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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, September 24, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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i-a warn miianm srtjHflfflaigffc ?m vtan.. oh
OFFICETWo. 13 Tenth Street, ,Thopftton;sBuildin. -
KT..I f i - ' a
r hi II ii r i i i ivi
IW Him J M a u. M
-r vi r -ft. II
Tho hlrvyards oftlio ooUutr, fprtnorlyv
arc now almost deserted. And why?
dimply becauao a radical administration
hoe seen nt to abolish tho reciprocity
treaty and to imposo a high rato of duly
on Canadian and other provincial pro
ducts, thereby putting it out of the power
of New York and other bulldera to obtain
Hackia'atiaclc kiiees, aathey onco could
at reasonable rates. Everything, in
truth, WMtfnUm Into the composition
of a ship has been increased In price
from 60 to 100 per cent. This renders
competition with foreign ahlp bulldera
ntlrely'6ut of the question; aud tho re
suit Is, that of the f5.000.OOQ that was
formerly disbursed among American
mechanics, over $3,000,000 la aent to
England, France, Spain and Nova
It is barely noislblo that our high func
tionaries aro not apprised of this con
dition of affairs Mingling only with
bankers and government bondholders,
tiey arc not permitted, or do not feel in
clined to look to tho condition of the
masses. If tho "noble men" who fur
nished tho government thirty-three
cents on a quarrantce that they should
receive a hundred cents therefor, are
pleased and happy, why caro for the
tolling poor? Let Grant revel at Long
Branch, aud Colfax spear 11 h In the
mountain streams of Arizona. The rich
aro happy. The poor are not to be
thought of!
A Baltimore dispatch says that Goo.
Peabody visited tho Peabody Instltulnnu
Wednesday last during the meeting of
,tbo trustees, and made an additional do
nation of i.3,000,000 of Tcnnenseo nix per
cent, bonds. This rum Is designed by
the donor for the election of a building
similar to and adjoining tho present Institute-,
tho site for which has already
been purchased. Any remainder, of tho
abovo amount after the construction of
tbo new building Is to'be applied to a gal
lery of painting and sculpture. Mr.
Peabody, in li It letter making tho dona
tion, refers to tho pecuniary difficulties of
Tennessee, but expresses confidence in
tbo great national resources of the State
and high sense of honor of her people,
and advMen the trustee to keep these
bonds for the present ait they are Increas
ing In value, and, whuti lie-country, to
dlpoo of at tho highest prlco the U- 8.
boudn held by tlfem.
The account given t tho world by
tno Louisiana C'oiutni.-tiloiiera of Immi
gration, touching the profits of sugar
growing In that state, are that olio man
working twenty-two hands on300 acres
can;iurtl;u;C 1,0)0 not as his year's Income;
mother, with somewhat uioru forco, suts
down ills gaius at $30,000, fraying noth
ing of tho small matter of 15,000 bushels
of corn, not worth counting; a third, on
less than 200 acres and witii twelve men,
can boast of $25,000 as tho yield of MO,.
000 capital; and generally, the planters
can get a return of 1,000 to $2,000 per
hand, after ull expenses aro paid.
Tho Paducah fair will be in full blast
ou the 16th of October. Ono of tho at
tractions is a balloon ascension from tho
grounds by Prof. John M. Kluney, who
will be accompanied by a young lady.
The baloon to be used on the occasion is
100 feet In heighth, and fifty feet in
diameter tho largest in tho world.
Publlo olsterns for tho use of tho lire
department aro being constructed lu
Paducah. This is an example that Cairo
thould imitate.
A young mau about six and a half feet
high, who calls himself Edwin Ball, was
In Columbus, Ky., tho other day, trying
to borrow money enough to pay his pas
sage to CaIro. Tills same young man la
posted by the Columbia 'Statesman' as
an Impostor ono who plays confidonco
games on tho Masonic fraternity. Look
out for him.
