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OFFIOJii: No. 13 Tonth Stroot. Thornton's Building.
: ' .j i i
hat oi'iicts" ui:.nmjj:i nv k,id.
Latolnlclllgenco from WasliiiiRtou ifl
to tho effect that the president has re
ceived thoreslyiiutloiiMof two Now York
radical onlee-holdcrs, viz: Uen. Iiutter
fleld ns Assistant Treasurer and Gon.
JJarlow as U. 8. Marshal. The
flrat waa not unexpected, as tho name
of tho Huccctflor of Ruttorflcld waa dls.
cusaod before tho latter'H suspension
from ofllco; but tho second created Homo
urpriso ns It was not expected thoUgh
It was readily uccepted. For somo time
past prominent Ropubllcuna liavo been
oomplainluf; to tho administration that
Qen. Harlow did not nympathko enough
with (hellepublican party to furnish any
active support In the way of patronage
ia ofllcL'H fur the success of tlioparty.and
further that unrno of hid subordinate
wore Dctuocruts, Gen. Harlow replied
to thedo charges that ho managed his of
flco in the luture.it of -the public service,
mid not for a lot of politicians. Tho
pressure however was too great, und Har
low, rather than toHUbmlt to political In
terference, vliited Washington, reclgned
and returned to New York.
Commenting upon tlie.itrodlgiiutloDH
a dispatch from New York ny.i:
"The resignation of Ruttcrfleld con
tinues to be tliu leading topic in Wall
street. Calvin J. ilurlburt, tjuperinten
dent of the new Postotllce In spoken of as
his successor. Tho refignutlon of United
Htates Murshal Hurlow, who has been ac
live in breaking up Cuban expeditions, Is
regarded as n Cuban triumph here and
indicative of a change in llio adminis
tration pollcv towurd the t-truggllng pa
triots. Mr. Ilurlow, who succeedi lilm,
lias been lint deputy In tho Marshal's of
fice. the hqs. a. w. wall for the
constituhona l convention.
The nomination of tho Hon. Geo. W.
Wall, of l)u Quoin, as the democratic
oandldato for tho oftico of Member of tho
Convention to alter, reviso or ameiid the
Htato Constitution, Is received every-.
where in his district with unmistakable i
evidences of pleasure and fcatlsfuctlon.
Of his election his friends and (supporters
feel assured, and of his capacity to nc
coptubly .nerve hif.'conitltuente, no per
son can entertain the shadow of a doubt.
Iln I a geiitlcmnti f Hue culture, an
able lawyer, a pleading aud offectlvo
orator, anil Is known to be of the people
and for tho people. Of quick perception,
a comprehensive mind, and well versed
iu p.trllmeutary law aud .linage, his eu
frl ir fur the place, Is not in h s district,
aud scarcely in .Southern Illinois. He
will lo not only a useful, hut an lullueii
tlal member of the convention, taking
rank at once among thoM who will j
d?velopo themselvoM as th "leading i
The different districts haye nominated
their best and nuut talented men. This
la eseclally the cans with the dem
ocracy. Terry, llaudolpli and Monroe
counties .have not varied from this
cu torn, In the nomination of Mr. Wall.
He will represent thorn faithfully and
w ith signal ability relied credit upou
his constituency and contribute not a
Ilttlo to tho wisdom, honesty and dlgulty
cf tho body, for a soat in which ho has
been designated by his party.
It was but a few days slnco that Gov
ernment ofllcluls wruto aud telegraphed
from Florida that something of an Insur
rection existed In tho northern tier of
counties, rendering it Impossiblo to en
forco tho law, aud information from
Government otllcers roport a wowo con
dition of things In North Carolina. Tho
Governor on Saturday Ihtued a procla
ination warning the desperadoes that ho
fdiould call out the cntiro mlllltary forco
of the State. In tho proclamation he re
cites the crime lately committed. Jails
l.avo I con broken open and prisoners
murdered; two otllcers have been slain
in open day ; privato dwellings have been
forced open and tho occupants cruelly
beaten, and in some cases havo been
hanged; tho university of the Slaty has
been repeatedly entered by disguised
and aniud men. Theft, assaults, arson,
rapine, and most of tho crimes kuowu lo
tho law hayo been committed Iu Lonolr
and Jones counties. Tho lusurrecllou Is
complete. It is probable that troops
will ho Kent there to aid in enforcing the
luvunuo laws,
killed os Aucor xt often
cents:. ;
The radujUahjKeiituclilan of tho Oth
IcaviiH thai, on Monday Inst, two broth
ers, named Martin und John Johnson,
living in Marshall county, Kentucky,
wcro making ntcltlenicnt, when a dis
pute iwodo over tho trilling sum or ten
cents, und this loUou fracas in which
John was bcaton tojdealji with a ch&lr.
