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OFFIO-E: No. 13 Tonth Street, Thornton's Building.
ft tit II
It Is now determined that tliuro Is ft
:al of AofiTtH miles of nillro.nl In opera
n in this country, besides 15,000 ad
.lonal miles which nre now' In procoss
construction. In a short time tills list
11 ho swollen to 03,000, which, taking
1,000 as tho averajpj cost per mile,
mid make tho capital invested in rail;
ids In this country alone $2,000,000,000.
to 15,000 miles of railroad 1 which Eng.
id owns cost an avcrago of $100,000
r mile total $2,500,000,000; whllo tho
10I0 of tho 45,000 miles in this country
ly cost $2,000,000,000. So, while wc
ve thrco liraos as many mites of rail
ty as England, wo have paid
)0,000,000 less than she paid for hors.
tho last year, too, our earning! for tlit
no' number of miles were fully twice
much as those of our EukIIhIi neigh
t'he death of General John K. Wool re
ives one who, until the recent war
u ted a new crop of heroes, was one of
3 most distinguished military men of
country. Ho was not educated for
3 army, but received a captain's com
isilon In 1512, through tho Influence of
iv. Dj Witt Clinton. In that war he
jo rapidly to distinction, and upon Its J
uolusbn held the rani: of a colonel- He ;
to to 1: u very prominent and active,
rt In the Mexican war. aud attained
rati I. of a mtijor general by brevet. (
th 'j i'i a '"-i lit seventy years nf age, he
1 1 rc 1 hiino valuable htvIco in the
exit c.vil war He was suh'tuuently .
idea full major general of the regular j
my, nn 1 placed on thu retired JIsU He ,
is the lust of the regular army ofliccrs
i j participated In tlie war of JS1U !
Wis are in receipt of this marvellous
cap and handsome Magizine for Dc
inber. Its table of contents is varied
id rhannlnir. embracing the mu.il flnf
iriety of serials, kethc, stories, p-'
n aud attractive engraving, 'ihe
ibllshers announce in the prospectus
r the coming year, a serial story for
lult, by the popular Magizine writer,
hum Franklin Fitts. and a
ivcnilc t-trlal by the young people's
vnrlU llnrfitln 11i r. .lit 'l'hf. uric
..... .v, ...-.-.. I 1
this periodical J a murwl to every-.
jdy a huouriu page nrM-cias inusira
d Magizine for fifteen cent, or f I 50 per
ar, Is indeed wonderfully cheap. Kill-
t, Thomas. & Talbot, 1'ublUher, Hoston,
A 1st" number of the Mound City t
lournal' puts In the following plea for .
mud Cur ns ahitu for a covornuunl i
nyy.irJ. Vo are prepare! !y endorse .
urv word of It. and more too:
Washington dispatches slate that
irtits from Now Orleans are endeavor
g to have the Western navy yard re
oved from thi place to their own city,
ho matter nhould receive prompt atten
n from tho Illinois congressional del
atioii.as they havo been twice request
I, liv tho unanimous vote of the State
glsfature, to do all In thlr power to
lablUhthe yard hero permanently,
jd securs Its on'argetueut Kconomy,
curiiy, and tho Interests of the govem
tnt generally, a-well as of the people
'the west, point to this as the place for a
'cMtcm navy yard, This is the point
t building and repairing vessels, and for
ylnjr them up in ordinary, and it is
e em'er of all that vast portion of tho
merican Continent which is waterod
f the Mliitlppl and its tributaries,
oal, Iron, timber, liemj), and every
ilntf else- needed at a first elaes navy
ml are In to, easy of access and cheap,
mi-mis labor. Nino months in the
ar any vessel that can pass the bar be
w New Orleans can reach here without
nihility Ice seldom obtruoU navlga
on below thl" point. Admiral I'orter
lectcil this place for ths Western navy
a'ion, aftf-r due delibi ratl'm, ami ex
fikiie ins proved his judgment to
i o jrroet. it' Western members of eon
ivsdt their duty, a navy yard on a
. . i ...i ... i.r .i... r?.-.. i W.ut lull I
.111 I (uU l.tl'IC IW lllf UI1.IIV nui .....
icedlly beoreetod hero. Tho west pays
to grtat 'r p iruou oi wie espeu ao j
....II.. . ilw, m - lr lull -miMl nf (bo I1RVV
opailmont, and why fchould It not have
i nfthc benefits?
