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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, November 06, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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puiiLisiiKi) nv joiim a. onr.ui.Y .v co.
. . If Altnrt.t. luinmiTv vntTnn.
"H A T U It D A y" N 0 V KM i IK 1 t fl. 1869"
Angostura Hitter's, W. II. Bcliutter.
Bole agent, Cairo, Illinois, oc 25 2m
First cluss day board at Walker & Bin
n's restaurant, utS5 per week. tf
Por really fnshloniiblo clothing go to
Miller and Miller'. tf '
- . .,
Mr. John Hodges Injustice of tho pcaco
in Tuobos precinct.
Mr. Thomas Halllday, H moving Into
hia fine new dwelling Iiouhc.
Tho sons of Tomporanco should havo'
held n meeting last night; but they nil
went to the dance at tho St. Charles.
Alderman Carroll Is out In the county
ome where bossing a gang of men who
are getting out timber for Col. Heardon.
Jurtgo David J. taker Is holding court
t Mound City Several of our lawyers
havo been absent attending the court. .
A portable or permanent fence fcr tho
public scales, which? This Is now the
all'lmportant question In certain quar
ters. .
In September tho Illinois Central
company shipped to tho ea.st from this
city 012 bules of cotton, and In October 3,
771) baleH, making a total of 1,01 bales
in two months.
- - -
Dovoro's sldo walk force are repair! nir
the Hide walk on Commercial avenue,
went side, between .Seventh and Klght
ttrcetn, Tills walk was In a very dilap
idated condition, and dangerous to ne
Jetrluns after nighfall.
- .
A paling fence is to be put around Bt.
JIIHJ 1 I(MK, iiibii.ui ui i umnu iiumiu
'once us first proposed. There was quite
i skirmish on this subject In the council,
mil gentlemen with nxs to grind locked
lorn. The horns are locked yet.
The printer unfile u-i say yesterday
vonlng, that Messrs. Parson, Davis
'o. "also sell the electro plate." Wo
vrote, that this firm "also sell the electro
date powder, for cloaulnggotd uudnllver
lectro plate." And so they do; and it is
uperiorto anything in use.
1. Illolly lias mi excellent supply of
taple dry goods, embracing sheetings,
hlrtlngn, brown and bleached muslins,
nun, linseys, flannel", prints, dress
oods, etc., and Is selling them at actual
ost prices, as parties who havomade
urchat.es there can testify. tf
Where can wo tlud a cistern with
'ater enough In It to supply tho llttlo
agiucs during thn proposed contest for
u lioniH? Tins nubile elitterns are all out
f order; will not hold water, and water
moot bo obtained from any private
stern. What, then, is to bo done?
hall the engines go to tho river? Wo
and this water problem over to the
remen, and usk them to solve It.
Chronics nro a splendid substitute for
1 piloting"; u"d lovers of art who can
it iitlunl to pay for (lie works of tho
lister of thu easel, can obtain copies of
le.r best pieces, almost fao slmllles, at
'Ices within the reach of all reasonably
ell-to-do people. Itockwell A Co. tiavo
mo of Prang's best on hand, which
cy are selling at a bare margin on tho
at price.
In .March last, In his itiHtigural ad
(', the Mayor called attention to the
million of the puMIc clxtcrns aud
uc 1 on thu council that they si. .mid bo
aired On several occasions iuce
hi ho has also publicly referred to
N matter; but nothing has been done,
d the cisterns nro yet empty. When
ln occurs private properly Is destroy-
nrlvato fiU'erow robbed of water, and
- - - ... -
fire department is compelled to tight
fh ry element at groat disadvantage.
