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hc Evening fgitHetttt
daily Eonm e
Opposition , racket.
Tho competition' iti t ho Lvrj
trndo, or the tilletlged disposition i-)
Doxter to oxceroiso exclusive oon!
tbo waters of tho lower Ohio, has
out tho following card from Cupt. .
fccott. Ah, since Its publlcatl)
steamor Phantom blow up nml t
number of her crew, tho words of
fywhlcl ,v,'e .have, Italicised,
proplietio: - ; r.
' that thoru la au onlnlon'nrovaillni
Homo persons that I am runuil
Clam Scot nfc a mall packet-' fifj
Hitlon to somebody tliu'j boat., N(
Is ut tho fact, rind I desire thrdiid
nhpor W doxr&t that error.! y.h
Cumberland cxplodctHhero wwr
totukp.her place, aiitKIIftllldayt
telegraphed to send the' .mail ,11
Clara Hcott. This was done at onlg
an arrangement made with tho' 1.
to carry it during tlo low water
ban carried it regularly since thaf3
and will continue to do so during 6--vvatcr,
and until tho Cumberland'
ttn want their days again. I ha
best, thb' lie west uriil "the ' fintes ,
now In the line, bulltnt Kvansvl"
owned at Kvansvllle, and I an;
nuking only a fair share of Evuo
patronage. " 0
How- 1h it with Captain Doxtor'i.
tered boaU? He'N mnltlug a r
vrnr upon my boat. Not fcutlsllet
his own two days a week, he noU
by doubling hU trip.-, or by turning
at any point ho pleases, to ha
I'huutoni always at tho wharf to
in opposition to tho Clara ticott 5
no benefit to the public and no a(
datlon to anyone, and in exceeding
gtrout to the '' qfimttenycrt rhi
m the tfinntom. It 1h charged in
Clara belongs in "Vubnsh and J"
business in this mail trade. I woi
if nhe has not au much right hero
other light boat chartered by C
Dexter out of the Cumberland and
jfweo Jllverri She certainly ha.
IMioiivh (V,' z
A sweet potato weighing six pounds,
full, was among n lot put on sale at the
market, house this morning. It wm not
regarded as anything extraordinary.
"Tho Best In Use." Knder'a Stomach
Bitters. '
Tho wholeaalo merchants of Evuusvllle
report sales for August amounting to
5431,279. This Indicates au annual
wholesale trade, In that city, of about
Judge Bakor returned homo yesterday
evening from Golcouda, whero a some.
what protracted term of tbo Pope county
circuit court closed tho dav nrovlou.s.
On Monday next tho circuit court of Al
exander county convenes.
Col. John 8. Hacker, who, for a period
of several months, has been ono of the
largo number seeking health and exemp
tion from hot weather, at tho famous
HotKpringM, of Arkansas, returned home
recently Improved in health and appear
Five Kara efCera en atalk.
There is on exhibition at Goldsmith's
vegetable stand in the city market, a
cornstalk, grown at Dog Tooth Bend, Ih
this county, that bears Ave well devel
oped, full si snd oars of corn.
This Is regarded as something remark
able even In Egypt whero wo produce so
many vegetable wonders. That other
persons may seo what we can do down
this way the stalk will be placed on ex
hibition at thoBtato fair at Decatur.
Endcr's Stomaoh Bitters! "Tno best
in use."
A sploudld, thing "Barretts !'
Dr. Austin, surgeon dontist, ovor
Elliott, Haythorn & Go's, Is ono of the
mostskillfulgentlomon in tho profession.
Tho work performed by him has given
entire satisfaction. He Is perfectly
familiar with all the advanoes and ap
proved methods of his profession, aud
Is, practically and theoretically, a first
elass dentist. The citizens of Cairo and
vicinity are fortunate In having at their
command the services of a gentleman of
of Buch acknowledged skill and pro
.rtclenoy, SeptOlw
Walaat TiaaTMr.
For Sale. Eighty acre of the finest
Walnut Timber Land in the country,
situated in Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles,
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Baid laud Is adjoining John
Swank's farm. Also ten acres of Bchool
Land situated three miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on the Cairo A St. foul railroad
tor terms and particulars ejaqulre o
B. T. Whitaker's Drug Store, No. 108
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
llartaoHla- tame.
