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ft CO.
MONDAY, 0CT0KKU4, 1809.
Member of the Convention to Alter, Itcvlfo or
Amend the Constitution,
For Colinty JtidKc '
rnr.Doiit.vr. mioss.
For An'oelnte Jatlcj,
joiix iiotvirr,
james r.. mcciktk.
For Count Clerk,
For Count Treavirer,
Put Coanly flaperlntetident of I'aWlo' Hchool,
For Count Surveyor,
"Barrett's" studies tho hair.
Ask for Al ford's xxX Ague Remedy.
Use Ender's Chill
Cure. "It never
Flrt class day ooard at Walker A Hiss-
A A - A f 1 A
i U UUi fV H i II II
Black, colored aud fancy dress fillkn at
Ittenbouso and Hanny's. 3t
It contains no quinine nornrceiilc. AN
rd's xX Aguo Ilemcdy.
Union linen 2.1 cents pur yard, at
. Ml ..I AM
- - - - -
Threo canes superior London Dock Qiu
orul nt flin T'.Vf.nlni 'llnllnt Inl nfTlna
Tin: Dkmochacv to th j: Radical Can
) you up, Brown.
. a . . . . i. r .....
W. R., candl
"Polly wmits
itu iur 4!soi'iiite jumicc.
crackir "
Too Shout. It will take a lnngcr mnn
inn Shrt, tho radical candidate for Ah
'date Justice, to reach that olllco.
To Bn I'l nmhu. "Pretty Poll" Pari
it, radical candldato for Associate J us
ee, was put up to bo knocked down by
ic democracy. Before they get through
Ith him, won't they make him Howl
tocracy or Alexander aro Indignant.
uey ureouirugeu uecause me rauicais
avo nominated PhlllU for Clerk. They
111 undoubtedly Lynch him.
Iwt there chould bo any doabt'as to tho
Jtlr.rahlp f Bra'rtley 'it last broadside at
iudlvidualUtically," is renponslblo for
very syll..gl8!n" It contains.
The 1 1 J for etclwilug St. Mary'M Park
ere opened to-day. The contract was not
warded. One of the committee was ab-
"illy itli-l UA' UiilVl b " W tuillU tiUk UtVVi
Mr G'c ) C Kggleston, with the house
f Halliduy Brothers, left this afternoon
niih Ii.i s tjur South. Ho will b ab'
nl tvo i r threo week.
Vt(l hi the .SI. Uuirltv
Wo want Immediately at the St
'harles Hotel, a llrst class chambermaid.
tnd two dining room girls whothroughly
indcrstaud the Luslue-M. Tho-e who'enn
Drlng good references will llud bteatly
nuploymeut and liberal wages. Oct Uf.
Shok Tn3 'I ho American Shoo Tip
'ompany havo Introduced, this seuson,
i new white metal tip, which by wen
3as thoappearanco ofsllver, aud is decl
ledly ornamental. A metal tip adapted
to llrst-t'lass shoes has long been needed,
riils now tip meets tho demand, nnd
aust co mo luto general use on tho finer
grades of children's shoes as tho copper
Ips havo on tho comou grades. 'Boston
Magglo Wilson, tho demirep, who at-
.omptcd to nssahslnato a citizen somo
.Imo slnco, nnd thon throw herself from
tho balcony of the court-houso Is getting
on remarkably well. Aftor her desperate
attempt at suicide, sho was taken to tho
dospltal of tho Sisters of J tho Holy Cross.
For a tlmo her life was despaired of, nnd
ho began to ropont of her rashness. But
sho didn't die. Sho Is convalescent. Yes.
terday tho Slstow took her to church, and
lu somo mysterious manner sho strayed
away from them In tho congregation.
Tho officers wero iu great trepidation, and
(enrolled for her with n great deal of dill
glence. But their search was useless.
Magglo had no disposition to run away.
Sho made boveral calls, visited tho cala
Iwoso, had,a good tlrae,and then returued
to tho hospital.
IUprer,tntntiv DUtrlct Convention.
