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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street. Thornton's Building.
DMLYjKDMTON- ohi urfTd igf EVENING. OCTOBER 1. 18697
. . . 2 7-r-Tf ...
Tho radical party ia falling, to pleces.ofr
its owiVToltclitoesV f III every Be'ct'loh of
tho country, tho honest, consciontlous
porlibh of tlid party, appalled at 'the cor
rupt nlniH and tendencies of tho organlza
lion, aro repudiating Ha nominees, and
putting opposing candidate In tho field,
or, doing whut Is moru commendablo
and effective, coming directly over to
the democratic ranks. " '
Chicago takes tho load in' this direc
tion, and at a. municipal cl.eetip jipw
pending, honest and decent radicals will
fuse with tho deruocrata and oust from
ofllco a set of cormorants that, Tor, years,
have been feeding and fattening on tho'
substance of tho people. Iti this crusado
against corruption the1 Chicago Times'
and 'Tribune mako common. causo. In
Perry county there are two tickets In tho
Held, ono engineered by the radical ring
tiiat has held tho offices and employed
the money of tho peoplo at will, hiding
each other's corruption and apologizing
for or defending each other's faults; and
the other supported by the substantial
republicans of the county, who are deter
mined to clean out tho Augean stable of
tho county, and put men in power who
will administer the affairs of tho county
honestly and justly, and with an eye to
the greatest good of the greatest num
ber, In tho adjolulug representative ills
trtct, hopelessly radical, there are diisetu
scramble. for ofllco, and exposures
of radical trickery disgraceful to the civ
ilization of tlie age. There are three rad
ical aspirants for a seat In the constitu
tional convention, all practicing the art
of detraction and vllllllcatlon, in which
ra ileal office-holders and leaders are ac
l:n jwledgod experts.
In other portions of tho fjtatc, the rad
ical party preaenU further evidences of
disruption desertions of honest man
from a party that has manifestly resolved
ltelf Into u gang of plunderers and of-flce-i-eekera.
All this tells that the days
of tho radical partyare numbered, that
it Is falling to pieces of Its own rotten
neM, and wlllsooa Imj numbered among
the things that were. For that end, let
all men who would cast tho old man of
the. ica from thenhouldcrs of the country,
heartily pray.
The Metropolis 'Promulgator' of Thurs
day says:" That veteran "old" otJlco
seeker and wire puller, A. J. Kuykotidall
is in this place trying to "circulate" that
he Is the nominee of the republican party
for delegate to tho constitutional conven
t! i). Hoth Popo and Massac counties
have instructed for Col. IVtor, and a
primary .meeting or convention lias
ntither been held nor culled lu Johnson
Pope and Massac county havlug in
fi'ru tul for Peter leavos "Kuyk" out in
the cold. Tills Is more tlun he is pre
I a red to utaud, and consequently ho
bolt. It will do the man good to subject
hi m to an Iguomlnnus defeat. It will
take somo of the conceit out of hi :n.
He would be as much out of place in
11. constitutional convention iw a bull
in a china shop, anyhow. lib friends
owe It to him' to nee tolt'that liuis'de
fcited, that lie may not bayivthe oppor
tunity to make hlmsolf ridiculous. A
prominent element In the constitutional
convention will bo brain, and what
right lias Kuykuudall in a body of that
hive mi: devil ins ncn.
Wlieu John A. Ijrau wanted tube made
a M dor (i ucraj, he gave Mrs. Lincoln a
diamond ring, tho real value of
which was les than $20, as Mrs. Lincoln
was afterward assured by n Now York
Jrwoler. Logan now wishes to be mado
Secretary of War. Has ho exhausted
hi supply of cheap Jewelry? A tift to
the present mistress of the White Houso
would probably avail nothing, but who
1ms a husband who does an extoiiHlvo
business in that lino.
Wo llnd tho above paragraph, among
the selections of tho HL Louis 'Dispatch.'
Whatever may bo said of John A.
Logan's political llfo (and, hem von knows
thaj uq living Uau uan allow a moro cor
rupt or treaoherotiH ono) all must agroo
that ho earned his military profor
limit by hard fighting and gallant
Hut his bearing. Logan wears ills J stars
worthlly.polltlcal record Oh Lord!
