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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Stroet, Thornton's Building.
Thcro arc reasons, nMdo fr6m his
treachery to the democratic parly, why
A. C. Hodges,' cVl , should .not, re-elected
to tlio onicc of County Judge.
Chief turning those is hi manifest, and
deplorable lack of ability. We aro not
of those who bclievo that Ignorance Is a
crime. In Judge Hodges' young dayH
Hchoola were very "common," and yet,
paradoxical as It may seem, wero very
acawe. Young men wcro denied quite
all the cducallonal privileges which dis
tinguish the present period. Judgo
Hndeos' lncKor -ciiucaiiaD. iumHKt
may not be charged to any wilfulness or
neglect of his own, but to the almost
total nbaenco of school privileges of auy
kind. We hay this lest some ouc Way
accuse tho Judge of bolng wilfully Jguor-
ant ... i
The time lias arrived In Alexander
countv, when, good '' inoffensive souls
who do not know much, are not equal to
an administration of public affairs. In
the business of the county,
U.s vi-.j m " . ... 111
eltv. well versed In the law, and laminar ,
with tlio requirements 01 tne umc
tho people. Of such li not Alexander 0.
Ko man will accuse ilr. iiouues 01 ui.
" . . it..
hcr.c (y. o person who Knows mm
v,;i bclievBthat he would knowingly
inl'uj j ly the nubile money to his own or
anybody el.es' advantage, (convenience
or jjrposes. Whn, therefore, we recall
the fit that lie caued the Shorlfl'to pur-chas'-
at tho exj'enso of tho county, a
t.t I..
be Istead, mattress, plllow,bod ilothlng.
1. 1..... 1 j .r i.tf . thut lie as
11 1111 l"J II Iji wnvn t - S "
. . 1
vo-Jiiy "".: .....
... 1. ..I.... ...i,. lit .i.m.i, in nit own
ofllcj and thereby curtail his Jl'J1 u,llsi 1
while In town holding court, or for auy
other purpose when wo recall this fsct,
we are constrained to bclluyo tliat he did
11 A know lie was ml-applylng the public
money. We charge no criminal Intent;
on tho contrary, we aro Inclined to oe
Ik'vethut the old gut!euiu did not, for
a moment, questian his right to furnish
h!s oOlee with a bed, and bed room fix
tures Thone who deny tliat this expenditure
was made Ignorsntly must uccept the
alternative, and acknowledge that It ai
made with a dishonest Intent, and, as wo
have already stated, there are not five
men in the county who will believe that
the o! 1 JuJge U dishonest.
The eue then assumes this phaie, Is
Itn ' uiff Is it not Wrong, to retain In
, j ;v nun who Is liable to such glar
ing 4 trrrs of Judgment? l'i.at ho
meant nothlug by It; that he knew no
better" we ure fruu to confess; but that
fuct forms one of the chief objections wo
have to his re-election. We wauljunan
in the otllce who dor know better, and
wh , wlnn ho i guilty of an act 01 mat
kind, will bo conscious of Its enormity.
In short, tlio County Judge, of Alexander
county, nhould Le ti well Informed man,
of a good legal mind, aud n largo storoof
hound, practical sense. AU these requi
sites Judge Hodges docs not supply, aud
no one will, have the hardihood to claim
that he does.
,.-4Q -
siuGunonuoon yaws.
Kv. ry dwelh'iig house in own Is occu
pled, uud more wanted every day.
Now that It Is a fixed tact that the Cairo
irft. Louis ftallroad will bespeedlly built
through our town business of all kinds is
reviving. It would bo well foromo of
our wealthy citizens to build more dwell
Jug houses. Many persons would locate
hero providing Uiut thoy could get a
houso to live In Jonesboro (Jazetto'
dipt. J Cormlck, and Mcssr3. Morgan
aud Putnam, the well known conductors
on the d:lr Division of ilv Illinois (Jen
tial iUilro.id, are nudol conductors.
