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Ud'11'H'' . I . V S
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ei-bdt. Th'6rfilJ6n-s BullctfiW
i o i DM
I Hi Arralnarnie'nt or tlio Ailmlulstrntlnii.
and III potlllon on llio Orrnt rfrttlonn!
The New York democratic atato con
cntlon met it Syracuse on tho Uiutl
last., every county In tho Htuto being re
prcMiilod. 'The Utmoat harmony charac
terised Its deliberations. The platform
f prinelplw adopted ia broad, and em
phatic. It demands a restoration of ail
Uko states to their right In the Union
under the constitution; tho amnesty of
political ollendcrn; tho reduction of the
tandliiR army; tho nbolltlon of tltut hy
brid Institution, the Kreedmen's Bureau;
the restoration of tho rightful authority
of thejudiuiary, and tho subordination of
the military to the civil power
It arralii)H General Grunt and tho ad
ministration for prolonging the clhtitilon
of the Htatuti; for endeavoring, by military
dictation and arbitrary penal tics to
noercu states and communities into ai
sent to radical measures; for fail hit; to
protect thu manses and giving cotmton
aucuaud support to oIum InteionUj; de
claring that the administration, turning
Its back upon tho people, has heoomo
thu peiuloucrand patron of accumulated
wealth, and that thus, while abusing
the governmental standard at home hau
lowered thu toue of our diplomacy nbroad
by tho character of its appointments;
by IU vaKclllalloiiH and limitations in re
Hard to our rlghtH as a nation, iu want
of sympathy with people Htrugylhii! foi
liberty and Its indill'erence to the- fate of
American citizens, the victims of foreign
The balance of tho platform declaring
tho position of the New York dumocracy
on the great national issues, wo give en
tire: Unsolved, That the democratic party
U now, as it ever tuts been, in favor of
the fiillltlmeut of all legitimate contracts
made with the federal government, with
the name f trlctuess and honesty that
should attend the payment of contracts
between man and man ; and In case of
loans ma lo totho federal government
by authority ot law It U the right not
oniy oi me lenner, oui 01 me .meruan
people, from the fruits of whoitc labor
ueti loan inunt be paid, tttutMUch olill
gatinns tdiould be dibcliarnl when duo
in the manner provided for by the law in
obedience lo wnlch they were created.
Itusolved, That the multiplication of
taxes, hiur complexity and uncertainty,
mid it iuisItorI.il priK's by whloh they
are ex rteil from the people, and, ullll
more, the uiieiuul aud unjust syntem by
which a moneyed rlau in exempt from
thu burdens of statu and municipal gov
orniueiil and tlutr uliaro impoied upon
their neighbors Is a constantly Inoroi.-lng
abJ!e; tual It Is thu dti y of the fctates;
meti of the country to simplify our taxes,.
d.Htnb'ito them upon the property of the'
ciun'ry, re luce tho tarlir to a revenue,
basis, and thus release Industry from Its
heaviest burden and give freedom to
ltolved, That the fifteenth amend
in tut of the federal constitution, proposed
by tho radical majority in congress in a
ninrlt of contemplof the people aud of
tliOTlghtof the statts to regulate the
elective franchise, aud in utter disregard
of the pledgesof the party, and attempt
ed to he forced upon the states ns a con
dltlou of their restoration to civil govern
ment and to their representation in tho
national legislature, la Intended to place
the question of aufl'ragu in tho hands of
the central powers aud by debasing to
demoralise tho representative system.
The gold excitement among tho bulls
and boars of Wall street, last Thursday
and Friday, surpassed anything of the
kind ever ween in this country. Tho
The gold room was jammed almost to
suiTocatlon, and when tin bidding com
menced a scuno ensued that would have
disgraced n band of Camancho Indians.
Mon yelled, waved their hats, clambered
upon one another's hacks, and a number
actually fainted aud wero trodden under
foot. One prominent operator became
temporarily insane, aud ran about in a
pitiable atatoof trepidation, to escapo
Imaginary villains who wore puisulug
him witli pistols, guns and bludgeons.
The premium ran up to 01 percent. In
less than half an hour. During Friday
the aggregate transaction! amounted to
It is believed that tho kulls, who con
spired with JayCooko, Woodward, Flak,
Jr.J" aud othera to produce tho panic,
realized proiita amounting to $11,000,00!)