The Illinois Stato fair, now in progress
at Decatur, Is tho largest, best attended
and most successful ono ever held iu .tjio
Htato, Tho ontric.s number about tureo
thousand, tho attondanctl about'aoventy
llvp thousand. Tlio display of blooded
- horse?, cattlo, aheap und hogs exceeds
anything over soeu in tho Northwest
The show of agricultural implements is
also unparalleled. The editor of tho
Decatur 'Magnot' has cleared four huu
dred dollars selling root beer, and turning
It is thought that tho receipts of tho
fair will roach $S0,000.
It Is said that tho editor of tho Carbon
dale 'Now Kra' was not permitted to sell
Ills corn ualvo within tlio fair grouuda at
Col. W. A. Peter is tho radical candi
daot foriamorshij) )ri tho con'sUtulJoni
nf convention from tho neighboring dis
trict composed of tho oouutles oi Massac
Popo and Johnson. 'If 6 defines liis pos
ition on tho negro suffrage question.
"I do not oppoao negro sufTrago an a
national measure, but I do oppose it
as a Htato nieaaure.," ' i
As a national meaauro Mr: Peter
regards negro sUffrago as Just, but as a
Stato measure he believes It Iniquitous,
and particularly fraught with evil
consequences to Southern Illinois. If
Illinois enfranchises tho negro and Ken
tucky and Indiana refuse to do so, Illi
nois, according to Mr. Fetor, will be over
run by worthless, shiftless Indiana and
Kentucky blacks tho great ottraotion
being the Illinois negro aufi'rago laws.
Mr. Peter continues: "For theso reasons
I will oppose negro suffrage as a Btato
measure, should tho voters of this district
think proper to honor me by bolccljug
me as theirdelegate to tho Constitution
al Convention. If a majority of the del
egates to tho Constitutional Convention
favor negro sum-age, I will then (as the
next best thing that can be done for this
district; use my Influence to have that
question fcubniltted to the people of this
State In u scparato clause to be voted on
separately from the Constitution, bothat
there may bo a fair expression of tho
will of the people, and with their decis
ion we should bo content."
Col. Peter's opponent, Major Kuyken
dall, goes tho whole figure on tho negro
suUrage question, and favors it both as
Stato and national measure In a recent
conversation he Is mild to have declared
himself "In favor of nigger voting as a
matter of principle. If tho principle is
Just," he continued, "when applied to
the wholo country, it loses none of Its
Juitlco by being applied to certain dee.
stricls of tho country In pieces. It had
"sot" well enough In Massachusetts,
and, so far as ho had hearn the disfran
chised niggers of adjinln States had'nt
over-run Massachusetts, as Mr. Petor
supposed tho niggers of Indiana and
Kentucky would Illlnol.-, in caso niggers
got to voting here." Ho declared that
ho "waa'nt afcerd" to trust tho nigger
with the ballot, and thought "thorn"
was the sentiments of moot of th peoplo
of his district.
Tlio probabilities are that Kuykeudall
will bo very badly beaten. Ho has lot
cast In hl.i district, and will scarcely
even recover his wonted standing.
The hinder pest the Grecian bend.
Old Dauby chlefof Wluebagoes, is
Chicago hotel prices have been reduced,
The 'folio' Is a now Boston Journal of
music, art, and literature, edited by Dex
ter Smith.
Another dajly morning newspaper is
talked of In Now York city.
The London omnibuses carried twen
ty millions pacaenger last year.
Tho Grecian Ileud Just now stands
higher than tho Grecian nose.
The 'North British Review' has a new
editor, and so lias tlio 'Broadway Mag
azine' There aro 2000 professional thieves In.
Chicago, besides .tho uuprofe&donals.
The so-called perpetual motion ma
chino is on exhibition at Manchester.
Potatoes aro soiling In Iowa at a shil
ling a bushel.
Muusosoup is a Nevada luxury. It is
served up as a pleasant surprise, the
motiao not being on tho bill of faro but
lurking privately In tho soup kettle.
Tliero were never so many female
convicts in tho Massaohsetts House of
Industry as at the present, tho number
being largely in excess of tho cells pro
vided for their accomodation.
Tho Ilhodo Island cotton mills employ
20,000 operatives, and run ouo mlHon
spindles. IVenty llrms aro engaged lu
tlie business but two, Brown Alves, and
tho Sprsgues, do nearly ouo-half ofcit.
- - -
WeUtan, of tlio Now York 'Timos' hail
racoumulatod a few thousand dollars' bo
yond his preseut wants, and thinking ho
know a little moro than tho common run
offblk9, "speculated" during tho Wall
Mreot gold furore. The next morning
when ho footed up the result of his opera,
tlons ho discovered that ho had lost fGO,
000, or SJO.QOO moro than he was worth.
