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OFFICE; No. 13 Tenth Street. Thornton's Building.
Al in'.i.'H.N.
Uslro III., Oei. Slh, !.
Present-; The chairman, Aldorman'.Car
roll, Gibson, Urankle, and Aldermen
Hendricks, Kennedy, Lohr, Lonurgan,
ICoKsO, Mendel, Thcobold-10.
t.M UttMBMD lOllMMIi
A resolution, lail over from the last
meeting of thii Hoard, in r lation to Im
proving the cisterns ou ('oDmrolul ave
nue, w as, on motion of Alderman Me
Kee, referred Uaek to Uie uouiiuiltuc on
fire department, with Instructions to re
lort tli'- prohaMo cost f the Improve
ment referred to in the fMoluUell.
( ,.r i".,.t ..r i .in... lu i.-
J.'.l "I UiV V '11V. A UIIVC IUI M V
... . I". .......
onill OI ("le-IH'limer
Iteport of It ... ! --y, for August
Rtptrtof A. CalOf Marketmaster, for
R rt of .i 'hi HjUn I, f it th" month
)f Hvt-tiiler, and in full to Ootoher I,
Resolved and ordered on file
'1 be MwHIw on claims recommend
d that cdTo oo in sciip, be allowed to
oi. It. Taylor, for making collection
ook, in full payment of such claim.
Meoom BiDduwB MMomdin by tbs
towing vOtei
Ave --lirenkle, Carroll, B
Irl kn, Kennedy, l.ot.r, I. m. rgan, M
Cee, Meudell, tbi :l
i.i-- QibSOtt-- 1.
I'j'Oll tilt.- hill o
' l!,-,...l C.iJ.Ua
. .. . - ,
fur hauling water j
n. ....,.....;;..,"
he city Jail, the c mi mi I tec on claim
I ' d hlrorably. JU-M,r t re eived aud
II! otdmdptkt, hy the following vote:
Aye llraukle, Carndl, (Hbesa,
lebdrick", Kenuedy. Lohr. ItouitB.
i.i.. m . .. 1. 1 .....i i ... 'i i,i
Na liolie.
'ilie MMaittMOfl It undjail, ro-
Olumended tiie payment of the follow
lg bill, excepting that of If. Linton,
r . u I,;, !, the e .luil.lt i.-c le. on, li,. i, I
d should e paid at the rate of one and a
a; foe iit per pound In scrip :
P rem nd Miller, for work on Jail, i
j 1 "ar! Thomas, for work u jail, j
; V. Vine. iit, f ,r lime for Jail. ' I
I. Iriniiffi, fr n'u for jail, .Vj
'Itie oijioiUeo iil-o recommended the
a,, ii,. at in fil l of tlie bill of Dr. Kvan.
mounting to j no.
Report received and bill ordered paid
Aye i mm. .11, (ill. D, Hon
ricks", Hrankie. Kennedy, tonr, Ieoaer
an, Morten, Mcudel, Theobald 10,
fays Nooe.
. f.llowitig bills were presented
i.n m '.Ion allowed, and referred to
Be ict Council for ooncuiit a
f Wm. M. II di
tor dieting Mia ,
. . I UU; mil of
l:er, lu rtp'.e inter,
:. . -i.cis.rri, m rr mau i -tret i ie
rr -, and luoSudlnj bU per cent age for '
lie 'ii of atrvet tax, c-Vj salary
Mi hael Uambrlck, for September,
. .' TboAM Meebnn, foi Until ,
I awewaJk lumber, I ''.
tin: v. te ou tho above LilU btood: I
Ajrm BmnJkln, Carroll, Qibnen, I
eobo)J Hendrleke, Kennedy, Lobr, I
ueriran, MeiCee, Men. hi, l).
