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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, October 26, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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TUESDAY, OOTOBElt 2rt, 18C9.
Union linen 12o contM pur yard, nt
Rollly'a. tr.
First class day oonrd nt Walker & ttla
on'fl restnnrnnt, at $r per Week. tf
Umo Emler'a Chfi. Cure.-'It never
ricco goods, In rcnt variety, now and
elegant styles nt Miller mid Miller's
merchant' tailoring establishment, tf
City scrip, for salo In hiiiiih to suit, nib
03 cent. Call nt First National Hank,
oo 0 3t '
So (liilt Vntd.
Tlieyotihg ninn who bent th6 Missouri
lawyer snys Unit no club was used; that
be Hltnply dcnlt bis nssnllant two or three,
blows with Ills Hot; that ho regrets tho
necessity that compelled It, but there
was no alternative. Ah it was stated tlint
the lawyer's Jaw-bone was broken add
his nasal process crushed, thero is room
to believe that the ynuiig.innn, tho Jlko
celebrated Von flam, has a regular
t"steain arm."
Linen Hhcotlng VI quartern wide, SI 75
cents per yard, nt ltellly'f. tf
.Miihh Meeting at Cnlritunln.
The Hon. William J. Allen will nil
dress tho democracy of Puluikl county,
on the questions nt Nsuc, at North Cale
donia to-ilay. Thu friends of constitu
tional liberty and financial reform aru
invited to turn out and swell the multi
tude. Khal! wo not, before tho election,
have at lenst one gathering of the
"clans" in Alexander. What say our
candidates, our hpeakerf, and lenders?
Angoitilra IHttorV, W. II. fc'chulter.
Hole agon tjC'nlro, Illinois. oc '2b '2m
Mr 12. P, Uurlltigham, late principal
of our public sohooli, having embarked
In a business that calls him hither and
thither, all over the State, has deter
mined on a muru central location, and
In punmunco of that determination Is
packing his plunder, and labeling it
"llloomlugtou." Mr. B. has shown him
se'fn useful, enterprising citizen, add
leaves many friend in our community
to wlhh him "fiod.Speed'' in all his un
dertakings. Ci'.iod towels, all linen, 20 cents, each,
at KelllyV tf
The bestasortment of ntrlctly fashiou
able hats ever opened In Cairo, have
Just been received by Miller. A Miller, tf
John Cioflnn limit.
J din C'roflon, who for years lubored on
the Htrirts of our city, Is dead. He was
tal.cn t k on tho line of tho Cairo A,
Vit. renin's railroad, nimr ('urini, and died
in that Villiageou the 18th Instant. He
wa-j viA known In Cairo as an Inofl'en
,' , 1 r (.working old nmti, qtiietand
stt.i j, . iiding to U own nflnirs, and
prrml'tlut; others to attend to their.
Alt. of.! i if hUduHth li wa rifly-two
yt "1 f !;. II was the fmhir of
y .igium ( rofton.whoM name In an
mi hi a a ciiiiut'Otioii, hu on h pn-vioia
oi .i mi, appeared In thtmj colitmus.
That Konalcr lllm."
1 o Cirbondalo 'Xew 15ru' publiahrt
.-cvirrl vt rhos of doggrJ, ,vhlch tl.u
wr.Hr if the "stuir' snys, wiirsetimt'auil
by thetxub.-reneo of spirit dliplnyed by
tho Calm 'Bulletin' over thu reported
democratic victory In Ohio. Ttm rhymes
oitiimenced thus:
"'.V roottar, f.ir ht'a rv)
A' i h bead l ilrwnnit. ilrr) ;
( tmn, age I. mi, let him ml,
I r ilieru'i limit loft to loe him.'
It issomowhat astonishing that, In the
early stages of tho rebellion, tho same
lines wero suggested to a rebel rhymester,
who didn't HWo tho American engle.