Martlu mtido lite'escapo. Waleo learn
that the wife of a prom Im&tf doctor In
thnt county commlttcM buiclde vory ie
contlv by hanging heiaolf.
A Lexington, Ky., Bpcclal to the Ebus
vlllo 'Courier-Journal,' undertduto of tli'o'
20th instant, says that an old.'man named
Klcliurd Martin, aged flfty-ono years,
whllo sufl'erlng under n" fit of mental
aberration, shot and fatally wounded a
negro woman, Mary Johnson, Mdiiday
morning, about" o'clock. Mnrtln"ls '
white man of considerable property, and
has for years maintained tho woman as
a mistress. Tho shot took effect In the
abdomen. Cause Jealousy. Martin was
tried aud held to ball In the sum of $2,
600. On Tuesday morning & negro man
named Hickman, stabbed and partially
dlsembowlcd another nogro, Dock 8au
dcrs. Hickman, who was drunk at tho
time, made his escape, and has not been
The telegraph informs us that an in
stitution kuowu as Levi J. North's cir
cus has got into trouble at Juliet, Illinois,
and tho proprietor has been' urrested on
charge of defrauding the government by
an ovaslou of duty on Imported stock.
It Is allcdged that tho circus passed over
Into Canada some time since with a lot
of scrubby horses worth from MO to $50
each, at most; aud it Is further alledged
that the fame circus returned to tho
States with improved Block, the horses
being worth from ?.TX) to f 100 each. Tho
proprietor claims that they are tho same
horses; a government detect! vo does not
believe It, and hence the trouble.
Hon Clin. Drake Is In Chicago.
Parke Uoodwlu has quit journalism
for history.
Corbin Is sick. His disease Is said to
bo Krle-blpclas.
Jicechcr slays cats with noda-water bot
tles. Leigh Hunt called strains of a bagpipo
('the agonies of a tuno tied to a post.''
Mrs. Andrew Johnson Is not expect
ed to live through the winter.
Susan Anthony wants women titled.
Wo see uo objection to making them
"Knights of the Garter."
Mosby Is declared byu Richmond paper
to be tho best pistol shoflti Virginia.
l'uul DeKock Is responsible for one
hundred and and two uvels.
Miss Josephine Hutton, of Glcuvllle,
Ala., conducts herown lawsuits, assign
ing as a reason that the lawyers are all
rogues iu that part of the country.
Ex-Qtioon Mary of Naples, recontly
gave birth to a child tsld to bo Illegiti
mate, tho reputed father being her
Annio Wagneruccordlng toau lntellli
gent rian FrnneLeo Jury, died of "agun
shot wound, discharged from a pistol."
A letter from Montreal sayd that
Prince Arthur has changed his original
purpose of ddaylug his visit the States
until next spring, and will make his
appearance among us somo time during
tho early part of the winter.
There is said to bo u rupture of rela
tions between the Fronch court aud ex
Queen Isabella of Spain, In comequenco
of hor summoning Marforl to her bide.
Threo busts ofllaynau, tho Austrlau
woman-whlpper, havo been smashed on
tho tomb of Field Marshal , aud now his
decemiants offer a reward of 11 vo huu
drcd florins for tho detection of the
Elder Hints, of Iloston, who told us,
twenty- six years ago, that the world
would certainly burn up tho 13 th of
April, 1813, li now doing tho ad von t
buisiiess at St. Paul, aud tho world is
now as sound as over.
