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Ibd by johm 11. obbrtLt CO.
f, BBPTEMBER 25, 1869
of ho Contention to Alter, Iterl of
Atncni mo (munition,
For County Juif,
For Aiaoctat Juitieeis
For County Clerk,
For CouatT Treurrr,
ay Superintendent of PuMIc School,
For Coauty Surveyor,
. ,
kits" old every vvbare.
tn Chill Cure Novcr Fails.
cards 65 cunts pur pair, at
. tf
llocn 25 cents per yard,
" -f"'tr.
rand Jury innpoctcd tho county
lay. Their report win uo puonsn-
toward, of the tlrra of Fox, How-
I?., Ih in the city, stopping-nulio
Hos. During: Ills stay the rox,
& Co. hond will bo executed
1'cmounl Item.
Wlllinrn J. Allen lias lint return-
lo city trotn a professional round
Lelghborlng circuits.
V. 1 Ilitllldny, and other gn
left for VlnocnucH, the other
Ueiidlug to return by land, along
lite of tho Cairo and Vinconncs
I). Hurd hns. not yot returned
That reach
l.'cro not aware, until tho Contralto
Id' callcil our attention to tho
I. ,t w ha 1 gravely averted that
l.tnl. h had luid upon, our table, a
weighing fifteen ounces and
Iriug eleven and n half inches In
Irr. The weight wiw correctly
but as tho nioaiure'niont given,
the peach about the Slr.u of a
'jumpkin, wosupposo wo must
it rrckett's coon, and "como
I' Thi tiniieb incinurptl eleven
i and a half In circumference.
TJio IrcuW Court To-llny.
morning hours of tho Circuit Court
were consumed by tho attorneys
ling motions. Tho only caso put
i was thut of the People vs. Nancy
li for keeping a lewd house. At 1
: n in. t' Jury took the case, and
Itho hour of going to press had not
upon a verdict.
Ire wore fifteen or twenty lewd
In in attendance, at uoti to-day,
Ig acceplt-d tho Sheriffs Invitation
and ce how his honor (Unpentcu
The v itirt feeling apprehensive
liey wou' I not honor" It with
n-r cill uijIcm constrained to do sn,
them to ball In sums of ono htin
lollars each. Tn most casus tho
as given.
Liil? M ommi I'lliiK" hermit from the
rri(l Story Ilalcouy of llir Court
I) arrest of n frail creature, named
;lo Wilson, for nn assault with n
Iv wennon. has already boon mon-
Id in theso columns. This morning
was arralngcd beforo tho circuit
It under nn indictment for assault
intent to commit murder. Shortly
wards sho passed out upon tho
second story balcony of tho court
e, avowedly to'get a drlnk'of wator.
took water from tho tank, posted
Upper to tho attending bailiff, and
I, 'luiclc as thought, Hung herself
tho hide balustrades to Mo ground-
w, a dlstanco of about thirty-flvo
alighting upon somo largo bucks or
wood. Contrary to expectation,
kva-s picked up alivo, and, although
Is considerably btulsod and other-
lujurod, Iho belief Is entertained
she will recover. Sho was carried
the hall of tho Jail and medical as
inco summoned, and, when wo saw
about 2 o'clock this aftornoou, sho
conscious, but unable to speak abovo
fhen llrst committed to tho calaboose,
er tho present charge, sho tried to
g herself, and would, most likely,
osuccoedod, but for tho Intorforeuco
Iho jailor. Bho expresses adotermina-
Ii to destroy hersolf when she has tho
mrtunlty, and sho lias given most un-
luaKaoio uvuienco i tier sincerity in
To t outraclnri mul IlullilcrM.
healring to clean off my lumber yard,
Iparltory to engaging niorecxtenslvely
the lumber business this fall, I will
ll the stock on hand, consisting of nsh,
It, hickory, OiDioRa, P"ptor &o of all
les and dimension, cheupor than It
In Ik cold at any other yard in this
dlon of country. I will take in puy-
ml at par, city scrip, county orders,
d Boh iol scrip.