'II. uth-Hldu Va.y Times publishes
lott r fr .in (.'on. Roger A. l'ryor, now
re--do-it of New Yorif, In which, after
xj i hig his tamest desire to seo tho
(.np'. (t the SduHi again prosperous ami
mppj, ho sy:
"u t'u-y would only puv hn nttentlotv
, ' i and ooneetn tfn-iuelves more
n th- iV chi nu'nt ai'lhi-Ir material io
ouuts, thi-y wotihl auin ooniinand of
ho No'ih "tho ronfeideru'.i.in to whieli
ln . ' IU i. When they got money
li VMl lind th-y want nothinj; else
ib'itv n. I p'V.a will f. liow its fin Inev
t'tblo i- it.fc'iuwioo, I find tlio prosllge
f I. ;l 1 1 v a" groat as over, and her
i oi J ii' le-vs lespei-U-d than beforo tho
wi. II o dl,. titty of iheir couduot and
he "i 'i ousi-of tholr uouucols, undev
lrt,,'i,i , t.'iof uneMimpled dillleully,
un'i" ' iilmue'-d the eoiiHidenUloii
i'h w 'i'i h tho.v areu-oHrded."
llu ,Nmv Voih 'Ksjires?' tells of u
Motl ho u wh , nn cU . tl .ii day, promls
d to ii'iu'i tho out-, f.. e of charge, of
very nau who would , romho to vote
'or I lot W (ireoli V
Of tliat long winded divine, Zachary
Hoyd, tho following story is told. In 1051,
Proctctor Cromwell went one tiunday to
hear him preach. IIo invelgod so uncom
promisingly against Oliver that Mr. Sec
retary Thurlow proposed io have the
defiant minister shot. Cromwell's only
answer was: "He'd only a fool, and
you'ro another. I'll pay him out in his
own fashion, So he asked Mr. Iloyd to
dinner, and concluded the entertainment
with a prayer that lasted three hours.
Tuero is good sleighing in some towns
of northesstern Vermont ;
It i estimated that there are 200,000
Hebrews ia the United States.
It Is estimated that there are three
thousand men employed in quarrying
white marble in Vermont.
Broken hearts are cheap in Indiana.
Althca Munroe asked $00,000 for her
fracture, aud only got $1500
Two children died on Tuesday in
Now York from Injuries recelTed whllo
playing witli fire.
Polaud ban an asoclatiou for the re
lief of aged women, which expend
about two thousand annually.
Morris, Connecticut,
ecticut, owes no one I
$3.8o in the treasury. 1
he olllco of treasurer or
i. I
and has, nearly
'Ihe contest for the olllco of treasurer of
that town is not very brhk
l'apur is ontcriugiuto everything we
u?e. The Yankees now make It into
pnlle, wa'dilub and spittoous.
An attempt was recently inado to
poison an enjiro family in Portland,
which lias cauml rjulte a commotion
A Western editor has placed over his
marrlbgo heading a cut representing a
large trap sprung, with tho motto:
"The trap Is (duwu; another
A colored woman went to a mission
meeting in New York on Monday night,
and was so overcome by religious fervor,
that she died Tuesday, f t
Missouri has produced B arithmetic
al phenomenon, named Fields, who,
without the slightest knowledge of
lettoisor figures, solves mathemat
ical problem from twice two to the cal
culation of a lunarecllpse In three min
ute. The East ludia poital officials protest
against the Oriental llovrer. of ln?.i.
Here l the address of a letter received at
ar f.. .i ... . . .. . :
Hetitfal: Most worshipful and whose feet
aro worshipped Father Thakur with pros
perlty Nobloin mind. This letter to his
respected pair of feet.''
The Chicago Times' dirposes of the
quibble raised by tho Springfield 'Jour
nal' concerning tho qualhlcations of
Judges HIco aud Hryan, with a nhort
shrift, as follows:
A Bprlnstleld telegram to an evening
paper In this city a.va: "Judge Rico, of
the Nineteenth district, and Judge
Hryan, of tho Thirteenth district, being
Circuit Judges, are ineligible to seats in
the convention, under our constitution "
Tho fallacy of this notion has been ex
posed two or three times recently, aud
a good many times more remotely. That
a delegate of the pooplo in a convention
to framo a new constitution is not an
"office" within the meaning of the Inhi
bition in tho old constitution, is pretty
generally conceded by people who, not
living in tipringfield, aro not cxpectod
to square every circle by tho rule of "an
axo to grind," Judgo Rico aud Judge
Hryan are not ineligible to sit in the con
vention, hy reason of being
Judgos, or by any other reason.
nlretilt .
