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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, October 18, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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Jtc flatting fMUtitt.
PUllI.ISIlr.I) 1T JOIIH 11. 011KHLY A CO.
Uho Ender's Chill
Cure "It never
Cotton o.i n I h 00 couUi tier pair, t
KolIly'H. tf
Flint class duy bourd atWnlker fc UIb
on'fl restaurant, id $3 per week. tf
Byrun to their children when sick, inor'
Ullty would ho less among them. It costs
only Mcenta.
. Tlie Amdiinr of Nclriicr.
A special meeting urtho Cairo Acade
my of Hclonce will Imj held this nvonlng,
at the roomn of tjio society over tho post
ofllco ut 7J o'clock precisely. All mem
bers aro requested to attend.
Oct. 18th 1300.
.Don't Shako 1 use Alford'H Ague
A special communication of Cairo
Lodge No i!37, A F A A M. will he,
held this (Monday) ovcnlnkvOct 8th. A
LG809 for work In the FC degree. Visitor,
rraternally Invited. JJ.v order W .M.
Chas J'oiuikht, rieer'y.
llrrncli o( Trrul.
A lad, for Homcttmc connected with an
up-town bakery, availed himself of an
opportunity furnished hy tho absence of
hit) employer, yesterday, to appropriate
ilfty-flve dollars belonging to tho con
cern, and to decamp Whither he lini
gono no one knows. Where he will ulti
mately lnud, It requires no great amount
of forecast to determine.
Tho most elegant, fashlormblo and
beat made clothing In tho city, is to bo
found nt Miller and Miller's. Nobody
pretends that ho undersells them. tf
Tlir Allienrmn. Tlitir.itnj-nml f'rlln-
On Thursday and Friday next tho
beautiful cantata, in two part", entitled
the "Flower Queen, will he rendered on
tho boards of the Athcneum, by a class
ofyouug ladles thirty or forty In num
berunder tho direction of Prof, J.. G,
Hlnlsdell. From our knowledge of the
parties we do not hesitate to nay that tho
entertainment will bo decidedly rr.chcrche
creditable alike to the Professor and his
Miller ami Miller, the principal cloth
iers of the city, have an entire new stock
-no old goods In tho houe. tf
. -
A .MnniiritrtitrliiK I'-Matillaliiitrii.
Mr. Wool worth, of Sandusky, Ohio,
was in the city this morning, canvnsslng
tho propriety of establishing hero a largo
axe, hatchet, pick and general handle
factory. He Is btifllclcntly pur-itiadcd that
the abundanco and excellence of our
hickory and oak timber, our ready means
for tho distribution of the manufactured
article, and tho great market South of
us, glvo Culro itdviuitngf i in that regard,
possessed by no other poiutin tho Mis-is-nil
jd Valley, Mr. W.ls now the proprietor
of one of tho largent tMl.!hmfiii ts of the
kind In thel'tiited Stw-, working some
twohiiu trod men. We hopohowlll re
ceive all needful encouragement, alike
from our citizens aiidauthorltioj, fui It I?,
iu a great degree, to such projects as his,,
that wo must look for Increased vitality
In the business of our city.
For really fashlonablo clothing go to
Miller and Miller's. tf
Linen sheeting 11! quarters wide, fl 75
cents per yard, at Hellly's. tf
Ko lu.H(nrviu Clly.
"When can you print mo somo clreu.
Jars?" enquired n Cairo buslucss man,
who, one day last week, darkened tho
door of our otllco for the llrt time lu Jils
life. "I usually got my printing dono.Ii)
Cincinnati, but wanting this Job right
on", I thought I'd lot you do It."
