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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street. Thornton's Building.
r i.x - ,j. r j
' " )
Tho Centralla 'Democrat' crown over
tlio defeat of tho radicals iu Marlon
county. ItBftyB: "Wo liaTo met tho
enemy, and ho Is ours. Wo have made
pretty clean' sweep. "Wo have elected
very man on tho democratic ticket,
with tho exception of County Judge."
Tho Ilarrlsburg 'Chronicle,1 radical, a
paper publinhed In Saline county, on
Thursday last had not heard of the late
The lit. Carmcl (Wabaah county)
Democrat' rejoices over the eucccsd of
the county ticket. The majority i 116.
two yean ago tho democrat carried
the county by only GO votes.
The Pu Quoin (Porry county) "Trl:
Jbune,' (radical) says: "Wu havo net th
energy, and they'vo tuck uh In and done
for ui. Not by a largo majority It Is true,
but enough to make them feel good and
us feel bail. They do not feel good, and
it Is equally true that wo feel uncomfort
ably about it. We alwaya believed that
majorities hould rule, but had almost
forgotten how unpleasant a task It was
for a mlnoriry to submit.
Bouton, of the Joneeboro 'Gazette,'
orows Justly over tho result of tho late
loctlou in Union county, and brings out
the big gun for WiWIambon and Jackson
Tho Metropolis Times' went Into te
stacies over the fact that Ceo. W. Drown,
Whlto Man's Democratic Candidate
for the Constitutional Convention" car
ried Massac over both tho radical candi
dateswent into vcdtuclea and quoted
Tho lamentatlous of tho Golcouda
Herald'" over the election of Hon. 0. W.
Brown to tho Constitutional Convention
arodlstresning. ''Wo told 'you to!" "It
cure.4, and then out Jeretmahs Jere
miahs. Will the .'Herald' allow us to
sympathlMu with It?
PJT Captain Washington, iu the evl.
denco produced by him before tho com
mittee appointed to investigate his con
duct in reference to the Ill-fated steamer
Hton cwall, endeavored to provo that he
Is the possessor of a kind and sfTcctlonat"
heart. Many, Mho know tho Captain,
say he has a heart ljke skipper Ireson's,
of Whlttler's poem. Iroaou, who
uhI away
From a leaking htp la ChaJeOr Hiy,
W.ihhUown lonaipeoplc on hr deck,"
and who, when i returned to his home,
was compelled to take tho famous ride,
described by thu poet
' i: I Thk 1 Iron, r.rhiiliwi-1 boon, '
Ti.rrM an fAtherI ' orr 'I m a .-.v.,11
. t' e Tt uii uo Mnltic'eud.
Captain Washington ha nitulu Ills ap
pearance ut St, Loui.o, and obtained u
committee of tho Merchant's Exchange,
to InveaUnuto hi conduct In reference to
the ill fated steamer Stonewall. Several
ofhU oMlccr were examined by the
committee, and they all tetllled that
they would havo aeUtl as Capt. Wash
ington acted under the same circumstan
ced would have passed tho burning
wreck without stopping; but they also
sworo that they never before had been
guilty of Mich in hum 'jii conduct.
tw it is bald, that some of tho bellig
erent Strawberries propose to tap the
'Bulletin' ou tho head. Wo hope not.
If they do, we shall bo compelled to pack
our carpet-sack and Join the iuuutucra.
blc caravan that Jourulci to tho pule
realm of shadei. Whenever tho Straw
berries tap anything, it .soon goes down,
never to rluo again.
CaTHeiiry Itochefort, tho blackguard
French editor, who has vilely abused
Napoleon III, has returned to Purls from
exile. When ho reached tho frontier ho
was arrested; but tho Emperor ordered
his releaHu uud furnished him with a
safeguard. Xepolcon wants him where
he can easily bo fouud. Wont you walk
into my parlor? said tho sphhr to the lly.
- -
Efcj-Tno telegraph informed un that
"tho bodies of throe skeletons were ex
uined" iu Peoria tho other day. Tho
Hiibit itico ofa .ihadow Is nothiui; to the
body of a skeleton.
RJUranl will eeiid his messngo to con
grofsiu writing . Other, prealdoiits' sent
theirs printed. How original the man
ou horseback la !