Tho Now York 'World' suggests an
Improvement in organ grinding:
"duppofco tho organ player.s wero to
disembowel their music-boxes of thu
machinery contained in them, and n
place Itby Homo of a strictly utilitarian
kind -suy collee-grlndlng t,r popper
grinding apparatus'.' Or, If this would
Involve too much labor, let them not re
place the mtioic arrangements at all, but
grhid merrily through tho livelong day
in silent rapture. The grinder, thus
divested of his odium, would take in
moro money than ho over gained by hl
uolso tiOt soiuo Buuaiblo organ-grinder
take this hint at oute, aud on i lie Hut
who doas tho writer proml-os e I ouow.a
ten-cent stamp every time ho passes.'
Baron Von Werthor, formerly a Prus
sian Minister of Austria, has been ap
pointed Minister to France, mid Frinco
Bcups appointed Minister to Austria
a recent P-iblltejin c b In-lW-
'liozeman City, loi'iUa'a, , thp'carjpei
covcruor. Aslilev. wai'tVc chldf siVeiiJ
Ills principal toplojw'u3! emlgraUon-th,
uuijr ui iiiu jifuiio.viiu tuts iiuinuriirai
being, to olicourago it in every possible
manner, "and in rforng tills let tisane
cially invito tho Anglo. Saxon, the Teu
ton, tho Ceif,'thatMoiitann muy become,
what I ardently hopo she may, a white
man's state."
Think of (hat from tho great Impeach
crthe most furious and unrelenting of
radicals, tho most devout and humble
worshlperof tho poor down troddon Afri
can! But tho milk in (hit cocoa nut is
notdlfllcult to account for. Immigra
tion will soon make Montana a Rtate,
and a democratic one at that. Ashley
has his eyes on a seat in tho United
Htatc Senate, and henco the "Hop," in
dicated In tho remarks we have quoted.
Tho democratic party can stand a great
dealt being founded on principles of
right and justice, but, may thu good Lord
nave us from Ashley!
(Knr t tiro liulMui.
iti:nni;3n; thf. fit u-tio.v.m, ecu
r saw In a late uewspuncr, tint, there
was a demand for 5.$00,000 of fractional
currrency, per month, to suppjy the
and. that orders had beuu
place of-tho old, thu mutilated, uic ,
isued from tho Treasury Department to
the ongiaving companies which supplied
It, to go to work at once, In order to
meet the demand. Now If this fraction
al currency could be entirely abolished,
and we could havo our old "fractional"
tUicr currency of half do.lars, quarter
dollars, dlmea and half dimes, back
again, thro would be no need of this
constant issuing of paper fractional cui
rency, as thfo would be nmio of this
"wearnud tear' of the paper lu iuey.
And there is no good reason why we
should not have It back again The
Government, has million, o,yuldh the
treaiury, aud Is constantly recelvlni: mil
lions of it for customs, etc , and could
easily take tho gold and purchase silver
coin with it, or the bullion from tho rich
silver mines of tho A'estern territories'
ftii.i have it coined, aud redeem all this
fractional paper currencyIf they -would
do it. There aro several good reasons
why they should doit In the !lrt place,
this paper currency Is continually wear
inc out and becoming mutilated, and cre
ating a demand for that which is new,
and considerable e-puiisc has to be con
stautlp incurred by the government in
having the now Issued. In tho uccoud
place, Ihls paper fractional currency, not
being sltned with the pen by tho Treas
urer, but all printed, It is easily counter
feited; and there is no doubt but a large
quantity of it In circulation Is counter
fait, but so adroitly done that it cannot
be easily detected. In the third and hint
place, if the govwrninoiit has the means
and the power, or Congress can and
ought to give the last to thm, to redeem
this fractional currency with the ller,
In the way we have mentioned; and it Is
a duly they owo to the peoplo to do k.
That currency wascreatud for n tempor
ary purpose, to meet a want, thu exigen
cies for which have passed away, aud
whv continue it any longer.'