"l'AHTIM 5f MtlANUltRV.
The Chlcaco 'Tilbuue' Is very much
disgusted "that the chaps down in
Springfield" should cudeaver to cipher
a republican majority in thu Constitu
tional Convention. It says:
"Iu tho calculations which may be
made at Hpriugflcld, wo leg to remind
tlio cipherers that tho Cook meinbors
wereeleoted on the platform which pled
ges to rcsiif and oppose tho introduction of
urn partisjn measure into the Conatit'h
Hon, aud that this pledge will bo faith
fully carried out."
- -
noiitro ,ti'i:uTis:uH
Our people have been humbugged by,
wo moy say, every traveling advertising
agent that has visited this city. Wo
sec by a card or local notice in the
'Times,' Unit a company from Louli
vllle are here for the pin puso of getting
up a city directory. Now If our citizens
want a directory, we are prepared to fur.
nlsli, and aro now getting up n reliable
one. We printed the last ono aud hud
it copyrighted. Moreover, we claim
that It theru Is any money to bo made
bv nrlntlncr n dlreet'irvf It should go to
oiiuof our 'uitlzonf, asJdo from tho copy
right we hold for lining Just such work.
Vlcksburg 'Herald.'
The olti.'.L'iis of Cairo have been ahull
ury humbugged a half dozen times or
more, hut will le.irn by and by. Hy the
wtiy thfli't "K.ul boat," or "roper In"
in tin advuiMiiit lino ; Wearf was from
! Jn the 7th DM., composed of Washing
I Ington and Clinton counties, an ultra
! Uudioal named Harher, who ofTio atetl
1 during tlio w.rnt Cairo, and mado lilm
, self very obnoxious, is beaten by Mr.
Huxton, of Clinton, a very able and con
! rvrvalive gentleumu. TiiM Is another of
, tho many gratifying results of tho lato
1 route of Radicalism In the State Jones
ooro viiizi-'itu.j
FraoS) unit
of Ihe Wont
(From tli ThlMtlphU
' That the late election in Pennsylvania
is tainted Willi fraud and corruption of
the worst character, there Is no longer
any reason to doubt. Not only in Phila
delphia but every where throughout tho
interior, this is beliered to bo a fact sus
ceptible of poof, and a thorough and
complete investigation is, therefore,
sturdily demanded. It is alleged that the
majority counted for J. W. Greary is
purely an Imaginary one, and that tho
eontes) was really Jd favor of tho demo
cratic candidate. ' This gavo charge,
openly inadef how requires prompt and
searching examination. The felon who
trlkes down aud plunders
the unexpected travller at midnight
is no worse than the villlau who cheats
freemen of their dearest rights by frauds
at the ballot-box, or erroneous counts
after the polls have been closed. To ex
pose and convict the latter Is as much a
duty men owe to society, as to aid in the
puulshmeut of tho former. If elections
are ;o be conducted by persons employ
ed to make a certain return, aud if the
votes are to be manipulated su as to
twist a minority into a majority, tiie
Dooner it is known the better. Tho tires-
I ervatlou of tho purity of tho ballot-box
lurmr rifilv Miifotv &M a nation. When
that Is destroyed, there will be little clso
left us worth koeplug. Tho democracy t
' t,1(-' clly ?,ml, tut8 l,av.V now a oIuin I
duty to discharge. 'Ihey must not
. .1... .. .It... I... ..... ri-l. .... . .... I
I btifltit fmt I f fnlfliflll tifirrnril lfr. It
may entail great labor and anxiety upon
tliem, bu t their roward will bo in their
earnest efforts to keep the eloctlvc fran-
chlso pure and untainted. Lot the s.aief
election, held on the second Tuesday or
October, be contested! Let It bo boldly,
til tig among the dry bones of tho radical
party, and the consequences of that con
test are painfully agitating republican
circles. No half-way measures must bo
undertaken. Every inch of ground must
be contested overyipolnt nni-t be closely
examined every vvstlge of fraud and
corruption must be unearthed. If this
he done, public Justice will bu satisfied,
ndtbeTruth, which, after all, is mighty,
will untimately prevail.
