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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, November 13, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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it Evening IMletm
igostuni Rlttcr'x, V. II. Sohutter.
uyent, Cairo, JIIIiioIh. oc 1 2m
rut clitss day hoard at Wulkcr t MIh-
restaurant, at 55 iter Week. It
ir really fashionable clothing j;o to
er ami Miller's. , , If
lvurtijcmofits' for life 'Weekly 'Rul-
i' Hiiouiu oo uauuou in uy Tuesuov
grand ball will ho given by lh
oCasslno, on tlio evening of Decern.
117, 1S09 Committee of Arrange-
Its: . F. M. Kronif m.imr. .
- w
L. Thomas, Win, Aliia,
. BlLYKKJIimCJ, UKonriE Lattnkii.
Jirco plank fn the Washington Avo-
sldowalk, between 12 and 18 street,
entirely cone, rendering that route
o dangerous for podcatrl&rifl nfter
iitfftll. An hotir'n work would replace
tn .Let this bo done.
rceh oytcra CO els. per can at Win
b Delinonlco, Commercial avenue
ro III.
ho best assortment of strictly fashion-
e hats ever opened In Cairo, haTe
. been received by Miller. & Miller, tf
Mule or llallitiml Iron.
'ho live thouand and forty bars of
lroad Iron, received at Mound City
oral months ago, were sold to Mec-re.
Iilth & Converse for tho Nebraska.
icoln and Fort Kerney railroad The
ue of this Irou Is something over two
ndrcd thousand dollars. Tliu purcbas
liavo already comciicud bhlpjilng It.
ahull oyhters, game, etc., can always
secured at Walker & fciMon'.s restau-
! nt. Nov 2 tf
Don't forgot that on Monday evening
wcr's opens his "Pnlucc Variolic.''
) has becurcd tho services of n good
mpauy, aud promises bis patrons a
it class entertainment. Admission, M
nta; children 'S cents; private boxci
P. Itlelly has a largo stock of bats,
ilcl will Imj sold at New York whole-
le prices.
I Houe near cor. Washington Avenue,
id Seveuth street. Price 5300.
lw Apply to P. II, Port.
Firewood Issclllni' In the eltv at from
J.tt)toI.K) the bitter lli:uro for hick-
y, backberry, pecan, and otlier bard
mid Itv the wv. now that 11 re wood ii
n nrtlnln In net) vo ronui'St. should not
verv load bo mcasurfd. before eold?
(one.it wood dealers will not object to it,
' royjded the maesureraent Is made at
ac expei.e of the city, and the consum
rs demand it.
Walker A Simon's HlllUrd Hall and
U'Ktaurant is the center of attraction for
trangers anil others who would strength
n the Inner man with fresh oysters,
tewed, raw, roasted or fried; quail on
oast, venison, fth or any other luxtirl
ius or substantial edible; or pass an hour
,vlt!i the "cue" In tho largest and best
billiard ball in the city. tf
'I tic Cairo Ituller n,
Cairo Is ablo to mi poor t ouo paper woll,
uid If her citizens ifo their duty, the
millet In' ull be a Miccem. It U all nun
lOHBo to attempt to get up a good paper,
by giving it a "pleayuu" patronage.
Let the business men of Cairo, advert Ue
and go down into their pockets liberally
and t'.ey will hnvoii good llvepoper, and
no croiikers, Joneboru 'Guzotto.'J
Truely bald, brother Iloutou. A very
conBlderablo number of our citizens ap
preciate tho value of tho local press and
extend to it a respectable patronage; but
thero are other citizens, who, conceiyo It
to be the especial provlneo of the press to
lalur, uuaxked and unpaid, for their per
sonal aggrandizement or pecuniary gain,
as a voluntary .olleriiig to their "conse
quence" an business men or Individuals,
Partiif, well to do in tho world, who
nover advertised a lino with us in their
lives, regard us as cpilte criminally ro
miss, as Journalists, becauso wo Imvo not
given special prominence to Home partic
ular project or business in which they
wero personally Interested. Wo should
do this much, they say, for tho good of
tho town ; for If tho sepraato members of
tho community aro prosperous, tho com
munity as a wholo must prosper. Good
enough logic, but when we ask euch per
sons to insure us In our share of such
prosperity, by banding over a reasonable
compensation for our sorvlccs, wo un
mask their selfishness completely, llut
enough. Wo always ?,av6 managed to
get along without tho favor of such men,
and havo no misgiTlnge, on that score,
as to tho future Wo are working now
for pay, not for glory-and ifuny man
wants himself or his business "Bet-up, "
our prico Is "twenty conts per line, first
insortlon, and favorablo terms by tho
wcok, month or quaiter."
timr 91111 fur Nate.
