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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, September 23, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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"Barretts" Mid everywhere.
.naraaiB-saB n a a i rsMawiaraBiw
limrm if
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i V AS ' . " . m a a
Ja rait next
There to a leMBf bbiMs isils.t fUtiel
' 1 aa " a 'a'
Vofft afcf lP'Hfcr saWdafcl
Dr. AtttUii at 149 CoBtnercial avenue.
asnrgeoa eWatirtof eh experience,
nretlcally nd practically familiar
Ithall the details of the profession.
uaBeaiwuBgiy reoonnna bibb io
- 1
the most successful practitioners In the
1JU1IH aaj U A. WW
, !
Ttie 'Uulletln' says that it in intimated
ttrmr. writrnt nrma vinn (Arfarv
negotiating for the purchase of the
iiuea uiuce. more in no iuunuaiion
tho report whatever, Wo dealro It
stlrjctly understood tbat wo proposo to
mnvn t Vi n nfllnA TI- In tint fnr aaln
alro 'Times.' ' ,
We had no occasion, It is true, to at-
nil nriu imiinpinnnn w r inn tw l m a r in
came from one of tho proprietor)) of
e 'Times.'
An oltl couple, living up town, have it,
ammcrs-ann-ioncs. everv lew uav.
he old man is generally victorious; but
few dayB ago the old lady belted him
iui mo uroomsiicK uuiu no Del lowed
M 4 1. . ... .1 it.
uwiui uiuiirc, m.-iug ujiKrivu to micbuij,
l nl.l mnrt wan tuailn rr iimlamf nl
At It would hn far frnm rnnr fnr Ma
holeiiome," if they wtre continued.
It in reported that yerere Marchildon,
rm... i i. it. t . At
niuuei, isui ine opinion mai some-
mi v ivnni" mm in Riirvn run nonnin in
- - i-- -
ill ynirfni v itiimii run mittrr 'iiut mum.
at -. . J.t . k a
a w - .
tl.. t 111 . I a mm a a
Ititltnpfn Btrvnl tin fn nnvtv tiDrAa
u uru unwiiiuj to LHJiievo umi no pro
1 1 1 1 1. . I .!.. a.
mo llko tho present, when bolters are
- -
roiirlcalf-a Arliitowltds-ril.
"The President read a Hcrlea of resolu
ons passed by cltlzona of Cairo, la refer-
We clip tho above paragraph from tho
ublifdicd proceeding of tho St. Lou la
Tho resolution referred to ure thotiu
pnutilt i:otivntlnn. in ROKiinwirmirmnnc
the courteous and fraternal attentions
stowed upon them by the St. Louis del
Another Body round.
Tha number of lives loat by the Fhaa-
1 t a. a i . a a l
no luuuu muuuw uvu uiiica uviuw now
.1 rwklf v I ft1 ernrff I n Iimid? w?tjt r n tha
inn a i va iu na r nil uin ti fti e r n
t A mi w an
l- t....ffn.t li, at - it it l i
V MMaaw a fc VUV J lURi a Maa ilUMHVV
nrnnoB nn rnn nnaMar raa n iwuitr
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" wiaMfj Minu HWUk VgMVWU JV-VMW
fawn 9Va lianl 1.t a. .1
Anra klnttin - ft nanUal.1.. 1... . . I
Tuo Key. Mr. Farr held forth loat night.
L A 1 A tl i 1 1 . .
