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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, October 23, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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mw (Evening f$ itllctui.
vvHi.Miv.v HY joii.v it, onr.nt,Y A CO,
Union linen Uo cents per yard, nt
Kollly's. tf.
First class day uoard at Walker & Bis
on's restaurant, at $5 pur week. tf
Uho Etnlcr's Chill Cure. "It never
l'leco goods, In great variety, new oud
decant styles at sillier and Milter's
merchant tailoring establishment, u
The Indianapolis and Vlncennos rail
I road Ih finished, and the llrst train camo
through to VlncenilcH last Wednesday.
IThls road, as Is well known, is a part of
la direct lino between Cairo and tlio cap,
ital of Indiana, and forms a most desl,
rablo continuation of the Cairo and Vln
comics road.
H..HL r. mmrter nlllow hill) muslin 1M
cents per yard, nt HelMy's. tf
Tho Hallno county 'Heglstur' leans tli'ftt
money will soon ho forthcoming to pay
for all work performed and matt-rials fur
nlshed for the Cairo and Vlneenncs rail'
road company, up to tho 1st day of Octo
her. As"tiranecs of this character have
neon given to tho creditors of the com
pany In Cairo, W'n are dhp'ed to accept
them as entirely honest.
Ootid towils.n 11 linen, 20 cent", each,
ntltcllly'ft . t'
L lim it t'p.
IF. I. Uoodall, of tho Oootlall Ilros.,
bus wound up all huslni'm affairs con
nected with tho late 'limes1 olllee, and
taken his Until dcparluro from among
us. He will he heard from through the
Chicago '.Sun,' the new paper with which
lie 1 count t ted, but has divested hlintelf
of his Cain) eltlzeiibhip, and "snatched"
himself from those circles ho was wont
to enliven and adorn. Well, goodbye, to
Ihlm and may prosperity attend him'.
Formally fa-dilonaoht olothing go to
Hlllertuid Miller's tf
Our neighboring villagers at Hick
Imati are so have a 'hanging spree'', on
the L"th Instant. Murty O'llrlen com
milted a foul and unprovoked murder,
was convicted and will pay tho penalty
launched to his awful crime next 1-rltlay,
lit will Iw-n great day In Illcklnan, and
las Is frequently thocae,partle.s who look
Ito the chances, will make "gobs" of
IfnictlonaN, nulling cider and "plzen
Linen sheeting 12 niiorlurs wide, ?1 7.
rents per yurd, at Kollly's. tf
Itr.iiincil Ikt 1 1 lM.
Tin- f.i . jrlte steamer Armada lias re
lunud her place In tho Cairo and Fvaus
lvl!k tra U During the low water season
he I ill up at Padueah, and was thor
ju.ih v ninired ami repainted. Mie
llooksas good as new, and Is Mild to be
lorrfi nls ae and sound. (Jus Fowler is
Ifin'.r, an I Willie Fowler llrnt clerk
iWearo In f :. a-utit anticipation of a hid
Ifr .( lb- C.ir tain to "Dring our lamny "
I in I isi M.ine county fair.
tlmiil f. .mi nl lMi,
On two n eolons wo mado enquiry
Ilhnngh the columns of the M'.tilletin' for
the frlo'i Is or relative f Iimn tj. Dun
an I ist Spring Duncan was carried
Ifrom a Moatuooat to fcL Mary's In-
Itlrmary, in a dying condition. Ho lived
Ibutashort tlmo after reavlilng the In-
Itlrmary, leaving among other things,
leeds t lamls In Fope county, and sev-
f;ral other papers of considerable value.
I'hls morning Mr. C. b. Hamilton, of that
ounty, arrived In tho city to look after
leeeased's ellects. Duncan had lived
Ivvitli Hamilton's family during a period
I if eight j e.irs, and when he leit, confided
luls property to Hamilton's care. Of this
fact Hamilton can produce satisfactory
kvldcuce. Tho property consists of three
oodles of laud In Popo county, notes of
band and, wo believe, some town lot in
ihawneetown. Thenly kuown relutlvo
of Duncan Is a sister who lives In Iowa.
Tho best assortment of strictly fnsht. n-
Inblo hats ever opened In Cairo, have
ljust been received by Miller. it Miller. If
lie. Silver 1'ornet Ilnuil.