Bfer-Tho frco traders aro making a
thorough canvass of tho Northern and
Eastern states.
j line; i: ktastd;;
It lsestitnutcd that lCinvix M. Stak
to.v, eoretnry of War under Mr- Lin
toii, will ho applontod by tho Presi
dent to tho vacant Judgeship In tho
United Statea Supremo Court. It would
bo ono of tho mostlnexpllcablo phouoni -
ena oi American pontics it tlio man
who has perpetrated mora frenuent
and enormous violations of tho laws of
tho laud thuu auy other man iu it should
bo mado ono of tho Interpreters uud ox
liouudurs of that law. With Mr. Stan
ton on tho Supremo Bonch, hardly a
single question of personal right under
the Constitution o&v'u come up, which
ho would not havo i. ?ct personal rea
sons ror ucciuing wroi .
or a ukai ui:.t n. a. n. i..mi.
Tho JacksonvillbJournal,' of the 18lh
Inst., copies from tho 'Bulletin,' tho
card of Dr. 8. B. Innls thanking tho
Cape Glradeau people for their kindness
to hlmafttr hls escape from the Stone
wall, and Lhensays:
In connection with, the above we
would say that probably Providence
might have saved a more worthless,
good-for nothing scanp from the team-'
er Stonewall than Dr. Innls, but for
tome wise and inscrutable purpose did
not do U . Why wall a man should, .bs
sayed while scores of good men went
down to'a watery grave Is a mystery
fast finding eut. Dr. Innk has been ,1a
Jacksonville dflriBg .the past month
or so advertising himself as a vapor bath
'doctor. Of course there was more gaa
About the thing than either vapor or
physician. Aftergetting into his land
lord and others of the tune of over one
hundred 'dollars, early one morning
before light this crateful uuAck left his
creditors behind him and departed for
parts unknown. He next turns up as
ono of the saved from the Blonwall.
Doubtless be has represented to the
people whom he has met that he sustain
ed great losses on the 8tonewalI, and
Erobably his pockets aro now well lined
y the kindness of the people who didn't
stop to ask questlous. It is due the
people throughout this great valley that
this lying scamp andscouudrel who has
been traveling on his oheek for some
time, should be ventilated through thu
papers, that ho may flu drills career
suddenly terminated. Ho had promised
to settle with his creditors here on the
afternoon of the day on which he left.
Hut he didn't wait to settle very much.
He is a ilrsUclass bad egg, and the
quicker and moroeOeotually he is pelted
with his own eyli.deed the sooner will
tho crust surrounding the villain bo bro
ken, and people generally understand
from the eflluvia what a played out speci
men he Is.
Joth Bllll
Illlngs&has J net prepared a bur
Mi theK6ld. fusion Farnasrs' Al
jit of wWther'iKogHorticaUene,
elpls, and meral advice to far-
lexiue upo
mauac, full of weether'sKOKHosticatlene.
family receipts, anel meral advice to far
mers. Carleton, of Jfe4r Yokr eeewree,
Is the publisher. Wsrjkike the followleg
sxtracu from this wo for 1 8 W,: which
is stated to be "tew yewesdnce Uaatyear,
and ninety-four yearsuaface the AcMri
ksn people left tlratTlttala tew take
caro ov herself, asjetarted a snug Uttla
blzzlness ov their own, which I am in
strukted tew state, ie payin well., Con
talolagall that Is necessary for an All
mlnac, aud a good deal besides:"
When a rooster crows, ho 'crows all over.
a. nu miiK-'cowis swpmotner to cvry
Fools are the whets'uns ov society.
If a man haitit got a well balanced
head I like tew see him part hiz hair in
uio miuuie.
Flattery Iz like colono water, to be
smelt or. not swallarcd
There h ouly one substitute for the
ondcaruient of a sister, aud that iz tho
endearment of sum other phellow's
Hu whom tho good praze, and the
wlckel hate, ought to be satisfied with
hiz ownreputushun.
Men gaueruly, wheu they whip a mule,
swar; the mule remembers the swuriug
but forgets tho licking.
About tho hardest thing a phellowkan
do Iz tew spark two girls at oust, and pre
servo a good average
Going tow law Iz like skinning a nu
milk cow for her hide, and giving tho
beof tew tho.lawyors.
The tlmo tew bo karofullcst iz when
wo hav a hand full.ov trumps.
Mother! Tho holy thoughts and mem
orys that cluster around this name can
never bo so well expressed, az In the culm
utterance ov the name itself.