W. Jr. Wll-MASfs,
Calm saw mill;
hlto, st.pt, UJd 1800. lm
Bradley Kpot" the flhnrteomlitffaof
Shore, mm Dfaoincd Mm m "Cewartf
uona" "Iffaariol."
In a proceeding letter I exposaUd to
the scornful Indlguaucy of the rospeotful
people of these) precincts, the baseful and
ignnrical T, J. Hhores, and how does he
project his resentment? Llko the cow
arduous and dumbolical Imposture that
hols, hosecrolates himself behind tho
skirts of a poor Ignorous and aulmosuous
wench and puts calomclles in her mouth
which he Is afraid to cjoct in his own
personality. But tho baseful and lustrous
skulker shall bo drug from them skirts
and receivo bin Justful deserves at tbo
. hands of cxasplatcd Justice.
What T. J. Shores says, by tho mouth
of an irrigated wenah, of Jacob Bradley,
is not the matter in issuance. But by his
own mouth and in my presents I deify
T. J.' Shores to rcpltato them. If ho is
a man of sablllty ho will come
out from Sarah Hopkln's skirts and
fao mo llko a man; but If he has falsi
cated my repetition, as ho knows he has,
ho will again wrap himself up ,in dirty
calico aud Implicate a displcaclous
wench to mouth his slanders.
I have said that T. J. Shores has two
living wives, both living. He lias not
deuuueiated tho charge I now say that
his son Joseph us Shores, attempted a
monstrollc raneical wrongncss upon a
white lady near Champaign, and tho
exasplated public seized the wretch and
deprlvated lilin of his maufulucss. Seo
the castigated neuter and yon can then
uptiHk judgmatically of T. J. Shored as a
father This, and that T. J. Shores Is
living forulcatioiisly in adult domestics
tlou, I am ready to extulllsh, and deify
T. J. Shores has borrowed money from
poor, hard working colored cirls, aud In
nulled them when they explored hint
for Its roturnraont. J'or this dastardous
proceeding the husband of ono of tho
glrjf projects no money Into Shores'
church box, aud others pronouueo him to
his face as a theftu.tH cheater.
In Champaign, Shores was made the
guardian nnd protector of a family of
orphan miners. They had property, but
Shores controverted it all into money,
or appllrated it to his own purpoilcatlous
so that the poor black children, which
ho projects bo great a friendliness for,
weru loft without a cent to their backs
and been no o the charge of ttic charitous
peoplo who saw them in suffering and
dhtresful wantonuei.
Wherever Shores ha been ho bus de
ceived the incrediblo and cheated those
that imposed in his fidelity. lie Jeft
Spriugtleld with much preclplty, by his
baseful conductions calling down upon
his head tho obllquatlon and contempti
ble ludlgnancy of nil who had knowl
edge of his villain lc.il oxcossenccs. ilo
daro not show tils head there again; but
In Cairo ho Is pormlsItatcd to promulgl.
categospolic cxhnrbitations.
Ho daro not go to St. Louis, for there
Cartwrlght denunciatcd him as an Im
posture who would not stopnt any crim
inous habitudes, however degredatious
or graceful. How monstrlcal aud In
flrmous his tergasslons were, I resorvato
for futurous deluclvatiou. Bradley can
go back to every place where he has beeu
and be received with franteruntlvo do
monstrosities; but If Shores goes back to
his old vlclnudcs ho will bo called upon
to expatiato tho criminous execssence
that demands rectlfaction and antona
tion. His career In Cairo is oxecrotacious,
aud should take from him his permitago
to dessecate the sacred desk. Knowing
tho slnuousnessof tho net, ho married
l.uclnda lluckcrs to Win. Abonathy,
against tho romou&trations of Luc In da's
living husband and Abcrnathy'a living
wife. Tins ho did, and when his cougrc
cation exposed an indlgnancy at tho
fragrant outrage, ho told the into remain
lastly on their own foundations or ho
would dispel them instantously from the
gospel circlet I
And now I ask, should such a man bo
longer propogated In theso mldsts. He
Is trying to irato tho colored peoplo into
nnlmo9Uous altitudes against tho whlto
people, and If troubulous periods comes,
T. J. Shores sbould bo bold tn tho ox.
ponsibility of It. Butouough for thin in
stance. I have still hotter shot In my
loclcot, which I shall uso when tho trepi
daclous skulk again fusllades mo from
behind his masked buttery of dirty
calico, Jacoii Bhadlkv,
A Baptist Minister.