(Krom th Padutah Ktotutkian.')
Reciprocity Is a very fair and pleasant
Ihlug, yet we often Hud fel.oVa Ww
don't know what it means, They want
lnuluu,lJ uuuu. iiicauj iiil'IU in uiui
all their neighbors to patronize them but
wlieuevor they can get ujoU or uooii
v v a w ww u w a-www x
nofle more cnuaiiiy oy mreo ceuis in
Evausvlllo or Loulsvlllo than they rn
get it done for here, they patronize
Evansvlllo or Louisville mechanics
.tin., f I. . . i .. ... nwr. nl fl' ll
i .unci iiiu injav ui uu. " "ii i.iij . ..v.
true way to treat ucu fellowb when they
are iouuu out in nui iuucui huh mi-ui
when Iho work they do can bu got as
cheaply In Louisville.
A merchant braes that all the gar-
metS Um1.1'.0 ftnnJ P XoXlVkr
I-.ast. Why should any Tadticah tailor
pairouizo nimv remaps euuors uuvu
more chances to notice such traits of hu
man nature than most other peraons. It
is supposed to be thelrnpeclal duty to ad
vance everyoouya ititeresis. une geniio
man sent a lot of printing to Louisville
aud actually had the coolness to want us
to pull' gratuitously iiow nicely it was
done. We had the satisfaction of show
ing him that tho work could havo becu
done at several places in this city for
twenty per cent, less than he paid at
Louisville, aud then we advised him t
get his pulling done in Loulsvlllo. It is
the duty of papers to encourage business
and advance tbo interests of their ro
spectivo localities. To do this is fre
quently of great advantage to particu
lar firms or Individuals, but reciprocity
is as delightful : thlug in tho relations of
newsnaners as tradesmen. A firm In this
I . " t . . a f . ......
oty nas receivuu Kinuiy uouces on uiuuy
occasions iruni uuiu mu yaiuo i .
city, but when, not long ago, this firm
had printing to do it forgot there was a
Caper in I'aducah, or that tho papers
ad promoted the business of tho firm.
Tho firm is composed of-cnterprUIng,
clover men. They havo public spirit
and liberality in their mercautllo trans
actions, but they didn't think recipro
city was necessary in their relations with
papers. Wo think il Is.
HIIAI.li. The Purls Kentucklan Is resjionslble
for this auecdoto: "Gen. J. C. Jireoltlii
rlilir.i rm.l Hutnnhrev Marshall had a
iileasant meotlni: here last week- Iu
Joking one another, Gen. U. toltl the fol-
owi!, whiel. very humorously hits oil'
Gen. Marshall's immense r-ize: Mieu
Gen. M. heartl that Gdii. rogram In-
tendetl entering Kentucky with his com-
mand, ho lelt as if ills own presume
were being poaclieil upon, auu ur wimi
f,o!l!5S "iWt? ricT 'heas
nrenariuir. autl intended to enter Ken
iueki at 'on ee. Marhall tleelared that If
(Marihull'n) dead body. Miiieuii.jn
... . ..a . 1 1 1.. l' l.tK.t '
I'egratu ie-pnueil uiai, imn woum na
too much to expeol of his artillery, but
if ho found tho obstacle In his way, i,0
would Immsdlatoly tunnel through."
Thvre h always more or less of ad
miration ft-lt for a tlrst class villain or
iibitri.t r. Hut what la lo be made out of
tUders and I IU ard who lets his w fe SSK ,. on
ffibla h"l!toeks,irwi:o keeps oompuny Wffi
with Kisk; who trots about tho country t ,,ni. h.. u- pi und.r lot-kumt Uj, nmt wot imd , M,vfirmc watwr-inVn.-. r ,
llko tbo monkev lu tho meiiaxerlo; who ..i.i-- ! rt,r nnvienii I,-Mit4Uvii n-.siit nd ixpiv-. fnitri.t i mij
ills a Z uVl" smoke , , Cuba'slxes 1; ffi S?r"' M- . fi A'&. ft " ,l,u,e
lrom the tlmo he Rets up nut i no koo , d Mrkc i .tiret- .rvyu XNp usron. ! nW-,n..i.u pmu Ipi muci
tobedaalnVObvioii?Jy, nothing', "It1" , Ti'v1V".t jVT"' -VppiVfos i ''u' Uuht v ' ' ii.wako ii. wii.i.um
ally, notiiina; and consequent.) wo may fL,,fi.VWi.iUeriSetu vU?mr" ui,', ,,,'e.... .vt,!o,u r..
