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QFIE'ro. 13 Tenth Street. Thornton's Btiildin.
r -r- r
5'nll County Tlclu;t Nofulnnteil.
Tlio VmJalTacy" "6f djalski'dbuuty ; je
presented by delegates, met In co'uveu-
tlon at Mouud City ou (tbo 23th ultimo,,
pursaunt to the cull of tlio county ecu
Iral committee.
All the precincts of the county wero re
presented except Gruud Chain.
Dr. X. It. Casey was elected presldont,
and H. F. Totter and Chan. Fosdlok
wero elected secretaries. t
The committee on resolutions reported
at) follows. l
Ilosolvod, That the continued and
positive Imposition upon the people, of
tarlU'aml other lawH, designed to tax tlio.
mab(M of the people for tlio benellt of
the accumulated cupltal of tbo eastern
utates, Whereby millions of dollars aro
annually abstracted from Illinois with
out any corresponding gain to tho com
moil k jvernment, Is a wanton and In
tolerable abuse ef federal power for
which the only olJleieut remedy Is tho
complete union of the friends of labor
nnd domestic Industry, whom tho
democratic party, at the ballot box. have
always sympiiathUcd with, and ever
will eynipathisu with, rn. jjuiziiifj, a.i
we do, Inbor supremo in our government
over capital
Hth Ave J, That wu aro opposed to tho
llfteruth amfiitlmeut, as proposed, and
urje.l and forced upon homo
of t'iO s'ltes against their expressed
will, I y thr republican party; because It
is a material and radical chaise In our
sy.,Um of k viiruuient, destroys tho rela
tion of tho states to tho unlon and tie
crades thcur, Wild takes from tirem with
out their oiwint that essential attribute
of a self pfVernltiK community the
right 1 1 determine who .hall excert'be
right of t-ull'rage; and because It will in--tjvlu'a
i.ero Mill'rngo Into Illinois
against the M ill of the people.
Itemlved, -That we believe the honor
and welfar.uljf the country alike re
quire the rupld and completo extinction
of tilt) national debt, by tho full payment
of both the principal and interest in ex
act accorduuee with the terms of tbo
contract between the government and
its creditors; but that we oppose with all
our influence the illy disgulred efforts of
tiie party in jKjwer to convert the debt
Into a permanent burden for the aggran
dizement of the bondholders, by discri
minating legiidatlon against the oor
classes iu behalf of Incorporated capital.
Itewdved, That we, as Democrat, are
In favor of retrenchment iu national
State and county a Hairs, for the enforce
ment of which iu county atlnlrs we will
ntrlctly hold our county officials repoul
blc. Kesolved, That we will not recognize
the claims of any candidate for olllce
who does not pledge himself to ."import
the regular nominees of tills convention.
Itolvedj That we, tlio numbers of
thli c invention, pledge our best efibrtn
to t'.'Tt the nominee of this convention,
an i the carrying out of the objuctsof the
frejlng resolutions.
The rt-jlution wore received with en-tl.'i-dimm
and adopted, and committee
was li hargtd
i to c ;iivutiiu then proceeded to tho
i..iiiatiou of a candidate for the ofilce
f tw'Ji.ty JuJyojund George S. l'ldgeon,
I-q l elnf, the only person put in iiom-
li.at. m I f 'ro the convention, was
ill Ian J the nominee by acclamation.
Capt. W. I;. llambleton, of .Mound
City, and Obed Kdson, of Villa lUdjre,
were nominated as associate Jutlc .
There were qulto a contost between tho
friends of K. H. Watklns ami J. W. Car
ter as to which gentleman eliould be the
noml'ieo for the oIH:j of eouuty clerk.
Walkius K'tii finally declared tho uom
inee by uvote of I'd to 1-.
V. M. Urown. of Villa It due was
nominated as tho caudhiate for county
tiiiperiutcudeut of common schools; and
Hugh P. C'ralg for ai-aossor and treasurer.
IVrc uiity h'irvcyor. C. 10. Streeter re
ceive 1 0 votes, and James Aldrcd, 10
vot' s. The latter was declared tho nom
inee of tho convention. Tlio following
named geutlemeu wore appolntnd the
o'. ity d. mocMtic central commlttoo for
t eeTis;i!ugyonr: H. 0 ITosmcr, J. W.
rir!-, K. .M. Thompson, Simeon JJrown,
J. C. W irthlngton.
A resolution passed Inttruetlng tho Sec
rotarks to furnUh report of proceedings
tithe Around City 'Journal' and Cairo
'Built tin, with request for publication,
after which tho convention adjourned.' .