Wo append a vnwo to show how oxactly
a radical scribbler of 1SG9 and a rebel
scribbler of 1S02, or thereabouts, thouyht
"though tho "nine quill:"
(neo that Kittle, lor ha'a woary,
Ana li head it ilroopw?. dranry;
t : i It ii), : luni, Ut him rent,
t ritu rt' inuie lefttoloro lilm.
- - .o -
Host r quarter pillow slip muslin 21
cents per yard, nt Hellly's. tf
Tim Ciihcci-U by the Tyroli'iin Miix"rM.
The renowned Tyrolean Singers, eight
In number, will glvo two concerts In tl.o
Athi ileum, commencing on Friday ovo
lilugni'Xt This troupe has mado tho
tour of Europe, culling nut vnst nudl.
onces wherever they went, anil receiving
complimentary testimonies at tho
hands or royalty as well as from tlioo'ln
tho humble walks of life. They havo
also met with great success in this conn
try, as is evidenced by tho flattering
notices volunteered by tho leading papers
of tho cities they have visited. Tho
Omaha Dally 'Herald' boitows upon
thorn a full column ofpralso, and pro
nounses them by far tho most accom
plished -troupe of vocalists that evor
vhited that city. Tho company con
sists of two ladies, and six gentlemen,
among the latter Is Professor Turner, a
most wonderful performer on the Zither.
Tho prk'o of admission has been flXwd
at 50 cents, llesorved seats can boseenrcd
of 1 Hartinau on tho morning prece
ding the concert. Price 75 cents.
This troupe expects to conimauu pat
r inage, not by extiavagant advertising;
Uamlng posters, etc., but through its
own Intrinsic merits. Whatever may bo
the oh'inu'tei' of thollrst night's turn out,
they havo no fears as to tin snonud. A
new profjrainmo is presented i u-h oen-ing.
runi.iaiiKU iiy joii.v it. oiikki.y
Mneh Ado A boot Nothing-.
The alarm among tho colorod people,
croated by the belief that there are med
ical students among ui who are taxing
the colored population for livo subjects
for dissection, still prevails to a very
great extent, particularly among the
house leryants, Hero nnd there, too,
may be found an Ignorant white woman
who shares the fears of the colored folks.
A night or two ago, a white servant girl
concluded that It would be rare sport to
play upoD the fears of a neighboring
white woman, who, sho had heard, al
ways kept a hatchet ready to defend her
fiolf in case of a raid from the "students,"
Accordingly, the white girl entered tho
home of her neighbor, and cautiously
stepping up behind her, "boohoocd'' In a
tddstgboslly manner, at tho same time
slapping tho alarmed oman upon either
shoulder. Tho woman screamed, called
for her hatchet, yelled murder, and be
came porfectly frantic. Tho servant girl,
apprehending that, tho frantic woman
would uso tho 'hatchet upon her, now
raised n cry in her own behalf; and Filch
a hubbub as followed has rarely been
equaled in Cairo or any other placo. Ex
planations otRued,.but not before the al
armed women had brought a dozen
neighbors to tho street, and about half
that number to tho door, engcr to learn
'what In thunder wis tho matter?"
Formally fnshloiitiblo clothing go to
Miller and Miller's. tf
Gentlemen's collars the Albany make
unexcelled in style and general get up.
An immense stock at Miller and Miller'.-,
;uie Itt (lie Country.
Mqul;e I'.rosi, democratic candidate
for tho ofilco of County Judge, und
J.t-wK P. Jiutler, Esq., democratic candi
date for tho olllcc of County .Superinten
dent of Public .Schools, started this
morning on a tour to the country pro-, i
clncts They will distribute democratic '
tickets as they go;, talk to the "dear
sovrelgns," Inquire about the crop, If
any of tho children have measel", and
laugh vociferously at every stupid Joke
that Is uttered In their hearing. They
will, In fact, prove themselves tho clev
erest brace of Individuals that has vioi
ted the country during ihe year "What
they had Korcd away In their c irriago
neat wo hnye not heard, but we are in
Inclined to think an Invoice of the store
would read aboutjthuit Two bottles old
rye, for "good Judges" of tho ar.lclo; ono
gallon Jug of "lightning ily-klller," for
rndlcaU and boys; two pounds of plug
tobnc'o, and one box of "Wagontr
Spanish cigars, four or live cents, with
out the tax.