Ilraillfy anil NhotrN Affnln
Tho Bev. Jacob Bradley returns to tho
contllct with renewed vigor He evinces
a determination to mako Shores "meet
Bombastc, faco to face.'1 Tho ability of
Shores to mako tho contest interesting,
Is well understood by those who read his
re-ply to Bradley, over tho signature of
"arah Hopkins." To show that wo
were not standing in nn "anlmosuuus
altitude" toward either contestant, wo
gave Mr. Shore's reply the benefit of our
circulation. It is true, he utterly demol
Uhed H3 therein, by stating that tho
editor of the 'Bulletin' Is not only a "cop
perhead," but has been guilty of things
thut "uliitw which way tho wind ldov&"
but (lib did not, in the least, weaken
tuir T-iivu to do him equal and cxnet
O.v n. lo ihvabs ncoiif Bev. J. W. Coe,
tl.ero will be no services in th" Church
of the ItiMietnur to ini-rrow.
Good all linen shirt bosoms at $2 60
per dozen at Belliy's. tf
Use Ender'a Chill Cure. "It never
Firt class day board at Walker k Ulss
on's restaurant,' at $5 per week. tf
Best 5 quarter pillow slip muslin 24
cents per yard, at Rellly'u. tf
The bonds issued to Fox, Howard 4
Co., are as fine a specimen of lithography
an we have seen In many a day. The
center vignette is a view of Loveo treet
and wharf from tho corner of Sixth street
to tho grain elevator, a distance of about
a mile and a quarter. The buildings,
trains of cars, steamboats, otc, are well
delineated, forming a very lifelike and
animated picture. In attaching his sig
nature to the bond and coupons the
mayor will perform an amount of writ
ing equal to twcnly-four thousand "word.
Quito a littlo Job for a man who enjoys
that kind of employmentabout as keenly
as ho does the toothache.
Irish linen, selling at 185, now $1 ir
Irish linen sold at SI, now 75 cents; aud
good Irish linen atGOccntf, at Beihy's
Tile llitllilllifforit .tvivJni! Kocommeuiled.
' !
To Ih" HonoraWft thf Circuit Court of Ihi County of
Air xmiler, Btato uf IIIId-iIji:
We, tho Grand Jury of tho county of
Alexander, ahd State of 'lllltioN, duly
ompiiuuellcd and swum, at tho Septem
ber term, A. 1). 1800, of tlieClrcult Court,
would respectfully report: That we have
examined tho County Jail, an tho law
directs, and thut we find it kept In ns
good condition a.-i the circumstances wil
allow. But wo would respectfully repre
sent unto this Honorable Court, that its
location on tho ground Door of the coun
ty court house, Is a very bad ono, render
ing it necessarily damp, and otherwise
unwholesome; and that its dimensions
arc altogether too tinall for the number
of prisoners usually confined therein, ne
cessitating the huddling together of so
many prisoners In ono cell as to be,. In
our Judgment, unwholesome, cruel and
Inhumane, that the architectural defects
of the Jail render it impossible that it
could bo kept in a proper or wholesomo
And wo would respectfully recommend,
if it be within our province so to do, that
the proper ttcps bo immediately taken
for the construction of a new, proper aud
sufficiently Inrgejall building to meet the
wants of the county
GM Jir Ilonii, )
Hj.t sail, !. f
Tho Inrge-tt and best furuUlicd billiard
hall In-Southern Illinois lb that of V ilk
ker it 6lson. . tf
Teeth! Toe Hi! 'IVc-th!
Dr. Austin, at 140 Commercial avenue,
U a surgeon donttat of iiiuoh experience,
theoretically and practically familiar
with all the details of the profession.
Wo unhesitatingly recommend him to
our reader.-, at homo and abroad, iih one
of the mot successful practitioners in tho
State. Sept23dlw
IlnlRc .Miller an tmml ncniti.