In no j articular Is tho opprefsfvo char
acter of tho present tarlll'moro manifest
thuu in tho duty ilxcd by It upon salt:
Take, for Instance, ft cargo of Liver
pool salt. It cosh), delivered on board
tho vessel at Tilverpool, ?3 83 a tou of
2,210 pounds. It costs for carrlago to N.
0. 52 50 per ton, mukius the cost at that
port$o SG per ton.. The import duty is
24 cents a hundred amounting to ?o 87
ton. This Is nearly equal to Its cost at
New Orleans, ao that a Western farmer
is forced, ou account of this tariff, to pay
nearly twice as much for his aalt.as ho
would If tliero was no tariff at all.
Beforo tho war, when tho salt tax va9
IS per cent, ad valorem, the usual price
of salt In St. Louis was 00 cents to $1 25
por barrol generally about SI 10. Now
it Is $2 50. Of courso, part of this Incroaso
Is duo to tho depreciation of our cur
rency; but tho larger partis owing to tho
exorbitant and oppressive tarllf placed
upou It
i:.v(jai:mk.nt wru. uoux isoians.
Governar Campbell, of Wyoming Ter-
for pfJndlttu. afTalra, under datoof Hep-
or Parker ofaevb'rftl erfgagcrHerifs with
Hloux Indians In tho Wind river valley.
In ono of thoBO company 1), Becond cav--alry,
had a light with ono hundred and
fifty Indians, and defeated thorn. Ono
Boldler waa killed, and four wounded.
KIt4 .IndlarfB 5 woro ilcillod. Thp bund
was 'painted, and In full war dress. On
the retreat of a portion of the same tribe,
James I. Camp, a ,Mrf Skinner and Mr.
Green and a man whoso na'tno In un
kuown, all citizens, wero killed; and
ono citizen, A. W. WilllamH, badly,
though not fatally, wounded, Three
other skirmishes were reported, but tho
,above Includes the casultlea.
'the c.ihk or iKjav'-r-f--The
case of tho HorHetiiai received tho
attention of our authorities. Ifnttoison
tho high neat under tho Cuba if flag, alio
'Will bo regarded arfiplrate and if sho
come Into our-harboraurwtll doublc8s(
be seized. Tlio Treasury department haa
given orders to refuse her supplies, t Thfc
bpauinrds claim that If she Is out she Is
an American f (rate, but whou she was
at Philadelphia, at the request of the
Hpanl.-h consul, lie would furnish no evi
dence, whatever, that justified her de
tention, and she was allowed to sail from
Halifax with n-gular clearanco papers
there. Hhe was thoroughly examined
by the British authorities, and no evi
dence being found against tier, tho sailed
wJth regular papers.
- j
The ancient Britons used money rnado
of brii-H, tin and also rings ot iron adjust
ed to a certain weight, and, oh some say,
Iron plates reduced to oxact woiichts.
The money first Heed Ji Iwiy-and tiiclly
was of bronze. Camdbir- relates that ho
had K-cn money madebv theJIolIauders
of pasteboard, A. D. fi74"-Meatus says
that In tlio reign of Iloratuua tlio lio
mans had not establlHiK'd coliM-d money
as a medium of exchange, out usen
leather, painted wood and pieces of
metal, the values of which were deter
mined by weight.
Not a little consternation was created
In radical circles in Washington, the
other day, by the receipt Jof a telegram
to tho elfect that the Tennessee legisla
ture will not only refuse to ratify the
Fifteenth Ameudement, but will send
rudy Johnson to the UnlteJ States
Senate. Of course this will bo regarded
as rank treason, and will command the
earliest possible congressional Interfer
ence. Tennessee cau do what she pleases
urovidlug she pleases the administration.
joi.vr sr.ssiox or thi: city
court G'ii
(Ilulr M-t'ns.J
rir. III' rrAj OctoUr I, Icj.
Present, Mayor Oberiy, Councllmen .
carden, Martlu, and Barcloy, Alder
men Brankle, Gibson, Hendricks, Ken
dricks, Ken-
Mendel 10. I
neJy, Lohr, Imergan, and
Heiort of the street committee read,
and,on motion, received and ordered filed.
T ti' ' iiy fuu ii "f ti.ei y or lairo
The commltteo on streets have B?tU
under consideration several matter
heretofore referred to them by the coun
cil, and In reference thereto respectfully
make tho following recommendations:
1. They recommend, that the bill of
S. Walter, for lumber, amounting to
J2S3,'i2 be allowed. The committee find
that the lumber was furnished to the city
i-iit tn the sizes required iu the construe-
ture of the sower on v uinut street, ror
u-lilch nurnoso It was used, and that u
contract was made for the lumber by the
drainage committee at four cents per
foot. . .....
