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john X Soberly. & co
Thu doors of thu mason lo lodges in the.
United .States are yet closed ntatiiHt ne
groes. Wherever tho question luu beon
Jn'troduoed It has been voted down by
very decided majorities; but, the fact
that there is a very considerable number
favoring thu admission of negroes, ar
gues the entering of u wedgo thnt may,
Mionuror later, split tho order asunder.
KiX'. M and 82 of tho by laws of tho
Grand Lodge of Illinois read as follows:
Hkc. 81. All subordinate lodges under
this Jurisdiction are Instructed to admit
no negro or mulatto ax u visitor or other
wise, under any circumstances what
ever, Kko. 8J. If any lodge in this Jurisdic
tion violates tills expressed will or tlili
flrninl Lodge it shall be the duty of tho
Mobt Worshipful (Jrntid Master of tho
Btnte to at once revoke Its character.
At a recent session of tho Grand Lodgo
in Springfield, Mr. Robblus, of Qulucy,
moved the repeal of these sections nnd
the opening of tho doors of tho order to
Mil men, without regard to "ruce, color
or previous condition." The ballot be
ing (.pread 1112 voted for repeal and 623
against it.
The question is ono that excites tho
mcst Intenvu feeling, and is believed to
bo the rock upon which the venerablo
orJcr is destined to split.
The editor of tho Ilentou 'lUnnur' re
cently declared that A J. Alden, tho
radical editor of the Du Quoin 'Tribune,'
organized the first lodgnnf t'.i'i Knights
of thi'Odden Circle in Hamilton county,
and was rewarded therefor by a circuit
clerkship. And further, that tho r-ald
Ahlen, actuatetl by fear, enlisted lu the
army and served until he had a chance
t JTiii'Jcr to a squad of rebel soldiers,
wl.ui, surrendering, ho ;ruck out for
Texas, where ho remained during tho
To all of tills Alden enters an einphaU
ledenial sayslt Is a slander uttered by
a man whom he recently Mapped on the
mouth a man, or thing, who didn't re
Mst.tho assault although, at the time, ho
held a revolver In his hand. "It is In
famously false," continues Alden, nnd I
will pay tho expenses of tiic author, or
any other man, who will repeat it in my
Chance, there, for a cheap light.
'cis v 77 1' iiuead ij'ox the
- 'wateiw
Among the freight thrown overboard
from the steamer W. It. Arthur to lighten
heroli'tho rocks mar Commerce, were
three thetiutud fivo hundred barrols of
II Mr; cue hundred and fifty crates of
ca' xn about one hundred barrels of
ii . , i v.i hute'r.-d imek of oats, and a
L.s 'i 1 it of pork a;td whisky. The urf.teo j
of i i r.er ws literally covcrt-J with
11 l'.yb:ir.eUniidlHixe. The residents
f ( - ut'iee and Theb l.MUirht all the !
Mm. Is in. '1 ll.its into rcqnUlflon that were I
I .tii.aMi', and, It Is mppoK-d maIe a
real ' ! tltlng of It."
(i dto .i drove of hor.is were thrown
oirl url, but evtriy one of them suc
ceeded in reaching tho slu-re. About Mx
hundred barrels of the Hour bulougcd to
nt'ijo Girardeau Hrm, nnd had been
abianl only a few hours when it became
ncensnry to tumble It into the river.
Wo find tho following paragraph in
the Sprlnglleld 'Journal' as original mat
ter. Wo reproduce It as tho latest "ll&h
htoiy :"
A llrm at Mound City Mink a well, a
few days ago, ata mill near that place,
from which aro dipped dally largo num
bers of little llsh, some of them from
four t.Mx Inches long. After tho well
had been dug several feet deep, an Iron
pipe was driven to feed It. Up through
this tho Tutor Hows freely, and up
through It tho llsh also couio. Jt Is
thought that tho foot of tho pipe rests In
n subterranean htream that Is a tributary
to one of tho rivers in tho vicinity, and
that the ll-.Ii go up tho Mttlo stream from
tho river. The llsh havo oyes and re
semble tho common river llsh, mo'jt of
them bi lug of tho catfish variety. The
well is two and a quarter miles from any
open body of water.