. A. li ...u..ut,l. .. I m
Isteners. and will sneak ncaln this eve-
r i a n ml T a
.1 . .i a .1 .f i -i.tn a
ciaucLunu uuwiivu uiiuBmi vuiviij u
... 1 a 41 ! naai-ama .InsMftlf Inn n 1
a . it A. t a I
rpntulnr mt1(AAlnniiAnf. wHati nnlr.tltiir.trfc
A - - '
he desolation of the druukard's home,
t. I 1 m 1.1. tf. alin aa,i.a n
This was not exactly what tho intellU.
n) ivirtlnn nt tha atlillnnnn flinpntflll to
fn ir nntM rtw n n nnun nun i 1 1 11 1. !i r
arr whs uere in in a liiiercai ui iuo utw
i 1 L 1 i . ...!
the new party proposes to elFeot
prohibition; what the plan of pro
I'cdurols; how, when and whero tho "en
cmy'a works" are to bo assailed, how tho
friends of the movement may moat ell
dually organize, and such other mat
ter and things as should be known in
fixing the ground work of a great cam
palgn. Everybody understands the do
grading and Impoverishing eil'eots of
drunkeunoss, and Sir. Farr might talk
it fortnight without adding anything to
tho public conception of its horrors.
Kow shall tho evil be arrested? Is tho
luestlon, and uj5on that, It was expected,
Mr. F. would .enlarge.
Medal awarded to "JJarrett's
Mr. manor :- Mm aWMfM iellYrt4
laai atflit by the nrpretMnUtlre ef MM
"AnU'Dnm Skep Party," at the comer
of Ef fhtk atreet and CoBanerclal avesM,
tbe epeaker sever touched what eeened.
te me to be the very ftotefhla Mibjeet.
He portrayed " Mm haekBeyed draak
rd; the tearful mother; the sorrowing
wife; the hungering, ragclad children,
Mtdthe geBeral misery which, mere or
lee, enveloped all, throagh the banefsl
eftecte of llqoor; lu short repeated many
of the Bam eloquent nothing! and
"glittering generalities" that hare been
4d. MjBtaeli better an d ? often before.
Upon "the "rum-sellere" and thoee who
are parUcxi eriminii, ae he aald, by
firing then authority for carrying on
their calling, he severely animadverted.
He announced hie purpose to apeak
again to-night, at the Batne place, taking
for hie text.that fruitful theme, "the ex
ample," often and brilliantly and elo
quently delineated by the Parkers, the
Gonghs, the Oerrltt Smiths, and other
bright ftarticalar etatfl of the prohibition
flrmanent. It Is, at any rate, no virgin
field, but, perhaps be might add some
thing tehie laareli by-entering itr If,
be could be peiMaded however, to post
pone bis address. ,on tbat fispecJal point,
and answer sorao questlonH touching the
Ibsuch which the "Anti-Dram Shop
Party" .have raised, it would bo mere to
tbe matter in hand, andrI modestly
suggest, more effective for'tbo welfare
of his party, than the wordpa!ntlngof
any threadbare subject, however thril
ling and eloquent.
Now, sir, nd'san'o man will deny "th'e
evil the awfulljncyjlrrresults of exces
sive indulgence In stimulants and nar
colics, whether in the form of whisky,
rum, brandy, beer, ale, wines, hasheesh,
rlco water, opium, morphine, or other
kindred articles; and nonno having hon
estly at heart tho well-being of humani
ty will refuse to lend their best efforts in
the work of expurgating, or, at least,
mitigating, this curse of man. All, let
us take It, agree that excessive drinking
h bad; but In the mode of remedying it
hie point of disagreement arises. .And
that induces me to ask an aniwer to the
following questions:
1. Is It tho province of government to
interfere, or to regulate, or to nttompt to
regulate, appetite natural or acquired,
which are as various as tho constitution
al modifications of man; in vadlBg there
by his most positive and sacred, because
most nntural, righto?
2. Docshistoryrccord a single lnstauce
where enactments abridging such rights
and suppressing, regulating or attempt
ing to regulate the appetite of man, were
ever successful? t-
3. Would tho principle of prohibition,
if successfully applied to stimulants nnd
narcotics, il ft troy tho nppotlto in man
for stimulant or narcotio; or, rather, Is
it a physiological fact, that tbe American
man lu his degenerated physical condi
tion, requires a stimulant of some kind?