A double circular fc3a Mill, also one
flott of corn burrs, lath machine, five
yoko of oxen, threo log wagons, with
chains, all In comploto order.
For further particulars apply to Wm.
P. ritclier, Cairo, ,or to J. F, Stiver, at
tho Mill, Mounds Junction, Pulaski Co.,
Illinois. hov 2 2w
Ho Riitnr Meeting
f Curo, Notembor 11, 1'W
Present The Mayor, and Coun oilmen
Harclay, Martin, Itearden and William
son 1.
Petition of Eliza Collins, representing
that her lot No. Jl, In block 10, In tho city,
was over assessed, and praying that tho
'dduneil nstruct the assessor to reduco
the aHs'eHsment.f Head at length, and on
motion .of ''Coucllfnan'' Itearden tho
petition wns referred back to the petition
,erswlthlthc explanation that) In as
much as tho appeal was not taken within
tho.letfally specified time, tho City Coun
cil has no power in the mattor, aud tho
assessment must stand.
. The action of the Hoard of Aldermen,
granting the prayerof certain property
owners for a crossing on the noith sldo
of Twelfth street, across Commercial,
avenue, was concurred In, andthe cross
ing ordered built.
t , CUCUr " l,ieacllon-of 1,10 I
, """""" k
cr of petitioner Jos Lebrnas was tinanl
rriously. voted down. , , (
, Cotbmunleation from tho Mayor.
To thcCtljr'Ojuneil
- Tho charter Imposes upon-the Mayor
tho duty of from time tn time giving to
tlie City Council information relative to
the state of tho eity, und recommending
such measures as be shall' believe will
contribute to Its welfare.
I do not, at this time, propose to enter
Into either a detailed or general statu
in ftit of the city's condition. My inten
tion is to urge upon you the necessity ex
Ktlug for a careful husbundrv of the rev
enue of the corporation, and to remind
yciu that our constituents havo a right to
demand of us tho practice of economy
In the administration of their public
A review of the action of the Council
will; 1 am sure, convince you that this
fact has not had a due Impression on
our minds, or else has been either
thoughtlessly or wantonly disregarded.
While 1 desire no controversy .with tho
legislature department of the city gov
ernuieut, aud esteem It more than use
less to veto measure, which have receiv
ed an almost unanimous vote in both
branches of the Council, I nevertheless
believe It to be my duty to ak;you to act
with deliberation and only expend tho
money of the people when expenditure
Is absolutely necessary. . . ,
I am not forgetful of the' fact, that tho
great bulk of tho expenditure made by
you, since the commencement ' of tho
present year, has been made to liquidate
debts of the city contracted In the courts
of the Htato, and for other purposes, tin
der othwr administrations of the city af
fairs; but, the action of this body In in
creasing ttio salaries of officers, ii, in my
opinion, a step In tho wrong-direction,
along a path which leads to extrava
gance and ineflluleucy in the ofllcts of
tho city.
Ills to be presumed, that all persons
who seek, or accept office, are Informed
an to the amount of tho salary; and It Is
a fair conclusion, that thcysbould bo sat
isfied to receive what they were anxious
to obtain. Therefore, that tho salary of
no public officer should bo Increased dur
ing the torm for which ho was elected, U
a kound general rule; aud no exception
should bo made to It, unless new duties
aro imposed upon the officer, fn which
event the additional compensation should
be paid only from tho tlruo at which tho
additional labor was imposed. Hut, when
no additional duties have boon Imposed,
anil no extraordinary events have hap
belied tojiistlfy tho application for addi
tional pay. to Increase the salary of any
officer during his term is bad policy. It
is Injurious to the public welfare, because
it isa precedent which will soon multiply
Itself and In a short time becotno custom.
