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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, October 29, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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puiilisiiku iiy joiin 11
oiir.m.Y s co.
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. .. i ji .
online ami everiuiK nerviuu.i uibv-uh.
On and after Sunday next the Sunday
jhool will bo held at two o'clock, lu
o nitornoon.
Hy order of the vestry.
W. W. TnoH.vro.v, 1 vvnrdenB
H. Ij.1Iam.uiay. j-"ftr(,cn8'
Cairo llllnol.-., October 29, 1SC9. 2t
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men irtMiiifii ii v iiuuui nuLiu uijijii.i ulu
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... I i I. I !. .
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r tln host men of tlio cltv . Hut the
at. In tint tun u if tlin rtnonin nf n flrn
inrlminl. I'll to VOStcrilaV (M1IV
i.iru.liTli ilnllnr4 uml flftv ennts had
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iw. l...lli.f t Ii ii t citizen will Kubscrlbo
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tr and fifty cents! Why wo havo had
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mm. ivnrK hit iiii!i:iii&iiiu. ill LiiiiiUi unuu
t ntum inrirn tti.iti thnf fnu'nnl
Im .imnnri nf nur flrn dnnartimuit.
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........ 1 . I n I..... 11 . II tf TJ.l lnirt)"l." UlnlliM
111! fr..Pd
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I.. Ill LTII'I&L ) III IL'I V tIL VjllllllllJi:illllll n. Ub
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..Htnin ill iIulu vnnnl mildtiv ti.
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III 17 llll. ...V I" "V - - n - -a-
I I., In.i.n nnilllllll f P. Ilfl.il ollfla
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... .. .1 I. ..una. I.i. ll'tlli nnnli
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iLlfiil. il Irniinn of VOCailbia UHU cvit vm
ted tho northwest, tho Allechanluns and
huio n iistui mm v noiexci'iiu'ii,
Tho trouno Ihim been organizcu eigni
1 . .1. j 1 fid Inlii'd
fiHO lll4 1 1 MO JUUUU tAlwintv" -
They havo received complimentary
1 . 1 . A . S
nHLIIIltllllUlO Ill-Mil lllu llllZllL'Bb DUUIVtiJ
. . i ....tr
King of Havana; Queen mother ol'Huva.
rla;Dukoof Modena; George, King of
Hanover; Prince- of Bolma IJauiifi'ls;
tho opora liouso of Dresden; .Master of
.. .i.
Tfiromnii na la mo r.iu lonir or iiuai a;
Mayors of tho principal cities of thefJer
man States, tho Dukoof Meiuingor, and
other distinguished persons, nil liear'tes.
tlmony to tholr woith n vocalists.
A train wo utko those wuo wmini lie en
tertained by really first Him i-ln jih o
attend tho concerts of tlioTyrolmn m,
. .'A ,.. ..
Union linen; 2 com i
TIilHy-flTCOiitofTIiroc Ilimdrcd
nml Twenty of tho 1'jikncii !
mid Crew .Survive.
tSiooiOLom' jn.ixd XuoldontM
Excepting the torrlblo Hultana disas
ter In 160-5, tho loss of human life incur
red by tho burlng of the Htonowall
is without n parallel in tho long list of
disasters that marks and mars tho navi
gation of our Western waters. The ro
cont laud horror of Avondalo orcn, falls
behind It both in destruction of life and
In tho Intensity of agony and suffering
endured by Its.victimH. ThlstJmo itias
not been the roaultr of defective "boilers,
or carelessness of officers; but tho vory
simplicity of the causo of tlio accident
which hurried so many souls to untimely
graves quintuples Uio horror of tho cal
amity. Tlio public need not oravo for a
victim ; for tho instrument perished with
his work.
