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She vowu(j IJnlMhu
I SATURDAY, Hlil'TEMJJEH 18, 180&.
lllluoU CetiUikl R. K., CIiiik or Time.
On Sunday, August 129th, tho following
Ilmo tablo will tako effect and govern
intil further notice:
ooino mouth :
Nail train fvffit,... ., 5:30 o'clock a.m.
upres " " ...... 40 " p.m.
fl all train arrive nt Mi o'clock a.m.
!ipre " " .... .. 2:t0 ' p.m.
I War, at. ..:.T0 o'clock a.m.
ftxpress, .. WHM..M..WH. 4:1 11 p.m.
Way, arrives at....., .... 6:40 " p.m
txpreaa TiK " a.m.
Arrival ana Departure of Malla.
(Cairo Post Offlee, February 2, 1MB )
aaaivM. Dinars.
(Time or closing.)
i (through 3.sa.m.... 3.00 p.m
I worth
fwayj..... .......... i;np.m inwpni
through and way). 4-00 a.m.-...lt:00 p.m.
MemDhls N. O.L 4.00 a.m . 4:00 n.m.
hohlo River route........... 5:00 p.m aiOOp.m.
Mississippi River route,
I Tuesday and Fridays... 4:00 p.m...... T:"0 p.m.
(Charleston, Mo., Tuesday
I Thurdarnatturdavs..l;04a.m ..11:00a.m.
I Dib, nooM Ilan it
uaniar ... rp.m en. 7:im a.m. eat.
Ohio alve route depart every day eicept Monday.
4. .ii.unAiiAn, i . M.
Democratic- Cowaty aal Precinct Cos
The Democratic County Convention for
I the purpose of nominating- candidates
for the various county offices and for the
laurpose of selecting delegates to attead
the Legislative District Convention, will
aoeet at the Court House in Cairo, on
Tuesday, September 21st, 16G9, at 12
o'clock, ni. The Democratic voter of
I Alexander county will meet at their res-
Ipectlve voting places !h each precinct on
IeJaturday, Mcptember 18th, 1B89, at 2
o'clock, p. ni., to select delegates to the
County Democratic Convention.
Delegates have been apportioned on
Ithe basin of ouo delegate for every twen
Ity-flvo Democratic voters, or fraction of
Itwenty-llve, as follows:
oulli Col ro 17 Thbs ......
forth Cairo, ,
1 Clear Creek...
4 Hazlewood....
:i Unity
. 1
, 3
I Dog Toth,-
koo .kImkI,
l"nt F ...
F. E. Albright,
A. Kschbiich,
J. B. Taylor.
Ian. II. Mulkey,
M. D.Gunter,
Green Masey,
8. Alarchlldori,
Jaa.'E. McCrlte,
Patrick Hulllvan,
Co. Central Committee.
Kalurday, pfrmber 1H, IhOV.
In the absence of any authoritative an-
nouncement in reference to the precinct
meetings to-morrow, we make the. fol
lowing suggestions at the Instance of the
ICounty Democratic central Committee:
That the democratic precinct meetings
for tho cloctlon of delegate to tho coun
ty convention on Tuesday, the 21st Inst.,
bo held, in tho South Cairo precinct, In
tho engino house of tho Bough and
Ready Are company, on Seventh street:
and in the North Cairo preclnot, la the
grand Jury room of the courthouse; the
mooting to open at 2 o'clock p.m., and
to close at 8 o'clock p.m.
Tho details, election of judges and
clerks, eta, may be determined by the
democratic voters, or members of the
precinct committees present, as may be
thought advisable 2t
The largest and best furnished billiard
ball In Southern Illinois la that of Walk
ker & Slson, , tf
Ender's Chill Cure Never Fails.
"Tlnrritffj." T.naf rMia TT I. TYaai am 4 f a
Mr. Morris, tho enterprising editor of
the Meridian (Miss.) 'Flag', was in the
city to-day. His paper Is very liberally
patronized by Cairo merchants.
Stone churns, jugs, butter jars, pickle
Ijars, Ac, at Parsons, Davis & Co's.
Mr. Hastings, who shipped so many
Texas cattlo through Cairo, last Fall, is
now In tho city, perfecting arrange menu
for a renowal of the business.