look to other sources of omiwitmeut nt -' inXMaMsMr ; ,l uA ' ' ' ' " ' H'a
Washinstoit the comlnK winter thai) ''ijr; JSS'dZlhf v. W
brawls between tho executive iiu-l legls- 'fr " gTwiyfit n' ' "
latlv Kitl. hU K- -
iirnidviiin rsiuler Jouma ." i'vns,u ' j
-Ptf" TUT "VOX-IS..
for tat Ml ilookUeri,ad Is b Ulned !
th i'ubllibrra bj tending Ooil-offlc order.checi.
or moor lolba nrcxtntr; mount.
N. II. Tb Publlnliera will ienJ rr to tar tddrea
Ihrir Urgf caUlofUn of publlctlioiu, froM hlc
Utlkor mice lion ca be m.dt.
TUB IMPItOVISATOrtH. II r Utn. ChrUtlia Andi.
fo. In ouo tolutue; crown if. I'rlo la olola.
"No book bnnii back th extrrsiltof litlf nM
dUlinetlr und Tlfidlr tottie eor Ihemlad Uan ibli
noTtl or ibo Danith poel'n. llrerythlof which a
oWrrtnt trTeller l.iaj hart notfd m cbrctrnUo
of Italy, ail Bolclirwhdre found, will b dlicoter!
ntw in Ihe j? animated ptgoa." UiUard'a Hit MoalU
' II.
1'jilfrf r, D. Ju two foluinci, crown ro. Cloth,
"IVc bclioT that Dr. Vtitipj lu pnelrtd dtAj
Into tlio spirit -t American limlorj, and ha thua
Kircn a crrum Imrmonitiun unllr to th annala of Ike
EnKl-nd fatlurn, tb want of which hai tnad
the narratifn of their f jrtunno, at tuuallr rclaUJ by
tb -arly writers, no arid, coufuicJ, aud frpull,"
New York Tribune.
!r;,r"i'?'?'n '"''i'?.'
E'Jih fwum. of oii
Mont Coiutlrte
matter not lu an; other eollec-
or America. In It rolunie.
j.oiih fkmuokk cooiT.r.3 compi.ktk
woiikh. Household iMmou, si ?olume, ito.os.
Ky' ''nrVi'T .m.
r. -inflttTi xU m,
CfMji'Kit s mtukiks ok.tiik :a; ptoiuki ok
j '"J'Sg1' rr'ce:si.M.T'IK ,,llA,K,f" hMh
"The endurluz m onuinenla of Penlmure Corr
are hit Works. While thi- lore of country continue
to prerail, hn mrmsry will exut n th heart of lb
people, t truly patr.otieand Americaa throufhoul,
thy nhoLld find a j la-:e In etery Atuencan't library
lanjel WeUiter.
KllKDltlCK IIIIKMKU. I'nce, l.A.
" ... W feel ure that the rare ouaJltleool
btart as I mind uniled, the betuty of description aa4
birlty or .houiht and feellag which won for MUt
llrcliirr't dome. lie picture-.o many lotln reader
alloterth- world dur.Ba bcr lifetime, will drsw the
old ont ba.:k and attract many new one I Ihea
memuriJit. utnoinnatt KteniggLTuouioie.
TUB PIIiniMy WAM.KT: or, Kcrapt f Traa
Sphered In England, Kranre, aai Germany. By
Ml-ert linen In on rolume 11.00.
"Ills plciutoi are drawn with a Brruand Tlcoriona
band. Hi deeription of London It wonderfully tItIS
and clear and the only on wt romemtei ever Vo baa
rad which gtfei the allKhtt notion of the external
feature o' tat modern llabylon." Porllaad I'raaa.
TIIKOI'RN Pt)UARci:A. lly Dr. I.I. nayea. Ia mi
inlume. 12.20. Vine edition. Il.ti.