1. Where prohibitory laws have been
fully and fairly tried, has that measure
of success been obtaiucd which was pre
dicted would rciiult from thoir enforce
ment; and did such laws while prohibit
ing the sale of liquors (malt and spiritu
ous) In ftmall quantities, diminish drunk
enness; and was not that evil worse, If
possible, than llquor-drinklng habitual
Indulgence in narcotics, Increased by the
passage and enforcement of such laws?
5. How do the prohibitionists reconcile
with their theory the fact that tho dwel
lers of the richest and most productive
vinelands in the world, are, in tho strlot
meaning of tho word, accounted as
amongst the most temperato of peoples?
This, too, in the face of tho fact that they
arosurroundod by wines and liquors in
superabundance, and at a cost easily
within the reach of the poorest.
6. Is it tho theory of the now party thata
suppression of the dramshops will arrest
the evils of intemperance? As tho oxlst
enco of dramshops is chargeablo't'o tho
manufacture of intoxioatlng liquors, why
Ignore tho very foundation of tho evil
(tho manufacture of liquor) and assail
what is merely, one Its results? -
i ! i
"Barretta" takes tho lead.
Use JEnder'a Chill Cure. "It never
Flrt class day board at Walker & Biss
on's restaurant, at ?5 per week. , tf
Tbo waat Prominent Attrnctlaa
In these times when it bohooves every
oue to practice tho strictest economy,
tho full dry goods and clothing storo of
Messrs. Qoldstlno &. Itoseuwater, on Com
mercial avenue, between Eighth nnd
Ninth, becomes a point of attraction for
all thoso who with to procure fashion
able, seasonable and cheap goods.
Mp9srs. G. & It. havo Just opened their
fail stock, and aro prepared to furnish
all the late styles in prints, dress goods
generally, trimmings, notions, oto. as
cheap as anybody elso In tho city can
sell them.
In tho line 'of clothing they otler supe
rior inducements, having a well assorted
supply for all clashes and conditions, and
nt prices that defy competition.
They respectfully ask tho Indies to call
and examine their stock, as they aro
satisfied that it embraces articles adapted
to all klndsof tastos, allko In dress goods,
hoUery, notions, trimmings, luces, hand
kerchiefs "nud tho thousands other
articles In demand In thU mnrkot.
Kept. 2d&vlw
"Barrett's" not a pasty compound.
The Beet In Uee Eader's Steaaeh
Eader'e Bteeaaefc Bitten I-'Tbe beet
la nee."
Beat 10 quarter sheeting 65 cents par
yard, at Reilly'a. n , IT
Good towels, all linen, 90 cents, each,
atBaWy'B. tf,
About four thoneand dollars worth of
bcoUandahMferealeaiBenif'B atM
per cent on the cosi price I tf .
Tbe largest and beet furnished billiard
hall In Southern Illinois is tbat of W-dk-kerASlMoa.
r mi
Irish linen, selling ai 136, now fl 15
Irish linen sold at fl, now 75 cents; and
good Irish line at Weenie,, "at BeiHrs
TBM !. f
Thegreater part of the forenoon to-day,
was occupied sytbattoreeyir ln tbe
argument of motions. '
A Jury was called in the case of the
People vb Jlai JaekMh ' (a negro) but
before .the evidence was concluded, tbe
States Attorney entered a noUle, 'refer
ring tbe case back to tbe grand Jury.
Frank Wright was put on trial for1 an
attempt to commit a rape. At noon to
day the Jury bad not returned""" verdict.
Caroline Handcamp wasffoed $3 for
contempt of court. -T
Tho grand Jury reported four new blils
of Indictment, and having further busi
ness, retired to consider jt.
Sheir oysters, red and white 'fis'lr,
game in season, subject to order, night
or day, at Walker & Sisson's restaurant.
, tf ,
Best 5 quarter pillow slip muslin 24
cente per yard, nt.Itellly's. f
nrjant'al'hleaKO llanlueit Tralulna;
Our ndvlce to any young man, that
can spare the tlmo and money, is to go
to Bryant's Chicago Business Training
School, whero the best facilities In tho
country aro to found. It Is Just as cheap
to go. to "Headquarters" as to go to a
second-rate institution. Send for paper
describing this model institution the
"High School" to Commercial Colleges.