"Barretts" takes the lead,
Silver plated call bells and tea bells, at
Parsons, Davis Cp's,
As an indication of the fact that a can
didate for office in a poor judge .of his own
popularity, we cite the use of tho same
Barnes on the delegate tickets of both
the aspirants for the office of County
Lamps, burners, chimneys, wlakskc.,
at Paisons, Davis 4b Co's.
Ender's Stomach Bitters "Tne best
in use,"
A Mall Contract ( let.
The postmaster of Cairo Is ready to
receive bids tor carrying the daily mall
between Cairo, Bland vllle and May fit Id
As there has been no publication male
of the details It la probably intended that
parties wishing to bid shall apply la per.
on or by letter to our postmaster. Te
mall Is to be carried, we believe, In .two
horse coaches.
- Fine .mirrors q? -wla' cheap, , by Par
A Bplendld thing "Barretts l
!n Rftilroad .iinciutiilcnt to tho Rtata
The following circular, addressed by
tho Secretary of State to tho County
Clerk of Alexander county, explains it
self: Stat or lM.ixoii.icKT.aY'fi Orricr, 1
HpringBeld, September 7th, 1H. J
Sir: I would respectfully ball your at
tention to tho following preamble and
Joint resolution adopted by the 26th Gen
eral Assembly of this State:
"Wkeheab, an amendment to the
Constitution of this State was proposed
and agreed to, at tho last regular uesslon
of the General Assembly, by a Joint reso
lution, as follows, to wit:
"Resolved, by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the State of Illi
nois, (two-thirds of the members elect to
each house agreeing thereto), That the
following amendment be, and the same
Is hereby proposed, to the Constitution
of the State of Illinois, as an amend
ment to the ninth article:
"Bbctiok 7. Tho General Assembly
shall have no power to release the Illi
nois Central railroad company from Ita
obligation to pay into the State treasury
either the Uxor the per centum of the
gross recelpta or the Illinois Central rail
road and branches, a stipulated in its
charter; therefore
"Resolved by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the State of Illinois,
That a majority of all members elect to
each branch or this General Assembly,
do hereby agree to said proposed amend
ment. "And be It further resolved, That the
same le submitted to the people, at the
next general election, for their adoption
or rejection."
In ordcrthat tho proper notice may be
Slven to the electors of your county of
le submission of the above mentioned
amendment of the Constitution, for their
adoption or rejection. I would respectful
ly recommend that, in your notice of the
election to be held Tuesday, November
2d, 1809, that the following, or similar
words, be added, to-wlt: Also, for tho
adoption or rejection of the following
amendment to the Ninth Article of the
Constitution of the State, viz:
"Section 7. The General Assembly
shall have no power to release the Illi
nois Central railroad company from its
obligation to pay Into the State treasury
either the tax or the per centum of tho
gross receipts of the Illinois Central rail,
road and branches, as stipulated in Its
Very respectfully yours,
hUWAHD Kummel.
Secretary of State.
To Jacob O. Lynch, County Clerk, Cairo, Alexander
roonty, Jlllnol..
A few days afterwards the following
circular was Issued :
Stitf or Itttxou. Ki-KtTikt'a Orriiy, I
Fprlnrfleld ptemtxrltth, lff.
Dear Sir: Owing to an error as to the
provisions of the law and Joint resolutions
passed by tho 2Cth General Assembly,
my circular letter to you of September
7th, calling your ntten lion to said resolu
tions and tho proposed amendment to
the constitution, and also recommend
ing certain action on your part, was pro
mature. The action of tho people on this Im
portant matter is not to be had until the
general election in 1670.
You will thcrofore nleaso ltmoro mv
recommendation mado In said circular
letter of the 7th Inkt., It being only appli.
enme a year nonce.
Very respectfully, yours,
Edward Hummel,
Secretary of State.
That our reader may havo a full un
derstanding of the matter, wo publish
sections 1 and 2of tho law submitting the
Lameudment to tho electors:
SfxTion 1. Bo It enacted by the People
of the State of Illinois represented In
the Goneral Assembly: That there shall
bo submitted to the electors or this State,
at tlio next general election for represen
tatives to the General Assembly of the
State of Illinois, the following proposi
tion,; wit: The General Assembly shall
have no power to release tho Illinois
Central Railroad Cempany from its 'ob
ligation to pay into tho state treasury
either thu tax or the per centum of the
fTosa receipts of tho Illinois Central
tailroad and branches, as stipulated in
its charter.