It Is destructive of tho ellluienoy of offi
cers, becauso It makes them haunt the
lobby and labor far more industriously
to obtain' an increase of salary than to
earn the 'wages wero they anxious to
obtain when they accepted publio posU
Tho question, then, which you should
first decide, when application forlucreaso
of wages has been made to you, is : "Does
the petitioner como under the exception
to this rule has new duties been impos
ed upon him since his assumption of tho
duties of his office?" No neV duties
have been lmpned upon either the police
force, or the City Marshal, but their
wages havo been increased wages which
they consented to recelvo when they ac
cepted p'aro under the city government
Tho incicaso of tho duties of the Market j u flllua.al mml ulI"i p,ce,i irl10 Mnk
Masterwns not remarkablo, whlje thoin. , f , t Uy bonds becoming due.
ere.uo of his salary wax considerable. E , '
know that the Comptroller Is now re-
quired o perform labor from which cus- '
ii itiau rnnoyeu nm -unties which, h i
uiiiKUtitij iii-wiii iticu, i 111 v"ii'i."i."M-.
or ui lime, jusueo inireriro requiiLu
that ho should recelvo additional com
pensation; but I am of opinion that you
were wrong to allow him the among fix
ed by tho ordinance which was noted
upon during my lato absence from tho
city, anil which became law without my
signature; mid 1 question tho wisdom of
allowing him to bo paid at tliorato of In
creiuo buck to tho beginning of tho pre
sent fiscal year.
I havo sal.! that tho precedent of In
creasing tho wages of public olllcer dur
ing tho term of their service, is Impoll-
t . .wl I l.i.lnun t .1 .I.lln InAnl 'Pllll
Councu need 'not look fa'r VoVfooI of fhi.
The City Marshal knew, when ho no
camo a candidate for the office, that tlio
salary was only fifty dollars a month.
After his election, bo petitioned th
council for; an increase and nbtuim'd It
The Market Master, tlio Policemen, the
laborers on the sldowalks, and tho Con
troler fallowed tho example, and the
Council conformed its action to tho
precedent which it had cstablMied;
aud, in lis apparent anxiety to continue
In tho pathway of tho bad precedent,
acted Irregularly aud with limine hate
Itltjwell known to you, that the Sehet
(Jouiioll, after defeating the ordinance to
hierenso tho wages of the policemen, ro
considered the voto In a manner oh
noxious to parllamentry law and then
adopted the ordinance, which ordinance
was publLshedbofoie it was presented tn
tho Mayor for his signature, In accord'
unco with tho provisions of thoolmitor
Tho re8olutldn to Incrcuiso tlio ungtH of
the sldowalk laborer)!' was adopted In
Joint 'fiction of the two boards of the
"oiinoH. nn l or no Plleet
cil, In Joint session, can vote away mon
ey, the purpose for which two boards
wero created Is defeated. It is possible
these laborers should receive more wages
than they do, but tho increase should bo
inado In the regular way. The city has
lost largo sums of money by looseness in
tho administration of Its allairs, and no
matter who clamors this Council
should establish tho precedent of
legislating In strlctcomplbuico with tho
loiter of the charter. JUtt the references
T have hero made, show that In thin mat
ter wo havo not been as careful as wo
should havo been; and our carelessness
has mado most of tho city oflieer lob
bytst for more pay, and very successful
lobbyists, too. There Is no way to de
termine whero this habit of loose liber
ality may yet load us. Encouraged by
the good luck of those who have gone
before them, wo may confidently expect
that the Clerk, Treasurer and Mayor, tho
only officers whose salaries it has not
been proposed to Increase, will appeal to
you for higher salaries, and with the
precedents you havtt established, how
can their prayer be refused?
This communication Is made to you
In tho hope that it may iuuuco you to act
with greater deliberation on all pro
positions to increase salaries or expend
the publio money; and, If my hopo Ls
"not disappointed, I shall bo more than
pleased. ' . .
Jno. H. Oukki.y,
Cairo, Ills,,. NovemVer 30, 18C9
"deceived and ordered spread upon tko
x "Accounts.
The bill of Mr. L
P.Uutlerfor services
In preparing p'etltlo ii'fo reassessing lots
for street filling amounting to $250 00,
was on motion allowed by tho folloving
Ayes Ii arclayj-Marllri, Itearden and
Williamson '1
Naya None
Hill of Taylo r & Parsons for whnrfagc,
and of Col. Jtehrden for lumber, was
read, and referred to the committee on
claima. ,
The following bill having been allow
ed by the Hoard of Aldermen wero pre
sented, aud on motion the action of tho
Hoard was concurred in, and the bills
ordered paid by tho following vote, viz:
Ayes Harclay, Martin, itearden and
Williamson 1.
Nays None.