If It bo alleged that the silver Is all
locked up and hoarded away by banks,
capitalists, misers, ote, and that If tho
paperls drawu in, thoHilver currency to
supply its place would toon all go the
same way, and wo would have no amall
currency at all; I reply, that redeeming
of tho paper with sllvor would bo the
very way to draw this hoarded specie all
out from whoro it Is deposited. As long
as wo have- plenty of paper monoy In cir
culation, the gold ami silver will bo kept
locked up aud hoarded away I But draw
in all the paper fractional money, and
tho specie will aoon be druwriout. Again,
I say,'let Congress empower the adraiuls
tratlon to buy up silver money with the
gold they have on hand and are con
stantly receiving, and redeem all this
paper fraotlonal curroucy, and lot us
haveour old silver currency back again.
The government could also redeem a
creat deal of this naner with itold two-
and-a-half, three-dollar, and one-dollar
piece.) Let it an ue redeemed, ami let
us have no paper money under tho de
nomination of ouo dollar. Civis.
A slngnlar instanco of eratlo Insanity
has occurred In I'arU. An elegantly
dressed young lady entored tho I'alals do
Justice and inquired with regard to tho
legal forms with which matrimony ia
made a fact. M R rlllou referred her to
tli. muviir ef the arondlssemoiit. To tills
alio replied, rather uncategorically, that
! alio was "Universal Buffering," and that
it was her Intention to marry all "crea
tion. Hho further stated that sho had
bsen poisoned, lay for dead, mid was tak'
en to the Morgue, on tho (slabs of which
alio lay for six a eeks, unable to speak or
move, but yet quite conscious of every
thing going on around-conscious of the
corpses that were laid by herside, and of
the conversation of the peoplo employed
In the place. It turned out that she was
a lady of good social position, who had
fallen in luvo with her cook, attracted by
his good looks She had his photograph
, with her, us is u-ual In such cases.
The- end of tho great boat-race Is not
yet "A Northern gentleman of means,"
we learn, who Is now planting on the Sea
Mauds, ban heeii so struck by the rowing
abilluo of the enfranchised In his cm-
. . . i . i
ploy, as to be now meditating a cnui
lunge hi their lohalf to Harvard, Oxford,
uud all other- whomsoovor. 'lho fcea
Miindiat Is willing to put his money
dovn.aud h I" to be hoped no foolish re
ference t( "raci , color, or previous con
dl Ion," wllhi permitted to prevent an
acceptance oftho wngor by "-mio crack
Co1' M
Michael K. Lawler, tho gallant
old enmmandor of tho gallant old 18th
Illinois volunteers, ia again at hla home
hi (Jallatiu county, after a thrco ycara'
absenco JnfiTsiw.Tbo.J9th jaw more!
moouy aervico men any regiment that
entered tho army frMsfir Illinois, and'
Lawler was generally (At its head. But,
being a democrathoentered tho. war a
colonel and cam5out of it a colonel.
Who would not'rather haveMIko Law-,
lor'a conscfcijce than. John A Logan's
titkBT i'
A fatal tyol of whooping cough ia pre
vailing In (Jo)conda. 4
Tho Shawueetown 'Mercury', speaking
oftho death of Georgo Nichelaon, by the
explosion of tho Phantom, says ho was
killed instantly. Uis neck, both arms
aud one of bin legs were broken.
Street preachlngand evening meetings
are "all tho go" in tihawnectown aud
great religious interest prevails.
The Oolconda 'Herald' saya that there
Is a bear wauderiug about the woods of
Pope county, that has been frequently
seen of late.
I)u Quoin has a charter 'for a gas and
coko company, and the City Council has
agreed to loan 10,000 to any parties who
will put up the works. Thu 'Tribune'
thinks a capital of $30,000 will sulllce.
Kuykcudall is posted to canvass A Pe
county In tho Interest of Kuykondall,
commencing next luesuay, i
The Jonesboro High School will com-
meuceou Monday, tiie4th day ol October.
Class A will be under tho Instruction of
Col. Woodsldes, an educator of excellent
A boy named Francis Melnberger, was
killed nearCobden, one day last week,
under the following circumstances. The
mule which he was riding took fright.
and running off threw the boy from lt
back. In falling, tho boy's leg hi came
entangled in thu harness, In which con
dition he was dragged a hundred yards
or moro. When found he was ileau.
The Cobden Public School will open
on the first Monday in October, A. C.