Wo very politely, yet very emphati
cally, refused tho job. If every citizen
of Cairo should adopt this gentleman's
example, rmd buy in Cairo nothing ex
cept that which absolute and pressing
necessity might compel him to buy,
every store, shop and manufactory
among us would close its doors for the
want of patronage. Tho practice is
simply ruinous, ami tho busliioss man
who pursues It, should bo compelled to
look for his patrons whero he bestows
his patronage. The 'Bulletin' has labor
ed In season and out of reason fur tho
advancement of Cairo entcrprhes nnd
the prosperity of CJairo'tf people. Vo
feel, therefore, that wo have at least ui
great a claim upon the local patronage
In our line, as tho merchant has upon
(ho local business in his line. Hut
whother this Is truo or untrue, wo want
tho patronage of no man who comes to
us on compulsion beqauso it is nut
possible for him 'logo elsewhere. Tho
mun who, a a mattor of choice, semis
his money abroad to add to the wealth
and thrift of other communities", whon
ho could, with equal ijdvantago to him
self, and much greater advantago to
the people ojr.whom he lives, kceplt ut
honlo, Ib not, In all respects, goi)l
elUr.un; and, whon ho comes to w on
t'ohipWIori, ho will pHaso tuko lcjis
philosophically as he ran, if wo fail to
"break our neck" tonecdnlmodiitfi Him.
Ho is pursuing n pruQtJoywUleli, If jjgn'.
erally adopted, would starvo us, himself,
ami everybody else, and Is not, therefore
entitled to vorj1 hlRli'tonslderatlon.
Piece goods, In great variety; riuwuiid
elegant styles at Miller and Miller's,
merchant tailoring establishment, tf
During tho prevalence of heavy fog
Saturday morning, tho steamer Wit. Ar
thur, freighted for New Orleans, struck
a rock, boiit ton nillot below Caps
Girardeau; and the pfllccm, apprehend
ing further disaster, by the, sottling down
of the (boat conceived it necessary to
huiitle 'overboard a portion of the freight.
Altny tons o(, flour, whisky, cabbages
In orataa and , dry good iu cases, were,
the'reYore, coirimlitod to 'the waters. Iu
due season the occurrence' bocamotioIseU
abroad, and by the time the fog lifted!
skiffs, manned by all kinds of oarsmen,
white and black, male and fetmile, were
abroad, catching tho floating property.
Th6 Captain 6f (ho'Capo bfrardeau ferry
boat, hearing of tho mishap, brought his
steam flatboat into requisition, and, for
a time, did a land office, buslnB3. ,
About ono o'clock Sunday morning
flour, whisky, cabbages, etc., coin
roenced floating by Cairo, and HUbhn'dc
maud, a wan at once created for skill's
was never boforo heard of. Every skill'
that could bo bought, borrowed or' sto
len, was brought Into active use. Ono
gentleman haulctf a barrel of flour Into
his craft, and started for ttt'c shore. Com
ing In contact with another barrel, ho
concluded that ho would have that also.
In Ills efforts to taku this second barrel
on board, he sunk his skill', last both bar
rels and his overcoat with" them. It was
with considerable dllllcu'lty, Indeed, ho
reached tho shore at all. Another in
dividual collected several barrels of (lour
and whisky on tho Missouri shore, but
while ho was absent a gaug of rascally
fishermen came along, gobbled tho
wholo lot, and made oil' with It. A third
chap Uvers that he brought two barrels
of whisky mhore;- but that while felici
tating himself on a good morning's worlt,
tho bunk caved In, ."mashed one of the
barrels, tent the other spinning out Into
the river, where, in the darkness of tho
morning, ho lost It. Nearly every per
son that engaged, in the "scramble met
with some kind, of a mishap, and if any
body inado It "pay" very handsomely
wo hriro not heard of the fact. Tho
agent. of tho insurance companies will
prolobly bo along In h day or two, when
those who really rescuednuy of the pro
perty, will bo properly remunerated.
Union linen 'Si cents -per yard, at
Hellly's. tf.
Host 5 quarter pillow slip muslin 121
cents per yard, at Itellly's. tf
For a new suit, complete, or for any
part of a suit, for gentlemen's furnishing
goods generally go to "Miller and Miller',
no i;.vi-a iioi;t-c:a neo.
On Tuesday last the dead hotly of a
man named Wagoner, was found near
tho village of Elkvllle, In Jackson coun
ty. From tho appearance of the body It
was believed that Mr. W. had died In a
Tho radical brethren of Perry county
dwell together like dogs and cats. There
is u grab gamo going on among them for
tho flesh pots of tho county a now set
trying to grab them from tho hands of
tho ''ring" that hiu fattened on them,
lol theso many year, "do it hiiiband;
go it bear."