The best and prettiest cook stovo now
A new lot Just rccotvod. Call and see
them at Beerwart, Qrth A Co., 186 Com
mercial eveaue, k BepSdwlm
IFrern tho Evannrille 'Courier' t
about tho town. I regret to4
The Road to be Completed wlthla Tot
It affords us much pleasure to be able
to announoe that a contract has been
closed that Insures the completion of the
of the Cairo and St. Louis railroad with
in two years from the date of the con
tract. It was known several weeks ago that
propositions had been submitted to the
directory of the company that command
ed the most favorable consideration.
On Wodncsday last tho executive com
mittee of tho company, consisting of
Messrs, Morrison, Nallle, 'Roseborough,
Logan and Taylor, met In the city of St.
Louis, and perfected arrangements with
Mr. J. J. Mitchell, to build the road
from East Bt. Louis to Cairo, at the
earliest practicable moment, tho limit
being two years.
The directory of the road will remain
unchanged, except In the one particular
that room must bo made by the resigna
tion of a member, for Mr. Mitchell, who
Is henceforth to fill tho position of presi
dent. A corps of engineers will commence
the survey immediately, and prosecute
it with the utmof t vigor.
'The arrangement with Mr. Mitchell
remains subject to the ratification of the
board of directors. The board will meet
in Murphysboro, Jackson county, on the
0th of October, when, no doubt the rati
fication will be effected.
Of the ability of Mr. Mitchoil to com
ply with the contaact, no person who is
acquainted with the means and applian
ces at his command, entertains even the
shadow of a doubt. In less than two
years the road will be completed as stip
ulated, and Cairo will be realizing tbo
fruits of its successful operation.
He fuse everything but "Barretts."
Use Ender's Chill Cure. "It never
Flrt class day board at Walker & Slss
on's restaurant, at So per week. tf
l'irCUlr Mttlng
ClrJIII.1Srt.lit!i, HOO.
Present Mayor Oberly, and (uncil
men Barclay, Jorgcusen, Itearden and
Williamson I.
The committee on ordinances, to
whom, on the 3d instant was referred by
tho City Council In Joint semlon, tboap
nllcatlon of tho Market Master for In
crease of salerv. and resolutions In ref
fereuco to registering and destroying
city scrip, respociruuy report, mat tncy
have prepared ordinances In accordance
with the instructions or uio council, ana
hejowith report.
On motiou the report was received and
the ordinance as reported laid over under
tho rule for a second reading.
The special committee, to whom was
referred tho pay roll of laborers on the
Cairo and Blandvllle turnpike road, re
ported in favor of allowing the amount
of the pay roll furnished for laborers
from the City of Cairo, amounting to f 1,
17 90. On motion of Counoilman
Bearden the report was received and the
committee discharged.
Councilman Roarden then moved to
adopt the recommendations of tho com
mittee, and that the said amount of $1,
217 00 be paid. Carried by the following
Ayes Jorgensen and Rearden 2.
Noyes Barclay and Williamson 2.
There being a tie vote, the chair voted
in the affirmation.
Councilman Martin appeared and took
bis seat.
Petition of Bernard Smy the, in relation
to money due htm from Hiram William
son, was, on motion of Councilman Rear
den, laid ovor for further consideration.
Petition of Johanna Alton, asking that
a fine of $5 imposed upon her be remitted,
tho nraver of tho netltloner havlnc bison
granted by tfie Board of Aldormon.
On motion tho action of tho Board of
Aldormon was concurrod in by the fol
lowing vote:
Ayes Barclay, Jorgeusen, Roardon,
Martin and Williamson 5.
Nayes None.
The following bills having been al
lowed by the Board of Aldermen, weio
presented, and on motion concurred In,
and ordered paid, by the following voto:
Ayes Barclay, Jorgensen, Martin,
Rearden, Williamson 6.
.Nays None.
Clro City Ou company, for g& furnuhed
tioetUmps for Augutt IBS 00
KrnoU Grlndler, for work done on oily scales... U U
Juraet ThoraM.. 10 04
PeUrYunng 10 05
Jm l'owors, for repairing t ol for fiheehn..., 0 OS
J B Taylor, for preparing register of parties re
quiring license - U 00
Taylor aud Parsons, bill for redemption of lot
to. In block 25, city ol Cairo, occupied by
Rough and Ready Fire company, sold for
tax t U
John I Heely, bill for surveying 10 0(1
Jas B Taylor, for trrTlcos rendered Investiga
ting Committee 25 OS
Thomas Merrlam. work on Jail 67 60
Win Martin, for lumber on Jail - 7 00
W M Williams, for lumber &6 1
Michael Ilorriean, for lumber...... 174 M
Wm Martin, for lumber M
H Wiltor, rorlmnher 33 20
Jn L Koss, forluniber 70 uO
Bill of F Vincent, nails for sidewalk purposes.., 62 3
Jus llughrs, fur hauling drunken man to Jail, 1 00
I Mahoney, for hauling Obbls lime for nealth
ofllcer ........ 1 00
BiUofThumas Utehan, for hauling lumber 88 60
John II Oborly,for salary Irom tarch 10, 18t9
torWptAnbr' 10, m... ... 600 00
Wm ull'ile, for dieting sundry prisoners la
montli oi Augum - i
John lljlana, salary lorAugusi
100 00
Joseph Arnold, nalary fur July..., 7S 00
Jos Arnold, salary for Ausiist 73 00
wi aiiiuiu, omuijr lur August...