At one time yesterday, throe steamers
were in sight, three others weroattho
wharf recotvlug and discharging. freight,
fourteen carts wero taking on or putting
oft' loads, a largo number of coal-boats
and barges wero discharging, aud four
water-carts wero being tilled. All this
made our wharf havo qulto a llvoly ap
pearance. Paducah 'Jvontucklau,' 22d.
rshaw, mau. Drop down hero, and wo
will show you from llvo to twenty-flvo
eteamers hugging our wharves
The colored pcoplo of Evansvlllo celo
orated tho anniversary of tbo emancipa
tion proclamation In flue stylo on Wed
nesday. There was no demonstration In
CaIrot that we heard of.
Extnio Norton, esq., at ono tinia a resb
dent of this city, but for many years a
resident of Now York, slnco thon has
returned to Paducah to reside.
r - -
Wo have no Idea that tho .Radical lead
rs, obvious as tho duty is, will consent
either to abolish or to modify tho iuconio
tax. Tlioy aro especially interested in
high taxes. Tho greater tho amount of
money collected from tho country, tho
more there Is for them to steal, Light
taxes would'nt kcop their light linger
busy half tho time.
Mr. Edward Thornt
o UrlUattBS
Ister, is, it is understooi
1 I . -II 11.
gctnn c
'alleged violation ofitbiAmerfcari
trallty laws In regard to Cuba, to send to
tho British' foreign office'.'' t
Here is another of the family: A dis
patch from Washington ahnotinces'ftial
"Fred. Dent, Jr., Mra. Grant's nephew,
was to-day (Friday,) appointed Inspector
of tho San,Frano!sco custom house, at
$1,600 salary." j n ,7 9 t 1
Tho Montanlaua are Justly clamoring
for Gov. Ashley'a removal.
Tho N. Y. Trlbuno Is authorized by
Mr. Uoutwell to say that there Is no
truth in tho statement that any personal
difference over exlstnd between him aud
tho late Secretary of War Jin reference to
tho recognition of Cuba, or upon any
other subject.
The best stmllo to describe the practi
cal operation of radical politics Is that of
a workingmau who says "Uncle Sam's
cow has her head In the poor man's crib
and her udder over the rich man's pall."
Pxocisoly so; and many foolish poor men
aro voting year after year to keep the
cow tied up In Just that same position.
--- . ..
(From (lie Dostoa Adreitlirr
On Saturday afternoon tho bark Zln
garella, Captain Hhar, arrived nt this
port from Bissau, on the west coant of
Africa. Tho bulk of her cargo consisted
of hides and peanuts, but by way of va
riety sho alto brought five boa constric
tors and four largo dog-faced monkeys.
The largest of the serpents Is twenty
eight feet long, is of immense girth, and
weighs 050 pounds. Ou Its arrival it had
not eaten for six wueks. Its meal af
that time consisted of twelve small cats
and a good-slzed dog, which it disposed
of in the course of a night. On Saturday
night, showing signs of hunger, a live
cat was glvon to it, which It speedily
crushed and swallowed. A second llvo
cat still remains In the igo. The wret
ched animal evince uxtrcmo terror at
tho presence oflu deadly foe. This is
the largest serpent over brought to this
country. It Is immensely powerful, aa
theefrects of cllmsto havo hardly yet
lessoned its natural vigor. The other
serpents range from twonty-threo to
olghteen feet In length. Tlas reptiles
wero taken to lliu vnnl of u hn.-inittiir
house at is North Square, whero they
have since been Inspected by large uum-
oera 01 persons. 11 19 oxpctca that they
will booh be purchased byaoine menag
erie proprietors.
- - -.
Georgo Francis Tlraiu Is out in a Pres.
