man
living can defeat him lu tho convention.
We further tell him, that ho can "count
upon his finger and toes' tho demo
crats who will support him as an Inde
pendent candidate. The time has passed
in Alexander county when men can get
offices without saying to tho democratic
party: "by your leave " In November
next Judge Hodges, if ho persists in his
present course, will bo brought to a reali
zing sense of the truth of this declara
tion. "UarrettV Is a studied compound
Chills Cured in Sir Hours, by Ender's
Chill Cure.
letter Hen'is printed at the 'Bulletin'
Ofllce for fflOOper thousand.
An unusual religious revival Is going
on in Gallatin couuty. At Sparkshlll
there have been 120 additions to tho
Presbyterian church. In other parts of
tho couuty protracted meetings arc
being held, the enthusiasm being per
fectly unparrallcd.
Money hashed! subscribed In Shaw-
neetown for tho erection of a new Pres
bytcriau church edifice. In Golconda
the same denomination is engaged in
the building of a house of worship that
will cost JIO.COO
Host French merino 90 conls per yard
at Heilly's.
Heavy domestics 10J cents per yard;
good bleached muslins at from 15 to 18
cents, at P. Heilly's.
"Harrett's" Admired HairBestoratlvo.
Walnut TimlM-r.
or Sale. Klghty acres of tho llnest
Walnut Timber Iand in tho country,
situated lu Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (1) miles uortheast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land is adjoining John
Swank's farm. Also ten acres of School
Land situated three miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on tho Cairo A St, f-otils railroad
ror tonus ami particulars enquire o
B. T. Whltakor's Drug Store, No. 108
com, morclal avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
Uso Ender's Chill Ciire. "It uevor
Dr. Austlu, surgeon dontlst, over
Elliott, Haythorn & Co's, la ono of tho
most skillful gentlomon in tho profession.
Tho work performed by him has given
entire satisfaction. Ho la perfectly
familiar with all the advances nnd ap
proved methods of his profession, and
Is, practically ami theoretically, a first
clai-8 dentist. The ultizons of Calm nnd
vicinity are f.utunato lu having nt their
cinniiiiiiiil the services of a gentleman of
of htieh acknowledged skill and pro
llclentty. Sept'Jlw.
Ri'ery thing below o t it P. Itolliy's.
klrn 25
ii Kfilly's
I. -
prii'g- f0 cents per
Spirit., nt U'urk.
For several week past a certain houno on
Seventh street, in this city, hat licen tho scene
fn series of wonderful developments which
may well call for cxpliimttion from thoio )Ufit
vowed in "spirit tnyileri ."
Tho occupants of tho hono wero orderly
and most estimable people, not ut all given to
superstition. Judge of their surprise, then,
when, a few weeks ago, tho house- tho whole
building began to treinhlo nnd dhnkc as if
sotno, wonderful power wan ut work lifting
it from its foundations. This continued for
lomo time, to tho annoyanco und disturbance
of the family. So much wero they disturbed
that to bo froo tho family was broken up n
portion seeking rest in a distunt city, and a
portion remaining to bravo "wlmtovor daro
intrude" With a clear conscience and a res
elute will, "bravu mon" waited, but not very
lang; noises, us of hammers driving iiul)
wero heard distinctly, nnd continued for gov
ern! days, even disturbing tho neighborhood.
Tho shakings and noises culmlnntcd in tho
throwing down of largo portions of tho cuil-
Ings in tho dlfToront rwoms of tho house. Tho
bravo inmates wero distressed bejond meas
ure, walking on tiptou through tho haunted
apartments. Tho excitement caused by thosu
sounds, it is said, has already caused prcma
turo baldness in tho enso of one who was onco
tho possessor of a "wealth of hair." hut tho
wonder is not yet finished. Jn Thursday
morning, nt tile still hour of two o'clock,
lights wero 'een flashing from tho windows,
and soon after aounds, ns of welcoming friends
wero heard, childish guctings and happy
laughter. It is said that a psrty of bold and
bravo men aro making arrangement to bring
quiet to tho disturbed house by the use of mu
sic, which has "charms to soothe tho troubled
spirit.'' It is hoped their efforts may bo suc
cessful, and tho neighborhood bo restored to
its former pcaeo.