Section 2. Each elector voting at said
election shall inscribe on his ballot, if
he desire tho adoption of said amend
ment, the words, "For tho amend
ment," or if opposed to sash amondment,
the words, "Against tho amendment,"
and the Judges of clectlou shall count
tho votes thus glveu for and against tho
proposed amendment, and certify the
same to the clerks of tho county courts
in each county, In tho same manner as
In other cases of cloctlon returns.
Refuse everything but "Barretts."
Uhb Ender's' Chill Cure. "It never
Firt class day board at Walker & Olss
on's restaurant, at $5 per week. tf
A Saline county subscriber, desires to
know whether or not there are any dry
goods merchants In Cairo. Expecting to
make Cairo his source of supply, when tho
Cairo A Vlncennes road is opened to
Harrisburg, he feels an Interest In our
market. He says the only Intimation he
has received through the papers that
there Is a dry goods' department In our
trade, is through Rellly'slocals,and that
gentloman is trying to close out.
Our subscriber asks for Information
that thould be furnished by our adver
tising columns. As it is not, he must be
e&ttsfled with tho general answer that
the Cairo market will probably prove
equal to all bis demands.
Fralt can wax Freeh lot just received
at Parsons, Davis A Co's.
Dr. Austin, surgeon dentist, over
Elliott, Haythorn & Co's, is one of the
most skillful gentlemen in the profession,
The work performed by him has given
entire .satisfaction. He Is perfectly
familiar with all the advances and ap
proved methods of his profession, and
Is, praotically and theoretically, a first
class dentist. Thocitizons orCalroaud
vicinity are fnrtunato in having at their
command the services of a gentleman of
of suoh apHpowledged skill and pro
Beleaoy," . SetOl
V V4 "I -I 1 lT I
"Barretts" sold everywhere.
The ItuQuoln More
Wo announced, several weeks ago,
that Messrs. Halllday Bros ,whllo boring
at DuQuoln to, determine If there were
seams of coal underlying those already
worked there, had struck a velu of salt
water. A quantity of the brino was sub
mitted to the Inspection of the State Go
ologlst, who, having analyzed It, reports
as follows:
"A test of the brino shows 2.860 grains
of solid matter to tho gallon of water,
consisting largely of common salt. It
has some carbonate of lime und magne
sia, and probably sulphate of magnesia
and sulphate of lime."
"It Is my opinion that you passed
through the sirong salt brino horizon in
the vicinity of sux hundred feet, and it Is
hardly worth whllo to proceed farther
with tho bore for salt water. Four de
grees Is notstrong enough to work with
profit. It should not be less than soven.
The section of the bore is very Instruc
tive." The well has been sunk to the depth o(
900 feet, but has disclosed no workable
seam of coal below the DuQuoln seam.
The well as it stands is pronounced "sim
ply an artesian mineral well."
Best stocks of knives, forks and spoons
In the city, kept by Parsons, Davis &
"The Best In Use." Ender's Stomach
Shell oysters, red andi white fish,
game In season, subject to order, night
or day, at Walker & Slsson's restaurant.
A Cum or Hlekneaa nnit tleatltotlM.
About two weeks ago an infant child
was loft at the houso of a Miss Moore, on
Fourth street, by a woman who said she
resided at Jackson, Missouri. Tho Infant
was taken In charge by tho managers of
the Orphan Asylum, and remained thero
until yesterday, when Mrs. Summers,
the mother of the little boy recently
killed by the earn, called, claimed the
child and carried It away. It Is probably
that she, being a widow woman, depend
ent upon tho labor of her own hands for
tho support of herself and five little chil
dren, disposed of tho Infant as stated,
in the hope that It would rcceivo better
care than she could bestow upon it.
Her extreme poverty and tho loss of
her boy, have, wouuderstan, dprostrated
her In a bed of sickness from which, it is
though, sho wlll.never arise.
The case is one that strongly appeals
to tho charity of our citizens.
Plenty more of tho Mason self-scaling
fruit Jars, at Parsons, Davis & Co's.