They will bo absent about three or four
days. Lest tho good clothes of the gen
tlemen should lead b mo Paul CHIIbrd
into tho mistaken notion that ttiey hnvo
luonry about their persons, wo 'eo' called
upon to say that after they paid for tho
tiokets thy carry with thoni, n iniin
tniit l.avo toleii the balance without
lii r'i tv- H'hhI danger of prosecution
f.ir i?rnd Inrs't'tiv!
Ht- advertisemeutof Dr. Du!t' Dispell-
enry, haftd!, Hook fur th million
XAKKUCtu ui'iu-lii nnnothfcr col
umn. It should beroiul by 11.
Under1 Stomach liltrers! "Tuo best
in ums"
K. OrtUk, I5s. ' '
Jfepilre ltroes Isfxteiuilug.his ucqualn
tmiuu among tho country people. Ho
hti4 the faculty ef making fi lends wher
i YerJitj.oe-, nnd.we aro very uro that
god Will result from thu round ho Is now
In addition ton goud jicrtoncl, which,
of coiiro, UsijtnMiny In a County Judge,
'Squire Uross poi$&ssef thu capacity to' fill
the ofilco intelligently and acceptably.
In his thorough kuowledgouf btututo law
ho po'susses a rare qualilictitlou, which,
added to sound common seme, and a dis
position to do what Is right between man
and man, eminently fits him for tho po
sition ho seeks. Between him nnd
Ju.ie Hodge?, tho Incumbent, tho com
paw. on U striking, Hodges knows no
law, and although ho has filled tho olllce
for years, ho remains in utter Ignorance
of Its duties nnd requirements. Holllls
his sent tho same as a mnn of wood would
fill It, moving as ho Is moved, and acting
in thu main as ho is told to act. When
not directed in the performance of his du
ties, ho tilunders, nnd somotlmes most
seriously. Ho has not the capacity to
comprehend points of law when pre
sented, and knows no more about tho
duties of a County Judgo than the man
who never heard of such nn ollleer.
When tho county contained but iv
handful of people; when its business
amounted to comparatively nothing, ig
uornneo In tho olllco of County Judge,
was not capable of much mischief. But
thnttlmo has p.iscd, und our County
Court must now look to tho afl'alrs of fif
teen thousand people. It has nt 1U dis
posal, hundreds of thousands of dollars of
tho people's money, and in its hands tho
power In make public nfi'airs llourlsh or
languish, It behooves us, therefore, to
select a man of Intelligence and energy
ono who, knowing his duty, will not lies,
ltato in its performance. Such a man Is
F. Bros, Esq.; such a mini is not Alex
under C. Hodges.
lliHiioriil of l.lvrry Stable.
Perry Power's Livery Stablo and Stock
Yard have been moved from tho old
location to the brick stable adjoining J,
T. lb'iinlo's Iron works; where, ns for
merly, ho I prepared to accommodate
all who may 1 ave demandi In his line.
oo. it .s.t
Onr Candidate for Huyerlnlrtiitent
lnblle Nehooli.
The ability and energy displayed by
Ii. P. Butler, Esq., in the office of Coun
ty Superintendent of Public schools, dis
tinguish him as the right man for that
position. He enters upon tho work with
enthusiasm, halting at the performance
of no duty, however laborious or dis
agreeable. We could lend him our most
cordial support, if ho had evinced no
otherquallflcatlon than that which may
be seen in his determination to grnnt no
certificates to teachers who do not,
through a close and exhaustlvcexamlna
tlon, prove themselves entitled to them;
and to cancel certificates in every enso
where the Incompetency of tho holdcr,ls
mado manifest. Wo have confldenco
in tho sincerity of that avowal, and If it
is lived up to, wo hnvo no fears ns to tho
character of our public schools. With
competent teachers they will flourish
nnd become an honor to us; with incom
petent teachers they will languish, and
exist only to dlfgrnco us.