Goods are going nil liko lint cakes at
Heilly's. There is no mistake about his
selling ofl'at lets than cost. Anybody
will tell you this who bus prlcetl his
Is it shell oysters you want? Then go
to Walker cfc Sleson's restaurant. 2t
Four llo .
A lad about eleven years of age tieurlv
"cried hU eyes out" yesterday alternoon
at the trick of the passenger train loco
motive. The lad hail a new silver quar
ter, and was of (he opinion that the
weight of the loeomothe niid -preinl it
out to the dimensions of a half dollar.
He laid it on the rail In advance of the
train and awaited the re.-tilt. The loco
motive boon came thundering along,
picked up the quarter on one of Its wheel
mill flung It nobody know.-, whither. The
boy bellowed most heartily, nnd N firmly
convinced now that the HUmd- Central
Is, by greut odds, tho meanest railroad of
which lie litis any knowledge.
The Humboldt Celebration.
The German citizen of Calm will
celebrate In a becoming manner the
hundredth birth day of the Immortal
scholar anil naturalist Alexander Von
The committee Imvliig the mutter in I
ciinrgo nave secured tlie Atlieneuin
where, during the day, opeechej In both
German aud English, will bo delivered
by gentlemen well qualified to entertain
an Intelligent audience. The intervals
will bo enlivened by llrst clas vocal aud
instrumental music, and tableaux appro
priate to the occasion.
Tho German citizens of the neighbor
ing towns and villages are cordially In
vited to attend and participate in the
celebration Thero will he no charge
for admission.
It Is intended that the celebration
shall be ono In which nil may partici
pate with pleasure if not profit, and with
the hope that the occasion will draw
out a multitude of the ndmlrers of tho
world's greatest scholar, a cordial Invi
tation, Is extended to all to come.
F. Uuoss, President.
P, G. Scitnn,
CAKli Ii. Thomas,
II . M KYKlt,
H. SCIIMKT.lxmi',
Louis Hkiuikkt, Sec'y.
Committee of Arrangements.
Cairo, Sept. 10. 3t
The Orrnl ,i;inn.
(h. (tlro liulUUn: I tnko pleasure in
acknowledging tho prompt nnd satisfac
tory settlement of my loss by tho .Etna
Insurance company, (Snflbrtl, Morris Jc
Candeo, agents) occasioned by tho tire
of September ild. Tho prompt aud satis
factory settlement by this company of
her losses, entitles hor to tho position
sho occupies as tho leading lire insur
anco company of the laud.
It Ciias. T. Hindk.
Ornnd AUmctlon At the Eiryiitlnu Rretr
nry Saloon,
On Saturday evening, tho 11th lust.,
Prof. Vttlg's celebrated uttlng band
will glvo a concert at tho l-'gyptinn Ilrow
ery Saloon to which overybody is invited.
Asldo from tho music, SchoenmoyGr has
nn odtl habit of keeping tho purest and
most delicious wines; tho coolest lager
and poller water to he found lu tho olty.
Call around, hear tho music, sample tho
beverages and yon will feol bettor pre
pared for the duties of tho following Sun
day. x t
Shell oystors, in prime ooinlltoii, at
Wnlker fc Slsson's restaurant . -Jt
Ladles cloth tinker., fashionable and
durable, at $l,lfi per pair at Jicllly'.
Carpoting at Heilly's 2o per cunt
cheaper than over before offered in Cairo.
pkoci:i:ihn(;s or tub hoard or
AUlKlt.M K,V.
(ItpiMiUr Mcctirn?.!
Cniro. III., September 7, IfcW.
Present, the chairman, Alderman Car
rt)ll, antl Aldermen Gibson, Hendricks,
Kennedy. Lobr, Lonergan, MoKee, Men
dell, Hodman. Theobold 10.