Identlal manifesto, In which he says:
"Knon, them: I am going to the White
Houmo, and defy church and party,
friend or kindred, society or club, to
beat me. I havo dono lecturing for
charity. Ten years of such Chrlstlau
work has earned mo tho name of char
latan, mountebank, lunatic. Now I am
on tho make. Money is the thing. I
I will not lecture for any Christian ob
ject, nor will I give any donallou, ns
others do, to pco my namo in tho paper.
For many years I have advertised news
papers. They havo ceased to advertise
me. No more softening of tho brain,
but hardening of tho heart. I love God
less and my fellow men moro every day.
Threo cheers for Abou Beu Adheml I
com rue nut) in Cincinnati to lecture every
night till 1672, to fchow how the doctor,
lawyer, clergyman, editor and politician
have destroyed the Individuality of the
citizen, the declaration of independence
a farce, and the great American people
a gigantic oligarchy or corrupt politi
cians." God help the Cluclnuatlans'
Commissioner Delano spends weeks
away from Washington making partis
an speeches, and yet docks the wages of
every clerk under him who, no matter
for what urgent reasons, Is absent a few
minutes during buslues hours, Mr. Del
ano therefore Is not a Just man or an
honest man. He does not deserve to bo
trusted in either a public or a private
capacity. For his absence from duty he
can, to be sure, stead the examples of his
superiors but his subordinates can plead
not only the same examples, but his own.
An oar of 00m oontalulng 44 rows, aud
an average of 51 grains, total V- grains,
is mnntloued In the Alton 'Telegraph' as
having been raised near that place.
A Mr.Conlngsby la writing to a Lon
don speotator on tho American working
classes, and among othor things says
that when bo was strange to Amer
ica it seomed queer to him "to be
parasol-spiked out for a seat in the streot
car by nn elegant young lady, who ou-
' ly vouchsafed tho explanation that she
I would "sit right there.''
' A Buffalo railroad man has Invented
new car starter and brake for use on
street cars. It consists of a simple
1 . 1 . . . .. . 1 .
ingenious urrungemuiu 01 motion wueeis
by which ho throws a spring Into a gear;
j and, when tho brnko Is oil", tho' spring
starts the car ahead, without any effort
. ou tho part of tho horses, thus saving
I much woar of tho horses.
; Tho necroos who havo been murder
I Ing and pillaging In tho vicinity of Louis
ville, for somo time, havo been arrested
and lodged In Jail,
H'lm dtlnnrutdni' nf lllfnrnnl rAVAmmnf
! Memphis, has been making a raid on
some wholesale tobacco dealers, mid has
been sued by the latter in tho sum of
I $100,000.
picnic of Lady Masons, at Camden,
J., on Wodnesday, was disturbed by
arty of roughs. Pistols were.Jreely.
ed and several persons wounded.
:$A 1 diMMtoterfienr &yaaa snorances
a skirmish between tbo Spanish troops
abd tho rebels, in whlcsIxlen'ofTKo
latter were killed. fjf
' Several earthquake occurred 'on tho
Peruvian coastn the 10th of August.
Ait A Hon. thn'fthno.ka warn i mmm
Thero wero no less than' forty shocks on
tho 10th. "
Carl Zerrallui of Boston, aud. Geo. P."
Roots, of Chicago) are directing a 'kiufll-
vmi nnsoviBiiuH, iBjjoaiHgur, maine, wincn
la expected to hold-four days. ."" ' ) ,
Five housoiief burned upinClncin
UAtl,'on TueetejrnlgliE, and threcboys,
aged respectively two, five and seven
years, wero found in the ruins' at mid
night. A mutiny occurred on the British ship
Alexandria on Tueiday night, while she
was proceeding to sea from Boston. The
captain and mate wero severely stabbed
while attempting to quell tho disturb
ance. Judgo Dentisopenlug the campaign in
Mississippi with confident anticipations
of victory. In response to a remark that
"Judge Dentwas aGrantman, butGrant
wasnot a Dont man," the Judge rcspon
ed that before the contest had progressed
far tho tacit influence of the admiul tra
tiou would bo with htm. "Tho presi
dent," said Ju;lgo Deut, "Is not hostile to
me, but he mistrusts my friends. Ho fears
that my nomination may be a trick of
the unreconstructed Democraoy, of Mis
sissippi to regain the control of affairs.