Hill of A C, .Mtrkrt latfr, Iry for Oc-
S3 13
1(0 w
lhll nf John llTlnl,CitjrTiiitir:r, for Ocl
Hill of Jol.n Ifrciwn, Oily Ork, fiJtry for Oc-
low r w
Dili of M bamfnek, C ity M.irslml, salary fur
71 00
Hill (if H, Slmnnfjpy, Mnrv for toW Ii 10
' ,M, WlTerlrg, for rullnc ux receipt
&),.,-.. . ,L 60
" John Iirowa, fr ono Iir kin r for
t ft Offltt.tinn. . 1
UK CUrk, for rent, ly 1 to Sj.t. 1,
Dill of Patrick fwrony, for hauling rarrlon.. 3 TJ
lllll of Harclay Hrolhrrt, for mrdirtno, Ao...... I ii
Hill of NMntnn, Ice to McIIle,iMltir4 l,1- I U
Hill of Cairo City Gas Co., for Bpt 1 to
Hill of AJt whltuk'r fo tncJIeino furnUtierl city T3 W
uci i (iirrrni w
" I' Ttioma, for cluicg, Ac
BUI of Wm Mcllaif , worklnc clia n gnrs ... .
" Thomas McvhAB, haiillnrur clty.
Dill of C K Woodward, for lumber... .
it ii
" Taylor A rarnon'ii, conjidcration tor
Lot U, Block 4. citr ..M
Hill of John It Otcrfy, fur vzrnie) of LouU-
Tilt DflrpMlon ......-.....
lllll af John ! Kaem. fur rrlntlr.u-ln full to
S9 15
m m
69 7
7U 13
311 IS
400 CO
100 00
Octotx-r 31 .H.M.MM.......wi 151 13
" lleo-1 A Mann, for Pattern, Ac W to
Dill of Ja Karrll Ifldayilahoron itri'ta..... 44 10
" Jphn (innr 5 ' is
Jerry CillaUan 10 , 3? 73
U Priacoll 1 " "
Jarry Muiihy IS, " " ... M 8T
Jolm'Oillon i " " ... . 3 00
Ja WaNh I " " 12 00
J...hnShfthn 1SJ " " . . 74 00
John Cummine, Police ComUUo fur
Oct........ 7J 00
J Arnold, Pollen Conitahln for Uet Ti W
NEW HL6I.Nr23.
To the lien. Mayor aud C.ty Cjuh' .1 of tl.o C y o
For tho nurpoo of- avoldlngany con
flict with tho city, 1 am willing to take
the amount per month heretofore al
lowed to PollceMagistratci for the city of
Cairo, in lieu of fees, in cases whero tho
t-umu aro chargeable to tho cltey.
In the caso brought by me against the
city ol Calro.for unpaid fees.tho last Item
charged In the account was dated the
21st day of March, 160S; from thenco un
til the present tlmo It has been 111 mouths
and upwards. If tho foregoing proposi
tion Is agreeablo to you, you may allow
roe the amount, In place of any and all
claim I havo against tho city.
Respectfully yours,
F. Hhoss, P. M.
Roferrcd to a committee of three to per
fect arrnogemonU with P. Hroas.P. M.,ln
relation to Ills claims against tho eity.
Tho chair appointed as such committee
Councllmen Rearden, Harcloy nnd Wil
liamson. IUHOIiUTIONS.
""Resolved, By tho Select Council, tho
Board ofAldermon concurrlnt:. that two
thousand dollars (.$2,000) bo taken out of
q-jio following resolutions ha ving boon
m .,uii)y ,,0 jj0liri (,f Aldermen aud,
referred to.thN board for oonuiirroiiuo,
were Mivorally read, and on motion con
curred In:
A resolution In relation to Intruding
tho ordinance committee lo draft an or
dinance authorizing tho construction of
a sotver at a suitable point below tho tit.
Charles Hotel, to drulu a slough or pond
in tho First Ward, known us "Luke
Rube" in the Ohio river.
Also a resol ution in relation to erect
ing in front of tuo Hibernian Fire Co.'s
engine house u gas . lump Mnt.lur to the
one in froutof the Rough &. Heady Firo
Oj.'s ongino house, at tho expunge of the lady Is handsome and sensible; and Per
oity. ry I a steady, reliablo young man who
The following resolution, adopted by will no doubt mako a good husband, an
tho Hoard of Aldermen, was w-ad ti j hoou as ho gots used to It. Wo wish tho
length: " young couplo a perfect world of hap
Re-olveil, I5,v the Hmril ol Abloiuiou, j plncss.
thf.Seieel i oiiuell eoiii'iiiru.g, lha, when , . ,y board can be
the pt'i'-i.M employed Uj wutuli i-.h etreel 1 irii wn,' ,i RasnnH for
L'.m!, I'.om n... lull, is no. t-i.a..,,.1 Kured at "Walker and blsson'a for
at-tliai w.ik, les'liiill be riiipi - .-d' at
any unit i inn u km um un.i , ' .-
niny lie dnvoted to do by the At.tj i
sine l Kiiiiniliue.
