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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, November 01, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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OFjPIdJE: No, 13 TjoptU Street. TJioitnton's Bulldiii "
.'ct:i-nl mid Local
inr. iMii:NniN
Tho olectfon to-morrow haa not onllit
ed that attention, nor aroused tho meas
uro of enthUHiastuita Importauce.seomed
to call for. In it aro Involved niattorH of
momentoUH cotuequonco to tho people,
aud tho varied Interests that givo Illi
nois promiKCiico as a Btato. It rcHulta
will Involve u remodeling, poilbly a re
construction, of that organic law un
dor which, for a half contury, w ,bave
convention aro unquestionably tho
choicobf tho paity. Never before In tho
history of tho county, has. a ibettcrtlckot
been peeeentdd. In putting It forward,
tho party has shown a Just appreciation
of tho wants of tho county, and tho Im
portance and magnlludo of public affairs
and business. Men havo been chosen
who aro known to bo equal to a Ratio
factory dlschargo of tho duties that will
dcvolvo upon them. "Old fogylirn?' has
beoh laid in tho shade, and candidates
selected who will glvo county matters a
now facoVTHo resources of tho county will
be Intelligently and Judiciously applied.
The varied wanbt and "nectssities'of tho
people will bo understood, and tup
idled as rapidly as prudenco may
'dictate. Our public school will be faith
fully looked after by a man who will
seek their elevation and prosperity with
tho zeal of an enthusiast. Our assessor
and treasurer will bo a man who will act
according to his convictions of duty
Bringing a goodjudgmcut to h'said, he
will do what he conclcvcs to bo
Jubt'ca Lotwceu man and man
and then "shoulder tho responsi
bility." The county clerk's of
flco will command tho services of the
present incumbent a gentleman lilted
by nature, education and experience for
that position. No man could 11 1 1 tho posi
tion more acceptably; und, for another
four year?, at least, tho democracy will
not permit any other man to try. Kuch
li tho prevision tho county convention
has made for thu Immediate future, and
what good democrat can question the
wisdom or acceptability of tho provinton?
Notwithstanding thu fact that the
convention framed a ticket that is enti
tled to the support of overy man calling
I himself a democrat, in tho county, there
are, here and there, avowed democrats
lived and nronpered: and upon tho. Intel
Uguuco uml Influence of tho democratic
representation in tho body with whom
that responsibility la reposed, measurably
dopends tho preservation of thoso Stale
rights that havo thus far secured to us
self-government, and shloldod us from
tho tyrannies of centralized power.
Upon a largo democratic .representation
in the convention most probably depends
the protection of our Ktato identity, the
assertion aud maintenance of thoo
rights committed by our fathers, to the
Htates and tho people. Upon moA a re
presentation measurably ;depends n re.
oowca leac upon that enlarged liberty
that ; Insured tn happiness and con
tint men tain people, and distinguished
us as free and Independent citizen?.
Tpon tho wuno contingency depends
the t3fy acquirement ofthf rights of
utizii.fUp by tho foreigner; and, in
"iitsl, a liberal, democratic organic
In every representative district of the
State tho democracy has brought for
ward Its most talented, influential und
substantial men us candidates for the
constitutional convention. The demo
crats of Egypt havo been particularly
fartuuato lu tins regard, and have put
forth mm whose very names are a tower
of fctrength, and a terror to enemies of a
popular government. They aro men In
to whose hands tho people may commit
the highest trusts, with every rieriurutice
r.f their ability and disposition to do and
dare wtiat duty or tho common weal re
quires. Men Imbued wltti a lovo efcon
atltullonal government, appreciating
th iioeeasitlcs of our great and growing
Htate, pure In moruls, liberal and patri
otic In pentlment, they would form
J'.istMich an assemblage as would Insuro
to us a wie, comprelivnsiyo anu demo
cratic constitution one under which our
varied Inteiwts and liistltntloni would will, in short, realize such a d
. r , .1 r. nnd ournoonlo realize the bless' between his own estimation of
iirs of acood and liberal government
Llcot tbo detuocrutio nominees, and tho
Hag of our capital will lloat above the
most talented, und patriot w body of men
that ever gathered In Illinois or lu the
Norihwet-a body of men or wnom me
, op(f would feel proud, and In whoso
honc-dy, Integrity aud patriotism tho
I j.'tCviUld placo the moit unbounded
faith and Implicit reliance Tho bare
possibility of securing .the presence of
uch an assemblage In Hprlngfleld, or
even tho probability of securing a con
trolling representation there, .ought to
inspire every tlemocratlth enthusiasm,
and excite him to a work forhl standard
hearers that will cease only with tho
.letling of to-tnorrow'd sun.
