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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth S trout. Thornton's Building.
ifM rnrrrc i r. r. r. rn MM Kit HI A T
It would bo huposHible, within thonar-
qv limits ortho'litillotlii,' to glvo nny
lilng like nu intelligible synopsis of tho
tf r.nilluulltn ttiti Uiti linn
On Friday tho work In liand, ombra-
Imr ill tnriut. nvitrv nnnnrtt vnltlrt tiifiHnr rn
iUj W W W . W T MHIV -
ating to commerce, tho mall, finance,
allroads, navigation, etc., hail boon put
n shape for action. Tho various com-
t . 1 i. i I 1 1 . f ...tw.l.
ituci'.i ijiivu ll-injiiiu, uun
vurc too voluminous ior nuuiiouwun
ntho roomy columns of tho 'Courier
ournui. iituru wem tuujumjr bhu
. .. . .. t. n..in.. II -.1
inority reports on mo iuuiiju ruuruuu,
he former being the samo as that digest
Hill; twuiift tuu U4uu j'utvi;4 v wwu
It -I - il... TO.wl n dfJ 1 ..I 4t Unn
now ii as tho longitudinal routo, A
within tiiHiilmtltntn thn tninorltv for tho
majority ruport was voted down, great
TirilfLllEII 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 IV 1 M Lr llllt Ik II IIIIII Iltt.HllWl L
r. II I. .1 . I
f t Ii a rnulll I
The convention has not been charac-
cilzed by that harmony that was hoped
a ...til I . . 1 ..... .t ......it.
. . I. .. t il
Tin; Ft Louis 'Democrat' mint be a
tourco of rare discomfort in tho radical
household. It Just won't entirely restrain
its honest democratiu sentiments, fur
policy's or titiythlng else's sake. It now
demands a tqueluhlng of tho national
lunklngHystem a system that is enrich
Ing New r.nglaud bunkers at the ex
Dense of tho West. "We believe," it
xayc, "it won hi be wisest to withdraw
front Irculatloii the National Hank
! :!.-1, ii" 1 t-ubstltuto government notes.
Let the government provide for the re
1 'inptlou of theo note, and for their
exchange for bonds, or re-Issue them In
Ktt.i I r bund., then tho rosult will bo
this: The whole peoplo will loan to tho
government Just as much money, with
out Interest, as It desires of currency to
perform its exchanges. Tho currency
will b; uniform in all tho .States, and
will quickly move from Ftate to State
m it is wanted."
All of which is sound and i-oiislble.
It Is known that General .Sherman ac
cepted the oillco of Secretary of War
only temporarily, or until the President
could make n permanent appointment.
The President has now appointed Major
f Jeueral William M. lielkunp, of Keo
kuk, Iowa. General Uelknap Is a gradu
ate of Pr.iiceton eoll.ge, Now Jersey. Ho
htrvtd In the army from the llrst to the
la t day of the war. Ho commanded one
if the dlvlsi jus of thu Fifteenth Army
(.'crps in General .Sherman' last two
c imj 'il.-i.s He Is about thirty-eight
yeari of aji , and I a lawyer by profes
sion. Ik will reach Washington In a few
dajs, win n (ieneral Sherman will for
mally resign his position as Secretary of
War, and Major General Helknap will
euti r upon the duties of tho ofllco.
si:: vjw um mam.
The Inhuman driver of an expre.-s
wagon in Indianapolis the other day re
fused to take some of the wounded from
tho Fair grounds to tho city unless ho
Were paid for it at an exorbitant rate.
The number of his wagon was published
In the papers, anil the citizens found they
had no furthor occasion for tho services
of lha'. driver. He changed tho number,
but this did not conceal his Identity.
Ho pointed his wagon another color, but
the Indignation and scorn of the people
utill follow him, and a contemitiry
ay, sarcastically he will probably re
move to Chicago.