1 1 o cool weather of Autumn has
j lit with It good butter, sound egg
I game. Haters, with dainty palates,
i havo wild ducks, wild turkey,
ino chickens, ryialls, .squirrel-, rub
i and venison cheap for cash. "We
,v tho following giunu price INI from
il.ow'd 'Price Current' of yesti rJny :
- l i v V & eAHte
1 i ' ' i - "I
I r 3 .. 'J 'IU 00
t- , U-'Al.'O
-, i I TMi 00
: , 1 AI W
, I Ml W
l Icrmau Gibson wants Ilia coiuiuil to
. ..I.l - il .4 1 ..I... T).ltn .1 llilt.
iviiio mi iiiuiei ior o;inu iuui-, . u.w,
water which in thosprim: tlmo covers
1 low lota from tho Bt. Charles around
ond tho barrel factory. Mr. Jewolt
I cox U also In favor of tho outlet; aud
uro wo. Drainage Is much needed
tho lower part of the First Ward. It
iow at tho mercy of tho I. C. R. It. Co.
they closo tho gutter across their
rip'' from Second to Fourth street, a
tlon of tho First Ward will iloatnway.
Lako Rubo ho abolished
Idernmn Rranklo, having at heart
interests of Ills constituents, and
ig Imptossed with the fact that mu
palnflalra demand reformation, al
s stands fast In tho council on tho
of economy, and with all his ability
'oi to mnko tho city prosperous and
py. Wo havo no doubt, tlmt, beforo
term of ofllco oxplrts, tie will have
uted a plan of municipal roform
t li will meot tho endorsement of the
ilo; nud that, tu his peculiarly elo
at manner, ho will put down all who
)30 it,
General Green B. Raum. has hoen in
the city for several days' past, on business
(we presume) of tlieCairoand Vincennes
R. It. Co. The General Is Interested in
the success of this enterprise, and has
been very active spending money and
labor-to securo its consummation.
His efforts havo not mc with that meas
wre of success which they deserved, and
which ho expected would crown them,
but ho la still confident, and haa no
doubt that before many years have gone
by the Cairo and Vincennes road will bo
one of tho busiest thoroughfares in tho
Thero is not a business man In the city
who does not use tho plank road on tho
levee. It ! traveled over by drays and
other vehicles more than any other
thoroughfare in Cairo, and U should
bo kept In good repair. Rut It is not. It
Is, In fact, almost ImpaBsablo In muddy
weather. Many of the planks aro worn
out, aud, in places, the road has no bot
tom. It droppod out somo time ago.
Now, this road ought to be repaired ;a fact
which has been trumpeted for tho past
six months, and which every member of
tho council lias dinned into his ears
every day, 3Jut hpjv can tho required
reparation bo made? Tlio clty.liaa no
money, and to do tho work and pay in
clt." orders would necessitate an outlay
of at leant three times as much money as
the road should cost. The only posslblo
way in which tho road can bo repaired is
by Jetting tlio work out to tho lowest
bidder and paying him in bondsrunning
three or live years. Wo command (his
suggestion to tho consideration of tho
Mr. W. R. Kerney Is introducing Into
the city Messrs. J. S. Hanna & Co's cele
brated silvered door plates, which on
sight will commend themselves as supe
rior to all others:
They possess a much purer aud bright
er luster;
Tho luster caunot possibly tarnish;
Scouring h eutlroly dispensed with;
The paint around the plato remains
They aro not stiiceptlblo of injury
from scratching;
They are not discolored by dampness
or exposure;
Tho lettering, being on tlio lntlde; can
never become Indistinct;
And thoy aro everlasting. Asldo from
this they are cheaper than any other
plate, raging In prlco from ?2 60 lof6 fiO,
according to the degree of plainness or
the elaboration of the ornamentation.
Thoy arc made of heavy pressed Hint
glass, and tho letters aro cut, not In
quicksilver, as is usually tho case, but in
puro silver. Mr. Kerney will, .in duo
season, wait upon our citizens, and tako
Members of the standing committee
of tho City Council have heretofore 'ta
ken, and some do yet take, too much
responsibility in the matter of expend
ing tho money of tho city. A mem
ber of a committee has no right to direct
any peroon to labor for tho city; has no
right to order work to bo done In this
or that manner; and when ho assumes
tho right tu do so, ho is guilty of assur
anco which merits rebuke. If each
member of ouch of tho standing com
mittees has authority to say to a laborer,
"Do this," there Is no use for tho coun
cil, and the expenditures of the oity will
bo largely Increased over what tho legi
timate expenditures should be. Tho
council Is the legislature of tho city. Ry
its authority only can money be oxpon
ded; and If It refers anything to a com
mittee, that cnmmltteo must act on the
matter referred In a body, and not in
piecemeal. It must meet after notloo
given, aud it must formally transaot Its
business. Tho sooner tho council re
quired ltd UK'oiboisof committees to act
within tho circle of their duty, tho be'
ter There aro too many executlvo of.