Pursuant to a call for a Democratlo
convention to select candidate for tho
constitutional convention from the 1st
Representative District, comprising tho
counties of Alexander, Pulaski, and
Union, will meot at Dougoluontho 2nd
of October 1609, for tho purposo of select
ing such delegate, Dr. J. H. Dodsou
was elected prefldent, ami James Mur
ray, secretary. On motion non, William
J. Alloti was nominated by acolamatlon,
securing tho entire vote of tho conven
tion. Tho proceedings wero ordered to
be published Iu the Cairo Kvenlug 'Bull
otlu,' Jonesboro 'Gazette,' nnd Mound
uiilihhkii nv joiin it. oiir.niv
City 'Journal.'
J, II, Dodson, President.
John Hodoks, Vloo Pres't.
James Mcmiay, Secretary.
Dongoln, October 2d, 1669.
"Barrett's'1 does not afl'ect tho system
Dcntli ol nobcrtWinntnn.
Died, in this city, on Sunday, Octobor
3d, 1S0O, at 10 o'clock a.m. of congestion
of the brain, Robert Winston, youngest
eon of Claiborne and lEUzahoth Winston,
aged 18 years 1 m6nth,and 10 days.
Hancock Co. III. and Richmond, Va.
papers please copy.
It Is difllcult to realize that Rob Win
ston, as ho was familiarly called, has
passed from tho scene of earth. Only
u few days ago ho was strong and vigor
ouh, as light hearted and happy as any
of the many companions and. friends who
surviv6 him. On Thursday he returned
from the country- (whither he had beoQ
called a deputy county surveyor com
plaining of au attack. of. tho ague; but as
he.ha'u; ' cV previous' occasforis iWeti, to
all appearances, similarly 'attacked, It
was thought, that a resort to the usual
remedies would effect tho desired cure.
Thus matter' irtood until Friday! when,
tho caao assuming a ifloro aggravating
form; physlclan-'fTiwcalled'ln? ATmo
.meut'a Investigation asarared him that It
was an attack. of congestive fever which
it would bo difllcult, Indeed, to master.
The succeeding evening the natlont be-
camo unconscious and remained In that1
condition Until he died
That his death Is a crushing aflllction
to tho family, we need not add. It was
wholly unexpected all were unprepared
for such an bverwhelnilngload of sorrow.
"Hob" was well known In the commu
nity, and loved by all as a generous, kind
hearted, noblo minded young man. Al
though only eighteen years of age ho re
ceived the nomination for the ofllce of
county surveyor, by the unanimous vote
of tho deniocratlo' convention to which
his name was submitted.
His remains were conveyed to tho Villa
Ridge cemetery this afternoon byspcclal
train, attendettby a large concourse of
citizens whatiad known and loved him
in ll(e, 'and nw mourn lils untimely
death. "
' - ; S -5 -
Don't .Shake! me Al ford's xX Ague
Remedy. - -
For fall and winter goods', llannehl,
llneoys, cloak lugs', etc., go toRlttenlfoufe
and Harjiiy; V 3tr.
Q - -
A fir4iti1p(4,tiic.lr.
On Saturday eVenlne hist.X.' W. Noywi '
utroduccd fnt tlffc arena oflhe CrceiTt I
City elroussilic gran 1 spectacular scetfe,
Btltlcd the "Totlrnumeut." I Tho huff-j
dred-who thronged tho pavilion looked i
fon in rapt aumfrutlou. rlliere were
knlKht- clad In ar
armor that, fairly daz-
zjL.,j u,u Hgjlt uv t
sgllttcrlug: standard
benrors In bright colored costume.-), hold
ing aloft banners of royal magnificence;
gladiator.", In glistening coats.of mall;
thorough-bred steeds caparisoned In cloth
land gold tho whole forming a spcctaclo
Indescribably gorgeous and absorbing
giving to every beholder tho enjoyment
of a brief Interval snatched from tho era
of chivalry. Tho games and contests of i
tho callant knight'?; the hand to hand
nnd sword to sword conllloMof tho well--trained
gladiators, cucouraged to greater
flercencH by the applause of presiding
royal tyr-wore woll conceived, and. for
the first attempt, smoothly executed
Wc are qulto sure, from what wo have
alr.-idy seen, that the "Tournatncnt'
will prove ndlstlngul-hlng featuro of tho
Cri-fJt City circus, and ono that will
comm.tud tho admiration and applause
of tho peoplo overy where.