Tho man who hnz Just fouud out that
ho kaut afford tew burn green wood, haz
taken hlz fust lesson In economy.
A lie Is liLo a kat, It never cuius tew yu
in a straight lino.
Tho longest lived thing I know, i u
Most men go through llfo nz rlvors go
tew the sea, bi lollowlug tho lay ov tho
- -
nr.iiiiiaji A.tu uEitoi.vus.
When Bulwer and Disraeli first bewail
to flgtiro In tho literary world as the au
thors of "Pelhutu" ami "Vivian Grey,"
they laid down tho law as to what sort
of person tho hero of a novel should bu.
Tho ago of this necessary ovll in nil
novels wus mated as ootweon twonty aud
thirty years afterwards all heroo3 wero
of the same kidney. The young man of
that perlou wnoso loves aim whoac tuel-
auciioiy gave opportunity ror so much
high-Mown digression and Intenso mor
allzatlou upon tho part of tho writor,
was generally descrlbod as tall aud dark,
with a hik'ti. palo brow, u flushlusr eve.
a quivering lip, and a bosom which was
perpetually Heaving, no gnaweu nts
ilugcr-uulls, rau his lingers through his
lialr, ana scowled habitually. J lis iiamo
was unusual and romautlo, ho never
walked quietly in or out of tho room, ho
Invariably stalked in, and strided out,
and was a two logged volcauo that was
Hablo to overflow with tho lava of tho
consuming pn-slon which he nlwavi
seemed to bo stilling with great difficulty.
ins uress, equipages, anu companions
wero all equally highly wrought in tho
descriptions given of thorn. Tuo young
womuu who did dulj as a herolno lit
thoso days was equally bullous and hard
to nolo, blie liau a wealth of soft brown
or golden hair, a superb figure, a classic
head and that, samo chiseled noso which
has now became obsolete. This haughty
and Imperious beauty wasglvon to curv
ing her neck, dilating her nostrils,
Hashing hor eyes, wringing her bands,
uud occasionally sobbiug aud weeping
bitterly; tho whole Interest of tho novo!
turning, of course, upou tho misunder
standings of theso two "proud hearts,"
as they wero called. After flying at ono
another through one volume, struggling
to get away from each other In a second,
then finally, iu a burst of hysterically ec-
static joy, wound up reasonable like, in
the third volume, with their first Indi
cation of having a gleam of common
sense by marrying, and becamo aa hum-
urumasomer peopie. mis uero and
heroine have been superseded these inn
yeara.the erie by tbe(talddle-aged lronr
gray-haired, well-to-db party, who has
burled his nrst love, ana who is repres
ented as a sort of , amatory sailor, who
has been driven' hither and thither by
the storms ef life and passion, and Is an
old smouldering furoaeef ready to blase
out. and does, blase out when he meets
aome fresh young tbloc who "respects"
And "revereneW -Mm. "Rochester,"
in "JBU9ijt" . or them; "Dr.
Hartwell " Itt .l"Beidah:" "Rullcdas.''
intheaovelofihat iiams; "Guy lilting
stoae," ad espssleMy V'Gu? Darr-ll?'
la Burner's great novel, and the other
by the Helen Dig bjrs Jane Eyres, and
Bsulahs of the novel of the period
imaiei isataaippi.
The people ef Corinth, Miss., had the
good fortune last Friday afternoon to
Wltnebf roe rare ana curious pnenomeD-
onofa mirage a spectacle dependont
on a neculiar condition of the atmosphere.
On the day referred to, the air was raw
and chilly, and a dense fog bung over
the city, being imciceat over a low,
marshy field near the plaee. Just before
the hour or sunset, me sun peepeu out
from behind the thick elouds which had
obscured it all day loug, and tho mlrago
appeared. The trees, underbrush, the
railway cars, and a portion of tho foun
dry on tho ouUkirt of the city, seemed
hung upslue down on tus ciouus; even
Dersons who wsra walking alone tho
railroad track had their Image? reflected
in mid air, with tnelr head to tlio eartn
and their feet to the sky, with startling
vividness. Mirages are frequently tteen
on the African deserts, aud the Fate
Morgana, which Is the same optical do
tation, Is witnessed at regular periods of
the year on some parts of the Italian
coast; but the spectacle is a rare ono else
The Chicago 'Journal' gives a now
rule for competing interest, and says It
is so simple and so true that every bank
er, broker, merchant or clerk should
post it' up for reference. By no other ar
ithmetical process can the .desired Infor
mation bo obtained by so few figures.