Mr. Jlutler Is n scholnr, a gentleman, n
democrat. And, accepting his past
olllcial career as u gunranteo for the fu
turcwoil6ok forward to his election with
pleasure, believing him to bo tho right
man for tho ofilco for which his party
hns nominated him.
For a new stilt, complete, or for any
part of a suit, for gentlemen's furnishing
goods generally go to MI'ler and Miller's,
sL'J'H'l' TA.WJo!
A few itny more 'I'liur .
I havoalrendy prepared the delinquent
list, to deliver into tho hands of the prin
ter; but, appreciating the scarcity of
money, and believing a good purpose
will be sublet ved thereby, I have conclu
ded to delay Its delivery i. i he printers
until Monday evening, Nov. 1st.
Until then and no longer, taxes maybe
paid without cost. John Hvi.and,
City Collector.
October '2D, 18fl!. 4t
Smith's Tonic Syrup lias been counter
felted, and the counterfeiter, brought to
The genuine article mut have Dr.
John Bull's private stamp n each but
tle. Dr. John Bcm. only has tho right
to manufacture and roll the original
John J. Smith's TONIO SYRUP, of
Louisville, Ky. Examlno well the label
on each bottle. If my private stamp Is
not on the bottle, do not purchase, or you
will be deceived. Sec my column adver
tisement, and my showcard. I will pros
ecuto any one infringing on my right.
Tho 7tiiitH Smith's Tonio SvitL,i can
nly bo prepared by myself.
Tho public Hcrvent.
Dr. John Bull,
Louisville, Ky., Oct. '2s, Ibua.
It contains no quinine norursenio. Al
ford's x'X Ague Hemedy.
If Mothers would give Mrs. Whltoomb's
Syrup to their children whenMek, mor
ttlity would he loss among them. Iteoets
only 25 cents.
Miller and Miller, tho piluclpal cloth
ier of the city, have an entire new stock
uo old good In the Iioiim tf
- -
llnviira WitiiKtt.
Five good timber hewrw wanted, to
work In Alexander County. The work
will bo let by tho foot or the dy.
Apply to Jus. S. Kearden, office over
First National Bank. kj. 2, at
lliitlnrNH IIoum' rurlteiif.
That eligibly situated Iiu-Iiichs house
No. 8 Thornton's block, Tenth Mreot, Is
for rent. Apply on tho premises.
The most elegant, fnshlonnblo and
best mado clothing In tho city, Is to bo
found nt Miller anil Mlllor's. Nobody
pretends that ho undersells them. tf
Ut Hammitl, Columliun; Win Whur, l Imc-H;
t?llrcrt-pmy, N 0; HUnwivk, m lmi;
Wuuauitii, ilcmpiilr; Amu, Umolnnuti.
Ikp lUmmitl, lVlumtil) Wm While, l,iid'.!i.li!
Ilmmarek, N 0; tfilterripmy, Oln.
Ami, Bt I.onU; Waii.iiulu, do
The weather continues clear ami cold;
unusually m for this latltudo and noason.
Ice, ono fourth of an Inch thick, la very
rare In Cairo in October.
Tho Missouri and Mississippi continue
as at last report falling slowly. The
former Is qulto low. Thero Is htill nine
feet six inches between Cairo and St.
Tho On I.) Is stationary its wholo length,
with 27 Inches at Pittsburg, l feet 8
Indies in tho canal at Louisville and
only 3 feet on Walker's liar. The Anna
reports that depthlyostorday at Walker's
and says the L'i Hello and Bobt. Mooro
woro both aground there. Tho Octavia
had arrived at tho foot of tho bar, but
had not commonceo work lo deepen tho
Hero thorivcr has fallen three Inches
slnco last report.