The SllverCornet Hand was In atten
dance upon the concert, hist night, and
I played several pieces, in front or tlio
biilldliii!. w'lllo thoaudlenco was gather-
I I tig. There are no two ways about it: In
tho possession of this band Cairo can
boast of u musical organization or real
merit. In the whole country, 'round
about, It lim no rival. Much of tho
choicest niusio It plays Is arranged by
Mr. It. P. Hobblns, tho leader. Muslo
is also received monthly from Keller, ono
of tho most accomplished writers of brass
muslo In tho United States.
Although tho hand was organized In
1850, It has uudergono so many changes
that it can scarcely bo called an old
organization. Only threu of tho oilyinal
members remain, viz: lllelly.Hmylli ana
Hross. It Is now most harmoniously or
ganized, and will, no doubt, continue to
grow in excellence until It will bo re
cognized as one of tlio belt musical in-
btllutloiiriol the Northwest, ine mem-
berH take rank among mir flr-d bu-lness
men and citizens, presenting a greater
aggregate of individual wealth, than
can be shown by any other band In Ihe
country. Long life loll, and continued
Endf r's S torn in h Hitters! "fle best
in use.'
Thopollco court arwidls. Tito bust.
ness of the week has not paid for the
coal burned In the court rooms.
The most elegant, fashionable and
best mado elothlng In the city, Ih to be
fouud at Miller and Millet'. Nobody
protends that ho undersells them. tf
A number of fino blooded horses passed
through tho city to-day en route for
Memphis. They will be entered In the
races that commence Micro on Monday.
Tho alarm among tho. colored folks
over tho imagined depredations of tho
"stugont Kidnappers," In subsiding. If
It will have tho effect of keeping servant
girls after night-fall In doom, It would be
a good Idea to revive it occasionally.
llrr'r WnnUil.
Fivo good timber hewers wanted, to
work in Alexander County. Tho work
will bo let by tho foot or tho day.
Apply to Jos.- H. Iteardcn, olllce over
First National Hank. oc. 22, .lt
The; I.cncllitir final mt Mum1 Stoic.
The advent of cold weather admonish-
csoveryhody of the necessity of provi
ding against cold, wet feet, and ns the ! atipllcant must call for "advertised lot
...... ....i 1 1..-,. i .i.i. ,n. .. . ....... I . .) ' r.. .ii . . . .
t,-An.iiuMuuMiii iiii3 up j-iiyjvi rm aijjtjiiii
the heaviest the heads of families afo j
compelled to Incur, It behooves cyery-i
one to linil out wlmre he oi slm ean liuv
r "
to (lie heft adrantago. If, dftt'r looking'
around, persons In want, of.anyj.quallty,
make or slze'of boots audshoes, will drop '
Into the largo ami well' 'lilted house of,
Messrs. Klllot, Hay thorn it Cy.,l)ey j
win ii ri ii mo stncK ami jirices all tnuy,
could reasonably expect or desire. An
Mclpatliig a 1 eavy Fall and winter trade
Mcisrs. E. If. fc Co. have feuoplleif
both their wholesale and retail depart
ment with n stock that will prov fully
equal toi .any - emergency. Country
merchants can buy from one to lifty
cases on ns good terms as they can secure
in Cincinnati, St. Intiis or Chicago;
whllo retail buyers can (hid every stylo
and variety ofladles', misses', men's and
boy's wear that.aro manufactured East
or West, at prices tha'. cm scarcely fall
to Insiiro tho fullest "iittsfuetlon.
Oentlemen's collars tho Albany make
unexcelled in style and general get up.
An loimcni-c stock at MlllerandIillcr's.
Thr raurrrt f.nst Nlicht
Notwithbtandlng the extreme Inclem
ency of the weather there was a very
good house on the occasion of the second
rendition of tho Flower CJueon, in tho
Athcueum, last night. The building
was warm and comfortable, ho thatthoso
who got sprinkled during their coming
expetiencetl no evil results therefrom.
The concert was an Improvement upon
that of tho evening previous. The young
ladles were more coulldont and sang In
better spirit and with greater caution.
The ducts and Instrumental pieces were
all good, at least three of them .surpass
ingly so. And If applause maj beaccept
ed as an evidence of satisfaction tlioau
dltfiice was well. satisfied with quite every
one of the many pre-entallm!-1. When
thb "farewell'' was sung, the hour of 11
o'clock had arrived, and tho crowd went
out to fac a cold, drivlug, drenching
rain. Among thoe who wero taxd
with a "charge," had a half mile to
walk, anil no umbrella.-was nn Individ
ual striking like ourself. If ever John
MeKee N caught atn ball, graced by our
presence, and finds ;ilinelf wlthuut a
pulrof pumps, ho may daucu ours all to
pierce. Ho loaned us his umbrella!