We but glvo voico to the universal
opinion In Cairo, when wd declare that
thoCrescentClty circus, uiKen as a wuoie,
stands unrlvnlled In the Mississippi val-
ley. It has better leapers, riders, acro
bats nnd genual gymnasts, funnier
clowns, nnd more complete properties
and pharaphernalla, than any combina
tion of tho kind that evor visitou uairo.
This Isqultoa sweeping assertion, but
facts warrant It.
Ender's Chill Curo Never Falls.
To preserve hair uso "Barrett's."
Largo stock of carpets and oil cloths at
Rlttcuhouso and Ilanny'. 3t
- i - i 1
Linen shooting 12 quarters wide, Si 75
cents per yard, at Rellly's. tf
"Tho Best In Use." Ender's Stomach
It Cuuks tho ChlllsrAlford'sx'X AS"0
..i.i " ' n ,
AlrxntiacrCouiity ltiimbllcmiConvcullon
The Alexnnder county republican con
vention, met In the court-houso in tho
city of Cairo, October, 2d, 1669.
Hon. D. W. Munn, ohalrraan or tno
county central commlttoo, called tho
meeting to order.
On motion, Daniel Artor, was chosen
chairman aud Casper Yost secretary,
On motion, D. T,. Llqegar, John yood
and A. J. Hanks, wero appointed commit
too on nominations and reported tho fol
lowing ticket: for County Judgo, Daniel
Arter: Fpr Asaoclato Justices, W. B
Farrott, Geo. W. Short: For Troasurdr
and Asss8sor. Martin V. Brown: For
County Sohool Suporlntondent, John M
Ioansden: For County Clerk, John B.
Phlllls: For County Surveyor, Wm.
On motion, tho roportof the committee
was recolvod and adopted,
On motion, tho present. county contra);
commlttoo wero elooted for tho ensuing
vear. . .
A motion: was udg. Jnslructlqg.tUo
secrotary to request the editors of tho Car
bonualoTtow Era, and Cairo Bulletin, to
publish the proceedings of this mooting.
Carried. ti
Motion to adjourn, carried. , e
DANiKti Ahtbr, chairman.
Casi'ku Yost,- secretary.
I.ocnl RrorUlcR.
McHalo, city Jailor, lias three boarders,
two men and ono woman.
The cross streets, from tho levee to
Commercial avenue, aro being repaired
so that tho filling cannot hereafter be
washed out by rain and floods.
The Board of Aldermen meet to-night
in stated monthly session.
The commercial convention to bo held
In Louisville next week, will be an Im
portant gathering. Tho best talent of
the country wlll.bo in attendance. Shall
Cairo be represented ? Let tho Board o'
Aldermen answer this evening.
A noted demirep, Big Sal by name,
decamped Saturday night, last, and left
.'behind her many creditors to mourn her
sudden departure.
Wanted, at the St. Charles, a chamber
maid and dining room girls.
Tho redubllcan county convention,
held last Saturday, was a small gather
ing of small politicians.
Parrot-'J?retty Poll" he republi
can candidate for Associate Justice,
lives soven miles from anybody, and
'don't amount to muoh at best.
Alas, Tor Judgo Hodges 1 The radicals
bavo gono back on him. When they
back a bolter, they want to back a bolter
who amounts to more than a 6.
On all tho streets "which havo been
filled to grade,, brick pavements should
be put down.' Tho "wooden sldownlka
ore an expensive Idxury. Within a year
they will all have, to bo reconstructed.
Linegar, Wood and Hanks were tho
nominating committee of tho radical
nomlnatlncconventlon. Who's Hanks?
"Barrett's" is Just the thing.
cunta Co cents per
pair, at
Striped, plaid and plain ilanneU, of all
grades, at Rlttcnhouae & Hanny'b. St
Kndcr's Stomach
In use."
Ulttcra! "Tno best
In thN city, on board the Crescent City
clrcua btcamer, Now York, at tho hour of
y o'clock, 'Sunday evening, October 3d,
by the Rer. Mr. Van Trea?. Mr. W. F.