The blJl for tlM Cairo Inbf W, f .r ! j
r.i.j ii the ( airo and i;;andvil!e turn
.. . i i, ...j anting to 51. -IT !"J, ui'f-n
blob the Select Council ordered the
15 m-ot : l "fio, nu -j rei-n.-i inexainw
i tbU Hvard for ooucurreiioc, wjm pre- t
Ltcd and read, whereupon Alderman
'r.ni y moved that the bid he laid
n tbe table Mothu lo.-t by the (M
ejfing vote:
Nayea Carroll, fiRMon, Lobr, Loner. '
mMoKee, TbnoboM H
Ay - -Hen lilokx, Knejbntiy, Mendel j
Aiderinaii Lobr moved t concur in
.. .. . ui of the Beieet Council in allow
m ?: Moth ii curried by the follow-
)g Vote:
Ave--Carroll, (iihion, I.ol.r, I.oiier-
an, .moivoc, iniuooio u.
(fay i uendrloka, Kennedy, wmh
Alduruaan Uranklc nut voting.
By AJdermau Lornrgnni
Rei ".'"'I, etc, 'fliat tno Ordinance
rommittee be ari'i is ncreuy msinn ieu u
r. .... an ordinance requiring all wood
r e mi. , y the loud, lobe moaoUiud by
'. W( Iah-Matcr and ohtalu his receipt
lie name when the pBWbAer aeairw
AIo tliut no onraon but the Weigh-
la-'.t r Bbnll bu authorized I . .--sue such
ty Aldeiinan Mendel.
1," - dyed, That the mayor be authorl.
0 nppoint delegates to the LouUvUbl
ommerolnl convention.
Aldermau Monec men moved tnat tno
ity p the iiece-'ry traveling ex pell
en of the LouUYtlbj delegation.
Alderutnu Qr&ukla moved to pay aid
gpenaea In oHy aOflp at par, as an
imendmcut to Mr. RaoKoea motion.
'ill l ied.
The (ueatlon t,ie11 btiB upon the
ill "l ytr. ?tcivcc niiiciiueu n. w as
A motion wad theu mudo that the city
bail not puy ihe epontOI 0( tlM delega
iou. Loot,
Alderman McKec then pri ntod the
Jt(,ivcd, That bll florfnr the Mayor
constitute one of the defegntee
to rep recent thu City of (.'airo at the
Loulavllle Commcrowl Convention, and
tiiat lie bhall appoint the remaining
Alderman MeKee presented the fol
lowing: Itekolred, Jty thu Hoard of Aldermen
tho .Select Council, concurring, that the
City of ( 'airo thill pay all necessary ex-
pcniec of tho dolcinteo who uwy M ap
pointed to represent the city, at the
. Jjouiaville ('(invention.
I Adopted.
Jiy Alderman Ulbeou.
Whereaa, irr the opinion of the loard
of aldermau, the salary of the police
force of the city tit inadequate compeiia
! tioo for the labor performed, and in
j amount not tufUcient to oapply their
j fa in. I., s with the uereaaaric of life or to
luatify good men In aopting the ponit
I Ion of policemen, thereforo
BecolVOd, that the hoard of ui lermau
I rocpootfoly rccjnocl the eclcot conntrfl to
r. - odder the vote by which they re-fu-e
1 to MMl in the action of the imard
I of alderman in adopting the ordinance
liicrea-iug the coiiipeuation of the poln.-o
force, and that they ml ipted said ordin
ance at the eOXllcct luuumul poaaible.
oICjI.V AM Ki.
aii ordlnnnoc, (ndoptcd by the select
Council , 111 relation to registering and
destroying city scrip-upcn a second
' reading was adopted by the following
Tote, viz :
Ayes Bribable, OaTVoll, Qlbsoa, Hon
drlcks, Kennedy, Lohr. Imergan, Mc
Kec, Mendel, Tneuuold 10.
Nays- None.
Au CfttlnnnCC, adopted by the Select
Council , in relation to Maiket Muater'a
a.ary. up .n a SOI Bttd reading, wik
Cbrptcd by tlie following vote, vix:
Aye- -Bsc klc, Carroll, Gibson, Hen
drlcks, Kennedy, Imergan, McKee,
Mendel and i'lieobold 'J.
Nays Lobr I.
Adjo irn. d. Joi.'n BSOWIt,
CilyClerk, irO f 'ii.