The committee mi claims reported tho
following bills for allowance:
M .Sllvcrhorg, (n ono rolli'dor' Iniok ? 80 CO
In fur lull nt Mailing iJ
.folia P Hocly, bill for survoyniR... lo to
Krnpt (Jrlnfl-r, for wnrk ilono on rlty nent.., 44 vs
Win. Iajiutkih, rorrrntriit fc city m'uIpk 24 O
.1 II Taylor, Hirnervicoi, (see Mil) VS (O
Jus l'owcrx, for rc irlng t nU fnr Hlirfhnn H 00
V Mnlwnry, for IikiiIIiik A Mil 1 1 motor ii-nlth
ortk'er, III IX) i rcouiiiiuciiil !0
Jus lltiglics, fur luiilitig druiikcn man to Jail,
tl on, rovoiatiipml , ,. M)
Win Martin, fur luintr ?S U)
8 W..trri, forlunn.fr 3.1 !20
H Wnlttrs, for liimt.fr for M'fr SKI Vi
Jas IilloD,forliiiiilHr, 70 HO
Mlclm'l llorrlgan, for ltimticr............ 174 o
W M WlllUiim, r.r liitnlT S30 tit
Cairo Olty Gas company, for gus Inrtilflieil
trrctlaintis for Att'MUt It9 C)
Taylor ami Parsons, Mil for ir-ile nipnon of lot
a, In WiKk as, oily ol CmIki, owlipledby
Rotinh anil Hcaiiy Hre ronipsny. o.l for
taxea 61 41
Alderrnaii McKee moved thattho ro
port be amended to allow p. Mnhoney
antl Jus. Hughes one dollar each for
hauling, instead or fifty cents each. Car
ried. Alderman Mendell moved lo refer tho
claim of S. Wallers, for lumber, to tho
commiilee onstn-eir., with instructions to
ascertain who oidei-ii the lumber and
whether the price charged is not in ex
ce.ss of the market rales. I'arrled.
Alderman Mendell moved to adopt
tho rep irt is am-iidrtd, und allow the
several bills. Carried by the following
AyesCarroll, Gibson, Hendricks,
Kennedy, Lobr, Lonergan, McKee,
Meiidi-ll, lied tna n, Theobald 10.
Nayn- None.
The ci ninilltec on claims reported
buck bills of Thomas Mcrrlnm, and Er
ne" t Grlntlii r. fnr work done on Jail, and
of Win. Martin, for lumber onjall, and
asked iimi ibe lie n-lened to committee
on polici iiiidjall; abo bill of St. Mary's
Iiiflriinii.x, lor lakiiiK catu of small-pox
putieiii- and asked that It lie referretl to
Mother Supeilor for Information, dates,
etc. Ou motion, report was adopted.
The committee on claims reported back
the petition of David O. Heywood, In re
In t ton lo lefundliig money paid by him
in Mtlc by rity of certain lots, and asked
that it be referred to the City Attorney.
On nil (loll, report was adopted.
Committee on police on policeand Jail
reported lu luvor of granting tho prayer
of the the petition of tlko day policemen
asking an advance In their salary equal
to that of the night policemen.
Alderman Gibson moved that tho ro
ciiiuiiieinlntloii of tho committee bo con
curred in. IiOst, by tho following voto:
Ayen-Carroll, Gibson, Kennedy, Mc
K e, Itedmau fi.
Nays Hendricks, Lohr, Lonorgau,
Mendell. Theobald 5.
Thu eiuniiiltleo ou printlug reported
tin- bill of John I'. Fugli, for publishing
Council proceeding, ordinances, &a., for
aix mouths, from 10th of March, 1609, to
101 It of September, ISO!), amounting to
$000, and recommended that itboal
lotud; also, bill for Job printing, during
same period, amounting to ?200, and re
commended that It be allowed. Ou mo
tion report was received and the bills or
dered paid, by following vote:
Ayes -Carroll, Glb-on'l IendrlckH, Ken
iitdy, Lolir, Lonergan, MoKee, Mendell,
lb dniiU and Thobuld 10.
Naja None
The bjieclal committee, to whom was re
ferred tho bill of John Q. Harmnit, Cir
cuit Clerk, for costs In cases of the city of
Cairo vs. sundry lots In the city nnd llrst
addition thereto, for collection of street
tilling assessment, dismissed nt cost of
city, reported in favor of allowing tho
bill, $1,510 30, in city scrip nt par
Alderman Lohr mo veil to receive tho
report nnd pay thu bill as recommended.
