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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, November 19, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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NW. 1.1
i i
yunioN oi' rim sua no niton-
'J neodHor of the I'.uliiculi 'Koiiluclci
i,' It irn and reared in tlio South, ll.or
iglily fi.ulliar with the nero In IiIh
.a, i vtrof hlavc ntid frecdmnu, pre
cti the iilllniate nt'er extinction of the
ict. "Tlio negro " ho tayf, "in IiIh
omJitloti an a fritilinait, will not long
main a disturbing cluaient cither In
icicty or politics. Ho is rapidly ami
truly piisHlnK nwny. (JrJn. O. O. How
rd, chlol of tho Kroedinen'ri Hunan,
hohnd t. tt r hotircei id Inforinntlou
n tho fubji-ct than any ouo clue, rep6rt
J nioro lli.tn nyeur ago that the negrocH
umbered lei attial litnc by J,300,H'
tan at lite clone of the war, and slnco
lnport thero Inn been no decrease in
u in irt:tl ty uuiony tneiti The catlnu
'I till" V ' V(7lU IIIWI tiling I w t'J' .'
bo nitron, w ithout any previoui train
ih'in t ikhi c.ire ut Iheiiuel vec, were ut
.ice 11 r iwn on their own refourctf, and
k I ' -. n I l m.K l.lit f.viiri.kkii r.lilii.i
twiii 'r j it ii ' or die." Tuku up tho
i.Iimu i ( f population in Bouilii ru cit
ar:i mi Ii liKht wiil lio tiirowu on
bUbUlJ it. Kor lii.-tance, tutto New
J.i.ui , 1 it may bw eoiinilerl to re-
rr j o ii' r b Mitliurn uitlrn to a di ret
in J( Ui l .it- iliu war, Itml a iiensro
i,; HtfM.WiOi iibi at thf- lline
i. l I. ib r yn ctnnj er him! tm.rr
i rid tit-foro iliw wartliMiihow.
i i . i .In r fc'uitthciii ciim. The
j'lii btBliiiy bom? iu tlio
a I (,'M.c to ttiw citivH. wrhttic
v,ber In luw, titilicatlby
, . , k. i i.imiI pulii-iitt IimmI, ami
I. i H i grt l." pixr. All ttiviu
l u . tu nriMiiM.' u fcj.Iut riatu
. . iiiumk tli ln(Cr i'pulu"
1 .n i'c if llilot l.i to b rrgrct-
i .
I I i
i l 1 1 ii o.' thv ht KIO ii luedld iu
in J- j t, i br liai It in lii.i jMwcr to
i,:ikc buiiM if ctnifortulile b thu pro
in tt labr bui wo fear be never
a I. , 1. ..tn bis halt. In aro changed, the
i r j tut: t hjii become extinct,,
im l'aoca, "Siuhmy rKtnnh'
ua inn it a Mr a a I-:.
A Mtluedcotcmp rary mim that the brt
umbtri f too "Antl HlaveryrStandard"
onimi.ia double -leaded editorial on the
.villi ..I'll... r ) ..I....1I..... ....... .1...
,M.,4iLrif of Wcude.t 1-lnllips. lIeMiy:
'Wo arc II luting a Any from the keen and
Mi;ry devotion to the ono ureal (piettion
jf the war the ncsrn ' Tempo
tj i.j l fwlllrejult. .St vcral of tho
- jtl i r;i -'Mfin, muKtof thtriti, will full
nt l3: in'o relwi httudc .
ll ;idtuiiii-trutfiiu (s guilty of cruel nifj-
r 'I y ariuetit, whu-r tklrt arc till
i . t oloo.j, t-lu! t., li.j,rid-ce r.
t lull ii.s oluiitarily put on. (
It ii' c!n ii'J future hour tu khow that it
iil !. i i.ationV 1 1. iii to tho loyal
mil f tt i .s ttith, and i;ii.ely left them,
ii' ! I. t the Ircrrmif'. No lluun-
Ul mrt will evert:! vetuch IdleiHund
. tV cr. ht of ktntf nm n. Tuaohir-
jrv ih betrayer of thoo who trusted
I.iui; k nlty of blood, Ami a.t having
iattiad nwMy tho noblest opporiuuitiiB
tl.lK wi'j bo tho record of lluir hMtory v
i . ii .. ... .1... ti... ..i. i ..i-... ii.i ..