Hcdgo Miller, acknowledge! on nil aides
to bo the hading clothier of Cairo, has
Just brought on his Fall and Winter
stock. Wo uccd not say a word in ex
foliation of Hodgo'H Judgmont in tho
selection of clothing for this market. Ho
rests his reputation in that respect, not
upon what anybody may say; but upon
au Impartial examination of thoovideiico
ho furnishes in tho goods with which ho
fills his largo storo house.
Men of taste, of late years, buy full
suits. Tho very place for such mon to
proctiro supplies Is at Miller's. Never
beforo were thoro so many elegant, fash
ionable nnd seasonable complete suits
brought to Cairo, And In every partic
ular ids stock is complete. His piece
goods ombracoovery stylo of olnthos that
aro uew and desirable, and In his mer
chant tailoring department, is tho placo
to got fits good work In tho very hlght
of fashion.
And as for hats nnd caps well wo can
not any moro than that nedgo has pre
served his. reputation. Go around nnd
see, luquiro pri 'cs, nnd you will at ouco
determlno that tho place to equip your
precious self from head to fool, Is at
Hedge Miller's.
J. C. Carson, agent forplano, organs,
and Wheeler & "Wilson's sowing ma
chines, Eighth street, near Washington
I wish to Inform tho public that I ahull,
in a few days, increaso my stock of
pianos, and bo propared to furnish to
order, many of tho first olass instruments
manufactured, on short notice, at tho
regularly established prlco; any of which
I will do! Ivor, setup and warrant to bo
In perfect order beforo requiring tho pay-
ment of any money. All instruments
warranted for flvo years. I also koep
piano stools and covers, and am receiv
ing the vory latost publications of imiaio.
All persons wanting anything in my
lino of bu-lness will do well lo call and
seo my stook and learn particulars, bo
fore I'fTeclimj purchases elsewhoro.
HopLM dlw J.jO. OAitso.v, Agent.
Medal awarded to "Harrott'."
-.-. -
Linen sheeting 12 quarter wJde, 1 7.5
cent per yard, at Hellly's. tf
"Tho Host in iW'-Entler'a Stomach
BeHtjaquarier sheeting OVj cents per
yard, ReJlly's tf
4- 1 1 - - - i I.-..
Good towels, all linen, 20 cents, each,
at Kellly'a. tf
About four thousand dollars worth of
boots and shoes for sale at Rcllly's at 50
percent, on the cost price I it
Wfell Br( rnr nnd Fresh.
Charles Schoenmeyer, at tho Egyptian
Brewery Saloon, corner of Tenth and
Washington avenue, has received a fresh,
supply of A. No. 1 while beer, it la a
prime article, as all will agree who sam
pltit Wittlg'a celebrated string band will be
present this evening and discourso some
of their choice music. Come oat and
hoar them. It
"Barrett's" not a pasty compound.
P. Rellly keeps up his stock of staple
goods. Persons wauling domestics,
flannels, etc., at actually cost price, oan
secure them thore in any quantity de
sired. He is selling vast quantities of
goods, for the reason that the people,
have ascertained that ho is furnishing
unparrallcled bargains.
Shell oysters; red aud white fish,
game in seasou, subject to order, night
or day, at Walker & Slssou's restaurant.
The sale of the lato John Hamllou's
stock of furniture will tako place on
Wednesday, tho 20th instanU The
stock embraces several chamber sets,
Hue hair cloth chairs, rockers, marble
top bureaus and center tables, and a
variety of turnltuio ofa cheaper grade.
As every article will bo sold at public
outcry, it is altogether probablo that bid
ders will secure great bargains.
I. O. O. F. A special meeting of
Alexander JakJ;o, No. 221, will bo
held at their hall, on Monday evening
September 27th,at half-past seveu o'clock.
Buidiicsa of importance to tho lodge will
be transacted and all its members aro re
quested to attend. Visiting brothers aro
Invited. By order of the N, O.
E A. Buknktt,
It Uecordlng Sec'y.
Z I f r m o n I ii 1'n me.
