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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, October 09, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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lie Evening gjuUcthu
m. ii. iiaiuuxi,, associate kihtor.
Ladles nil pniiso "DartoUV
Ask for Alford's xX AKU0 (-'inudy.
Union linen 'S cents per ynrd, nt
Kellly's. tf.
Don't Shake! uso A 1 ford's XX-Ague
A moveable fenco Ih to be provided for
the city scales, so tbut live slock niuy be
weighed without dilllcully.
The Alexander Circuit Court, after a
session of tbroo weeks, adjourned yester
day. There will bp a short special term
woundeistnnd, In November.
Jtrlli(lnii Notice.
Services In the M. K. Church, corner
of Walnut and Eighth, to-morrow nt 11
a.m., and 7. 0 p.m., the Hev. T. M. Van
Trecse, officiating. The public la respect
fully invited to attend.
. . -
Wo are not able to Htnto positively that
George D. Prentice will patronlro John
Hcheel'u "durkhelmer wurst markt" to
morrow evening. Ho Ih mid to be fond
of "bratwurst;'' and, to employ tho lan
fitmgo of the loquacious widow Uedott,
Wo arc quite surethat "ho Is n great fav
orite of four cabbage."
It Is not riurprlslng that a dead dog
won seen in the directs, yesterday; but It
Is surprising that tho said dog's head had 1
been perforated uy n bullet, in nursuauce i
of ordinance so-and-so, on thosubject or
logs. Another fact In this connection
may excite a Ilttlo surprise. It Is this:
That, since the dogs are so numerous on !
furhtreetM, anylHidy could sho.it nmong ,
them aiirl only kill one. I
m. ,
LnwrWice ,
I uihthI .Vrillc.
'I he fr) hdi of the Idle
Hyrnc, will lake notice that his fuuernl
will take 'ace to-morrow iSnudny) at 1
i.'cick p.m., from tho rcfddonee of Mrs.
OTalln'.-m, mi Tenth atreet. A epclal
train will onvey the remains to Villa
ICMgo fjr burial.
-Mr. IJ rue died, on th line of the Cairo
and Vincenncs railroad, yetderdny Rt 3
i 'dock p.m.
M.wneetjn -Mer'Htx '.
Tho -slit riir of Alexander county left
(Vr.j ii the iflth ult., with thirteen con
M Is fjr J .Iiet. Their term of porvlce
ranged from one to live yenr. At this
rate CaItj will oon become purified and
refcn ir.tti 1.
Calr jcaiinot hope to remain "purllled
and regenerated" while Slmwneetown,
Paducah nnd Memphis, are In such close
I r dtuUy 1 1 It. Tho bad character.,
thltvc, onlldeiice men and drunkards,
I t lug continually -raduat! by those
tJwns in vesucceed fu escaping through
I'y.n, T. cy are "gobbled" hro, and
i' t t i Liiitentlary.
ti'iinbcr of gentlemen of maui hnvo
j ur Irt'c I hnd.jnid M ill proceed nt onco
M M-ry in the neighbor!!! vll-
f I'd i-kl. It lit ald ti.ar exeeUtnt
f r st war, exUU Uii .hautibl0
"ithln ten mll.H of tb vll-
, . 1 t '. it ther areal-
lr,. line clay In the
dcpotlttiof i
l x
1.' rlr. d Tliu same Arm will u
t nter extensively into th luaiiufactur
f I r. k, tue location for theyurd bavins
bren rltalned, and contrjv-:, for wood
enttrt I Into, preparatory to an early
.-tart next Spring.
L. P 11 .tier, Ksq., is almnt from the
city, on a visit to Jacksonville.
JIarry P. Goodall, of tho lato Cairo tund as an advantage in our favor.
'Times,' Is In the city, closing upthobuil- It Is often thecno that planters desire
ncss aflhirs of Goodall Urothers. t avoid tho trouble and expenso of prlz-
T Uross, i.f,, islnSt. Louis. Ho pro- I tlieir tobacco; and it sometimes oc
poses, wo understand, to take (iulncy In I t uri In addition, they wish to real
hN rounds, where lie will Join thetJerman j lzo tho proceodt of their crop.nt the ear-
tltlzcnaof that city, In an oppolnted de. I 'st possioio momem. ror wiu uwum
monstratlon la thenaturoof a Turn-I'est, mention of such persons amplo provK-
vi ruiiii-uiujK oi a Kindred cnarncter.