While thev faithfully adhere to their In
str'U'tJ.ms," tht-y aro gentlemanly and
obliging to everybody, and are therefore
very popular with the peoplo of Southern
Illinois. A gentleman of Cairo, who lms
recently returned from New ork, Jusily
roniarkcd, the "conductors on tho East
ern I'.jads bphavo like prlzo flglitfcra,
whlio our Conductors horo aro gentle
men." Jonesboro" 'Oazette'j
Quito ' a ' llirgo uumber of
buyers m e in attendance ut the wiles of
lots now Kiting onln Belmont; and a
Kood many lots have been disposed of.
To tlio proprietors the most pleasing, fea
ture or iho Bales, doubtless, Is the fuct
that most of thoso buying nrodolug so
with the Intention of Immediately Im
proving tholr lota. All thing, consid
ered, Helinont prospects may bo said to
bu wry briht and cheering. Columbus
Dispatch.' J j
Tho county Clerk Informs us thattlie
Coustlutlonal Amuuament In regard to
tho State tax on tlio Illinois Central
Itallroad, published hi this paper last
week, ivlll bobubnilttod to tho voters of
rjallno county In Isovombor; tho recom
mendatiou of tho Secretary of Htato to the
contrary, notwithstanding. It Is to bo
hoped that 4I10 same will bo dono lu
every county in tho Slate; It will cost
nothing, can dono harm, and may servo
to prevent a big swindle in tho future
Hurrlsburg 'Register,'
Tho frosts thi3 week have ditto consid
erable damagu to the growing tobacco
crop, nnd Mr, Mluk informs us that in
Its wants and necessities, navo nucuiuu , trade. One of the improvements tnai
10 varied and multifarious, that they can , wm most advance her prosperity, Is the
tn . , Ufrtotorliv manaKcd and looked . Cairo & Fulton railroad passlugcentrally
be h.itIiractorll maiia(,iu , . ArknnsuH, from northwest to
.,f.,.,,,,,K. ,v mi.u of troou business capa- , """"h" ..... .1 i
many places, In the low ground, It will I the county thatglvea the largest lierao
bo almost a total lo -Ibid. ' cnitlc, majority at the ensuing election.
Itn Iiniiortniircnvna Optlelror thoHoutli-
4-1 I
A correspondent of tho MemphlH 'Ap
peal,' diseasing the propriety of selling
the Memphis" Htofck Ih the Memphis and
Little Rock railroad, sets forth tho Im
portance) of tho Cairo & Fill ton road, as
the great outlet of tho .Southwest. Ho
nay: ,
If Momphli muni part vlth her . stock.
It certainly Is better for her that it shall
pans Into tho hands; of one . entirely.
Identified with her prosperity rather
than luto thoso of a stranger whoso In
terests lie In the rood only. But there
Is another consideration, equally potent,
why Memphis should not ignore all con
corn as to the future ownership of her
stock In that most Important of all our
railroads. Cairo Is growing as rapidly
as Memphis. Indeed, while radical
lotrlslatlon and corruption have retarded
the growth of the latter city during, tho
pant 111 re o years, uie iormer naa ueuu
hteadlly IncreaHlng in population and
I... 1. n. n.
iL.In,1in at the confluence of tho Ohio
and the Mlssilppl rivers, and ending
at Fulton, above the Jted river rafts.
.Look at the map anil you will Mud it
will make a larger exientoi country tri
l)utnrv to jts jjdc tnau
auy otner roan
that can be built in that state, u it
were now completed, Cairo would com
pete with Memphis for all tho trade of
Arkansas; aud not only Memphis, but
the Memphis aud Charleston, and tho
Memphis and LouUville railroads would
all feel the Influence of ho Important a
rival Hue of travel and commerce. It
were Idlu to doubt that this railroad will
. hn comtileted. as least as far as
itoeK. uur nir l ie next two years: lor
1 -
......... I. n ait ItnA In.illmr ftrr ftlft
ucrv iiuinii 1...... ....u. .v-w...,, .... ...v.