fleers In. thN oily
Wu have a colored dlvlno In our city
who very sensibly maintains that be
caiixo ho wears a clerical clonk It does
not follow that ho may be Insulted with
Impuniiy, .Not very long ago tho sum of
lliirly dollars was borrowed by a carpen
ter who had undertaken to make certain
repairs upon thu aforesaid divine's
oliuruh building. Tho repairs were made,
nod upon application the eoeloly ordered
tho treasurer to pay the carpenter tho
thirty dollars, that ho might re I in burst)
thu party from whom ho had borrowed.
The treasurer Is a female, and when thu
carpenter applied to her for tliefunds, slio
peremptorily refused to pay them over.
A knowledge f (his fact coming to thu
miuNter hu waited upon tho tdter, and
reprimanded her for not houoiiiig thu
order of the church. The oNter took
od'ense, and told her husband how gross
ly slio had been insulted, and the hus
band of course felt called upon to seek
redress, nlc. lie approached tlio ill vine,
matlu known tho ubjeot of hi, visit, and
received nil the satisfaction ho could
draw fr in an "apology'' couched in
about the following language: "Mr.
I treated your wife with all the couriecy
her conduct entitled her to; I properly
reproved her, and havo no words lo ro
cull or even to modify. If you don't
1 l;o It, and desiro to pursue iiu-aures of
violence say so. If you . eso tpo niu u.
f.iru I buM that wash tub ovor your
load you are a moio 'artful dodger" '(
than I la'tti .you tu bt'l" Tills was said '
otlmiy i'd ileleiiniueilly ; and tho
rampant visitor, adopting tlmt "heller
part of valor1' known a dioiviinn. look
Ills JOuve. Wo havoMuci learned that
h lett, not hi valise ho wiih h and, but
beoniHi hi1 wulitt'd t mve ihe wa "i nib
Yesterday afternoon , Officer Cum m I tigs
arrcstod a man named James Dixon, on
the suspicion that he was tho man who
personated pollcoman on Thursday
night, and robbed Henry Woods, -pilot
on tho 'Sani Brown," of his overcoat.
Dixon was taken before 'Squirn Dross.
Woods testified, that, on tho night of
the robbery, ho was "full;" in fact, very
drunk, so drunk'that he did not know In
what saloon he had boon or whero ho
mot the man who robbod him. Ho had
an indistinct recollection of being some
whore with " Horace," and tho robber;
that tho three started ,out together; that
tho stranger told him, after they wero on
tho sidewalk, somewhere, that ho was
a policeman, and had concluded to tako
him (Woods) to tho calaboose; that when
somewhere near tho calaboose, or tho
Antrim House, or elsewhere, the stranger
proposed tj.iot him off if ho would do
poslte raouey for Ilia appearance; that
he refused, and drew oil" his overcoat;
that the stranger took ho'd of tho coat
and ran away ;, that ho pursued, crying
out in a loud voice; tlmt tho stranger
turned around, cama back, and hit him
an awful blow on tho nose; that ho could
not say tho prisoner was tho man, and
that all ho knew ubout It was that his
coat had been stolen, aud that tho coat
in court was his.
Tho prisoner stated, that he was from
Kvansvillc; that ho had been working
on tho Indianapolis and Vincennes road,
and was waiting for a boat to go down
tho river, to get work on tho Llttlo Rock
aud Fort Smith railroad ; that he had slept
on tho wharf boat Thursday night, and
In tho morning had walked out In town,
and had found the coat on tho side walk.
Ho had tried to sell the coat.
Tho 'Squire, deeming tho evidence suf
flcient to creato the belief that tho pris
oner might boguilty, bound him ovei to
answer at tho next term of tho Circuit
Court. In default of ball, ho was sout up
to tho county Jail.
Knder's Stomach nitters! "Trie best
in use."
i i i a i ! i i i i
A Blow nnd u Hlb.