Our. sympathies aro not a particle oxcited.
Ho had too much money for a newspa
per man,
Father Hyacinth, of Paris, who has
created suoh a stir in tho Catholic world
by his apostaoy from tho church, was
born, wo aro told, at Orleans, lu 1527.
"He was ordained a priest in 183D," says
tho New York 'Sun,1 "and became Pro
fessor of Theology at tho Seminary of
Nantes; and afterward entered tho order
of Carmelites, and preached, at Lyons,
Bomoaux and Perigcux, in the south of
Franco, dually coming lu 1804 to Paris,
where ho has over sinco been famous fdV
his eloquonce." It is rather dlftlcult to
bellevo tho wholo of this, for If It bo true,
then Father Hyacinth was ordained a
priest at the age of twelve,
Dr. Llvlngstono, who very foolishly
mislaid himself somewhere in tho wilds
oi wrrica, nan at uint uecu rouriu, or so
nearly found that thoro is no,. fun In It.
Wo aro now told that nersbns' 'fifmlflaV
with Africa havo suggested that Living-
t-A ta-w;ji.rt,vnomnmt... t-n. . .. .V-
oTlho powerful King of 'Caz'ambo. As
when last seen, thjreat-trayieTeFw'as
iwithln some six ofAlglit hundred mile
of the Klntrof Cazimbe. add H6itnrtl t
bo lounKinir leiaurily iruthat direction, it
is aimoBL ctmn iiiHb inu cninrtx n n ran.
- .
Thcro U a ravo on tho bank, of thd1
river nerw O.wonsboro, Kentucky, at the
head of which stands apaintcd' board.
bearing the following 'expressive but
ratlfer JrMIeftant epitaph- ', ... .
aTlk"LfactorIeH arlocated at
dTMass., and are dolnr a godd
Lifo -ma& Up, not of .great sacrifices
dutiei. but of Jittlo thing,, n wliich smiles
had kindnchc?, ntid msll oblfgutioh given
hsbitually, aro what win und pra4orve the
licnrt and secure comfort.
A Lesson In Tciit'Iilnir.
In a letter to the 'Ledijer' cxplnining liii
penlitcnco in decljninghonornry acgrcoi,IIon
ry Ward Ueccher glvti tho following account
of how ho wu taught to connucr in studying,
and to tick to what ho hrtu learned. The
teacher was "William P. N. Fitzgerald ; the
tchool Mount Plcaant, Classical Institute,
Arnherit, Mail.
"I fint went to tho ldaukbotird. uncertnin,
toft, full of whitnperiug. "That lesson tnuit
Ixi lcnrnixl,' be taid, in n very quiet tone, but
with a terrible inteniitr, and with the certain
ty of Fate. All explanation nd cxcuiet he
trod under foot with utter tcornfulncii. 'I
want that problem. I don't wmit nny reas
on why I don't got it.' 'I did study it two
houn.' Tbat'i nothing to me I want tho
leion. You need not itudy it at all, or you
may ttudy it ten hour Just ult yourself.
I want tho lotion. Underwood, go to tho
blackboard I1 K)b, y, but Under wocd got
tomebody to ihow him hit le.non.' 'Wbst do
I cure how you get it? That' your bunineM.
But you tuuit have it.'
In the roidit of a lcison, his cold and calm
voice would fall upon me; in tho midM of a
demonstration 'Not' I henitated; stopped,
and then went luck to tho beginning; nnJ,
on reaching tho snmo not again 'Joi' ut
tered with tho tone or perfect conviction,
barred my progress. 'The next!' und I sat
down in red confusion. lie. too. was stopped
with Not but went rlcht n, flnithed. nml
as ho sat down, was 'rowarded with 'Very
well.' 'Whr,' whimpercil I, 1 recited it jut
t. . .111 1 . ri - iit'l... .11.1.. .
ni nu uiu. nun you rum iiy uiuu i
you toy Yo.i J and stick to it ? It is not enough
to know your Icson. Vou muit know that
you know it! You huvo learned nothing till
vmi are sure. If nil th" world snys No, your
!iuines l to say Yc, and prvo it,' "
The AdvuiitttKC'K of Classical
A knowledge of the classics is indirpoiiia
bio to o proper study of Knglish derivatives.