A mgtl ii was tlio'i uiaue to i
thoaetiou of the Hoard of Ali
or in
i hi 'ii In
releiring i.ie teportof the fii-U-uiUi"ui
sr Mtiry's Pari- bnuu
com nt 1 1 f
to H ivo
Mtb lii-niieliuiis to an vn i t!
hw propoauls lor a i, iiu .
fentr " d.
A , - d John HuuW
.nrtiinrnntliitn of llrlnllt
filiro 1IIV., Nor, I2lli 19CJ.
At n meeting of tho Hibernian Fire
Company No. -I, and tho Rough and
JtcndyFlro Company No. 15, held this
overling, the following plan was adopted
for tho trial of the engines.
Tho time for trial or small Engines
shall boon Thursday, 18th Inst, ot 2p.m.
The tlmo for trial of large Engines,
"Ocean" and "Hibernian" shall boon
Thursday 2oth Inst, at 2 p m.
Forsmall Engines, the companlesshull
use and throw through 2 sections (100 feet)
lioso,.wIth i Inch nozzles.
The R. and R. to havo the first trial of
ten minutes, to bo followed by thb Hlbor
nlnns for ten minutes, and soon alter
nately until threo trials aro made, tho
Judges to start and tlmo them.
Tho place for trial to bo on Washing
ington avenue between 8th and 9th
Tho President of each Company to ap
point onojudgo, 'and if tho two Judges
enn not agroe, they to appoint a" third,
tho Judges to be disinterested parties.
Tho President of each Company to
make arrangements for water, and the
expenses If any nro Incurred, to bo abared
by both companies equally.
In the trial of large Englnef, tho same
rules shall govern excepting in size of
nozzle, which shall be Inches.
Tho.Prcsidents appointed the following
For It. and R. Firo Company No. 3,
Capt. Georgo D. Williamson
Hjbcruian Firo Company No. 4, Sir.
Robert Bmyth.
"Wm. T. Bkkkwaiit,
Prest. R. and R. Fire Co.No. 3.
Wm. McHalb,
Prest. Hibernian Firo Co. No. -1.
J. 11. Tayi.oh, fc'ec'y.
The 1'Rclllc looking Nto.
Because it Is the more durable, burns
less wood, bakes better, and Is cheaper
than all other cooking stoves, the Pacific
Htovo Is the favorite in ull families
where It has been tried. It has no su
periors and acknowledges no equals. A
few days trial will satisfy anybody that
it ls the best cooking stove ever made.
Any slzo desired an be had at C. W.
Henderson's Commercial Avenue, third
door below Twelfth street. nov.Gd lm
Orsamus Greenlee is erecting
comfortable frame dwelling house at
Goose Island. '1 hat portiou of Alexan
der county Is now well settled well
and Improved, aud the aettlera being
all sound democrats, are happy minded.
Considerable hall and sleet fell last
night, but, this morning all traces of it
Ender's Chill Curo. "It never
Tho scale receipts for last month ex
ceeded the sum of twenty dollars. They
wero erronously reported tho other day,
nt something less than three dollars.
Pat Kelly camo in from Kentucky
yesterday with a wagon full of ducks.
Put never draws a bead on such game
unless ho fetches from ouo to a half
I'lira! 1'tiral I'nra!
If you want to buy furs cheaper than
they wero everofTored in Cairo, will call
at P. Rlelly's. Ho has a good assort
ment, which ho will sell very low. tf
Everything that can bo fouud in any
dry goods house In the city, can bo se
cured at P. Rlelly's at cost price or less,
us he Is determined to closo out. tf.
Ender's ytomach
In use."
Hitters 1 "Tho best
itiiNlm-MH HotiNQ for Ilcn(,
That eligibly situated business house
No. S Thornton's block, Tenth street, is
for rent. Apply on tho premised.
Measles are prevallng among the
children of tho city to a considerable ex
tent. Wu have, however, hoard of no
fatal cases.
.... . '
;ov' mil xila.