Business was rather dull to-Jay, as
boats lmvo been detained by fogs,
Tho elegant Bollo St. Louis, dipt. Xelg.
lor, Is tho regular packet for Memphis
Tho White Capt. Northern is the rogtt
lar Pudticalt packet to-day.
Tho Evansvlllo paoket for to-day can
notcertaiuly bo named, but otio of them
will leave.
Capt. Chas. T. Hludo Is agent fr all
tho above lines.
It Cuius tho Cilll.virrd's Aru
DtaW la
Xlfix-d nndSoftXliixm'bor
of f Tfry ilnorljitlon,
I.alh, Ntiliiglra nnd ;tar I'nutn.
TiUI) AJiU OPFlCf'otiiprCotniinrcUl tf mk nnd
7ulli Mrerl,
Ordri solicited and promptly filled. Htrmliot
Lumbar furtilalmd uii tliort noilce. tl&-Hra
Ho It ordained j Ui City Conned of tlio City of
fitr. I. Tliat tlitt chief if tho nlghl pallco ihall. I
hcrpofler pntdthrrr M.100dollnr prr tilshi, nnd th
other poller cotuUM on duty At night fill m paid
thri'o dollnrn per nifjlit.
Approwd, (otot)T, U, 1M0,
ncii lOt JOHN H. OlIKItLY, Hnyor."
By 2?TX"fcllo JDm-wrlxa.sjr.
Authorized bjr the Kentucky Lcglslatnre.
Oapitul Prize 815 0,00 0
.S.MAI.I.KNr IMtlZi:, $80.
Drawing to taku place at MASONIC
Ti:jiPiii:, louisyillk, ky.
ntXT.Mlti II UHtli, 1800.
flood trori'l for the rent litre lvn tikon, nd wilt m
iued t thofn drnwlng laid I'ormt, nhloli will I
fl,'iOO 111 cull In each 100 norm,
KK.VT 01' CAPITA h PRIZE, $5,000
5rml for TlrlteU l ultliiT of the fnl
louln Au'i'tiU, mIiu will ntso furnish
I'liiuiiMi'lk. At,T K'rtnf; tli'scrlpllou of
tlir Iriittrlj-,
I.. It LWi:, Karmera' ll.ir.k, Hcndernon, Ky.
It !S AI.I'.XA.VIlKII, foiiimctcial lUnk, Louis
villa, Ky.
.IOJI.V C. IATK.I.M I'ronldent IUnlf, Itop
mnTdtr, IfnpintTlIle, Ky.
JAMI'.S I.. IMIJjAH, CommerclM Bsnk,
IVduckh, Ky,
II O. TIIOTIAS Lvimiston, Ky.
W. II, 'I VI.Ull, Um-nxloro, Ky.
I'or ii"ket n4 iiifurdnation concerning the ont'r
jinte, pj !y lu
v. i. nun i),
rUr Cairo VUy IVIinrrbom.
Oft. 2fith, d n d 2m.Ui-
Or Gnix-o,
,11 Ihr CI04C ol UiiHliirNS, October 0, 1 SOU
l,onn nnd ni'imt ,
Ufltt T7
3,'JiJI ii
al.UKI U)
3,310 U
S.Wl K)
S.ltH 07
1,(0 37
15, 1M U,1
3.'i it
Ii. b. Ilundfi. lo tMutf cirfiil.ition.,
U.S. Ilou U nnd icuiltiA on luiuii.
Othvr x'k. Itonds and -Morln uc-
Ihi from lllremin and llrvo AKQts
tlur from crthrr .VMiitl lUitk- wa
Ii:- trr.in nthr H'iknd llanknrx
mfi mt r.H.mv....u........s.f.. ....... .....m
Fu-'ii mr
v. i n tnr,
C.iii nt K n-.
l,i2S M
i'.SI.I IK
Tas fart-. tau......:
Rliiiltiic in frru-it
Oak Iiviii., iiv'h. I t-c - ii-ip.