Ohio or the Missis,! iinj. eastward or
n0rthwurd. Is Interested in that com
pletion. The Illinois Coiitrsl, the Ohio
nnd the Mississippi, and all the great
Hues leading from the Ohio Valley to the
Atlantic tteaboard, are an deeply inter
ested in seeing the trade of such a great
statu as Arkansas centered at Cairo
rather than at Memphis. If at Cairo
iimv nil Mt&tid some chnnco to rean a
profit from it. If ut Memphis, they
stand none; for our two roads Just
named, and the river, get It all.
XVt, all know that the tendency of com
mcrce is northward. An examination
of tho ablo and Instructive report of Mr,
Trak, becretary of the chamber of com
tnfreo. nroves this beyond nil cavil; and
the trade of Arkansas will be subject to
tin Biime rule. There is no outlet for 11
on tlio west, ami It will reach tho MlnsU
slop! ut Memphis or Cairo. In a quarter
f.i ffiiturv that state wlU send sm.WJU
bales of cottou to the north via Cairo or,
Memphis. Are we not deeply interest-
ii! In see rnr that our Llttlo ilocK roan
Miall not puMiuto huud-i that may be
cveu moro interested in tlio Cairo and
Fulton line? Tho compauy now con
trolling the Little Hock aud Fort Smith
railroad may possibly become Interest
ed In the Cairo and Fulton road. If
they also get control of the Memphis and
Llttlo Rock road what will become of
the Memphis interests lu tho trade of
that state?
Men were maddened. Speyers grew
crazy. His eyes seemed fixed In despair.
He Mtoke to his friends In a husky voice,
and rushed about the little fountain as if
in terror. At length ho raisod his hand
and shouted hoarsely to the heated,
Htrugirllng mass below him. This ex
traordinary spectaclo ucarly silenced the
operators. In a few words Hpeyor uc
cuscd home unknowu person of an at
tempt to assasslnato him. "Ho la after
monowwltha big knife," shrieked Mr.
Speyers. "Look, looit!" no continued,
; "don't you see the knife?" As It was
I evident ho was crazed, he was placed In
liv his friends and font homo.
1 Mr. Spoyors was not the only one made
momentarily crazy. One of tho mem
clersof the board Informed tho 'Sun' re
I porter that under the undue excitement
1 ho felt hlsinlnd giving way, and took a
I Madison avenue stage up Hroadway as
! far as Canal Btrott, to recover his bal
J anco.
The abovo Is a paragraph from tho
! 'Chronicle' of last Friday's doings In tint
New York gold room.
IIK.VTltS l.t CU.M..MIM.K.
The Vecontcalainliy at Avondule, Pa.,
gives for the time a molancholy Interest
to the causes thut, in different countries.
make the worklugof ooalminesi tin occu
pation of peculiar peril.
Tho following statemeut seta forth the
number cf deaths nnd 'their causes,' that
occurred lu 18j, In the mines respective
ly of Eugluud, and-Prussia; . ., f
ICngland. Explosion of fire-damp, 00
deaths. Cavlng-ln of earth, llD. Other
causes,, .uutler-ground, QUier causes
nbovo-grouud, 89. Iu the shafts. 15(1.
Touil, 1100. ( '
Prussia. Explosion of fire-damp, CO
deaths Cavlng.ln of earth, 100. Other
causes under-ground, 74. Other causes
above-ground, 0. In the shafts, (35. Tu
la!, 203.
The ratio in each case of deaths to the
I number of minors employed, and tho
amount of the coal-product, may be
readily calculated England having
3:13,11(1 miners, and producing 105,077,000
tons of coal; while Prussia nad 102,773
miners, and produced 0,717,700 tons of
Tho Adams county (III.) democratic
central committee have purchased tiliun
drcd dollar American flag, which villi be
presonled to that ward or township iu
Iii Qtilci Dnj's.