KorU-s, A M., is principal. Miss Carrie
Mitotic!, Mrs MelanleT. Earlu aud Miss
Cteorclo Kowaud are assistants. The
Jonenboro 'Uazzetto' speaks of Prof. For
bvs as a rlpo scholar, mid kii experienced
teacher. Cobden boosts of an excellent,
well arranged school building.
liemmlngs, Cooper ami Whitby's
great circus and muuagcriu hold forth at
Anna next Thursday.
uinr two voi;'i m:v ritint nut
A St. Paul correspondent of the Spring
11"1 1 (Mass.; 'Itepubllcan' says:
Instructive to tho green youths who
think tho West Is an oyster which they
can open with their Jack-knives, uro the
events which occurred to two young men
a few days ago. . Having landed from
the boat by means of a plank provided
for that purpose there are no w harves
here they wero gazing around on
the resplendent glories of Bt.Pau! when,
of man approached them, aud tho foll
owing conversation ensued: "Good
evening, gemlsue i; from the East?"
"Yes, 0lr.r' "From Bosliug?" "No,
air.' Tailors?" "No, sir; we ain't got
no trado; we're In tho dry goods profess
ion." "Then I toll vou what it is," said
the clerical looking man, speaking with
great earnestuesa and solemnity, "you
had better bo careful what you
are about: the dry goods
dealers aro all at their storo doora watch
ing for Just such chaps as you, and if you
go up town you will be shoved Into a
12,000 clerkship afore you know it, which
of course, you don't want to, till you've
seed the riights." Appalled at tho idea
of being thrust Into a Job In such a per
emptory manner, our young friends
gladly acceptod the gentleman s limita
tion to visit "hla place," which was readi
ed after a roundabout journey through
tho back streets, and was, of coureo, a
low gambling hell. This was about soven
o'clock. A littlo before midnight tho
door of "hla place" opened cautiously,
aud tho Insensible forms of tho mis
guided young men were borne out by
the owner and another man, who, after
attending to their temporal wants by
propping Uiein up agaiust a threshing
machine, left them, havlng kindly taken
..imrL'o of their money and watches.
When the young men camo to them
selves they saw a man on the other aide
of the street, aud began approaching lilm
to find out wliero lijey were, una uiuu,
who waa Ofllcer So-and-ao, seeing two
men approaching him from a dark cor
ner. Immediately knocked them down,
sprung his rattle, II red his revolver, aud
In a few minutes half the polico force of
the city was on the Mot, and bravely
secured the prisoners and took thorn to
tho calubooo. In the morning tho
charges of vagrancy and assaulting an
officer wero made against them, and
proven easily, especially na they had
been "on in tho company of gamblers
tim ,111V orevloiis. Tho oflicor received
great credit for his Intrepidity, and tho
young mon received permission to work
with the chain gang for a few day.s, Tho
moralist, Intent on tho study of huinau
frailty in all Ita aspects, might huvo seen
thorn, free of oxpense, pulling weeds In
front oftho City "all, each with a ball
and chain attached to ills left anklo.
Joke will now bo the order about tho
Solium atiida presented to Carl in Cali
fornia. Secretary Cox has taken charge of iho
Interior apartments of a new house at
I!"" Now Jersey avenue.
" mjws'iTEMSA v
Peru la quaking again.
Napoleon presided at his Council Fri
day.'j ; n
Tho Crown Prince of Prussia is to at-
'leni.tric fcu'ez'bpenlng'. . i. (.
It is-said-that Flsk -procured tho In-
jiiquoii vviuqu smaBneu ao, many ope
rRtora In Centrol stock at thb lew York
boardiMayl ,
Beecqefs. now cbramonlon service is
described as "beautifully chased." So
ought .tobe the tblovea whoiatolothc
other. - -r
" Wild beasts aeum to enter largely in
to tho alpaca builuess, there beltig a
strife between tho "BufTalo" nrtlclo and
tho "tiger" article. Both aro intended
for the dears.
Hair thieves are becoming bold.. In
California recently; several Gulueso lost
their cues.
A Pittsburg paper has discovered aomo
new relatlonaof Mrn. Grant in that city
Wretiuhtll by name.
Mr. Bruce Porter, "a lady of very de
cided Republican tendencies," wiu
commissioned postmaster of Lou'svillo
, Friday.