Hard work, ceaseless effort on tho part
of democrats, will enlarge the democrat
ic representation In tho constitutional
convention. The prospect is not alto
gether gloomy. Effort may lot in the
.vim light. In a single year tho hard
vorklng democracy of Ohio has reduced
the enemy' majority nearly 3j,00U votes.
Everywhere we.have been making tho
tho most successful nsinults upou tho
radical works. Strongholds have fallen
into our hands, and others aro at tho
very point of capitulation, Illinois Is
now the battle ground, and wo cannot
permit ouraolves lo believe that tho
enemy will maintain his old advantage.
Where his columns were well supported,
h nttf mnnf' nfwl lit ft
a year ago, tni? mu ..m j
fjallautchurgo wo shall breuk through
Uteni. Wo do not expect lo route him
'horse, foot and dragoons" but wo do
expect to gain ground, to maintain
Melds from which wo wore driven last
vear, and to convince our foes that, for
i "defunct party" wo faro the livoljest
old oorpso" with which they ever had
to do. To effect this, We must work.
Kvery man must do his duty, his wholo
duty and nothing less.
LOCAL ABl'nCTHOFTlli: (.'0.NT13T.
Tho election to-moriow la ouo of con
siderable eoiiHequenco to Alexauder
county. The democratic- parly has
placed In '.the Held a ticket eminently
(tenoning of overy democratic vote In
tho county. It was nominated by a con
vention, the fairness and legitimacy of
which tho mo.it captious sorohcad cau
not question, Through that convention
tho party spoke, nnd the nominees of the
who,jsettlng up their Judgment against
that ftrfj party, declare" i purpose to
bolt at least a part' of ,tl(e nominations.
This It not only Jvory prefuraptdus In
theio few men, .but an net of bad faith
which lhey-,will live to retrret. One" of
these men brought to a bed of sickness,
and to a calm eurvty of, his, course, saw
its Iniquity, aud not only abandoned it,
but anolocized to hl.4 party ..and publicly
avowed hW dcdernjluatlon to support tho
regular uomTnec;'' But MirSevdrefar-
chlldou persevere, lu his recreant work,
llattered by a few busy-bodies Into tho
belief that there is u chauco for his elec
tion,. The deluded maul Tho count of
ballots to-morrow night will teach him a
lesson ho will be apt to remember. Of
tho twelve hundred votes that will bo
cast to-moi row, Severe ilarclilldon will
notget hevoniy-flvol Of tho nine Jam
dred democratic votes that will bo
thrown, he will not receive fifteen! Ho
as an "indtpcndtr.l candidate," nnd tho
people's estimation of him as a "bolter"
that he will feci like hiding bis head in
shamo and confusion. But he will run
Let him take the full monsure of rebuke
he Insists upon.