'J ho State Hoard of Equalization has
concluded its labors. It noted on tho
belief, and no doubt an authorized ono,
th it the asbcismouta returned were all
faulty, buiuu being too high and many
being too low. What tho board did for
Alexander county Is Indicated by the fol
lowing ilauriij. .Equalized valuo of per
sonal property iUSiSS, bein; a decrcaso
of ;H per centum. Equalized valuo of
lauds, 1115,021;, iH.g ft ilccreano
of 5 pT centum. Equalized valuo of
twn lots 3d, 0.')2,01 7, beluga decrease of
iiO jier centum, or ono half. The gonoral
deoreusv.' is neatly thirty nyr cent., or
souH'thlng Iosh than one third. Although
thl .decrease aU'eots only tho State taxes
it will very materially lighten one of our
heaviest burdens.
- - --
Tho following Mauduouj paragraph
g. es uiirebukcd:- A wag lias Invented a
new telegraph, lit proposes to place a
line of wt mcJi ilfij U u Utf, audi ' in
mlt tl.o news to tl fir t of them as a
"DOWN ox them:1
r iThoKfriiigham 'Democrat' nnd Jones-
boro'uazotte,' declare thai ttiieinem s
Stone, of tho St. Louis 'Homo Journal'
aro"dead beats." Tho 'Democrat' Bays
that "anything tlioy wont Bteal would
scoroh tho devil's claws oM'm a second;'
and asks the press of Illinois to "pass
them around.''
From all thin wo infer that the.
'Gazette' nnd 'Domocrat' have bad un
satisfactory transactions with Sheffield
&. Stone's advertising agoncy. Wo have
no complaints to file, in that direction.
Col. Carter, Secretary of tho Territory
of Arizona, it. dead.
The Empress Eugenie arrived at Alex,
andria on Thursday morning.
Tho citizens of Rockbridge, Va., have
voted MOO.OOO to the Valley llallroad.
Xe.w tin deposits liave been discovered
in Los Augolos county, Washington
Indications now aro that the Duke of
Montpetisler will be the successful candl
date for the throne of Spain.
Tho Police Commissioner of Buffalo bus
been cited to appear before Gov.. Hoff
man, of Sisv York, and answer th
charge of malfeasance.
Tho Indiana Horse Eair Association
will be held at Sullivan, commencing on
tho2Gthand contlntiii.g six days. Tho
premiums range from ?l to 100.
The Hodman House, in Ilock Island,
III., was totally destroyed by lire Friday
mornlug. The house and furniture were
valued at 5100,000.
E H. Eunace, the well-known temper
nuco lecturer, was found dead In his bed
In liuston Friday. It is supposed lie died
from an overdose of opium.
A detachment of Federal soldiers bos
been scouring Lincoln county. Tenn.,
during the past two weeks, seeking illicit
distilleries. They found none, and report
Lincoln as very quiet and Jaw abiding.
rortaulVince dates of the 6th state
that a fight occured between the steamers
Salnavo and 1'etloti, of the regular, &nd
tho rebel steamers Quaker City and
Florida, resulting in tho defeat of the
latter two. Tho Salnavo was badly
A horrible murder was committed
near I'urdy, Touuomco, on Sunday.
Gilbert Combs shut and killed Ills broth
er Jacob, who was defending his moth
er afloat Gilbert. The all'jlr grew out
of a distribution of property left by the
father. Gilbert lied, anil had not been ar
rested at last account.
A young I'hiladolphlan, who tins been
in I'arl.i 'lining with lt sa Honhcur, thus
gossips about her: -'She has tho French
man's way of placing her index finger
along tho full length of Iter nose, which I
never before saw a woman do; and she
parts her hair on one side, like a man,
letting it fall on her forehead. It I. en
tirely gray, except where it is snow
white. Indeed, tko lady looks older
than her mother. She talks energetical
ly, clearly, and rather didactically, but
extremely pleasant. Harry showed her
his pistol, and she said: 'Oh, yos, I
know, I carrj ono Just llko It,' and she
pulled It out of her pocket to show it to
us. As It was loaded, It frightened the
family considerably to see her maneuver
It in her olT-hand way. After dinner
she smoked her cigar like the other gen.
tlemcn of the party."
The reception of the Duko of Edin
burgh at Yokohama was very cordial.