Two negro girls, attending tho school
kept in the government school building
on Walnut street, conceived a cause of
difference, yesterday, that led to quite a
serious conflict. One with a drawn knife,
desired to bo placed upon tho defensive
and therefore dared nd "double darf d"
the other to strike her she didn't ink
for a hard blow indeed she would com
promise on a "push," If accompanied by
proper evidences of anger nnd lll-wili.
Tho defied darkey finally concluded that
sho "couldn't stood it," and "pop1' sho
took her defiant colond sister, u blow
that for a moment made her seo raoro
stars than there aro in an uuobscurcd
tlrmnmeut. With the ferocity of a tigress
the assaulted wench pouueed upon her
antagonist, and In less time than it re
quires to tell it sho had driven her knife
homo Into her adversary's right arm. If
thero Is ono thing moro than another
that frightens a young darkey, that
thing is the night of blood; and follow
ing tho knlfo as It camo forth from
tho arm, was a crlnidon stream
that not only sprinkled tho school room
floor, and saturated tho clothing of tho
wounded girl, but promNcd, unless speed
ly staunched, conscqueuces muoh more
serious and alarming. Thero was , of
course, much screaming, much running
to and fro, tho wounded girl in tho
meantime, ''bleeding llko an ox."
Ono of tho number finally collected
horsclf sufficiently to think of u physi
cian. In duo tlmo tho presence of thu
man of pills was secured, tho arm ban
daged and tho hub hub ajla.yud. A
purpose to arrest tho wicked wench of tho
knife was expressed, buu whother or not
is was carried out wo havo not yet learn
ed. Uso Knder's Chill
Cure "It never
A Mult' llrlll flntlinl uuC !' I lull.
Mr. Isuau Worthlugtoii, an old and re
spectuble citizen of Pulaski county, ros
idlug at South Caledonia, was instantly
killed, on Thursday last, by a fall. He
was thu proprietor of a wood yard at tho
steamboat landing ne-ir Ills residence,
and sold wood to steamboats, ranking it
Into flats for tho con veiiluiice of such up
bound boats that might wish to tow.
On Thursday ho w s passing over thu
ranks of wootl in his Hat, ami, losing
Ids footliiL', was precipitated to tho bot
torn of thu wood boat, a distance of about
eight feet. Ordinarily such a fall would
be of small consequence; but Mr. Wor
thlugtoii, htriklng on bin head, his skull
was iiursted wide upon, and ills brains
scattered In every direction about tlio
spot whore no Mriick. Ho was killed, of
course, on thu instant.
Wo luve known Mr. Worthlngton
long ami well. Hu was an honest, In
dusirlinis eltlzen and a provident and In
dulgent husb iiid mitl father. Ho was
well known iliiniighoiit Pulaski county,
atd very guiiurally respected. During
tho. many , ears bo devotod to hurd labor,
he constantly accumulated something
aliivohiH current expenses, so that his
family, wliioh cousUi of a wife aiid six
or seven ohil lreii, are secured against
vnii At the I f kiio if his death Mr. W
vis i bunt lllly i eais of age.
For tlio celebrated "Durham" smoking
tobacco or a good cigar, go toHumm's
Drug Store.
A New Insurance Ag-riiey.
Wo ask tho attention of tho reader to
tho insurance advertisement of Mr. C. N.
Hughes. Ho reprosonta a number of tho
sraunchest and most pnpulur insurance
companies in tho United States, among
others tho ''Underwriters," a combina
tion of tho Oermaula, Hanover, Niagara
and Republlo companies, thu whole pre
senting a capital of about four millions
of dollars. Tills enables Mr. Hughes to
cover in ono policy a risk toany desired
amount an advantage that will be duly
appreciated by stcainboatmcu and others
who may wish to effect heavy insurance
Other companlos arc also named in his
advertisement, which havo earned the
highest confidence of the public. Wo
again ask attention to tho advertisement
Cairo, HI, Not. 5,
Present, Aldermen Rrankle, Carroll,
Konticdy, Lolir, Lonergau, McKee,
Mendel, and Theobo)d 8. .