A full supply at Rlelly's, and going ofi"
at actual cost. tf
Oentlemen s collars tho Albany make
unexcelled in stylo and general gut up.
An immenso stock at Miller and Miller's.
Fur the cehnUed' 'Durham" smoking
tobacco or agood cigar, go to Huram'n
W. F. Perry, for years an apprentice
mil then a Journeyman printer in tho
Cairo printing offices, hath taken unto
lilm-elf a wife in tho person of MIsb C.
i j. Uaigwood, of Paducah. Tho young
sr. wr week. The bill of fare coubIsIb of
or the best In tlio market, served by ex
pert caterers in an unexceptionable Btylt.
A partner In a shoo sdop.
0 li .x 307
Addross P
A MtiinUoino Inaaeemenl.
Kt ry rroiiwho tend 1.1 60 lo th "XIZ UEN.
TPItV" t,uVlwiln Co., nt durlpaton, H. 0., receires
(hHt.uicrhmjalnefQr'onejrr,Ma S?W of
1 , of 0i Wwly NoTtU Iho work of .gharri
Pv kem that may to doilfjnaUd. Bpelwen aamb
n !,; Iihiyi.- c nt? aeiMrB'-
Jail PiiMidl,!.,!, In a nimlecl ntiTeloBo.JI'rloc, Occ-nl.
Unci IlLllCH Cur nr.t,r.rnlM,..,l,-, V.'i'
. if i I i j ii i in iWHiuii".
lltin.lllnwnla ... 1 . ii. m. ' '"'i'IJf,
l i.V.-'... i. . 1 1 l-iltll a (I I'liyar .
rnl Inpi.ifi- . ,, ,rt.a.u.,., A t,
ItllBT. T. ( Lt.vrun.ii r Ti ...i... . .. ' ...
iii. ii "
i, ' " " "nwiorui iii i.mcn
"A lloini fo Tlioimuwjs of MnfliTrrx."
postplil rn rf'JW of to. -nta. or two naiiwr
ftlampn, tn CHAM. .I.V. K LINK A CW.,
157 Ilcmerj-, .Voiv Vorlt, l'o,t l,,. ,
. JilHH.
AUoDr Culverwell'H "MnriMo;rJulili!," i'e
XX,rd vxxcl Sort Xjia.a.a.ao3r
of ifTc'ry ilocrlitto'u,"
I.n(ll,Stiliit;l'(!H nml i (I ur foils.
YAnPAKDoFlVE-tforiiPrConiiiiprtU! at v line a&
' " Tfii N treet,
cAino, ir.i.iNow.
OnitM xnllcilpd and prumplly fillpil. Stoml-ol
Lnmbcr furnlt.cU on chott nollce. iKtU-Cin
Sew Slnrrlngo Ollldr.
ANjKtWAv FOR YoUN'U MK.V, m Ph.yloloSn!al
ErrorsAbuses anil Dlsea'cs, InoMcnt to roulli and
Early lanh(joil,wh!oli x-rrhtd imptiliiucii'4 to ItAIU
ntAOK, wittiaurv iii ins of r-llf. Henliu milad lel
Urn(iopf, fri-o uf charpo. Aililrc, l)r. rt. SKI!,
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Othvr Work In l'ioiorl tM-
ThrntnN Ritlldiug, Tenth St.,
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Tlio Wt.tr Power owned by the data on Ilia
Wb.nli r. 'Ti lit New llnvcn, OMIatiii ooiinty, win -
anduddre".lto"taroof Cutit r, Caruii, Wh in
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I'lfleauuns fonUinuiK coi.dit.nsof llw- leave .-mi
id on application by m"l or in pron to 0. 1-.
i-r.C'armi, J. O. (iindtle. ( lik-ng , Joseph UUcj,
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On the 1st day of Wor.iter, ot in a in , imi!
nil at auction, on tho premUfi'H. t New II nen, to
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tblnery'lhoreln , AUo, a largo lot of mrih (o
oak timber und plank. iOlfU.U
n0Tiwlir V. IIICKOX,
P0Tly Can,il(' ii inlWoitgW
r-swAt the Olllce"'" tho BuIUJh,
li'tiU'AJi"i) for a term omny i.irsio um mn-
iler, at noon, o llio 30th day of ,SofiuUr uAt.
the oRieu or C. B. Conner. Ourmi Illinois. A lb.di
....... i... nn.i i.i.irL..il nili.lri far Wilier Power. '
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