Miller and Miller, the principal oloth-
iersof the olty, have an entire now stock
no old goods in the liouso. tf
MiiniMlnfr murk In otirlVny
The assertion has been been made and
wo lire disposed to enilor.-u It, that a few
llr.st class funerals would du more for tho
advancement of tho In treats of Cai.-o,
than either ono ot tho many railroads
whoso early completion is promised to
us. For Instance, not long ago an East
ern gentleman of unlimited capital had
about mado up his mind to embark hero
In tho distilling business. Negotiations
for tho vurchae of property worth every
cent of 10,000 were underway, and there
was a fair prospect of their satis
factory conclusion. At this Juncture
a citizen of Cairo, a friend of tho Kast-
ern gentleman, interfered, and by abso
lutely false represontiitlonH as to tho con
dition and prospectrt of.the olty aud tho
value of tho property In question, broke
oil' tho negotiations, nnd thus deprived
the city ofa business that would havo
scattered among our farmers, merchants
and laborers nt least ten thousand dol
lars per week! In another instance, a
gentleman of means was about to em
bark horo in the manufacturo of tubs
and palls. Ono of those wolvco in sheep's
clothing among us scared him away, by
poisoning his mind with tlio falsehoods
that the town Is "dead," that the pro
posed railroad projects would prove fail
ures, and that if ho Invested his money
here he would be ruined.
With men among us, men who depend
upon tho good favor of our people for tho
bread that goes Into their mouths ever
ready to traduce our olty anil misrepre
sent Its condition to at rangers who would,
If let alone, locate and add to our buslnehs
and general thrift with suoh men to
contend with, Is It u wonder that wo are
not more prosperous? In Heaven's
name, if these inun do not like Cairo, let
them leave. No ono will restrain them,
anil wo can scarcely think that anybody
will mourn them. Tho foulest of all
birds are those that dtllle their own nesta
We want none of them,
List of lotters remaining unclaimed in
tho post offloe at Cairo Illinois, on Satur
day, Ocloficr 10, 1803.
JiADim M3T.
Alexander, Miss Jen nlu; Adams, miss
Mary J ; Bourne, mrs Clara D; Crawford,
mra A A; ICmle'y, mrs Hebecca; Flt
gerald, mra Margaret; Jackion, mrs Kl
len(2);McCallen, JulI'iAiiii; Merrel mrs
Harah; Smith, Harilet; Wright, mrs
Pantile; Wort miss.
oknti.kmkn's i.isr.
Anthony, Wm: Ayres, John; Adler,
J A W; Hoy lo K K; Hurchmore, Znch;
Brown, O L; Booth,' Joseph a. Barrlnger,
K; Batafrlo O Peterson; Urown. C A;
Chlttook, James; Coryell, Kugono;
Cushing, W L; Derby, H O; Dickerion
K; Dickers, Mhtoni Fililui)-, fJeorgej
Freeman, J P; Fry, M; Fry, Ramuel;
(Soddlti, Chas: Olllhofor, Chasj Oorhard,
P; Hall, (1 II; Hagamon.M WjHays,
Thos; Ilemoii, H W; Hackett, Wm (2);
Hagedoun, (Jeo; Idook ; Johnson, W T;
Jones, H 0; Jenkins, Thomas; Johnson,
John; Martin, W; Mcks, J H; Phelps,
J; Hoberts, fcj; IlcynoIdtsUichurd; Smith,
H Ii; Sirnp-oi, Harry; Simpson, James;
Stern, Buclen ; Tillotson, Tbeo (21;Tussy,
John; for Mary, J; Wells, WmJ; Wli
Hams, Xathan; Woothon, Monroe F;
Walsh, Jolni; Wilson, Ceo; young,
To bbtuln ntiyxjf the above letters, the
icrs," giving uiu nine oi too puoiicauon
0f the llstcontalnln? the same,
; ".KM. (JiiAifACif, P.M. '
- -
See ndvertUttnentolDr. Butt's Dlspon
sary, heiule'l, Hook for the million
ma nit i a 1 1 1 ' (it'ii)i:-In annother col
linili. rfhoiiM 1 rend by all.