Tho living yar (rows atraDflcJv :nlh '
Now in tin; har.y autumn vkalher
My hartli llkna happr thijd, , .
fiu orcrtue hill tog$thr. (
j My piwiol dap run and itjtl
To istwr tenderer llh.-; thsnnjl
.lMy's ow-IaflshhariuV ' -.. -.
T)i irnnmct woods with mnslc, rings.
ITU Inxrr'nUifctrfctttiMJIwoBt; Jf
1 mo no mors thp bird Ut alng.
Hut that which brxxflt with folded vringt
Upon Its mihjtmyit 4 r '
i Oh. falrent month of aM'thiycarl
Oh, swttMtiarlnlhal thr-r melt:
Within, without, h amtiWli her,
no tranquil and boshc..
0rthTlw.t;tlnl8hlVluisrtcr", T
. All night wllhjoy, Bnd which 11 tan?
Ah, twin worn trmrj', and both ucre'ttrltf,
Mr heart va-sltkoairlriUUorfolfn,- yjn
I giro them both for re at.
Kir Qtiit. clot(S JynllM,
It'll luting li'ller walk to kxrri,
Aril tie, er ntmy aM;
An'l.af) nifcl. l0! uilii ii nMdi "ffl I
I'e.v.caiid htrantorrlecp. '
Isabella's head is not only still on her
shoulders, but also on tho Bpunlsh pos
tage stamps.
Kogor, qnce tho most-celebrated tenor
of the Paris Grand Opera, Is coming to
New York for the purpose of .starting
an operatic singing .icliool in thut city.
If we may believe the San Franclfco
'Bulletin, 'General Rosecrans is going to
mako live millions of dollars out of his
mining speculations In California.
Mr. Marble, odllor of the New York
World.' Is said to be the author of the
"Porgee" letters, now In course of publi
cation In that Journal lu which the es
says of Mr. Greeley, on political ccono
my, aro so wittily taken off.
Gen. Leboeuf, thouewFiench minister
of war, seems to have music In his soul.
He is restoring to all the regiments of
cavalry the bands which Marshal Nlel
took away. The bands will probably
play, in gratitude, "Leboouf de la VIello
Mr. and Mrs. A. T.Stownrt are making
extensive preparations for opening their
new fifteen liuudrcd thousand dollar res
idence, on Fifth Avenue. They will ex
hibit, on tlio occasion, a table servlco of
solid silver, lined with gold, and coating
ubout eight thousand dollars.
The poet Longfellow und his three
beautiful daughters are tho recipients of
all manner of social compliments and
courtesies In Uoston, and ure over-run
with visitors und deluged with Invita
tion. Whllo In England tho "Three
Graces" were greatly admired, and broko
the hearts of hundreds of Juvenile John
Grace Greenwood does not disown her
country girlhood. Her opinion that hnr
nesslng and driving a hor?o Is not an un
femlulne employment is sensible. She
says :
"For me, tho actual dally care of a
horse was far from a hardship. It may
be a coarse employment, but It Is conge
nial. I never was feminine enough to
tend a canuryv or clean houso for an old
gosftlpof a parrot; but I can look after
tho comfortsanddecenclesof a stall mont
rulihfullv. I never could comb or curl a
French poodlo; but I can groom a horn-,
tipou occasion, and after a fashion.
The Hlnghamtou N. Y. 'Journal, a rad
ical weekly, has suspended publication
for lack of support.
In eleven counties lu Minnesota tho
radicals have separate tlckeU, and still
tho split in tho party goes on.