Illinois Is receiving, through Castlo
Garden, nl tho ruto of about -15,000 luhab.
Hants each year. Kvcry man is supposed
to bo worth $1,000 to thoStato us a farm,
er or mechanic. If tho South could bo
peopled at this rate, tho.',000,000 bales of
cotton hoped for this year would become
five orHlx millions of bales.
ITKMSOFAltr, son TS.
"Mamma! mammal" bellowed the
angel of the household from tho top of
tho stairs, "I'm mad, and Hannah
won't pacify mo."
"Como out hero and I'll lick the
wholoofyou," said an urchin to somo
sticks of poppermlut-caudy In a confec
tioner's window. '
AJtailor, recently landed, scoluga llttlo
lady with a largo mufl', politely otlered
to carry It for her as he wus going tho
miuo way
"I know every rock on tho coast,"
ericd an Irish pilot. At that moment
the ship struck, when ho exclaimed,
"and that la ono or them?"
An undertaker having apartments to
lot posted his bill" upon the colli na .In
tho window, announcing, "Lodgings
for clngle gentlemen."
Au old lady was nsked what eho
thought of tho eclipse. 8ho replied:
"Well, il provod one thing: and that
is, that the papors don't always lie."
New Orleans thrills over an eyeless
fish from mammoth Cavo, Kentucky,
A doll's shoo manufactory In Jloston
has turned out 10,000 pairs this year.
Lunatic-killing is proposed in Eng
land as ineaiiH of relieving tho asylums.
A llttlo girl in Alleghany City, Penn
sylvania, swallowed somo dyo tho oth
orday. Bhodyed.
Tho Mobilo ahd
running to Llnwood
from Columbus, Ga.
Glrard railroad in
seventy-four miles
Princb Arthur part his hair three Inch
es above tho left ear. This Is on tho
best authority.
The Iron Mountain railroad has had
another collision three persons Injur
ed. Tho cotton factory project at Da ton
Rouge will be successful. Half of the
capital stock haslalready been subscribed
It Is Intimated thattuoro is a largo
treasure of gold and silver buried safe
ly In tho suburbs of tho town of Mlndon,
The house in which General Leo sur
rendered tho Army of Northern Virgin-
la to General Grant Is advertised for
Secretary Houtwell has consented to
Increase tho amount of gold to bo Bold
to tho Italtlmoro Importers to $100,000
per week.
The .Cincinnati 'Comercial' says
"Anua Dickinson rides a high horse,
mid puts down each dainty gaitered foot
with masculine distinctiveness.''
An editor, alluding to the demand for
female suffrage, female doctors and fc
malo clergymeu, remarks that another
want prc.-ents Itself that of female wo
A convention of colored IJuptlsts is now
in session at Montgomery, Alabama.
About one hundred delegates were In at
tendance from various portions of the
Tho hanks in Texas hold unwnrdu of
four hundred thousand dollars in coin,
while those of all other Southern States
together, contain but two hundred and
seventy thousaud.
"C-can that p-p-pnp-parrot t-teMalk'.'"
asked a Muttering man of a German.
"Supposo he no can talk so mocho bet
ter as that what you talk, I chop he
teuced head oil'," was the reply.