The chair announced tho Board ready
to proceed to business, whereupon tho
following reports, as unfinished business,
were presented and read, aud on motion,
received aud ordered on file.
Report of John Hyland, City Tressuren
for thu mouth of October. 1S09.
Report of F. Rrosi, Folicu Master, for
tho months of August and September,
Iteport of R. Bhiinuessy, for tho month
of September, ISOO.
Report of Chief of Police, for tho
month of October, 18G9. '
Report of City Marshal, for tho months
of September and October, 1S09. ,
Report ol A Cain, Market Master, for
tho mouth of October, ISflO.
Report of John Sheehiiu, Street Super
visor, for thu month of September, 1 609.
An ordinance In relation to the salary
of the present Jailor, upon ukeuond read
ing, was adoptetl and referred to tho
Select Council fur concurrence, by tho
following vote:
Ayes Rrankle, Carroll, Kennedy,
Lnijergati, Mckte, Mendel 0
Nuy Ijohr l
Alderman Theobold excused from
t AUo, an ordinance Increasing the sal
ary of the Comptroller and Assessor
(adopted by the Select Council,) was read
u second time, and adopted by the Board
by thu following vote:
Ayes Brankle, Carroll, Kennedy,
Mendel 4.
NaysLobr, McKee, 'llieobold 3.
Alderman Lonergan excused from
Bill of John Hyland, for salary for Oc
tober as City Treasurer, $100 00.
Ry Alderman MclCcc
Cairo, Nov. 6, 1609.
Resolved, That tho Committee on Or
dinances bp, nud aro hereby, requested
to frame an ordinance, and present It at
tho next monthly mewtlng of this Board,
which shall provide :
That so long ns tho members of tho
Select Council aud Riard of Aldermen
receive no stated compensation for their
cervices as such, that they shall be ex
empt from the payment of taxes levied
aitalnst their property for tho uso of the
city, Provided such levy shall uotamouut
to more than fifty dollars (J50J annually.
If over that amount, tho members shall
thou pay tho excess above that amount.
Said ordinance to tako effect from aud
after tho Installation of tho new oity
officers In March, 1870.
Adjourned John Brown.
Ulott'tt mil Mil.
A full supply at Rlclly's, and going off
at actual cost. tf
Gentlemen's collars tho Albany muko
unexcelled in htylo and general gel up.
An Immense stock at Miller aud Miller's.
i'ni halo.
Hotiso near cor. Washington Avenue,
and Seventh stroet. Price $300.
lw Apply to P. 11. Popk.
Tho best nortmont of strictly fashion
able hats over opened In Cairo, havo
jtikt been received by Miller, it Miller, tf
Shell oysters, game, etc., can always
bo secured at Walker fc Sisson's restau
rant. Nov II tf
P. Itlelly has a largo stock of huts,
which will bo .old at New York wholo-
salu prices. tf ,
llimlni'HS House furltciit.
That eligibly situated business houso
No. STliorntoii's block, Tenth btrcot, is
foe rent. Apply on tho promises.
I'll r! ruml Fur!
Tf you want to buy furs cheaper than
they wero over offered in Cairo, will call
at P. Rlelly's. Ho 1ms a good assort
ment, which ho will sell very low. tf
Tho dry goods establishment of Mr.
Louis Blum, has been removed from his
old stand to tho building next doo. to tho
corner of Commercial Avouuo andEighth
street, formerly ocoupled by Mr. M. Hu
lou. Will bo opened Saturday morning,
tho 30th lust. oo IB dtit
Tl.n liitllln rfVifililtiir Ntntc.
Because it Is tho moro durable, burns
less wootl, bakes better, and is cheaper
than all other cooklugstoves, tho Pacific
Stovo is tho favorite In all families
whero ltihas beou tried. It has no su
periors and acknowledges no equals. A
few days, trlul will satisfy anybody that
It is thu bust cooking stove ever made.
Any hizo desired can bo had at 0. W.
Henderaon'u Commercial Avenue, third
door below Twelfth slroet. uov,5d lm
First class day board can be
secured at Walker and SNson's for
16 per week. Tho bill of aro consists of
of the best In the market, served by cx
pert caterers In nn unexceptionable style.