Owing to tho falling oil' of tho radical
vote aud tho breuklng out of many of
their great men, tho most popular radi
cal snug Just now Is "nothhnr but
The radical party has diverted Its guns
froi.i tlio democratic party, and la nsw
firing hot and shell luto tho prohibition
party. That prohibition party will feo
the day when it can dictate terms of oup
Itulatlon to radicalism, or smid'H entirely
out, at pleasure.
xnerlenco what It moat's w.pe iu decent
nnimmnv. .
mj a L "
wu,"iT'i - .
Mr - 1 , -ni 1
" - -
r.V-Womlerl"til riiotogrnli.a-
r , i.i3"ntiin vtn.. i iirii.
in u tuiivv. - ....-j,. ...
iiivtu . . Cv V.
llt'i.il ininn vnnrjt n-.n un lionuJl
the tea, and tho phenomena of fha uky and
tho most triiusliiut cxprcaciou 01 tne human
"Wonderful, indeed I' also exclaim J, thwp
Ing her hands; and after u moment & pttute
sho demanded eagerly, "where are tho best of
theso marvelous pictures to ho seen?'
'In Paris." was tho reply. "Why do you
ask, Mere Yvonne? '
"Never mlnn." talil slio, noiUltng ner ncau
thoughtfully. "I have an idea. You will
havo an idea You will
have an Idcj. ion i.
i i i
nd was strong and slmplo,
' to f'mnko up." Without
The widow's mind
Certain radical papers uflect to lielleve W ZSZCZr,
that iu Minnesota, A licousin anil aia r()j,ro(iuco n vestlgo, n souvenir, a shadow of
sachusettstlio democracy Iiuh adopted nty sun? Cannot 'it givo over 10 iniporIect.a
republlcau' platforms, If juiSy really -j. riueniManco of her child to n. dcsolatu mother,
think wwliy don'Mboy s'tepuloard, and .wfc' tlin ,cntell Damo Vvonuo
peasant woman known as "La euvo l von- i,...,0.,t)lcV. ' ' ' f
ne.r Plw hi pponcd one day to hear some of , '"JJ.vh.V sho cried qulokliVA'Uon you.om givo
her neighbors sneaking v : the wonderful pov,. w'$itljk frrti '1
er of photography. With nbsorl ed at.entioii ' VA'rV nJ- .he said . f S
sho listened us they told her how by this won- . , 4 1, A- jm4 b'een dpadix yeatr ho
derfulart wuro produced on paper in tho H J . . 4 ?
juaco of a moment, not only stars and trees, ,.," .-C . , .,..,1 TiTTi-tlllrv at any
d building?, but the canrlcci of Ji"01' n" ;
H did not t&ue long to I'uinko up
ittiylng to dolibprntOjjWithout liitonlng Id tho(
nvirv niilc. nnd without cdnUdlrlir to nnvmnn
tnooDjcctoi ncrjournoy, sno ;kcu up a iow j
ncccssnrlc, nnd onq iflnotiipriing, rich with
tho tavings of many InuWribus ycar, nnd
tinned With a .written chnracterrfrom iho
fur.nbr'ny'Wholn' iho 'had'bcen'emplojrcd, ehV
sct off nlono for l'arli.
Sho arrived in tho great capital, with her
fcurlct petticoat, her white neckerchief, her
inrgu rap nnd her honest fnco. It wnt a big
plnco ihe saw: much Juriror .than the had ox-
,pocled; very brilliant; and jnnysnd bewild
ering; nut, tnougti aatoniiticu, M10 was not a
bit uUmnved; ho traveled tho interminable
boulcvarda with the nonchaleneo of a born
Parhian, giving no sort of attention to tho
eltv 'lioii: tmi'inL- no lim-l tolU.innnunicjiLfl
and tnuinuini, Its parks "and 'its gnrde'rii, its
gayaiiesanu icies; unving in nor noncm naa
hilt aiinglo Idea nainW tho power of pho
tography. J)irectly the arrived sho enquired, "Who is
is Ihq best jihotognipliur?'' . ,ri'tA
Opinli.MS,.ditJ'eyd;j toino'toluherj rwn
bthtrj, Solomon; oth'-ri, Frank, Gustavo,
Ijve, ISertall.