Till: I.OL'IMVI Lit: COWKMIO.V ,l.M)
The commltteo of the Louisville Com
merclal Convention to which Iwas re
ferreil the currency question, Is of the
opinion that the prevailing evils might
ho cured if congress would enact a free
banking law, uud retire tho United
States legal tender notes. The St. Louis
'Democrat,' criticising this conclusion of
tho committee, says that It fails to see
in what mau' er audi a device will re
medy the evils complained of. Tho plan
proposed would Increase, and that great
ly, the very worst of tho ovlls under
which the country now labors, nauely,
that of unfair distribution of all the cur
rency. In support of this assumption tho
'Democrat' argues as follows:
Any system which gives to banks tho
lower of Issuing currency will operate
uuiavoraoiy to tuo wuit, auu win sim
ply strengthen tho mono monopoly
which the East now holds. For precise
ly because tho East has tho nios capital,
It wilt no most reauyras it was wiiea tue
natioual bauks wore established, to pro
vide ttto capital ror tue estauiisumoni or
new bauks. Its excess of currency Is
now coutlued to that share which the
national bauks issue, and tho equal
amount Issued by tho government is freo
to move any part or t tie country wnere
it may be wanted. If tho wholo of this
currency should bo retired, and replaced
by currency issued by bank9 wherever
money .might bo ready to tako advan
tage of the bankluir act. the Eastern
States would simply acquire the satuo'or
a greator auvauiago an to the rest or ttie
currency that thwy have now as to the
national bauk Issues. It may seem to
somo that this Is a matter of no sort of
consequence. Hut the pith of tho busi
ness, as wo uiiuerstauu it, is tills, tliutmo
peoplo who keep a currency atloat sim
ply arc loaning to tho peoplo who Issue
Itso much money without Interest If
the Uuitod States can keep three hundred
millions in circulation, with a reserve
of only ono hundred millions of coin for
Its redemption, the United States Is the
gainer by two hundred millions loaned
to It by the peoplo perpetually without
Interest, which it has use of in payment
of expenses or debts. Hut if tho banks
keep three hundred millions In circula
tion, with a reserve of ono hundred mil
lions, tho banks uro the gainers by two
huudred millions, loaned to them oy tho
peoplo without interest, whllo they loan
back that same money to the peoplo at
ten por cent. Now If anybody Is to pro
tit by that sort of operation, it seems to
us that the Government, which represents
the whole people, should enjoy the pro
fit Instead ot those individuals, mainly
in Eastern States, who hunneu to have
plenty of money. This Is u mutter of
peculiar interest to tho West, because
this section and tho South actually keep
In circulation u lanro Bharo of ttie cur
rouoy, and they therefore virtually loan
without Interest to the East the money
which Eastern bankers charge tho Wet
hhrh rates of Interest. Auu it is very
strantro to hear a Western man proposing
to malio this bad thing worse, by with
drawing the government notei, and giving-
to those who now enjoy ilif d'un
tage of three hundred million loan-d
without interest, an Increase to hun
dred millions!
t . - V If i' '' Q -
VIco PresldVni Colfax openly and boldly
assailed the practice of polygamy, during
bia recent visit to Salt Lake City, in a
speech from the balcony of the public
house of which he was a guest "Saints"
by tho hundred were present, but at
tempted no Interruption. The "gentiles"
cheered like wild Camauches. Among
other things the distinguished gentleman
Dutthe Dractioe of polygamy lias noth
ing to do with religion or God's worship;
and, when you tell mo that this law of
Congress is a nullity becuuse It Interferes
with your religion, wiinyourngut touo
llovo according to your light, and wor
ship as your conscience shall dlctato, 1
reply, ir inn were so, ns it is not, tnat
this law only reafllrnis tho very doctrine,
on this point, of your own Hook of Mor
mon, and of tho book called "Doctrlno
and Covenant," tho creed and dlclpllno
of your cnurcn. ii any or you uouui tins,
let him turn to the hundred and eight
eenth pago of thu first, and to tho chapter
on marriage in the second, and he will
find that monogamy is there mado as
mandatory as It is by the law of Congress.
If (he latter in deserving of condemna
tion, tho ancient authority, publicly pro
claimed and printed, and tho tenets of
your Church on which It was originally
rounacu, aro equally conucmnanie.
iou ten mo you nave tiic nutnorlty or
revelation for this defiance of liuv, nnd of
a new revelation, contrary to tins re
corded in tho book of Mormon, to which
I haVo alluded. I reply that you have
no right to overthrow and defy the laws
by assumed revelation. If somo one
should have a revelation to-night de
claring that the strong should seize and
possess tho wives of the weak, you would
surely have none of such a revelation.