If Mothers would givo'Mra. Whitoomb's
Syrup to their children when sick, mor
tality would lie less among them. It costs
only Z'j cents.
iliKltiiss IIiiiisi l.irKi'iit.
That eligibly situated business hotiso
No. .SThoriiloii's block, Tenth street, Is
for rent. Apply oirtlie ireml0s".
OetOt f
Ki'iniivnl ir l,lrry Stulile.
Perry Power's hlvory Stable and Stock
Yard have been moved from the old
location to.tho brick stable adjoining J.
T. Itcuulc'.s Iron works; where, as for
merly, he U prepared to accommodate
all who iiihv have demands In his line.
oo. 23 3t
Smith's Tonio Syrup has been counter
felted, aud the counterfeiter, brought to
The genuine article must havo Dr.
John Hull's prlvato stamp on each bot
tle. Dr. John llvi.u only has the right
to manufacture and sell the original
John J. Siiitu'h TONIC S.YHUP, of
Louisville, Ky. Examine well the label
on each bottle. If my prlvato stamp is
not on the bottle, do not purchase, or you
will be deceived. Seo my column adver
tisement, and my tho w card. I will proa-
ecuto any one Infringing mi my light.
The ntnuine Smith's Tonh Svitn win
lily e prepared by myself.
Tho public servent.
Dr. Jfiiw Hull,
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 2. 1MJS.
For a new Milt, complete, or for any
part ofa suit, for gontlemon's funiMiing
goods generally go to .Mlilorand Miller's.,
.ty (L rkS Dm.'.-.
uniri) ni l. " v 1 Tin. iiw.
7V fitt whom it may i''witi, Notice Is
hereby given that hereafter no bill for
supplies furnlsned the City rfCuIro will
bu allowed by the City Council uuleH tho
supplies for which the bill is presented
tdiall havo been purchased by tho City
Compelroller, or upon his written order,
being In conformity with section 17, of
chapter oftho ordinance ns follows.
S.c. 17. Tho City Comptrollershall bo
tho fWcal agent of the city, and as such
shall make' all purchases for the city
which may ho necessary to caryon the
public works, and other city Improve
ment); shall examine all accounts which
may exist against tho city, beforo tho
........... .....i ... no. ..... .,ti
blllliu IUU iiicni'iiiuu in iiiv v 11 v iniiiv.li,
claimants being retmlred to present their
accounts for proper endorsement as to
their correctness to him at least twenty
four hours before tho mectlnt; of the
council at which they w-h tbelr ac
counts allowed; shall have poucrtoiu
vcMlgato, ami by anil with consent of
council, to settle, collect and comprom
ise all claims duo or held against tlio
city; shall see that all finesor other mon
eys duo the olty from police uiaglntratos,
collectors, harbor and market mnstcrs,
and a. I others baviiiK charge of tho coll
ection oftho funds of tho city, aro cor
rectly uncounted for and paid Into tho
treasury; and shall also attest the correct
ness ol tho monthly rep' rts of tho dill
erentclty olllceis.
Forsons Interested, take notice and
govern yourselves accordingly.
John Huow.v,
City Ci.kiiiv
- 4 - -
CJrand Hall at J no. Scheol's Hall Cairo
Illinois, Monday lCvening, October t!5
1SG9, glvon by tho Members of tho C5er-i
man Urass Hand. Tlckets.adnilttfng I.a
dy and Gentleman, One Dollar. MutIc
by tho German llrassand Wittlg's String
Hands. A cordial Invitation Is extended
to the public; tho Committee of Arranger
meuts promising to do everything in
their power to render tho occasion a
grand hucccs in every particular.
Committee or Arrangements: "William
Schick, Kd. Wlttlg, J. Hurger.
Cairo, Illinois, October 18, im. Id
ILr llniiiriiilt, rotumhun; Win While, ruduolr,
II S Turin r, M l.oin! i;r ,1, ilrni.Ms;
l.iiliiiiuiry, -in Ahim 11, Cnirintiili,
fninelm, iio Normnn, do
Tlviyrr, Mound IMy.
li:rAHTl Hl.
Iko ltinmll,l'nV ' in, Wm Wh t, I'.iIuohIi-
i;ora H, t'liu'inrmt
Thnve . Ant Iln.