Scandalous rumors are In circulation
In regard to tho conduct of Prince
Louis of Hesse, the consort of tho Prin
cess Alice, of England. He in said to
havo seduced all tho maids of his wife,
and the latter, It Is rumored, will re
turn to her royal mother in England.
Lll!iM2 h.VUACMY.
There i- a horse at tho government
corral at tills place noted for loosening
the knot of the halter strap with which
ho is tied. It is useless to tie him with
any ordinary knot. He will work tho
strap loose with his teeth and go about
tho corral Just when ho chooses. There
Is a well iu the yard from which all tho
government horses are watered. Day
beforo ycHtcrdoy. tho pump a forco
pump worked by brakes got out of or
der, and no water could bo obtained. Tho
animals wero taken to tho creek closo by
for water. The horse referred to refused
to drink, was taken to hisstall and tied
a? usual. In u few minutes ho deliberate
ly untied his hauer. walked over to
lio pumpJ.ind, finding no wator In tho
trough where ho was accustomed to
drink, at onco seized tho brako with his
teeth and worked up and down several
times, then put his nose to tho spout,
ovldeutly oxpectlng water to come.
Again and again, for nearly five minutes,
did ho seize the break and work It and
then put his noao to tho spout. Finding
his otlorts useless ho walked oil. evident
ly disappointed. Bovoral of tho hands
of tho corral and others witnessed the
above, and can testily to Us correctness,
Austin (ToxasJRepubllcan.
r.. .
J J' ft UOAi.
'In regard tbUila-lmporluiit enterprise
tho Indlanapolla 'Mirror' says: This )rii
portant, lino Is now completed from
Indlanapola to Vlncenneu, a dlstanco of
ono hundred and ten miles, aud through
trains wlllibe rua on and aftor Wednes
day bf till Wek. Tho road has beou
operated on from this end by tho
ICAXi Co, having been leased by H. C.
Lord when flrat opened to Martinsville
This leftBO expired with tho completion of
the road, and to-day the Pennsylvania
Central takes posesslon of tho wholo
lino on a leaso tho conditions of which
we havo not been ablo to learn.''
1h "Kuollr Pratileni" fiolvril
IKforo thr I'rotldence (It. I ) Prc, n th
In a recent paper, Carl Hchurz has en
lightened tho public on Chinese Immi
gration, and presented many facts inter
esting to note in connection with tho
social and political questions likely to
arise consequent upon it. He says that
but few Chinese como to this country to
make a permanent settlement. They
como to make money and eventually all
return to their old homes. There is a
constant return tide. This explains tho
fact that thero are considerably less than
a hundred thousand Chineho iu this
country, notwithstanding there has been
a steady immigration from China since
tho occupancy of California. Tho nggro
gato immigration for twenty years,
has been 110,000, or about 6,000 n year.
Previous to 8V2, 18,324 Chinese had ar
rived at San FrancUco. Iu 1651 thero
was a rush, upwurds of 15,000 landing.
From 18o2 to 1603 tho immigrants were
S8.402, while from ISOl tol5tJS only 1 0,otS
arrived, and during this period a greater
number returned home. The present
year, up to about Septemhef 1st, 11,000
havo arrived, tho immigration appearing
again to bo on the increase. Of these
Immigrant only 3,706 woro women.
They aro of tho lowest classes, a fact
which indicates that there Is no Idea of
becoming residents of this country. Was
such tho esse, wo should look for a pro
portionate femalo Immigration. Only
the wealthiest moti bring their wives,
and these Instances aro rare, and of these
few, most havo gone back, not liking the
country. Another faot indicative of tho
character of Chineeo immigration, Is,
that tho great hulk of tho money they
earn by labor or make in tm-lo Is sent
back to China, to belnvustc i il oro and
await their return to enjoy It. These and
similar facts given by Mr. Sehurz, Indi
cate that wo are not to bo overrun br
Asiatic hordes, and honco that tho Chi
nese problem Is not as intricate m has
been supposed.
- -
tiik i)it.iM.i i.v m i:-ico.
The city of Mexico is npoken of n
being oneof the best show places known.
With o population of SOfl.ouo, there hto
eight theatre-, with u Phua tie Toros
capable of seating from eight to ten
thousand. Tho leading theatre, the
Natloual, scats threo thousand, with n
parquet, four circles and a gallery. Tho
theatres aro all lighted by keruseno oil,
gas not having been Introduced t hero.
