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She (jhcitim) Jullctiiu
ruui.isui:i it y joiin n. oiiki'.i.y a go.
Eudur'a"ciriirCureNu'Jr Faiis.
"Barrett" Lustrous Hair Restorative
Judges Mulkev unit Allen aro absent.
attending court in Williamson county.
1'or Ni.lt.
My resldencooti Eighth street. Will
bo Hold cheap, and on eusy payments.
Bl'pB ot B B.llAHHCU..
Harry P. Goodull. editor of tho Cairo
Tlmts,' returned liomo from a trip
North, thin morning.
Peter Cubl. the Hour merchant, has a
new brand: "Head or Navigation, Cairo
111." Of course, that 1h good Hour.
Goodall, the youuger, while absent at
JUlcago, had his "amuroalul Jocks"
born, nud looks like an ordinary mortal.
IlopalrH on tho Leveo plauk road hang
re. llovv shall it bo repaired? iA tho
An ludivldial in a very llinbcrstateof
Intoxication was conveyed to tho cala
boose, for stealing a saddle and bridlo.
It Is said tliut ho hailed Jrom Kentucky.
Col. H. H. Tnvlor l ft (tut ollv val.ril.i
afternoon for New York, on business con
nected with the affilra of tho Cairo City
Property. He will bo absent until tho 3d
f October
Hherlir Mycin settled with tho county
court yesterday. Ho showed a cloau
record, and has demonstrated tho fact
that hu in a model officer by all odds
the best shorlil' Alexander county over
MaJ. McCIure, of tho Cairo Planters'
Tobacco Warehouse Company, returned
to Cairo vcstvirilHy, after a two weeks'
tour through Mallard and adjoining couu
ties, ills report of tho tobacco crop In far
from encouraging
- -
A upJcndld thing "Barretts'"
Tho county court Is mill iu session.
Yesterday they cancelled and destroyed
t-10,0X) of redeemed orders, and today
are engaged in making the tax levy. Tho
ourt has worked very Industriously, and
ro getting through a good deal of busi
ness. Mr Louis Matthews, In tho current
number of his valuable 'Price Current,'
reports tho business of tho city moder
ately actlvo in all its departments. Or
lore aro coming In to a fair extent, prin
cipally for Hour and groceries, which aro
tilled hero on as favorable terms as can
bo obtained in any othor Western mar
ket. The Hittcrnfan flro company eilected
n organization lnt night, and great en
thusiasm was manifested at tho meeting.
It Is high timet this company wcro doing
tomothiug to challenge tho commenda
tiou of tho public. They havo been dlr
ellotof duty, and must now provo that
their present showing of spirit is not
spasmodic. Whou they have made this
fact patent, they will receive from tho
elty all tho consideration shown to tho
othor liremen of Cairo.
HIII.1B..II-HII1 - - m
"Barretts" sold ofery where.
The St. Charles hotel is doing a good
business much better than at this time
last year. Of course, tho Bt. Charles
must prosper. Mr. Jowott Wilcox Is a
gentleman who knows no such word as
"fall," and bnoked by Swift uover thinks
f lotting up for a moment. Besides, tho
tit. Charles Is 0110 of tho institutions of
the city, and every citizen should bo In
terested In making it prospor. Why,
Cairo could no raoro do without tho Bt.
Charlea than without tho 'Bulletin.'
..I .
City Tir.
From tho tax book now lit the hand or
tho Collector, wo obtain tho following
table of tho amount of tax to bo collected
In reality, In the several subdivisions of
tho city and on personalty, within tho
next two months:
Oily of Cairo...... ......... :5o,ia
Hotel Addition Ml, Si
Kirnt Addition m 1I,M'J,C1
Hocond Addition 105,7
Third Addition..,. - - soi,85
Fourth Addition 2,tl7,oa
feronl Property s.cm.m
l.andi ...I ,6M,&0
Total , J3,9U,M
"Barrotta" takes the lead.