"Hut which of all thoso Is mot successful
in ivortraiU of children.'' nskecl the datne. ,
In reply slleWs furnhlieu with' tlifau
drees of n elfiver'artiit, whoso nil mo I nm not
at libaru to record, and to wliosotudlo sho
nt ohc'o fiastetiod. " '. ,
Kverybotly fy, tnonleur," sll6 hCgsn,
"that your lilienesaes of children aro admira
ble." "Kvcrybody Is very kind,'' replied tho pho
togmpher, smiling.
"That you take tlietn In the most graceful
and natural attitude,-' resumed the dame;
'und that they aro so life-like that they almost
seem to tneak."
"If I Imvo attained uny unusual skill in
thli brunch of my art, madamc," ho replied,
"it is probably becauso I have worked con
amorc 1 lovo the llttlo rogues. It Is pure
pleasure to 111c to pcrpetuato their Innocent
smiles and graces. I have, moreover, plenty
of little subjects of my own to practice upon,
Ho opened tho door, called, and tho next
moment half a dozen merry children, of aces
varying f-orn thioj to twelve, rushed Into tho
room, una crowded arouna nis Knee.
"You mav imatrine." he continued, smiling
"that it is ii"t always an easy matter to reduce
these fidgety little customers to tho uecessury
IminobilTtv: It reoulres a little tact nnd a cood
dual of practice. It is a child, I presume, mad
arue. xvhose portrait you wish takeu?"
"Ye, monieiir, it Is a child: but it will not
trouble you by restlessness." replied Dame
i vonne, shaking her head, "llo will bo neith
er petulant nor rebellious, tho poor little lovo I
Goi d reason why, ho Is'1
"Yes?" aid the artist, interrogatively, strok
ing the forehead of hit youngest child as tho
"Ho is dead!' said Dame Yvonne. Bravely.
At the. startling words, uttered in a voice
in whloii annroachlni! sob bctravea inum-
selves, the nhotocranhcr felt distressed and
ashamed of hi own egotism. Ho felt that ho
must havo Utterly renewed tlio mother's grief
in exhibiting to hur thoso children ana caress
ing thern beir her eyes.
(Jo and piny on tlw balcony.' he whisper
ed, hastily; anil in they passed through tho
hxr h kisd tbem tenderly but softly, lest
his visitor shuiild hear. Then returning to
his teat tiour hr, he said, with great gentle
nos, "As the little child of whom you sjveuk
is uttad. it it, I suppose, a po.thunious portrait
vuu w..L t have tuki-n tho jilcturo of tho
Jnnx-nt .Tfattir.' v!i sm toul has tied, lying
in his white bed, a ctmi in his hands, a crown
of whdv roses on his colorless forehead. It
wlllbeaiminful tu.k to mo; but to oblige you,
nudame, I shall bo happy, if you will givo mo
your addrtx, to tiroccea as soon us posslblo
to your reddence. '
Dam Yvonne drew from her pocket n largo
red and bhto handkerchief, with which, quitu
simt'lu, lie wij.eJ her tearful eyes.
'ThanK vou. monsieur," sue taiu, "uui 1
! naod not gi're you o much trouble. My child
lm been dotid six years."