Charloy Delay's presence In the city
last night, was signalized by the clangor
of bells, etc.
Tho Rev. Dr. Coo having returnod by
the afternoon train, thero will bo services
In tho Church of tho Redeemer to-morow,
at usual.
Thoro was a very pleasant surprise
party at the residence of Mr. Charley
Hurd, last night. The party, embracing
a score or more of ladies and gallants,
was most hospitably entertained.
rrt Lunch! Frcft Lunch! Ojratcr Soup!
This Saturday Evening, Sept. 18th 1869,
at Myer's Saloon corner 12th street aud
Washington avenue. Lemp'sA No. 1
St. Louis Lager Beer.
Tho only contest in tho precinct meet
ings this afternoon will bo between
Martin and Redman, who havo their
eyes fixed on the County Treasurer's of
fice. There is very little feeling among
tho voters, and tho turn out will bo small
Mr. John P. Fagin, city printer and
late city clerk, took hla departuro, yester
day, for Memphis, whero ho will enter
upon a lucrative situation in tho 'Aval
anch' ofllco. lho departuro of Mr. F.
reduces tho forco of Jour printers In Cairo
to three.
Eloctro plato polishing powder for
silverware, at Parsons, Davis & Co's.
For Bale at Attctlan.
I will sell at public auction, Sept. 21st,
to the highest bidder, ono of tho flnait
business lots In tills city, lot 7, blocks, on
the Ohio Lovoo seven doom below tho
First National Bank.
Salp will take place on the premises at
10 o'clock a.m., Sept. 21st.
This lot will positively bo sold without
reserve, to the highest bidder.
la?Term8 cash."
Daniel Hartman,
sept 14 td Auctioneer.
.. I I., .. II
. For prime fresh oysters, served in any
style desired, go to Walker 4 Slsson's
-restaurant, tf
For Sale. Eighty acres of the finest
Walnut Timber Land in the country,
situated in Mississippi county, Mo,,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land is adjoining John
Swank's farm. Also ten acres of School
Land situated three miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on tho Cairo & St. f.o'uls railroad
ior tortus una particulars enquire o
B. T. Whitaker's Drug Store, No. 10S
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
A certain note' executed by Edwin
McKenzle and George Wood, Sept, 9th,
I860, for $350, payable to my order, has
bten lost, and a duplicate note taken.
The publio is hereby notified of the auit,
John KmJTH.i
n.i.A tii Unnt in
All., UVlii MU
nlio'i 'there?
Frank Rawllngs, an African gentlo
man, bclioving that It Is not well for
man to llvo alone, took unto himself a
wife. Ho provided her with a home, and
then hied himself away In pursuit of the
"filthy lucre1' that ho might decently
feed and clothe her. While ho whb ab
sent, a smutty masculine In tho person
of Bill Owens, was accepted by Mrs.
Frank as husband, ad Interim. Lust
Night Frank himself entered an appear
ance, and found Bill fully Installed, an
equal tharer in Mrs. F's bed, board and
affections. And when Frank domanded
to know tho wherefores, tho Impudent
Bill seized an axe and threatened to
cleft him to the brain. This was too
much and Frank tued. Bill was flned
$5. He paid tho fine; but the contest for
tho higher place in Mrs. Frank's affeo
ions remains, yet, undecided.
T the Pablla.
The now Delmonlco bar, restaurant
and billiard hall, having bcon renovated
and newly furnished, has been reopened,
under the most flattering auspices. The
proprietor by strict attention to his busi
ness, and kind and courteous treatment
of his guests hope to merit a liberal pat
ronage. A reading room, free to all, is connect
ed with the billiard hall. Free lunch is
spiead every morning and ovenlng at 10
Jos Vermulln, the champion billiard
player of Illinois, will give entertain
ments every evening, exhibiting a skill
and proficiency In handling the cue,
that will not fall to astonlih the behold
cr. To an enjoyment of th'ese attractions
one, all, everybody, is Invltd. tf
Vcal Maalc
Prof. Blaisdell is organising a class
In vocal music, and will commence in
structlous Tuesday evening in the Con
servatory of Music, near tbo corner of
Eighth and Commercial avenue. Tui
tion, $2 per term. 2t
2 Free Lunch! Free Lunch 1 Oyatar Hoop!
This Saturday evening, Sept 18th 1809,
at Meyer's Saloon corner 12th street
aud Washington avenue. Lemp'sA No.