Tliey recommend, mat tlio prayor
of tho petition of "property owners"
asking that tlio city construct a sldo
walk on tho south sldo of seveuth street,
between Walnut aud uedar streets, oe .
not granted; but the commltteo recotn-
mend, that permission be given to said .
netllloucM to coustruct tho elde walk i
prayed for, nt tholr dwu expeime, under
tho direction of thu proper city authori
. They rccomniend, that tno bill ror
lining a (dough ou Washington nvonue,
nmountlng10'J, ami prcsomen in name
of Itobt. H. Balrd, boullowetl. i he com-
t'ni s. s. THvlor.who naid tho men work
mitieo nun ii" mw ww " -v
lug underMr. Baird's foremaushlp for the
work. . .. . , ,
i. Thov reoomtneiiti, mat tno om cu
ne xv. 11 Hm tli. forbricu rurnisneu to
reimlr slilewalk, amounting to $3, nnd
VI".. . r( ......1.
ao rnr iiuiiiinir. in an. cto o". eusu
ho allowed Iu Hcrip at par.
5. They recommouu, mat ino prayer i
of the petition of Blctiard ilaglnuif.that
tho council take action to make good tho
(inference between tho value of city scrip ,
ami cash, In ,far ns workmen on the (
sidewalks nro concerned, be not granted. .
Tho committee ordered, that the city i
comptroflor nrocure lumber rpr repairs ou
tiie sidewalics, ny auvertisiug ior oiu io
furnish tho city oak and poplar, In pro-
to bo designated oy ono oi ui
nltv ear nan tern: iuml ordered, further.
.1 ... I. n .. ntilniit.ill.n 1. .1 tiir... 1 1 lllinit
ill ii unrK nil Diiimiiiiu.i hit ui.-Liiu .i kiuu
until lumber Is procured, and that then
the present, employes be tagalu put to
wrk . - ... ....
Report of oomtnltten appointed to set-
... ww jt-w
tie with rox, nowaru cc uo.:
Tho committee appointed to make set,
tlomcut witli For, Howard & Co., In ac
cordance with tho ordinance on. that
subject, respootfully report that they
have performed tho duty astlgned to
them. In tho settlement, Fox, Howard
& Co. surrendered $111,071! 24 of city or
dura for cancellation. To this amouut
was added SS.871 21, tho interest which
has acoruod on the Judgment since tho
U'Jth day of April, 1008. The total was
S122.103 48. But, slucoafructlon ofiyoOO
could uot be Issued lu a bond, the denom
inations being ?1,000 and ?5O0, the com
mltteo agreed, thut if Fox, Howard &
Co. would cancel tho judgment stundlug
In their favor on Mm books of tho Circuit
Court of Alexander qounty, for 5100, tho
price of tho pest house, they would add
trt tlilii Amount tho $400 ludi'immt
VgalmJt the cW for sand for sowom, and
that, Ahon, if H, & Co. would pay tho
diireren.ee between uie unai auu iiy,ow.
they would order bonds to bo Issued
to that amount. ' This proposition was
accepted, and settlement made upon this
Recelvcd.and ordered on Hie.
Report of the drainage committee.
On tho several matters submitted to
tho commltteo on dr,ulnagp after careful
conslderatlon;1Ue folWwlrfg'recommen
datlrins fcro .inade
1. That tho flneosscsst-d by JEqulro
JJro.ss against Jas.,0. Sullivan, bo remit
ted. . .
2. That police constable Cum mint's bo
directed repair the 'gateof tho newer;
uu fuuiui OMVui, uu tuai umu uu in-
rccted to remove tho sewer guto now
lying on the grounds of the Illinois Cen
tral railroadtfncarithe; stone .depot, and
jjtoreitln tho Tenth street pump house,
or ui aomo othcrtsavenient place.
Tho cotnmitteo1rfiptctfTi()y.7C-port tjjat
Miey havo.'flold the steam cmmie, jioaV
in store In'tnoTliIrty-flrst tlrlet jnimfi
house, for the equivalent in tcrlt) of $100
'cash, Irftflccordanco with an order of the
council heretofore made.
Tho committee are of the opinion thai,
In order to effectually drain tho lower
part of tho city, a sewer should be run
through the levee below tho fit. Charles
hotel. At present, the wuter from all 1
tho lower part of thecity tuuh olfthrouch I
a foot-Bquaro box, In tho rear of the St.
Charles hotel, and an open gutter across
a portion of tho "railroad atrip" Into the
Fouith street sewer. If at any time the
railroad company should fill this gutter,
nearly all the First Ward w uf(P4o liable
to submersion In rainy weather, and In
times of high water In tho riven. The
city lias now one hand rewer pine, ami
valve, not in use, and this might bo used
to good advantage by being put into the
levee below the Hi. Charles.