I l.llll) i Ii HIV riuiHli I'l'KVI HI (1WMHI.T,
Ai.dian tnjiy hinnelf only wlun the
country is l irmented with political tcnii.
His lament, tUertforc, tho flavery
Uuti u it ended, will not bo sdiarcd by
many. Iu fact, moat puop.o would re
Jalcc if thoy cnild bo Mire that Phillips'
ircmiud it hated on a correct view of tho
situation Mr. G'rant'h ndminiotrntlon,
however, has not yet given u the Uit of
coason for believing tint IU purpo.e In
to do justice to all men in IU dulingi
Ith tho Hnuth. Wo mutt wait to Fee
what are Hip Intentions of tho prily in
power with repaid to Virginia, Texab utid
lllnsllc i I. before wo can award It the
hull praU. of didervlny Mr. T'hllli.n'
, I
mi: ajiAsr mustxot hkljx,
"It Is evldttit," nayr) the Waehiugton
..rrc6roiidetit of the Ualtlmoro 'Sun'
"that the produceru of coal, lumber aud
lalt are organizing un opposition to the
reduillon of duty on these article!, even
if In return the government of the New
Doniliikn should open to tho United
HuUs tho tiavigutlon of the St. Lawrence
and concede to our lir-hcrmen the right
to fUli within tho hounds now claimed.
The lumbermen of Michigan aro especi
ally clamorous for a continuance of the
dii valorem duty of 20 per cent. ThU Is
naw collected on importations valued at
abot.' eljtht millions ofdollarsporannum,
and i. t r n'.y added to the est oftl.olutn.
ocr tut tn tho d imestto product, valued
at over Ilfty iiiIIIIoiib, bo that for every
.hilar now piiid Into tho federal treasury
a? a duty on lu.ubor, tho public pay over
11X dallat.-. through the coiueipient in
orca i nfi rK cb '
This iionly astnnll item of tie taxts tho
I tipk arc compelled to pay by our ttultl'
,yslct.i. It Is afo to say that for grain o.'
silt cou-Miint d In tho country the monop.
M"s arc enab'ed by tho tarifl' to charge
three times tho co of productlonlrou
gnu bf imp ,"cd aud laid down iu this
coutitrj i. i ,'lccn dollars per ton, but
over f t l I - r harg' d for the home article.
And soon But the people aro begirt
nlng to understand the tul, r-jw
OFF tOli!
a Toit.t at b:vasvii,m:.
I lif Caliln of Hi Unlro nml i: hd o l 1 1 r
I'nrltr t Armniln Monti oft'.
On Tiie.Mlay u veiling a terrible tornudb
swept over the lower portion of Kvaiifi
vlllc, unroofing aoreral butfdlngd, aiid
creating dire huvoo among the ateam
boatH that were lying at the landing.
Tho Kvnnsvillc 'Courier' aays:
Tlioptonn Htruck tbe Meamer Armada,
Camden nml Louisa, which were lying
at tho wharf, Tho cabin of the Armada I
wuh entirely carried away and blown I
ii!loro. Humn nlnnna ut It u-nn. (mini
hundred! of yar from tlio river. The
boilers were left on 1110" hull, which is
uninjured, fcut the entire cabin Is u mass
watchman He was on tho lower deck.
urn!, btrunu to cay, culm pud tiiiliijurcii
'ine I'liuiu ortno t-toaniiT Cinmlut), a
new Lout, u'liluh was nearly completed,
wiibniso blown oft", ami carried on Hie
bunk. The chimney. ol tlio LotiIu and
a portion of lier cabin were al?o Itlnwn
ashore. It win Imponiible to correctly
entitnate I he datnitu Jal night, but It Is
1 1 wavy. The Armada luiiljtiil been put
tn pplctidid condition, and wax wnltlim
lor water to resume lier tegular trip tu
Cairo A rkiu", wliitli Jy Ju-t above
tl.u Armada, wad blown out or tin river,
and "ii tin., failure, and was found a linn
ilrtd yard.-, or more Ironi tlio river. 'I "ho
.fuellin bud Ju;t arrived at the wharf
boHiwiien tbe Horm blruck In r, ami
otairifd part of lier pilot hou-t tiwny, but
diii not do any material damage to Iter.