The commlttoo on streota have direct
d the City Comptroller to purchase
lumber for sidewalk repairs from the
lowest bidder, and havo ordered, that,
when the necessary lumber has been pro
4urod,-tho presont sidewalk employes,
ball be again put at work. Many side
walks need repairs, but wo doubt wheth
er so larjo a force as at present engaged
should be longer employed In making
theso ropaira. Nearly $0,000 have been
expended on sidewalks in the last nix
months. If it Is tho policy of tbo oom
ualtteo to have work douo in ordor to
glvo men employment, all right; but wo
would euggost that at least two of tho
men now engaged on sidewalks should
be taken from that work und put on tho
Levee plaulc road. By cutting off tho
dver ends of tho planks, and construct
ing approaches to the road from the riv
er, they would do thp cfiy"a 'valuable
The Matter mill In Ntntn Quo
There was reason for anticipating that
a contract would be closed with Col,
Allen, lor the construction and operation
of the 0. A F. It. It. from Blru's Point to
Charleston, ua soon aa practicable after
Cairo voted tho $100,000 asked of her.
This conclusion was confirmed by tho
receipt of the following letter:
4.1, Wall HraittT, I
.Vr.w Yuan City, July 29, le09.
To tho Mayoro Cairo Illinois:
Hih: I learn by the papers that your
people have, by a vole nearly ununl.
ruous, agreed to tho proposed subscrip
tion of $100,000 for the purpose of secur
ing the opening of tho railroad from
Charleston, Mo., to tho Mississippi rivor,
opposite Cairo.
I expect to be down over our road at
its opening, and will endeavor, at that
time, to meet you, In order to mako the
necessary arrangements to carry the
proposed subscription into practical ef
fect. Congratulating you upon the result, I
remain very respectfully, yours,
Tito's. Allkn.
Since tho receipt qf tho above letter
Col. Allen has uot been heard from on
the subject. We are still inclined to be
llevo that tho Colonel Intends to act iu
good faith with our people, but wo must
confess that his protracted silence Is, to
us, Inexplicable, unless It can he explain
ed by tho domand upon his tlmo occa.
sioned by the opening of the Iron Moun
tain railroad, of which hu is president.
-. - .. in
thi: pitoi.rtAnm:.
Tho opening of the evening's entertain
ment will take place in the Atbeneum at
half past seven o'clock.
Afuic, by tho Cairo Silver Comet Band.
Hlograjmlcal Address, by Amandus
Jaeckel, In German.
bong, "Dcr Tag dr Jfcrm,'' by the
Cairo Ucrnihii Sing Vereln.
Ovcturc, by Wittig's Band.
.iddrctt, In English, by Louis P. But
ler, Esq.
.y'iijr. " FwchllnnU AiulKht,'l by the
Sing Vereln.
Murit, by tho S Ivor Cornet Baud.
Tableau, with muIp by Wittig's Band.
J eclumation, by Amandus Jaeckel.
AfMifc, by the Silver Cornet Baud.
TaUcau, with music by Wittig's Band.
Address, In German, by Prof. Wir
selling. Sony, "Druederrelcht dlo Hand zum
Uunde," by tho Sing Vereln.
Tableau, Coronation of Alexundcr Von
Admission free. A general Invitation
is extended to tho public.
Polite ushers will bo In attendance.
To City Tax Pajers.
The tax book for 1609 will be placed in
my hands to-morrow, and on Monday
next I shall proceed to a collection of
the revenue. As the time allotted me
whcroln to collect the taxes is short, I
shall certainly excercisoall thedlligonce
required of me.
Come forward then, on and after the
13th Instant, and pay your taxes.
John Hylanjj,
Treasurer and Collector.
Cairo, III., Sept. 8, 18C9. tf
A subscription paper Is being mndo for
tho relief of Mrs. Summers, whoso llttlo
boy was killed and horribly mangled by
tho cars of tho Illinois Central railroad.
The railroad employes are hold entirely
blameless iu the matter, as tho little boy
was seated under the cars when the train
commenced moving and was not seen
until tho trucks were iu the act of passing
throuKh his body. It is, therefore, tho
extromest folly to even talk about any
responsibility attaching to tho railroad
Mrs. Summers is a widow woman, in
very indigent circumstances, who is still
charged with tho caro of thrtio children,
tho eldest of whom is not over'sovon
yoars of ago. She is, therefore, a desorv.
ing object of charity, and wo hope that
citizens to whom application is made,
will oxtend such as asslstauco as they
can, ifitamountto no more than twenty-
llvo cents.