I ' 1 ' "' I ir.uil - br illii rs-.n-law
wa- a rm-mbi r ef the gold clique that
prodUi sd the late finnncbt panic, and
i Preeldeul lia- thought it necessary to
deny the assertion that he was engaged
with Fik, "Urother in law" A Co., In
their xrund speculation. How many 1
ri.-m.law is Oram itoisessed of?
is a question of great importance. They
eem to In- ms numerous as the Smith
family and to t.e-.eai!ered over the length
an I bfOOdth of the land. Their llugt-rh
are In everybody"- pie, and (irnt Is thtir
itoi nT-uTtJt r-t into.
;rrniiH H. inp! -f..lrfr, 4(1, in-u
ir:. ling !i tbS Ilrst three miles of the
Mississippi river rnilrond hi pissjiosslng
sat -f.e : r.. i.eur ('.vingtoii, Tipton
k ...O.' f. ', . . I , . t ,.).IP,(, tti l,.,f,l,. I. .ll.
ill Metropolis. J.
'II . f .. . ; . . r.l... I (Iran. I I 'I.. I.. ..... V .
.... IV, ... .- . . I ..(4,11 ...C
putting up !k t 'libllng for a lodge room.
MoOnrtney's 'Promulgator' says that
Metropolis is more thoroughly alive than
any other town in Southern Illinois.
James Lard, one of tbe first settlers of
Ma-sac county, died la.st week.
Court commences at Metropolis on the
third Monday of October. The couuty
fair will be held during court week.
-lll t III ITKl.
Dob '! tlfl an I Pi k. it. and Mr. O.
Babb have boon appointed delegates to
rom nt Fadoenti in the ooinnioiflol
a invention at LoutsviUo.
M.iii.iu .ii.al ,i oi prevails fJsMgjthe
lads an 1 lassies of the little burg.
Kr i ilm 'Keniucklsii,' 'sli iol ,
A adngnlar robber was committed on
la-t Saturday niht. Sonic olio entered
tha 111 .p "f Mr. ;- -r;e . Baldwin and
ciM-led oil' a valuable mctalic ooftlii.
Pressiug necessity alone could have in
. h a theft, and it would bo grot
ifj'lug I" knOW whtther the thief wanted
tbs coiliu for bis own personal use, or for
, ..rn.. f.-ieii 1 that he was unwilling to see
put away in a goninmu care.
Harry litacartby and his wife are fur
nlsblngtbs raduoahHse with amusement
: Id pUttgffgj full.
UiT A oliuue of Cubans held a sesiou
In Isew Orleans lately, and resolved to
i unite with the resident Spaniards of Cu
I is in a movt inoiit to secure the hide-
1 i i tt s . n i .i n
peu uce ui tus isianu. uen, nooei i
I,. , was deeded upon us the President
of the 1U puiilio of Cuba, that I to he,'
' and the position for ten years Is to DO
tendered to him. It is easier to promise
a position than to give it ; aml'it is nnse
tUUiSbJS whether these aelf-coustituted
deolares of Cuban Independence have
anv jfood grounds to lielieve they can
I succeed in their undertaking.
iew BUslta A LltohAsld, of Hew York,
has tiled his bill in chancery in the circuit
court of McLean county, against the
ChlOSgo, Alton and St. Louis railroad,
claiming one-half of the road with a
moiety of its franchises.
The Board of Aldtnnon have Igitfltot
ed tbs committee on ordinances to report
an ordinance, reipilring that all coal and
wood, si dd iu the city by the load, shall
he measured by the city weiglimaster
whenever the purchaser makes the Ue-
Case of the Cuban Privateer In Cabinet
Disbanieaieati Ireia The I . S. Treasury
111 v ll-an-ButliT Inihrogliu
uoaii. iii:HBi;ro.M PBIRSXtVAlOi
WaSJUWOTOj. Oct. 5. It is very evi
dent from the tenor of Advfcei received
here from ltichinond to-day that the
JtadtcSli In Virginia intend to make
trouhle for the f-tfilai , . w lilofa has just
assembled 'i'hev hare su. c eded ill in
ducing Oen. Canby to exact the is '
and throw other obstructions in the w ay
ot organization. No loss than four forma
of oaths woM presvoted yeste day to
me in hers to asks before Uanby m
trrant thou cer; illcates of election.