The Iturbldo theatro Is the second iu
size and Is devoted to opera conlque.
At the city of Guadalajara, with a popula
tion of 160,000, they aro building a the
atre larger than any slmular establish
ment probably In the world. It was
commenced about twelvo year ago,
and, although It has been for soveral
months iu occasional use, it is still in an
unfinished condition, so far as Its elabo
rate decorations and ornamental work Is
concerned. When fully completed,
according to tho original design, It will
bo ono or tho most splendid, as it is now
ono of tho largest structures ever yet
dovotcd to muslo and the drama in
any part of the civilized world. Tho
building Is ubout 200 feet front and ex
tends back nearly aoo feet. It has six
tiers of boxes and a parquet spacious
enough to seat two thousand people.
Tho domo of theatre Is wonderful, both
aa regards size aud beauty of decoratlou,
the oil palnilngu olono costing nearly
$50,000. The stage Is al o-.it 75 feet front
and 100 feet In depth. Among tho feat
tires of this house aro Its large lobbies
and retiring rooms. Corresponding with
each box In tho lirst ami second tiers are
rooms handsomely arranged and fur
nished, which belong to tho boxes and
aro Intended for tho exclusive tiso of tho
box-holders. Rotwcen the acts the ladles
retire to their moms and receive their
gentlemen friends, ami entertain them
wllli true Spanish hospitality, their tables
being well supplied with refreshments of
allkluds. This building will probably
not be completed for somo yours, Iu cou
Hequenco ot tho difficulty the stockhold
ers have in collecting money.
Along tlmo ago quadrupeds tiro said
to have spoken as oruuloa, and their
words wero believed. Some one very
recently professed to have heard tho dis
sertation of an ox on tho subject ot tax
ation, and In a sort of autobiography, ho
hi reported as delivering himself Iu tide
wise :
I was burn Iu Nebra-k. Thu funiK-i
to whom 1 belonged paid a tux on mo
as a part of my Income during my voal
hood. Ho sold mo whou I waa 'tin m
years old, and paid an Ino iiv t-ix upon
what I brought. I was t.iiA'.y f.iuid un
til I weighed nearly a ton, by a dtu.
erat on Weeping Water, who paid, the
government eighteen cent- f.:. U.- prlvl
lego of selling mo to a b'K . !.i . . t . ,
a tax for tho privilege of nl' me to
tho public. Tho butcher . !il my tullow
to a chandler, who made n; , by j ,-lns
u license as a manufaet" r h , .; .;
for tho poor people, who j , 11
emit, lux on eatidkci t I . 'i.,
lir. ' 'voofH uro ni ''' 5i
1S() :
and glue, and pay another tax. My hide
goes to tho tanner, who pay a nianu-
juuiurusiieuuse, unu ismauoinio J earn
er, upon j which is an ad kUtcm tax of
flvo-por cent. Tho tanner will Bell tho
leather to a wholnsalo dealer, who pays
fi mnrnfintif Iln Kantian nni! ant! An In.
como tax, and he will sell It to tho shoe-
w. 1 II i I its
iuuKer, ami ino Biioemauer win maao
bootn for the laborer, farmer and median
io, and chargo cnough'forthem to cover
all tho taron (Minmnmlnil. tnvothnr with
his own manufacturer's tax.
Krom tho I4iluch 'Iltr.U.' Utti.)
On Saturday last, Mr. Ed. Maofaen, of
Kddyville, reached tho city, harlng In
cuanceia young ruan wnom no nau arrest
ed at Eddy vlllo a dav or two before.!oharor.
cdwlth having committed a murder la
Illinois sometime since, We believe he
has gone on with his prisoner to that
Mr Maclicn was clerk on tho steamer
Cumberland at the time of its explosion,
und the young murderer was ono of the
passengers on tho boat. Escaping un
hurt aud lauding at Shawncetown, he
was thero recognized and arrested and
placed In Jail. A few days after, however,
ho managed to escape and mado his
way Into Kentucky as far as Eddyville,
where he was recognized by Mr. Macheu
an tho same man whom ho had 6oeu in
the hands of tho ofllccrat Shawneetown,
aud waa promptly rearrested.