If there was another revelation that the
talented aud tho rich should take tho
wives of thu Ignorant and the poor, you
would certainly trample on it. If the
Hindoos should come hither and insist
on practising what they regard as a
religious rite the burning of widows
on tho funetal plies of their husbands j
you would scout such a revelation and
such a religion. It Is the province of j
constitutions and laws to restrain the
mass for tho benefit of the individual,
aud the Individual fur tho benefit of the
mass; and those constitutions nnd laws
are wisest and best, which secure to the
individual the largest Independence con
6istent with the welfare of all. Without
Borne restraint upon Individual impulse
and will, society would bo impossible.
Following is tho text In the Hool; of
Mormon, alluded to by Mr. Colfax, to
wit :
"Jacob, the brother of Nephl, spake
unto tho people of Nephl't about their
wrongdoing, aud after giving them his
reproof for their pride, he says:
"And wero It uat that 1 must speak
unto you concerning a grosser crime, my
heart, would rejoice exceedingly, be
cau.e of you. But the word of God bur
thous me, becauso of your grosser crimes.
l'or uiiiioiu, tuus saitn tno Lorn, mid peo
ple bcciii to wax in luidulty: they under
stand not the scripture.", for they seek to
excuse themselves in committing whore
doms, becauso of tho things which wero
written concerning David aud Solomon,
his 6on. Heboid, David aud tiolomou
truly had many vices aud concubines,
which thing was an abomination before
me, alth theLord; wherefore, thus salth
tho Lord, I have lead this peoplo forth
out of the laud of Jerusalem, by tho
power of mine arm, that 1 might ralso
up unto mo a rlghtoous branch from tho
fruits of tho loins of Joseph. Where
fore, I, the Lord God, will not sutler that
this peoplo shall do like unto them of
old. Wheiofore, my brethren, hear
me, and barken to tho word of theLord;
for there shall not any man among you
have aavo but one wife; and concubines
ho shall havo nono; fori, the Lord, do
Ighteth iu tho chastity of women. Aud
wnoreuomb are au nuominatlou uerore
mo; thus salth the Lord of Hosts:
Wherefore this people shall keep my
commandments, salth tho Lord of Hosts,
or cursed bo the land for their sakes.
For I will, salth tho Lord of Hosts, ralso
up seed unto me, I will command my
people; otherwise they shall hearken to
these things."
Tho following Is from tho "Doctrines
and Co tenants'' p. 3U1:
"Inasmuch as this Church of Christ has
been reproached with tho crime of fornl
cation and polygamy, wo declare that
wo believe that one man should havo
ono wife, and one woman hut one hus
band, except in case of death, when
either is at liberty marry again."
The KoU Nenrly MnKUeil.
The Worthiugton (Indiana) 'Times'
of Friday, tays:
Iron is coming forward rapidly, and
the two cuds of tho railroad will bo con
nected within a few days. D. C. Ilran
ham fc Co. will then call iifton tho cltl
ens of this county for thelraubicrlntlons.
Ue your "stauips" ready.
In a few days wo will havo two daily
truliit of cars through our town one
friiui Indianapolis and tho other from
A local editor of tho Ban Francisco
'l iirmiiclo lias attended a Chineco theat
ilt I perfi.rinanco In that city. HpeaUIng
o 1 t; music, he sttiH: "Imagine yonr
e 11 n holler manufactory when four
l.ui..Ud men are pulling in rivets, a
m iiunmtii tin shop next door on tho oue
ht ii
I .