Following this up tba Itatlical Rl5h
mond 'State Journal.' comes out to-day
with an editorial hen ! ! th "'! lis Sham
Lsgisbt0rCtM and auys that the brand of
counterfeit seems to stnmp Itoolfupoa
tbs Walker moven step
Tho fJnbknoUnt Us i UnVyeetei
bod op the question of the detention ol
the Cuban jirivateer II rnel by the I o
Ited States Mars!, 1 a; IVilalngtOU, -N.
C. It was tbe opinion of souk- members
of the Cabinet toalsbs 0Old not be hold
by the iiiliuk's under tin. international
law, ah she did not bmva an AmeriMD
port, was not sold in one. btt w a- trans-
f-re d by actual sale on the high sons.
This government therefore could not bo
responsible for any damages she ml! t
do to Spanish commerce. Hut the At
torney Oeueral UMUghtJostthoopnoaite,
as none of the facts alleged were otli'-ial.
Orders for the further de tention of the
Hornet have been given, and she will
not be allowed to coal and receive sup
plies in the nort of Wilmington Ol any
other part oft he United Btntoi Th Cn
bun Junta lure says thai the Hornet sails
under a regular On ni mission of the CubaU
lU-pnbiio, and that all her commanding
officers held commissions from Ce-nedes.
They ada that they have I lank letters of
mnrane end reprlsel signed by Cespi
which will soon be filled up for other
vessels as well ofllcered as the Hon.' i
There are fears entertained that col
lector K. T. M. MeOee, "t tbe Sixteenth
District of Pennsylvania, baa been as
restlnoltd Sumner hsM written a letter, in which
he says that hi- Mjgumt-Ul before the
Republican state Convention against the
recognition of Chibn has nothing to do
with tho bearing of tlie question on the
Alabama claim
The (Hobursssnsnts from the Tretv
ury Department dating d plemoerwt-re :
Civil and miscellaneous 9&.a17lS90; Var
Deportment, ;t,36l,l4': Navy Dsnnrt
nienl, f-,Jot,071 ; Indian-and Pensions,
el.Js.-TT; tOtsJ, 11,935,847, The ubo.e
dose 14 "t include the warrants for re
demption or payment of Interest upon
the pio in- debt;
The story that fee: .a, r Wilson had
ma I- a coiiiproiui-e with Den. Butler
about the Maasachusett- rsenetorshin
would .-eem to be Incori Butler's
friends say he is still in the Ib id as 0
candidate, that the story a It tb :.i
pi -mise was started by BttUor'sonoml
& DAI i .. on. when he. i i -
ro, afleoted InalflTerence nl itthi mat
i ter, but said if the people of Massachu
setts elect Butler Senator he h i I ;i
objection. It was remarked by those
with who.n WUson.talked ou thesu Jecl
I that he was unea-.y SDOUtButlerl
on the traok.
l iieud of the administration v. ln
claim to be advised oi t he- President's
purpueeOi say to-niglit that lbs vacant
phee on the Supreme Bench will be ten.
dered to Judge Hoar; that Mr, P
put, of New York, will ben
for Attorney QtUOial. and that Peon--ylvartia
will hae the position of tlie
Peflsnl of lilt- ISfUUk IStSI tuny
New York, Oct. The Sp anish repob
licans are maklug bSS 1 H ay In lhe.ll at
tempted revolution. The Cortes has
I been asked by Us Regeu y to luspeiAl
the rlgbU or fadlvlduaii intlltrie Insur
lection Is suppressed. Tbi li isaLadvlces
to hand report a haiiio.ai B4peraQne .a,
between the govern eent t: ups ami a
I republican force ruust- ing 1.1" . Tlie
revolutionist) wero con. peUed to retreat
t j Uie mouuiSjCis.eftoi an ot tlujhte re
, aistance, during which v.-y lost M
billed an 1 sX) wourdc I, and 23 r.n
'prisoner-. The novernme'iit troop lost
V allien alio o-s le.uim.'J.
AuU, Aliru.1, sud BlBur sMiss 111 ui
! Nashville, Oct. O.-ihe fight for the
seoatorship is still progressing, with
i Johnson ahead. There Is R tr. men
; dous pressure axainst him, but bs is on
the ground, fighting htl opp lUSUtS with
! characteristic stubboinutss. If he docs
j not succeed, he will at loasl 1 rSVOttt the
election of Etheridge. The election
takes place uext Tussdav, and Leforo
'that time It will he e!elliiilely asccr
i tained how each member of the leglsla.