Turn out and vote. You may not con
shier your ticket In peril; but you will
fail In tho dsschargo of a duty If you fall
to voto. Every vote will swell tho
grand aggregate by which wo are to de
termine ourpresent strength and future
prospects. Ono yoar ago'llllnols gave
tho radloal ticket a majority Of 61,150
votes. Afulldemocratlo voto to-morrow
will reduce that majority at least ono
half, and point us to tho time, not lu tho
enjoys the confidence' of tho people, nmh
will be returned to tils scat in the county
court by a .majority that, willutteily
astound his half' dozen traduccrs, who
blindly conceive they aro playing havoc
among his Bupporterx.
lAesident of the county for moro than
a'quarferof a cenlury, acquainted with
tho people, possessing a very exact
knowledge of ."bow the land lies" of
Bound Judgment, an honest heart and n
resolute will, William Martin will servo
tho pooplo faithfully, honestly nnd we
believe acceptably, as asiossor aud treas
urer. He It, and always was, a demo
crat;ofthelnnexlblo,unlllnchltje;type,and is now beforo the people for tho first time
in his life, for an office of trust and pro
lit. Shall ho liava it? "Aye," responds
every truo democratic heart In tho coun
ty. Against bis private character no
man can any a disparnglug "word. Ills
honesty aud integrity stand utiim-
peached and unluipeaclmble. Burely for
ituch n man vo mny, with n good grace,
ask overy democrat to vote I
Friend nor foe will deny to Mr. Jlrosp,
the democratic candidate for county
udge, all tho essential requisites to a
tlrst class officer. Well versed in statute
law, possessing a good storo of common,
practical cense, firm In his convictions of
right, he is the very man to fill the ofllce
of county Judge, ltegardlcss of what
this man may nay or what that man may
think, Mr. Uross will do his duty and his
whole duty. What tho law requires at
his bunds, will be performed by him-
Ho will havo no favorites to roward, no
enemies to pursue or punish. He will
fill tho ofllce as an honest, common sense
man should, unswerved by fear, favor
or affection. He will have opinions of
liis own, and by them ho will bo govern
ed. Iu abort F. Dross,. Esq., Is "got up"
Just right to fllljtho ofllco of countyjudge,
aud the peoplo will so declare, to-morrow,
by a majority that will admit of tho de
signation of "perfectly reusing."
department. Tho Secretary will not re
ceive applicants personally. No answers
will be mado to applications uuless the
applicant Is appointed, and in nocaso will
Eapera filled ia support of aniapplicatton
e returned td Mo anpllcapt.j Attention
to this nollco will saVe tho applicants
mucn inconvenience,
.Hamilton J?i8ir, secretary or mate.
atlo of Illlnoli, A1oJmlcr County, as.
touniy uircuu uoim.
John Major 1
ti I MecliMiIcn t.Un.
Durit! Ford nd Samuel f mental Dill,
V. Dane. J
Affidavit of the non-ref Ideneo of David Vor.l
Samuel 0'. Davli th aboranAniodUofpndantiihaTlit
Tha t wo may , not,, In, ,tba future, be in nied in tho cierk-a omce or ma circuit Court tt
, '.' ' " ia i , ' j t tald county, notice i tharoforo harebv gl t lk
Called upon to Interrupt his round Of mid DtTldFord ana eamualC Datii that thatoa-
pleasure arid dissipation bfctffrWn- ftiM'. &irSStVot.
tion to the dry details of busm.ss, the fc; n"0cun, 4nuSSS SsilS
President has IsSUed. the following: Uvdlrteta. Now unli ron, tho.aald Darld Vori
I and Samuel 0. Darn shall be and incear beforo tka
All communlcatlpns In writing Intend
ed for tho Executlvo Department of this
government and relating to publlo busi
ness of wbatever.' kind," irieladlag sUgieai
tlons for legislation, claims, contracts
employment, nppolntmonts nnd removals
from ofllce aud pardons, must bo trans
mitted through the department to which
the care of the subject matter of comruu
nlcatlou properly belongs. Communica
tions otherwlxo transmitted will not re
ceive attention.
Uy order of the President.
liAsnivroM Ftsu, Secrotary of State.