, and u fitrty stamp quartz mm on
..iliei, with udrunkeu charivari par
iih fix Hundred instruments in tront,
f ml
. I
ihtju.-ttud 1'iirageu cats on tno roor,
. falut idea will be conveyed of the
nuauoeof first-elans Chinese baud
i!l-IO '
IKrutn Uio Now York 'Herald. 'J
On Monday last a colored man com
mitted an outrago on a young lady, a
school teacher, near Fort Washington,
sixteen in ilex from Washington City,
while sho was on her way to, and with
in 1!00 yards of tho school house. When
found by her friends sho was lying on
tho ground, fearing to more, lest her
assailant should return and, finding- ber
aiive, kill her. Tho negro was arrested
the same day, taken to PlscaUway,
where ho was identified by the lady,
and n committal made out against him,
and, in charge of constables John Under
wood and Anthony Andefaon, he was
immediately started in a wagon for
Marlboro, tho county seat. At his re
quest ho was taken to his house to bid
his wife goodbye. Whllo the wagon was
standing in front of the house It was ap
proached by about twenty men dressed
only in their .shirts nnd drawer, ono
only iu a shirt, and with handkerchiefs
with pierced eyeholes. After tying con
stable Underwood, who had attempted
to dcfiiid his prisoner, and had filed
several shots at the lynchers, and re
moved him from tho wagon, tuey made
deputy coustabo Anderson drlvo tho
vehicle to a piece of woods a short dis
tance otr, where he, too, was put out and
tied. Tho wagon was then driven by
one of the maskers under a largo white
oak tree, and a nooso having been ad
justed over a horizontal branch, tho
prisoner, who was handciiHed, was mado
to stand up, hut his head not reaching
ttie nooso ho was required to get upon
tho driver's seat, when tho nooso was
put around his neck and tho wagon
driven from undci him, ho springing up
at the time apparently with tho Inten
tion ot expediting ills own death Tho
rope slipped and the wretch's feet touch
ed tho ground. One of tho maskers thou
Jumped unon his shoulders to bear him
down whllo some of the others swung
him to and fro until life was extinct.
After which thu whole party formed in
a Hue nnd fired a volley at his body.
All About n Woiuiiii.
The Nuw Haven 'Lover' has tho fol
lowing explanation of the reportod horse
whipping of thu Itev. J. Eaton Bmltli,
of thu Memorial church at Westport, by
Mr. Charles Ketchum: '
Recently Mr. Ketchum suod for a di
vorce from ins wire, ana sltico men lias
been exceedingly Jealous of any atten
tions paid tier ny residents of that town,
TheUay previous to tho unpleasant dlth
culty Mrs. Ketchum sent fur tho Key
Mr. Smith to call oil her. sho bolir;
member ot the Memorial church. Mr
Smith decliuud. aud red nested his avis
taut, tho I lev. .Mr. Short, to call. Tho
latter gentleman made the visit, using
Mr. Smith' carriage.
The result was that Ketchum, hearing
that the young rector's carriage was seen
in front of ills residence, immediately
tlew into a passion and swore tuat lie
would 'horsewhip him for calling 011
his wife. The next morning, meeting
tho Itev. Mr. b'mlth opposite thu post of
fice In a carriage, ho drove up and struck
him a blow wltu his whip. Tho attack
was followed up until the reverend gen
tlemnn fairly bellowed uuder the smart
ing blows, and humbly beseeched thu
irate hiiabaud's pardon for all otleuscs,
real or imagined.
Tho cltteous of Westport wero so exas
perated at this outrageous pioco of busi
ness that au indignation meeting was
called, and a series of resolutions wero
passed condemning the couduot of Mr.
Itev. Mr. Bmlth has been an Invalid for
tho last two years, uud this gross at'.aok
upon his person has been brought about
through tho luilucnco of a third person,
which will bo exposed when the caso
comes up for trial.
The C'orouutlou r tlie Kose.
A IVuiUIa Intuit irt, ty a CIJf
Vouiik I.nUict of Cairo,
ComieclnJ unit lh U)iiertory of iluio ui der the
(liri'-uiuu of IVof. L.j. Jl!I.JWI,a tint
Athwieuui, Thursday auti Vrltlay Kroulngs,
October 'Jlat b4 32l.