On motion received, adopted and
ordered on file.
Petition of W. T. Hcott, praying that
a floe of $22 45, imposed upon him bo re
mitted. Tabled.
Petition of Phillip C. Tolford, asking
that tho tax be abated on loU 21, 22, and
23, in block 63, In tho first addition to tho
city of Cairo; as tho property is used fur
missionary and Educational purposes.
Inferred to tho City Atty.
Councilman Jorgenson appeared and
took his scat.
Potltlon of Mr. Fagln praying to bo re
leased from his contract for city printing,
on motion, was referred to the com
mittee on printing.
The following communication from
the Mayor was presented and read.
Toll.uCit Counril nf Iho Citr ct Cairo;
Gcntlcnun: I desire to call to your nt
ten0M t,u HUbJect of tlio Indebtedness I
incurred by the city In the work of tilling
Washington and Commercial Avenue,
and certain street, and to urge upon you
the uece-islty existing of making somo
satisfactory arrangement witli thoe lot
owners, who, having heretofore paid the
ae.-iameut made by the city to dofruy
the expenses of tho work, aro now re
quired to pay their portion of the iuterest
in the bonds which have been issued to
Fox, Howard & Co., tho street-tilling
In ISOo, a contract M-as entered Into
bjtweeuFox, Howard k Co. anil tho city,
tho former agreeing to fill certain ktreets
uud avenues forso mucn per cubic yam,
ttn,i ti,0 atter agreeing to pay for the
; u.Pif t.i iifnin moimv t.i n..rr.irn iu
pttrt of the coutract, tho city assessed the
owners of lots abutting upou the streets
and avenues filled. Many of these lot
owners paid tho assessment!1, and the
money was paid to the contracting linn.
But oilier lot owners refused to pay, and
the courts sustained them in their refusal.
Notwithstanding this act, Fox, Howard
fc Co. prosecuted tho work; and, when
tley had completed it, weut Into the
Courts aud obtained judgement for the
amount duo to them in tho contract.
This wns thecoiitlttlon of nllalrs when
i the nreeent administration of the city
government entered upon the discharge
tlUi jutM. it found alulgeinent,dr.tw.
j j,,,, 0 .,L.r uent jHtva-si, in the re .ml of
tu circuit Court of Alexander comity,
, and an application ior a nianuaiuus to
oompel tho city to levy n tax to pay oil'
this judgement and accrued luterost.iieii
tling iu tlio Supreme court uib'prlnglield.
If tills mandamus had issued tho city
would have been ruined; and that it
would not Issue was a belief that had
foundation In hope, not iu common sense.
Tlio only alternation, then, wu to hottlo
with Fox, Howard & Co. This was duo
Issuing eight per cent tweuty-ilve
..J ..... 1. ...
year UOntlS, a ueiliemenv nmiiu muni.-
oepted as atjultable by all citizens who
knew anything ubout the matter, and
which received the sanction oj tho 'legal
advisers of tho olty. m .
Aud now this condition of ntlalrd tx
w.,. r nt nvrtinrii wiio received no. bono
. 1 1 ......... . iililn i ...... ....
or at least only roulolo bonetlt..froin
the street tilling; and, worso stuir lot
1 .... wlm nald tholr assessineutb for
. .. .1.,1 tt rtii. I .ill ..iyc. I
...H..nr iiuiiiir ini rtiiiiiii:u lu u.. wiiri i: u
onthoFox, Howard & Co. bonds, arf well
ftiJ tuos0 who had the streets and avenues
I lu front of tholr lots filled, anil refused to
0ay their assessments. ThU la manifest-
!r" at. 1 An llu 1 1 1 I 1 a fH aa
an Injustice, aud calls loudly for a
rMimuiv Tho tax for interest cannot bo
' collected exclusively from Hioho who
! havonot paid for btreet filling, since the
bonds were Usuod to pay a debt contract
' ed oy the citu, ot ' ""J Irtloular
property ownew, and uius'v therefore bo
paid by the city.