The British rosldcnts presented an ad
dross, to which thel'rluce replied appro
priately. On Soptemper 1st his Koyal
Highness rodo to Yeddo where he was
tho guest of Mikado. Ho rode the en
tiro distance, which was brilliantly lllti
initiated with nntlvo lanterns. Ho left
Yokohama on the 16th for China. It Is
understood tlio 1'iiuco visits l'ekln as a
privnto Individual, tho Emperor of Chi
na haying refused u state reception.
Gen. IttyuoldH, commander of tho de
partment of Texas, has Issued an order
for tlio olentlon of State nnd county
ollleers provided for by tho new consti
tution, to take place at tho same time
with tho voto on that Instrument, Tl.o
Civilian says: "The new registration Is
to commenco fifteen days before tho
election, and continue ten days. Two
whlto nnd to colorod persons may bo
bclcctod by tho Hoard to act as ohalleu
gon, and the ballots nf colored persons
are lo bo marked colored.' ''
- o-
A New York paper wiys: "Tlio ward.
' roie of Caiiotti l'nttt is probably tho
handsomest ever brought to this country
by a prima donna, .lust, before leaving
Paris she had m.ule for her twelvo oven-
log dressos in tho.0 lovely coral malzo
and crimson hues bo becoming to her
flno liruuettoritylo for Mie loves to bo a
buiuetto and her bloudo-slek audi-
ances congratulate thomsolvos thero
. ... ..... 1 1 1 , .
upon. UUlsiiie o( Uiu coneen room iu uo
Patti wears deep moumlny for her father."
, .. -. i 5
The verdict of tho coroner's Jury in
the case of Hugh MoMahon, hillod last
I - , 3 ' I ' SV i ... iLJ .1 . ID
weeK on iiiotatuw, Jcn;uy. rnuroau i au
Wavcrly, N.' T., censures Ross "Parker,'
the conductor, for ordering deceased off
one train.whllo anothertrnlu was pushing
thereby he come to Ills death. The rail
road Company la also censured for per
mlting 'Ita agentyl to 'force, passengers
from a train on account of a disputo
concerning fare., ,
A newly married man snys if he hod
an inch more of happiness ho could not
possibly livo. We would llko to read
his account of Jt in about a year. Every
body feels o at first, but they soon get
accustomed to it. i
A (i run Ken man was picKcu up by a
locomotivo going through Rochester the
other day, carried some distance, nnd
rolled without serious IJJury.
TEST. mi: iu:fj:at of AMiinnv jouxsox
Hie Loulsvilio 'Courier-Journal' of
Saturday, contains the following rpcclal
from Nashville:
After ono of the most tierce and excit
ing contents that has peril a in character
ized a teuatorlal race in this country,
thu fight was ended to-day in Andy
Johnson's defeat. This result wns un
looked for by the public at large, as the
tho voto of yesterday seemed to be de
cidedly In favor of Jolinson'H ultimate
triumph, l lie opposition, at last fully
BJ,V9.A ,.h. ltit i held caucuses at
tlio city iioiei last nignt, wiierctlie van-
ons candidates were present. After quite
a Jong consultation a decision was ar
rived at, to concentrate upon Judge H.
Cooper, the republicans consenting to
drop Fletcher and vote solid for Cooper.
The latter, who Is State senator, was
probably the strongest man they could
have selected, as ho was sure to get two
of Johnson's friends lu the senate, one of
them being Kdmund Cooper, (tremcnous
Cooper) the new senator's brother. Tho
new movement was kept profoundly se
cret until this morning, when vigorous
measures were put in operation to stifi'eu
tlio vavcrlng, and present such a front as
would defeat Johnson on the fint ballot.
When the convention was culled to or
der, Senator Bryant, who VnA
supported Johiihou, aroie, And In it in i'
little Hpcech nominated Cooper, lleru.
eel veil a majority of foeff in thc4cnatc.
In the House the voto was a tlo,'caoh re
ceiving forty-ono votes.
Tho result of the ball.-t was received
willi the wildest enthusiasm, the gal
leries being perfectly packed with In
terested spectator.