I am convinced in my own mind that
at least four out of flvo of those who sup
port mo from among the democratic
ranks are sincere, and when once tho
president finds that to be the case I shall
havo tho support of the administration.
Harmy perfected tbelr arrangement for the manufac
ture of Broom In thl city, .arc now prpirnlto fll
ortl'rt t ai
Zjow Frloo
At tho m qiiilltieiof broom cin tx purahAicd nj.
OnIi lfr, t "fO V) Willlamion. Ci Ohio
Lorw, or At tlm
Mnniir'lor', Kuurleeulti ntrrft, btlivtrn
Halntil nml Crclnr,
W'.lllpiouiplly lteuJl to.
Order tjr mm) flmiilJ tadJr(?J tu
I. O. Itux 43',
CUiro, lib'
Boolt - Binder, XjLixlox
Blank Book Manufuclurer,
No. 73 Ohio Lkveh, CAIRO, ILLINOIS
apt yudtf
Otn aecommolato tho public with mutlo for ballt
partlot sad a ervnadc, nt rhort notice, and on reaion
ablo terms. Lcnoui len on ererjr Inatrumetit.,
Kci Jfuc on tAlh trt rt,bit Walnut and Codur,
Lender at
- ' - .v
Cm, uccommoilate the publlo with the best niuiic
forconeorti, bIU, part:e, parde, nnd tfcrenttdci,
on abort notice, , ,
I.ckon tlvon oimerjr inntrumcnt.'
Kruldroceon Wanhlngton aviuuo, between Fourth
and Fifth ttrecU, &uro, Illinois.
N. 1). MmlcforlHilb.tlc, futnuhed, from ooo to
elhtmen, aeiadtf
Business Card!., nsrbl - 81 to !7 r 1000
NlinniLoat lllll tlemts 6St89 iter 1000
Kttvrlniie-., fJ5 to ttS per 1000
lllll UriuSs, 8IS per Ileum
Otlitr Worlt lu I'rojinrtlnu.
Thrntou'.s Building-, Tenth St.,
''A i'.' .... 'I 1111 fill II. I l-fll III IMHI .Iwll.
4 6 i ears old and upwards, at Prentice, Ilollviu
ciiunty. Miss, In Que condition for feeding till w .
Foriurtloulars,aildroj J T IlKKHY, Ueulh. Boli
var county, Mine. ul ro
aw uvn iBAUluHH,
'ptlceis'bi&Lr'filrtn that the Ptk Ctwnmittao ap.
olrfto-t bfU cfl Council, will ri-colTO bropotuli fo
enciofci. Marj'APark.ln tho KottHta Addl
I f r , Vr i n V'lj . . . ' . ' . .
Ma Marti with can I lr tnrn In Iml ( r
Drciifeanla ono Inch thirty
WW" poitu 8 feot loaf .'3 ten In Mw'crounS, uij
8 fett bOTM gahl post to M "wed M lereled i
top d4 to tn4 8 feet apart. .RaiU to be put on with
Wpcnnjr jplkm, otr boarta with 10 iwttnjr.nalU The
HN tol roo board fenoe, Jond bnlK In 'nstod
Md MtMantfat maimer, aala ferMA to JitoI two Urn
mi two HnMI cntci, wall bracM tho largo gaioi to bo
tJaMlcl(, and th umall mici four foot wide.
-nEaolfencoto be whitevailieKl. '
(irswd to be ttrwd It m fet rldo and 1,160 fo
loner. .
All of ihoWortrio Im mid fur Inrlis lmnili..nu.
