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0 at her boilers were old and dangerous,
Tlio'VcksbUrg and UrcnauV railroad, t wIth reckless disregard of conse
a project which Is cnllstlnjr tho support loncea deserving of the keenest repro
nnd encouragement of the beat nnd 'tlon, she was still kept In the trade,
wealthiest citizens of Mississippi, is one ' had not made a landlngafter leaving
In which Cairo is deeply interested. At oleonda, and was under way in the
Grenada it will form connection with iddle of the river, a short distance
the Me'mphlaand New Orleuns'roadflndiwve New Liberty, when her boilers
through tho connections of that rbnd fploded, giving out a report not unlike
t? icpon up .very 'desirable icommunlcatlon
with Cairo, arid through Cairo with tho
whole North und Northeast. "
The proposed road traverses tho fa-
nious. Yazoo valley one of tho most pro
ductive regions of the South, and a re
gion sadly huiotnl of means of commu
nication with the outsldb world.
Tho time may nover como when there
will not he an active interchange of the
goods and commodities of the North and
fcjouth Cairo, (.landing as tho very gate
way to tho North, muflt share in tho
. fruits growing out of it, In any event;
t and by a proper -(brt on tho purt of our
merchants may become a source of sup-
P'y for tl very suction of country modo
f, accessible to us by the completion of the
b proposed railroad. That tho people of
tliat Vcctlon hold CaJrp In high esteem.
wo have (he most poaltlvo assurance,
and that we do not already enjoy a con
siderable Irado with tho country around
and about Vlcksbnrj,-, Is beeauwu wo have
never have made nu ellurt to obtain it,
or Informed thu people there of what
wo are pretmred to do. The temper, of
the people there toward Cairo Is Indlcnt-
ed by tho following extract, which we
tako from a published speech of ilarpor
P. Hunt, Esq,, a prominent citizen of
Mississippi, who Is laboring nioit ener
getically for tho success of the project
wo have under consideration. Air. Hunt
said: "Cairo has now about liOOO .In,
habitants, noted for liberality, hospital!.
Patrick Hulllvan,
Deiu. Co. Central CommitUe.
The largest and best furnished billiard
hall In Southern Illinois is that of V.ilk
kor A Sl son, tf
Day board at the St. Charles is only
25 a month. Kverybody ought to board
with Wilcox.
Blfttidville Is 25 mlfes from Paducah,
25 frpm Mayfleld, 2S from Columbus
and 12 from Cairo. Give Blandville a
good road and she will do all her trading
in Cairo.
Judge Speed, editor of thu Vicksburg
'Times,' Is In the city, cn rowfc East. Ho
ooks forward with confidence to a con
servative victory in Mississippi in No
vember. It would be well for Maufacturers and
Druggists throughout the South to bear In
aslnd that the Bulletin Orncn, will
print their Laubis at the same prloe
they pay for having them done in New
York city.
Tho resident agent of the Illinois Cen
tral has swung his sign, and is now
known as "Doctor." He has a barrel of
medlclno furnished, with proscription of
Dr. Dunnlnir, by the Barclay Brothers,
and is now ready to sorvo tho publlo,
cheap for cash.
If there was any cause for the long'
loud and perslsteut dunging of the lire
bolls at 12 o'clock ltut night, we havo been
unable to asoertaln what it was. Thero
was a hurried running to and fro of fire
mon and cltlzons, but In no part of the
elty could a column of smoke or unusual
light bo scon around which to rally,
Mr. Hughitt, superintendent of tho
Illinois Central and Mr. Day, newsupor
intendent of the Mobllo ami Ohio road,
were in tho city yesterday evening.
President Hurdock, of the last named
road, was expected, but did not arrive.
We do not know what was the objeot of
the consultation, but think It squinted at
the Junction railroad.
We do not no know what tho caase of
aggravation was when MM Jit, but we
felt very much like Imitating bis ex
ample, at the corner of Thirteenth and
Poplar, yesterday evening, when an
odorous, lubber-lipped darkey smaoked
usfamlllarly on the baok, under the del
usion that he knew us "when we bought
second hand clothing in Memphis."