Murac WanttMl to 'travel.
Any person desiring to go East und
willing to assist in taking charge of a
child to N. York will havo their expen
ses paid iu wholo or part according to
efficiency. For further particulars address
Box 156, Paducah Ky. References re
quired. sept!3d4t
Tho passonger train, this mornlug, ws
an hour and a half behind time, the do.
lay being occasioned by the heating of
one of tho boxes. Tho train stopped, in
tho woods, during a heavy rain fall, for
the heatad box to cool.
Ender's Stomach Bitters! "Tiio best
in une."
If you want a good stovo, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything in that Hue,
call on A. Fruser, Commercial arenuo
beteen Eleventh and Twelfth" street,
where he has moved to, or. a fitted up tho
large and most complete shop In
Sou'.iicrn Illinois.
Partlculur attention given to steam
beat and mill work, copper smlthlag
und shout Iron work, such as chimneys,
brcechtT escaping steam-pipes, etc.
apr24d0ai '
iiicaii,e:v to niiobck.n.
All Kittli f.ooi All Anierlc ill I.U. i. at
Afrlrnn llpaet nt lo Itlllu. Mcj , rolul
rut nud Mlnl Ti I'urMitil like
an Aapcn I,rr, Imm l'xii t)i i'lii-Hiit-r
And NjirnkN out lit fctliiK.
I am known as a penceablo, law abi
ding man; but I havo been pursuwl by j
oneTuos. J. Shores, a colored preacher,
until like the aspen leaf, I am compell
ed to turn and sting my pursuer
When Shores first entered theso
mldsts, It was Itev. Mr. Brudley hi're, and
brother Jacob Bradley there, until I
could hardly wullf the streets for his dis
tressing civilities and fraternal demon
Btrosltlcs. Finally tho recriminating
public began to give Shores some eleva
tion as the companion of a decent man.
He protended to rejoice ut the exuber
ance of my spirltous caiitesseuce; and,
delucivAtcd by the Idea that I was Igno
rant and utiHUspt'Ctant, ho found a Haw
In my ministerial license, and remedia
ted them by is-uing new ones, which my
own had been compounded by the hands
of four ordained ministers, tried, true
and not found wanting. '
And when (Shores, through m, hud
gained a llttlo atanding, ho told tho col.
onui people that the good people of Cairo
were unwashed rebels; easily irrigated
against thorn; that he was a Union man
and could provide for their protectltude,
if the colored people would put them
selyes uuder his dominations. And
since then T. J. hhores has been exci
ting the colored people Into unlmosuous
attitudes towards the white people of
And wiio is Shores? I caii ly my
hand on my heart ami su that I have
got only oue wile which I hold faatly by
the hand to love and be loved and lo
nourish and be nourislitd. tihorea can
lay his hand on his liturtantl say he has
two wives, one uuder Ids own eves-drops
and the other In Champaign with nix or
tight children bono of his bone and so
forth. A bishop shall bo of good report,
large hospitality, expressed of Ills Impur
ities and have only one wife. Let Shores
declurale a denial, and I will rivet tho
shame on him with u rivet of steel.
As full of sins as Lazarus was of sores,
Shores presumutes to expunge the sacred
word to aggregated man l Hearme. Ho
dispelled a male member of hi.-church,
not because the member worked on Sun
day, but because he didn't glvu the mon
ey he earned to tho Lord through tho
sticky lingers of Mild Shores. And other
sisters who worked on Sunday oud gavo
Shores their pay, they Huml as eliminat
ing lights, high on the binnacle of ex
And by such u mnn I am vllllfled and
bickered at! I say this thing mu.-t stop.
It has progresslated far enough. If
Shores Is Irrigated ut tho truths I havo
here publlcatcd, 1 am ready to meet him
any whcr, any way, any time.
As for Deacon Hopkins, he Is tno poor
a tool for mo to waste breath on. Ho
thinks Sh'-rcs will yet he mayor of Cairo
and mako him police magistruto If he'll
get some clothing and food for his naked
oud hungry fsmily and pay for it, be will
havo less tlmo to do tho dirty work of
And now to oud, I'll ask Mr. Shores
wharo ho learned to spell, that ho thinks
that "cullered" spells colored.