,ly provided far tht purpose ; said bond beoriW In-
iermiaiioora! ojoperconi per annum, and re
decmmn in ihree, fournndflvn tpad, and parable at
maturity fur Uxm, Hcenxea and nil debit duo ihocilr.
i,ouis jnnoE.vHn.v.
W. 1. JfALLlD.W.
211th !ind30thor.Jcptcinlfr
Tho extromo Southern Teimioua, on the tower
ai9lppl Hlvt-r, oflhel.lneH or lUllwny ths
travorte the Great North WotHni
SOl'm !
It tl5oulhmTi rmlnon the Lowerjnfipplof
tho H. toult and Ilea Mountain lUUroad, connect
me tho net-work of railroad. In thn Nnrtlor.i.ru
fuiillbiholulf ofMexico. From IlelmontNAV-
iuauu.-x iu i iu. dm it uninitruptet Uio )iar
round, otbcr by Ice or lovvatet.
UKI.MOT will toeelTO ror'tiunu'acturo and dU
tributloo the Iron, lo.ul, marble, and other mi&crM.
brougbidoMii from thn Iron, Mountain and ereal min
eral region lratre! by Ihehi. Loiibana Iron .Moun
i.ln K.ilnii'l. II wai.i . .k . .
MK.vr 1-OI.VT wbcro tbo
HKLMON'T n rr the WeittMsk of (ho Mm .rri
Kiver, In the great and pr ifpfrou State of Mi' nrl,
I miiobt'lo the junction of the Ohu anl Mluimv
)l mer t7 rno Jiaiiro moKcuirw.i innnw.
Ion at lklmont nni orru'it'. tn the c bank i'f
the ner, 1
The Mnrllitru Termliitia of tltr CJrcii .Vet-
work orNriilhcrii Hallroniln.
landing to Mobile New Orleans, AUnnU,Ch.uteiton.'j
Vlckabtirir. Mennhlii.Nuihrllleandt"tiatUtioii:a. and
the roal now nearlycoini letol Tin I'aducah, Kliza.
letkton. Louiatille, IvQXlntnn nnd HiR Handy to
NOKKOLK, VA : will unite at Ilelmont with tbo Cai
ro ana r unon iomruir aumoriieu fj law to nan
from Ilelmont. and nuw bclnir contructed throuuh
Arktnta nnd TexA' and will eTentually be tho
BELMONT it not only the nepot for thn v tut miner,
al prodnctnof Uouthti.t Miaaourl, nnd the reoUrnf
of the most magnificent Timber country in the Uni
ted Htntei, but li Hurrounded by the flncit larminf
lands In tbo world
The Proprietor, wlthonflileni-e, Innle nieelinnfe,
artiunnd trador, from eirry eillon nf the Union,
to como and ae the mny ndTautagH" otlered at Ilel
mont toHtitlcra.
One-third ctth onivthlrd In tlxmonUm, and one.
thlrilln ta.'lro monthi. IlcrVrrod navment to le o-
cured by notoUrlnsttu,iwJifnt. lmryt. from tpjr
UbU, 111 l '".-mi. I nitm,
J. WALKER, Brcrcturr.
THOMAS BK0W5. Gfucml Agent,
W For further Information, nddres Col. Thomas
Drown, or J. V. Walker, llelu.ont. Mo. aegldtd
OaIvo, Illinois.
The villi FIItSt'tLASS'liOTEL iniliird
la now In the iiiost,un'excplionJ.le 9id fur cue
naTinguncrgoaeft 1 , -
The past fttmmer. "
sjsox'Xta.w, 3 OO 3?or 3C3ey
UtKuuKc Cnirli'it to nml I'toiii tlie Hotel
'ft-ee of CliaiKc ( x i
Dai Hoard, T&miihFive Dollars jicr viunth
j F.Witrr WILCOX a cu;. "
decSldlf , : roprjotors.
(Commercial avenue between Ninth und Tenth .treeU
In tho building formerly occupied by A. O Uoniiell,
lanufdclurc aud dcids In
Hnlv ami iillllliicry CJowIh.