( itmeutt, iln
lll'0ltl, III II I
Not in n, K. mi r' '
II S Turner, N o;
l.'ii.i 11 i'y 1, "
Alpl' ', Mi l'i 1
Tl'i vwxthi-l
IH li " i' ill'
than at last report. A steady rain fell
for several hours last night, and a heavy
wind. storm prevailed this morning, be
fore daylight.
Tnc Mississippi and Missouri remain
as at last report.
The Ohio is nearly stationary its whole
length, with only 20 Inches In thcchanncl
to Plttsbuig and A feet 0 Inches In the
Here tho river remalusaboutstation
ary. .Business is good,
Tho Kellog, which cleared for N. O.
yesterday morning, received 100 tons at
this port.
Tlio Luminary, last 'night received 7o
tons for Vicksburg and way points.
The Norman brought' a fine cargo for
rcshlpmont South. ,
Tho Paulino Carroll, dipt. Kd. F. DIx,
Is tho regular packet for N. O. and way
points this evening. Captain Chas.. T.
Hlnde, Agent.
The Hello Memphis, dipt. Crane, Istho
regular packet for Memphis, this even
ing. Captain Charlca T. Hndo, Agent.
The White leaves arf usual this oveiifng,
for Padueah.
i r "vim vnli i r n
M.Ttcriiil lo inili" dollnr I-oUIp of Ilio t.ft Hnlr n
fturatmicvor nicllor rcjilorliii; tny Imlr to Itsonr
in a 1 (!Jr, "onJ 3Jccptfur U iiulg;.
ir Von wmit
Wit i to Tvotli, llcflllliy rtnliliiHcl n riTC-( Lreath
mti i r-ir our i ui;m-ji io..miiihui;, prKr, m
If Von Wuul
nine UH' fir Itca'lftolic, CBtarrli, Pi-iifnf m, or 1
inj in tho inr?, fJfi'l for &ir SrKUNUTATO
Lit x
Pri.-e :i5 ctuit.
iit).KIthrof Uinlmve cnt poit-psl'l on fKtlpt
nf price. , ,
AiiiliMn Jotcph K. Ji?ihfr,' ISI' Mntkit street, HI.
Iiil, .Mo. c27 lyilair
A I'.nrf Cnllerltoii.Ilmvlnnil'N ftrrrliits.
Makw Art J)lMocr!e, t'U-., i-omprinlng TjiltuWo
infermillnn fur fvfrjliwlj-. ctit y mail, (free of
poU;t-) Tor .V) cent.
A.t.lrr-i It. i:. NOIlMAMiV, 601 MArkct Mint, fit.
Iiii', Mo. M-.Tdttuly
Drnttc'i Collrrtlon
Of n-irlj,iiiiHiitiirp'l iT(rli fur mnldng lirnmly
nil k ii'N M Win, fiin, Ale, lk'cr, Curiluls, Superior
CJer, mi l much otlier luoful Information for tho-o
ilruluj timr innnufiti'turing miy of tlio ftlxiv, Htlir
fjrtho tr'lo orliomouo.
Sent liy mail, fro of potnfp, lar loriiti. Addrs
II. K. XOIiMANDr.Wl Murkft lret,St.Ini, Mo.
m-ST lyilaw
.tw .UnrrlKKC tllililr.
AN ..Y I'OIt yot'.r. MI:N, on I'liysiologlral
Krrort, AIuciiAnil PiK-u'pii, Inoiilrntto Toutli unil
Early MnhooI,whli,h rrpMc imprdlnipnts toMAIt
UIAUf;, with tiir nicouscf rilitf. Hcntfn urnloil let
ter cntfloprd, frti i.f charge. Atilrpi", Dr. S. SK1I,
I.IN lloUtiHTON, IIowr,l.AncK:lll(.n, PhiUJl
plilH. I't. cg7i.'iin
CiUfNvn:, ti v
COl'IWiy OF fcTUIiY :
AOAIIRMia-nnvlUli in.ICI.inlf hi.
J-Cir.NTIFIC-riire er.
I'llI.I.VT.I ITPh-jir Vr.
coi.i.rwfJATi: ani f iK)i.oit;Ai-rno
New miiI en.tlv !sinldin7 hue nen'ly heon ere.'t
nt, with wlmlmWe aemiminivl.ttioni for n I iri;e num
ber of liideDtn. Il.nr I In tho Colleen Hoarding Hall
Th entire i'xpHe f .r Tintivti, H'..Jrd, lloom Iteut,
Kuel, ete., itm-i not epsl
8100 A
liirn thii Mine emre or utiidy villi tho oon
nifii i wnl will r.cene the m h lr;reee mIii.ii tin y
;rniinite, Tln-y otdnm hoinl nt rMaim!4o rrlM in
priMtU- l.iiii'ln'.