Tho dicslpllno acquired by tranlatin is of
equal benefit as that discrimination which tho
study of science ntrords. The study of tlie
clnuics enlarges tho mind, improves tlio fscitl
ty to mako distinction? in things tlmt'dnTor,
and cnnblos tho student to command words to
express ideas. Tho modern language, though
abounding in works both rare and beautiful,
cannot comparo In point of Uitaor eloquence
with tho Greek and Itoman. And tlie stud
ent oi modern llteraturo Unds In It a repro
duction of tho nncient modols. The bt w Tit
ers and spoakcrs in our own )trnj(i;nge have
been and are classical scholars. 3iilton, l'ope,
Drydcn, Cowper, Addison, i'toolo, Sha!;
peare, Johnson, Gray. Goldsmith, Maeaulav,
Webster, ChoW, Kvoro'tl, Willis, 'l.ongfil
low, XJryant, und othors of liko repute, will
over bear testimony to this fact wherever tho
Knglish language is known and read.
p'liTKH CCHL, .'
FLOl'lt 3IKIICHAXT AS I) 3HI.Li:its'
,o.' o Ohio Let r,' Cairo. Illluol. .
Ordern aoliuilcl and
prompilr nl
. W. IIKMlill.SOX
Hai a full nuurtment rfeookinii.adhjatinK.lbnea
of tho moat approved attlei. Kcejn and manufHc
tin tlnwaro of every Uvrinpon. Take contract
for roofing, guttering, or any kirM or tin or SKcet
Iron work, on the moi modiTato ttrm. oeldtf
Oflk e of the Cairo U at. Loiil wiilroadCiimpauy, .
Ciiiroi lllmo!eriptiiitfrl.Vtli:lt. ,1 .
Notice I hereby y:ren that ft meeting jif ihii J"rT
f ilnw n.iniiiiuir Will he hcll at tho I.osnnll.n
iii the Cty.of itnrphy'boN. In JiUtoa t'ouat, JU
on tho ittVproximo, t 10 oo6A H.mf '
11., J
'..(I it
M I ITI 1-
Ilouncts, Hats, Itlbbonf, Flowers qte.
Mra. BwanderhJut recelvod her l'allnud Winter
Hlfek of Millinery jrood, nnl It l eonicdod on nit
lianda tolelhemo.t utt actlteand fattiloimble vailety
yit brought totho city. Kverythmu that ia tiewniul
desirable in
Hut., IlonneU, riowern, Velyf , Ulbbona,
HoUcry,llnlnioi''nl, ItrcnUrnat Slinvl
and fancy (joods generally, the ha provided In abun
dance. , ,i ... ..
The ladle of Cairo and v'emlly nrf InVitod lo call
and mnpevt tluiatOL'k, aa Mra 3. feels uaiured It con
taina article tint will greatly lea eiery ono. Call
at her More on Cormnerviul Avcci'e letuccntth X U'.h
jtrectj. :? la
e; abrightT"
nice,caraeror.rrlnli Hirrct nml Vnoh-
insrion Aroiitr,
Will nr.loliCHln III . nml Iho nrllnfnlnir InHlol.l oi..
.tjt of .MI.niirUnil-jKiitin;liy, A "ciotf
to cONTRAvreiut
.otct i licpolif iilren tlial tJwIVtXl'owfnliUo ap.
polnto.ll.jr (, t .hr lloiincn-wiU rMKlvoltvtopOt! lo
tlonto thoi-itjr c.rCrtlro; '1 ZT TP
thai thIYrXX'umfniitq st-
HPI'.CIflCATI(lN'HVt.nl,,tJ.m.l,l I..
eluding Imm txnl with rji, m riM8 lo lj Jnilit of
cjfff linl. one Inch tJiVk ; iaU, 2iti,' of Vi)rc,
ftljo i oc lnr jnjt!i s fen lonjf. .1 U-t i In Iho urmlnil, anil
ftfcctiiWro; mi I jx)ti to iK- sawmUatufvk-ril.! at
ion and t7tauJ 8 K(t inert. IUiU tn Ix nM nn wlih
9) penny fiUf,'oT knh ithlO tnjBy nnlltj Tho
vu-JifV U. .iolu.. U.in) fence, nad btifft lnfn iaoI
unit (UbiUntui) tn.inner, oojil fenoo (u UvMwii turao
and two Ptnall gniw, well trncil ; tlie targe (rule to bo
ii-vk niuu, in mc duiiui nr lotjr irci WMf.
iiiQwiioierenceio im whi(iwiMjifli "r
Uromi.l trt lfn.il I- SAI trrf rrlii- nn l I Ari f
Ijllrf. ' 1
Allorilio wrk to be fr lncl(xbou(U,o.xpre
, proVi'Ip I f.ir tha ilirlj.cl Mill lxmd bonrini- In.
tt rejt l tli" rat of i. jr cent . cr annum, mi tr
ilevm iMc m three, fn..r an l rtto yi-nrp, tuvi paynblo at
tiiti'f ty fr txe,i.-nfcs A.i'lnildcbtiiluo theritr.