Koees n snhmdld riely of every kind f lUir, ond
and I llMuFactures on short notice?, H privnte rooms
for cutting Indies' ad chlldreu'e hlr.
S-TirU.KwItchet, WittsfH MrIe, Kr HIhkii,
Hriscelete bU Mlr Jewelry Ocwerallr.
LAdlcs my have the eomblnj; ot tholr htlr inanit
ficturod In any tdvln doilred. ,
A fine lot of MlUwery Oooils Uo on nd Jah
An Ordlnahco Co ItoJuco tho Flro Lfailg of the City of
Cairo, rmd'tb regulnto tho mnnner of constructinjj
Bnitdlnfc within ald Cllr.
Ilo it ordained by the City Council of tho city ofCalrW
Thalaeltlon number niio hiimlred and ne. and all
that pint of neetlnn numbar one hundred anil two nf
ter tho word "flra llmlta" In the fifth line, In chapter
numlicr fire of an ordlnancotoaduijUtbo ordinanoro-r
of tho city of CftlfOM reTl.etl and eodliled, e,stbllh
IngthoBrollmlU-orjaald city, nnd refpilatlnir ht.
manner of hnlldlac,'t)o 'and tno aamn are hereby re-
pealed, and the followlni ihall hereafter bo known out
the boundary of, to ire limit if thecity of.Calro l
Hlock. one.'.twpj three,. TirflTe, lxi, etarrcn,;
twclre, thlrteea fourteun,-rlftn aUteen, twenty,
twenty.one, twonlgr-two,- twcnty.three. twenty-four,
twentir-Arc, twentyU nnd twcnly-Mren nnd
Up It Further Or4ainMi, That when any person roJt
deilre to remote bqllding from onenfacoto anoth
er, orto enlareo trttildius within theflrelimlU.or to
remote n building from wltboot tho flro limit to
place within the wwfl. such perannMmll rlrat obtain
tho written content or three-fourths of nil tho prop
erty holders within on hundred and fMy tett of the
lot upon which It la proposed to locitn tho bullhlna
y o reuiOTpd, and of three-fourtha of the property,
ho ilern within audi Mock, nnd ahall present auch
written consent to tho clly councillor opproral;
when, upon eueh npproral bolna; granted, a permit
.lull bo written out by tho City Clerk, and delivered
to the person making tho application which permit
shall be authority for the remoral or enlargement
prayed for. Provided, that the person removing,
building, or enlarging a building, shall comply with
ordinances noweiUlliij, orsucli ordlnancoa a may
hotcafler bo adoptod tn relation to buildings ; and
lie It Further Ordained, That herenftor no building
shall bo erected or constructed, or commenced to be
erected oreonatructed, within the limit of the city of
Cairo, until tho person or persons desiring to build
shall flrtt obtain from tho City Council it permit to
erect or construct such building, and evry iwrson
ruking a permit to erect or construe, a building, Miall,
at thn timo of tiling their application for a permit to
build, epeclfy In writing, Iho slw. in leiigth, width
and heiahlh. nnd the materials of which Tt I. urn.
ifHwed.to conttruct such building: nhd ne bulhllng
it" i-uii3i(u;i;ii uci'pi ncooruiog io uio spt'cincn
llnns filed and the permit grnntod by tho City Coun
cil :
And nil (nine or wooden tiulldings khsll Imvo crect
ed or constructM bn the ImJde of such building, brick
ehlmnles or flues, thn liallt uritllilpknoo r,t innr nr
jmore Inchcn, ami be plnntered on tha Imldo with
lnortarof suflklcnt thii'kiii-PS lo cover (ho brick, and
,i.ui-s rii.,. l: i'1-viroin ine wnus oi ino ouuuinK, nu
M.. - . I. 1 1 1 . . r .. ii . ... . .
mi itowi mrming n part or coming in contiict w tri tne
chimney or flue.