; lure slauds.
The domocraU carried Hartford, Con
necticut., on the 4th lnt. by a majority
of 700.
.1") Uould anil nl Urssl'l llrolhrm
In Ijih
Oroi lry, I alike ltarklt, Is not Willing
New York; 0?t. 8. Ti groat storm
which lately prevailed throughout tins
part of the country has entirely subsided,
and the sky is again clear. Dispatches
from the central part of the state report
dam aire lo tho Sw Turk Ohtrsl ami
Krieruilways Portions of Harlem Kali
road are washed away. 8ome bridges
are gone. A freshet occurred in thn
Bchuylklll It rei at Philadelphia, and
several freight oara Wsre carrlediisjay.
ti I :n .. (bat, as- has been ane in
the lower part .f NMmoN. ftohie dam
age is also done on the line of the Haiti
more nod Ohio, especially to telegraph
; end bfldg W The storm ceased at
ll.il'iuioro early vetiterdey morning,
and the ilooil bus uh- eh L
Two or three hon es in the city are re
ported to-day in a weak condition, but
no new fuilur. - an- announced.
Joy Gould bos ibrenlenod to bring
sultnesdnsi I rbin tho President's broth
sr-Uldnw, unless tho latter settles for the
losses on gold end stock purchased for
him and tba seeoetntlon. Tie. amount
OlnlfflS I Is about half a million. It is uti
derstood Corbln denies all of Flak's
charges against bint, and savs he has
given no orders to buy orlsoll gold for
hlmielf t others. Hs further asseru
that the letter of Kisk, and affidavits ac
companying it. a d id Itie rate attempt to
piece blm Corbie) in a false position,
and will n. alio a -lateineut over his
own signature to that eflecf.
Horace Ureoleyf in the 'Tribune1 says
tlo.l he ( uld not accept the Virginia
tjenatorsbip, an 1 asks tho press to for
bear from naming him as a candidate
for an v office.
A I llA. llil.sLU IS I.IMUO.
Wilmington, N C , Oct. 5. The Cu
lan priva'e' r, Hornet, waa seized by tlie
Coll 1 Ettatos Marshal, ofl' riralth
ville, North Carolina, ou the 4th Inst.
She U a formidable vessel, of irreat speed.
Edward li.gg.n-, formerly of tbe Cuited
States ttavyj Is her captaiu.
llrporl l Hip !. m I i.ier i ors.
. s
II -
The following is the decision Of the
L si tuapeeti rs I Memphis ou the
Phantom explosion "
Ths LoosQ Inspectors' opUxlon that
the evideic e taken in the case of the ex
plosion of the steamh ia: I'hatitoai and
ciar Scut were retting at the time of
the explosion of ths boilers ou the l'han
ons. Ifws were called upon to define
ths moaning I tho Word "racing," We
Would say: Where two b ats are run-
nim.' In ii proximity one so the oen
. 1 i 1Y . - r. I i tew of each
boat an- carrying blgb steam, and using
. . m .... ... tbelr power to arrive
n! certain li t-in advance of her com
I titoi We khouid call this mciiij,', e.s
I ally when the boats are kimwu to be
runuinz in open oppooltloo for the pur
noes ol securing the trade
1 '
1 1,
We are, therefore, of the opinion that .
.... D( vt.r, iu i4uuiug to control sn
the eu tire bulnes upon certain ''j
nuvlguulo waters of the United Htates, 1
whicTi have been declared open and free, fi
ahke to all her cltlsens, hs ..ct d jn open
disrcguaid to the safety tbe u,
p ncei s I nt: listed to his oure and skirl r
ss a commander of steamboats
of the engineer, of the i i
steamboat Phalit'-m iltioij i imi and
I Willi l. e- '..i are iSj IBS uphiloll
that tho boilers of tbe itesmbhat Pban.