TicWntJ, Wets. I KeierteJ 8eU. 76 clu.
Tickets foraK t theofflre of tt.11 Atheoeum on
Thurd:iy and Friday from 8 a.
tn. to lim.ana.loC
KTCrythlng Fresh and Xow.
Mr. Anna Iaujujuiit opened a freak tad etnth
ly Uthlonablo (lock of bonnet, tata, Iloweri, rib
bon and fan-f good gonorally, tnilu shell at no
expense, aho l coutideut of bur aWllty U noderaell
all other esUkliatirudnU la tbu city. Tno Udien w
iuvlud tocll. . ...
Hha alio color, bleacheautd m orr twnut
aud hU la itl ritort on Tenth alrt, balwenn
Washington Aionnnanu wamui ausci,
Alio a full stock of wsutada.
CrMtUr U
IXard moxcI Soft ImiuU or
ot try dr;tlption,
LaUa, HkiDllcw Udm ft-
YAUD AMU QVYiCU-f-ornur Comroarsial aftrntia and
taath ilfMt,
CAIRO, - .-.....ItLtMQW.
Ord-r olW44 l4 prmpU 0lli. Mtubot
Lutubet fonUJ A(t Rtii. U1-bi
IUi introduced into 111. Kourlli Ward O rocerjr iUb
llnhmi nt n Pry (Jood department, rmbrndnK every
rt rlo tuiiitlljr found in tho regular dry good liouncu
f tho city.
Ktnplc uud I'uiicy Dry Goods,
Offyory d.ierlption, Honinry, Notion. Hook And
Brio, and complete Miortmrnl Renertllr.
Tho Mktromii! it thn mil, 11.1 1 1. ,n.. 1 11,.
torKUrrnteelnitoiell unythinRln lil line, wkother
Dry Ooodi or Groceries, nt chep m they can b
they cim
uuuxiii aniiim-ro in ins city:
Kmember tho pUee, ncit door to
the corner of
1 iipur ami .linoitonwi sweet
j ,roc,,rr tllihment t the comer of Hlith
nd Commorclg.1, will m nulnUined 1 uiuaU
ono of the U-at itu-kud In tke city.
n1'",,lh0,,, kr" '.Mr- J- MnHcM,s phec, at
nirdrille, Mo.. wanhIoviI on the JOth In.t. A hoUl
ha nt soon will Iw opened In tli,win neighbor
hood ut lit. field', whiwo tho Ira-alloc puhlic wUJ
rcceiTo K"oi cn.ertuinment.
(CUrlcnton HViurlnr' copy.) oet M St
HO Oliio Ijovoo,
5,i,.f ''Hlrojjlllnols.
W. STItATro.V. T. Ill II II.-
gTItATI'ONj A ItlltD,
LSiic-fHior MHratton, lluil.ou A. (lurk).
Grocers and CoiiiiiiIsnIoii Jlcrcliauts.
" AKi'ntnor
American. I'omlrr 'n.. mill Mnuururl crcra
A'i-ntH lur C'uiiiiii Yarn,
No. 37 Ohio Letrr, folro, 111.
tltUBTIili'.S HALK.
When-:!. .'iiii Antrim, i.tiil lua ulfn. f-'llti. Iiv t)i...r
deed of truit. tinted June, Ijth, 107. nnd rif.rli-d in
the (i-cordi'r'eimri of Alt xaiult-r county, lllinol.
1II1I convey to the tindi'rixnrt. John (I. Ilermau. as
truitee, the fnllnujtur deocrllifd renl entMe. mtu.it
In tlirityof( mrn, in uld t-otinly of Alexiunlcr, And
r-t!nii lllint'li lit Wll ,
I.Otn iiutulx'rxl 'il,
-1, ironunu ieni on rupiaretriTt. rin'l rtiiinms
feet in depth in t,li-k ly. mi l loUUiuid 10. Iiilitoek
. In thetirtt ruldiliiin to niipity,nnii lot No, 8, tn
Mock No S, of the i!oa.l .vlilitlon, ttild tula II and l.
in thick il, ot mill pity.