' How, then, can money be obtained by
i the oily to pay these bunds? That Is tho
Important question. Tho amendmout to
' tlio charter provides that the lots bene
fitted by the street filling improvement
may bo rc-ahsessed, anil credit given to
tlio lots which have already paid
assessments, Uuder this authority
the council must first act. Tito
reassessment must bo made, and tho
monoy collected applied to the redem
ption of the bonds. Tho City Attorney is
now preparing the 'petition, to obtain
oommissfoifors to. make tho reassessment
But, It has been suggested, the rtisseM
meut canno.t bp jua tallied. ,. Thhv-Ua
hasty conclusion. It cannot bo posslblo
that lot owners wba'DRte' received bone
fit from the lllllug will refuse, upon a
tCChlilcalltv. In ,inv & rnnannahlr
ment, and, If they hould; there Is reason
w oeuovo tnoy could be compelled to
pay. If not ft will bo the duty of the
council to refund to the lot owners who
have paid overy cent of their money,
with Interest for Itflitnar pr at least to
settle with them in bdiiie 'manner that
will bo satisfactory. We fear that the
city will not do this, Is creating consid
erable feeling, nnd threatens to involve
It in a multitude of law suits.
Tills would .be deplorabli,' and by
injuring tho city would Inflict
injury upon every property own
er of the corporation. While it is there
fore clearly the Interest of tho lot owners
who have paid assessments to not
hastlly.Jnvolve Ui6'olty In expensive and
credlt-dehJ.royJnit law suits, HIs'as clearly
the dtitv of tli(V Alf vx nxltit v iuit in tin tlli-
regarded. to lose no time infdttcmpllujr. i
to emiecrmoney to pay ino bonds from
tholots beuellttcd by the lllllqg and at
once to glvo tho lot owners who hav.o
paid tITVilr assts'lonts some, assurance
that, If tho ro-usseHsmeut can not be
sustained, the money paid by thorn will
bo refunded to tho last cent.
John H. OiJEnLr, Mayor.
-Move I mat the Mayor appoint a com
rnittecof three to wait upon the City
Attorney and urge him to prepare tho
reassessment petition immediately, and
that said commltteo be luitructcd to see
that said petition is prepared. Carried,.
Tho Mayor appointed Messrs. Mendel,
Gibson and Barclay ou the committee.
By Councilman Itcarden:
Besolved, by tho city council ofnho,
city of Cairo, in Joint session assembled,
That tho faith of the city is hereby
pledged, and this council hereby agtf elr
to vote, a reasonable compensation to
tho City Attorney for his services in pre
paring n petition to tlio CiroultiCourt, of
Alexander county, reassessing tbtf prpp-fj
erty heretofore '.benefited by tho lllllug
of tho streets of the city uuder the con
tract of Fox, Howard 6c Co.
Tho following resolution was presented
and read, aud, on motlou, adopted 1
Resolved, by the city council, in Joint
session ossernoieu, Tliat wm. liaroer bo
allowed to act uudor the llcousoJaaued to
I. C. It. 11. for A. O. Coleman, IVpaoyoq
ger agent.
Adjourned. John Bkown,
City Clerk, pro lent.
rvi:.vi v-kivi; jmirits nr.WAnn.
Hiul.-n, tfim the underoened, la Alletander Coun
ty HI n:, 1 nnl'( from Cairo, on the rilKht of tho
S4 .fs-ptetnfiei !, on"' Kt J.it J,ire mule, alout
14 ban i li.ll, c.jltt )ora old, Irg ttriped, flrit")
w .- tha wetherv, a email alripe oa tho berk, pace
ery will, and haa a email enlargement on tbo riisht
Jaw, lowduwn. an I hi-a tmall wlutn pot n'ar ti."
r ' ' i ti.etuil. 1 wuli;. e Js5, to any pvrtou who
will inform ineof hit whereabout.
Addrei-a the uudur'ued at Cairo, Illmou, in cam
nf. 11 Mr..l-htr.S.
hcretofnr oxKtlni under
thedyle ofMrattnn,
tin OIMrattnn. lit'.
doni Clark, Ii thl-daydia-
aourd by iiiuiuai comont. Allperiont indobtol to
ttio lat firm w III tleaii make payment to our former
iKiok.keer'er, Mr. S. I. rtennettt an1 all t-enona
lUTinu ciauna iifumi it a win preavni innin to mm ior
pivment, aathe book' nf firm hare ben placed in
hi- l-'iivl' f .raettlnmnt.
J. II. I If I 'sON,
October 4th, Ji0.
T!i whole-,:' G.-octry and Comtnlinloa bmlneaa
will le lontimifd n! the old .tand lryfetratton Jt Ilird.
Th tnkful fur the liberal pu'run.'o extended to tho
;d I rm, we laU lviuu iuc,ii.uaa.n tha nvw
to our former patrcma and frNuiU..
' ,t u: HUIWONV
0-bviert!h. lwi. oet 1m
Oitlckcsl Boitte from tlio South
St. I.onl., I.oiil.vlllr. Cincinnati, Chicago,
.- York, llo.ion;
I'j--f i.i-r ira 'At a, ar. 1 lento Cairo folio
AKUtVK-3i30 A. -'I....
llKl'AItT-atau A. M...