' Six Der cent Multiply any alven
cumber of dollars ay the number of days
jor interest desired, separate tho right
nana ngure ana oivkm oy six, me result
is the true interest on .suen sum tor sucu
number of days at .sis Btr cent
Eight per cent Multiply any given
amount by the number of. days upon
whleh'it u deslreu to ascertain ;iie inter
est and dlvhle by forty -five and (ho re
suit will bevJua. .Interest of such for the
time required, at eight per ecu t
Ten per cent Multiply the samo as
above and divide by thirty-six, and the
result will show the rate of interest at
ten per cent.
ArKliii-nl In Favor mt tU Cairo nnd Nn
lllu llautr.,
In the Commercial Conventions, held
In Memphis, New Orleans and Louis
ville, tho subject of a Southern Pacific
Railroad received that consideration
which its importanco demands. The
Memphis convention dotermlued in
favor of tho Memphis and Sun Diego
route, tho convention havlugbeen culled
for the porposo of endorsing it; but, at
Now Orleans, when tho partisans of
Memphis were oir their guard and had
neglected to pack the railroad comml
tee, sound logic hod its proper effect, and
tho committee unanimously agreed to
report iu favor of the Cairo and Mnzat
lan route. At Louisville resolutions
were adopted in favor of tho touto along
tho thirty-second parallel, with branch
es to St. Louis, Cairo, Memphis uud
Vicksburg ou tho east, aud to Muzatlan
or San Bias, ou tbo west.
In tho convoutlou at Memphis, ou
Wedueeday the 10th day of May, 1669,
Dr. W. Lea of Tennesee, offered tho fol
lowing resolutions:
1. lteaolved, That tho material inter
ests of the wholo country, commercial
and political, imperatively demand the
construction of a Southern lino of rail
way from tho Mississippi Itlver to tho
Pacific Ocean.
2. Resolved, That tho city of Cairo,
by Its various connections, by water and
by railroads, North, South, East tu.d
West, is the most eligible initial polutfor
the great luter-oceauic railroad, and if
constructed on the route by Littlo Bock,
Fulton, on Bed Blvor, through Texas to
tho Bio Grande, and thence to Muzatlau
on tho Pacific, will, by Its connections,
already completed, uid to bo niadu with
tho North and with tho East, with the
Atlantio and with tho Gulf of Mexico,
aflbrd greater Lenetlts and facilities to
tho various oitles aud sections than any
other posslblo routo.
3. ltesolved, That Congress bo respect
fully urged, as a matter of Justico to tho
Koiitli mill (SrmtllWnst. 1111(1 UH U. I11HI1I1H of
resuscitating and lifting up this greatly
oppressed, dowutroddeu and impover
ished section, and of promotlug tho
prosperity and general welfare of tho
wholo country, to graut such aid to tho
Southern Pacific railroad, In money, and
in lands and privileges, or in guarautoo
lug the bonds of companies, us will in
sure Its speedy completion.
In support of his roeolutlous, Dr. Lea
hus Issued iu pamphlet form, un able
argument, from which wo oxtract tho
following paragraphs:
Thejiuestlon arises, where shall bo tho
starting point and what the route ou
which to construct the great national
work? In my eplulon, with due defer
euoeto that of others, tho best answer
to tho question is-tho second resolution
which J. offer for tho consideration of tho
Convention.. Tho, City .of Cairo, orthe
west bank 6f tho Mississippi river. bpnbV
Blto to it, being tbo 'initial point; 'let W'
examine some of the advantages of the
proposed routo. In the first place it lies
through a mild, genial climate, extend
ing from tho 30tU to the 23d degree of
latitude, In which show 'and lcetrare?
rarely aeon and in no part will - the road,,
be obstructed or trains be Impeded by
them. In tho next place It passes',-lsYHr
wholo length, through one oftheThdrft
beautiful and most productive regions of
tho whole continent, adapted to the pro
duction of all cereals and grasses, fruits
and vines of the temperate aone. as well
ae cotton and a great variety of tropical
products, and Is, in great part, the best
natural grazing region of the waele.ooa?
tlnent, where herds Increase and more
rapidly multiply, and at less cost, than
In any other region; having great supe
riority ovor any other proposed route 1st
ncany all of these respects.