Jno, X Patton is in Louisville, Ky.,
wheroho proposes tosojourn until about
the 1st proximo. He will bolnntten
danco at tho great commercial conven
tion to conveuo there on tho 12th hint.
The Cnlro mut Vliitrimri Itnuil.
A letter from Gen. Itaum states that
Uio compllc;rtloiiH Into which tho ufla!rn i
of tho Cairo and Vlnconnos railroad '
company lias fallen, nro In a fair way i
forspeedy adjustment, and that money
to meet all tho outstanding debts will
soon bo forthcoming.
This will bo acceptably neWB to tho
creditors of the company, not only In
Cairo, but all along tho lino. In Johnson
county, nnd at other points, thoresldents
took nub-contracts, and have performed
nearly all tho work that has been done.
They have exhausted nil their own
means in doing bo, nnd nro wnltlug.
somewhat Impatiently to bo reimbursed,
Valuable I'nlr.l proptrly forSUle.
Tho John Antrim property, in this city,
will bo sold nt Trustees Bale, on the 12th
day of Xovembor. It consists of lots 14
and 15 In block 61, city, lotsSl, 22 nnd 23 in
block 10; 0 and 10 in block 48 ln'.the first
addition, and lot 8 in blnok 2, second ad
dition. All thUpropery i improod ex
cept tho three lots In block 10, Tho cota
goson lots 0 and 10, ;in block 48, aro con
vonlontly nirauged and deslrubly loca
ted.Tho property In block 51, on Eighth
street, lsmostoliglblyslttinted, In a good
neighborhood, aud rents readily at a
good figure. Tho wholo will bring In cash,
and as cash Is rather a scarco artlclo,. is
pretty apt to got good bargains.
Good all linen ehlrt bosoms at 52 GO
pordozon at Rellly's. tf
Ono hundred pclces new prints at Cun
ningham's, and more on tho way. 3t
Host's quarter pillow slip muslin 21
cents per ynrd, at Reilly's. tf
lliislness IIoiihp rirlt'iit.
That eligibly situated business house
No. 8 Thornton's block, Tenth street, Is
for rent. Apply on tho promises.
Particular attention is directed to the
advertisement of book for tho million
Marriage Guide In another column. It
should bo read by all.
Uy using Mrs. Whltcomb's Syrup
for children many it doctor's bill can bo
saved and much suffering averted.
Head tho adTcrtlsemeut In another col
umn. J'or Nnlc C1ici.
I will sell thohousc In which Inm liv
ing, onJWashington Ave, near cor. 7th,
for $400, If applied for soon. Also two
deslrablo lots on Center t. at $2"5 a lot.
.'It E. P. Dukmnoiiam.
Alexander Comity Tcnrlicrt' I a'altititr.
A session of tho above named luHtitulo
will bo held at 'Thebes, commencing
TliuriUay, October, 2bL, 1800, at one
o'clook p. m., and,eontliiuing two days,
until Saturday noon, October 23.1.
-The programme will ombraco oxerukes
in nil tho brandies required by law to be
(aught In tho public school, to-vlt: or
thography, J'nglUh reading, pennman
hlp, arltb'methlc, English grammar,
modern geography, and tho history of
'bo United Slates; wllli mii9lc nudes
8i"i discussions and addresses on odu-
catloual subjects, Interspersed .
Teachers and school directors will take
notice that "no reduction of pay or loss
of llmo Incurred by tho teachers
atlem,mB" this Institute; and tho
teachers fr m ev-ry school district In the
oounty, out-ldo or Liilro. f which excep-
Hon Is made bccaui an Institute will be
i.ni.i i,,., !.,. 1. .
i i.u.i. .tlt.lt riucillitu UUIIU till' 4 nil III
Winter) are expected to bo present anil
take part In the exerelies. The school
directors of every district should require
their teanhers to nttend.'-lnec It Is to their
lnteri-st to have competent teachers; and
no bettor ojijiOrtuiilty for tenting their
oompetottco wilt be allbrded than tho
ex.ro.'se- if this Instltiito; anil tho coun
ty stierfr.teiidttit l?d,hlm'elf to re
voku thu certlflcnte of any. teacher whoso
lneoftijioU npy Is made npparant.