He didn't know us then!
Why is it that 40 ordinary a fruit as
(he pear, is held at 13 per bushel? The
tour knotty things brought in by country
wagons, aro, generally, about as digest'
able an so much manllla cordage, yet
unless one pays 75 cents per peck, ono
docs not get'em.
Why don't some of our neighboring
ponlologlsts go extensively into pear
euHure? If Indifferent pears command
$3, it seems to us that the business ought
to pay handsomely.
! Xurtlxoxr 3?".i-tloiu.j ax-a.
rVin nvnlnufrtn nf Mm fnlrrt nnd TCtfntw
MUo packet Phantom, announced by us
. . . . , A
fesieruay evening, cremeu an excite
lent nnd anzloty In our city '.that was
r -uly surpassed by tho recent disaster to
ie steamer Cumberland. During the
enlng and far Into the night there wm
TTli eager inquiry for details, whtoh was
a measure answered by the arrival of
,ie steamer Clara Scott, direct from the
teno'of tho explosion.
fin,Dg thop,RCe of
e steamer Qulokstep. It was known
at of a sharp clap of thunder. The for
ird upper works were badly wrecked ;
hd the hull was bo Injured that it sunk
most immediately. Fortunately
0 water was shallow, covering
o'maln deck amidships to the depth
only a few inches, leaving the fore-
jistle and engine room dry. Her boilers,
fccpt B Bma11 frftBmcnt, woi
M Jf'V
woro blown
on Are,
Ut, by tho prompt and well directed ef
rtsof Mr. David Plerson, tho mate, was
ktinguished. It will be recollected that
fr. P. was mate on the ill-fated Cumber-
nd, and, although considerably bruised
td wounded, saved tho wreck of that
at from burning. There was but little
eight on tho Phantom at tho time of
ie explosion, but what thero was is a
tal loss.
It is known that four persons are killed
utrlght, and two are missing, probably
lown overboard. Among tho killed Is
ie first clerk, Gcorgo Nlchelson. Ills
3dy was found in tho debris, not muti-
tted and torn, but with a wound under
ie eye, which it Is believed extended to
ie brain. Ho was also bruised on tho
jest nnd abdomen.
In the loss of Gcorgo Nlchclosn. the
undreds and thousands who have
nown him eo long and loved him so
ill, will recognize Jho most lamentable
attire of tho disaster. He was- a young
nan of most cstlmablo traits of charac-
er, of a most sociable turn, genial,
varnwicarteu, nomo-mindcd, and gen
erous almost to u fault. Wo understand
that ho was engaged to bo married to a
highly accomplished and most loveablo
young lady of Cairo, sonietimo during
tho approaching winter. To her as well
as to Ills own family, tho news of his vi
olent doath will bring an overwhelming
Six of the negro deck Hands were
wounded, two or threo of them quite
seriously. Mr. "Wm. G rammer, tho bar
keeper, was badly hurt; Steele, tho
Stowart, had his leg broken at the ankle;
and Wm. Harry, the second mate, had his
thigh broken. Tho express agent, George
McTaddcn, Is .crlonsly woonded In tho
leg, and tho second cook is also badly
wounded. Mr. Hart, a machinist, en
routo for Paducah, was shockingly eutln
tho face, tho bono in some places being
laid bare.
Tho wounded, and such of tho dead as
could bo recovered, were taken to Padu
cah on tho Clara Scott, where thoy re
ceived all tho attentions tho good people
of that city could bestow.
.Refuse everything but "Barretts."
Use Ender's
Chill Cure. "It never
Flrt class day ooard at Walker & 8I
on's restaurant, at fS per week. tf
A "surpriso party" was cordially re.
coived and highly entertained at tho res
Idence of Judgo Green, last night. A
cotillion band was brought In, the Judge's
parlors thrown open to tho party, and In
tho oxhlleratlog inazo of tho dance tho
evening hours wcro .employed Industri
ously. A neatly engraved pair of cards, tho
one bearing tho name "Miss Georgia Ash
more, and tho other "Mr. fc Mrs.Chas. 8.