In tho third place, it ie the shortest
possible route for rail way to the Pacific
from all Northwestern, Northern, East
ern and Atlantic cities, as will be readily
seen by reforenco to the maps. The
whole coast; of the Continent tending
east of southeast from the head of the
Gulf of California to the Isthmus of Pan
ama. The port of Mazatlau, havlnir an
excellent harbor, with ready access to
tne ocean wituout uouuung the cape at
the southern promontory of Lower Cali
fornia, in the next place, this route
will, throughout its entire leneth. be of
easier construction aud have lighter
grades than aro to be fouud ou any other
llue, which is an Important consideration
ror a railway mat is expecteu to uo so
largo a business.
In tho uext place, all of the oitles and
sections, by rivers aud railroads already
built, or soon to bo built, can have moro
ready connection with the starting point
of this roud and with different portions
of this Hue, than with any other.
As a sort of corollary from the foreao-
log premises and demonstrations, I otter
me tmni resolution ror tne consideration
and acceptance of the Convention, with
tho assurance that the route proposed in
Che secoud resolution for.tho Great Inter-
oceanic, International Railroad, to tho
raciuc, irom uairo. via lectio itook, Ful
ton ou Red river, through Texas to the
Rio Grande, aud thence through Mexican
territory to Mazatlan on the Pacific, Is
exactly the samo as that contained la
thu bUl which was before Congress at
last session, reported on favorably, with
great unanimity, by the Commttteo of
the beuate. but postpone 1 until next
session, and is tho ouly routo that will
probably receive the favorable consider
ation of a majority of both Houses of
Congress. On this subject, permit me to
say that I. speak advisedly, and In my
Judgment, this Convention will do well
to aim at what Is practical aud attain
able rather thau at what might appear to
some to ue more uesirauie.
llie roaa can oe uuiitou tne line nro
posed iu my resolution for many millions
less cost, will have very easy grades
throughout, except at tho pass of the
Coast Range or Cordilleras, which is
known to bu moro practicable thuu thoso
further north, and thut portion which
lies In Mexican territory pusses through
tho richest mining region of the wholo
American continent.
On a former occasion, at a convention
In thU city. I advocated a routo for a
railroad to (lie Pacific, exteudlug from
Memphis via Littlo Rock, Fort Smith,
up the South Fork of tho Canadian, over
tho Llano Es acado or Staked Plain to
Albuquerque, on tho Rio Grande, and
thence by the Zunl pass and the Letter
uud Grout Colorado, or by the valley of
tho Ulla to Sun Diego ami to San Fran
cisco iu preference to that on which tho
roud Is now being completed, or thut di
rectly west from St. Louis, through Kan
sas to Denver, etc., tho routo so streuu
ouslyadvocated by tho late Col. Benton,
1 still deem the lino on, or, near, the 36th
parallel as far more practicable und
preferable, In every respect, to any
other moro nortlitTii route. Later aud
more accurate info -tut Ion convinces me
that a llue from Memphis, via Little
Bock, Fultsn ou Red river, El Puso,uear
tho li-d parallel, to San Diego or Ban
Pedroou tho Pacific, would be preferable'
to that along tho 35th degree nf latitude.
Yet the routo proposed In my socoud
resolution, fioai Cairo through Arkansas
ami Texas to tho Rio Grnndo, thence
through Mexican territory to Mazatlau,
is, iu my Judgment, incomparably supe
rior to any other, being 5(W or GOO miles
Tho dMunce from Cairo, by the pro
posed routo to tho itlo Grande, Is about
1,000 mile, thence to Mazatlan is COO
miles; allowing fur deflections from au
airline, say 1,000 inlles, will niako It in
all 1.700 miles. From Cairo to New York
Is 1,00j miles; from Now York to Mazat
lau in all 2,700 miles. From New York
to San Francisco via Chicago, Omaha
aud tho Northern Paciflo Railroad Is
3,1'JO miles, und from New York via St.