1 The eldest son of,. Victoria of Egypt Is
I about to enter, Christ Church College,
Oxford. A house has been rented for
j bU u,e, of wlilcli liu will take posloa
j month. ' '
Cathurlno Taylor was arrested in Now
Orleans tho other night, on the charge of
being a man in woman's clothing. The
ofllcer wouldn't take her word, and her
personal appearance was evidently
against her. Still, she would not despair,
and, In her extremity, appealed to know
If ho wus married "No!" CiUhurlim
; hung her head a moment in reflection,
i Evidently, modesty and hope were strug
gling for the mastery. Thun, looking
eagerly Into the officer' face, ihe said:
"Don't lock me up aud I'll marry you
mwelfj '
Mrs. Punnuyer, an old Cairo favorlto,
whose name is Intimately Interwoven
with the hl-tory of the old Doflauco the
ater, Is filling an engagement at Do Bar's
opera house In St Louis. Wo Judgo
t- 1 I . I 1 M . I . . r .
mim uiecriiiuisms oi most. Jvouia press
mat sue is losing the buoyancy of lifo
anil animation that oueo characterized
her. Time and hard irork aro, evident
ly telling upon her.
A I'maWi Conn-dor
to tho married, i rthost
lo(lt in murr r, n tli
lil. .InltiiruVMl f.ti'.lM.i..
MiJ rrrf luou oc imo.ciurI cy.tem; untitlm MUil
ili.oovcniK tr roiiicini; iin-l prcTrntun: ofl.onm;.
ho tuirrKri the complexion, fie.
Thu is an luu-rriliu work of mo hundred ml
.ni.iln tsIuuL'1 information for tho who art- mr-
rim cr contemplate mirtUe, Ktill It is hoolr that
OURhf to bo Letit lindlT llu-k uml L- .ml nut la
crt.j fttwut tho homo.
rwnno ny ono (ireeor polef.''., "' k "",ai.
A.trtr" fJr Hutti' DimP ; Wl c"0(r 1
Md MrketHr.U,8t LguW.Mo. ,,..,,
TU,s'ATn.' ltrforc fpptynig to tlio nolorlouii
Onaiwhodertinn putiliu inpi-r, or uiliig any
H.oii tmtdur, x-ri Or Hull.' work, no matter whav
jour dino U, or how deplorable your vonduoa.
Dr. liutttoan hocon'mlt'', peronlly or by mall,
on lho dmtiu mentioned In hla work. Uftve , w.
cor. fifth an I mrkt nlrft', (opfioaiie Coiirthou.,)
Bt. I.UUH 1 .eiTflydaw
The Ciront Soothing Ruicdy!
MJ!-i. fCtirr Colic and Griping In ) PHtCV:
WlirrcOMH'HJ lho bowels, and facillUlei 5 !M
aVllUl'. 1 thu proceas of ip.thlnR ) L'RMtS
M ad. I Subduoa Conrulalon and ot. I I'KICK
V. JUT UMtl'5-eivomialldiir4elnclileal 3
HYnt'l'. I to InfiinU asd children ) C'NTS
MILS. 1 Curf Pia rha. Daintery,) PRICfc
uiiiT-iiun'D Ltin Hnmm.r Pjininlmlnt In V ao
HVltfl'. Jchitdrcnofallaxs. J tff:7
It is tho (irut Infnnl'a and Ctilldma Mtthlog
Heinedy In all (liordir brought on bj leetnlnj, or
,aftZf!ltLlbj'h UKAJTO.V .MKBtaXK CO., 81.
I.oiils. Mo. ... ...
ohl M 'lrtisKlit'and di-alcr in ruodlciu nxery
whrro. aeCTlydan
IT You Witut
Materult. i.iaVo a tlolljr UttUof t!mLst Hir 1U-.
Morativooter. inodtor roilormg gruy hulrto IUori(.
mil color, cndUcentaforo packare.
ir Von Want
Sttu AVUiws Tflli, Ilcftlthy (iumi,uudiTfetlreatli,
!it f.. o,r TL'KKiall HK.NTltlHCK, prfie, 31
If You IVunl
A run' i liu for Headache, Cuiurrh, Diifuesi, or but.
xuirf in the imm, pnd for our HriHtNUT.V'l'ORV.