OHihMt MHilt .Hlltoaf oUmt Hvntm-
1 73 44
W (11
I lbutk i OJIU IV
Pn'iionl l'urr'ncy, inr. Mitii'la., y! fi
Kpn'ie-t "in 4l l
I x-gal Trader Ki.tM 1T.IM oi s.i,.ioj li
Capital Jlivl. imid l..........M.M$10'iA0 on
SxebMW ft,94S ST
Hitoie! M l,t ti
Profit and Loa. . n LIST l
Hanonal pb fimeWtoe Mt.titmllnx 7IS. w
ltidii:ual ttopoalU..
in.m 77
Slats of Illinois. County of Alexander, rt.
I, r S. 11'Hm, (Mahler irf lira I1rt .Vitwual'lUnk.
of irn, lllleoia, awvr thai th bo i.talmiii is
ir. i-, t., ttr I. i nt my knovMir and rllrf.
C.S. HUCII1K, ivl.
K .1 ., ril .1 .4ii.l nurnratoWor in, thla IMh dayn
u ..- . i b. K. HAY, Notary lV.Mic.
UonetHwAUrat i
I. Hfl!I. I
h. K. II A V. Uirai'leN.
J.T IIKWir. I tx-XkUur
t 1 1 n con :ori: roisr
or Cairo)
Al I'Ih!' f riMoliifsx, October Dill, IHOO
lhina iiml ii onnU
It. H. Koo U in Kih-u u t ireuliit.on
n. rf. ikMidaou n.md
OihorKtackf, lluinliid )Inrl)iii
Dim from KairvoiniiiK arwl l'.erto .gviit
lm frmn o'fi. i .Naiioiml IlrniVa
l)iio from lluiku und IHnikTu ,
1I7.:KI ft.'
. J.IW 17
, I r ,(. i mi
. lft.ioo w
, lr,Ui HI
. lo,7'J7 M
. W.77I 73
, ,CU3 H'J
IMiik Itiir IIcii-h
Other Real K.t.ttc
Current ExiieiiMm ......'w
Ci.ti ii.ii, Itl.'IU l n SINIIIIW.
11,811 07
I. o-Jt su
i,M i
;i,si3 i?
N,ft.Mt im
i.7ia u
S,700 H
1,0X1 0)
rVfaotliiml Curriw., InWudlinj NhdtrU
imitf ir niiifir ."Miiioiivi iitmaii
P-'H' i;iui- -.
Tn-urT r S , M I.UfoJ CurrwHtiy for 11"
IM,0I5 Ut
t'a) i'.1 1'jid in
S;u lil.K l'url,.A ............
..$100,000. (M
,., ju.nn) ai
I. JUII llll
I'm. tit mill l.....
.l,(-CU 11
13,57'J C7
in.aKi J
Nittiouiil II ink Clri'iiUlioii OiiUluuililig
Innivi.liml l...ofcit
Due to mn.-aii.l iMtitliuiB ,
. 1U2,3 ta
770 a
;i'jo,ui& to
I, A. 11. s.illnr ', 1'ai.lilvr of thn City Sutiviinl ll.ink.
of Curn, do Niilaiimly ti.roir Ih'it lhial)e tl.tlniiient
n Iruot i tho l. of mi v l;n)H'leii;o nnd lHlitif.
' A. II. SAi'Kllltl), Cuihior.
Sulwcrilwd and mc.irnto liofnrn mu. tlili Ifth day of
OotuU-r, iwj. . H, Ni:i:, N itury 1'nMio,
Alio. 1 1
S.S.T.WI oil. )
n. 1 1. wii.UAMJoN, J-Diifftor..
W. I'. HAI.I IDW I ooM'hf
SSii ton icmi . pal
be i lVF I l' 11 IVCl'lH, i' at leat
'itf 1 1 I in' h ail iieiMi
VA 1 I I 1 V !
n. r, I'll 1 m t o.,
f t i - N I
IT Ynu U'mit
Material to make n dollar liottlnnf lliotoat Kalr Ilr-MoraUtoert-r
tiud for rcitmlng ;y linlr to llsorrr
Inal eolcr, aeud Mcnt for n pachag..