Xut knowing who af present comjoso
the executive commltteqof the Alexan
der county Teachers' Institute, tho coun
ty superintendent has talfen this method
of complying-with the school law which
makes It-hls dpty to encutngo the for
mation of teachers' ItHtluites.
All fr!ends-of education aro cordially
Invited. JJiti.kk,
County Superlutenduiit of School".
l-H '
It. II. Cunnlncham htt-vrevelved onu of
the largest stooks of velvet ribbons over
brought to this market. 8t
I'lic fiiialii K Tolirifcn rllr.min.
The tobacco crop of the present y-nr
wlh fall below the average. In Itnllanl 1
eonaty the piantnrs generally lmvo real-1
he I their accuntomeil suc e-.t; txitfrom j
jMi.tloimof illokman, (lrave and Cnllo-t
way our reisorts aro rather .lUcouragliitf. !
Ia the product be what It may, however,
we l.nv tho mot positive asaiiranccs
that a large sharo of It will b jnarket
ed In' Cairo. Although our sales, last I
bulk of the crop had been sold, enough
was put upon our brakes to n-sure tho
public that as good prlcos could be obtain
ed here nt elsewhere. This being true
tho easy and cheap means of nccess
Ion has already been mailo hero. A re
fiponslblp firm, with nbundnnt means,
havo provided a spacious warehouse,
prestos, etc., and havo proclaimed their
rendlness to buy all tho tobacco In bulk
that can bo brought -to them, nnd their
willingness to pny therefor Its full cash
value. If, however, tho plauter prefers
It, ho ran have his tolmcco prized horo
and' delivered In Xo. 1 cooporago
In tho Planter's Tobacco Warehouse.
These Inducements, takou in connec
tion with our Improved means of count
nleatlon with tho mduhborltiB counties
in Kentucky, ought, to and no doubt will,
bring to Cairo, during the ensuing season
nt least 5000 hogsheads of tobacco. These
figures mny look Jargo to those who do
not know what Cairo con do when fho
nuts forth a strong effort; and also to
those other people who havo watched
tho slow up-bulldlng of neighboring
markets. Hefore, howoyer, they expend
t much rldlculo over tho prediction wo nsk
, them to waltnild SCO.
Arnln! Anitxilt
A beautiful assortment of theso goods
aro now on display, at Cunningham's.
1 TotinrcoM, Confecllom, F.lc,
, A splendid and varied stock of chew
ing, smoking tobaccos, cigars, merchaum
! brier-root nnd other kinds of pipes, with
j everything elso usually kept by tobac-
oulsts hnvo been laid In by P. Suup 102
Commercial nvonue. Thostock Is unsur
passed in tho elty.
Also about 2000 lbs assorted Xow York
candles .just recotved a splendid lot and
i foranlo cheap,
Drop In and look at thoSSOmerschuam
plpo that is to bo rallied oil, octedlw
f.Pttcr Iilat.
List of letters remaining unclaimed in
tho post ofllco nt Cairo Illinois, on Satur
day, October 2nd 16C0.
IjADIKS list.
Alniiuvlnr. Minn .Tennin
ItntK, Mr llfllin Unrk, Mrs Ilsnn !i
'mwronl, Mrs A A (2)
Kgnn, 51 r Nnncy
I'ry, Mrs rnthorlno
I-'riininn, Mr Mnrin
iticW, Mra Kllrabotli
Hewitt. Mrx I.lzr.lo
.tlamcl, Ml Mary
Miirrjr, MfnfiArli
.Vcwi'll, MIm I.lrile
I'oHcrs, Mth '.-liiun
I'.irkir, Miit Mnttlo (3)
Ilolncr, Mlu Mnry
Hulllrnn. Mlig Cuty
'I'lmon, Mlit Kt
Welch, Mr K
Wititorn, Mm Kmma
ursne, lit iinMni
I'litfUor, Pu:in
Hurrli', Mm .Inn
Moore, Mm I,oui.
Miller, Mim liognu
I'liimrr, Mid Cittle
KobInon, MIm I.ncy K.