The defeat u1 Johnson is couslderoil
an event of great significance, consider
ing the pecuilnr relation or parties in
Teniie-ee at the present time. Anionic
the Comervatlven tin re Is a prores.-dve,
tileraut and liberal clement, where the
principal exponents nro tho Nashville
Banner and the Memphis Avalauche.
Johnson represented tb r.'trourMdlvo
and proscrlptive hplril of Tetiuetwce po
titles, and wished to mould the party ac
cordingly. Ills election, it was contended,
would havo been a triumph of Bour
bon Ism, and, viewing the matter in tills
light, tlio Banner opened its butteries
against him with tremendous force, and
It Is not saying too much that its un
tiring warfaro agalnM (lie man at last
brought about his deleat. That John
son represented the extiomo Democracy
it Is only necessary to say thnt the He
publicans in tlio Legislature voted solid
against him.
Judgo Henry Cooper, tlio newly elec
ted Senator, is about 45 years old and is
a lawyer of good abilities. lie was a
staunch Union man during tho war, is
now conservative, holding liberal and
tolerant views. While not being, parti
cularly brilliant, ho will make a sate le
gislator In the National Congress. Ho
is a brother of Edmund Cooper, formerly
private secretary or rivxiucut Joiiusou,
Wlinl I ill. SI. I.onU t'!iilln) foil t nil Inn 1)1(1.
The capital convention ilcnTund.s the
removal of the national capital to a ecu
tral point lu tho MUMlppi valley, as
Mgtilng the following am nitf other rca
bous why tho removal Miotild be made:
Whereas, Tho prelum, site of tin na
tional capital was sek-eled in tho mont
central point, when Hie peoplo of thld
republic, only n few millions in number,
inhabited only a narrow Miipof thecouu
trv nlniii- the Atlantic co.is.1: at.d
'Whereus, Tlieponuluilon of this repuh-'
lie has increased thirteen-. ').: since ih-n,
and spread over a v.i-t continent m
which the States In e:: t. o ., whu tho
scut of govornmeut wc.3 located, formed)
onlv the eastern edgojaml I
Whereas, The preseiib location of tho ,
national capital is nnUjrioUoIy lueoil- ,
voiilcnt in limes ofpoa-., an,i, aa tbu
darkest pages of our national hiatory
demoiiertato, in times of war, or d:im;
tlu turbulence Is so daiigorouHjy expos
ed as to require vast nrmatnitj unhl uu
told milltoua of moiiiiy ri ;i ,iaiclal le-
lenco; and ....
Whereas, All rensom w'.i. laduotd
tho location of the seat .. .' ; vruuaviii
whero it now is have, by o . ,iou d
velopmeut of tlio conr.'v i corro
spondont change In tho w.'.-.tc of the
poople, become utterly oh- .. ; thoro
foru Unsolved, That it Is '
that tho handful of iulu.i I'
Just emerging from al;u
before steamboats, rullw-jr
or nower presses worp d
' ii V i
i', u a
truiU -
1 mlloot turnplkoor can I '
cd, posCRscd the authority, or desired to
exerclsn tlio power, of fixing tlio slto of
IhCvcnpllal forever on tlio banks of the
Potomac, auainst tho Kill and Interests
of the hundrpdH of inlllldns who might
nomo afltr tliem. . ,v
Resolved, That the peoplo haye en
dured the present illy located capital
for three quarters of a century, patient
ly waiting for tho vast territory of tho
union to be peopled nnd organized into
statcs,aiid until thocputreof population,
area, aim weami count bo uetermineu,
when a permanent placo of residence for
tho government could bo selected; that
tho lime has como when all sectional is
sues are fettled, nil dangerous domestic
variances uro disposed of, a now area
has been entered upon, and a now de
parture taken.
Resolved, That, in tho languago of
James Madison, lu the congress of 176U:
"An equal attention to the rights of the
community is tho basis of republics."
If wo consider the effects of leirlslatlre
power on the inducements to look to tho
centre in order to find the proper seat
of government. This equal attention
has not been, and cannot be, given to
the interests and right of the peoplo so
long as the capital is located lu an In
convenient section of the union.