..-....4150 P. M.
4t00 r. M.
lloth trarnf cconect at Centralis with triimoa the
IVIii3. Xxixxo.
At I'an i. Ptvatur, Blwmington, El Vxio, lA Sallo
ilondoU. Kreew)rt, lialena, Dubuque,
und all point la
Illlnou, Iowa, iienotn, JlUaourl and
' a 1 1 with lines runnin.' rit and Wcit for
. v.. -. ...
St. Louis, Springfield, Louisville," Cincin
nati, Inulainvpolls and Columbus,
And at t hicrngo. With Mhihitfia , Central, SlioUiyin
euutheru, Mid I'ittibutx, ort Wayna and t
Clika, RallroSda (or1 i " t
i r.Tiioir, j,
W.lSUl.NuTuN tlTV, and ' v
All, oixxt
For throunh tiokeU and information, apply 1 at the
Illlnou Central lUdroad Depot. p J0nS3Oli,
Oenornl nusenjter Agent, Chicago,
M. HCai!lTT.OeneralrluprintiiJat.
JAMIiS JCIhN-ON, Ajeal, buro. P.3.H
Mn 1 1 IF! hi II I mmnuuJAmmuocca
fn pur.illiuiro Of Km jirnrl-'iont ol tlir lut will nnj,
tcntninpnt of Ilik-crCiordon, Into ofCipo UirnrJettu, J
Mo., lrcrftc(l, a copy of wfilcli in rcc-orrteJ la
th" Hrcorilcr' office of AlcnUiJvcounly, Illlnoli. in
ruconl MoM "A A." lri Mi, He., the iinrfcrl)-n(l
oxocutoruf nl.l ntt will uvl tratamcnt wllll otrcr for
lf, i pulilki Miction, Atthofrunt ilimruf die court
Ilotn, in tlineitf of Cairo, Alpxumlcr county, 1UI
n.l, jn Mondtr, the !?th (br of Sot.lcmler, nt two '
o clock p:ra., that tlunbl lot, with the Inrva two
ftorr ttr and dirclling thereon, rttiuted oa Twon- i
tloth itrcct, between I'opUr and Wiuhlngton iliant,
anil rlearthe court house, wi t knojra ntf. deslgnatcdu.
on' tha rcarJud plat of iI.I city n lot No. si, la
block No. 41, In thM flr1 additlon'ta thi jcIIt of Cairo,
I1IboI. From It location. Mnt tf fthtn a thort dla.
woro i rum tna coun nouie, (tin
men from tha court liouie, thi nropctty la defraej
i dcalrable an any in that part df tho city, being adapt- $
j all Ice to, buslncm aa for reidance purpoea. '
TaaMt. ne.fourth tub, tlx balance la I2montbi,
wllli note, IKarlnglnttr-t, tccured bytnutnleed oa
tha property, i'oiioiuionglrcn onday ofaale.- Hale
eoD'luelnd by C. Winmon.
Boptawt-t WILLIAM CaANXKT. gaeautor.
In tlio Circuit Court of Alexander County, Ullnoin,
Jmilirr Tarni. 1H70.
John Call 111 vi Dodire, J.ord 4 Co. In Attachment.
IMmand i l,i 00. v
Notlco U hereby uten to You. theaald Dodce. I.onl
i Co., tliat n writ ofntfltf linieut lias teen aued out of
the otnett of the Clerk ofthedrcuit Court of the nfd
tjvltnty nn-lfctate, at the suit of the raid John Ohlll
ami iu,niniaiuiiwiiuiii you, ine euia irauKe, i.oru a
Co., for t. n Jiminnvl nnd fifty nnd aerenty-tito ono
hundrellthi drillarVTlieode.'i Interest, directed to Uio
t'heritroCid tjumy to execute, which eatd writ hi
M-en reiurqm uy aam nnvriii execuiod ny niiociunz
12 One llonri CartK. 2 lUr Miilr.. -1 Ixtrle llir MuleH
nnd 1 lloun Mm-, t llliwk llorx.-, 'i luy llorM -, 8
UriyUitto, I UnrK llormi and 4 Hay HorKea, n tho
pfiiperty of IVnlfM, iMtii X i'u. Now iinlen you, tho
aui iKxle, Ixrd A Oi. lialt ereonally be anl appear
beforo the Circuit t'ourt of iaid County nu the flr-tday
nf the nextlerni thi riHif, to he hobleii in tho City of
i airo, id pnii inuniy. on ino mini .innnay in ino
Montii of January next, irie o iil ImiI nnd leail 1 1
tb Motion, lifUtnent u n Ix) enterett auaiwit you In
fatnrrtlthv aiJ plHintitt end the property nttnvhed
sold UrntUfy l.ialii wilheontn.