Address. H B Bryant, Chicago, 111.
( "ll-l H I llll III .1
Good all linen shirt bosoms at $2 60
por dozen at Rellly's. tf
If urinoiiln I'nmr.
Tho best and prettiest cook stove now
A new lot Just received. Call and see
them of Beerwart, Orth & Co., 130 Com
mercial evenuo. , .SepOdwlm-
Voral Hnilr.
Prof. Blalsdcll Is orgauiziug a clots
In vocal music, nnd will commence in
structions Tuesday eveping in tho Con
servatory of Muftlc, near tho corner of
Ki ghth nndCommcrcinl avenue. Tui
tion, $2 per term. lit
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-wnrc, copper or sheet-iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that line,
call on A. Fraser, Commercial uvenuo
beteeu Eleventh nnd Twelfth street,
whero ho has moved to, acu fitted up tho
large and most complete shop In
Sou'.norn Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
boat nud mill work, copper smithing
and sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
breecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
Illinois Central R. R7 Chag-c or Time.
On Sunday, August 20th, the following
time table will tako effect and govern
until further notico:
goino north:
Malt train 1 cares at.-...,. 2:30 o'clock
Expreaa" ...... 20 "
Mail train arrirr at..M M5 o'clock
Expre " - ..-'... 190
Wr, If ait at n ...A.ys o'clock
Exprcti, " 4! lo '
Way, arrirri al ....- .,. 6:40 "
Ixptn " 730 "
ArrWala"nailI)cMirtatra Dmrtngihe Fnat
a Honrs. .
Gtn. Antleron. Columbus Wm White. Paducalii
i-ainrna, bt. uuii
Foryth, ilo
MliDlitlppi, lo
Alnh.n. Ilnliiort:
Umpirn, Kvaatvillc;
ClarnScotl, ilo
ry, r m- - DEI'ARTURK,
aea. AnJrrton, ColnmlHu. Wm-Whll. PiniiKrah:
Kmpii i, KranaTllle; ('Anirlla, t'lnrinnaiii
Clara Scott, ilo Kor) th, Vickuburg;
MiMlxIppI, N. O,
Tho weather was cloudy last evening
and this morning, but tho Indications of
rain were not very decided. They seem
to bo increasing however as our report
closes. Tho temperature was not so
warm as yesterday.
Tho Mississippi is sixteen feet above
low watermark at St. Paul a bight un
precedented in Septembor. Thero is an
nbundanco of water also lu tho Missouri.
Tho Ohio is stationary at PIttabUrg
with 23 inches in tho channel. It is fall
ing nt LouIsvJllo with flvo feet largo In
tho caual.
Hero the river has fallon live inches
elnco last report.
Business continues good.
Tho Alpha, Umpire Whlto and Clara
Bcott each brought fair trips for reship
ment south and turth.
ThoCity of Cairo CaptMalln is tho reg
ular packet for Menphls thh evening.
Chas. T. Hlndo Agt.
Tho White loaves tis usual this evening
for Patlucah.
Tho John Lumaden, Capt.Davis, la the
regular packet for Evausvlllo this oven
ing. Clias. T. Hinde, agent.
Linen sheetlsg 12 quarters wide, f 1 75
cents per yard, at Beilly't, tf
la paraMMce. 4f Hw WTleleM of the taat will aad
taatament of Baker QoHea, tat of Cape airardeaa,
Mo., deeeaaed, eevraf which la daly record a4 i
the Reeorder'a MaVeoT Aleuwder eotMtr, IlliaoU: la
record book "A. A." mm IM. e4e., tk WWrelfMd
eiiNmtor of aald leal will attd teatanteat wllH efl Tor
aale, at public taction, the fnmt deer of the eewt
houae, hi teltr of Cairo, Alaaaadercowrty, 1HI
aeli, oa Monde, the tetri day ec BMember, at Uro
e'ekxk a.aa., that -rataekie let, whir ttotefetwe
toy ttert aad dweUlagthereeBLeltaated e Twew-
aad Bear the court)
nmm majsti, paiwoen roater eaa waaaiMRoa at recta.