The h'uprcme Court of Ohio, Mttlni; at
Cincinnati, recently decided easo which
If tht-c i1h.v., whuii wuuiuu'.-i riflilM aro
o vlorouily ill-ciif.iil mid defended,
iOMunH4 coiixldcrablc intm-ft. Tlio
question involved was, whether a litis-
band could mot (gag" lii widow-, or, in
, , ... V.
.vS ...... e, .ui u u.juociioii on uc
freedom of will, her course of true love
in her widowhood. The ca.e wan this:
Home two or llirce vear.i alnce Ocorgo
Itmfev ihciafd mil lie will ilfi-liPil 11
uipitj dutaswi. ainl lo will iJcxhcd all
his property to his wife, during her life,
on condition that tdm should not marry
ngaln In cai-cof mnariAgeor deitli, the
tirmiffiv wjii, to rnvpii to tin. rtiltilrnr.
proptrtj was to revet' to the tl dren.
hlie elected to take under the will. I
process of time, however, whether atlcc-
lion for thu deceased had grown cold, or
the remembrance of him caused her to
.... I, rr B,Wl,i,.,r i,, i-.,,.,.-i
w I-h for another tueh man, we know not,
Mie mairlcd. f-he put a.sldc the weeds of
widowhood and put on the troapcau of
a bride. Fnnik Ungnit filled her atlcc
lion-, and Iu "holy nntrlmony " the
twdiii Utcame one lleli. Hut then, there
was the testamentary mortgage or In
junction, uf which she was reminded by
the heir., who claimed thu ci-tate. bhe
fefu-x.il to lelensj it; hetico nult was
bMught and the cakoundcrw out Judicial
cerutiny. Tho will win suhtaWiLd, ami
by Judgment cf CVurt it is proclaimed
good law that the husband In his life time
may mortgage ami enjoin ills widow.
The following in the dictum of the court:
"The husband lias an Intereet in tho
widowhood of his wife, which, it has been
well remarked, gives him tho moral right
to tin iiex limitations to his bciucntu when
'0 in made the recipient of his bounty.
Ho may well hoMippiiHcd and a ux louts for
happiness, anu by niacin a nccomt mar
rluL'n ns fi tinrfn Ilia ivlfn'n Mtllio-nMonf n
Joynient of tliecstate devised, pieveutau ;
lll-assorted or unhappy union. Ho can-!
not be .upposcd wlUlug to lavish his gen. iinny-scven mueajono rromipniiromery
erfulty on thoie ho never knew, aud eer- j to Decatur, two hundred and eighty
taluly his children, who, during their I three mllee, and another from Chat
mother's widowhood, ho might contl-, tanooga to Montgomery, and homo
dontly hopo would retain the memory of others of lew Importanco. In aenucbsec,
tlii.tr tnt up r' a rnnn,.U nm.hf tint tn ha WtlOSe railways BUHercd 80 mtlCh dUrltlK
aubjected to the control or oxamplo of
... ii.. ... .. i
fl.V IT UlllJ ItlllllVV I.l lUUIOUO IIIUJ
have le en to obtain control of the testa
tor's property. Moro thou all, the prop,
erty, which was tho result of his toll, ho
may, without any retlecllon on his con
jugal duties, beuuwlllliig should heap
propriaieu to ine cntiiiren or a bccouii
ni.irrlnt;e. No obligation reals upon U
owtate to maiiittiin nuy other family thun
un own.'