All iiroryji.ilj tnimt khIciI un.l ln'lorl "I'arU
CtllInlllle, mil ilir-tM lo Ioiil Jnri;pnen, rlmlr.
mtn.Mi liHirfre.lattlieollifeof ity Clerk, Cilro,
Illinol-, pn"rtol2o cIxU nnon.t,lolrt, 11.
f.i)UIS "ioiUiKHhKS,
w. i. n.i.LWx:':
HoiIe.lf-jkixJwlllU ri-eclvoJbj- trw.nl my of
(iff. in tticity of Cairo. Ills., until U o'cloett- tn., on
Frnlay, Ult)i innt., for clmriu? thy timber off the new
ro.vl.juu ecnejH, ltwen what It known u the
rott'i ro.vl mjt Jetreron Martta'a friii,one nnJ three
bunrtere iinti--, nwro or !c. All tirea tlto mehei
or le1 in ilUmeter lo bevut leiel with tha rmnml.
ami reinoreU ii fe:t from tho canter of iM rel.
a payment tor tn arioyeworK nil! be m.ie In
roualy onltrj, biJJor will ROTern thenifclTo an.
The County Cnart rottrvn thn rlcht to reject alt
bl-U. J. O. LYNCH,
elfclt'l County CTerlt,
TH1D Blitt'l and SUREST
or, i dei ao
i'uiiiufnt im ululiie or Artrnlc,
I not tuicii.iiiit to tlir Taste
Clillilrvn ttltl tnke It ultliout iirilla
tlon. TitE I'l flI.f JV.;
After fiir.trk!. pronittnn It tha be.t of all mej.
cltn j-ei Knswnfur th j"ly. n'l certain mro of
FKVEH ami A(t,UL', or CHILLS andFEVUIt.
f hill aa UF-tiver ara caniod from a itcrwio pouoa
t-xiatiui in th- atmo.pherv kn-wn a tmlaria. Itre
dneea the ritaluy of trwbio..l.ireunUtte aalion .of
the different oreiiM, and eau.n Pllfhuanei, Contl
M in 'tys way jwrea tbe.) ttem for
any uriPrtmoremioiltr.itnre- whteh'inay fol
io. To avoid further trouble, an 1 relieve yoanelf
of tt: d ., tk '
( iA t .11 i'
It t-r.i;!j?-. 'the o.-ia. to perform 'their d:nVrent
niuvnvj..n.uj u;uuiiowHUJiJU' muiq poiaonwnicn
"i""1" ine rn er-nnu .virtie, ain
therelrrotori the
ayttem to health and tone
aula coodtoniv audi a
i. . i . i - '
) I ). t i I
UA Of teArtnvi Ibatpfilnj aoten.Kloualy.to au
upe. AUetjj.vcriiiij frotii tlii. dUrfnsei lit U.lnghl
rceomroendedfrihocuroof I))pt"f.i ( r
K'te kirvntn and
appotiie, willdetroy
.4 r;
' And 'for'eoi2lft. c'uiU. tn .i Vit'ti ' And ' coAu
II " ' I ' ( J.,t-.
.1J,,i."0vJl.'Ai!,,tJt:i.!tf:1--,v a tojio imvcitAu
Mr.i-ijimuci, uti'i i , n iui prrvpniiva bsiuh
II t I
dr.' i. 'iiy KMii:tts,
. . .juuuiiir jtusauKHi e
.in. .
Tho Flower of Flower. This new ami popular an 1
dcliKhtlal hnndUerohlef ojttracl, liunufaulurod bv 11. u
CIcbr-ted Vlmmel, of I'arl, t (o be lad at tho Duu
stori' pn tho Lovee. Tn iho perfumery lino It Is t-
'lno uua non" nmnm: tha I'ppcr-ten-dom. To bo n-.
cogiii4i.4 aa a person or "cUs-mt tamo" you must ,
fiiir.nninKt.iMK. cahiiolic Acid. cilLOlu: ii
iOt 30P.t,,rUI.Vi2lUZEU COI'l'EUAH.forwIeclo-.,!