Delay" received through tho post offlco,
tell of "two hoarts mado ono," of In
shork-a wedding. ii
To the young cnuplowe extend con
gratulations nnd good wishes. May
much happiness all they havo antici
pated, crown their weddod life.
WrecklMB Boat SuU.
A small wrecking boat, constructed
out of two flats arranged side by Bide,
with a email cabin on either end, sprung
a leak while lying at our landing near
the stono depot, last night, aud sunk in
eight feet water. She was brought to
Cairo yesterday by the steamer Kellogg.
Mr. Dick Slack, who Is in oharge, is try
ing to raise her, and it is thought will
be successful. She belonged to the Un
derwriter company.
The disappointment of those persons
who attended tho Athoneum, Tuesday
night, and didn't find Alexaudor Von
Humboldt present to address them, is
only surpassed by tho surpriso of tho
Kentucky gentleman who, reading the
name "Fairbanks," in prominent letters
on our city scales, concluded that Cairo
peoplu permitted "Faro-banks" to bo
set tip and ruu in tho market placo, in
broad day llghM Ho left town greatly
shocked at such an ovldeuco of tho
wickedness of Cairo.
II Knack balk hi Onnrdu Down with
liU llnndrufrh, anu In Hhot throitRli the
Ono Frank Weaver who takes pleasure
In circulating the fact that ho belonged
to the Texas rangers, was arrested 011 the
Union county fair grounds, lust Friday,
on a charge of home stealing. Ho had
stolen a flno horso at Grand Tower two
or threo weeks before, but up to Friday
last, succeeded in eluding the officers nf
the law.
When arrested ho refused to return to
Grand Tower, and defied the two ofllcers
having him in charge, to do their
"dirtiest." Words of persuasion falling,
ono of tho officers placed his revolver
against Weaver's forehead and told him
if ho mado further resistance ho would
blow his brains out on the spot. A pair
of handcuffs were then brought Into re
quisition, and after much trouble the
desperate man was placed on horseback,
and with an officer on either side, started
for Grand Tower. When about flyo
miles out from Anna the prisoner com
plained that tho handcuffs chafed his
wrists, and begged that one of his hands
bo released, promlslngto goalongqulotly
and create no further trouble. Tho of.
fleers, feeling sure of their game In any
event, released the prisoner's right arm,
leaving the manacles hanging to hio left.
In this way tho party rode along quietly,
a short time, when Weaver , seeing a
favorable opportunity, ctrtick the officer
on his left side a blow that unsaddled
him, and then turning upon the other,
sent him reeling after his companion.
Tho determined vllllan then attempted
to escape, but the first officer unsaddled
had recovered his equilibrium, and draw
lngupon the scoundrel, sent a ball crash
ing through his wrist, and was nbout to
put a second one through his brain,
when he signified a willingness to sur
render without conditions.
Tho handcuffs were then readjusted,
and a few hours later, Mr. Frank Weaver,
the Texas ranger and horse-thief, was
safely ensconced In the Jackson county
Jail In tho town of Murphysboro.
Ender's Chill Cure Never Falls.
"Barrett" LubtrousHalr Restorntlvo
For prime fresh oysters, served In uny
stylo deslrod, go .to Walker & Sirson'a
restaurant, tf
Vnnt ofThnliH,
The committee to whom wns charged
the management nfthc late Humboldt
celebration lake this occasion to thank,
In the name of the German citizens of
Cairo, Col. 8. S. Taylor for the uso of the
cauuou used during the day; tho Cairo
Silver Cornet band for services kindly
volunteered, nnd Lewis P. Butler, esq.,
for his excelleut and entertaining ad
dress. To theso gentlemen tho commit
tee feel they are deeply Indebted for a
great measure of the success thatcrowned
tho celebration.
Cairo, Sept. 16th, 1809.
Ender'a Stomach
In use."