Daniel McCarthy, salarr for AukiikL...
Wm O'Callahan, salary for August ,
S3 33
75 00
ratrioK Dwyer, sslary fr August 75 00
rairicic li uaiianan. nainry lor Aiiguii .... 7a 00
Phillip Helm, salsry or August 76 00
John Brown, salary for August Jo) 00
M llambrlck. salary for Atiiriut
John Cummtngs, salary for August
O P loron. sala v for Ausust
60 qo
75 00
60 00
25 DO
HHhanncssy, salary for August..
John Shechsn, his per ccntago on collections uf
f3U 60....1 SI 15
John Hhechan, percent, on fines 340
M Bllrerberg, lb ono collector's book $o w
do for mMcing Treasurer's receipt
book and Clerk's line dm book........ ;, 55 00
John P. Kagln. lor publishing Council Proceed.
Ings, from March 10 to ticpt. 10, ivn, bHnii
six months , 600 00
JohnPPagln, for Job work 171 40
John F Fagln, for advertising, as percontract. M CO
Bill of M Mahoney for work un streets....... 55 uo
Thos Nau. hton, for laboring .on (Idewalks.... . 82 60
Thos Healr do d'i do 2 50
Richard Maglnnls, do do 105 00
J A DsTore, do do lot 60
II. Williamson, do do 79 75
Thos Fitxgerald, do do 79 75
BlllofWm McBalefor working ckalngang,... U uo
BUI of Wm. Lonergrtn, for cement fur
nished tho city scales, (having passed
the Board of Aldermen) was objected to
by Counoilman Barclay; whereupon
Councilman Williamson moved to con
cur In the action of the Board of Alder
men In allowing said bill. Motion car
ried, and bill ordered paid by the follow
ing vote:
Ayes Martin, Rearden, Williamson
3. '
Nays Jorgensen, Barclay -2.
Bill of Hibernian tflre Company, for
quarterly allowance In full to September
4th, 1869, allowed conditionally by tho
Board of Aldermen, was, on motion,
concurred In and allowed upon the samo
conditions, by the followlug vote:
Ayes Barclay. Jorgensen, Martin,
Rearden and Williamson 6.
Bill of John Q. Harman as Clerk of tho
Circuit Court, for costs in coses of the
city of Cairo vs. sundry lots in tho city
of Cairo and first addition thereto, for
the collection of certain special assess
ments, and dismissed at the coat of tho
city, at the April term of said court, A.
D., 1809, amounting to $1510 30, allowed
by the Board of Aldermen, and on
motion tho action of tbe Board of Alder
men was concurred in, and the bill or
dered paid by tbe following vote, viz:
Ayes Barclay. Jorgensen, Rearden,
Martin and Williamson.
Nays nono.
Bills of Jas. 8. Rearden, H. Watson
Webb and C. Winston for expenses as
delegates to tho Commercial Convention
at Keokuk, Iowa, amounting to ($40 30
each), In tbe aggregate $149 00. Coun
cilman Jorgensen moved to amend the
bill by paying each delegate $07.
Carried, and the bill allowed by
the following vote, viz:
Ayes Barclay, Jorgensen, Martin aud
Nays None.
Councilman Rearden excused from
Bill of P. W. Barclay for freight paid on city
Scales ammounttng to - ?,60
Councilman Rearden moved to allow
tho bill and that an order be drawn on
the Treasurer for the amount payable
out of the greenback, fund.
Carried by tho following vote, viz:
Ayes Jorgensen, Martin, Rearden,
Williamson I.
Nays none.
Councilman Barclay excused from
Bill of John Q. Harman, for cost for
himself, Justice of tho Peace, and A. H
Irvln, lato Clerk of Court of Common
Fleas, In appeal cases dtamlsaed In tho
Circuit Court at tho cost of the City.