'XYieui'ii term wdl roinmeivo oil tho
2'lrt Cloudily in Ht'iitoinht'f.
For further lnrnrinntioniulilre4 Prof. J. W. Ililt),
or 1'ruf It. II, Mmtotii at Uurliuville, 111, nntlM3ui
(Jrtlckt.t IhMito from the S titli
HI. I.011U, l.nuUvllle; Cliirlnnatl, Clilcno,
.iv Yiirh, lliiitan
.ill, J-ulXrs I'A fT A XI) SOU Til.
l'i-ienj;er lrmn amvoit nn'l lent Cairo u folio
.Mall Kircmi.
aukivi: rni A. 1 1.10 P. .M.
lKI'AUT-r0 A. .H llDU 1. .
Itoih trmni etiiuevl nt I'enlrvlia Willi Inlnirm tin
I'.tni, Peentur, llliniiiiit,iu, Kl I'mu, U s..lle
.i':ndoia, rrcei'ort, tinini'i, imi.un,ite,
ami nil (mint In
tllliinK, low, JMIunt'knta, .lllniiniii'l nml
Anil with line ruin. ins V.wi mid Wrt for
St. I.011N, SiirhigllcM, Louisville, (Ilnelti
niitl, Iiiiliiiiiiipolis nnd Coliiinbiiw,
And nt ('hieii',o with Michigan Ontral, Mie.higun
.-.ullittiii aii'l I'iltaliuri;, 1'ort Wjjnonnd
Chlcgn ltallro:.(!n for
A I. ll NY,
niaoaha kai.w
WASlllNfiTON CITY, and
Vll Fointw UnMt.
I'or through tii'kilnind nil'iiiiiiiiiicni, npjly t ll.e
lllmomCenlMl Itnilroad IVt. w J0HNfJ0Ni
(Uneral l'4en;jer AK''nt, thli'iisp.
M. IIl'i7IIITT.(ii iienilsuperintciiiient.
JAMKS JCllNSON, Ax t. l"iro. i.-vW.II
I ttnrnloga and JIluo Uok IVator.
I As elcnr and Htclv a when Hnnl.' t thoKprln-.
1 Tin- urtuoi of Ihc jr wnti'rn havo been and uro bolus
, leiteil to the ii'.il 1'i'uelll and natmr.ittion of irnny of
nuri'itueu. An tleiilt out at lh ,eouiitr of llnrolny
Itrothers, they mo ntway cool anil refreenhiff. Sara-t-
.i, lift"'ii l"'k t lor one dollar i neiei. ticket for
fitly ' cut. Itluo Lick Iwi nty Rlnnttei ftr one dollar,
in iti. i!oi;.nTo. aai c
OTottct Yorls..
Vor Io l.y nil Iloikrllc rt, to Y ntitaln4 of
tho PuMirlii-rg by sending a J'osl-oflW onlcr.rliock,
ormoni-y totlm necessiiry nniotint.
N lli-.'Tlin I'lidllflicrs will eml fri'i- tosny iwldrptt
tlji'lr l.irpo Lalalocuc uf piiljliratuui-, frmii whiuh
frfrthor tclcctlnn can lm miiJc
TIIK lMI'iti) ISATnlti;. "lly IUim Clirlntlnn Amlr.
MMi. In one ruliimei cnii Sto. 1'rieo In elolh,
"No liook lirlrt's luck l f i extrriinlsnf Itnlymor
Hl-tlncllv. Mil vividly totlic ryuor tliomlivl tlian thi
iioTtl of tin lKnlKli pix-iV. Ilierythlng wlili Hi
Miii'rTtnt trnvrllrr mnr ye notJ m olmrnctwut:'
of Italy, nihl not Utmlic'ro found, Mill lu dljcnrorci
mifw lntli,nnlmatcilpoc,i.,-.lliUrir8 tl-..Montb
In Italy.