IT Yon Winn I
Kica Whlla Trtli, Henllhy finmx, and a.wrtt.rtU
fnd for our TUItKIStt IiKNTKIKlCK, p;i., S
If Ymi tViuil
A turf cure for Ileadauhe, Catarrh, Deifneai, or bn
lni; (n tbe earn, send for our SrEItNUTATORT
I'rlce .11 Cfnta. clj
ar.KIIhcrof lhhoTc aenl piit.pnld on rcctlft
of price.
Addrcaa Joseph K. L?ih.ir, 131 Miirktt atrcci.St
U"' -Wn' c27 lyd'a'w '
A Rlra Collrollon. IlinrtamiN IUclia
JtagioArla, nisooTcrlcs, etc., ronipriclng raluahla
Informalfon for crorybotly. fient Iiy mall, (frca r
po?tjc) for 40 ceiiln.
Addrr H. R. HORJlA.NUr, 601 Mnrkat fit.
Lnuli. Mo. n.i7 duwly
llrnUi-'.i Collcrllon
Of nearly ono hundred receipt fur nmklng hmndy
all kinds of Wtn, Oin, Ale, Hut, Cordial, Superior
Cider, and much other inefuf Information for thote
dcallof In or manufacturing any of the abore, either
t)t thn trade or homo inc.
Hcnttiy mail, free of poatajt, far turnta. AiMr
U. E. NORMANDY, W itnrl;t slreet, St. Loiii., SJ,
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AN 1SSAY roll YOU.NU MH.V, an fhyalologleil
Errors, Abucs and th.ear., Incident to Youth no
Early Manhood, which creui iin wIIiohuI to MAlt
lllAOE, Willi .lire lui-aii-of relief. Nmtln Hfalcd let
ter entelopcs, freu .f charge. AiMv, Ir. 8 SK1L.
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N. II. The I'liblbdipTi irlll ind fr toany aiMrc
their larpe CMlilurne of publi-ti.in-, from nln. U a
f.irther fflMtion c.tn I wade.
TIIK IMI'ttOVIHTOKK. H II t.k ChrUllatt n l-r.
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Hotel 01 tlin Ihui -h .etV i;r; itiing ln -'i n
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Italy, rtnd not l Ucaliere fuitn.i, ml. t du .d
aiii w In these auimtildpaa"4." Ilillanl' Mil Mui 'ln
Palfrey, LL. D. In two toluni- ,iTownfv. ( 1 .11.
"Wo belief e thai Dr. IHIfrwy haa puknll ill eply
Into tho ap.r.t -f Amvrnan iluwi), an J lu- -i.
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New Knidaml fallier, Hid vtant . whu li hna n.j.lr
the nnrrutite f i'i.-.r f irlunca, u initially relnie.l by
tlio early unt. r, mi arid, txHifUrwl, anl tupuUirtf,"
N-ir York Trilmn.
lllAUI.r.S lilLia.:.V5 WOKKS. Moat Coiiil.It
IMitioii,P"n'ainln mailer nt In any otlu
ted edition, Liuiiau or Ainarluaii. lu II
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51 on.
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liwdi ni'iinm -l l beratly. frica, V.
TIIK I KA.IIRII-tWJlCIMR TALB'. hi- the e.me
imltior. ''In Ave volume, frk'a
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In uae ivluni. I'rf l.
"Tho einfur'iitf ..iinni-ni" of IVtiliiu.re r..f,jei'
arc hia Work. Wlnl Hit ni n . .niniry eonni irr
to pravail. hi- . i II il n ih" h.'ir'" ' e
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TllltOPKN l'I AK-i:. My Dr. I.I. Hai. . e
volume, Fnr ..,1 t.tui, f 1.7a,
"Th vuliiii," aMy, latiwW Wa d-! a
ruitiiaet of liiW'liaiiical exn'Utinll. Trw ilttai '
hIik'I, nro til ufl-r . k.'i.-hea or ill"rlti.ii - ' ' r
l.i)e, l.i unit iiiitii'iial Imiiii tlirowVarnii'i 1 '
liv the pc'jell. .f ii li-Y, Wh.t.', and Peon. . .