Bitters !-"Tno best
Bulb! IttilMt
A fine assortment of beautiful Fall
flower bulbs at Davidson's. acO-lw
Tho radicals of Union county, from
mero force of habit, havo nominated a
county ticket, and hero it Is: County
Judgo Paul R. Wright; Couuty Ciork,
R.B. Stlnson; Associate Justices, Wm.
PenrodandWm. Roberts; Superinten
dent of Schools, L. L. Lluuel; Assessor,
W. W. Palmer; Surveyor, J. C. Free
man. All very good men as men and
as mon, and not as county officers, the
people of old Union will contlnuo to re
spect them.
Shell oysters, red and whito fish,
game in season, subject to order, night
or day, at Walker & Slssou's restaurant.
Capt. R. 0. Wolrlck, agont of the Mis
sisalppl Valloy Transportation Company
is now at the St. Charlos. Ho proposes to
locate In this city for tho wtnter. ,
For Kale at Auctiu.
I will sell at public auction, Sopt. 21st,
t the highest bidder, ono of the finest
business lots In this olty, lot 7, block 2, on
tho Ohio Lovoo sevon doors bolowthe
First National Bank,
Sale will take placo on the premises.
This lot will positlvoly bo sold without
reserve, to the highest bidder.
Terms cash.
Daniel hartman,
sept 14 td . Auotionoor.
"The Best in Use." Ender's Stomach
Dr. Austin, surgeon dentist, over
Elliott, Haythorn & Co's, is one of tho
most skillful gontlemon in tho profession.
The work performed by him has given
entire satisfaction. He Is perfectly
familiar with all tho advances and ap
proved methods of hie profession, and
Is, praotlcally and theoretically, a first
class dentist. Tho citizens of Cairo and
vicinity aro fortunate in having at tholr
command tho services of a goutibmau of
of such acknowledged skill ami pro
ficiency, SeptP lw
Ilaruionl iT-Iniuf.
The beat and prettiest cook .stove now
A now lot Just received. Call and seo
them at Beerwart, Orth k Co., 130 Com
mercial ovenue. SepGdwlm
A splendid thing "Barretts !
i)itoMi:ii 1 u 1:1,1,.
The body nntnliiM llirrn (en dura, rorljr
t'aiulllra, lli wlitle, ukiiik the Water!
For a number of years thero has lived
in the neighborhood of Anna, an old
man named Ptillen. Last Friday a week
ago ho gave bis family to un derstuud that
ho was going to Johnson County In
search of work, and taking IiIh leave, ho
was seon no more.
In tho southeastern part nf Anna thero
is a publlo well, from which all tho
neighboring residents procure their sup
ply of water. Yesterday morning a
young man visited the well for water,
but found somo troublo in sinking the
bucket. As tho well was very deep,
and close d over at tiie top, except an
opening for tho passage of the buckoti
be oould not detect what tho obstaole
was. The buoket finally filled with
water, however, and was drawn forth.
The water looked well enough, but the
the smell it emitted was intolerable and
furthermore, there was a tuft of human
hair In it! To mako along story short,
a lantern was lowered into the well and
revealed the presence thero of old Fullen's
bloated and partially decomposed body!
When drawn out it was simply a mass
of putrid flesh, swollon, distorted, bor
rlblc! The bucket, In Its rapid descent
striking the bead had scalped off great
patches of hair, aud made bruises and In
dentations; but there were no marks on
the body that aroused suspicions that
tho old man had been foully dealt with.
He left home as stated, and no doubt
precipitated himself into the well and
there perished. Tho mon, womon and
children, who, for a period often days
or more, used the water from his decom
posing body, folt well, wo shall not at
tempt to say how they feltl Thoy quit
using tho water!
That Omtan f Billiards.
The match game of billiards at Win
ter's saloon, in which tho champion bll
llardlst Vermulln wai to have participat
ed, did not come oft last night, as adver
tised. It will be played to-night, how
ever, without fall.