Zob Curlcols the namo of tho "citi
zens'" or "Independent," caudldato for
tho ofllco 6f County Judge, In Perry
county. Tho Du Quoin 'Tribune' says
that when tills .man returned from tho
War ho refused to shako hands with
democrats, telling them that their hands
wero red with tho blood of Union men.
llejts now, as" a bolting radical, asking
democratic votes as "thick as thrco lu
a b,ed" with, tho lato despised murderers.
This simply goes, to illustrate- what wo
havo always contendedjfor that, with a
few honorablo exceptions,, .the radical
party Is composed of ofllce-holders and
ofllco seekers, tho jatter unscrupulous
and unprincipled, 'diving to tho" 'very
lowest depths of political depravity to
nttali their ends. ZebCurleo is simply n
representative radical ofllco seeker.
Tho young folks of Metropolis havo. or
ganized a Thcsp!iln Hoolety, and propose,
during tho ensuing Winter, to glvo a
series of oxhlbltlons. Something of jtho
kind might "take" in Cairo. Wo havo
very good materlal.forsuch an organlza
Hon. Gcorgo W. llrown, Esq., of Massac
county, is a domocratlo caudldato for u
scat iu tho constitutional convention.
With twojadlcals.JiUho fleld, T'iter.and
Kuykclidail,' neither 6f whom Is' fit for
tho Jposltlon, Mr,, JJrown.'s chances for
election aro certainly very fair. Tho an
nouncement of his namo in that connec
tion struck considerable consternation
Into tho radjoal. ranks. f Straightway a
call for a radfjai cbifventloh was isstiod,
In tho liopo that through Its' action tho
breach in the party may bo healed. It
won'H do. jNo'cQiivontlon that could
bp called together wotildjiomlnato ICuy
keudnll, and nominated or lloil nomin
ated', that V6lHjl lift tld 'JiiitO li eVfr of Uo
King's English', In'tcndS to run Horlc'o
there is.no pure u,a convention, for tho
radical dlstnlc'tlonH til thatUlstrlct.
' iJuTsTlSutft, UStf la'tVonhtfcUy.'but
novv'of' cApo ' Girardeau, recently, do
Hvrrod an, address to tho cltlz.cns of Fre
dnrloktown. on tho rcsotrces and futuro
nS4Mlsf. ,MIJM8"1- TM a'dtlress wis
wWfl'flthdderod, and well received.
Tho neighboring village of Charleston
ts Imnraviiu d'Uto rapidly, the comple
tion of Bt. Louis and Iron Mountain
railroad glTing the Impetus. Tho
Courier,' or last Friday, speaks of the
sale of several town lots during tho past
week and of tho commencement and
progress of number of new buildings.
Sylvania Is the name of a town that
has sprung into existence in Boutherwt
Missouri since the completion of tho
Iron Mountain railroad. It Is located
directly on the line of the road.
A Coiinlryiniiu Vlitlnilr.il.
Yesterday morning two well dressed
strangers stopped at tho. Antrim liouso
and registered themselves as William
Ford and W. S. Drunnlng, of Nashville.
Ford went to bed, and Drunnlng loitered
about town. After a short ramblo Drun
nlng fell in with a couplo of countrymen.
Tho cquutrymen. wero .bound for Iowa.
Singularly enough'Drunnlng was bound
for Iowa, also. How lucky I They would
bo company for ono another. They visit
ed the whajfboat. Drunnlng and
tho two codhtry follows, " to on
qulro about a steamboat, A pllo
of boxes was pointed out by Dnliinlng tw
hlsj ho had bought them In town and
was going to take them with him. Ho
owed a small balance mi them. If ono
of tho countrymen would watch tho
goods, whjje he, DrunnIug,accompanIed
by tho other countryman', returned to the
Antrim housoaud paid thn said balance,
limy would all be ready to light out on
tho first boat. On( t,ho way up to tho
Antrim houso Drunnlng discovered that
hi was short Just forty dollars. If tho
countryman would loan him that
amount until they got on tho boat, It
would bo a favor that he would appreciate'.
The countryman had a fifty dollar bill
no more, no less. This he handed to
Drunnlng who entered the Antrim house
to "get tho receipt." The countryman
waited nn tho sidewulk, Drunnlng
pnssed out of tho rear door
of the Antrim, and decamped.
Tho duped countryman was left without a
dollar, hundreds of miles from home and
among strangers. Tho scoundrel .that
robbed him Is yet at large.