And uheiriu, tho id John Antrim. wa, on th
nh iljy of July. Im .1-. i.n d u lunkrupt liy U
Plutrict Oiiirl of the, United Htate.H fur tint K.tern
Pllrlet of Mi-Niurl ; nnd ulierp.i, theiinder-iKned,
IlMilfl U. rnuiK, l now tho olc n.H.iijmett of thu t'S
tatn nfmd lintikrilpt . and wlielen, ld deed
rnivdo to x-curo cue Jtdiu i;. Cook In Dm pat mem of 1
certain note in Mid tlt-ttd tleHcrilietl i and tliu raid
Herman did heretnfnreadTertlaonnil veil nul proni r
ty, and lj del ilate, Attsuat It, tw'w, etmey ih
.uni' to ald John K. (tonu ; nnd where-ii thn aaid
U. H. ('tiurt, upon the liutition nf the. nuil at,ncr
did eel Miiltt kid ,t. I. nnd tleelnre tl nine, la I
null ouJ Told i and Miirri i'.. Kit-nid Cmrt'li l fur
ther tinier that eld John O (riiiu. tru.ntri
In thetleil nf tnmt nlt mentioned. )uln ltli lh'
ea il I'.inid l'. Youm;. oln rolMitiniK.' n-i;ni'i' i.f thn
mUte of .i , ImnkrupK, In n f (In- iilmit, Ui-
t riln'd'pioputy on thn ti-nn.Hnd t-nriditiona of ail
utl uf trut.
Now, tlit r- fi. re. .11 pun.ua.iev of lli hImux ordt :
and thu provi-iom of iheK.iul ti.e ortrii-t, we, tu
undermne I trn.ti'.. art I ,i icnef, will, on the Ui!
day of Notrmlier, l-t4iu t'..- Ii,,iir. of :t (vinrk
n.tn an I p. 111 of ti,itdi,Ht lite (Hurt Iiuh itiCoj
rn. in the e..tinty ' t tliiid. r, in. iat of IIIiiim,.
M il nl puMi u l',' . .-,.h. Ihi' alene ie. rine I
iroii ry IIN (.. IIKKM A.S. Trui. f
o-td I V I 1 Vnl'Nit .,"'
Ilo It ordulued by liie City Cuiinoiluf the City of fair'
Tht the ihry of the M irk. tiim.ii- h,i Ihi nnd
hert'liy ia lUtl nt the ruin nl eluhiy.thrt'p and 3.'.eoi
lull Art per in nth, mi I lh it he h ill Id aUI ut tli'U
lute frunt and nfler Aiii;u1 ll, ImO.
Approed,!ti l, , IvM.
oolll('l .I'UIN II Olir.Ul.V. Mayor.
qiiI)inam:k no. bs.
lie ii nr.UuiiMt l.y the tTity Council of tlio City ot
That the al.iryuf the City Marshal Ik flxetl at "-ciity-the
dMUr per month, from ejitemter I,
Aprruvti, r 0, ii',
00 u lot
JOHN H. oitmtl.V. .M.yor.
lie it oidalnml by thaCity tiuniul of the fity ofCutro-
KkCTluN t. That It nh.dl Iw the duty of thu K'liai.ce
Cnnimitlert t ii-tlwr witlitlu City Treaiiier and C .t y
Comptroller, to dcatrn), l.y burnin-, ilurinc thu week
iiuiiiedi.itfiv preeelin tm rrculur inoiithlr jtttivt
nii'i linj of the fity CVunuil, all the 1 wvlltnl t'lly Of
iler. I3ii4. .i.id i" iKjn. ul tl.i.tlun. lit tho hand v(
the City Tri-a'iirer, and for thut iurusi itnhall lm th
duti dfthe aaid Conimilieo atii Uiinptri'lli-r to in-H
at IheCity TreH'Urer't ottU'C, Bt oint period wiltuo
tlio lime ape- il.ofwhieli frio, nutlet ilmll len
en by eti'l City Treasurer, or Fiiuni-o t'oiiiiuiltf.