Louis, ou any practicable route, is about
tho f-umo distance, making a difference
of 700 miles, between the routo now com
pleted to San Francisco and the proposed
road to Mazatlan. From all points as
far weht as Kansas City, St. Louis, Mil
waukee and Chicago and the Lukes, a
difference of from 300 to 400 miles will bo
found in favor of tlio Southwestern
route, and a still greater difference, as
we advance to tho East and South: viz:
from Indianapolis GOO miles, from Balti
more nnd Washington 700 ml lbs; from,
morion: uu nines, via linoxvme, jsnsu
villi), Jackson and Fulton, Tennessee, to
a connection with tho Fuclflo Road at
White river; from Charleston, via Mem
phis 1,000 miles: from Savannah, via
Montgomery, Vicksburg and Shroycport
1,100 miles; and from New Orleans the
wholo dlstauco to Muzatlan will bo
about 1,200 mltoa, from Gal voston 1,000
miles, from ludianola about 000 miles,
uud from Corpus Chrlstl or Aransas Hay,
about 800 miles.
With such ouormous differences in the
distance to tho Pacific from tlio principal
cities and soaports, with much easier
grades throughout, and uo obstructions
from ice or snow, can any one doubt
which will becuino the great thorough
fare between the Atlantic aud Pacific
Ooeaus aud bo the best paying institu
tion ?
. raTTho Snanisli cabinet la tmlmr in.
pieces. Admiral Topoto has resigned
Prim still floats on tho surfuce, and. Is
pulling the wires to secure to himself the
lion's share of tho spoils of tho lato revo-
Una, Julian and Roso aro the
eurvlvlng chlldren of Nathanoll Haw
thorne, Ex-Prestdont Pierce bequeathed
to each of thoso children $500.
ASsETd ....Si.i3e.eia ae
A&S1TS. ai.eoo.02i 9
ASSETS . ... .7 36,78? fa
ASSETS .7i4,eas 09
ComprlnlnRiho Underwriters Asncy.
AbSETfJ ......a453.19a SIS
assets, (Oold).-i678.ooo oa.
AWMS.... ei,43,HI0 00
Htertl. rftrrlllnL'ii. fdrnltnri. hull, mil
Insured t rUi . fTortle m fount! permanent
ifcuritj wilt warrant.
i respcciiuiij uiKr ineciiuenjorLalro, ailmreor
their patronage.
OfBci at Flrnt National Hank.
I'or anln by all iioolurllert, an J to bo obtained af
the I'ublUliera by avuilmga I'osl-olCoo order, check,
or money to the nr,eary amount.
N. H. The I'uUlilicr will aend free to any addreat
their large catatonic of implication, from which a
farther a election can Ut made.
THE IMrnoVMATORK. Ily Itan CUrlitiAn Ander
vi. In ono Toliime; crown 8to. l'rlco In cloth,
"No hook bring' back the cxtornaliof Italy mote
,HOYtl of
uiatiaciiT aiiii TiYiuiy
nf Italr.
anew la theae animated paw." Illllanl'a bix Month)
in iwri
A HISTOItV Oh' NEW KNdlJINU. lly Jolm !.
l'airiey, LL. V. la two toIuiuc, crown aro. Cloth,
I J o. '
"Wo believe that Or. I'alfMy lim penetrated deeply
Into tho epint f American llUtory, and hai thut
Kiren a cerium harmonious unity to the annaia of th
New Enxlund father, lhi want of which Imi tnad
thn narrative of their fjriunet, n utii illy related by
tiir early w riter. o und, c unfu.ifJ, nn J ivpulaitc,"
New York Tribune.
f XXX.
CIUUI.E MtK.'.VSS WOnlvV. Mont
Edition. obntainiiiK iiutUr nut In any other culle
ted edition. Enuli-li r .riiirinin. In 11 lolutm
loU Edition. t-M.Ci. '
Kiir-h tuii.ni' "f'er IWi py o!d nfptiratcly t
MJIth.4. llpu.ehoid Eliliou, a-J lulume. SW.M.
Ea b vo'mne t.od iciruto1r, I'rice, el.it.
THE l.E.rili:n.HTOCK'lNli T.VI.1, by tho
author. ''lutlre volume. I'ruo KLJTi.
THE WOOH; rfftllllE-i OK THE l'UAiniK. ImcIi
in ono volume. 1'r.oc, iM,
"Tho endurlnc it oiiumenti of Feiiiinure Cooper
are h Works Wlida thu love of uouutry contlnuei
to prevail, lua mem -iry w ill o,u in thu lieiru of the
riooole. b tnilv iwtr.otio ami Ami-rli-on ihrouetiout.
lliey ahoi 1.1 find a pla-:e in eiery Aniertan' library."
Daniel WcMer.