Resolved, That the vast and fertile
region knows ns the Mississippi valley,
must, for all time, be the seat of empire
for tills continent, nnd exert the con
trolling inllueuco in the nation, because
homogeneous in Its Interests, and too
powerful ever to permit tho outlying
mates to fever their connection with the
union. This vast plain will always bo
the surplus food-producing portion of
the continent, and the great market for
the fine fabrics and tropical productions
of other Hii-tlons of tho republic. This
immense basin must have numerous
outlets and channels of the cheap and
swift communication, by water and rail,
with tiie bcubonrd, for tho egress of its
products and ingress of Its exchauges.
'll....,.r... ...I... ........ ....II.... .1...
J mct muy uwuo that tends to multiply,
mI,roVet or enlarge those arteries of
commerce, iu..st rcMiu in common no
vantntro to the wholo union, to the tea-
board sta'es equally with tlioso of tho
Hcsolvcd, That the natural, conve
nient and inevitable placo for the capi
tal of the republic is lu the heart of this
valley, whero tho center of population,
wealth and power Is irresistibly gravita
ting: where tliogoveriunent, surrounded
by numerous millions of bravo ami
Union-loving citizens, would be forever
safe against foreign foes or sectional se
ditions, and whero it would not need
nolther armaments nor landing armies
for Its protection.
1!poIvoi1. That whllo advocating the
, removal of tho seat of government to
the Mississippi Valley, wo do not mean
to servo tho interest of any particular
locality, l;it Hint we urge congress to ap-1
noltit a committee to select n conve-i
lift ii t site for tho national capital lu tlio
great vaney 01 ine .missi sippi.
Recolvod, That in urging the removal
of tin- imlloniil cuj.ltal from Hh ureseiil
incouvouieiit, ot.t o' the Vft v i: nil expos
ed locality, on ll.e i xtrcine border of our
lTiiiin, we are in earnest, and that wo
hall u.it cea.'o In our efi'o:ts until the
end h uf .iiip!ihed, firmly believing
that tho ab.-oluto necesiy of the rcmo'
al will become more apparent everyday
r.ud that tho majority of the American
people will not long permit their inter
est find convenience to be disregarded.
lit solved, Lhat the removal of the na
tional capital being only n question of
time, wo emphatically oppose ami con
demn all expenditures of money for the
enlargement of old government build
ings and thu erection of now ones at thu
pivfccnteeatof the national govern men',
as a lifeless and wanton wato of the
properly of tho pcoplw.
Tho following resolution, oirered by
Hon. Sidney Clarl., of Kansas, after ills-
cuss!iu, was tabled:
Resolved, That this con volition do ro
commend and request all congressional
nominating convonuims in tuo .vurious
States to Incorporate In their platforms
a tiemuiHi or inu rcinovui ui me
al capital to u more central and
nlent locality.
i;a!I.ik.:)K ioutv vi:.it.s .too.
Tho Washington correspondent of tho
Cincinnati 'Commercial,' copies fnmi
Niles Mteglster,' for Aiay 1.1th, ISflO, tho
following notice from which the reader
will be nb!o to form s me lilia of tho
early effort of the Americans In the bu.sl
1H' of rallrcndlng:
'The Baltimore ami Ohio railroad will
bo traveled hi wagons, thirteen miles, to
HllicoU's uptiir mills, lu a day or two, at
the rate of at lea.il ten miles an hour.
Tenn of thousands wl'l embrace tho op
portunity of 6ccing the noblest work
y-1 ntU inpted In tho United fcatitcs of
tr.i.'.'liii'i tweuty-s.lx miles In two and
oui-h tlt li'ittr.s, without danger of fatigue
pfonj iv lug tho fresh air, and passing
through one of tho most romantic and
bountiful countries wo have every mln
uto presenting something now to bo ad
iiittk.il by trangers on tho road. Thy
w agnn. will start on dlfiereut hours In
tho day, and soon, perhaps, hourly
ICa. h wagon liiawn by one horse, will
carry fioiu twenty-fivo lo thirty persons
wlthci-tlro couvonienco. Tlio thirteen
itiilis will be devldcd Iqto two stages,
for a change of horos, which may bo
olluetod in about half a minute, from tho
excellency of tho geurinjj. Thp fiiro will
be m'jdytutc." , ...