Whei tho Stonewall left fit. I.ouIb on
Tuesday evening last for New Orleans,
Bho carried out with her no less, moder
ately estimated, than three hundred and
twentj persons. Of these, fifty wero
cabin insscngcrs, including about fifteen
ladies, and a email number of children;
ono hundred and forty deck passongers
reckwed higher by some)'" ruc for
Little Itock, wliero they wero to engogo
as laborers on one of tho railroad enter,
priswnow progressing In that section;
and ihft crew, including captain, cicrRs,
pilot, engineers, cabin force, deck hands,
roustabouts, etc., numbering in tho ng
creRato at leant eighty. This eitimnto is
marfe by a Hurvivlug member of tho
crev, and is, wo believe, from the cor
robirating testimony of other survivors,
a vtry fair one. Tho exact number lost,
atidthclr.identity, are, as In all similar
casu, utterly impossible to ever learn.
ol more than thlrty-tlvo of this nam
ber survive; and of tho fifteen ladles, all
buf three are missing. Of the eighty
wlo constituted the crew, but four aro
new alive; of tho ono hundred and forty
deck passengers but twenty were saved;
of tho thirty or thlrty-fivo malo cabau
piascngers, at least twenty-six or twenty-
sercn perished; of tho thirty-Ave vho
aicccodcil in reaching tho bank, two
died from Intonse cold and exposeure.
Wednesday evening was unusually
cold and blustering for our October. A
heavy frost had sot in; and the large
n imber of deck passcngors wero huddled
tcgelhcr in knots, in as close proximity
t3 the boilers as tho engineers would per
mit. Supper was just over m tho boat
ottered that;part of tho river, resembling
In many features, a canyon, which ex
tends from near Grand Tower to some
dlitauce below. Either sldo is llnid
wl.h walls of rock, almost perpeudlcular,
rcidoring access to tho brinks in all
plu:es very diftloult and lu so mo im
possible. Tho peculiar formation of tho
bed and banks of tho river at that point
materially Increases tho rapidity of tho
current; and tho Irregularity of ltscourdo
Is phinly marked at intervals of every
few hundred yards, bordering on tho
bank, by numerous powerful eddies.
The laud contiguous to tho river is not
avaihblo for agricultural purposes, and
Is spirscly settled, miles Intervening
botwtcn tho houses of tho fuw persons
who havo settled there. Tho nearest
housuto tho scene of disaster was distant
at Iciitt one mile and a half.
T II B O H 1 0 1 N O K TI U VI R K.
ltwswliilo making the passage of
this ctuynn, between beven and eight
o'clocl, that ouo of tho deck passengers
discovered tlio loss of hN valise. It had
been nunoved from the spot where ho
hail lut It. ik'Mdo all his clothes, ho
dcelartd It contaluod a cou&ldorablu
sum f inoiify. Uy sumo means ho
piocured a caudle, and lighting it, stin t
ed out la tho tsuuroU of his missing prop
erty. Afiof the boilers was stowed away
a largo quantity of hi led hay. With
fatal carelessness ho began his rum
maglu among tho bales lor his valise;
and did nut coutiuuo long beforo
tho Iwy beoamo ignited, and cries of
"lire! fire!" resounded everywhere
t.iriiMKhoui the boat.
Thg conceuiraled ed'url, of tho pnes
cugeiii and crew to extinguish tlio tiro
availed nothing. In less than two niln
uluHlUnul madusueh headway, thul tho
iidelitiaiu'&s ill any further elfurt to battle
aKuiilslll, was apparent. Belf preserva
i tiim Uifii was tnu ruling motivo of the
' hour. Ono ol our informants describes
tiitwuMio as awlully Uirrlblo. The olirleks
o. the triglitened uud tho moans and
groaiiatif lllu isuHellng llllllgltd With tho
eiiesol'oliildreii and tlio biuaphulny of
men; en duck ibo hoines btampedid
bought tuu II. lines, cinching and bruising
nil iviih wiuiin lho.vo.imu In eontaoi, ud
giviii utier.uioo In their hUtleriug uud
uliiv in aeiunts almust human. The
npi, nil ul iliu tiro, prevented those qn
ikiiU lii were altlruin griug loiwuiu,
mill vec rcrMi, eiimpaubMit bcparated
hj tin iliin-""! i .yilllugi"' .i.uvii.g
in t , r .hi ' v i tl i i J -
M, , ,.,).. . s 'll' t I '
In uttemptlngto h.ivo tlio baegngo which
contained the total of their
worldy goods. In the cabin, tho
ficono beggared all description.