I'rt' O n cent. WM
HH.Kltli'rof tlie tttjuv in.iitpont-p.ild mi receipt
uf prioe.
Addri'a Jvnt pti Ik. I.ooI.Uj , 131 M.ukit jitreot, bt.
I.oulf, iff. Iydiiv
A Itura Collcrltuii. llutvlnitil'u Ui-Ci Iptx.
Jtagi Arts, PlKoverlff, etc.. i-omprislntr valuab:
iiifuriiiutiou fur !turtod). kent ly iUi (tw "f
IKl.tagiM for IA cint.
' .vldrcslt. E. .NOnMA.NOV.4el Mail.ot tfot, H.
M". """ d"w'y
Ilriilio'ii t'ollccllon
Of nearly cue hundred i--clp tot inuking liMtidr ;
all kind i Wine, Om, Ale, Uer, CordlaW, Superior
Cider, and murth other nuefitl Infoimatlou for thou
itcatuiff In r niaimf-M'turliiK sny oftho oe. either
firlhe trade or homo twe.
tei iu by msll, fie of pojluje.lovieienlt". Addre.
It. K. NOKMANfiV. Wl Market .''itrccl. Ht. Loin. SI".
so2" lydaw
New Marriage Uulile.
N lKX roil YOl'.NO MKS, on Physiological
or. Abuses und Dlsease.s. Incident to Toillli and
Kaily Manhood, which create inipedlwonts to 3l.K
tUAOi; with sure monniof relhf. Kent In acshd let
ter cnvelopcsi free of charjo. Address, lr, 6. BKU,
I.lN limYsHTON liowar-1 .Wrlt!ou, IMtlladcW
phis, !M ,27ilwam
An Ordinance to KcJueo tho KIro LimlU oftho City of
Cnfro, and tojegulato tho manner of constructing
nulfdlnsi wlttiln aald Cltr.
Bo It ordained by the City Council of the city ef CafrOJ
Thatscctlon number ono hundred andne,and all
that part of ncrtlnn number ono hundred nod two af
ter the word "fire llmlta"-in the fifth line, in chapter
number Sre or an ordinance to aitopt lho ordlnancoa
pf the city of Cairo as roled and trfdinedoatabllsh.
iDgthoflrolimllit of aaid city, and regulating the
manner of building, be and tho aame are hereby re-'
pealed, and the foflowim aha.ll lioicuficr bo known an
the boundary ofihe flrelimlto aftheolty of Cairo:
lilocks, one; two, throe, four, fife, lx, elaves.
twele, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen sixteen, twenty,
twenly-one, twenty-two, twenty. three twcnty.four,
twentv-nre, twintylx andtwenly-teTeni and
Be It turthet Onlalnd, That when any pernon may
rtetlte ti. remote a bullHiDK from onejtlaeo to anoth
er, or to tnlarge. a bulldlnR within the fire limits, or Ml
remote abulfdinjr from witnout tho fire limits to a
nljce within the ame, nuch pernon nhall firnt obtain
ihe written consent of three-fourths of all tlio prop,
ertytoldera within ono hiimlred and fifty loel or the
lot upon which it li proposed to locate the bullhlng
jo remoTwl, and of three-fourth of the property
ho dcrswllhln such block, nud (halt preaont auch
written content to the cltr council for approral;
"hep. Upon suoh Approval boln granted, a permit
shall In written out by tho City Cleric, and dcllTcred
to the i person maklniriUo iippllcatlon ; which permit
snail lw niithority for the remoral or enforcement
prayed for. Provldod that the person removing a
buildlnif, orenlirRlncra biilldins, slisll comply tritti
ordlnancos nowexlstlnr, orsucli ordinances mny
hereofier be adopted In relation lobulldlniri -, and
fie It Further Ordained. That hereafter no Ixttldlnc
shall lo erecto-l or construeted, or commenced to bo
erected nreon-'ruiled, writhitilheliinits of Ihecliy of
tnlrp, until tho person or persons desiring to build
shall first obtmii from the City Couneil a permit to
erect or contnift nu ll hitildlnj?, and en ry erso
ft-kinK a permit lo erect or eon. true, a building, ehull,
fit the time of filing their application forn permit to
build, specify In writing, Ihesbv. In length, width
nnd hnjrhtli, und the materials of which it 1 pro.