Jtiiirciay . ueanoyqiir prcmnea. hjuu ""Hi'"
icalth you muit brcnihepuroatr.
Sasla' tooth powder and pate. French and I
h preparation for the teeth, and toolh powder
upnior quality of our o u nuke. Cull and take y
' . . ORDINANCES. '., (
QT1DINANOK 'NO.-tGi -"'T . -V
Au.Orilinanceto lteJuco tlio KirenLiiuilenftboCity ot
Cairo, and to riv;nlall tho innnncr nf conetructms
Ilnllilinai within unlil City. ,
He It orJainea by thuClly tounoil of tho city of CtUro:
Tlialncctlon number one lmmlrcil ami t nr. anJ alt
that part of scetloa.numbcr iina hun JrjuLaail.tffa. af
ter tho vronl"flreluniti," In the fTllli line, inchnpter
numlerne of an, orillnxnca tp aijopt, the ;orrllnancr
of the city of Cairo n rcvlroa ana" collneJ, cutabllnh
Inte tlio fire llmlu of .ia,elty, and regulating the
manner of knlklinx, be and the fnum are herody ra
Itealcd, and the following rhall hoicaflf r bo known as
he boundary of Iho, lire limlU 4f the city bf Cairo t"
ltlocki. one, two, lliree, four, five, six, eltrcn,
twclre, thtrteen, fourteen, fifteen alxteen, twenty,
twcnly.oae, twenly.two, twenty.threc, twenty-four,
tuentV-flre, tMtntyli an'l twenty otciij and
Ilrt It Knriher OrJaln'il. That when nnv tioraon nny
dedro to remote a building from onepliir.oto anoUi
er, or to cnlnre a building within the Hro llmlU, or to
remove n uuuuins irom wiinotu tno urn umita to a
placo within the Mine, pcronlmll trl obtain
the written consent nt threfl.fourthn of nil the nron
erty holders within one hundred and fifty toel of the
iui upon h men ii in proponea to locate tno uuunin
j renioirra, nno oi iiiree-iounm oi inn properly
holder within such blc k, nml ehull jirtfent auch
written conxenl to tho rlty rounull fiir approval;
when, upon uch npproral Mxk cranteil, a permit
hall bo written out by the City Clerk, mid delirfred
lo tho person making iho applit jllon ', which permit
kliAll tie authority for Iho removal or rnlnrftctnent
nmyed for. 1'iovidisl, that tho jx-rnon removlmt a
,,iMiU'i, or onhrvlnn bu.ldinir, nh.ill couily wltti
nrdlnnnnes nnwexntjnx, or.tucii ordlnancoii an may
nriu-.iiiur oouuoiiien in reunion io uuiiiiinft ; ami
lie It Further Ordaiiiel, That hereafter no bmldinj
liill bo erected nr ron-lrudecl, or rotnlneneed to l
erected urconttructed, witlimiliolltnlli oflhncliy of
t.'alril.nntlltho er.in or K-rtonS dcniriii to bull
Miall rlret obtain fromlho City Council n permit to
ireclor eonitruit iueh Imiliilng, nml avery pe.t
nkinx a tx.'rmit t n r.n-t or tmuitriie.abuildini;. rbml
nt thu titnoof tllinsr their atiplnAtion for a permit t.J
build, specify in imtiiiK. theaite. In length, w. J'
nnd tiPiKlith, nnd lliO nml. rlnl- nf which it ) prv
jioioil to conrtnii't ni:h laUlMiiisr and no bulldlni;
eliall h cintriicti!l oicptnceordlnatotlioiipecifii 3-tinn-filed
and lheioriiiltrant(.d by thu City Coun
cil; .