Circuit Court of cald eountr on tha firt dT of the nail
Term thereof to be holden at tho Court Homo In Ike
City of Cairo, In laid county, on the third Monday
January next, and lilrad. aniwor or demur to the
laidcomplainnnfa bill of complaint, the aama and Iba
matters and thing therein charged and itated will t
, taken ai confessed, and decroe entered against J
ccorning o mr prayer ni iaia iiiii.
junrt u. iiakhad, uiersu
Cairo, Illlinola, OetolxT 25tli, 1SC9.
Mulker, Wall A Wheeler. CompPts Sola,
Mr. lu P. JJutlor, the democratic candi
date for superintendent of public: sehu r.-t,
Is a gentleman of very supeilor qualifica
tions. As tho temporary Jucumbeut of
Hint office ho has entered npon the dis
charge of its duties with a zeal quite grat
ifying to every frleud of popular educa
tion, displaying In connection therewith,
it full kuowledgo of tho duties of his res- I
lit- i r- f 1 1 r I
puueiuic iusi. lie is a young mtiu-mu
If You Waul
Mt:j! w mike a dollar bottle of the bepl Hair Re-
torat.teeTf r us-4for rtitaring gray hair to (ti orig
inal color, aend Sinnts for a package.
ir Ton Mailt
Stc Whit Te f tli, H uULy Uuuii, and a sweet breath
hend for our TUIlKlslt DENTIHKICK, rrlc. 34
ir You Wntil
A sur cure for Headache, Citarrh, I'eafoesi, or bus
I r.nir in the r, wI f-r our HT KKNUTATORT
I'ricw Si cents. . .
BS.If"'rf th&kOe irut post-paid on receipt I
of price.
Addict Joseph K. I.sehar, 4!I Markit street, Pt.
iMUif, Mo. ( s27 lydiw
A Itnre Collection. Rowlsnd's Rrcelutn,
Matc Art", Dii(.QTcrtc4, etc., cumprining TaluaU
information fur eteryboily. Ecnlby.mail, (frea f
postare)for 10 ctnlf.
Address It. K. NORMANM, Ml Mstkel street, St.
I.ouii, ilo. sendswly
Drake'fi CotlectUa
Of nearly one hundred nceipts for making brandy
all kinds ol Wine, Gin, Ale, Ileer, Cordials, fiuperiar
Cider, and much other useful Information for the
dealing in or manufacturing aoy of the aboyt, either
fjr the trade or home me. , . .-
Kent by mail, frrv of postuc, lir tcenU. Aiidreea
It. E. NOUSIANDr, Ml Market street, St. Louts, Ilo.
se"7 lyde
New Jlarrlage (iwlrfe.
AN RVAT l'OR YOU"iO WW, oa I'hyeiolosital
Kttoti', Abuses and Oisoascs, incident to Touth and
Early Man'iood, wliicU create impediment to MAIl
niAOE, rriUisurumnaw of rrlltf. Stntiu scalsd let
ter -nislorts. free if cliarjr. AdJrtus, I)r. B. HKIL
I.1N lluLijIiruK, Howurd AnocUlion, l'hiladtl-
nhia. Pa. acUdawSm
or Cairo,
Al the Close of lluxliuot, October U, 1
5 a,w V
, si, soy o
, 3.H1U fo
. V.M-i II
. r,ui n
i.iao :
, It
, 4,m w
. ?,M.1 71
m w
Loans and DivouuU .......
Overdraft -
U.S. Hon ils, to ecu re circulation ....
U 8, Uou 'e andSecurillc onlisml
Other 'itookn, llon.li and Mortgigea
Utiu iroin Hndc onilunnii nrst-rtu Aonts
Uiiufroin other. National UnV... .,...
Due tf'im other liuiiKtaml liankrri.;
Ileal L-lhtc. ...
l'utnituto huiI l ixtilrin 4. ...