Allen. WebUi UuiI.t, rjamtttfe Attorney'.
Cairo. Illinois, t-m ! r ii, -jjm.
it ptii (in
F' VlA"3C(fIlX. .
U Vtate ,''l!Trt, A
Hate .iftTni.Lf. 'Alexnn
i ierToittity,
nder CatnntT,
in w?y
tlcmt lourt of Alexind
Ian' 4'Uurna . Jlary V. Durni. Iul.'nancery. Hill
ior iivoxvnr
Attldaritofth non-reldenee of lfarr V Ilurn.
tlio aboie named dvfrndunl, ha mRif-rn Clod in th
Cltrk'a ofiice nf the Circuit Court.o f d county, no-
tleo u hereby if verjtoti.e nidMArrV Hum that the
on the l lianeery aide uiermii, on me .wi nay oi June,
end tliAt Ihen-upon a suminom Hurd out oraald
CKiirrTptiirnnt.! m the law direct. Now. unlena you.
thWayl'JIatr Vllurn, ehnllpe
til'JIarf Vellurii", eMail peMomuiy tn and ap-
wreiiie circuit ltl oi aaiu county ou wia
it ou tl
Caunhouio in tl.eelly of Uairp, In aald rtjUnty, on the
ay OI uie lif a
it ttirtieilurcftJi hpfd.-n at the
Uilrd Vudny of January r.eir, and plead, anwer
denlur to the aild eompviinant'a bill of compl.iutt, the
aame itfid tho mutter therein cliarijed and vtated win
'ln taken aa eonfe-aed, and a dacre.- entered fSilnt
wrotl M-cnrdlux 1 the pra) rr of mid hill.
ollN ti. IIAUMAN, Clerk.
Allen, Weliroul'PMiAl't.. i-iainiin Aitorneya .
Cairo, Illtrjoia, p7eTrilr.IlM, W'J.
aepawtt t ' .
btalM Of lUlnula, I
Alexander Ctauty Circuit
Alexander County, f ' , Court.
Jiwoti Kline T. niiiiam .'I. n iiiuun, ei. ai.; peti
tion for mechama't lien.
I'uhlio nollrei hereby gf ten that III ruraitanee of
an orderjudcmeiitnnd d-ree rendered nnd entered
olj record in thn .ileire entitled enn-e. In and!
Circuit Court of Alexander county, Illinois at the
July term thereof, A. D. IxD,
I, John H. Ilnnmn, Matter in Chancery, for eiid
Court, will.ou th Kirat d.ir of I toN-r. A. I !i, nt
threo (3) o'clock in tha atternonn of tuid day, eell at
public aiictlon,t the luhe-l ladder, for 'Mi.h. at the
doorid the t'oiinh"iie. in tli.- . tv f Curo, in a.i d
County, all the rmhi nnd title of Abralmm Wdlmnia
and William M. Willi.iiii.i.iil. t to the rlKht of re
demption, and alto aulije't to all the rtuhl. Intercata.
ettate and vendor' lluof tmiel St.it Tat lor ani
Kdwln l'areona. Tritee oflhe Calm Cite TrowTtyl
In mul to the follow mi; d.-o-riU-drntl iiiie. eduatein
ih county r AlexMn-ier. "ute riilinoia, to-wit t in
i in the h'lflli h l.lili oi the 'tri.f Cairo. and deiir
tiateil on the nupor pi it tlinroof i whirh it t lxduly
rwordod br r-amuel stu.a Taylor Mid Kl iu l'araon.
Tru'teef.ftlio Cairo City l-roperty, lot ntimlwred
oiitf.liibtm-k uiimlietitl four, together with all mid
iHKUlr, thobneK wareiiou-e, tenement and nerv
diumeuu thereunto helontnir.
JOHN i. IIAKJIAN, .naiter in cnaneery.
CalrojlM.. S-ptewterfth. A. II ld. ei0wU
Mate of lllinola, )
Alexander County Oircult
Alexander County ' Oourt.
John T. lttnnle t. WiltUin M. Wllutm, ol. al.; j-
titiOII ior ine.Tmiie lu,
Anthony V. muiiii and JuUn.lon IWjtj., parlueri,
titc. uuder the name i-uJ atyl uf Miutb aud lxx:
v. William M. Williaitia, . t. alt , i-titiou fur nit
ehame'e lien.
l'ub'ie tiotl'-e . Ii-rely K'wn ;l ' .miir-uii'- 6T
an order, Judm.-nl and ilHerc renlere. and c nterei
of record in cm I. of the atioweiit.ile I mu-, in id
Cireint Oourt of Alexander County, llllnoK, at the
July Tetm theituf, A. I. M
!, J'llm Q. Hariwitt, Mwr ln Ch iiu-wy. for id
C.urt. vrtll, -a Vkf P'.itC atii d.iy of lototer,
A.l. lw. tw'taV!.vl In Ut atenn 'f
for Oivih. lit tl duflr Jf thoOHtnlliouae, ui the . itv uf
Crtiro. ioiiacvuBift)ttiJiie ';.';' v,! ",!, f A.'r?"