Col. John Logan, (J. S. Marshal for the
Southern district of Illinois, has rented
tho Phllharmonlo hall, und will cause it
to be fitted for uso ns a court room for the
United States District court. Tho off! corn
of the Court have taken rooms at tho St.
Wo reported in a recont number of tho
'Bulletin,' the killing of a woman near
St, John's by tho cars of tho Illinois Cen
tral railroad, remarking at tho time, that
tho body boro no serious cut or bruises.
Since tho matter has been canvassed, a
doubt has arisen as to whether tho wo
muii was killed by tho cars or by somo
other means. To dispel this doubt, tho
body will bo exhumed and a diligent In
quiry instituted. On tho part of somo
It Is believed that the woman had beeu
foully dealt with.
i 1 1
A certain note executed by Edwin
McKenzto and George Wood Sopt. 9th,
1809, for 350, payable to my order, has
been lost, and a duplicate note taken.
The public Is hereby notified of the fact'
John Knuth.
Cairo HI., 8ept. 10th, 1869. ;it
rw !.
My resldenco on Eighth street. Will
bo sold cheap, and on easy payments.
sepS 6t B. 8. Harrem
mm . 1 mmu v
Dlalav Boom UlrU WaBUd. .
We want Immediately nt tho St.
Charles, two or threo experienced dining
room girls who thoroughly understand
the business. Good references required.
To such, steady employment will bo given
and liberal wages paid.
sol53t ' Jkwktt Wilcox A Co.
"Barretts" sold everywhere.
Marte Wuim to Travel.
Any person desiring to go East aud
willing to assist in taking chargo of a
child to N. York will havo their expen
ses paid in whole or part according to
efficiency. For further particulars address
Box 150, Paducah Ky. References re
quired. septl3d4t
"Barretts'! takes tho lead.
. B v. Ul iiuwivro
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-iron ware,
tin m 1 . , . u 11 t .....
v... (suuui, f auywing in mat line
call on A, Fraser, Commercial avenue
betean KlAvanth nri t.iai. i
- m iiimu Bl(V7(7l,
whoro he has moved to, asu fitted op the
'"'b-t must complete snop m
uuuviietu JU1UUIS,
Parftanlai- tfUiA ...
-iiounuu Biyou tv o I fit 111
beat and mill work, copper smithlag
- -) omvu ma uuiuiiieyn,
eavapiug Hieam-pipes, etc.
T Citr Tax payer.
The tax book for 1860 will ho placed iu
my hands to-morrow, and ou Monday
next I shall proceed to a collection of
tho revenue. As tho time allotted me
wheroln to collect the taxes :is short, I
shall certainly excerciseall thedlllgonce
required of me.
Come forward then, on aud after the
13th Instant, and pay your taxes.
, TfaaHwandClIactsr.''
Cairo, I!l.,'Bpt 8,r18W. ' tf
Arrlvnlft'nntt rtnrtore During the Past
24 Hour.
r.n. Aml'ron. Coliiminu Wrn Whllo.l'artiicnh
Jiln Stocfctlate, St. I,oulj Union, ' '
Alplm, I.astport; I'.mlinn Carroll, N. O.t
Of n. Anlf rfon. Ctumbu. Wm While, Pailncnh;
hinm, No. 3, N. O.i Abeona, Cincinnati;
ClnrnHcotl, Kramrillp; Linton, "
I'nulln Carroll, Bt. l.ouls; Ida StockcUIo, Ark. Itlm;
Colorado, Vlcktbiirg. '
Tho weather continues clear and pleas
ant. Thermometer 74.
Tho Jflsslsslppl aud Missouri are both
rising with a fair navigable etngo of
water In each a remarkable thing for
the mlddlo of September.
The Ohio is falling at Pittsburg with
five feet water in the channol.and rising
nt Louisville with eight feet in tho canal
and six fcot over the falls. Tho obstruc
tions placod over the falls by the bridgo
company havo been partially romoved,
leaving a freo passage 130 fcot wide.
Hero the the river has risen two inch
sluco last report The Ohio riso will
probably begin to reach hero to-night.