Currvnt Eipeu-n ....
ijei i-aiu -
Ilurnlltimrc in Trrult. .........
Catti Iti'iix, Including ritninp'
Cti on hand ; Hill of other Nation
al Ilanks...., 3 e,.TM w
rraclloiiM Currenrr, Iiuj. Mekcls.. !02 W
Hpoelr-Cow - 1W CO
Legal Tondtr Note-.. . .. K.tW W
(l,710 It
Capital Mock paid lnK -....SlOO.OoO 0
i.xcnino -
Int rest ..mm... ...iiiwwi... . t,OCS SJ
Profit flliai.l m 1,137 91
National Hank elrcuUtlott otttitnildlng... 70, MS OS
Individual l)e0(itM J,3 n
8204,740 It
Hate of lllinuH, County of Alexander, ss.
I. C.S. Uuclies.CaOilcrof the llrst NationallLnik,
of Cairo, Illinois, swear tlntthoi ivbxno Mtalemertt .1"
int", o trie urn oi my kuOHii'.ijcuuu uciiki.
Huberilmaad sworn to bfore m. this 19th day I
K'tolr, I SCO. f . It. UAY, Notary IMl lie,
correct Attest:
I). Ill ltl, I
S. P.. HAY. Directors.
J.T. ltKNNIK, I Oli0dl
ti nneau or mm, anu as no now sows win ,.r ,l0 i:ctuelo I,egllatiire
I . -
C O N J ." I T I O N
very distant future, when tho "Pralrlo
Stale'' shall havo passed from under the
sombro cloud of radicalism, to the Rio
rlous sun light of democratic rule. Such
an inspiring prospect is worth working
for. Xt us, then, bucklo on our armor,
and, with stout hearts, nerved by a con
sciousness of tho Justlco of our cuuse,
enter tho morrow's fight, each resolved,
come weal or woe, victory or defeat, to do
C1UTK. Tho democratlo nominees for associate
Justices, John Howley, of Cairo, and
JamoiK. McCrlte.of Hazlewood precinct,
aro Juot such men as should fill tho of
fices for which they are nameu. iintn
of them are eminently practical In their
views; and honest and conscientious lu
their official acts, they are tho kind ormen
to assist In tho management of our coun
ty business. That, llko all men, they
arollablo to err, wo shall not denybut
that either ono of them has an act of
official ueglcctor wrong dolnglto remem
ber or rogret, no man will bellevo who
knows them. They aro cautious and
exact, frlondly to such Improvnments m
old tho growth of tho county and .contri
bute to tho convenience of the pooplo,
yet lu oucouraglng these, they keep an
cyo to tho credit of tho county and tho
ability of tho peoplo. Against Mr. How
lev a "snurt" of opposition lias been
raised, having lta foundation In a spirit
tho pooplo will rebuke by electing him
by a larger majority than will be re
ceived by any other caudldaU on tho
tiokot. Iilko Mr, McCrlU, Mr. Howley
ho In tho future roup. Hut it higher con
hldcnitlou incites bim. Ho li an enthu
siastic friend of public school?, and
craves no higher lienor than that his
name shall bo associated with the history
of their advancement in Alexauder
county. That ho will make a good offi
cer, one that will bo faithful to his trust?,
we aro satisfied, and thercforo appeal to
democrats, one and all, "lo voto for But
In Mr. Lynch, Alexander County
boasts of a County Cleric whoso superior
In point of capacity, fidelity and urban
ulty, is not to be found In the State. He
gives bis builues hU undivided atten
tion, is a, splendid scribe, good accoun
tant, aud is entirely famllar with all de
tails of tho offlco for which ho Is named.
It Is uot overestimating Mr. L. or de
tracting unythlngfrom other gentlemen,
to.say that no man lu the county Is bet
ter qualltled for tho orllco of County
Clerk than ho Is. Furthermore -ho Is u
stauuch democrat, n gentlomau In all
tho relations of life, and a wood citb.cn.