Wrtlilrn, Mian Jlntiio
WlUon, Culrluo
Itullcr, J 1'
Coyne, Michael
Clipmnn,U5 J
Hrun, Micrixl
Ilrnrna"), .lot.cr
Cnlivn, I.p.vi
ChrlftUn, (.orniiiiHHiou
Dorrlll,rrnf Ilrninon, Joier,))
JJunter, M D flrldin, Uim
(ierhonl, I l'mf. Itudolph
llognn, Kwen Hunlln, KmUy
IIiilhotelBer, f! Henlly, Krunk
llciler, 1J M (2) Hatter, JorHn
llir.y, John Hordln, Newton
Hokni, Itoht Harrison, T I'
Ilnmllton, Wm J
Inncrrarity, John W R
JnnCR, Mut
Kelly, jMiip
l.ewf. Atiilornoii I.eivoh, C 1!
Ijine, John
Mi lUile, Win A Mnnn, Thm
Miehenn,S MfAdary. I.
Moore, J.n M Jlor.. Otrmih
Xoeko, llcrnnrcl Newil. J
.btt, KlchrJ .NcwpII, W.IIiahi
O U n, John
I'ortcr. ArnnllotiK I'ntrl'k. u
l'ri', J W I'leoMnlp, T I.
Itnicrs, H S Uat. John Y
Itobiniion, Julius ItHdMr.C B
Td obtain any of the above letters, the
applicant must call for "advertised let
ters," giving the date of tho publication
of tho list containing the nme.
J. M. GltAHAM, P. M.
"Uarrett's" superb hair restorative.
Knder's Chill Cure Xever Tails.
It contains no quinine norursenlc Al
ford's xX Ague Ilemedy.
.Something for IJviTj Iioily iilui wears nr
tntjn lIcmlM or Hlmm n Itcml.
At this Benson of tho year, when coun
try merchants nre buying their fall and
winter goods, it Is a matter of so mo mo
ment with them to know where they
can buy to tho greatest advantage. In
the articles of boots and shots men's,
women's, boys', mi'-ses' nnd infants'
wear-all retail dealers, living within 200
miles of Cairo, on any of tho water
courses or railroads that furnish ready
meant of transportation, can undoubted
ly trade with Messrs. Klllott, Ilaythom
'c Co., of this city, and save money ami
time by so doing. This hnsbeen proven
by scores of dealers living at points on
the Mobile and Ohio, Mississippi Cen
tral and other railroads south, and in
tho towns and villages located on tho
Mississippi hence to Vlcksburg. They
were induced to experiment with tho
Cairo market, and Messrs. J5. H. fc Co.
satisfied them of tho folly tho utter
waste of both time and money Involved
In a trip to St. Louis, Chicago, Cin
cinnati or the east, to purchase
boots and hIiiics. Messrs. ii, II. & Co. not
only buy on ns good toriuiits the largest
Xew York and llo-xton dealers, but they
'aro the sole western agents for luntern
manufacturer who arc Interested In the
holding up of a large southern trade We
therefore assert, with confidence, that
Cairo is tho best boot nnd shoe mnrkct for
the country around and about, that is of
easy access by railroad or river.
During tho week pant, most Important
additions hnvo been made to the retail
department of Messrs. K. II. & Co's. es
tablishment, that aro eminently deceiv
ing 'f tho attention of the ladles and
gentlemen of the city mid vicinity. The
supply of winter wear Is large surpas
sing In variety and excellence of material
and workmanship, any previous pur
chases. First class day board at Walker A file
oil's restaurant, at ?5 per week, tf
Where vim frcnli nml Sirii.cmulilc dry cnoiU
lu l,i ii f; Ii t tlicnp forCnhli?
Where? Why at Heilbron and Well's,
of course. They havo Just opened a largo
stock, which thoy bought Knt on the
most advantageous terms, aud having
determined on quick sales they hnvo
marked them down so low that no fair
minded person, who is willing to live and
let live, can complain of prices. They
Invite the attention of the ladleespeclal
ly, to tho now stock, as It coutainsjiuuch
that will please them. The lino of dross
goods Is particularly attractlvo and vari
ed, while tho supply of prints, delaines,
trimmings, holulcry, notions, etc., Is uit
luually full. Staplegoods, domestlo.lrlsli
aud tablo linens, towellings, sheeting,
shirtings, caslmeres, caslnets satinets,
Jeans, tweeds, tlannels, limeys, etc., can-
not bo found In greater variety or at less
price anywhero In tho country. And in
gentlemen's clothing and furnishing
goods they oiler Inducements that should
not bo orerlooked. They havo every ar
ticle of clothlug that can bo found In any
establishment in tho city, and all they
nsk is, that they bo allowed to comparo
their goods and prices with those of other
dealers. In other words, thoy ask persons
who may wish to buy clothing to give
them n call beforo purchasing elsewhere.