torn were very ltd Uvs They were
inn led and oharred on tho bottom, im-
I lately over tbs fires; and the first
engineer, in his own evidence, admit
thai he was d ' aware of the condition V -of
the b liters, ui. J further ttatca that he
bed been employed n the teamboat "'
i u . . Lite past year as engineer
I thai lu to it time he had nOVSt liad
tbe bottoms of tbe boilers swept and ex
amlnsd and did not know their true con- '
dition. The Inspectors assumed, It to ho '"
a l..c tbs till . tilers 09 the steamboat
Phantom Could not have become thus
huriud and chai red as portion of them
pro vi i to te, if tbe aid engineers nun
i shove lis I an d the proper skill
and precaution in the discharge of their
iiutu ni engineers, we tooreiore sus
nnd the lloenes of Phtlipge Ut'i Mtd
John WailttCS tor the term of one
year frbm date, for negligeneoi luaiten
tlOR to duty, and UnskTllrtuneSs, thereby
tmuslng the explosion of tho boilers on
t.e iteaml iat Phantom on. the i"th day
of UeptembeTi loo-i ; and we refer ail
whom it may concern to the law nr.. I.
and provided for such cases: Act of
of July 1, 1H04, section H, entitled an act
further to regulate tlie carriage of pasocu-
ter-. iu steamships umi other teeefde;
and sectiou 1 and artlobj :', of the law
passed by Congress, August j1', 18S3, auact
to ameud uu aul, 4UUeU u act to pro
vide for better seourlty oi'livtaof passen
srd 61 v i prunoned lu
who'eor iu part by sieam, ami lor other
purport e
Jojin K. WASinwiie.f,
I uilt d Sittte-i Local rueotu", Mem-
plus, ituuewec.
1-MlNJSTltA lnit'8 NO'
K.iato A 1 .uia W. Is?
. . uf i.i estate .: .aooi-i- v. Llinaa k.u ( ,
i itiij : Aleiii i r, snJ 4al4i ofilliru)!, -
J. Iiri.-l jr Klvs O'liKOlastae BTitl AppeSr Ufen
th, i unij t'ourl ' Alt . :j i oouniy. i thc' oiui
i ... ' .', . m . iak-
liosw in C'slro. at the October Term, on the Ih'r
M i.i . in October assl, si which lime JI pet ..
hallux i iaiuis nyainkl sai l calaU sr noltS.' a.1 r
ftin iU I t'i -n'i fur the iiurpoi) of hatiatf lh ssnie
SIOBtSil. All noraons Hi.lvlihxl lo said ErlatM are -iiSBBteS
u inalto imnisdisie )aiiumt lo tlie under
iisjssS tune a lhi -mil .v AHirn-t A l. 140
EM ."v.'l I'ICKtRSON, Adoiiaitirstir
.in i
Wri' .i. On
1 A'li, -
I .
IIhtj thing I rosh niul Xct.
, I' fnn . ijote- hs ji-i .ftivt fv. .ii in r airier
uVSe uiewk nf seaasts, r' , Sowars, r-,-
'' He 'i - "imisstan
" ' ;",' r 'slilil.iniils in itie ritjr. 1M Is.liM sr-
Uo id..r. 4i li- soS mk iyt lirmt
snl hslH II..,..., ,.,.. T....U, ur..i UiMtfti
W .liinwloB A' .n,i n,!( .lf,...
Also a full 0
r.f wnrfHe.lp
nrt f.tr
JJl ::t;r:v.","l,;v ssugow
ti ty! orMtr itl ,
.. - V IT.
- JT" . 1 r . t r i ,
i.i t.
4.1. rk, D .li ..,: . IS
points on
The Al hs .
fi.r lsrli-
st leaosoeriUs
hliiminf sas
train for sll po I
rt. -;0'f at rsinr ii" with train-i
slintf Oren a.cl Loiilatrill. suo
ih train for Kssl i lis
bss els si Cairo an t i
, I .: f
Dnily J'nf-Kot.
T Ivlii 'trii-)ht pfsT o-rr
. jT1) . . .Ml.
n. t. Soiii HEit:
W.l. mk isMulei DAILT TRtW .
I'a !n all. - -
. I . ......
ernO-it) tfi'.'' . I
Tl." Win: .: . ii raile.cnh mH' xY. Nw Or'.
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