The mind cannot imagine, much less tho
pen describe what followed there. Hu
mans carried their souls in their coun
tenances. Kvcry fooling of horror, foar,
pity, surprise, woo and agony, were clear
ly depicted in their feature, b If traced
thero by tho pencil of a mastor. There
was nothing of the herolo about tho
whole- affair. As the detailed incidents
will show, nature strougcr than any con
sideration, forgot all ties, was deaf to all
appeals, sunk overthlng In a battle for Its
own existence. Women supplicated men
and men beseeched each other, in vain
for help; and what Is rare, oven whero tho
strugglo Is greatest for self, mothers
deserted their chlldron. This fact alone,
so unnatural and fearful, servos to give an
idea, under such circumstances, of tho
strength of tho ruling passion. These
scenes were .being enacted within the few
minutes which elapsed from tho cry of
fire to that fltngo In tho conflagration
when the.exlstenco of animate nature on
the boat wbb impossible. Of the number
who perished In tho (lames, It Is not pos
sible to estimate with any degree of ac
curacy. It Is known howoycr, that a
largo number of tho deck passengers,
wounded by tho stampeded horses, and
In other ways, never left the boat; and
it is certain, that a numbor of tho cabin
passengers, malo as well as female, who
had succumbed under the intense excite
ment,and becamoob!iviouigf everything
transpiring about them, wero also des
troyed by tho flames. Jlutwcen Inevi
table destruction by fire, and tlio forlorn
hopo which the cold waters of the Mis
sissippi ofitired.t hero was no choice. Like
ram descrtingasiuking sliip,thcy leaped,
and tumbled and fell Into tho river, from
all parts of tho boat, and there the strug
glo forsclf continued. From a gentleman
who was among tho last to desert tho
boat, and tho first to reach the shore,
about thrco hundred yards distant, wo
learn tho following incident.
Ho was on tlio boiler deck at tho time
of tho fire, and upon hearing the alarm,
ascended to the hurrlcau roof. He ob
served ono of tho pilots emerge from his
stateroom, and Jerking a door from Its
hinges in tho texas cabin, flung it Into
therlvor. The pilot Instantly followed
In a few minutes a steamboat captain, u
guest of Capt. Shaw's, also emerged from
tho texas, and seizing a ladder threw it
overboard. Ho also Jumped Into the
river. In the meantime the (lames had
made such fearful progress that It was
no longer safe to remain on any part of
the boat, and our informant, unable to
procure anything which would servo aa
a preserver, divested himself of his boots
and overdress, and plunged in. Iorlu
natcly ho reached a bale of hay, thrown
over from the burning boat, and succeed
ed In mounting il. Hy paddliugund Hteer
ing ho managed to reach the bank, sumo
six hundeed yards from the point whero
he Jumped, from the boat. The moon had
not yet risen, but tho ulght was clear and
and starlit. Just a short distance below
him, was one of the numerous eddies re
ferred to aliove. Tho current ran direct
ly to this eddy, within a few yards of
tho bank and continuing, shot angularly
from It toward tho center of the river.
He could plainly dUceru the mass of
struggling humanity, floating with the
currant on bales of hay, plunk, state
room doors, btanchcons, and whatever
else, toward tho eddy. Roughly calcu
lated, he thinks thero musthavo been no
less than ouo huudred persons floating
about in this way. Tho eddy reached,
they were shot out with the current from
near the bank to tho center of tho river,
nml went down with their last hope.
Not ouu of those who drifted to the eddy
were saved. Thoso who escaped tho
flames, and sustained life while in tho
freezing waters, wero carried within
sight of their haven only to be forover
deprived of touching It.
TUB MOTHKR AND II till C'llll.nRnX.
The details of this incident are bk-U-enlng.
A mother, not yet advanced to
middle age, and her two girl chlldron,
aged respectively about eight and five,
wero cabin passengers, cn route lor
Cairo. They had no malo escort, hi
the excitement which followed tho
alarm of fire, tlio nhlldron who wero
romping about lu tho cabin imturully,
sought out their mother, Sho was fran
tic with fright. Her shrieks could
bo hoard distinctly above the tumult and
din overywhero prevailing. Sho rushed
hither and thltlior, entreating first ouu
and then another to nave herself and
children. No ouo noticed her. When
tho desertion from tlio boat was greatest
and the flames wero enveloping overy.
thing on tlio boat, -die rushed with
her children to tho guards. Thero was
no time 'for delay. Tho clinging chil
dren wero ruthlessly cast from her, and
sho sought safety for herself In tlio
river. Tho children perished in tho
llames. Tho motlior never roso to tho
Miibicoof iliu water.
A jibmon.