Tho steam yacht, Helon Ilrooks, from
Baltimore, Md., via Chesapeako .canal,
Delaware river, Hudson river, Erie canal
to;Hiiflalo, theiu-o by tho lakes to Chicago,
thence through tho Illinois canal nnd
river to tho Mississippi, passed hero this
morning en route to Uayou Techo. She
Is an Iron steamer with sldo wheels. Sho
has a capacity for tsventy-twotons and Is
sixty feet long.
Ilnriiioulll t'nm.
Tho best nud prottle9t cook stove now
A new lot Just rtcolved, Call and seo
them at Ueerwnrti Ortb & Co., 180 Com
mercial evenuo. SepO dwlpi
Good tow Is, nil linen, 20 cents, each,
nt Itellly's. tf
Irish linen, selling nl 1.15, now $1 1"
Irish linen sold nt$l, now 7o cents; and
good Irish linen at CO cents, at Ileilly's
'llm ( i.t In 1'IhIiM IMnl.ls!
Everybody Is enquiring for Plaids, and
why? ilecauso they are tho prettiest
and most fashionable dress goods now
worn. Mr. Cunningham, who Is now In
X. Y., buying an inimcnso stok of dry
goods, is nwaro of the great demand
for caso goods and Is forwarding such an
assortment of them as will fill every re
quirement. Ills show windows aro filled
with them. Go and seo them ladles.
They tako pleasure in showing goods at
Smith's Tonic Syrup has been counter
felted, and the counterfeiter, brought to
Tho genuine urtlclo must have Dr.
John Hull's private Htnmp on each bot
tle. Dr. John IIuj.i. only has tho right
to manufacture and sell tho original
John J. Smith's TOXIC SYltUP, of
Louisville, Ky. Kxamlno well tho label
on each bottle. If my private stamp Is
not on Iho bottle, do not purchase, or you
will be deceived. Seo my column ndyer
tlsemenl, ami my shnweard. I will pros
ecute any ono Infringing on my rfght.
The7JHiH Smith's Tonio Syul'!' can
only be prepared by myself.
The public servent.
Dr. John HuMi,
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 2-1. 1SGS.
"Uarrett's" keeps the hair In place.
Knder's Stomach Hitters! "Tno best
In use."
AVw Itrdtntirnul.
P. Ha up has opened a restaurant at 102
commercial avenue, near Sixth street,
and In calling publlo attention to It
dofiireii to say that it will bo conducted
In a manner that will at once commend
It to the patronage of the respectable
portlou of tho community. Tho rooms
aro handsomely carpeted, furnished in
excellent style, where guests will bo en
tirely secure from Intrusion. Tho best of
everything, including oysters In all
styles, game, llsh and all the substantial
edibles will bo served In ilrst class style,
to order. Tho patronage of gentlemen
mid ladles, and families is solinited, tho
proprietor guaranteeing courteous atten
tion ami good fare. octCdlm
- . . .
It Ct'itKs the Chills, Alford's XX Ague
Linen sheeting 12 quarters wide, 51 75
cents per yard, nt Ileilly's. tf
.. - . o- -
Alurtji Itenily nnd llclliiMe.
l'rom its perfect purity nnd uniform
strength, Doolky' IUki.nu Pownr.Kcnn
bo bafeley relied on as (tbu. lent ami
mot reononUtMil Uakltig pow'der In uso.
Xo short weight, t oaeli (fun contains
tho full net amount represented, and
the samn quantity is guaranteed to Inst
loiigerand give better satisfaction In ma
king rolls, blsculN, pastry, kc, than
any other article known. 1 Manufac
tured by
DooiiMY DitiiTiixit, Xew York.
for CutrA mKIii
Will be held at tho hall of our old
friend, John Soheel, Sunday afternoon
Oct. 10th, commencing at I p in.