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lion with eii.M, unit a reif.,r.n i)N.grapliy m
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New Yor':T'ii c.
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riCClOLA. iiy X. H.!aintitii. In ita volmne,.- an
tifnlly lllunii.'-.l. II.-..
"TIiim iaoaoof Hi" Ar mmlvm talta- which liiir
atlained ni'lam-n'iii r. pui.w .ui. Liki I'.iul and r.
Ulnui,' and 'KiuhIk-Hi, i.r th Rid offilwriH,' i'.c
t'lolil' Ii rciMPle.! a 11 lmok lokxep, not uiiti ! lo
ron'lHiiil throw ai.ie, iH otjle and Miitimeiit uonn mr
In 141 ve itprrmani nt l:lfni. Milne; a iiiln.iih l u
liiiiiiiin Iwo'.f, 1 pp"lu:i: Wllie lun.t rflnil and el. ra
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IIIsTOHY OK KM;l l.stiIly Lord Maiaiiley. 'In
ilcnlS Klit "ii, iu luni ti.lum.iii, ro. Se.uu,
how to pjtot i'iti: axvop Tin: aiioyu
With ml K.t jirtin of Mont y.
Tho I'ubl.-t . rf tli-p W'rk tuiblinh al.i ' ' l.t
llitenido MiiitJ"ie fur Youiin IVopl,' nn llni.lmli !
Monthly, f.'.'.J u juiir, Uvuic lor hmh-wIchhii'I r
Hans t'tiriiilai Ati'tur-fn, the mont eminent in My
vr.i-T for tli vouiiii. Tlwv it ill ALLOW (INK I' L
LAH'rt Willi I'll IN TIlHlH IIOKS 10 .-r . i.t
Hcnilint; tlieliiiine of 11 new HUUvTil I 'llll S'J.MJ '. 'll
Thun.by uliUlo.'iibtir, imy one oau provule J..o f
with ui'lioiee . i.ll.'..ii.intif bonlo,
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lKld.t.'lV New Yi.
Jl.iiiiif.u inred by thn
Theyaroall tlio tet nmke, HunliliK Cjie4, finely
ehmedi look a-id M'ourlike &n j!old, and ure . i,i'.il u
iipo.'nMiu e in tie l.iot;.ib( uuli'hea usually' oat ua
1Ai. Full Jctioiod Lt i t, tieut' and Ladies' a
.1 al.t ...i.'li.
ocit uoi'r.Ls: i:xri.i !:i:i ini:i Hoiiil
Oroide Hold Utllttitiu'CiUfM Ftill Jrnelcd Irt'Ti rt ure
e.iual to 9axi Ootd Yatrhri; i:eKulatoiUndliit.irn
leed to keep rorr't liuie, and ''ear .mdlloUui It li
with Extra Kino Ukor, in Sioeiu-h
.n iiinttry In rripilrtil In r.il vuueo. Tie
aend by Expreua nnywlure willi'iilho Unitid ' i'c
payable lonent 011 ilelnery.Hith tile prifiejo 10 open
und eaiiuiib. fore paid lur, mid if tint Hatikliut -v
rtlurnrd. bv parliirf tlio Etprova i hr;i. OqoiD it ll
I went by in.nl nt Ilejjialfred I'- skaue, prepanl, ty
ieudititeah m AiUance.
1 WATCHES KiHlJJ". on "EVEN J) WA'H UI - J-t'K
also i:mh.st oiiri ui; fitiv-fi
C H.II.SN. nlLiti "it mi I lilott costly th lea ( t S
I and tientle"'ti, from 10 to 40 Inrhca l ie V
ii, mid t(iiuh, nt a.th wAtfhi'sat ul-oln
st.itn kutd n w.t ,ioi rcl and y
Til E fii'.nu v WAT t '
J Btiiudy,
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