One element of human greatness con
sists iu tho conquest of self. Solomon
says that ho who ucliiovcs this conquest
Is greater than he who lakes a city. To
conquer the disposition which leads a
man to live only for his own gratlflca
tlou ; to bcnabled, against tho habits of
years of selfishness, to flow out to all
within reach, In efiorts of well doing;
successfully to resolve to make common
cause with tho great wants of society,
and to feel Iu himself an evcr-seusitivo
sympathy with all tho pains of human
sullerlng above all to acqulro tho wil
lingness to sacrifice, to npend time, labor,
money, thought, for his fellow beings;
and to do all this lovingly, ungrudglug
ly, unwearledly, until thero blooms on
overv side of him a pleasing scene of re
warded benevolence this Is an achiev
ment of the prlnclplo of greatness might
ierthau any which is won upon the
bloody fields of war.
A Now York dispatch says:
Brokers and bankers continue excited
about the doings of the Grand Jury It
Is reported to-day that they have
branched oil' from the gold to tho green
back speculations and are now gather
ing evidence In regard to those who wero
some tlmo tducc prominent in looking
up grconuacKs. iiusiiasso scared sev
eral bankers that this evening threo
firms who havo been charging illegal
rates hent checks for the dlfi'crences to
all their customer. Thursday thcGrand
Jury deliberations will come to an cud,
and Indictments will no doubt he presen
ted against Gould, Ccrbln undRutter
I'l, H-lo If,... i hereby riolif!'! thkl fmurl
M.i.r lit! ill-1 a li!! .ii Ch.iiicf ry for illrotce kgalnul
hrr, in Uk- Crtiut Court of Ali'iainltr count;, till
timi", in 1 that .iiinmon. hai hon I.mlo-1 thvrxon for
wtiil 'Ufciidpnt, irturtmtle t thentil trm of ul
Court, to U JioMvn at I he Court lloure In Oiro, iu
Hie County nforn.aiil, on tho thin) MomUy of Jnu
ry. A. D. fooi JOHN q IIAHMAX, Clrrk.
J. M. U.uiJc, Cimirm Hohcitor.
October M, letiv. oc:5
St.ito of Illinois, AlvxunJrr Counly. n. AlfxuiJr
Ciuntr, Circuit Court.
In I'ia Mmicr of Chrinojihi-r C.
It.'it.inxin, y, Mury A. Ilarily,
( hrtr J. lUrJjf, A. I.nwrf nco
Ilttflv. rt. ult.
On Mill to ror:t(i
1'uMio notico It htirtby uitcn. th.il In iiuriane of
k irial orfcr t ntf rei in tho nboo ntittnl cUi,
in i-ahI Court, on the fifth Jay of Outober, A. I), louf,
I, John Q Ititrman Mitfr In Ctasccrj fur alJ Court,
nil, mi ttm Uth tlsy or .No tomlr, A. U. UW, t i
o'clock In the afternoon of Uy, if 11 tjiublio
auction to thn hiyhtit lnilJfr, for caah, at th itutr
of tho Court Itouio In tho city of Cnlro, in aaiUCoun.
ty, tho follo?inR ilricnbci rt-McUt-, alluato in tw
Ciur.ty of AloiuJ.r uuj Btt cf lllinoit , Ig.wit ;
Lot mirabvrcd (',) lublook numWroJ bflr.two, in b.
City of Cvn., tnui'ttter with UiinJlDuUr llio Una.
muiili ft'ul )uf'Vitmcnt thi'cunto ItlDUKinj.
Muter In Chancary.
C.uro Ill.noii. October 2Tlh A. I. 1MJ.
Mulipy, WIU Wheeler, ilitilora for Cmpl't.
J pruilenee, eaimlns nerrom debility, prematura
-li.iiy, ,t.' , Ii.h .li. i ovi-rcii u Mini'lo Mir-iu of eura,
wtiiWi he will cnil free in u fi lloi tutltircrft. Ait
JrctJ. If 1;i:KVKS, "o .Njhhju .-triol, h'tw York,
Zither Virtuoso.