P. H. It turnsout that there wero three
scoundrels concerned, and (hat Joe
Arnold has all of them under arro.it.
Further particulars to-morrow.
An 'llnatpr nitonl" Cuitillilutc.
Bovero Marchildon, of Thebes, has an
nounced himself as an Independent can
didate for the ofllco of associate Justice.
His platform is good country roads', nnd
economy In tho expcndlturo of the paup
er tax. Ever tlnco Alexander county
has been a county, tho country precincts
havo 'controlled the county court; yet
worse road cannot bp found lu any coun
ty in tho state. MrHowley, whso de
feat Morchlldon would ollVet, has boon
the Htaunchcst friend of country roads
that ever sat In tho comity court, and
has evorywhoro and at all times urged
tho building of good roads. .So that
"gag" of Mr. Marchlldnu's will scarcely
win. Ittit, asido from all this, If tho de
mocracy of Alexander county had
wanted Mr. 3larchlldon ns an associate
Justice, ho would have been untitled
through the county convention. Messrs.
Howleyaud McCrito seemed to bo in re
quest about that time, and tho individ
ual who now thinks ho can leat either
ono of them, will Unit himself wonder
fully mistaken, when luNovoinbernext,
ho makes tho cfl'ort.
Good nl linen shirt bosoms at ?2 oO
per dozen at Hellly's. tf
Mollc. -; '
'ity Clerk' OrtW,
To all whom It may concern, Notlco is
hereby given that hereafter no bill for
supplies furnlsncd the City of Cairo will
bo allowed by the City Council unless the
supplies for'whlch tho bill N presented
shall havo been purchased by tho City
Comptroller, or upon his written order,
being iu conformity with section 17,qf
chapters of the ordlnauco as follows.
S.c. 17. Tho City Comptrollcrshall be
tho fUoal agent of the city, and as such
shall mako all purohases for tho city
which may bo neoesbary to caryou tho
public works, and other city Improve
ment; shall examine all accounts which
may exist against the city, beforo tho
same are presented to the Oily Council,
claimants being, required to present their
accounts for proper 'endorsement us to
their correctness to him at least twenty
four hours boforo the meeting of tho
council at which they wish their ac
counts allowed: shall have power to In
vestigate, and by and with consent of
council, to settle, collect mid comprom
ise all claims due or held against tho
city; shall see that all fines or other mon
eys duo tho-oity from police magistrates,
collectors, harbor and market master,
and a, I others having- dhargo of tho coll
ection of tho funds of tho city, aro cor
rectly occounted for and paid Into tho
treasury; and jdiull also attest jho correct
ness of tho monthly reports of tho diff
erent city ofllcors.
Persons Interested, tako notice and
govern yourselves accordingly.
JojiN Hnowx,
City Ci.kiiic.
. p1 ,, , . i
,r,, , ,jiuu i,ut jjfij.jiw l
Dy purchasliig linking Powderi
which fall short of the quantity ropro
Hehtetj hi i(bh,jnel;age; fromorfc.clirMh j
toUnoholf. ,l)ooi.Y'3 JJakixo Powuin'tj
is put iji iu tin cans, which eqiUain
actual net'wrighti,, land-fi poundsras "i
represented, and is perfectly free from i
any lmpuro substances. We guarantuo
purity, Aiualify, quantity and results
satisfactory QV(;ry tjmo Dgpiy's JA.uf
i'0 Powdku Is us'ed. For salo by Gro-
' e.orles evervwl'
Fresh arrival or silk haU at Millar A
Miller's. tf
Good towels,ft 11 linen, 20 cento, each,
atltellly's. tf
Ender's Btomach Bitters.' "The best
In use."
t..t.i ii i;
The best assortment of strloUy.fashion
able hats ever opened In Cairo;! have
just boon received by Miller. A, Miller, tf
Particular attention Is dlreotdirfo the
advertisement of book for tho million
Marriage Ouidc in another cVdubiri;1 it
should bo read by all. ' '
j . .... i ,.i.X ,t
fltixltirNM lluc rtr,Knl., , ,
That eligibly situated .busin'esa house
No. 8Thoruton'a'bfoek'," Tenth stfeet, Is
for rent. Apply 6h tho premises
OctCtf 4 'I ' r
0)rnlnir f .Slllllncry nml fanujr Claodi.