Jacoji Bkaui.kt,
A Baptist Minister.
Unlba! Ilull.a!
A fine assortment of beautiful Fall
flower bulbs at Davidson's. seO-lw
The IlumboliltCcltbrnt Ion.
Tho German citizens of Cairo will
celebrate In a becoming maimer the
hundredth birth day of tho immortal
scholar and nuturallst Alexander Von
Tho committee having tbo matter In
chargo have secured tho Atbeneum
where, during tho evening, speeches In
German und English, will bo delivered
by gentlemen well qualified to entertain
an intelligent uudienco, The intervals
will bo enlivened by first class vocal and
instrumental music, and tabloaux appro
priate to tho occasion.
Tho German citizens of tho neighbor
ing towns and villages aro cordially in-
vitod to attend and participate in tho
celebration. Thoro will ho no charge
for admission. n j
It is intended that tho oulobratlon
shall be ono In which all may partici
pate with pleasuro if not profit, and with
the hopo that tho occasion will draw
out a multitude of tho admirers of tho
world's greatest scholar, a cordial Invi
tation Is extended to all to come.
F. Buoss, President.
P. G. Sojiiiw,
Cakl L. TiroMis,
H, Meykh,
W.M. Al.UA,
Locis HnuiiKHT, Seo'y.
Coramltteo of Arrangements.
Cairo, Sept. 10. lit
"Tho Best in Use." Endor's Stomach
Wnlnnt Timber.
For Sale. Eighty acres of t'iie Unes't
Wnlnut Tlmbor Land In the country,
situated hi MlssUslppl county, Mou
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (S) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land is adjoining John
Swank's farm. Also tcii acres' of Sbhool
T.fi 1 1 fl otlnnfnil fltrnn in IIpm frniM fntvr
Illinois, on tho Cairo fc St. r.ouls railroad
l or terms und particulars euquira t
B. T. Whltaker'H Drugstore, Xo. 108
Commoiclal avenue. Cn.iroJllinpis.dtf ,
Tli EliimlxiMl rnioiftiMiloii To-nlulil.
The eitlziMM of U.ilr uvro reminded of
MumhtiMt'rceiitun I" birth day, at an
early hour, this iiioi" u, by tho buominr
of oiiniitiii, iiini fiie f'Mii'i'lor was ro
peated during the tl i just one hundred
Tho meeting in the Atheneum, this
evening, u ill no ilo lit bo one that will
exhibit on tho purt of our uuilvu as well
as Germuti cIiIzmis a proper apprecia
tion of the lilex-liii;- conferred upon vn
lightened iu uikiiitl, liv the life, travels
and writing m iiumbildt, tho most pro
found scholar that ever lived or died.
The.cnturtaiiuneiit han, very thought
fully, been si vurlHd that German und
Amerieuu citizens alike, may be Interest
ed. The doors will be thrown open for
the tree udminWou of all respectable per
sons, ui.d poll itt ushers will be in attend
ance, whoso special chargo it is to com
fortably seal the ladles who muy honor
the occasion with their presence. Be
sides "the fi?H8t of reason and flow or
soul" that will come in the form of od
dresses and declamations, there will be
vocal ami Instrumental tnualu of a most
enjoyable character. In short, that ev
erybody may understand the character
of the entertainment, wo reprint the
programme that win he carefully followed.
Chnrl.y oyca OBilagr.
C. W. Noyes Cre-cent City Circus Is
on its return down the Ohio Since
Noyes visited Cairo, Lakes Hlppo-Olym-
plad and Dan Bice's Own Circus have
exhlhitwl tlieirexeellcncies toourpeoplo,
and we are quite confident that thero is
not a man, woman orchild, who Is capa
ble of Judging of urenlc merit, who will
not unhesltatlugly prnuounce iu favor of
Noyes as the proprietor of the best show.
He has recently udued, at an expense of
ton thousand dollars, the grand and gor
geous opening f-pretaclcof "Tho Field of
the Cloth of Gold," which brings into
the ring at ono time, fifty-two mem
women and horses. It Isald to be "a
dream of chivalry a mas of magnifi
cence and a line of glitter and gold."