"The Totumx I erery'hlnK lhalcoulj be df tired in
r.i:l of meihn;cil neeution. Th illu.irttlorwi,
wiueu are an after taeuinet or ai.i-ripuoat vr iff.
ll.ves. hare an a I Jitional charm l.lrow 1 around
liv the nenc I- of Ila'ler, White, and Kenn. aud a,
withoui riception, tpinted and arll.tic. Th map
enable Ih rnttei to follow Ihe course of th" expedi
tion with ei.e, aud a record trto;rapliT. 11 nod
. 4inj K41 y
j i're." .New York Time
unh te Kti I th r hm. w.s t-r llteaatthd Itlrertido
, X7rIII.
j ji.r.a'ni.r.- cl'ktain i.iXTt nKri. iiyOou.
ijtt s. sv ..iiutrtion.
I'imof A. llyX.n.HH.u....e. lu ouetoIuoe.Uuu
tn.i) i.m,::..i.d. si.j).
"Thu i. oniiuf the fiw modern tj'ei whivk liar
attuned a 'laa .mi rep jlntion. hike 'I'aul and Vlr
Ifltiia,' and 'Kiint ;li, or tho Kxlle of Siberia,' !io
cioU' l regarded at a book (o keep, not mi rely t
roudan l throw ande; its ttil and triituuent comlun
log? ilperm.nent litcrair Talue;it la alioutthuld,
human book, appealtnictothe rnoitrf fined and eleva
ted lcelin;i " llu.ton Tranjcnpi.
Hl-TOItr OP K.NOI.AN'lVlly Lord ilteauley. S
dt ai'a Kiltion.lafour luluiun, eio. U,00.
Without Kxpcute ofXeuty.
The rubll.hen of theje work rnbllth al "The
Kireraide Ma-atinfor Voubk IVopIe,' aa Illuttated
Mouthlr, 1.W a year, htTinu lr special contributor
Ham uuimt.ait An'tersen, ine mom
eminent litliu;
writer for the vung.
LAR'S WiltTIl IN THKIU IIOOKH to etery one
..nil.n7thnameof a new utm-nbct wllb H.f-Ocajvh.
Thut.br a little labor, any oun can wroild btmaef
witliacho, ocultectioaot books. '
Ul'ItD at iioi:ciito.,
etdiwjw J Vfk.
llUV Till. Al.V l.r.M INK U'0 BU
MituufeeturcJly tlm
Thotaroiill tin b.-.t niaUo, Hunlio,' Cfft, Clifiy
i ... . -1 i!i. m h .!'! I. it ii 1 nn nil:il la
Miiji.-trweMi!i I---C wati'jrx inimiiy ooHiing
Diiu.r.i. iiiik . ... ..- -. - .,
.. . Lit ......!
VI dt. rilH JCll' I lA'll.', VllUi . -I j
i'-K iVoi iim; r.xritv ui:j im:i riu
Oroide (iold Hunt ni; I'u.o ;t'ull Ji-mlfd Lrjeisai
emul to ti Hold WiitihvV, ltipiiUtodandlluart.
teed to keep currivt time, anil Hftr :ilid not luruUti,
with Kx1. . Fine ( ai-ff, at Si-leach.
. nioiiey l rnnlrl to mlvuncp.
i i.w t.,1..... -i.ii.uit.-ri uillun the L luted nttittt
: pa) iin'i m-k i.-. .udVVvi,y..tiitif priyu-sotooiiiii
"Aj 'tt.l
f'1" ViVTu : a" n-n -t-red i'.-;tV. l-rci-tid, by
, a Va..k: j., ".
n iii's vaRt-u, ouh:vi:. swWAicmwroit
u, m. i... h, acaitli wst.-hstat wholo.de ;irife.
; ..u.i m i of r-r..rod. and order only
Till! ill!(li:K WATCH CO.
: i.t
Wtl ulltn ei,ei, New Votk
. .