Mrs. .1. Cummlugs will open, and havo
ou axlJlbltlonfoD Friday. .Und tiatuniay
15th and 10thiisa splondld stock of
millinery uhd fancy g'rtods of tho latest
style. Itemcmlior the place, 34 Eghth
street, .hctweon Commercial nnd iYosh
Ington avenues. . i t Mthilt
Smith's Totiio b'yrup. hna Veen counter
felted, and tho counterfeiter, brought to
grief. SMITH'S T&NlClj VlttJK
Tho guiullno nrtlclij must! havo Dr.
John Bull's private slmp.ou each bot
tle. Dr. Joii.v BuLi.(oiiy- has ho right
to manufacture ami sell tho original
John J. Smith's TONIC BYltDlV (3f
Louisville, Ky. Examlno Well tho label
on .each bottle. If my. prlvulo stamp, Js
not on tho bottJo.'llb'no't'purchaso, or you
will be deceived. See'.my column adver
tisement, and my show curd. I will pros
ccutu any ono lufrluglug on my right.
ThutRi(n Ssiitii's Tonio SYnui can
nly bo prepared by mybolf.
Tlie public servent. . .
Dr, John Bull,
LouUvllle, ICy., Oct. 2U. 1SC8.
lrliinu'i UoiiHtlon.
On Tuesday evening, October 10th, tho
management of tho Orphan Asylum pro
pose holding a Donation Jirty, at tho
Asylum, on l!5th street, for tho benefit of
iheOrphans in charge of that Institution.
Tho good citizens of Cairo, always so
liberal in their charities, aro called upon
to aid in securing tho necessary supplies
for the malntalnanco of the Asylu'mrdur
Ing the coming winter.
All kinds of provisions arc much need
ed. Articles of clothing, money or any
thing, bo It over so hjiiuII, will be most
gladly received. Those Inwunt of trans
portation will please send their dona
tions to the store of Mr. O. D. William
eon or Mr. D. Ilurd anytlmo before five
o'clock of Tuesday evening, October 19.
It Is expected Uiut the ladles, wlU set a
supper at tho Asylum, suilablo to the oc
casion. Every one i. invited tocomo and bring
his or hcrmitc for tho Orphans,
oct. 15 td
Ale.miiilrr t'outily Tvnt'lMTt' Iimtltutc.
A j-tu-lon of tho abovo named instituto
will bo held at Tliobo.o, commencing
Thursday, October, 2Isl., 1800, at ono
o'clock p. m., and rontluulng two days,
until Saturday noon, October 2.'!J.
Theprogmmmo will cmbracp oxcrclses
iu all the branches required by law to bo
tuughtlu tho publiu school, to-wlt: or
thography, English reading, pennrhau
ship, arlthmuthlv, English grammar,
modern geography, and tho history of
the United .Slates; with music and es
says, discussions and addresses on edu
cational subjects, lutojpericd.
Teachers and school directors will tako
notico that "no reduction of pay or loss
of time will bo incurred by the teachers
attending" this institute; and tho
teachers fnmi every school district in the
ooiiuty, outsldo of Cairo, (which excep
tion is made bocauso'an Institute will bo
held there sometime during the Fail or
White?) are expected to bo present and
take part lu tho exercises. Tho school
director of every district rlinuld require
their teachers to attend,slpco It Is (p their
interest to havo competent teachers; anil
no better opportunity for. testing their
competenco will ho nflorded than tho
exorcises of this institute; and tho coun
ty superintendent pledges himself to re-i
voko tho certificate of any teaoher whoso
Incompetency la naado upparant.
Not knowing who at present composo
tho executive committeoof tho Alexan
der county Teacher' Institute, thocouA
ty superintendent han tatfoii this method
of complying with tho school law which
makes It hls'duty to encourage the for
mntlnn br teachers' Institutes.
All frl'on(Ja"uf education aro cordially
IllVltcd, h. P. IJUTLKK,
County Superintondont of Schools.