A trni(i "f 'Xtrnorilliisry Talent, an I jronounced
by th tobf MlthOUt nn ijiul In Kuropo o
Ainu'oa, lUiiu ttiu ino,t llnttfruia onilor!tmont
from lMhitfhit itunv ofilu. OMCpmitry; Wllgnu
.t TJri;
Oil IVtiluy ami .Snturtlny r.vcnliU UUtll
ami 30tli In.tM.
SO Con In.
ni:si:uvi:i kkatm ,..,,-75
1 Itcaervait itiU caq bo teauro.1 t I). Hartnnn'a
runiiH, Commercial Arcnue, on th morning p;co
ding echfQnccrt.
Oct. a .'tj.
- ' . - - ... .
Of OrtJLx-o,
A the Cloae of Ilunlncav, Ocloltcr V, ISSt)
I. oant anl Discount!
OtenlrnfU M
II. H. Honda, to ecura clroutatlon
11,8. llonita ami secutltiea nn hand
tHharStoeka, Uondi aud iIortnRn-.. .......
Duo from n!f mlnjr, and Ileieriu Aenl..
Due from otherNatlnnal Hnli.........?.
Due from other Uankiaml Ilnnkerii
Real Kitatc
Kurnltlirnaud Kixtiirea
Current Kinnten
Taxes I'ald! . "
W.047 TT
3,'2M 41
11,200 M
3,310 4.1
l.aiW 3T
IMM it
3,2fI S4
4,iZi 0.
3,343 'X
I.7C3 a
Itemlttancci InTrrnoll
CahItPm, IneliniinK Htamn
Caih nn hnnd :.lllll of other Nation.
ai i)iik.... j ()
Fractional Currency. Ine. NleWeW.. 9(?J M
Hpecle Coin 3i) Co
i.egai enier .oin 17,430 P0
M,3. Ji
S-'OI.TIO 14
Capital Stock paid In Slfo.COO
Eichannfl M A..H.1 m
Int-reat 4 oa It
Profit and I.ds . 1 i',7 41
Knilonal Hank circulation outlndliiij.... Tn.MS ot
IndiTldual DepoiiH 13,603 11
flute of Illinois, County of AUxAnUer'lVi!
1. C ITit.tiArt r..l..n. .xf ll..t V-,.- .. .1 ,1 ...1.
J. . 1 1 1 1 . a1 '...I'll I Jl.lllk,
of Cairo, Illliioli.awoarthtt tho alrain Matemcnt H
ur, .utiic uvti 114 111 7 KiiuwiiHiuf. nni ixiiei,
. ., , , C.N. liur)lt. Ca.hirr.
Htilii:rildAiidaMorntu before me, ttilt luth iliyj (
Oetobvr, MOT. H. It. HAY. Notary I'ul lir
Uorn-ct Attct:
D. llt.UD, I
H. It. HAY. P.reclori.
J.T Itr.NNIi:, r20n.
T 1 1 CON DIT r ON
OX OmIi-o,
At 4loe of l!iitl.ii'n, Oetubrr Olh,
Inanl Dinrnunti 1117,324 6
Overdraft.. 't.MX 17
U. H. Honda to Sri u n I 'irculat.on l',0iO 0
U.H. Uondi 011 hand 18.IW PS
OtherHtoekK, ltondn and llorte, 1,H'4 II
Uu from lleeeeinlni; and Reeryo Agent. IC,7"J7 S
Duo from other Nationnl lUnka 1U.771 7S
Due from llnnkq And lUn're O.rns
lltnklne llou.p 2i.0n) oa
Oilier Ileal Kibtiw 1MH 07
Current r.spvn.c t,v.'4 3
Titieal'itld 1,503 14
Caih Itt'im, Including; Htuinp ',!I5 77
llilhinf other N.ktiomtl Uikr rflr,
Kr"tlonal Currency, incliidiu;; Nickel I, "I' II
,ieole Coin.. . ., u..'IH
l.Sl Tendi r Ni.Ien 2",; i0 14
Treasurer V. J- , MuIiUIihI Cwrrexny fur l!e-
prmption 1 .000 M
f.i itul J-I.H'k 1'aid it $1 a.,n fi
Suipliliil'uiid .u 1 0)
I.xehin .. .....(,..M.. ...m.m.......... ......... .'i-i. 13
llitere! .. . ". 1'J
1'iof.t und !. . ... . IV7J 67
N.ltl.ilUl lltiik ClroHlaUun IVUIuuJ.US....m .!. .) (
Iii'llTi.Iual i.'ioll lu.'.sHins
DtlPto llinkiatnl llutikrt - 7'jOi
I, A. II. S..llwr I, Cu-bifr f thn City Natbunl ll.nk.