I'll 1'. SIILLSW..
a mum von
' -i
I'nvnte Counselor
te Counselor
nurriid. tr
mil l-A In.ilTl
llritc about to in.irv)
I U till'
in. 1. 1 j i
Ing'OHl I
my.t. Ii-. m l n-f I on o. n. ' '?";!
m '"".. ......... -.. . i.
llu- nniiiiiii'.on. vie, . t
... .. i i
i n n't mill i . i -... ,..1 ruaii
I Tift Kilt W I il v Llil'l Ml III
hliaitV.' Tiirupp, an,) Harriot M. Thrupp.
dar of Anl' a"tMiL'!'.n0r,Fft,:c' llH,,"' ,l"' "'''too lllh
ift nmXi'At1' ,8?,an,i fc'T'l"! In tho Itf-cord-w
ns undernlRni-.!, Carol inn II I. tlift followlnr
dMenbed real eUte, muato In the pltv of Cairo ll
aalcl county of Alexander, ud Stuto of I no. to ;iu
two m tho arnc Aiwar and It known aa
dlntd ontherecorde J map or nla of ,5ld cltof
Cairo, oounty and atate af.utald, io .rtir the Lj.
Charle.Thnrprjo i'anllV8fi,bn?.,.'!l, 5iTe"
!!I?n J''lT'1 ,fn.'i ?'-Ta dollar. an'aTi.?
ejBta, dat. April 13, lMTJ. and payablo Mi monui
Jb." .d!?i ,h'reo0 1'h. Pr cent. intarMC
from date until paid. Ami whereas, default haa beea
mad In th payrant of aald note, I, tho undr
afip, to whom aa.d aala mortaac wa made, bw
L'irnue of h term and protlflon of th aama
rllli. n Tue,1J J day of NoT.mber, A D lMt, aC
oelock, a m of that day, under and by Tlrtu of
" . .
Ilnolt. Ih Dremlaea in aalH .fil.mn.fn.r.J ..a.ii i
J.wlt- lot numbered elgbl (I), in block? number
wentytwo (22). lu th city of Cairo, Jlltnoit, wile)
lhappunEancet,toMtitfy tho purpote tod oondl
tlont of taldtale rrortRHRe. 1
Cairo, Illinois, Noremberll, lf3
iiivu, nouuo uuncr, Aiiorneyt or mortgii.
The riartnernhin btwen Hi. nn...inn..i i. i.i.
day dltanWed by mutual content, Wm. K. I'ltclur
retiring from tho firm.
All clalmt ocalnM and due Hie firm will be settled by
Wm. Henry, Jr. '
umro, in ,.-ot. i, isw. w. F. l'lTCHKIt.
w. HEsar, Jr.,
Thankful tO HIV fr.iri.l. fur tli.lp lilw.r.1 nAl.cn.
heretofore U'ltowed, would Uwalre a continuance li
my former partner. . W. K. I'iUlior.
llr Tirtlio of a ilrvrea of lb Wnilerlitiri.Ii (Sreuli
Court, inn CituiMrlu-reln Cliarlct II. Crswiord. Jr.,
It plaintltt.anlThonn.lt IMu n defendant, I trill,
on thn'Sd diy of XovemU-r next, between th
hourtof ten 'I'dock it in.tndt.ro o'clock p. in., at
the KtuntTllIu trhaif, tell at public Auction the
eteamerl.nuia, Utr tuckle, apparel, and fitrnllur.
Termt at followf On.-tlurd i hIi, nne.third in tixlt
dayt, one.third in muuty ilt)e, with interett added:
the purchir e,unnc the deferred payment by
paper pajKDia in bank hire. with undoubtd en
dortrre. i!EO. II. aTAIll-, ltecelver.
nor Iw
If Y.iu Want
Material to nuke a dollar bottle of Ih bett Hair R.
ttoratiteeter utdlor rettunnj; gru j h.ilr lu itterif
intl color, ,-enl XSrrnti for a pucktj-.
ir Ton M'AHt
ic Willi Teeth, Healtliy Guint, and atweetlreath
tend for our YUItlClll PBS'TllH'Icr., prl.e, 3
If Tou Want
A tur euri for II-vl"li, CV.arrb, llrafnett, r l
aln In t!i ear., tend for our BT KHJIL'TATOEJ
Trie 35 eeelt.
ar.Kithf r Of Ihealiott teol pott-ptld ou recalat
f prlc.
Addrett Jooepli K. M.titr, 431 Markil llreet, (X.
Xoult, Mo. ten lyttw
Drake' llrlUa
Of nearly oa hundred recelpit for m-tkins brandy
all ktndt ol Wine, 0!n, Ale, Ileer, Cordial, Kuperir
Cider, and much other tMoful Infjuntt.oa for thott
dealinj; lur manufai'tunet any of tlie above, either
fJrthe trade orliomou.e.