posed lo corn! mi-1 Mueh building: nnd nt bullcllnv
shall b eonstruutril excepr itrcordiogtothf specifkn.
nons filed and iho permit granted by the City Coun-
And nil frsmoor wo-id-n budil.n- sin!) li,irproet
odor constructed qn tho msido ofsie h bulldinc, brick
clilinnles or rlue, the all ofathlcknens of lour or
more in"'irs, rtnd be pl.i-ttared on ttn- inide irith
murtnrof mtficlunt Ilili kuers lo cuter tho tin- k, and
form n smooth and perf.-et surfaee. Thechir.iniea or
Hues slull ! f-ee from Ihe walls of the beiMinu, nnd
no wooil fut'inmi; a part ut .iiuag in cotilutt Willi the
chimn-y or duo.
All brick buildings erected or constructed shaU
haTctht'lrfouiidaiiionandvritllaof the folloirint; ill
memlons, vii For a one-story buildini;, the foun
diitlon .-hnll bo twclvo Inches, nnd rtm building wall
eight Inches In thli knent for a two-story buiMing,
the foundation shall I sixteen Inches i tho first (to
ry walls shall b twelve lnehe, and the second-story
nail eight inches In thioknem ; fur u three-stnry
building, a foundation null oftwenty-four Inches ; the
ttrst-slory wall, sixteen ini'h-sj tho second-storj
wall, iwehe Inches, and Ihothlnl-'toryuill, eight In
ches in Ihf'-kne., nnd In the same proporllon for
hixher buildings; provided, that where two or more
buildings are erected together th patty or division
walls shall ansvier for both ofany two liuibling.. but
In no case to be less than twelve inehes thick, nud rise
ailessl twenty Inches abov,, the roof of the highest
building, and In no rasn shall two buildings bo erect-
I together where the Jnlts of c.vh shall coma oopo
site to or Join one to tht other t but In all c.ises where
wooden Jot.ts are lie.( nrputlntna party or divis
ion wall, they shall bo placed alternately In tho wall,
so that the sxds will not Isi nearer together than six
Inche., and the space letween them s,i filled with
briek anil sot; mortar as to form a perfect and solid
1 shall I Ihe duty of tho Hire Warden, oriuehotlt
r person appointed by the Aouncil, to v? itch diligent
ly tho construction and ere-'tion of all buildings with,
kilhccity and compel their creation and construe,
lion secr.pi.njj to tlio speeinentlnns filed, and uroa
hteh the ferinlt wa- granted, as irell as nccorilfng to
thenrilliuiiccs refill iluip ihe esmot and In all rxiv
where person, may detfiite from tlio speclflratlons
lileil with and ntiprored by the City Council, It shall
be the duty of the Klre Warden, or other person ap
pointed f Tlhst purpose, toarrcnand stonllieere---t
on nnd eonirnellon of said lnill.finf i,,l nnr,....ii
a'ely report nn-h deviation in th neuresl t'obi n Mag
ltr:ile. who shidl summon tin, i.i.r...ri . i.tf..n,l,,i
appear before him for tr l. and upon such p. r-on le.
Ing foun I guilty of violating th iinnnuiiie. in tins
r-Ksrl, or ileti iMigfroin the -j- i-ifl. ii,i,. rl,t with
a .'I nppnived by the City iViunnl, tut person so i f
fi nililu- shall Im fined m a Mini not exsreiluur nne
biinlred lollsr.. nor less than t h . -, . t rl t - - dulljrt for
earn imii every soen nuease sn ' omnilltrsl.
All orduriiiees, or I'nrli of ontlnaix-e., now inforee,
and In connt with the fortfoiiigoriitKin-, rre here
by repealed from and afi-r the atoptiMi hereof.