1 ItEUUlCK llltEMKIS. l'nce, l.'.W,
, " .We lee nre tlmi ti.f r-ie qualities of
h irt nn I mini) united, iho beauty of drtcription and
purity of .liouglii and fwlintf uliuli wou for Mii
llrenier'f donn-tir QKtiirra a.) uiuny lonua readi-ra
all oler Hit world (luriiiK her lifemno, will tht
ou one rxu'K nun Miiru.-t .limny new one to the.
nu rniruiii." iiin iiiiiKii Kvonu.Ri
un C'uoiuelo.
TrfE I'llX.IiOrs WALLET, or. Htui or Tr:iv
gsllieirtl in Euxl.vid, Frai'H, imJ (icruiauy. lly
( iert Hni.'ii. In oiiv .iutuo e.'.W.
11. im'tuu4 ari dratru uuii tlrlii and vk'grloua
hand. II. di. ription of Uuidoii i noudfrfulTvtvid
rt'idtle.if atl ilif.iidy uiu wa romwiiber mer to ham
rtadwluoli j.iotheli)iliiutuotioii nf th oxternal
featiirt-.a thv luod.-ui lJjiiyluii." l'urlUud l'i .'.
THKOt'EN 1'ol.AltMiA. lly I'r. 1,1, Huye. In ono
v. lume,J2.w. Kinechllon.fJ.TS.
"The volume Heierj'uniX truu'tiiild bo dcairod la
re.it' t of iiiochunicid oAocuiiou, The U!u".lratiuru,
w in. I. arc til ..tter keiehoa or li.riptwni by Vt
llnyei, hiw tin a I Mi.muI einrm thrown oround tlicm
by the nen-iN of IM- Iev, Wite, und I'unn. und are,
wltlumtex -eptlon, nlr(tel m atttatla. The mapi
enalie tlio r'dei to foll.i.r tho qotuto of thu cxnadl
lion with t ise, und .1 r' jjm-1 tyttosmphy, it need
only le ..; l tint vbimo tkm printed at tho Itiversl J
Irem," New vti TIihob.
MlUf'Al'I'l.r. s ei.'Ur.N I.ECriMtEB, lly Ooiifi.
Ian J. t.!l, WiiU ii;u.lf4t.'.i,, l.iS,
rii'CIOI. . Ily X. ll.SAintiiie. Iu one volumo.beau.
tifu'ly llluetiut.-.l. JI.JS.
'I'll - n,o i'.-it modern Inio which Imt
nlt.iiueil a o!nmcul reputation. I.iko 'I'aul nnil Vir
K' ..ud 'i: iv'vtl", trtlie l.xdc of tilberlii,' 'I'i
cioi.V U re;ire. a t book to keep, nut merely to
read mid tliovtiidei itn etylo mvl sentiment combiin
tojto it jieriii.Wli'ut lileru y value, it u a liouneliold.a
hiim.in lioolr, ipiwidlntrtoilie nioil roll nod and eleva
le I ft'liri, ' Huston Tf"cript.
HISTOIIV UK K(.I,A.Ni !)y Lord Ma. au'ey. Slu
drill' 1. litinu.infollMulUliiea, iio. f..
no wru Pitocuiu: avof the above
Without Kxicuo of ifoney.
The I'ublleher) of these work publish uKo "Th
Illvoraide Muaa.injfor Vouns IVopfe,' an Illustrated
Monthly, Si.ou a yi jr, hivnijtlor poei.il eoiitributu
ll.i' - ( in -.iimi Au'lcrseu, tfu lrot omuiunt liv.njc
writer for the vounx. Tiiv mil ALLOW ONE lt)L
LAll'S WOH'fll IN TJIKIU IKXKd to every one
ending the uauie of a uw ubtcribet with ii.U) cah
Thug.ly alil-.H uUi, wiy oco vm pitmdo Iniase..
with rteiini ' u'lt' innif uooUi.
New lork.
oct dAw'.'w
. i . i , P i i ,
Floutiu; Koaj. '
Jilt tlio ouji for K'.th iiji Hdoei not:nk No
danger uf lo.ln it u iIdkI ou tuo .nurfaee of la
water. At Lurduya,
the IHnlth port 'a. Kverythlnc which aa
t traveller may nave noua iu cliaracie'iltw
'io inn eye or inrminu man inn
and notelaewlicro found, will bo-d aeovered

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