Robinson, latoof Cincinnati, and Miss
Adea ' M,artI", ltttu f 0,r&rd: ,U',
round of feaiting and festivity ensued
that will lonir be remembered by tho
largo number that participated. The Ir
repressible Charley Noyes caused a . fes
tive board to bo spread Jthat fairly
gro'anedVuder ifs weight of good things,
and tho crowd that lined either side of
It', formed ono of tho most Jovial and
happy assemblages that over celebrated
a llko event. The 111 attaches of the cir
cus, and Walker, Sisson, Howard, Olm-
'sted, Meyers, Jones and' Osborne, of this
city, were present, and I'ranlc Robinson'
wedding will long remain with thrm a
plensant memory. To a toast by Duanc,
Ml. Sisson responded most happily,
bringing down tho housouml paving tho
way to n feast of wine, wit, humor nnd
ood feeling, that was keenly relished by
every one present.
The newly married pair took rooms at
tho St. Charles, aud, about midnight,
thev wero tho recipients of a serenado
from tho circus band a compliment that
was happily acknowledged by Mr. Robin-
From Mr. and Mr?. Robinson, from
Chnrley Noyes and lady, wo recolvod a
liberal supply of most toothsomo nnd
elaborately ornamented cake a remem
brance) wo duly appreciate. Clover peo
plo aio they, every ono of them, aud if
they aro as hnppy and prosperous as wo
hopo they may be, earth will bo to them
n perfect ciyslum.
Irish linen, selling at 135, now II 15
Irish linen sold nt $1, now 75 cents; aud
good Irish linen at 50 cents, at Reilly'a
Letter LUt.
List of letters remaining unclaimed In
tho post olllco at Cairo Illinois, on Satur
day, October 2nd 1SG9.
Mrs Barringer, Mrs Julia A Bumgard
2, Miss A M Branun, Mrs M A Cldttock,
Miss Lulsa Calry, Mrs Lucy Cotton (cold),
Mrs JnlltiH Cooper (ool'd), Miss Eliza
Dodds, Mrs Mnry Edwards, Miss Mary
JnneGrlllln, MrsIMary M Miller, Mrs
Kmma J Moore, Miss Nuwmau, Mrs L M
rainier, .ulfts Bamu riuuior, Amunu
Russell Mrs Wlnnlo ARIoherson. Dansev
Steel (col'd). Mrs A Shelby, Miss Anna
Stewards, Mrs Elizabeth Soul, Miss Enm
Vincent, iu.ru itiikiu, miib oi
Wilson, MrsPathenia Wallock.
WmAmonct, Fretl Adolpery, Dorld
Adams, Andrew Aloorer, Zack Jim
BdrcHmore, Wm A Bunton, Snencer
Bowman, James Broadbent, Daniel
Brooms, A V Berlll, A. A Bursloy, J
Craln, H 0 Custer, Green Clay, A E
Chapman, Abram L Comptou, A, R
Cooper, W A Delany, Edward Dewey,
James Edwards, "W Wllllo Fowler,
Henry C Ulsher, George Fox 2, Chaa E
Frenoh, James Gllkress, DennU Gloa
son. W H Hopkins, W G Hall, T L
Huhes, Tom Haynes (col'd), 11 M Hay
dock, MlohaelHlckey, JHobarty Joseph
Healy, John Hamlin, Monterill John
son, Benjamin Johnson, F A JCeunpn,
Emory Klrby, Carter Key es, James Mon
roe, WD Moore, Wm McAndrow, WG
MoLoqkoy, A MoKlnnle & Co., James
Mears. J H Nicks, EL Nlmmo, Jonas
Pitts, Ioura Paton, E Paddook, D B F
Prloe.'Enooli Russ. W E Shepherd. Tlios
J Buyder, Peter Steors, Henry JSaudew,
Henry Shoih, Henry Belfries, Chas M
Seeley, B M Stereus, Isaao Thooker,
Alougo Teeters, Nowton WInslow, P
Wlokersham, John Walkor, Johu M
Walker, P Zimmerman.
To obtain any of tho abovo lottors, tho
applicant .must call for "advertised let
(era," giving the date of the publication
i?t tho list containing tho amo.
J. M. Graham, P. M.
Alcxnndc-r Comity 'iViti-ltcnt Imtiliilc.
A session of tho above named Institute
will be held at Thebes, commencing
Thursday, October, 21t.., 1SC9, at ono
o'clock p. m., nnd continuing two days,
until Suturduy noon, October 23d.