neuee. and knew
1 1 . 2 .-! . I
llllnola. FtobIU location; beina- wltbln a ahort die-
Uoco from tha court oHe, thla propertj U doomed
ed alike to; buslneaa aa for rcaldaoce purpoi" T
Tum. -One-fourth caah, the balance In llmontbe,
with Bote, bearinc iaderaat. aeenred bj truateed oa
themrerw, IMeaton gitca oa day of aale. Bala
conducted by C' Winaten.
aept awtq .WIUJABI C miCTBT.-
Buu'or llHiidlar AUsaedcrConatr, a.
In IhOClftuK'Cfitlft ef Alandr County, January
. ,Tan, 150.
OaTld A Burnt ti. Mary V. Bora In Cnaocerr. Bill
forDirorce. ....,
Affidarltofthe noa-reaideace of Mary V; Biimii,
the abore named deftndant, hatln(t been filed In the
C'lerk'a offtVe of the Circuit Court of raid county, no
tice it hereby siren to the aald Mary V. Durnt that the
cornplaiDaat died hla bill ef icoaiplitlat In aald .Court
on the Chancery tide thereofon the 7th day of June,
ltca, and that thereupon a anaamon litutd out of aald
Court returnable aa I he law directi. Now, nalct you,
the raid Mary V llorni, ahall personally be and ap
pear befor ino Circuit Court of raid count on the
first day of tho next term thereof, to be hofden at the
Ceurthriutn In the ell ef Cairo,' In aaid county, on the
third Monday of January next, and plead, answer or
demur to the raid compplnanO bill of complaint, the
Mine ana ino maiiera inerein caargeu ana aiatea will
be taken at conferied, and a decree entered against
you .iccurdlog to tho prnyrr of aald bill.
JOHN Q. HA11MAN, Clerk.
Allen, Webb and nmler, 1'laintlfl'e Attorneyi.
Cairo, Illinois, September 2Ut. lM'J.
SHIP. otlro la hereby len that I Mll, nt the OcfoTwr
lermof thol.'ountr Court of Alvxtuider conntr. to bo
rommetirrd'on IheTlilnl tlooday Ip the month of Oc.
tober next, otler my r-iltrnattonax Riianllnn of the
lcrion, property amf effecta of Adam J. Mowory, mi
nor heir nf IMnlcl Mowery, deeeaaed, of which rel;.
nation all peraonn Intercited nro requeued t lake duo
teiini- uuanuan or Aiiam j. .Mowerv.
Halo of llllnola. Alexander County, t.
In tho t'.rcuit Court of Alexander County. Illlnolf,
January Term, 1SJ0,
John Cahlll ra lodge; Lord A Co. In Attachment.
Demand Sl.bJO w.
Notice la hereby ulren to you, Iheiald Dodjce, Iyird
I Co.. thAtawrlt of aitaehment haa teen tucd out of
the office of tho Clerk nf the Circuit Court of tha anid
County and Ptate, at the lultof theeuld John Cnhlll
and ai;alnftlhoetatcir too, the al,l Dodge, Lonli
Co., for tn hundred amlflfty and aoreuty-uvo one
hundredth! dollar, b-atdea interert, directed to the
Hh-rlttftf aald County loexecnte, which aald writ haa
been returned by -aid Hliorfir rxectileil by attaching
12 One Horae C.irti, SlJnyMulca, 2 Dark Ray .Mulea
and 1 Ttoan Mule, 1 Hlacfc Horse-. 2 Ray Iloraca, 8
Hray IIorea, J JDark HoMomitl 4 llay Jloraim, at tho
properiToi ifipf, i.oni x o, owunieia you. tne
aaiu Dodge, Lord X Co. hll )r")nlly be and appear
of the next term tht ri-of, to he holilvn In tho City of
fnlro, in -aid County, on the third Monday In the
Month of January next, eiref peclal tail and plead to
tho artlon, tudjtment iU be entered ugetBst .you In
fstorof the td plaintIR nnd the propcrtr attached
aold Ui afttlafy the aame with eoata.