Referred to tho committee onclalms
under the rule.
Beoond reading of au ordinance (here
tofore passed the Board of Aldermen),
amondlng section 247 of an ordinance of
tho City of Cairo as revised and codified,
in relation to discharging fire arms with
in tho city limits, was ou motion adopt
ed by tho following vote :
Ayes Barclay, Jorgeusen, Martin,
Rearden and Williamson 5.
Nayes None.
Second reading of an ordinance (here
tofore passed the Board of Aldermen), in
relation to incrcasoof polico constables
salary. On motion to adopt by Counoll
mau Jorgonsen. Ijostby tho following
Ayes Jorgensen and Rearden 2
Nayes Barclay, Martin and William
son 3
An ordinance In relation to City Mar
shal's salary, was put upon Us second
reading, (having passed tbo Board of
Aldermen), aud tho ayes nnd nayes
were called for upon tbo motion to
adopt, with the followlug result:
Ayes Jorgonson and Roardon 2.
Nays Barclay, Martin nnd William
son 3. I
Beoond reading of an ordinance In re
lation to tho fire limits In the city of
Cairo, (heretofore haying passed the
Board of Aldermen.) Adopted by the
following vote, vis:
Ayes Barclay, Jorgensen, Rearden,
Martin and Williamson.
Nays None.
First reading of an ordinance (adopted
by tbe Board or Aldermen,) In relation to
"general improvements.1' Laid over for
a seoond reading.
Communication from Taylor A Parsons
trustees, Ac, In relation to certain lota
purchased by them (belonging to the
city) under Marshal sale. Laid over for
further consideration.
On motion of Councilman Williamson
the Mayor appointed Councilmon Wil
liamson, Barclay aud Reardeu as a com
mittee to Investigate Mr. Wheeler'a
claims agaiust tho city, (for which suit Is
brought,) and to ascortalu upon what
conditions the sarao can bo sottled.
A motion was mado to re-consldor the
vote dlieotlng the payment of the bill
presented by, the Cairo and Blandvllle
gravel road. Carried. On motion the
111 wus reduced to $1,000 and ordered
paid by the followlug vote:
Ayes Barclay, Jorgensen, Reardeu,
Martin and Wiillamoon-5. '
Nays None.
Adjourned. John Brown,
City Clerk, pro fw.
RaaplclotiM ol Foul IMny.
On Saturday evening last a gentleman
stopped at tbo Continental hotel, in this
city, and registered himself "O. Hillman,
Tenn." He deposited a carpet suck with
the clerk and received a check therefor.
On Sunday he observed to tbe clerk that
he had taken no breakfast and wanted
no dinner. He then repaired to his
room. On Sunday night at 12 o'olock,
Mr. Stltes, tbe proprietor of tho Conti
nental, saw Mr. Hillman descending the
stairs In tho direction of the street. He
never returned.
This morning while one of tho steam
ers at onr wharf was towing a pair of
barges in front of the city, the dead body
of a man arose astern. It was conveyed
to the shore, and although considerably
swollen aud disfigured, was believed to
be that of Mr. Hillman. The check
given by tbe elerk of tbe Continental
for tbe carpet sack, was found on tho
body, and Mr. Stltes recognized tho coat
as very like that which Mr. H. had on
when he left the hotel Banday night.
Therein some diversity of opinion as
to how tbe strange man came to his
death. The rtntletwand unbuppy frame
of mind be was in while at the hotel,
strengthens the conclusion that be des
troyed his own life. Certain marks about
tbe throat and arm Induce the belief, on
the part of some, that be had been foully
dealt with, and this conclusion la
strengthened by the finding of a watch
key and no watch, upon the body, and
a number of pistol cartridges and no
pistol. There was a two dollar bill in the
vest pocket and a few,nickeU In thepan
taloons pockets. And a third view of
the matter Is that the body Is that of one
of the victims of the ill-fated Phantom.
Which, of all these conjectures is tbe
true one, we may never know.
The body was Interred at the oxpenso
of tho county.
Madame Garnet aud June Bunch, col
ored females, were on the rampage yes
terday. The madame had Jim Jackson,
a man of sombre hue, arrested for smack
ing his bunch of fives against her sacred
person. Ho struck her first. She proved
that fact by Jano Bunch, who felt as
sured that Jim Jackson wai the meanest
negro in Cairo. This was conclusive as
to Jackson's guilt, so a fine of five dollars
and cost was recorded against him. Ho
had no tqonoy aud tbo consequenco of de
fault stared lilrn in tbo fuco In tbo shape
often days imprisonment. Jim being
or a social turn, wanted company, so ho
cross fired at his prosecutors. Ho aworo
that madamo Garnet used languago cal
culated to provoke a breach of tho peace.