The programme will embrace exercises
In all the branches required by law to be
taught iu the public schools, to-wlt: or
thography, English reading, pennman
ship, arithmetic, English grammar,
modern geography, and tho hlstoiy of the
United States; with music and essays,
discussions and addresses on educational
subjects, interspersed.
Teachers nnd school directors, will take
notlco that "no reduction of pay or loss
of tlmo will be Incurred by the teachers
attcudiug" this institute; and the
teachers from every school district in the'
county, outside of Cairo, (which excep
tion Is mado because an institute will' b
hdd there sometime during tho Fall or
Winter) aro expected to bo present and
take part lu the exercises. The school
directors of every district should rcqutrt
their teachers to attend, since It Is to their
interest to have competent teachers; and
no better opportunity for testing their
competence will bo afforded than the
exercises of this institute; and tho coun
ty superintendent pledges himself to re
voke the certlflcato of any teacher whose
Incompetency Is mado apparent.
Not knowing who at present composo
tho oxccutlvu committee of the Alexan
der county Teachers' Institute, thejeoun
tysuperlntendenthas taken this method
of complying with tho school law which
makes It his duty to-encourago the for
mation of teachers' Institutes.
All friends of education nro cordially
invited. L. P. Buti.kk,
County Superintendent of Schools.
up .mmmm. i
Bracloy Brothers, "Barrett's" agents,
Cairo Illinois.
Largo stock of staple goods at Kitten
house and Hanny's. 8t
Good towels, till linen, 20 ceiits, each,
nt Rellly's. tf
- ... -.. i . mil '
Dress goods, strictly seasonablo and
fashionable, In great variety, at Rittcn
house & Hanny's. 3t
About four thousand dollars worth of
booLs and ihoes for sale at Rellly's at 50
jKrccnt. on the cat price!
Tho largest and best furnished billiard
hall In Southern Illinois Is that br Wulk
kerASbson, tf
Particular attention Is directed io tho"
advertisement of book for the million
Marriage Guide lu another column. It
shpjild be read by all.
L f
The llrst c'bvldiii; Stove In tltii AVorld.
A broad assertion but tho- Pacific, to
be had at C. W. Henderson's, Is that
stove. Call and sue it. oet.l 2t
Everything usually found In tho largest
and best stocked dry goods housed of tho
country, ii on sale at Rlttehhouso nnd
Hanny's at prices that defy successful
competition. 3t
Til Pnrlflc CooUIiik Stor.
The universal testimony h that tho
Pacific cooking stovo is tho best in inc.
Buy uo other kind until you seo ltntC.
W. Henderson'rt 100 Commercial avenue,
i -
If nriuotilii l'aiiif.
Tho beat aud prettiest cook Htovo now
A new lot Just received. Call aud seo
them at Beerwart, Orth & Co., 130 Com
mercial evenue. ' ScpOdwlm
Alnn Itrmly nml ItcllnlilP.
From Its perfect purity nnd uniform
strength, Dooluy's Baking Powdeb can
be safcloy relied on as tho best and
riof cconomfcal baking powder in use.
No short weight, at each can contains
tho full not amount represented, and
tho snmo quantity Is guarentecd to last
longornnd give bettor satisfaction In ma
king rolls, biscuits, pastry, &o., than
any other artlclo known. Manufac
tured by
Doolkv & BitOTHEK, Now York.
Good nil linen shirt bosoms
per dozen t Rellly's.
nt 52 50
"Barrett's" never-failing hair restora
tive. 1Inlr.
I urge upon persons who contemplate
purchasing a piano to call at Prof. Rials
dell's Conservatory of Music and seo tho
now "A. Sumuer, St. Louis pianos"
which I furnished him through my
agoncy4 I Havo also received somo now
pianos nt my rooms on Eighth streot,
near Washington avenue, which nro for
rent, with tho prlvllego of purchaso.
I also havo Smith's American Parlor
Organs for ront with prlvllego of pur
chase All lustiumouts sold by me are war
ranted for llvo years.
I extend an Invitation to everybody to
call and sec tho instruments.
J. C. Carson, Agont,
octl lw Elchth street, Cairo, Ills.