Carried by tho following vote:
Ayes Carroll, Gibson, Hendricks,
Kennedy, Lohr, rjouergau, MoKee, Mon
dolt Hedinau and Theobold 10,
Nays None.
Pending tho voto Alderman McKeo
stated that he voted "Aye," not because
ho thought tho bill Just, but because It
was technically legal. In kls opinion It
was shameful and outrageous. Ho asket
to havo this explanation of his voto
made of record. Bequest granted.
Tho City Attorney to whom was re
ferred thu petition 11. MoMamis, In rola
tfon to garnishment of Mr. Mocklor's
aalary, reported, that In his opinion tho
city was bound to pay tho judgmontro
covored by Mr. McManus nnd should
reservo out of Its Indebtedness to Mr
Moekler au equivalent amount. On
motion of Alderman Gibsoli, tho roport
wasrecoived, and paymontof thoamount
ofMoManus' Judgment ordered by tho
following vote, viz:
Ayes Carroll, Gibson, Hendricks,
Keunedy, Lohr, Lonorgan, MoKee,
.nenuei, Jtetiman ana Tueouom iu.
Nays None.
To thoSoleot t.'oiiiiril 1.11. 1 Boar. I of AMeriavn of tliu
City of Cairo:
Gknti.kmkn: In relatiou to tho bill of
costs In tho caso of Knsmlnger vs. Tho
Peoplo cx relatione John W. Trover, I beg
leavo to roport that I know of nothing
nlthor in tno institution or tho prosecu
tion of tho suit to rcudor tho city liable,
If tho city, by ordinance or resolution,
authorized the suit, then If Mr. Trover
will show such ordinanco or resolution,
I doubt not tho city will pay tho costs,
but uutil ho can do so, I do not feel au
thorized us attorney for tho olty to recom
mend its payment, siuoo there is no legal
liability. Hespeotfully,
L. P.Bim.KK,CltyAtt'y.
.Report received. Alderman 31ondel
moved that the bill therein roferrcd to ho
laid upon tho table. Carried.
IVtitlon of Johanna Allen asking to
haven tine of si remitted Al'leitnnn
Theobald moved to lay on the tab.c
Lost. Moved that the prayer of tho pe
titioner begiaiited. Cairiotl.
I) I I.VOtt. Ml1ll V fl.P lllrtl,..
Jolm Jt on.Mly, f..r -iil.iry Ini'm
-,- S .'HJ OO
f0 CO
t4iHfrotril.i- lo ikn.
.Inliii lirimn, !im fr Aiiiu-t.
IIS! i n n no n v . n I n H t'l V " W
.John illylanil, j-ulnry lor Aiiiit.7.r.".".'.'.'. ' .' m
Jom Arnold, aalary lor AiiK'lt -i Ji
lnl',ciun' '"" I'"re''iilii8 on eill rtloimof
.tolitiHIiroliiin, Ins I-riTntnijDon follcctioni of
tines naitist j.cron- refnsl.. tu l.tlior on tho
Btrcrt9, afti'r notllii'ntlon , j ut
John Cuinmln, salary torAimii.t 7a w
M llnmhrick, mlary for Aiikim . ,. to (o
Win Mnllalp, for illfltliif; amiilry priimtiors la
month or AtiKMit , ! .' jo7 Vt
On motion tho bills woro allowed by
tho following vote:
Ayes-Carroll, Gibson, Hendricks,
Keunedy, Lohr, I.oneignn, McKee, Men
dell, Hedman, Theobold 10.
Nays- None.
Alderman Kennedy moved that the
bill for quarterly allowance of tho Hibor.
nlan Fire company, amounting to $300,
being allowance clitmcd In full to Sep
tembers?, 186!), bo allowed. Aid. McKee
moved to amend: "That tho bill
bo allowed when tho company furnishes
the Mayor satisfactory evidence that they
aro an organized company and ablo to do
duty, and that when such evidence is
furnished, tho Mayor shall Issue tho scrip
for th amount claimed. Tho amend
ment was accepted by Alderman Kenne
dy, and tho motion as amended adopted
by tho following vote, viz:
Ayes Carroll, Hendricks, Konne'dy,
Lonergan, McKee, Redman 0.