.iuii U'fllaattV Ut'T ftTIIbnu M ttllmiiia (.ubjftet tu
tli rUnt or re fc d..n, wd .v Mil-ieet to all thf
riulit-. IntctefN, nia!- au I el) -r lien of Samu
Crista Thxlur i' I l. lwln !'.. .'. lrUil.e r me
(Mlru City r.-i-ertJi ' '
ieHUl reel ebJe. unwit) In tiie county of ,
r.ix .in
! r,
t-mu of Illlii 'I-, to-kttr . uiutf in tho Mrta aaa.tion
totlwe!ty of CV!r .ml de-lja '-1 on th- oti or
put theraof, it ha h w Iu le duly rw;rUl ai lot
nulla! rd three, lour, iv-, .n ';'' '
nine, tun, dveii atui Int-he, In bloeU mun
Uife d four, wi t pjrtl. uyrly d.oKri'- I iuet.-t uuo
liiudft'VKrJ!uj; to ea. iweurute um-y made llu-reuf
n tullovr,., ti.-VHI : IhvjiUUililCnttt ..illt U to feet di
t.ht. ami on a cmrae .NV,rtU Sr" Vt fr m the N . ith
i-tiaterlv coriiri ol 14i"k iiniubeiwl eigtit ie), in the
j'itat A'ddlt' t i the r'tt t Cairo. Alexander County,
Hrvtoi.l IIIimi; tlfiu ttoui mid point of U'Rlunuitt
North JI-" Wi'. tA" hiiiM.ed and twelve feet, nluu
1ih'1i; tUt-nivHr.iilli Weatone liimdred nnd
eiiiiitydhruo feet to u atrip of land dial ft.vt wide
known the li::u Cemr-l It iilr.M.1 Uip ; tlurncr
S)titliealerly nloii'i aid r41to i l trlj on a cum,
radiili U0 ft-et, two hllllJred an i e ilily-ilt fi(t.
ten inohc S and them e Ki'fth W Kant one hundred
nd iwenty-tlvo fret, lire inoh. t tl.e -tnt of
einnltiit, the Uirlu t iii iuA(,ni tic," toBetlier with
Ml and .IngitUi . the ateuui distillery buJldlti, mid
teiivnieata iu.d liered.uinttit. thereunto beIouin.'.
JOHM 11 IIAUMAN. Jluleflu Cliunt-ey.
CVito.Ill..SimU-r9th. J". aepaitw
Prate or JIHnni, 1.
Alexander Cranny, f
Alexander County, Circuit
In thu lilflttur or SWIOMI ill iitaKer .Msnuia.
Worlhdiflton end Jaine llnl.hoilaer. 1111
for l'adilion.
rnUloiiolii" Ul"nly iiin-.lld in pureiwurco!
a dioieul ordar eliteift lu tavfthutc etitlM jufl, tn
?aid court, on W I Jill day of July A 1. U V, I, John
i. Unrnmi, ibilr in Chnn.'ery tor mild Court, will,
oathellthdavof SejitemlHir, A. !),!, nt ii o'olootc
iu loc ai:i'inouiii'l' emu day,
.-U nt piibtif uu t.o:., to the highi tl bl liter, for l asli,
at the door of the iimrt houae ui the edyj;' Cairo, in
Kd euntv of Alex.iider U,4 state of IlliUoiH, the
fiUnirinK iW-rilied renl tst.ite, mtinded in
c iitnlv on I J'tide lo-w.t i .
The wet luir of the wi.iiih.rtettnimrterof .ect.cti
lv.enty-oven (7), toiriiliiix,',;i "" r0"1," rrn(p
S.ct. (no redemption allowed from aide! land op
prwimxl ut twenty Joll .r er ', will net Iw ild lur
e,. tli.ni two.iliir.it of appramed nlue), toclher
w iih all an I ainulnr tll' ti uemeiit at d herwliuulcnt
thereunto lwloiuiiia- ..... ..
HAIIMIN, Ma.ter in vluacery.
Cairo, III..Mr. m.A.I. Wi
i-utti .I.K. Mi;ertor wrapping paper at ihw
J ""of tliEvoolB)jMtalltinV " ' M

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