1. St. Louis Lager Beer.
USacret Concert ctTanz Krentchen, at
School's 'hall, commencing to-morrow
morning, (Sunday) at 8 o'clock, by Wit
tig's orchestra
Tho publio are Invited to attend. Com
fortable seats for all.
Dining; Boom CUrla Wanted.
We want Immediately at tho St.
Charles, two or three experienced dining'
room girls who thoroughly understand
tho business. Good references required.
To such, steady employ raont will bo given
and liberal wages paid.
sel53t Jkwktt Wilcox & Co.
Tho directors of tho Blandville (Ky.)
college have established a reading room,
In connection with the college, to which
citizens as well as students have access.
It is a project that should bo encouraged.
Such of our cotemporarles as feel kind
ly disposed towards it can best Indlcato
that feeling by mailing n coc-y of their
papers to tho "College Reading Room,
Blandville, Ky." They will bo thank
fully received.
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-Iron wore,
tin roof, gutter, or anything in that line,
call on A. Fraoor, Commercial avenue,
betecn Eleventh and Twelfth street,
where he has moved to, ana fitted up the
larger and most complote shop In
Souttiern Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
beat and mill work, copper smlthiag
aud sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
breecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.''
To City Tax Pajeri.
The tax book for 1809 will be placed In
my hands to-morrow, and on Monday
next I shall proceed to a collection of
thorovenue. As tho time allotted mo
wherein to collect tho taxes Jls short, I
shall certainly excerclsoall thodlllgonce
required of me.
Come forward then, on nnd after the
13th Instant, and pay your taxes.
John Hylamd,
Treasurer and Collector.
Cairo, III., Sept. 8, 1869. tf
Splendid supply of silver plated knives,
forks and spoons at Parsons, Davis A
Besides the usual attractions at thiii
favorite place of resort,' a slick pole has
been erected, and a number of prises
will be distributed to-morrow among
suoh climbers as reach tho cross piece.
Music and refreshments as usual. Ad
njisalon free. The garden will be illumi
nated at night. All well behaved per
sons will be welcomed.
' John Bjom,
H Proprieew.
i VmMkm.
Tfee best and prettiest cook stove now
Made. . .
them all' vhf ii 0o;, 1 J ft:
Taggurt writes to us that if the 'Bul
letin1 can be forwarder to him h0 can
bo persuaded to read Ita homo news, but
not tho political urtlcles. It is astonish
ing what an aversion that man has for
anything decent.
61 Miles the Shortest Rontc to New York!
AtPilUbitrR trains from tho West run dlroct to the
Union ilpot, whero raiwongcra for llarrinbtirg, Balti
more, Wiuihlngton, Philadelphia, Now York, ltoaton,
anil all tho New Knglanil towni, ro transferred to
tralna of tho
Hoy ymi ticket for NewTork, Philadelphia and all
polnu Eaat, rla tho Plttdbnrg, Kort Wayno A Chicago
and the Pennsylvania Central Railroad. Tho tralna of
moko cloio connection at Moltoon and Chicago t and
tho entire trip to New Turk Ii mado with oulr two
Change of cara. ,
Elegant Wide PiuHCHgcr Cars,
, -with
Kalacd Koofa anlprovetl He a tat
Th Mo car are thoroughly ventilated' and prorldtl
with every modem Improvement ncccarv to tho
aieiy anu coinion oi travelers
Woodruff ratent,
Run through to Philadelphia on nil Night Trains,
and New T.rk via Philadelphia and Allentown, with
out change, affording Passengers a night of und Is
tmbM rett, and
janaina; mena in .itw ram iioara 1M
AdTaaee of nil other Llaea!
And In time to secure Hotel accommodations before
the arrival or tbo paiengera by other route.
To Iloiton and New Ensland ftaAicnircri thla rnnli
la especially desirable, aa It gives them an opportunity
of acelng tho finest views among the Allrihany
Mountains, besides visiting Pittsburg. Philadelphia
and New Tork, Tt'lthout Kxtr Coat.