Sent by mail, free of poLe, tor W centt, Addrew
R K NOItJlANDr, Ml Market tlreet, rtt. Loult, Ma.
teST Inlaw
i) i is i. c: t it ; k .
01 MIIch the Slioi-ifst Itoute hi Sn York!
At I'itttbtir traiut from tlic U'rtf inn direit to th
Union iicxit, Mhrre ra-oeni r fur llnrri.buiL'. DaIIU
more, Washington, VhiUdi Iplilt, New Tork, llotton,
and all Uie Niiw I.njlau t towii, tire trnntferrcd to
traimof th
l'i:.SVI,VA.MA U.llLItOAD.
ltuy you tlci.ett for New York. rSul-tdelphm
and all
poinu Knit, Tit the I'lttKburr;. tlirt Wyue i
and thi' ri.'im.-iYlvini.i Central Cailroad.
m I'liiifi .vi vnnn jtnin I i n rnmi "I i.v i
Thelriiiu ol
I I. I, I OIS 1! K .V T 11 A I
make ctoae cocntv-tlont it' M ittin and C"!u( tpo; and
the t'Utire trip to Nca Vork it made with onlr Iw
chanca of t:.rt,
Elt'saut Wide laMtii;;or t-'urw.
RjtlteU Ruofa uulpro tf I Neata!
Thete etrt ure Ihorouiihl) MMitilnli d mid protuleO
with t rery modern improit.iunt ncveiiit to the
ttfety and oomfort of K-xrlnri
WoivlrutT l'atent,
Uan tlirouli to I'.'i.l.iii'lpliHi on m'I Nii;lit Tiaina,
and New Vwr! vi.i riiil.Klrljih-a mid Allentown, witli-
. mi.
t r,.,t ull,
out i-Mniri', atl'irlim; ranseii u night or undle
llllli 't reel, and
Laiulnu: llifin In .Vftv Yurli ItoitrH lu
.iIimh'i of nil titltrr l.turtj
And in tune to eiup lloli l iwi'iiiotuoditlioliK befmr
lliu iirrivtl of the putsen'ra by other otit.
To IJoit.iu
-d N Kn!iid pakeit ra tine rotitf
I eir4'
i i;dlvdi iriilli, it &i(etlheiii un oni-ortuully
of teeinn thu tlne.t vivnt anions the Atlephauy
MounUiiK, bc.iili't isi tuijj I'llKl'iir, IMliladelplnw
and .Wm Vnk, 'iVltliuul lUIra tti.
WO" All New CiiRUnd iw-kenyiHH lioldins lluouxh
tickntH It irunofi rroil, viitli their Uiirg.ixc, io ail
and Host Coniit'clion, in Ni w Vork, without charge.
FuKr Dally Trains- LeaieN. V for IIo-lou.
. ''Hon, Ilaliy Trains Leave rdhideipiiia
, lot M rK,
Via j..t,,.y t ihJtoN ln'lttnvr'
Ti.. i. iln.iiiilv mnio by wile Ii iw.m nir.-i .'ju leavi'
I C'lu. .liu H.iIupIh) iilti'iniKm, iu a tlii'i.iiKli r,ir. Thi"
' I""" Kiv'i lliu i'ltt.biirK, I'ott Wjyuf A tbuiirfu
H.i Iwi.v p-.t in i ill ami i. Mi. tlii-'i'Kli without
iUM.iy.nrr v i " "
itil.iv.Htr V i in -m-w jimi. i vv .innn iii iiininn
, ' jloui's hi AtlvrtJU'f o Other l.hiesl
. 'l lie ;i:ii' l i ' i. -i rmi i iuhlm iii
iu New
I lu urn
Kci'k ait I .-.u n.e ni:( ONI) 1MV. J-U
In Ail Villus ill' iiii iittn r KMile-t with onr-
ui.ii'i.M. .a i. -.ii t.i nnviiiN. i-iiii-.M'i.i.riuA,
aei aiouiic auction, to thhlghet blddr, for oaib.
at the front door of the Courf House, p Mldeltyaf
Cairo. In it ronnfv of AI.T.tiHr .n.i ri,.,. ....
T v. w u . i u ia .aiq aie morirax.

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