Anybody who knows old Papa School,
Is satisfied that whatever ho gets up In
such a lino will bo n success, and wo
hope that anybody who loves n good
brat wurst with sourkrout and trim
mings, will not fail to make his appear
ance. Uhrlg's premium St. Louis Lager
Deer will bo denltoutnccompnnied by the
sweet strnlns of Witllg's string band.
Only 25 ets. forn dish of Durkhelmer
Conio ono; come all!! 3t
OlyTiiT I'nj'en. Tnhf .Vol Ice.
On Friday tho 15th instant, I shall
commence preparing for publication a
list of all tho town lots and parts of lotj,
In tho city of Calro,upon which tho taxes
for tho present year remain unpaid. 1
glvo this notice that all who fetl se dis
posed may savo costs by making pay
ment beforo the lists aro placed In the
hands of the printer.
John IIylanu,
oct.S.St City Treasurer and Collector.
"Jiarrott'o" a substitute lor wigs.
. . .
Uso Knder's Chill Cure. "It never
. i -
tUrin;iit ,MI;lit School.
Gentlemen desirous of obtaining know
ledge of tho Gorman language, can so
curo a scholarship In the night class now
forming under tho direction of Prof.
Wlrsohlng, principal of tho German
Parties desiring instruction will pleaso
make immediate application to tho Pro
fessor nt his resldouco on Fourteenth
street, betweon Washington Avenue ami
Walnut Ktrcst. oct 5 Ctd.
cards 05 cents per
pair, at
iuvi:u m:ws.
The woather has changed to damp,
cold and uncomfortable. A light ralu
fell for somo hours this moinlng. Tho
sun struggled faintly forth at ll a.m. but
was soon shut out by clouds.
Tho Mississippi continues rislugilowly
from Cairo to Dubuque, Quarter less
twain is reported between Cairo amj St.
Louis. Tho Missouri is stationary with
moderate depth.
Tho Ohio Is falling at Pittsburg and
Loubvlllo with four and a half foot la
tho channel at tho former olty, aud live
feet ten Inches In thoc.VKdntLouSsvilk
It Is still rising from Evansvillo to Cairo.
Hero tho river has risen ten Inchon
since last report.
Business continues active.
The Quickstep came ut from Evans
vllle, resplontlant In n now coat of paint
aud whlto collars on her chlmnles. Sho
brought for Cairo, Chns. Gnlllgher, u"S
ks. wheat Thomas Omen and Ahlen,
3 pkgs chickens and eggs. Mrs. Lelller,
lot of household goods. She also brought.
OOsks wheat for St. Louis, C) mules nud
horses, nud 70 tons sundries for roshlp
ment south.
II Villi Unifl "
.Material lo inn'-., a !olliir tattle of th-ict Ililr Ilrt
MorntlYoever mH for restoring gray hair to tts on.
Inl color, f enJ 3J cents for rv ackj(e.
IfYnn Waul
Nice Whin Tetth, Hftlthytiumn,ntl Awt br.;alli
pen.l for our TUUKI3H DKN'TltH'JCK, .nrr, r
IT You Wnii t
A mroeure for HovUflhe, Oxlarrh, Ik-nfnesi, or Uu
line 'n tho ours, semi for our StKHNUTATuar
Price .13 cenle.
Either of thu sbofo svnt ot.inlft 6ti reoefpt
of jirice .
A'lilro- Jorili K. 1,kUht, 131 Murkit irel, bt.
Louis, Mo. Ma7 IyUw
A Itnre Collection. Itovlnml'M Jtccelpli.
MrIu Arts, lNacorertes, clo., compriMnK talimble
information for titerLoil)-. htnt hy mall, (free nl
po-tmeifor 'O art.
AihlreIt. K. NOUMANDT.Wil MBrket rtt-ct, st.
I.ol,Mo. teV lTly
lirKi)i Collection -Of
ne.irly one Imn Jred reeeljiM for iMhtug l.rnnilj ;
ill kindi ot Wine, Oln, Ale, Heor, Cordtalu, fnpt nor
CMer, tii'l much other ncfnl liifornutlon for tho-e
'lonlln lnr mnficturlnp n-iy nftho nlxiTo, clllur
firtlic triple or home me.
Scnthy mail, fr of ,ottnie, lorto veatt. Adlr
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