of Ctlrn, do uleinnly nwtir Out tl.nlue i' . ult
I truo to the hwt of my kBOM.odze Mid U-'i.f
A. II. si.l'KOKI, fa.l.ier,
Hubrcillieil iiml aiiru to bofuro ink thU IH1I1 iUy of
Oct.iler, ISiM, It. H. CANUKi:, Not.ry I'u'.t
ft. K. TAYI.UK, )
. D. Wll.l.UM-ON,iDlreetor.
V. I'. HA1.MUAV. J wHiin
Ky ,rtuo nf n nril of Tenlitimii okponaa
to nn iliri'ctnl by the Oukof the I'm-uit Court d Al
luandereoiinty, intheSt.itj of Illlnoin, In faror of
J.vmei.8. MorrU. William W. Thornton, Charles W.
Kield, firm of Morrn. Thniiit'n A. l'l-M. and amnit
ClurleH Thrupp, I w ill oilur fur j!c thu followinKdc
scribed property jtii-wit 1 l.nta numbered elKhteea
and lum-ti'intlMun I iu.) ,n blot k numUiod twenty
four fill, In the oily uf Cnlro, Alex.ui.'.-r county . llfi
nnl, thpproiNrty of Ihea.iidl'hatlv Thrupii.whichl
ahull oiler ul publiei'.ili' at the uoterly door of tin
Court lloiikf. in th oity nf liuro, Alotamter couuty,
Illinoi'.on tho r.ih d of November, A. D. INM, be
tween liiehoura of nhieo'ulock a.m., and min(t of
ii.J y, for ''tub, to !tMj id writ of nud.t4Si
' I.Oi:iB H. MVHIti:.
fheritl of AliM.Miilor i-ouuty, Ilhnoji,
Cairo, llliuoU, 0,'iolwr 13, l'H. ocllvHl
The ..iitiicrflilii Imlneeu tlm uiiJerhijuc.l, 1. thia
darilixdved by imitut.l en'iit.
Cuiro, Ihi. ith, li'. AKTIIHU MACK IK,
W. 11. 1'UltCKI.l,,
U,'t':oSt O.H.liUKK.I.KT.
. J2-rox-y aMTox-ziiotag; J
A 1'ieo IjikIi aill b sotted unit the ViJUn
loon and rcaluuiniit. utttn n'clouketery iiioruiiu;.
The rOKliiiitaift ha U-en rweiilly Htted tin. and pf r
oneau be g.tuominod.Uu I with tneaU at all houra.
J I'ricoa riwomiMe. , , ,, .....
Conn r of Hiith nr. ceand Cuiume n al Ajentie. t it
door t l'ol OU.C-. fctl.
An i:llljlj' Mtualnl llcllliitf Jlouae.
I will .ell my deltuiir h ue. .iliut.. outho oornar
of SiMh and Wftlmil, with the too hd upon , which It
fctauds.onreanoimlile terms. Tlie iii.uiteooiiiuiiia in.
loom and kituheti, la vmll urmued, will Unladed,
mipplled with iin, cistern, oiithou. und all Iu
ill;.,,. i...r .,ri... 1111,1 tuiumaiiLlr at nir
ahop. on Sixth atn et. nur l.iv.e '',,,,
l.VL'l III
of etery do.'crliitioii,
I. Mill, HhlucU-H nnd 4'ftlHr lot.
Y KKV A KU OrTK'K-Coruer Commercill aieuus aJ
TmU strjet,
tiAlllO. ... . ... - Ilii.ifum
Onlvrs aolitflled and promptly ftMJ
LuiiiIk r futu'uhed on kfecrt noilou,

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