pupfit'Ht.. litof all Michurdira, Umdannd coi'pom,
iwlljinit the number, date and amount nf each,
ahull bt nude by or underlbti dlrtvt:on nf aail Com.
mltteo. one of whi'-lt li'tt ahull be j,-iv.'iiln tho City
Treaurefi an a voucher to bo uted In cttlciiient of
nia aocountt, ami tne oiniirenaii iu r-pr riea uy in
aaul Committer tn the City Council, bi U
men niwt 1
city rucorila In lh ( ny Clerk'M otiiiv.
mc. 1, It xltdll !- thtlut l thu City Clerk to
h.itcpii'pared iindfr Ihe tlirectlon of the. l-'inanc
Ciinniittee, a book ! U- palled ttorip HeRlater No. 1,
Inwliii-liah.'dl lie entered fr"tn the maruina of th
atuba of tlit-arr'tilxi dca, tho Dumber, date, amount,
and name of tlx party 'o whmn im I, of nil .crip ii-
01 ne Diirnui 01 mo
Cumtiiltten ahull vuinptrp the reports hert toforein.vln
vii!itil na K'rm
hy any oomtnuiee 01 ine ticmriu'iion pi nuy i-ny or
ilera wilhfald register, and ahall eulur upon aU
acrlp terji.'ter 11 tiU'inornniliim nppinito e.h onlt-r, oi
the dato ul it deMruction, and iu all future burning,
the date of tleairtietlon aludl lio t nt.'rid m tint ecrip
rei?iteroptiosite the entry of eaeli order, and In tna
l-ond book, oppo.ltu tlio oulry cf eiv-h bund or cou-
'Tic. 3, It ahall bf tho duty of eid Klnwico Coin
miltBe.attheiUleof each b jruini: of order, 0 ex.
amino the mawn. oratub. of thecrip U.ok la th
tity Clerk olnve. nnd nacerlain by tlthae nt lunu ry.
andrcport tn thet ity Council whether the city order
hate bo i -Iti'Xi'd K-thK luttiebkutlttrd to recoil,
tlirin. and whether, inatiehdoittorlea. the onlinaneoa
of Ihecity htto bt-on Mildly coiuplliul wtthi anj,
where, after u te.Konable penoi, ortlerx hacnpt bea
di-lircrrd to turtle entitled to ret-eive them, it hau
bu the dut) of lha raid Hinanoo Committee to deelroy
the order, reporting a list of tho am to the (.lit
Council, and niarkiiiKon the margin of the aorip book
thedate of aatd tleitruullon. .,
Hae. t. The f inauce committee anaii 'fi "."
by are, aiitlicnto.l to employ a competent V,e''.vo
eiit them iu the ilutie 'levoltci on u" !
tlldnauue. and to pay him a reasonable coniptaiatios
fur Hernia,
oP,YrU-'(0h,rS'iOUy QKUI,Y,Mtor.
Vhe '-XlXt j:Mfia'rl'ubiictton Co , at CharltJ
on, hare been to aucceaiful Iu literary euterpri.
that they are. distributing hundred uf chqlce .tandj4
woik.i l-'ltt'.K to the putvuiuor of tho majaiin. Atk
at W. B, liockwfU Co.'.
uoii irom tne-iaieoi ne Diirniux 01 mo reconia 01
the cit in In'-S, to the tiret ntry in l6U iu tho rreaent
errip rt'tti'tt r, wh" Ii I tl nttnud rcKit-r halllo de
iVnutril ui S.'rin i:"L'ili-r No. ?. That aald Flnaui-'t

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