A fine of five dollurs and costs was
chalked down against the madame. He
swore that Jano Buncft kept a brothel,
aud a Hue of $25 and costs was recorded
against Jane. There being no money in
tbo crowd to meet theso demands, tho
irato trio wero started for tbo calaboose,
Jackson and Garnet to to remain ten
days each, und the unfortunate Bunch,
thirty days. At Intervals, of say fifty
feet, while en route for tho calaboose,
tho angered females tried to tear Jack
son's eyes out, divest him of his shirt
bosom, or knock him off the sidewalk.
They him assailed at least twenty times
with such an uncharitable intent, and It
was about all marshal Bambrlck could
do to keep them from gratifying lt.
Tke Boot Hkoe Trasle fCHlro.
The arrangements existing between
the wholesale boot and shoe house of
Messrs. Elliott, Haythorn ft Co., of this
city, aud some of the most extensive and
successful boot and shoe manufacturers
of the East, are such as confer upon the
houao advantages enjoyed by few other
dealers in tho same lino in the northwest.
Messrs. E. H. ft Co. did not enter into the
wholesale business until they felt assured
of their ability, not only to compote with
St. Louts, Chicago ft Cincinnati houses,
but to offer inducements that would
divert trade from those cities. The dally
shipments of goods by them to points in
Missouri, Kent cky, Tennessee and Mis
alsslppi, which formerly rooolved their
supplies from other cities, may bo accept
ed as proof that they are doing preciioly
what they proposed.
Their supply Is as largo as Isordluarlly
found ,In wholesale houses, and their
facilities for procurlug additions to their
stock, are unsurpassed. We therefore
confidently assert that tho retail dealers
In boots aud shoes, living any where
within three hundred miles of Cairo, can
buy at Cairo en better terms than else
where in the country.
The retail department is preserved in
taot, and has been greatly enlarged by
receipts of fall and winter wear. Ladles
gentlemen, misses and boys are abund
antly provided for, and the prices that
have sat long defied competltleu, still
govern.. it
Shell oysters, red and. white flsb,
game In season, subject to order, nlgbt
or day, at Walker ft Slsson's restauraut.
A certain note executed by Edwin
MoKenzle and George Wood, Sept. 9th,
1889, fer $350, payable to my order, has
been lost, and a duplicate noto taken.
The publio is hereby notified of tbe fact.
John Kmutu,
Cairo 111., Sept. 16th, I860. -'.it
Pur nrlaaa - 1 corvad la slbw
f.KWits. Ma'
rewaHnM. wwswwiw i
Col. Martin, of tho Puducab Daily
'Kentuoklan', dropped In upon us (his
afternoon. Ho U en route for Puducah
ufter a week's visit to to the would-bo
national capital. ,
- - -
Attention Nlr KnlghtM.
A regular conclave of Cairo com
AAmandry No. 13, of Knight Templar,
will bo held at tbo assylum, In tho city
of Cairo, thld Friday evening, Sopt. 17th,
18C0. All sojourning sir knights are
courteously invited to attend.
Jas. S. Rkahden,
t Recorder.
It IV lilt Nl'lV.
Arrival! and Beprtrtnres Daring; the Past
at Hoar.
Gen. Anderson. Columbus Wm WliHe.Psdiicah
Arthur, St. Louis; Pink Varble, Louisville:
v. . d. Camella, Pittsburg:
Uty of Cairo, do Clarsstllle, Cincinnati;
Peytona, N. O. ,
Oen. Anderson, Columbus. Wm White! Paducah:
Camella.Bt. Louis; Arthur, N. 0.
0!Iyo Ilranch, do Mi, Tenn. Hirer.
ClarkSTl c. N. O. I.lhnrtr Kn I Hhulli.i
Alpha, Eastpot; City of Cairo, Memphis;
Ml Peytona, LoulsTille;
The weather continues clear and beau-,
tlful although a storm9 was threatened
last night. It passed to Westward of the
city, merely giving us a spanking breeae
for about 20 minutes.