Anuall iratneor wooileti Mi l'Unii fhall hare erec
r lori'oniri eve I on the ln.Jo ofmuli bitlldlMr. I :..K
oluninun or rti the wall ..f 1 1 !. . ku'M of mur f"
more Inulim, an I l.e tdaerel on Ihr lnlde wit.
mortarof uiniiuit llil.il..,e. tu cover the brick, uti
r.rm a M.tliaint j-crfe. t iirrw'c. Therhlmuu a c
llueh 11 1-f-e' fnm tle-ri:i of Iho l.il.ldink'. nr. 1
no wood f iriniiiu n nart or nm.nir .n eontaet w.ih t'.
chimney or line.
ah iri K 1-uii'iirim i re. ie.i or eiitMiriiite i n.x.i
hato their foundation and walln of the Mloiv.ni? ill
mennlone, via: For a one-ntory buildimr. the foun
dation i.lmll Iwrlvo In. he, and tho biilldimr wall
ciKht inchea In thiekneNi for n two-Mory buildins,
the roiimlatlnn nml) ..i. .-n in--!i- ; the urn
rj- wall ahall Iw twelve ln'he, and tho i-eTond-Mor)'
wall eijjlit tnche in tlurkncaa t fnr a thm-tnrj'
building, a foundation ll of twenty-four Inehea ; th
firrt-Mory wall, tlilrrn Iim Ii.; the M-coiid-tory
wall, twelve Inrlio, and tliethlpl-atorf wall. elKht u
rhe in thfekuet, and In the aamo proottlnn for
liixb.r buildiiik'al provided, that nhcrttwoor more
buUillnsa are crdrtl to.-dior. tho iwtty or ditlarj
walla aliall annwrr (or Im Hi of any two hiiildlni;. bu'
In no rate tn betei.thanlwelvelni'he4 thick, nml ri
atleat twenlv lui'tina alnvn Iho roof of the liltirt
billldintr, and in no rn alull two bulMlngt 1 erect
ed togctlierwhcrtMheJiilKla of earh ahallcome oppe
aite to or Join one to the other t but In all caaea w bir
wooden JoIt are levied, or put Inton party or divis
ion wall, they ahall he plnoed alternately In the wall,
ao that tho exda will nut bo nearer tog.ilhcr than aix
Inchea, and the ap.u-n between them o IUIimI wit
briek and aoft mortar to form a perfect and eolid
Tahall lie the duty of tho Kirn Wanlen, oraiicholh.
er peraon itprflnteil by the eouncll, to watch diligent
ly the conjunction an lervtlon of nllbulldlnx with
tn lhe city, ami eouiiel their eut'tton and conaUue.
tloii ncrnrdln t M the apcclncatlnn flle.1, nml upon
hWi the H-rmit w. grunted, aawell it acenntins to
theordlnancea rcirulittini; the aame; and In all ca.
wherepcraoiiam.iy dem.te from the i.pha!
filed with and approve I br the City Cuiliicil, It
b Iho duly of thu Kite Warden, or other mron ap
pointed for that purpoe, tn nrrt .l tuid etnp tho t re.i
tion and conirui tion nf mid bgihllm:, nnd liniuc.l: -ately
report audi dermtion to the iierrot I'.diro Jla.
Utnite, who ahall aiiinrion tlie peri".ii - Ibn I ns
appear iMtforo him for trial, und ujhmi uch per-on
Ini found gililty of vl.ditinj the on 1 1 nance. ! r
regard, or derialiliK from the upeeilli iUioim tlletlw,;.
and apprni.-l ) tii- C.iy t oi kiI, Ui n ron j
fadin. ahll berlne 1 in riMiiri not vacredir i;
hundred ddar, lir lttinui Ittrni.the dollar f
eaeh and every Mich il.1n w -o '.mniiiiltiiL
All ordinance, orptn oror-aaaneea.nuw infr'?
and In coiiriirl with the foreiiolmfordmnntfe, rr. I. .
by retried from and -ifter ih a lopilou hereof.
Approved, aeptemU r Ik, !.
aoildlOt . - JIIIIN II 'inKlttiV. Ml r
In relation it I'-.'.lle I . i .vem.-nt in ho C r
- Cairo. -
He it ordalmdl.y ti.e t t l-mmilof the City of Ca.ri
8rc. 1. Tliat w)i-nier the City CoiiiiimI of and C
ahall by ordinam e ir oni rc.liition, dirn t and a
thorlio the tilling, ro-mi n. ttr.ilm;, lerel.ni;, jmv .
plankinc jriuliu, iiim hiIjiiiiiiih;, or r iruif of
any atreel, avenue or highway In eld City, or the
eouitrnctiori, re-oi,tru i on rn iiuiriruoinnr aide
wulk or cro walk, it rhall 1m the duly of the t '
Comptroller, under the direution and udtic f f
Mrett Committer, to cmne a mtiny, plat, pbui, pr
rlK apeettlcation und eattmate of the eonlemplat 1
work to bo mado umi r.'p..rte. to the Cily t iunci,
conteiied injoint ei.Mi..n, furthireonideration a1
action. When nod rcjxirt l.n n cmiilcre.l anl
approved, tl.eCliy Cnimi aliatl, uiileaaolheralaApr.