To iuvlle democrats lo vote for Lynch, Is
only to Invite them a the performance
of a pleasant duty.
For tbo ofllco of county surveyor we
have Mr. John l Holy, a gentleman of
first class qualifications, and a steady
reliable ultUen. Jly tho tlonth of Mr.
Ilobert Winston, who whs tho unani
mous choleo of tho democratlo county
convention, (Mr. Hely nocompoting)
a vacancy was mado on the ticket, which
the Democratic Central Commlttco filled
with tho namo of Mr. Hely. He has ac
cepted the nomination, aud of his elec
tion there is no sort or tiouut. no win
go through with his ticket, and tko ticket
will command tno regular, rnuuu, oiu
fashioned majority.
That tho scramble for ofllco under lite
present administration is disgusting uud
dlrgracoful, the following "notice" suf
llclently attests. Road It Tho State
Department was compelled to tssuo It
that thosolgo of tho office-seekers might
bo raised, ami tho assaulting army dts-
perscd :
Dei'Autmknt op State,
-Wasiunciton, Oct. 20, 1609.
Notice Is hereby given to applicants for
ofllco that there arouo existing vacancies
In the department, abroad or at home.
Vncauclc3 horeafler ocourrlng will bo
lllled only on written application ad
dressed to the aeoreUry and filed lu tho
C-ipitnl I-Vizo SIC 0,00 0
.sji.r.i.r-sr ini. so.
DranliiK to take place at MASONIC
ji:ci:jiiiku atn, ihoo.
flood bonds fir the rent hasebsrn taken, and will be
ss.ned to those drawing said Farm, which will he
81,200 ncuh to each 100 acr4,
SeuU for fteUeta lo altlier of list fol.
loyrlns Acents, wn will alia furolaU
l'uiuutileu.. Ac, KlalnR aeacrlpHon f
lite I'roiierly,
I,, II. LVXK, Farmers' Hank, Henderson, Ky.
n. II AI.K.VAN'DKK, (ijiumerclal Bank, Louls
Till-, Ky..
JOIl.tC. LITIIAH, I'tesldent I'.aok, Hou-
kmssille, Itopklmsllle, Ky.
JAMI'.S I,. I1I,I,.1M, Commercial Itaak
I'adacah, Ky,
II . T1IO 'IAS, LesicgfU, Ky
yr. It.TVI.KH, 0en.ilorn, Ky.
For ticket. nli'if,?w.'l'n couctrmnj the enter-
priii', apply w
oniro Cairo City WItarfbonl.
. o .1 'iuia
ti t r u bt ti i ii3 nar. ao
r iiiiv tiik ( N'1. 1" GK.M INK IMl'IiOVKD
Manuf-otored by the
Of Cniro,
At Cloor uT lliitlncfM, Octotr tills, IHllf
Loans ami Ut-'ounU m
Orcrdrafts. -
V. h. iioini towMj e uireucuioti
ll.ri. llondson hand -
OthorPo k, llon-t and MortasM
Due trom Iteeermins mm neierio .kcuip,
Dufhom oth.-r National lUnks
Dun from Htnks uud l)ftnlr
ll.inkin llonc....M m
Other Ileal Itate
Current Kspcnies ...
Tales ritin
Cah Items, im'ludlnKStnmps
nill.nf oiluT Nutlou.l Ilun
Fractional Currenry, Ineludius Nickels
SiimiIo Coin
Le;l Tender f-oloa - ..
Treasurrr U. MuttUted Currency for lie
emptlon - -
.',ISi IT
15,100 (4
18,a 1 II
1C.707 S
19,771 li
13.SH 07
l,Wt H
3.S1S 17
,0i0 CO
1,711 11
v.it s
S8,7CO C
TluVMmall thu Ix-st make, Huntliifi (iiec, finely
, ha. e?l;Tok a . .1 Vwrllko fine J5ld, mid re cqtia la
a wVrHu'-elotbo IwHtpoIl watrhca lisiullr rottlu.