All brick buildings creeled or constructed slialt
lutve their fotlndntuun and M alls of thn following di
mention, via? For a one-story building, the fitin
(Utlon thsll lo twrlvc Inchi'K, nnd flio building wall
eight Inches In thickness) for n two-story building,
the foundation shall bo sixteen Inches ; tho first sto
ry walls shall bo twelve Inches, and thci tit:ond-story
wall eight inchoa In thlcknexs i for n three-torj
building, n foundation wall of tuc'lity-foiir Inclit-s; the
rlrbt-.ton- wall, tlsteen Inches; the serond-stor
wall, twelve Inches, and tho third-story wall, eight In
chc lu thickness, and in the nam A propollion foi
higher buildings i provided, that where lo or more
building nre-erecled togrther. thn party or division
walla shall answer for both ofany tno buildings, but
In no case tu be Iks than twelve Inches thick, and rise
at less! twenlr lornM atiovo thu roof of the highest
building, nnd In no ease shs.ll two building bo erect
ad together where tho joists of rurh ahnll count oupo
site to or Join one tn the other l btit In til uit where
wooden Joi.ta are levied, of put Into a party or dlvls
lou wall, they aball be placed alternately In tho wall,
ro that the ends will not bo nearer together than sli
incnus, und thn space betucen them an filled with
brlek. and Don mortar ru to form a perfect and eolld
I shall Uthe duty of the Flro Warden, crunch oth
er perton anointed by tho oouucll, to wstnh diligent.
y in coiiKiiuciiun ami erection ot all Miliaing wltn
lalhenity, nnd compel tholr erection and construe
tlnu nctordlng to tho seolCettlont filed, and upon
which the p. runt was grar.ud, as well a accordiuir to
iheorJinimer regulating the same; and lu all rases
X,'''iW't'JlMmy(Pll Jho speclficalltul
I the duty ofiie Flro U'ardcn, or'nfher 'ri-on np'
p mt- il fiTi' nt pnrfMi.r, tnarrevtund toj tho errc
linn anil construction of ld bulMing, nnd Imincdl
utely report m h dewtilioii lo thuunarest 1'idlce Msg
l.trule, who shtll siiuiiiumi tlir person o cirend ng lo
npK-K. Ix'fore him for trlsl, und uon such xrson l
lug found guilty of tlolatiug tho oMlniu.ce In tins
TfgtU ordnntingfromthw spe i(1 ntiona tiled nitb
hrid npjrnvvd by the C.ty Council, the prison tui of
fendliiK "hall boSiii'd in nsiirn not excri-ding one
hutidrtxl d'dlare, tmr l'.tlmn menty.llr.iilolUri fot
eaeliund eiur)'sueh uti lise u LNiiniiiillid.
All "rlinances, nr parta of nrduam-et, now In force
ami in eonrlivt wlthtlic for uoiogurdlunncv, rro litrt
by rejxHiUd from and nftr Hie tvloptiou bereof
Appmred, September It'. !.
tesldl'it Ji'll.N II OHKI1LV. Msor
In relation tu PuWli- Improvements in t. c y
lie it oriUlned by the City Counnlof Iho City of Cairo
h'ic. I. Tlut whcnuerthu CjlyCoumnl of paid Cit
shnll by ordiiianco or Joint resolution, dirret arid au
tlwrlK) thefilllng, re-filling, grwlinf.leudiig, pnvnig
planking graveling, iiwiidnmislug, nr rri.Mring id
nv iir.t. uirimniir hiL-bwiiv In nld Tttv. ir the
cdnitiuctlon, rwoiistriieiUin nrrrpnirliuofany sldo
wane or cross wsix, it snail rxi me uuiy oi ine viij
Comptroller, under the direction aud iwlvlcn of the
Htreet Committee, iq citue n survey, plat, plan, pro
file, specification and e.timate of thn iiteniplat-d
work lo tie made and rrortcd to Iho City Council,
convened In joint eusslun, for their consideration uud
action. When raid report hi bn.n considered aul
apuroml. the City Council shsll, unlets otherwise pro
vlded for br onlinsrce, either provldo fqrtiarmg the
materials furnLned und the work dono by the Oityt
.under the direction nf tho Ktrcct Committee, or order
and direct thn City Comptroller to giy ngtino and ad
vertUe for prbprsaU to do the crmtrinplaled work, as
now provided jr by Ordinance iiumlM-r-d '.'I, and ap
proed July 3, 1H4T faid pnnoials thsll be directed
to tllf Cliy C-iUlieil. Olid 1 Iwojucd baid ( oiln
ell, ennvenrd In Joint iwHou,nt thn tlroo nnd place
Hiviitliiod Ii) (alii notice.