Allen, Webb Jb Hutler, I'lAlniiA' Attorner'a. "
Ca:ro, Illinois Henicmber'i.
i"iorr inn vircuii ouri aaiu -ounir onuie r. miliar
The r.omloii 0.unr(erlv Itcvlew,
The KllnKbanc Ilerlcw,
Tho Wealinliilnter Itevlew,
Tho Nortli Ilrltlsta Kettcw,
niat-kwood'a Edlnlitirg; 3f naclnp.
The reprlnta of the lendini: quarteillea and Illnck
wool are now lndistenaahe to all who detlre to keep
themselTea fully lnrorme.1 with regard to the great
aubieet of theday na Tieweit ly the Ut M'hoUra
andaoundeitthinbera In ti rent Rritafii. Tho contri
butor! to tho pagea of iheo Iteriewa aro men who
stand at tho head of the list of English writers on
Science, Religion, Art and General Literature, and
whatever l worthy of dlacutilnn rinds attention in
the pagea of these Reviewe and illackwood, Tho va
riety la o great that no subscriber can fall to be satis
fied. These periodical! are printed with thorough
fidelity io the English copy, and are offered at prlcea
which place them within reach of all.
Terma fur 1M0. Tear
Any one of the Renewi. 4 oo
Any two of the RTlew..M .....m 7 00
Auy three of the Rot lews )Shsh eeeeeeeeeeaeieeet 10 uu
All four of the Itetlows M .... lis uu
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Rlackwood and any two Rerlewa..
, 10W
ltlacknoo.1 and any three Rerlewa .... la oo
Rlackwood and the fourRerlewa 15,00
A discount of twenty per cent, will1 be allowed lo
club of four or morepcraona. Thus, four copiet o
lllackroot, orof one of the Rariew, will be ant to
one etiurcsa tor tn eu.
Flileerlbert should prepay by tho nuartei, nt he
office of deltrery. The postage to any part' of.'tho
United buitet It two ciara a number. ThU rate only
applies to current subscriptions. For back numbers
the postage li double.
Terma te Sfew Kisbarriber. k
New tub9critera to any two of the ebote period!
caia tor iiwj willboentltitxtto receive, gratia, any one
or the four Hovlewa for IK. New subscribers lo all
firo of the periodicals for I8i may receiro, gratis,
I3iarawooi or any two oi uie lour ueriewa lor teue.
Bubscribert mai-. by applying early, obtain back
seta of the Revlcwi from January, 1S5, to December,
IW, and of Ulockwootl'a Mauaxine from Jaauary,
I1!, to December, lCtf at half the current auboriu
tlonprioe. ayar Neither premiums to aubacribert, nor discount
to clubs, nor reduced prlcea for back numbers, can bo
allowed, uqIpm the money Is remitted direct to thu
publishers. Nd premiums can bo given to clnba,
Tbe Ledaard Heott Fabllatilujr Co ,
140 ruton reel, New Vork.
The 1..H. mn. CO. also publish he
by Henry Stepheni. of Edlngburg, and Ihe lale J,
Norton, of Yale College. 2 toIs-, roynl oclaro, 1,
nagea, nnd numerous eograviuga. Price, $7 00
the tw.i rols. by mail, post paid.
This wtll-establishel msiftutiun li.it entered upii
.in oiiui yenr unuer ino most nauering auspices.
Tho principal pfof. Winching, is a thorough Gor
man and English tcholar, nnd un experlenccil edu.
cator. I'unlls therefore can have exrollent yintrue.