As the tlmo flxed for the holding of the
next teem. of. tjio. Cgimty Court permits
it, audita a number of tax payers will bo
greatly uceoramodated thereby, I have
concluded to defer tho preparation of my
list of dollmiuonttuwn lots until Satur
day 23d histaut. lleyond tlia, tluio. no
man need urge me to postpono itv'Evory
"liorson, wlthout"rrefereiic6 "to slzo,"ag,
standing or'oolo'r, who h-lfilihqueut on
and after thutftete, will bo so iWhied,"
and subjected to tho usual Costs. Coi
forward thou, pay your taxea,and avoid
thopvnalty. .,4.x
. d'liwjwH
John IIvuno.
.,..t IMil
i iu I
GM tlemen's 0llartlioAl)Hniike
'-iihcxcolied in style andftteitwly.
Ai ImmeiiKO'Stoek at N
Tjie weather continues clear and cool
It "pavy fogs on tho rlvorevory night.
Along tho river bottoms tlio fogproventf
any Injury from frost, butthe high land
article lor lmVo a finl sllI'ply of that
The Mississippi is falling, slowly as far
up as heard from, and tho Missouri Is
aboutatatlonary and rather low.
Tho Ohio Is rising again at Pittsburg
with threo feet water, but It is supposed
that It will not swell more than an Inoh
or two more. The river Is stationary at
Loulsvllle.prcparatory to a fall, and thore
li'only four feet in the banal.
Hero tho river has fallen ten Inches
Business continues fair.
The Clara Scott nnd Lumsden still
bring good trips for roshlpoicnt South.
Noilro ol Election. ,
An election for twelvo trustees of tho
Orphan Asylum of Southern Illinois, nt
Cairo, will bo hold nt the Asylum bulld-
Tngoii 2tfd street, Cairo, IUs.,ou Tuesday
evening Uctobor, 10th ISC!), at half past
eight o'clock,
H, H. Canuek,
oct. 13 td Secrotary.
. rP" t. The lisht itrftiititit ..trnmor A 1.111.1,
.';riy'H;T T. U. ItV.MA.V, Mntpr. W. K. HYKIU-.
CIitk, will leutc fur Urn ntnivo nml ll inlvrmeiliutt
jxilnti on
1MI. Tlin Alplmonnxtf loMly t InTill with trn r.
furflarkiiullf, lluwllim Oren nivl l.'Milivlllo, nn
nt .lohnionvillo with Ir.iliif for NiwhvlllH.
Upturning rlix ronntn nt C'Nlm with mmhimi ' 'I
trains for all point.-. khIDU
30n.l3.y 2PcjLtot.
The HkM rfrsiiRht ra"on!Pr.'Jtmr
war. wiiitk,
It. r. NoltTllCltN - jrtrr,
Wll. tnnVn renuWr 1MII.V Tim's littworn OtAw u J
I'ivIuckIi, i-Aini;t'niro tvry citnutic (riundiiyi is.
coptfMI tncoVlock.
Tlio Wliltncuntircta nt r1ituiili it" th Npw Otlf m '
mil Ohiiirailrou.l, nml tlioOimWUu.luml Tmum.-i "
J-orfroiglitur parage iipjiP
it on unri, or to
i. .
J. nui ki.kv, ,r
, rtllDOlS.
r--v'. ,v
sti:a.iix:i: a. iiAKr.ic.
Ux Cairo i'utv MONDAY KVENINH, muljlur
cloKioonnectlon Hitli ttuin.kt Inmvillo fur CUrk
jtllr, nnil at JoIidhoiimIIp, with tr.tin.4fui' Nosl.y Ii:.
l'littlcuUr attention putd to Hav-bumeM'.
fhiickrht Jtotile from tlio .South
St. X.oiil, l.tiiiUvltlr, C'lucliiHitU, Clttonco,
,'nv York, Iloilon;
V..l)j;T lMln rrln Ht Mil lrv CMTUM (9'. n
ainlt Kxii'.,
Ar.ltlVK-.'li.-t A. fll...
UKI'AIIT-Uiao A. .M...
,-iir.o p. ai.
.1100 v. si.
luitli usItxi'MiiiPot l (.'ontmlbt vtitti lmtuou thf
At l'lin-i, IKHintnr, Illimni'nelnii, I El IVwk, I S- '
M-mlotii, l'rrnrt, (iuli twi, IIiiVhiiu,
mvl Mil poli.u ui
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