Haw Mill fill' .Sllle.
A double clrculur Saw Mill, also ono
sott of corn burrs, lath muohlno, five
yoke of oxon, three log wanous, with
chains, all in complete order.
For further particulars apply to Wtn.
F. Pitcher, Cairo, or to J. F. Stiver, at
tho Mill, Mounds Junction, Puhtakl Co.,
Illinois. tiov2i!
Walker & Sissou's Billiard Hall and
Restaurant is the center of .ittruetion for
strangers and others who would strength
en the Inner man with fresh oysters,
stowed, raw, roasted or fried; quail on
toast, venison, fish or any other luxuri
ous or substantial edible; or pass an hour
with the "ouo" in tho largest and best
billiard hall in tl o city. tf
lkt Hammltt, Coltimtm; Win Wliiio, l'luchj
Shtmroolt.Ht Loin-; K llrnmlim, I'.t.iimv'iIU;
Continental, do Iji'.renci, N Uj
Ool'.rado, Vlekslmw Coiniiiotiirciltli; do,
Ike IUminllt, CYiIumiImis; Wm U'lillu, IVt-ltmati!
Iiirinuicj, iicmjini.t, uoininoinrcmltw, ol J.eui,
titumrock, tin (VloraiJo, tin
The weather Is again clear and cool, but
not unpleasant.
Tho river has fallen six Inches slnco
lost report.
Ruslness continue1 good.
Thu Mississippi and Missouii continue
falling slowly, but ii.ore N sill! olgh.
feet to St. Louis, as the ch i. uel ruts out
equal to theslowdiclinuof tlio river.
Tho Ohio is still falling at Pittsburg
with 28 inches wuter In the channel. It
is stationary at Louisville, with 1 feet
water In the canal.
Tho Continental is still hero receiving
freight and adds nearly orqtilto COO tuns
She leaves thisuvenlng.
The boilers of thu. Cumberland havo
been removed from tho channel at
Shawneetown, by tho U. S. steamer Oc
tavlo. W odo tin so hollers now belong
Tho Bcllo Memphis is tho regular paok
et for Memphis this cveuiug, aud the f.a
dy Gay, Is duo for N. 0. Capt. Chas. T.
Hlndc, Is Agent.
Tho Virginia is duo for Now Orleaus
Tlie Wn . White is thu regular Padu
oah packet this evening.
Wlirs tlurlek Tlirujt, wl ltrrlt M Thninn,
his wife, tijr tticir salt murine, d.itol llir (blrterniu
d? of April, A. D. lrriJ, unit riorUd In tlio 1 tco fil
er Office of Alciiri'lur county, Illinois did ootivc
to thn unrtorsiRutil, Caroline Hit), tho follow mi
decrtbeit jr l rutc, aliuate In tho cllv of Cairo. In
td county of .MMandtr, unci Suto nflllinol, to wilt
Lot nuinbvtcd eight IH), in block numbered Uunlj
two (1), i tho tu. i nppfird and M known nnd
dlnutd onihr rrcorded nrap nr pla; of raid oil of
Cairo, tounty nnd ttntr afoii'mnl, .ituio tht July
rneni of certain rrornl -sry note, citen by mul
L'lurltia Tlirupp tu cinl Carol. Ht Hill, fur ll.o aiii.i of
cTn luindr an I nahty-town tMUr aril fifty
crnti, ilatn.i A nl 13, Htt, nnd pnyablu tlx inntith
after the datp thtieof, irith tvn per ent. iutrl
from data tin' I 1 And hr-n, drfautt Ium b-n
nude in thu payment of .nd nou-. 1, tho under
vlcnrd, to wIi.i.m ulo :nortaj; w.n mvli It
tirtue of thn ttrnii .tnd piOTixionti of the Mine llf.
on Jlonday In ' i li dnrof NovtmUr, A- I. laui, at
10 o'clock, A. M. of that day, undr and by lniio of
the power o. loionU n( I iu nunl h)c morlKate. m)I
tit public auui.ni, to Ihn l.lKhrit hiddnr, for i'mIi, ai
tho front dm.r if Ui Court llmm', ill ffcij cty of
ralro, Inthf m'v.'f Al-sandcr. nod .Stale of llll
noln, the prcim'H m t.iid ral moriK;o diwtiil,
lo mitt lot iiiiml-ic I eight (i). m l.lock numU-ied
twenly.tuor.-i), In thn imv of Ctiro, Illincla, wlih tnt
appurlenaiuv't, to antiafy purtoManU coadltloi,
of nai l al( nimUade,
Cairo, III., NuTiin'j r;i, Uo'j.
cwnoi.iNH muu.