Nays--Gibson, Lolir, Mendell, Theo
bold 4.
First reading of au ordinance amend
ing ordinance No, 18, entitled: "An
ordinanco regarding tho sale of fresh
Second reading of au ordinanco en
titled: "An ordinance lu relation to
public Improvements." Adopted and
referred to tho Select Council, by the
following vote, viz:
AycH Carroll, Gibson, Hendricks,
Kennedy, Lohr, Lonergan, MoKee,
Mendel, Hednmu mid Theobold -10.
Nays None.
Second reading of an ordinanco In re
lation to City Marshal's salary. Adopted
and reforred to tho Select Council, by
tho following vote, viz:
Ayes Carroll, Gibson, Keunedy, Mc
Kee, Mendel, Hedman anil Thcoboid 7.
Nays Hendricks, Lohr and Loner
gan .'I.
Second reading of an ordinanco iu re
lation to lamp posts, (heretofore passed
by tho Solect Council). Adopted by the
following vote, viz:
Ayes Carroll, Gibson, Hendricks,
Kennedy, Lohr, Lonergan. McKee,
Mondol,. Hetlman and Theobold 10
Nays None.
Second reading of an ordinance (here
tofore passed by the Select Council) iu
relation to iilng receipt and license hook
to bo used by tho City Clerk and Treas
urer. Atloptcd by tho following vote:
Ayes Carroll. Gib-on, Hendricks,
Kennedy, Lolir, Loncrgtui, McKeo, Men
dell, Hedman, Theobald Id.
Adjourned. Joii.v Hnoww,
City Clerk, pro (cm.
The only place in the city, whero A
No. 1 shell oysters can ho had Is at
Walkor & Slsson's restaurant. 2t
Four-quarter lloor oil clotlis. trood ar
tlcle, at 55 cents per yard at itolliy's.
Cut glass goblets ?3 per- dozen, und
other glassware in proportion nt Hellly'e.
Tho Inquiry Instituted nt Louisville
into tho explosion of tho Cumberland
terminated as everybody had occasion
to suppose It would. Tho officers were
held blameless, wo understaftd, mid th
explosion attributed to ono of those
causes against which human foresight
can provide no protection.
Illllb.: llnlba!
A flno assortment of beautiful Fall
flower bulbs at Davidson's. seO-lw
- - -
Best Mori mac, Spraguo and Cocheco
prints at P. Heilly's for 12 cents peryard
Elltott, llnj tliorii A Co.
This firm, tho most cxteiislvo dealers
In hoots ami shoes in the State of Illi
nois outside of Chicago, aro 'receiving
their fall .took, nnd It Is worth one's while
to taken look at tho new and beautiful
styles, and the mountainous quantities
they aro getting In store. Abetter dis
play of ladles' nnd children' wear can
bo seun nowhere, and It would. bo u curi
ous want in tho way of men's and boy'e
boobi and shoes that, they are not ready
to supply. And the prices are lower than
ever. By this remark tho local reader
will understand thut Its no use to go else
where to save money, if shoos or bootu
aro wanted, as thero never was n time
when Elliott, Haythorn t Co wero un
dersold, and, by their pre.-ont scalo of
prices they aro utterly overwholinli g all
Buyers at wholesalo are offered induce
ments that at once obviate all necessity
for visiting thu St. Louis, Cincinnati,
Chicago or any othor markets, oust or
RIollv has $1,200 worth of hardware,
locks, butts, screws, eduo tools, etc. all
very snleable-s-whloh lie will ell as a lot
for sixty cents ou the dollar, cost price
Wo havo. on our taVe. a beet from
Mr. W. H. Mori L' gulden thut Is two
feot four inches In length, with n diaia
eter in proportion If we f t like em
ploying a very original xj.resi-ton w
would say that this Is IuimI r bo t Mor
ris filled up the hole, It r an Ko"p-
manschaf or Klyl m , ,h.p ilelr
coolies through It.

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