A IIISTOllY OI-' NBW J:Xor NU. Ity John (,
I'ulficy, 1. 1.. 1 1, In two lolninc, rrown fru. (loth,
"Wrtlwllere tint lr. I'ftlfrey hnn penctrntMl ileoply
into the rpiril if Atnorlinn llltory, nnd hi Unit
Klrt'ii n crrtaln linrmoiilom unity to lint niinal of th
Stvr Knglnnd fntherH, tho want nf winch hni mud
tho n.irrntlTi' of their fjrtimi., n- uiiuMly rIntod lj
tlio c urly wrtter, M nrtd, ronfii-r.1, nti I iepnllve,"
Mim Yolk Ttllrtini-. .1 .
OUItl.lW Jilt"K:N'S wnilKM. Mo-' 'VimplfM
i.litmii.C'i.iM!iiinu tnuilvr not .n nn o.uer oofl.-o-ted
edition, Uncltidi or .tlilrlOMi. 'ill II ttottrnie.
olol-! Kditioti. Jl.no.
Kwli viiinm of over 1 Sri inwei old eirtilv t'
il V.
JAJIliS li:S'IMoliK lixil'BKM tiiMUi.K'il
WOlt vS. Iloil-cliold l.iiUoll. Si VullUMM. MU.D0.
Kiwi, tn'ii'iii' imiI'I M'lwniii'ly. I'rm. 5 1. US.
Till! I Il . IIKH'STOi KIM. T.U.K, hjr th fciii)
.itlthor. ''Infito voinnr. l'in - ii.jS.
tiii: wnoni ri'initiiN 'ii' mi! pii.wriiJ. vm u
in ono vidmiie. rnee. 1.mi.
"Tha I'ti'lurliiif uuui.irdU of Kvuimure Cootici
ore lili Work. Whlln thr h.vr- ot country entMlniion
In pri'tiiil, lit moinory w u enl in he heirti of the
noot.lo. hi ttulv imtnoM' I noriMii ihmuchout.
they kIiulIiI find ptiw in mrty Aumrlciin' MVury."
iMinel Wit'-u-r.
UKA I.IflT!:!:M, AND I'irsTllllMOtM WnKUHOl'
Kitcniiii K iii;i;.it;i: . i.. ,
' ... We ti t I nr.' t'nt the mre auUIWflf t.'
hrt mid nun I umml.iht' ltiliy wl anferiHioii nnd
pMrlty of hiiiij(lit Hiid lielii. whe h won w ih--llri'iner'ii
doiiio-tii-pleltir hi miMiy lovm- iiwd. t"
nil ovrr Hi" world iiuriiiK htr M t.ine, w .it iJrrv lhc
old unni IxH'k mid iittinet tnnliy net oun to then-
inomoritiiK. tinciiiimu i.iruiK .ii'.ii'on'.
Till'. I'liVJlllMS WAI.I.KT: or. "rip- of Ttm
patheriMl in Knifltiid, Frmi'. mi.' Qvi "-illy. Hy
lidlxTt llmrn In ptd Ji.ni.
"llli pirtiiii'D .irf ilrnmi "i'h n fltii, nnd TlcorioiK
h'liid. Ill- d ripii' ii uf U'li'.'iii i. m i' i lull) nrt
nmlelenr nnd theoiil) .m. t n-ini iiiIhi -er latino
r(id hleli i,r the)i,jhlMt ik.iI'.ii h! (Im- ptteriml
fuatutofo' th iiiixtftn IHIijIiin " I'otlUnJ Ire.
THKOI'KN rol.AIl'H.V. Ily IH. 1. 1. Hnye. In it(
tolume, 1'me oil Hon, f :.:.'.
"Tin" oiini Ii rte yMinn th iteoul I '" 1. -.ire I
ri'if I'Ct of Iiiih Iihiiii-hI cioeiitloti. The lllloirutlnnn,
whteh nn i.ll ufler nket.'hi"4 nr diwriptiom hy l)r
lliiyr-, have iiii.i'.lthiili'lir'n I'tr ' 1 ir mad itiiiiu
hv lh pe.nciU of lM !. White, Mnl IVmi, unit are,
without v pilmi, Mitriie.1 nnd urtlntli'. Tli,'nwp-
nntjp the r'. I"! f follow thneourne of th ejnedl
tlon with ii-', mid n rejurdi tyiawphy, it need
only ( -nid Umi "l mi" n.iitwl.itUwi Hiiutti'
rrcf." New Vork Tunm.
ins.i:Ami.r.,. ww ain !.k timu;-".
In-.l.Told. With illiinirjtii.h'1. Sl.i.