Tho best and prettiest cook stove now
A new lot Just received. Call and sec
them at Beerwart, Ortli & Co., 130 Com
mercinl ovenue. Sopfldtvlm
A Hint to urea.
If you w uld enjoy a dish of oysters
fried, stewed or on tho half shell; if you
would tickle your palate with seasonable
gume, served in a ttyle fit for a king, or
an American sovrelgn; If you would par
take of the choicest, fish that swim
northern lake-', or tho famous southern
red fish; if, In short, you would ballsfy a
craving fur any obtainable ediulo lux
ury r ueeeHnlty, go to Walker SiSlssou's
restaurant, Leypliau block, Ohio luvce
They stand utisurpasrcd as restaurateur
liavo elegantly rurnialied dining rooms,
and treat guests wild a courtesy charac
teristic of tho true gentleman.
Itrjrmii'M.Chlcnco ltiilnrM Training
Our ad vice to any young mnn, that
can sparo tho timo and money, Is to go
to JlrgunV Chicago Jttutncts Training
School, whore the bent facilities in tho
country are to found. It is Just as cheap
to go to "Headquarters" au lo go to a
second-rate institution. Send for paper
describing this model Institution the
"High Schoql" to Commercial Colleges.
Address. H B Bhyant, Chicago, 111.
"Barretts" takes the lead.
Who nhitll li OeUfffitra?
Tho Louisville Commercial Conven
tion, an assemblage to which Cairo can
not attach too much importance, con
venes on tho 12th day of October. Who
shall represent Cairo? "Wo havo Capt.,
D. Hurd, Hon. W. J. Allen, Hon. AV. II .
Green, W. P. Wheeler, Esq., Capt. W. P.
Ha'llday, Col. J. 6. Keardeu, J). TLln;
cgar, Esq , I. N. Hughes, Esq., Col. 8:
S, Taylor, W. W. Thornton, Esq., "W. M.
Williams, Esq., Capt, G. T. Hlnde, H. W.
Webb, Esq., Chas.'.Galllghcr, Esq., Capt.
Jno. V. Trover, and many othor gontlo
mon who could mako themselves hoard
and felt. Let us chooso our boat
mon and make them got Cairo Is en
titled tofourdolegatos.
ltlVEft 1VKWS.
Arrlvnl iml Departure DurliiE' thn Pnti
31 lloiim,
Oen. Amlrrion. Columlmi Wni White, r.ulnoali;
IM ... I V I .
Sam UroMn, St. I.011I';
T. I,. Mcilill,
Wild Cut, '
Kiln !liiKhr,CUrkiivilIe;
AVilJ IXiclc, PittxburK.
rrouKlitilp. lUlmoiit,
Colorado, YickiilmrK:
Shamrock, "
Iiv'llo M, liOlilt , Memphis!
fion. An.lcrou.Co!unitf.ii Win White, I'ailuoAh;
Him llroun, St. Loulj Diamond, i.otilsrillp;
Willi Duck,
(lino I.oilse,
" (rmaalllo, .0.;
" T. 1; XcOill, "
Luminary. virktLnrKt
" Nnunuii, viiniTillei
1 rienaimp,
Hello tit. i.oi.
una iii, I'liuimrg
Tho weather became cloudy last oven
ing and so continues, During tho night
a great change took placo in tho temper
nturo and It Is now qulto cool, with a
Htroug breeze from tho north, making
tho rlvor very rough and endangering
loaded Hat-boats at tho 1 j tiding.
The Mississippi! and Missouri lire In
about the samo condition as at our last
report, and with plenty of wator. 4
Tho Ohio Is stationary at Pittsburg,
with two feet in tho channel, and fallliig
at Louisville with four loot iix Inches In
tho canal.
Here tho rlvor has fallen four inches
since last report.
The Hollo Memphis, Cant. Crane, Is
the regular packet for Momphls this
oveniug. Chits. q Ilinde. ngout.
Tho Whlto Capt. Northern, leaves as
usual this ovoning for Paducah.
jpon KV
. ......................
.Ho. 100 Cosc"
O. 66. "
btiEafc TThr!,l, of b? City of
rrk. will tcire for Hie nboTB snH all fanner of constructlnr
poInU on
TnjJNKSR ntVER, KVRRY TnUIWDAY 0 ,ho.c,,y ofc."'M!