! li I-iiM Jrwole.l I. ticnfs aud Ladles' si.-.es,
oi it uiivnur. kxtiu hki inkd Fdui
Or vdoliold Himtint:t;iui a:i1iU Jcwelid Leseri'.ara
rmul to tSrti tlold Watrlie Herniated and tluar-n.
le d to keoi correct time, and Me.tr and r.01 taraifk,
wall Kvtrn Viae Cii-ei, at J'i) e h.
.So money Ih a-rqulrd lu lUviirp. Wt
ttw by Kxprcss anrwhere icIUilnthe United stMis,
paytlt'le t.'i('"llloii ui-UTrjinii" '"f-l "." ,, V .
nf'oxatn.tieUforopald fr, and If not satlsraetorj
ri tund. bv paving Uio Kxnress charges. Coots win
.e ' "tit W " tt"K'ed I-ackafe, fifi, ty
v t -tiKs fousw, ok i:vi:n ai w.
(iSBVr.N I5
f.i.i'.(ixT oiioim: coi.imx
V II A I W, nf t.it'i.i ail m't I'OKtly (.tylefi, for Ladles
and .ill- men, from 10 to 0 Inches lonj, at?., It,
pt.tr kind and mio of a t li required, and ordr only
octUdAwC Hi Fallen titrect, New York.
WholeMlo IValer and Manuf-cturors,
Aleuts of
to cannrMOM avbshih,
CAirto, i-usow
Caldtaflock r-t.l IB...MM..... M...II00.WO W
Surplus Fuud m W.PW W
Kxntian m 3.JS
Interest 3,"3
Iit'fit and Loss - m......m. I3,wa ti
Natioual lUnk Ulroulstion Outstanding .W
Individual IK)joMta
Dui- to lUuks ti Ilaok-n Tit
126,01J 18
I. . II. x in -r I, Cashier of th' C ity Nailer. 1 Ha. S,
of t ir-. l w.ltinnly anoar that the above tatrabt
Is ti n loth" li-wt of ray knowieds, and bekef.
" ' A.ll.BAKFOlin, C:whler,
Sul .iked nud sworn to before tne. this WtU day of
CM-lr r.l". 11. M CANDKt.', Notary I'u bliv
H H TA V Lull, 1 . .
1). WILLIAMMin, uirector
Kvovy 3V3Covxi.ixi.aj; I
A free inn 'h will be served upat the Lgyptlan ti
loon and restaurant, atlou o'ulookocry morning.
The reslontant hss li'en recently rlttvu un, anJ pr-
.ns cjii be i.-cotiinioJatcd wi meals at all hourr.
ir I'nce-j leasnnaUe,
Corner of .nth strait and Commercial Avenue, nsii
door to Pot OBlco, 11. LATTNEU,
Au F.llffH.l AUnalol DweWir Iloune,
I l sell my d'velllnt houie. sltujted on tho corner
uf b.slh sn.l W-lnul, lth the two lots upon whlflh it
Mandt. on ri ason'ihle terms. Tho bouse contains 6r
r""rn nd a kitchen, is well arranged, well ni;ihed
supplied with itas, cistern, outhous,otc.,aniall la
farst raieoondUion, Korprlceand triaapplr my
allJr onBi.tU .ucct.ns.-ir ""'',K0IUI.D.
H atllOTT,
. bBW iug,. VtK e. J7 V..
tlieil JlivIiib l.n apiiou
jtnie or IfioLina W.'itolanev. latlnr
text ldtuiaia.
en paid to orders.
, (oTisuavosK, turuK. or iiiomiu itolanei
I Ie.waTurr,i.ii"0!', r.TlriJ""',j a"u of iiumLi.
' ' 1 ' :KK,aLotie4hthnlM1Jf'",

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