Tho Dhctoeranher looked stupltlod.is . i
'You have then already a portrait of your
ton?" ho tsid after a pause "a p
hsivs that vou wUh'photogr.iphpd?'' ' '
"A jHilctingof him 11 1' veluiucd Damo
Yvonne. "Mon Dlea, no I or why should I
Imvo comic ull the wy from llrUtuny? 1 have
no tort of rolic or remen.branco of my sweet
angel's face; it Is the hope of obtaining one
that has Induced ma to make this long jour
nov hero. "
'ihe photograph" r .tartd to his feet in utter
vWlnvt, mudaino J" hu tvjclamod. "and do
vou imllM without thB original, without 'in
other 11 irtuiit, without any sort of Indication
or guld'i, I csn produtu a picture of a child
deitd ix yjtrs ag',"
What, Monslourl" crieil Duino 1 vonne
In hor turn, "snd do you inMis ny it i lm
iosibI? People vaunt on ovory sldo tho
jirndiglw, tho inirnck of photegrnphy; boast
that it mirpri.es tho ea in tho mysterious
movements ut it waves, and tho sky in tho
moid fliiiht of iu cloud, and renders occur-
at id v th' in"Jt Intrlento traeory of tho highest
1 ..m sbv mi more,
I .Y.'. -.... j . ...... i.
I .Mar 1 era wdj ni oiicf s urg kiki
I . v .1. T 1... ..e .i..r. . ttU t
sie nua u.u lienor i . i;iia..iinKiii(ui
S-.Kir..i1. T!iiVlhil lit.srl. d Tihutoirraulier did
r v. 1 I....... ....... - 1 r t , '
not V"h the nhnplo peasant to return to m-r
A villas..- dua..o!atod, o hoVellcctcda
'.wwliilt. ..... .
v...i. rnsiour -vail Ami your
Treiorvod Ibom sho echoed, "I would
mora nart wuh them tnan a cnureu wouiu
it ......... 1 . . .....1 It
. ," .7 ,rn "'i!'.'t..
i ... .1 . .....l,.n ' I
cxd m v" tr'Wliat U,,,
(vti I ih tihelp"V"-? I there aajHUlng t!aio,jry, uiiaim.-. who, liarlntflojrthelr
MtSYv foiJ1 - riB"'iSltgni ail u llarrett'd Vesi-ta
' "You h'rtvo presorvel the domes ot i.Vu;t,v. xiVuihti:
.i.u.i -..ii litivi-iloil1 ho lUnru- i ucn-ra I heaJmiariuri for in nrtiuln fn
" Hitiuish its acred relics, i navo uio very i u
j uj ns u y j now- ,n wi,Wter nvu-nnacoii,tM forthetoij.
i V l ,ti tlm tlmo e ran chasing t 1 li,uU0','0''ffluriniaUhot )
drwsed bin tlin last tiino ue ran casioS ,)MU wfrMm AtlMtf M ,bo
butterfllee In the green tUldr. v vn lo I.Tyoucm jtuhat you wsatla
u...... I. V. Iitr,vl re pj. I U8V0 tllO Very I
' "4end,thcm to ma iliroctlv.' f-dd the nrlhl.
"You shall hqvovtlicin .in .trn hour, ',inen
sictir," iho replied. ' , .
tions : WlHl W'rtiTSWf HilliKiM
-uoou, ?nia no., vuniy tnrcc rnoraque
"How old w,n her cohtlnjfed the phpto
grnphijr. ''Five year," was the reply.
''Wn ho fuulcloiilly advanced Ih nlcjli
gcnca.to havo.auycriiou)fliguju.lola.
pious?" ho asked.
f 'Pious 1 Ah, ciWtliolW'if'ft'lb angel I
hq was always at lriiyer.V,Vrepl!cd .tbu.wid
ow; "at night, before ho went to rcsj, lit ths( jf
fob of his little bed; In tho morning, before
hq arose, at tho Imuge of our blessed Lord,
mat nung on nis ecu-room wuil '
"That is enough," said tlio photogrnphorj
rising. "Whim scienco and pity work hand
In hand wo may well liopo for success. I havo
ti strong a wish to aid you that I do not
doubt I shall And a way. Adiou. Au rcvolr."
Tho clothes wcro sent, tho work begun, nnd
two days after Dame Yvonne received the
jflrst proof of tho portrait. Sho uttered a cry
ox joy.