Allrn, Wel l) X Hutlvr, Attorny for MortKA)!f, Ml
The partncrliip IIim-ii thn tiiKlnrVlKiil l ihi
day lUmilied by mutual eontisit, Win. I', l'iliho
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All t'Uimi- nuamiitand duo llir Ann wilt be ill by
Win. Henry, .lr.
Cairo, 111 ,No.t, I44. V. r. 1'ITCIISII.
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Thankful U in) frim.N fur th. Ir lllrl mlrr. t
heretofore l-i..w.sl rmlU d(wlrr a eottliniuun in
my furiiicr parluvr. W. P. fllvher.
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equal to Si"' (VI I ' it. b. , Kiiihii'd a; d ... iu
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with Kilm Flin Cu-.-, ai ta'h
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end bv Ktimv- aiivwhrrv williin III lititU M
payiibli' li' ii.'" '' " ' 1 in Oi rinlK t.. , t
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rtiuripd, I" " in On' i:in"s . barges. On uS
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A AtlKNl' H.M'IMl J-iiltBIX WATCII liUlv
WATClll-H r"rt?W, oltsK E.N aj WA iCIIfcU K
also uu:ont iiiioini: coj.n
OIIAIISSv'Mln' nii'1 ni"t BOKily 1) !, for In t
and ilontli'in. .., fnuu l'i In IU incliCrt losg, l J, ,
fC, and JHiiich, oent with wali'hi'ii .1 whulviwle im t
St.-vto klml a.i I alio of w.ikli reumrt U, and order i 7
Till: 'MIOIPK W'ATt'II (3
oct 12 (1 A wliw lis hulicn Mree I, Kvv Vrfc.
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ciiic.mii, u t. 0. lit, i
The Water I'outrowueJ by thn U' nil tho Uulo
Wabanh rlH'Nnt Sew llnien, (lnlUtm cuunly, will b
lot (leani'il) lut .1 li'rin i ii") jKun. h- wib iiitjnivtt mu.
dor, t noon, an tlir 'th duy of .VovumW neat t
the (iHlco of C. H. fniitffr, Onrml llbnela. A.lbidi
mut bo n'ftled nnd inurkud "IluU for Water I'qviif."
n,i mi. in-urn i i ut- i i t. i ouuer. ihtiiii. wmiu
roiinly, llllnoi,''
rMicvjnctiii us i .'iiiMiiiin), i uiiu iiiviia u I m lew ' '
ie nud ion iip(ilu.ttion by mill or In mro t' i'-
Conner, ( "run, J. ti. (iimlou, 1111140, Jotidi ouey,
1 muu, or v. jiiu.u.t. nirinj;ni iu.
On lint ImI 1I11V nf llMtMnilmr. it 10:1. III.. 11 Oil II I
sell at auction, on tho premium. ntNeir lUteii. foi"
eiuh, tho old jjriNi in il buitdiiui auJ H "tt "'
chiuery thiri A'.. .1 Urje lot of iiimroHbiiw
oak tlu.tK.-r an l j.l.. .k. 'kWI KTI-Sv.
novlwlw V lliiKtJX,
('.null' luiuiaiujii.
He t ordilned by (ho City Council of tho City (.
M l . ... it l.t-lt.. ..1.1.. l.Mltn ..AII ft.
OVv. 1 iiai mu ciiici ii .nt uifcu. 'uiii.w ai.4t
otlefpoll'iic(oit4il 0 '"'y tt piKliJ ll lJ'W
thrpevdollav per 'Ut.
' AbDreieu. Uviimoru,
wAt 101
jnnv u. ntiKrif.r. mi.

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