1ST All New Enslnnd ratsensera holdlns throuih
ticket will txi transferred, with their bagipge, to Rail
and Boat Connection, In New Tork, without charge.
Four Dally Trains Loaro 5. T for Rostei.
Thirteen Dailr Trains Lcare Philadelphia
for New York,
Via Jersey City and Camden and Amboy. Distance,
K mllev, Time, 4 hours.
Tills Is the only route by which passenger can leave
Chicago Saturday afternoon, in a through car. Thla
train leaves the Pittsburg, Fort Waynn K Chicago
Itallway Depot at M0 p.m. and runs through without
delay, arriving In New TorkatCrU) Monday morning.
Honrs in Adrancc of Other Lines 1
The 9.'0 p.m. train from rtilcsgo arrive in New
Rorktf;4& A.m.tho6t:C0ND DAT, 3 1 .3 Hoar
la Actvwacr- of nnr cither Itoutr! with cor
responding reduction tn HUSTON, PJIILADKLI'IIIA,
Uaggnge checked through to nil stations on the
Una of tho Pennsylvania RaiIw ay, and to Baltimore,
Phlladclphlaund New Tork, from Pittsburg, Chlcage,
and all principal Western Cities. , ,
T- lutoa of freight and express freight to any
Eastern point, aro at all times as favorable as are
chsrcod by other lines.
mr Through ticlets for ! at the principal office
In the West.
General Superintendent, Alloona Pa.
T. I.. KIM HA LI., Passenger Agent, Chlcaso.
Uanlaeaa 4'ardN, (Bristol) . ft I to $7 cr IOO
NteauiUoMt lllll llencis . 95 it, 88 tier 10O
BavclopcH, ...... fc.l lu 8S tcr 10OO
Bill Meads, ....... 819 per Itrnra
Other Work In Irotortloa-
TJirntouN Uulldhife', Tenth St!,
Leave Cairo every MONDfT EVENING, making
cUso connection with train at Danvlllo for Claxka.
ville, and at Johnsonvllle, with train for Nashville.
rartlcuUrnttentlpnglven nay builnc3. soltJtf
For County Treiunrer.
Wo aro authorise X X lumouneo that William Martin
will ben candidal. fur County Trea.ni re r of Alexan
county, (object to tho decision of the democratic
county convention, to bo held on the 21st Inst, le'
For County Jailge.
Wo aro authorized to announce that Alexander C.
Hodge will bo an Independent candidate for tho of-
flee of County Judge, sublvot only to the decision of
the voters 'of Alexander County. to
For Asuoclate Jnatlcu,
Wo aro authorlied to aunounco tliat James v..
McCrito will bo a candidate for Associate Jiuiico, sub.
mltting hi claim to the democratic county conven
tion. If nominated and elected ho will, a ho always
ha done, servo tho people to tho lest of his abiJ.
Hi. te
For County Clerk
Wo are authorised to announce tint Jacob a,
tynch Is a candidate for re-election to Hie office or
County Clerk, subject to the decision of the democrat
la county convention. sepjlo
For CoaBty Trcaaarer. ,
Wa are authorized to announce that William A. Red
man is a candidato for re-election to the office of
County Treaaurert subject to the doclsion of tho dem.
ocrsilo conuty convention. seJta
For Associate JailJe.
We aro authorised to nnnounco that r. John How
ley will bo a candidato for ro.election to the office of
Aasoolat Justice, subject to the decision of the dem.
ocratio county convention. aetto
For County Hnit Iubllo Schools.
We aro authorised to annanniM rP. HnU.r !..,
A 11 CJLndidilto for (Jftnnlv RiitK.rlnt.mft.nt f 1iikltA
Bohools for Alexander county, subject to thedecisloa
i uio aemocratio county convention. te
For Coauly Jntljra.
We are authorized br tho friends of p. rim..
MBounca hi name a a candidato for the office of
County Judge subject to the' decision of the demo-
ursMii Bounty conveniion.
W9 tfca CoaMlluUoBBl CoaTvaMoa.
. Wo ja antoorised to announce the WwiJ William
J. AHeafl candidate foraetaWaia, U)&K Qwt!.'
UMlanil Conventlou . Abjv the, Flnt Reprtsetttitive
District, cowpostA of the counties-, of Pnlois. AUm-

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