Business continues good, and the pack
ets all bring fair trips for rcshipment,
which Is promptly forwarded.
The splendid steamer City of Cairo,
Capt Malin, Is the regular packet to-day
ror Memphis. Chan. T. Hindo is her
The White, Capt. Northern , is the reg
ular paokot for Paducah this evening,
The tine steamer Alpha, Capt. Ryman,
Is tho regular packet for Tenncsseo river
this evening.
Walaut Timber.
For Sale. Eighty acres of tho finest
Walnut Timber Laud in the country,
situated In Mississippi county, Mo,.
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land is adjoining John
Swank's farm. Alttoton acres of School
Land situated three miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on tho Cairo fc St. Louis railroad
J or terms and particulars euquiro o
B. T. Whltaker's Drug Store, No. 108
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
STUAmEll A. It IKI.Il.
Lfivves Cairo CTfry MONDAY KVESINO, making
clio connection wild train at iJanvtlln for ClurUs
Tlllf, nnd at Johnaomlllr, Willi trutnn for N.ihville.
I'nrtlcillAr altfiitlniiKhiMi way lmlpf. itHdtf
I'or Cwonly Treasurer.
Wonro authorized to announce that William Martin
vrlllbon candidate for County TroaMtrcr of Alexin
county, auh)fct to thn drolnlon nf tho democratic
county convention, to bo held ou IhnSUt iimt, t
1'ur Couuly Judge.
Wo are authorized to winouuto that AiuiandfrC
Ifodgi'D will Ihi an Independent csndldatf for thoof
nee of County Judge, auhjoct only to the tlccldonof
th oteraof Aleinndrr County. to
For Aiworlatf Jnittrc.
Wo are authorized to announco that Jamri E.
McCrllo will lw a candidal) for AMncinte Juitlcc, sub
mitting bl claims hi the democratic county conten
tion. If nominated nnd olectd h will, a he always
hat done, trrro (he people to the bi' of hl obit
ltit. t
I'or Cunntjr Clerk.
We areauthorlted to announco that Jat-oh O.
I.yuch Iiaranilldalo for re-election to tho offlco of
County Cletk, subject te the decision of the dcraocral-
Ie county contention. sepOto
Far Coantjr Tremtarer.
We are authorized lo announco that William A. Rod
man Is a candidate for re-election to tho ottlce of
County Treasurer, subject to tho declxlon of tho dem
ocrats conuty conrentlon. e3U
Far Associate Justice.
We are authorised to announco that Mr. John Ilott.
ley will txt a candidate for re-election to the office cf
Associate Justice, subject to the declion oflhn de m
ocratlo connty contention. eeOtv
For Cannty Hap't 1'nhllc NeliooN.
Wonro authorltodtnaiinoiinue 11' ilntler 'Ran .
as a tandldato for County Superlntondont of Publlo
Schools for Alexander county, subject to Ihndeclslou
f the democratio county contention. te
Vor l'unly Judara.
We are authorited by the frlenda of r. Oroti k
announce Ida name aan candidate for the ortlco of
County Juitge snbjeett. thn decision of the demo
eralla county contention, in'
Wor Ike Conaillutlunal Couventloo.
Wo aro author lied to nnnonnen thn Hon. William
J. Allen as a candidate for membership In tho ConstU
tution! Contention from tho Fimt iteprfientatlTO
District, composed of thn counties of Union. Atnrnn.
der And Pulaski, sill ject.to the decision of tho Demo- 1
cralio party. null W
lailaeii Card, (nrlstel) . $1 to $7 per I04
KBlt Bill Head . 4 td 98 er I0t
Ksvelaa, is e98 per lOsM
III HMl, ....... an pr tleMst
ther Wark In Proportion
Tltrnton's Ilulldlng-, Tenth St.,
Wholesale Dealers and Manufacturers.
Afeats of
I-Mtloularatlentiottpaidlo orV.R n't,N01S-
K.auiorr.BT. 1
f otlf assaiit, aosioir.
I o. aarurs, siiihmoho,

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