Tliu fiercest struggles wero waged In
tlio water for tho pos&csslon of articles
aU'iirdlug tho least protection tollfo; and
ceii, afterpossession, thesupromnoy was
1 contested with that zeal and bitterness
j peculiarouly to men attempting to halllo
, death. Ono notablo inslnneo Is worth
! recording. Four or five men wero ttrug
! gllngfor the possession of a balo of hay.
It wa 11 mling toward tho. Micro and on
I ward io tiiccddy. The rumbiitunhfo-ild
1 1 1 pi ilnly si on. 'lho b'lo wtis Yniod of
, Ii i mil bints, B'tvo t () r i f i
mm iii i a lu'tj ' i ' o i''
l II. I. W M-''l 1 f I It I I
tho other lu which ho hold 'a knife, and
plunged It Into tho body of his opponent.
Tho wounded or murdered man fell luck
and sunk into tlio water. Tho assailant
drifted on to tho eddy and was sien no
Was that of an old I'allnn lady, aged at
least seventy years. Her son and dauijh-
terln-law were traveling with hfr. bhe
was left to Into caro of herself. Slie threw
herself from the boat and managed, with
Bomo assistance, to gain a bafo of hay
that was floating by. Sho reafched tho
shore, and was lifted to the bank of tho
river, where sho remained In clothes, stif
fened with frost, until morning. Young
er and stronger natures succumbed to
tho cold, but she still survlres. Her
daughtcr-ln-Iaw was also srived.
Iu two hours from tho ignition of tho
hay,nothlng remained to mark tho scene
of this unparalleled horror, save tho few
survivors who whero clustered together
on tho bank. In clothing, saturated with
water and gradually stiffening under a,
severe frost, and keen and chilling
blasts; in a wilderness, and to them a
house no whero; no jlre,tiortb.emfttorlaln
to stnrtonc, their condition can bo better
imagined than described. Yet in this
awful plight they remained all night,
and tho wonder is, that Instead of but
two perishing, any of their number sur.
vlvod. One of the victims to exposure,
was a Texan, from Galveston, on Ills way
home. Papers indicating this much
was found on hH person, iio was a
young man of flue physical frame, aud
was of all otheis, Judging by appearance,
the best fitted by nature to cuduro such
a sclgo. Tho oilier was a strung, power
ful IrMitniin. Ho reached tho bank
naked, and died about four o'dock Thurs
day morning.
tub captain's wifs.
Our informant uys that tlio wife of
Capt. Shiuv was reported as saved
among the m vlvors, but the most dili
gent Inquiry on his part failed to estab
lish that fact
We might fill a page with details of
Incidents as related to us. Bit we have
not tho time or space for thli Issue. It
Is enough to say, however, that In
all others as In thoso mentioned, every
thing was subordinated to the higher
law of self-preservation. We would be
pleased to bo able to to record au act of
self-abnegation amid all thlr. It would
sparklo like a Kobiuoor Ir, darkness.
But we look In vain.
About six of tho tlilrty-tWD or threo
who survived, wero taken ut board the
City of Memphis and carried to St. Louis.
A number or them reached this city
lust night on the Olive H ranch.
Is variously estimated at from two bun.
dred and soventy-flve to thrco bundrod.
Of the crew, but four eicaped, tho
captain and clerks being numbered
among the lost.
A Tew tlnyn mure Tlaic.
1 have already prepared the delinquent
list, to deliver into the hands of the prin
ter; but, appreciating tlio scarcity of
money, aud believing a good purposo
will be subset ved thereby, I havo conclu
ded to delny Its delivery to the printers
until Monday evening, No'v. 1st.
Until then aud no longer, txes maybe
paid without cost. John Hyland,
October 120, 18G9. 4t
First class day board at Walker & fiis-
on's restaurant, at f5 per week. tf
Aiiiioiiucriiii'iit from Hip l'tiulnr Dry
(.'oiiili llniioc, ul It. II. t'liniiliiylimu.