Attention is called tQ Doolby's baklug
powder, tho purest article of tho kind
ever manufactured, A great saving of
monoy can bo made, Ju purchasing Dool-
ey's baklug powder, as ono pound will
last longer thau two pounds of thoso o
ordinary nianufaoture, .It cannot be
equaled for making light Bwoet rolls,
biscuits, wafiles, corn bread, Ac, Ac, and
la alwnyp retyiy, reliable and not atleoted
by tjio notion of tho weather. For sale
by grocers overywherflj mwAf
Bos to. qirtel Wheeling Co cents per
Vard, atReilly'a: x tf
Smith's Tonio Syrup has been counter
felted, nnd tho counterfeiter, brought to
Tho genuine article lnuit havo Dr.
John Bull's prlvato htamp on ench bot
tle. Dr. John Bull only bus the right
to manufapture and sell the original
John J. Smith's TONIC SYRUP, of
Louisville, Ky. Examine woll the label
on each bottle. If my prlvato stamp Is
not on the bottle, do not purchaso, or you
will be deceived. Seo my column adver
tisement, nnd my show card. I will pros
ecute any ono Infringing on ray right.
Tlieflmrtow Smith's Tonio Sykui can
only bo prepared by myself.
Tho public servent.
Dr. Jou.v Bull,
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 23. 1863.
Best 6 quarter pillow slip muslin 24
cents per yard, at Rellly's. tf
i i,. " Ton Wtint
MlrWtomkedollirUlUorthobeit Hir Ft
tontlToortr Usedor reitorlng Krrulrto Itori.
lnl color, t tnd JJ cents for & ioolcge.
ir Yon wniit
Mr WhiU Teoth, lteallh Gumi, ml weelbret
nd for our TUKKiSU DENTMFICK, price, 5
If Yon Wnnt
A mir cure for llrliv.ha Cothirh, DeafncM, or bn
tlnj In Ihn er, !nl for our BtEKNUTATORT
Price 33 cenU. gng,
A.K1tHrof the nborn cnt pont.r!il on relr
of prlet.
Ailtltttn Joseph K. lAtliar, tit Mrktt Mrct, St.
Louit, Uo. f027 Idiw
A f Collection l(Mr Unci's KrrrlpU.
MngicArtj, I)ieocrio, etc., comprising Tltinb!
Infortnutlon for cryboty. Sent by ninll, (frc f
poeUje) for Ml cents.
AdilreM It. E. NOItMANDV, Ml MArket ttrcct. St.
IvOOiv, Mo. sc.Tilftwly
UrnUo'o Collection
Of nearly onhunJrxlrfpn fur mihlnj lirnnil;
til kinu ol Wino, Oin, Ai-, Uoer, Cortllftl?, Superior
Cldrr, nml mtif h other upefnl Informat-on for Ihorr
(letting in or mtriutottiriogftoy of tho ntwre, ntlur
fur the trade or home uie.
Bentliy mill, frco of poUti, InrSOcfnlr. AiMrf
K. E. NOItMANDV, 301 Market r trrut, ft. Uat, Mo.
tvi, lyilnw
N'riv .Unrrlago (ill I dr.
AN ESHAT 1011 VOUNO MEN, on riiyllor' I
Errorn, Ahiif m snd Iietti-, itu ld nt t Tmith nn I
Early. ManlivoJ,fhiuli rrAtil impoti!urnti to 1IAK
KlAliK, wilhiiirr mean." of rrllef. t-ntfn uralrd let
ter enrelopef, fie-' f f ' harjr. A'l lrif, IT. S. frKIJ
LIN HOUUltTON, Howard Ariocmtion, l'lilladel-
nhia.r.t. ft7rtn
iiSlia; t. o. uvman, Mtir. w. k. iivkh-s,
Clerk, will UiTi" tvr tho iUivo and all intrmliatrv
pointH on
ING. Tho Ali'hacoct.K it clutrly at' IMiivitU Uti train
fut (1.itkIII', UAwKnft'OrvMi akd rMltovlllo, nnd
nt JolunotiTiiiu h un iim ror .aiivin.
lteturnlni; ahe -onn.U at Cairo with t learner and
trains for ml points.