My Hop;,-
I'lCCIOI.A. Hy X. H.S.ilntiiie. In one volttme.W'i.
tlt'nlly Ului.tnile.1. Sl.v...
"ThN In in oof l ho low modern tnw whww hite
dttnlnl u uIhmIiwi rMitiitioi. laitiB 'IVnliuxl Vlr
BimV und Mltiit'th, r ihe lUtdiw ofStbria.' tie
lolrt M reifr.e.l !"! i. k.wfi, nor merely to
mid nnd thtow i"h ; iU lih mnl "rMimenl entntne.
to ii' it pertiMnnt litm y tmlitoi It h n hMih d I n
tinman khik pi" u 1131 uiic inoi n unru aii'i einj
til fi'..'lini;i ''- ll"Hon lTnn'riit.
IIISTOItV I'MII N Jlv I.orl Mh-ihIi'V. !:!J
dent'n Kiii"o. '' 1 "r ! iiiii', v. .no. '
HOOJtS. , .
U'lCiiiut I. i iihh nC Jlniioy.
The I'tif'li-i-r ofili. .r ,,rk wtUtah "TI .
Iliteiniiln lKum.- fur V i.tf l'.xiple,' an lliuntiMed
Monthly, ii.-" .i i'.ir hiving '"r iii'iiileonUihi.t.,i
Itnni lirieliii'i Ann'i-i', 'lie timet i-in nnnt lmn
Mriler lurlhi' imu. I I,-) wi'l M.l.iny (INK IMH -I.VIl'S
WoH'lll IN TH ! It: It'MiKri to fifty mi"
k ihIiuk thl'iiHnic of Mil""'rilil with S1. jIIi.
Thiw.UV ulltUe nbii' . "in- i-jii pr"Tlfe hltn-i- f
will) nnoleloee . .h..).".
in;tu; tv 3jon;3t'ror,
iH-liliw Mew Vort..
nitoo.M facto ky.
H.itiHK ptrfi'' l''d lln'ir ttrin.'liint for lh nw
I turn ot lirooiin in tin 'ty, mi ropril
1 - 1
for lh IIMHUfr-
j 5T,,Jt m
Iliow Pricopi
An tho n.-iino (pi.ilitii'of 1'iomiH cu 1 puri.hiuie.la'.Y.
whern. ..
Ordtmliftnt tlmftore nfn. 1. wiuvtnioi, w nr. t
Ieo, ornt tho
Jlmiufji toi'V, I'linrli-enlli Mr.'', ImUvccn
i piimil ami di'iliir,
Will bo promptly utti'iided In.
Or lcrii h) 111.nl ehould Im ldr. tiJ lo
. O. llnv 1.11,
y.'4ttf I'lliru, llliuolii.
OEIooIk. - .3i-viclox-, Xlixloz-
itliiuk Hook Maiiitriictiirer,
No. 7; Ohio 1,kvi:b, CAlllO, JLUSOIS
Prtvjikliu Otm a ty. Illinois
Ifon. -.Y. J). DUD'U'i
w. w. aiivitit, iCrti.
The in ItoeTion of tin Institute ill coiuinniii f on
.1 . vnlli nl tlnVlilV lil. VllVKIIIIP.II. tvflt nnd
I ron'iktiu for it tviiii of fourteen week.
TUITION oftho senior, per kmsIoii. thirty iloti;
eneh 1 tor tho Junior, twenty ilnlUrii inuli, btiideuir
hnva tho Prfvllt'uo uf enterii twin ums'im nt ih.
rnino tii.10, Il lUey ih, Miuioia i
chart', r oo that of the nonlor tUu,
knuto tii.io, if lUey "ili, wiiiiuui any uiiuiiioum
Kuli'lbsa HI re. it "ime mr il?Vi miinmtili
tion i' lectin ex eaeh oek will lm Mlvr bcfoie
thocla-Mvi by Jl mil". M'KI. upon HKii UrwwW ol
tho U m will lu-t 'lrniie llio,itui.H la thur
K in' i ' ' ' il'":f"0m wi I." o,ie i ;t '
t met I') .tildi. el 1 1 ''IV'
me teonr' It'1 1 two '. )a n 1 11 ' ' " "'.
Ci ''rn.wih fwrthtr in'o;iuitttoii, u "y I
if lly ml lr I i
-I ( AUY i' Till H i N Hi

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