"It is he 1 tho exclaimed. "I know him
again ! It i my ton 1 See! thcro Is tho lit
tle vest with the silver buttons the little
trousers I mndo with my own hands; there
arc his llttlo arm?, his tiny ilngoM. his lone
golden hair failing over his shoulder. Oh
vos, it is it umy little child I Oh, .Monsieur,
iow mucu 110 1 owe you?
"Madame," tnid the nliotoirranher. "In nrc-
tenting to you 1111 Imago which you recogniz
ed ns your ton, dead six yinr ago, I havo ac
complished a miracle. Miracles uro not paid
For us the mir.itlo is easy to explain. Noth
ing is to like like 11 Ilgurc, nir and attitude, to
n child of five years old ns another child of
the same ago. The photographer had nu rcly
placed befori the camera one of hi children
dressed In tho pn-lty Urelon costumo of the
ueau boy. 110 was represented kneeling on a
cuthlon, his head bent, his face hidden by liii
hands, which wuro raled nnd clasped togeth
er In the noblo and graceful attitude of prayer.
Dame Yvonne returned to Itrittanv. She
showed the portrait to every one sho know;
and to every uins who would listen, the en
larged, In terms of reverence nnd wonder,
tho marvelous newer of photography, whLh
had produced tho likeness of a boy who had
boon dead six yarK. If nnv ono indiscreetly
asked "Damo" Yvonne, why does your son
hide his face thus in his hands ? sho answer
ed, "You muat bu 11 bud Christian not to guct f
that, ins tioor uttlo ungvl who is in nenvun,
prays for Ins mother, left In the world bereav
ed and desolate."'
It is reported of Horace Circoloy that hav
ing had some experience with tlio various
birds just plnfeathored and tenderly helped
out of college, ho "cut tho combs" of tho en
tiro class onodttv in conversation with a friend
who wished to get n place on tlio Tribune' for
a highly educated young man. "What is
he?" said Horace, bunging onu of the legs of
Ids trowiors to a corner of hit writing table.
"Ho is very smart," replied tho friend, un tu
ouly, "he graduated last week from ctdlege,
with'nll honors." Horace looked at the friend
indignatlv, and then ho brought his trowsert
down and struck tho table with his vigorous
hand. "Of all h-o-r.n-e-d cattle,' hu remark
ed, "deliver mo from
college gradual -,'
f Itochoster Chronicle
OuickcNt Rouie from the South
10 .
SI. Limit, I.oiiUs lllc, Clin liiuuy, Uhlcago,
JVctv Vui-k, lloituu;
all roiyrs hast and soitTir.
l'-ntnii'-r train rr e at ami lro Cviro an fcl s
AnniVE-oi.io ,. ji...
llUI'AKT-ai'-JO a. si..
I1.10 I. M.
HUU 1. 91.
Both trains ewneet at Centralis with train oa th
At I'au. !. or. nhfin inin, 1J Vxo. t 'a.-
' lea luta. J,rrt, linlfiin, Dulwaue,
and all iw.l in
Illlnou, lon, JIIh msota, JIUaoiirl r4
AnJ wills llnei runins Kasi tuxl Wtwi fur
St. Louis, Sni-ingnr-ld, IiuIsviUf, Cincin
nati, ImliaiuijioIIs and Columbus,
Aid at t1ilso ilh HiQbiHii wairai, M..-niga
c Lli-ugn ituurua! ror
MAtiAltA KAI f.,
HlLAUVlI.l'l'IA. m IjAtiTlJltjKK,
Vox thrixiRli tiuStf-tit 4'i1 iuftfruist.oB, apj!y at t
Illinois CuntrU lUilwtvJ ht jwi. joiivos
M. IlWJlllTT.iMJCrHl ?'uprliiUWt.
J A 4i!l,VI.V. At-WJl. .
h npj.tlM Mith all kiaiU ot
ilVr, A !e. A',
1 .... ajJ li'iiort. afrtsslil met at
luvciuii'i' llier.

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