T'i lis'ht dmufiht pijtner Steamer
n. r. vnl!Tl!l!BV ...m
j. v. nKVKiu.r .......H. r ,'
Wll. nwktf rofiutrr lUII.r TltlPsi hrtwetn UMf m. I
I'A.llIf flh. 1.11 1 I. J I ... I i . .i.filnj &IIM,Ih. m .
0 Mod) at fll oVlo-k.
The tt'h.1. .r...i. i. U Ta.u. ah H'uheNew Orl. r i
and Ohio railroad, mid low OiunliMrtiiwJ and T-nu,
1-errreiKnr or pn,"' l'Pr tn, r to
M. J. flt'UKl.hv, Afb,
UuJWtl Oalrn. IHino
Lea Cairo every MONIMV KVBN1N0, walclcg
clone connection with tralntat Panttilo for Clarko
Tllle, and nt John-onTille, with traJn fur Nitshvllle.
I'artlrularmtentlon pAM to way Utim.
to co.vrn.tirroit.s,
Notice la hurchy tlv,n Committee up.
pointed ly the City Oonnell, will recolro proposals In
fi iifcanJ eiu-K'fuSl. Mary'a I'ark, intho "ri.tirth A Id),
tion to the oily of Hiiro.
srKCIKICATI-'XS Fence U bo ni venfwt lUKh. In
cluduiR hfuelmard with cap aahl fence to UiUtultof
cyprcua hoanlt one inch thiukl mil. VtO, ofejprery,
nlto ; cedar pul b fi 1 1 long, a fwl lit Hie uround, and
& foct aliovor n.nd poxtii to do unwed nnd lereled at
inn and toilund S I. ttnmirt. lLnU to In) nut on uttll
80 penny nnke, nterknnnja withlOpenny nail. Tho
whole to be a roe Ixiard fi-nee, nml IhiIH in a ceoil
and auUtantiid munner, iul fem e ti linre two hrcu
and two iinrdl gmm, woll hracod) tho IfirRegHitu to bo
ten feet wide, uud the unoll ouva four feci ide.
The whole feni'o tn re wlillrwuhel.
(IroumltoUifiuccdu 6o foet wido nnd 1,1C0 fo
All of the work to bo paid for In city knnd'.exprers
ly provldod. fur UuU purpuao i laid honda Uarini; in
tervtntthoruteofbprcvut. per lumum, and re
deemable in three, four and tiro year, and payable at
maturity for t.ixos.licuutcs and all debts duo the city.
All propoalmust bo ecnled n Indorsed "P.uk
Committee," and dirtutodi" I-ouit. JorReneen, chair
man, and delivered at lheotl!''e of the City Clerk, Jairo,
llllnoiH, prior lo l'i o'clock noon, OclolmrUt, lv.
aetltd W. V. HAW.1PAV.
UoU.I rmnAuli will U FACetim! bY inO. at niT Of-
fice, In the cay of Cairo. JIU., uuli l'i o'clock m.. on
Friday, aim lnt . fir !car "3 tho timber otr tho ner
road, juit adrreyed, between what I known tu ic)
i'ott'a roail and JclfiTsou Martin' furin.one and three
buartera nillc, more or leu. All treca twelro Inches
or leia In diameter to lm cut level with the ground,
and removed tti fc.ctfrum the center of xald road.
A jmyinent for the almvu work will bo made In
muni orderi, liehleri mil gvcro themeIro.i ac-
CThe l&'unty Coart rejeno t!i rivht to reject all
bids. J. a, I.VNOU, ,
nclMtd County Clerk,
Youug jLiiditH
And thoae who atoohlert young men and old men 5
ilio rich and poor, ihote who have black flf.wlnglockij
those who ate Kray i and thowwho, having loal their
hair and are kiiiK it i"-'""" '"' " Hirrelt'a V6cta
Wo Hair Kenioratlio. Jf you have not uicd it k at
once and get a bottle, l'arcliya' Ii the place, m their
aUrl theenirl' head'iuarlurii for tne article la
Bduthern llirnol.. Kentucky and Mlnaonrl.
i. ii vender Wkter.
Florida, Watot iBy, ItwrtJ wt Cqloino for tL loll
tt and lb taw. Consult TortrttrmfcttlurlnK MU hoi
ether Wl Aiso hesmfrhl!ig article. 1 At ls
IrK store on the I.eveeyoiuan elwliat you w nulla

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