!4U. yind onc and all
Th Alpha council elof ly at Danvillo with hl7no""n chapuv
for ClArkaTllle. Ikiwllnir (Urm unci LauUrllln- n. iin....
t.ToinonTlll with train for Nmhillle. iJlfleilraUblliih.
liflurnlnjr alio conucctn at Cairo with ttcamura rcL-utatlnii the
trains for all point. aullruru broGy re-'
Th light draught pueenRcr Steamer
K. r. NORTH KRN ...Mailar.
J. V. DnVBtlLT. ..w..CIerr,
Wll. make rpjtnlcr DAILTTRlWlielwrcn Curo and
failucikh. Icavinit Cairo tvtiv rvitihia (Siiml.ii-ii n.-
crptrd) at fire o'cloolc.
Thu Whlto connect at I'.ulurah wil' the New O.-If arv
and Ohlornllroa.1, mid tho Cumberland and T$nnpsie
jr cir irei jiu or putago appir on Uwrd, or to
landll cairn. Illlnola.
Tunica Cairo rory 3IONDAV lJVKNINO, iiiaklat
cloieoonnectlm ith tniintat IHnTllla for Clark-
villr, ami at .MintoiiYdlf , with ttum tor NathrilU ,
l'urtinutor ftUfulinn wl to wav bualnoKt. a
t'.VIUO, - - - ILLINOIS. ,w
This Instllut'Oii wiim fotimUil In ISA,
nun t-iuirirrrn uy nir niaiu or
lllnoln In 1S03,
Ti:UJIS: . ..
Ilonrd nnd Tuition. innliidlngUxland betJilini;,
w.ihlux aud aUtlnnnry, (r term of II to
months 107
Mualc, daiiPtng. rntinkiiiidth lnn(tug, oalru,, ,
Tor further Inforinatlon arnlv to tho , - .
eoRl7.ni MoTlinit SUPRIU0n.t
(,'ontnliiH no fltitnliir or Araculc,
Is nut I'mili-itHiuit to the Taktoj jvj
Chllilrrn nil! take It ullhoiit Iirsltiv
Atter a fair trial, pronoua It tho rMt of all medli
ciuc.iYft known for thnipccdy and ciTtalu litro of
'I .ft$
o . a ' ,n
. . . . . ztk
. ;
Chilli1 nnd Korcr refw1 from a corfata i.o!ou
rxullni; in the iiiiMnbreThiiovrn n inalorla, lire
liner (ho vital 'y nf ihf IjiikjiI, retard the action' ct
tho dlffcronl irMti, nnd cu.'S llllliounrf , (j'onsllg
patlon, etc, and ii ihlg way reir llii'pj-ilmn'fo?
any dleaoof iinieroaerloiunuture which unylfol?
low. T avoid furthar troubjo, wnl nllovo yOutaetf
of this i lease, tulo
IlDKIl'S am ix cuiti:.
It allraululoi tho oreans to porfonn UielrdlSvresi,
function, nnd urn aa an antidoto to tho polfon which;
cante tho Kerer and Acne, and thereby restore) the
ayttemtohealihandtone:and!t soodionle stfli
Will givo btrenBth awl apatite, illdxuoy, that
fcelini; of vearlnea tlul clings to ti'nnclouiU- lo imy
onn when recurerlng frifti IM ducuje It I hlnlffy
lvommlinllellrirtleu, of tijirciwla,
i'K.uAI.K VJl,lKNrji!S,
Aud lui l uuaba, cold, broiichitu ui I oMiiraittQnt
It hnot tofio t.ni.d. A A TOMO lUTVllltAftK
it id uatqiinlltvl, and In a uie .iwiutlr ngaUijli
( hllln mid Kever If t.iUn tegidarly.
nn. r. 21. ftNncuN,
:At (ho Onicotho IlaUtlii,
r uo Known aa
of Cairo:
"ill, rltren,
in, twenty,
Monty. four,
iraon may
to Moth
lla.or 19
it to

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