The Mlsslsslunl In mnnrtail nm rlalntr
rapidly at Minneapolis, and almost at
a a a
nooa nigni caryiug every thing before
it, and Invnl vlncrVrfinf.lnaa tn Inmliarrtmn
The river Is rising slowly from Keokuk
to ot. Jjouis ana we may therefore expect
six or eight feet more water at fit. Louis
in the next seven tlavs. Exnopdlntrlv
heavy ralus are reported high up the
Mississippi. Tbe Missouri Is rising
Tbo Ohio Is falling at Plttsbunr with
four feet two inches in the channel. It
is also falling at Louisville, with full nino
feet in the canal, and six feet over tho
falls. Gen. Wetzel's dam across a nor.
in of the head of the falls makes ono
foot more water in tbo canal than for
merly, so that a difference of only two
feet between tbe denth of water In tha
canal and that In the chute over tho falls,
there will hereafter bo a dlflercnce of
three feet. The total rlso at Portland
this tlm.o was twelve feet.
TheCumberluud li falllntr. with onlv
18 inches on Harpeth Shoal.
Here the river has risen six indie
since last report.
Business continues good.
Tho Emma No. 3 added 200 tons here.
Tho barge lino received 300 tons.
Tho splendid stoamer Ladv Gav. Cant.
J. H. Jones, is tbe regular lino boat for N.
U., to-uay. cnas T. liluclc, Agent.",
The Marblo Cltv. Cant. Jack Carter. 1.4
the regular Vicksburg packet this even
ing, cnat. T. Hlnue, Agent.
Tho White, Capt Northern, Is tho roj;
ular packet foe Paducah this evening.
"Barretla" takes tho lead.
for Sale ml Auction.
I will sell ut public uuotlon, Sept 21st,
te tbe highest bidder, ono of tho finest
business lots In this city, lot 7, block 2, on
tho Ohio Levee seven doom below the
First National Bauk.
Sale will take place on the premises.
This lot will positively bo sold without
reserve, to tho highest bidder.
AwTerms cash.
Daniel Ha htm an,
sopt 14 td Auctioneer.
Barretts" sold evory whore.
UlVM Aillm ovurr MnNIIlY V'lTVIVn n.L.ln,
eloi.o connection with trains at Uanvllin for CIarkr
Tine, and at Johnsonrllle, with trains for Kahille.
Particular nttemluii given way business. seHdtf
Vr tVuaty Trcannrer.
Wo aro nuthoriMit to ftnuounco thnt William Mart.n
willbe a candidate, for County Troruuror of Aloxan
county, uboct lo the dec.sion of (he democratic
county contention, lo be held on tlieSlst Inst, te
lor County Judge.
Wo ur authorised lo announce that Alesnnder C.
Hodges will bo nn Independent candidate for the of
fice of County Judge, subject only lo the decision of
the oUt of AlexanderCounty. te
For .IsMocUtt" Justice.
Wo ?iro authorized to nnnounco that Jamea P.
MeCrite will t a csndtd.ito for Associato Justloo, sub
milling his claims to tbo iltmocratio county conren
lion. Jf nominated uud vlo'tod ho will, as hordwayn
has done, hcivu the people to tho best of his abil.
Itiss. U,f
for Coaaly Clerk.
We oro authorized to announce that Jacob O.
LynchitkcandMatofor re-olectiou to the office of
County Clork, subject to the decision of tho democrat
ic county convention, aeptto
For Co a uty Treasurer.
We aro authorized to announce that William A. Red.
man Is candidate for reelection to tho office of
County Treasurer, subject to the decision of Uio dem
ocratic conuty convention, seto
Fer Associate Jastlc.
We aro authorized to unnounce that Mr. John Hon
ley will bo a candidate for re-election to tho office of
Associate Justice, subject to tho decision of the dem.
orratio county convention. ' seDto
rr Coaaty Nap'c I'ubllc ftcuooU.
We aro authorized to annnnncn r. p n.,tir v
as n candidate for County Superintendent of Public
Schools for Alexander county, subject to the decision
f tho democratlo county convention. to'
Fer County Judge, -
We aro authorized by the friends of P. Dross to
nnnounco his name as n candidate for tho. office of
County Judgo subject to the. doc'slon ofthdemo
cratlo aounty convention. te
Fsnt tlu Caazttltaileaal Ceaveatlea.
We are authorised to aaaouBee tho Hob. Willtan
j.AMmasaisaauiaawicr raar.iueAthip iatba gpsMrti:
DAMcL coaiMtad of lha iinurtlu or u.i
W aa4 Nlsl.subJUiJo ,
4BBllMt. ....... ' fi a4t

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