Ytded for by ordihiiiee, eithor provide firbnv iithe
materbila Iiliiii-iie-l end tl e wor l'ae by the ( .'
under the dirt 1 1 ion of tlie Mtevt t uiiiuitti e,or or I. r
and direct the City Coinptrolb r t" g yen.itieeati I a '
vertlae far jiropr'nli toilo the eonteinplned work, a
now provLUd i.ir by iiril.imnce inuiil r'-d 'l,un -provod
July 3, to7- riuil pr.ion..d hall be dir.1-1 i
to the C : j r .nntd, Aim! tw.U (- " bed l aaldCwua
oil, ixmuii! In joint Joa,l the luuw tu. I j'
liientloiicdiuMipt cotio.
Pie, 2. K.ir nil th-liii'r.vcnie:it in aald t'lfr ! i:
tof.r mad. I.y id.. :iutl)c.y uf y i t itj , i I: '
litllieiit of wh. ii ifie JM fit) luw len Ul. '
ooflpet from f.uiuer eniriiU llinuHioHnt rt-.ll r. 1
tniNlinplvte lhli ')irtri.t tl.fefir, it ahall Ui thedii'i
of IheCrtr conit.ll.-r to wtiMri the eut an 1 e-t-peu$e
of inakin-r the Mima oii'l lli-renjm tin; Msv.
ojrjWith the i-t m- nf the i iiv im.iuey, h-ll pre
'tarl'tli'rpt!ttr.n ren'red by -'i -rnn P. ef tlce Aer
to awii-at! an Vvi .-uyit ' n .yt r .u atiJiut,har.
terof the City .f rairo. an I thievt u.r.ti't a-nenda.
i' lliereof inl.'i.ii.-
Kllll. t
intary 1, I
Itoioailir im Com
of Aleziiudt rt'e uitv I it i hereby inn(littlU,duly
of iho Muyor to pr ut mc Uj tfy uev-rtiv v
andiiilUct'ou nf h.i! -i utl UkpbHiu .coiJ
ante, with (he uxiat.r.z ''Imrler im lir-liiiiiiweif i. t
City, t'nirldod, ttint in newt' uuh' ucuru hiiIu.uiU
have Iwon paid tui'ier bonier nemiiieiitasuAterih
hull bo aleitd iiti lcr till eeetion, tho overpt
aliall bocrolito4 1 J tho puny who id tiiu piVio t
a- nn cut.
rice. ;l. It ahull la-and la hi reliy Hindu the duty of
tho City Attorney to prepare, under thu dlmtiou "'l
the Mayor and City Cotiivd, all pvtitiona lo l-o pru
cnled to tho Cirvrtt Court lor the nMraiiiient a .1
eolu-ction of the cottof pohba improveinriiU aa r -imlred
by the Act relerrixi to in the preveedinf. e
tlon'of till ordlnnr.i-o,
Hio. i. All the ..iilie heretolora dovulved upon up
oh tho ltimi-1 of I'uWw Work bv Onlluanvti Ao. :i,
approvinl Jnlv 3 Iv.T, und by Onlliuonto Ao. 70, i'p
proved tsiptonilM f IU, irtU.tucept aa herein other-.
jinnided lor, shall l flndro l.uby devolved Up 1
tho L'ouiiuitloo on MreeU.
imrtii'M.1 h.mL lhU).
. f ' JN'. II
"ltnitLY, Mayo.
In relation to !m hai--iiiy tire mm in me tity ot
(Cnlrp.f.X i ,r.i.t U. . i
llo it ordained by the City Council of die Oly of Cairo
Utr, .1. That v,on miniUrftl --J of "An Dri
niuico lo nt'ont tlic-'untuumeea ot ihdOfry of Cairo,
revUed tnul cixlitH-1 bo nmeiuleil Vy addlDK, at the
end of the thud line in aaiil aicLVVi aO-W the u rJ
(properly." tlie iU "r MnufyMlo.ijay or-ieo'
. tj jiy Coiiuuil or of thMjvr,' .
Approve-, UI. om:mrm.
pAULr li. TUOJ1AS,
tilioji Iii the biaciileut ci' the M Nn' oi al I u't
buiiiitng, on Ohio Lvtte,

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