TtMreVy low! G",Mn a"" EnR""h ,3nI,,!,f,
i-iipus niny id euirrvu ni au i me
ptembor U, I8ua. lm
In EMIotl Haylhorne Uool and Hhoe Store,
earcuitinndonn n shorl iiotlce, marCdtf
mmjCt Th tight draught steamer AI.PBLSm
fsMaWC T. O. IrifAir.'kaater.W. K. ilTBiT
aTB, win leave far tha aber aod all latemedCS
point on
. AlPonJiie'0I,r11 Danyillewlth trnlna
ler CUrhevtMe, Bewlfnf Oreen and Ieulirine, and
at Johaaenyllle with trains for Nashtllle.
, BetuntHat ihe eenaecta at Cairo with ikamera aad
trains for an points. aulMT
aOeavllsr aPdaolsteBt.
Ilfat dnsaghl atiaeager Bteaater
n. T. NqRtH KaN....... .BUMniinwH wMaeiec.
1, a. BKVKILT.. ...,MM.MM...,m.M..,...MMM.C1afk,
Wihmaka regular DA1LT TRIiy between Cairo aad
nKTwirite i eoaaeet at Padacah wltt tha New ortetM
aad ekta railroad, and the Cumberland and Tennessee
river packMi.
- yet frelglit or psaiage appl r en board, or to
at. 4, buhh.l,.t, agent,
Cairo. iTtlBOiS.
teare, Cairo every M0NDAT EVENING, makjns
elete connectlon with trains at Danville for Clarke-
vllle, and at Johnsonvllle, with trains for . Nashville.
Partleularaitonllon paid to war bnslneaa.
OAre In lirosa' New Bnlldtns;,
Cerntrof Eleventh street and Commercial Arena
IV. J. Allen, J
II. Wnttnu Webb, JCAIRO. ILL.
K,.P.Bntlr, ) decJldtf
Geo. W. Wall, VCAIRO, ILL.
Office Itonins. H and 0 Wlnter'a Bloc
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Cairo, niinolsi.
Special attention given to Admiralty andStravnbo
business. .
Office ou Ohio Levee, Room and
anlJ-tfl lu Ktcyptlan ltlock.
(Commercial avenue between Ninth and Tenth streets
In the building formerly oconplid by A. O'Donne!?,
ifiinu.'.rliire and deals In
Hair t(iiI ITIllliiiery GootU.
Keepe a splendid variety of every kind of Hair, and
and Manufactures on short notice. IIa.iprln.to rooms
for cutting ladles' and children's hair.
Cnrla, fori tclir, tViitcli 'liarcla, Knr Itlnos,
Ilrnceleta and Hair Jewelry O'onerulljr.
Ladles may hare the co-nbinga ef their hairmanu
fturod in any nviu xesired.
A fine lotof Millinery (loods also on hand, jan
Boole 33iaaclor, H.-ia.lox-
.' Blank Book Manufacturer,
No. 73 Omo Levkk, CAIRO, ILLINOIS
ap rcSdtf
CanavcommoilaUtho public with muslo for bells
parties and s erenadea, at short notice, and on reason
able terma. Lesion given on evory Instrument.
Residence on 15th street, bet. Walnut and Cedar,
eitesB.Hessssfsa.tststtitstf ttt-iiset MtaeeM
vjsaa booh: XjItj:
00 TO
No. lOfl CoKiriaeiAL Avciea.
Wholesale and retail dealer In
Corner Eighth Street and Ohio Levee.
i ,rA ,in..r.,i t .n .in. hi..i.
! wirXt'0tth'ttV'Mm
S Ohio LoYce, Cairo, Ili.nols, is prepared 'to fufQi$h
ettizena or ateambots with the abovo puro article of
ice at the lowest market price. Cuiieui will U re
gulsily supplied by honest, accommoJatlni; ralesaieo.
Order from abroad tolicitei' iiiylISm
BO AIIU INO .Four gentlemen au get day boon!
in a private f.umly, atH NmlU atreet, third door
wt of Walnot, BCi3 3;

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