Approved, HeptemW-r 19, lwa.
seil.llot iiUlvLli: 'K'-f-r. Mawr.
i - ruoile Improvements In the City of
lie it ordained by the City Couneil of Iho City of Cairo
Sic. 1. That whenever thu CMV Council of said City
shall by ordinance or Joint pollution, direct aud all-
llionze iiieuiiinx, n-iiii'i'g. ui-euus, innnn, 'n.iNB,
planking graveling. miMwlainiiiiig, or repairing ol
any street, avenue or highway In eld City, or lh
eonttructlon, re-censtriiition ortepainngof any side
wslk or cross walk, it shall Ui thu duty j the City
Comptroller, under tho direction and advice of the
Street Committee, to came a, surrey, plat, plun, pro
file, spectflcatlon and estimate of the contemplated
work lo I made and rep it. I b- the ( It) Council,
convened Injolnt emu, f-T their . onslderutlon and
action, Wheu raid rejmrt has K n considered and
approved, lh City .ounc.il hU, unless ollieiwlio pro
vldod for by ordinsi.ee. either provide furhayingths
materials turnlsned end the worn don by the City,
under tho direction ef the ritreet Committee, or ordei
and direct the City Comidr oiler lo g yoiwtii'.iaud ad
vertise for proprsids to do Ihe contempiaied work, $
now provided for by Onliiiam-e niiml'r,-d SI, and p
proved July J, leC7 -Said pr..wt i . hull U. directed
to theCiiy CoujciI, sod shall he opened by said Coun
cil, convened 111 jc ml session, ut t ie ' no and yltct
mentioned In said noilce.
Hsc. "or all the Improvements in slid City here'
tofore made by the authority of said City, and for the
imnieol of which the a.wl City ho been unable te
collect from former nsessinent. the amount re-inlred
. ,.iinlMfM n.vm.at thr.Iir. it dIihIJ Imp tliedutl
of thul'ilv Commioll-i w uxjciI m !. i jel uadex-
pense of making tho k.ins and h'-reiipon the May.
or, with the assistant, of the (My Attorney, shall pre
nr., tho In tltioil rruLoteil bv hri'tion 1.1. oft JO Act
rctioii 1.1, of tUo Act
toainendnn Act entitled "An Act to ledm-ethe Char-
tcrof Ihe tlityof Cairo, and the several Acts) amenda.
torv tbi-renf intoone and revlMi the snme. anproved
Kfbru.iry IK, l"i7," to l presented to tlio Circuit Court
of Atoxanderfi'inii 1 iul it is lien by nude the duty
of ho Mayor to prortedat ..n i- ihe a-see-ment
andvollectliin of s.ud sis and i-.peies, in accord
ance Kith the existing charter und ordinances of said
t'lty, IVovidcd, that in tli.we eiie weere amounts
have b'en under former 4Sesi.teiilsgiiaterlhaa
ahull Ik iui-tnl under this section, the oe plus
shall baon diiiMl Is lb. piny who p.ud lho previoiu
asMen-4' cut. , ,
.tte. 3. It alt ill I and u heteliy made the ditty of
the- city Attorney to pi. p.ue, under thu direction ol
the M-iyoniiid I'ity Couie :l, all petitions lu I pre
sented to the Ciixrlt Cunt for the lueessineiil and
coj.wtion of theeoi-t of publio improvement- re
iiinreilbytlwAetrofirimt to in Iho priilinij sec
tion of (nN it dinaiiee.
C I A I the duties hero oloie devu veil upon up
on the "! of I'ublie ork by Onllnaiieo .Sp. l.
aioirin.-il July '! 1IT, and by Or-liiisni-e, .No. i, np
DriveilS-plemlwr it', W. e.xeept us bereiu etherwise
provided lor. shsll l"' idrt hi-reb devolvl upon
the Coininil'ee en ,"l'''
.pprot.ii f-ept- jv,)
It- UtlKltUV, Mjyor.
In Hation Irt iliseliargiUK Hie anus In the City o'
He It iirdauioil by lint Cuy Outwil ol the Cityof Cuiro
Hrr, I. That sei tion immberoil s!t7 of ' An Ordl
lianec to ai'out the Hrdiuiii' (. oi Ihetjrty pf txir , a
rstvl-ttt ami 'odttit.!." Ih amMtded.'tlyliiidlni:, at the
nd of thothint line in said souiuu, niu-r the word
'iiMperiv," theunrd "or ui enforemi; uny or icr o
IheCils Council or of tlio -Mayor.'
Apr'od,!-e.l. 19. If
Jh'O. II. OlIKItl.Y, Mttvor.

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