Hie. 2, Fornlltbelniprovenii'iit in said Clly hert
tnf.ir inade by tbn Miihorlty nf ssid Clly, and for the
payment of wnlcbthe wild City li.it l-en unnbls to
collect from fiirmer asemei.t the amount riuirfd
toeompletn ihepsyment theref.ir.lt hall be the duty
of the City Comptroller to anvit iln the cost and ex
pense of iimklng thu ain. mid thereupon the May.
or, with the us-i.liinci of the CUV Attorney, shsll pre
pare tho petltluu rUlid byr-tction 11. of tie. Vet
toainendaii Act eutithd "An Act lo reduce Ih Char
ter of the City of Crv,nd the soteril Acts amend,
lory thereof inlooiw iiinlreMe tho s:nn', npprored
February 1H. IsfiT." tfl Ih nreiisnted to ll Olreiiit Court
of Alexander County J and It l hereby nude the duty
of the Major to proceed ut onco to Iho anscsaincnt
anitcnlicetinn nf said costs and oiptiiseH, In accord-
nnet with tbe eilslinj rbartrr aud orillnitneea or auld
) City, . 'Prut Wed, that in thotu ea-e werre amiiuute
havo tieen isihlimdrrfotniHr assessment gtesterthan
hull Ui uietsed under tliU sectiou. I (in oyuiolus
jShall belTrdlind to the piriy nho paid tho previous
iut-ii tin.
si:c. 3. It tlull 1st nnd lx hervhy nu.U the duty of
io 1'ilv.Atturiiev to nreiuie. iiuiler the direction of
ibliS)oranil Cil) Luunvd, all petiboiu lu be pre
sented to the Clrvi'rt Cnurt for tho assessment and
cbllectinn of thecnitiif public Improvernents as re
nulred by iho Actrel'iirrud to In the preceeillng eec
tlen of tfiii ordiuanre.
aw:. 1. Atl.tliodutieii hereuiloro devolved iion up
un ,iiiaMl,n(1i ! m. w 1 .
'npprotrd July a lu7, mid by Unlliuii'io .No. 70, np
r.,r...iumreiiil,.ir io. lid", rxeent iiii herein olherAiai
lll(t;Iloard of I'ublle WOrKS OV ununanno n-.
provided fyr, hll t AAdniu hortby devolved upon
.ippillfvil try
1 (N.OULlJ.'AitJr;
In rvlttiou t- illelihrglnif tire arnu In tha City of
Be It ordjuiiku by ih Cny l umwilof lb Clly of Cairo
Sic, 1. That teolion immberod 217 of "An Ordl
linnoa to ufopt the Ordinaneet ol tho City of Cairo, as
revised and rodltiod," bo amended by adding, nt the
ond of the third lino m naid teciioii, after tho word
"property," thn ord 'or in enforving any order of
the city Couuoil or of tho Msyor."
Aluu'OTod, Held. 19,
1 ' ' ' JX0. II. OnKItLY, Mayor
qover's JioTisr.
ciKAxn tovi:h, ir.MNoiN.
ah13 rjAWlm

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