Noyes will arrive In Cairo ubout tho
first of October. Tho Crescent City
Circus Is now appreciated here, and will
druw out a rousing audience.
f mi. . t .
iiic uixcs oi mo present year, us mu
ted by us yesterday, aro payable holf in
cast) und half in scrip. Tho levy Is tho
samo as that uf last year, vlx: $1 60 on
the $100 00, but a greater proportion or it
Isjpuyable In cat-h. The Issue or bonds
to Fox, Howard it Co., created a neces
sity or a levy of 25 cents on tho $100, to
provide the interest. Iu addition to tills
levy, 50 cents .in the 5100 havo buon
levied to provide Interest for tho general
bonded Indebtedness oT tho city, the two
aggregating 75 cents on the S100, or half
tho total levy. As noth'.ug but cash will
pay interest, the treasurer cannot, of
course, receive anything else. Tho levy
offiOou the $100 for tho General Fund,
and the levy of 23 cents on the 5100 for
tho Improvement Fund can ho paid iu
Wo refer to this matter again, appro
bending that the term ''halfand quarter
per. centum," used by us ycsteiday, was
not entirely intelligible.
Th iter. Mr. llritillry nfter thp He v. Mr.
The Rev. Jacob Bradley reels that he
has beeii pursued by tho Bov. Mr. Shores
until forebcaranco has ceased to bo a
virtue, and now, "llko tho aspen leaf"
hu turns upon Mr. Shores and stings him.
Wo hold ourselvcn in no way responsible
for the utterances of tbo Itev. Mr. Brad
ley, knowing nothing of their truth or
untruth. Ho holds himself personally
accountable, he says, and is ready for tho
"logical conclusion," let it come as a
conflict pf tongues or knuckles. Ho hits
the Kev. Mr Shores somesevero thwacks,
but tho assailod gentlomun beluga man
of resources, will give Bradley a Palxhau
for his columblad.
Dr. Austin, surgeon dontist, over
Elliott, Haythorn A Co's, is ono of tho
most skillful gentlemen Iu tho profession
Tho work performed by him has given
entire satisfaction. He is perfectly
familiar with all tho advances and ap
proved methods of his profession, und
is. nractically and theoretically, a first
olass dentist. Tho citizens of Cairo aud
vicinity aro fortunate in havlugut their
command tho services of a gentleman of
of such acknowledged skill and pro
ficiency, SeplOlw
A Violent l)eth.
A fisbormau living iu ono of tho little
soven-by.niuo boats lying at our wharf,
died on Saturday night, iu tbo most hor
rible agonies. It Is said that ho had par
taken heartily during tho day of fish,
wator-mellons and stimulants. Ho was
attacked by violent purging, which was
succeeded by cramps, which continued
up to tho hour of his death. It was, tin
doubtedly, a case of obolora-raorbus. Ab
many of our colored, peoplo subsist upon
a similar dlot, It la a matter for surprlw
that a consldorablo number of thorn bave
not gone the way of tho fisherman.
Twelfth and Fourteenth streets, bo
twoen Ohio Tieven and Commercial avo
ntto should bo ropaired. Allowed to yash
mtiQh longer, thoy will become impassa-
-i - . . a . a 1 1 . L A
ble. IT thoy were bouih nil mo sircuw
leading ftom tho Lovco wcro repaired as
Mollale repaired Tenth street, thoy
would stand for years, and wushlng'
would bo obviated fet' the future. To
od condition tho two streets
named, will roqolro. thp "chain-gans!'
! 'andwp tcariw six weeks, and will cost
about $500. Will anybody wafco a con
tratftdbjU(i?rw?j:8 4 ,
S - -z
Ml,. Illl.ciiiluii I,-,. Co.- Ufl.on of offi.
At tho annual Meeting of tho Hiber
nian Fire t o. No. 4, held at their engine
hoiiso Corner of 12: h Mtreetand Commer
cial avenue, on Monday evening, Sept.
JiUII low.
The following officers were elooted for
10 CtlsUillK Veiir; V; ittent W
McUale. Vice PrcitMcnl, James Kennedy.
ncomary, .uicnael Maruol. Trcaeurcr.
utrick iitirke. Mtistmycr, Joliu Maruol
Board of Five Directors: John Hnrk..
John Barry, TJios Meehitn, C. J. Hyland,
ames .rowers.
Foreman of Jloie: James Knoliuh.