A radical Mississippi Ju.lgo .has d'q-;
cldd that tho lutormauiage of whites
and negroes is "lawful In tho Stale of
MUMppl, the law of tlo Stato to the
contrary notwithstanding.'' Wo trust
hlftJudgiiioiU was not biased by family
ThoMi iii I lil mauuercd Chlnameu are
i not in as great demand for servantsslnco
... .. J .1 .... ' .. .1
I Uiu g iiiiemuu oi inu aoovu men iviiiuu
his family, Including himself, in Now
. Vork, the other day. Rut tlioy Improve
1 with ago.
A correspondent of the Galveston
Civilian, writing from Liberty, Texus.
ppeaklng of tho contct for State olllei rn,
says: ''The drift Is very elburly In favor
(of Hamilton and the proposed constitu
tion,'' not nocauso tuo so-called rebels
havo any special lovo for Hamilton, or
regard the constitulion.cnllrcly frco from
objection, but to "meet Gen. Grant on
his proposition for peace." The same
writer says thtyo Is a strong deslro on
,tlio part of tho peoplo to "got into thu
Union," nnd, although Congress has on
ly partially opened aback door, still "all
Texas Is on a stampedo for tho Union."
Tho secret of tho success of Chicago
nowspupers lies in tho fact that every
man and woman lu tho town takca tho
paper, for fear a dlvorco notlco In which
they aro Interested may bo published
and they not find It out.
Au Ellirllilr Mlimlril lIuGltlnpr iroime.
t will f fll enr ilwrlllnc lioiui, ultti.ili'il un the rormr
or bixth ami W lUnut, with the two lull upon whlrli le
sUnds.onri-awii.-vbie tiTin. Tlio liou.rconUlns fl
loom and n kitchen, I wril nrrnngnl, wrll flnlhd,
Uiitcd w llli km, clutof n, oiilliuiiHiix, cto., mid nil In
tint rate con. Iitlon, 1-or prior mid tunmnpi ly ut my
etiop, cn b'litliMitt'ilitinr I.QTiM'Hiri'i't.
-222f- I'. TUKQHA1.P.
J1IU2E hrjxcii!
Every 2VXox-xx12J-ev '
A ttri lunch mil Iw .-crrwl uj, ut the P-.t 1 1 Sa
loon mid ruMauintit, nttvii o'clix-k ,vorjr iii..'riiiiiff.
The ro.-tnurunt hm boon riwntly flttfd nn. miifof r
vii an lu.u'OinniihUlud with incalt ulufl Uuu.a,
I'ru'pi rcntoiMtdi-.
('irnT or riixih tn eland Cnmmrrtdnl Av -niio m-it
iloorlo l'otO(llci II. I.A'ITM.U.
WALT Kits.
Dtnlor lu
XXiix-cX ,3a.c2. EJolTt Xjia.xxi.l3 ox
of nrjr description,
I. utli, Mtlnlcn nnd lulnr l'nt.
VArtO AM OlM'K't-CoriiorOinmiorcl.d hmiiiib and
Tenth ttcccl.
tlllfd. f tr I oV
Ont.ri ub-ild nnd iinimiillv
Lumber fiiriiul.o.1 ua tliurt nolicV'
Of Oala-o,
,11 (tin Cloar ol It iikliifHs, Oi'titlii-i- , I hflU
I.(,an und l'ounl
t). H. Hon. N, Ut .tn.nr kIkhiLiUoh
t' H. I!.i .ndH,-iiilf.i.i i.ul, I
Othrr t(H-'-, IImN mid Marti, urn
Dim from K.-.l. ..wil l!eMn Ani-
Dm. from "ilu r N.il'.'nal lWn
I urn i ruin Hlor IUiiUmhI lUnkvrii
f '.
17 T7
. l
I (rt
"l ft
...W." M..
rnrnitnr mid fixture"...
('urreiit KxpfiLv ,
Thxk I'aI.I
Hun ilium-. InTini' ii ...
Iji-li llnni'. Uti-I'idinr Stiuunr
' MM.,
tUhiin hnnd: ll.lUof uihr .Mlo.
nl Itanl.n $ tfiXt ''
rrwtluii:il Curruni ), lu. Muhvln.. f - "
hpeeio Coin l
1,-gtJ Toi.dt-r .'.'otw IT, iiw uu
tr- i,. ' II
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