It. II. Cunningham, now Informs tho
public that his largo aud varied assort
ment of dry goodH, boots aud shoes, hats
and caps, which ho has Just received
from tho Fast Is now open aud ready for
lipcctlou. Ho desires to call special
attention to his dress goods department,
which contains everything that Is new
and desirable It Is useless tocuumcrato;
everything thatls now and stylish will
bo found lu great varioty iu this depart
ment, at prices that can not bo reached
iu this city. JCvurybody is invited to
oalljwbethor they wish to buy,or not. Ho
Is anxious to show his goods for ho Is
OJUlMout that their superiority will
manifest itself to tho mostlncxperlcnced
Judge, aud desires only a comparison of
them with other goods, :it
lk lUmmitt, (Vlunil'us; WmWIilli, radiicali:
Oliui llrauuh, .SU.ouh; I)n Alilr,Munilhl.i;
Alit'uim, Jit hi Jom'pU iio
Mnry Houston, iio Oily of t'liro, fit I.onlj.
Di:i'AitTUnr-s. i
lko llitmmitl, Columbus; Win Wlilt. Pivlticatr,
Dan Al-le, Mounil fit), I'llie llramd, H, O.j
ht Josci'li. Ft I oiii ; Mnry llompn, do
Abeoun, Clnciiinulti C'ilyof Call), Cnlro;
The weather continues clerr nml pleas
ant. Tho riven of Ihu Northwest are still
falling, with nine feot water u tho Miss
issippi to St. Louis.
Tho Ohio Is stationary at Pitaburg with
4 feet 4 inches iu tho channel It Is fall
ing at Louisville with 3 feet 4Iuob.es in
lho canal.
Hero the river is about utatlmary.
Iiuslucssis rather dull.
Tho D.ui Able went to Mould City to
bo repaired and thoroughly renovated
preparatory to entering tho L'nlro and
r punii! j - ' tiade. Sb,' will bo
rr -iiiy Ju n' ut a weik.
i 1 T 'i i, m Dean, ono oftho finest
' d i (Miuiuodloua Bleaoeis now
tcamboatmnn, copt. J.H. Pepper, is duo
bore tills evening on her way to N. O. .
Tho Wlilto leaves as i.sual this ovculnir.
The Quickstep 's due hero for Fvans-
vllle this evening, trtnl will return im
mediately, if sho arrives.
Tlio Armada hns aguln laid np on ac
count of a scarcity of water.
UN I'ltOIIAltl.i: ius o.tini'asci:.
Wo have, during a period of montbi,
been publishing the Cairo Prico Current
at. an actual pecuniary loss. Its con
tinuance up to the present llmo is duo to
the hope we entertained that with th
incrcaso of business In the Fall Its circu
lation would be increased. In that ex'
potation wo havo been disappointed. Wo
have, therefore, determined to stop tint
publication of tho 'Prico Currnet' unlcn
Its circulation bo raised to 1,000 por
week. That number would cover th
cost of publication, and with that w
vould bo content. Wo realize that the.
sheet is an agcut of power lu the work
of building up tho Cairo maikct. It hat
been worth Its cost to the flour market
alone, furnishing as it has dono u refiox
of actual transactions that dcmousLutot!
our ability to compete with other mar
kets, a knowledgeof which could haw
been placed before that public In no other
manner. Wo are, therefore, loth to dis
continue its publication. Tho matter
rests with our merchants thoso who
are, or should be, more deeply Interested
than ourselves. If thoy rally t' lis sup
port and Incrcaso Its circulation to 1000
copies, it will be continued as usual, other
wise, tho last mini ber has already bceu
Don t Shake! Usu Aiiuni'o
Tlio dry goods establishment of Mr.
Louis IJIuni, has been removed from hU
old stand to tho bulldiugnoxl doo. to tho
corner of Commercial Avonuo nmlElghth
streot, formerly occupied by Mr. M. Hu
leu. Will bo opened Saturday morning,
tho 30th Inst. oc IIS d Ot
Now York.
For aalntiy all ll'i' U. Iltr, aa l t- oUino t f
the I'liMLticru Ly fndliiKo Toni-oUlc onltr.clief
ormonOy io the nof m ry amount.
.N'.ll. Tt l'iil.ll!iOr ulll cii.l fr.o lonny ,MreM
their law catalogue of iiiblloition, fnitn wlnvh
farther iM-lrction can Nrnmlr.
Till". IMIMIOX l-ATi'JIi:. Hy Him ( lirl.tlmi Ailr
xrn. In or ioIiiiiid; crown tvo. I'nce Incloti,
"No book I riiiR I tck Die rxlemnlb( Itnly nior
diatluttlv hii I v t: H t itlie )or tln'mlixl lusn thli
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