Attlstant, James Wmlth.
ripe Holder Mlohael Hauch. Assist
ant, Edward Lllley.
foreman of Fnainr.ia. J. CTvlnnrl
Assistant, John Burke.
C. J. Hyland Seo'y
Copt. D. Hurd Is enroute for Hnrlmr.
field, to attend a meotiucof th Hnnthm-n
Illinois Normal School Commissioners.
Tho Commissioners have determined
mat tnoy will put the school under con
trol of the most distinguished educators
in the country. If ihnlr wrvimo n k.
For Hnle mi Aaetl- a.
I will sell at public auction. Sent. 21 L
to the highest bidder, one of tli fl
business Jots in this city. Jot 7. block 2. an
the Ohio Leveo seven doors bolow th
First National Bank.
halo will tuko place on the premises.
This lot will positively be sold without
reserve, to the highest bidder.
WTerras cash.
Daniel Hartman,
eptHtd Auctioneer.
llariauiiln f'niac.
The best uud prettiest cook stove now
A new Jot just received. Call and KAo
them at Beerwart. Ortb & Co., 130 Com
mercial ovenuo. SonOdwlrn
Use Ender's Chill
Cure. "It new
Refuse everything but "Barretts."
1 ' i
niVfclt NLWH.
Arrivals nml Ilrpnrturca Unrlug-lhe Punt
sti Hour.
Citn. .ulrrron. C-otumliu Wm Vlii:e,PaJurah
Cory., Mim!il. Cnnt'.'nrntal, Pi Louis;
Irf-C'lnln, IuHTlllf
(ten. Anileron. Colllintui. Wm Wliltr. PaJuonh
( onllnriital. N O: IliniS.. Cmclimnll
Jmc.i I, (iraliam Etmii.i l.ccliilro, I.oulmlllc.
A steady, but not very heavy, rail)
fell from dark last evening until after
daylight this morning. A high wind
prevailed during tho night, aud the tem
perature Is now quite low. Thermome
ter 64.
ThoMlBsIoslppI is rising ilowJy abov
St Louis.
Tho Missouri Is about stationary.
Tho Ohio is railing t Pittsburg with
olghtfeet water In tho channel, buti
rising rapidly ut Cinclnnuti nnd Louis
viiio with five feet wator In the canal
and threofcot over tho falls.
Hero the rlvor has rlaon two Inclif
slnco lust report.
Business continues moderatoly active.
The Wlilto brought out 4 hlids tobacco
for N. O., and considerable asaorterl
freight for Cairo and other points.
Tho Lcclalro brought 77 mules aud
horses, 100 tons prodnco and sundries for
roahlpmeut south.
Tho Continental received hero 72 coops
chickens 77 horses nud mules, Ml bblo
flour, 260 ska oats, -10 bbls apples, SOpkge
dry goods, 50 pkgs furniture for N O and
way poluts
The Cora S. recslved 10 tuus scrap Irou.
Tho Belle St. Louis, Capt. Alex. Zelg
ler, Is tho regular packet for Momphln
Tho Wm. "White, Captain Northern,
is the dally Cairo aud Paducah paokot.
WLolraalo iud IUuJI Dealsr In
X ti xxx To o xr Sliixicloai
Cellar Foil, Doom, HaU, Ultmla aud Wln
iosr UIaa.
.Ollko on Tonth Street,
Between Commercial and WaUiing1cu ATnu,
Aaarr roa
Rack Ulcer Paper 'Cimpana Sfttaihiiig FcH
, r i ,
M. W. Joha's Improved Boelag
Aa Ik a lea VaMt (alWaya hu4
(n Luge or ara&JI qiuutlUo.
BeAlara in
Caoioe Family (iroceries, Provision,
Butter, renliry, Vrttbl,
Ga-xrooxi. Diod. SartaJ.-tav
cud all articles ntuMIr kept In a Brat-elita FamUj
Grocery. Corneror fclBhteenth and Poplar atreaw.
Inteiuling to aell aa cheat) as Uiatbeapeal, to ka
the beat ot oTerylhlnr, and to aire atira-ueo m
,,ery taalattt;e,liej , atpro.ojot'liii. fifjiMtff.
jjiUMaa H fuflioav

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