From the rtaud point of the woman,
alio would probably fay in answer to tho
above, that (iod'n word In Adamic time?,
"It is not good that mini hhould bo
alone," pari pa$u fully vindicated hor
course, uud that the Injunction of the will
w as void and of no edict.
... .
'no ir he a ruiFUW arc.
Thu DuQuoin 'Trlbuuo' denominate!)
Bam Flaitcgau and IA. (Jov . Dougherty
a tho meanest men In Illinois. Tho
tamo paper Is of the opinion that Gen.
Ijogan can "stoop to conquer," about a
low as the next man. All theso
individual being m-rubcM of
tho radical household, we feel
disposed to exclaim, "How beautiful it is
for brethcrn to dwell together In unity."
The Mol'hcrsou monument at Cincin
nati is to be thlrty-slx feet high, iticlud
ng a statue of Liberty. Tho fctatue of
McPhoraon will bo of lifo nlzo and re
prcacul the hero hlauding at rest iu full
uniform, and will occupy a raised por
tlott of the pedestal at tho foot of the
column. One of tho panels at tho bato
U to contain a bas-relief of tho general on
Uiulsslllc burnt of tho fast horse-shoo
null innktr in tho United States, Biio
'ran per' h wllhrrittui rea.-on lay claim
tothefastcfit women, ndroitcHt thieve
anil tlio-most rufilaiily fhoudler bittern
tX t... .....! tit r . ..i. ...
tu iu iouuti iiumuiu ui oi. Jivui!) or Jlalll-
:-rrw"' "
Tlierc has been ho close a light in Mln -
nesota that it will bo iinpotHblo to de -
tcrmino the precino result for fcomo days
to come, Accoruing' to tlio latest return?;
the result of tholtrucglo between the do1
niocratftuml republicans Is us follow- on
tho vote for governor :
Ot , ft'.'m '-..... ,.sl,i!?l
Antn, (H'p.t ,., ...it,C7
km. r,i jh. ...CM
J.ater returns are expected to add to
i A" 1,11,1 rt volL'i h0 il,,tl majority
may roach 1,000, though this is only
probable. Lait November Granl'H
: ;"njr ny nrr Htii',uoi,r wm w ,Cccp
Ih ball roIHiiL'.
Tin: kcmm; i'asmon.
Dear Lordl iiavo mercy on my toul,
ami plcafo lot mo linvo, the Krenc'li entln
that I ;aw at the More thii morning; for
w ith bluck laco llounces and overikirt,
Ihutdrobs would bo very becoming to
uie, I know If you- grunt my reuet,
please let me havo a i ew ld k lacp
-bawl, also, dear Jiord. 1 iiiieol before
theo tottiglit. feeling perfectly liappj,
for Miulumo Kmilu has f-etit me homo
uch n'lovelv Ixiiinet! A imt beautiful
Ut tin bijou, ( oinpo-ed of w hitf Mttln, with
coral ii.strlch tufi! For this fnor, I um
feeling truly craieful. Givo me, I pray
thee, an humble heart, and n ncwurocu
Milk, w ith point luce trimming lt me
not Krow too fond of this vain and de
ceitful world, like other women, but make
mc exceedingly centJo aud aristocratic
When tho winter fashions cotnc, let them
Htiit my rt le of beauty, and let there bo
plenty of jiulfini!-, rui!l and Houncc,
lor I dearly love them all. O Lord! let
business detain my husband, for he In not
wauled at home at nrei-eiit. If i H.-lhle
I tend him on a long e1 voyate, ur have
cccU.j a t.8r,el.uaz member of
Congrem from Alabama. I wlh to be
come acquainted w ith the tu II. durk eyed
, -reInor who Js iitaylug at Col Long.
1 "wal,uw ! bring about n Introduction,
r brsceclUlice,for Mw I a ng.waltow will
not. tss my chiblrcu and plea-e ueiid
! them a good nurse, fori have neither the
time nor Inclination to look after them
i yclf. And now. O Ixird ! take care or
whJo r , and wnlou
! mydiamonds. Amen.
" .
' kii.hoaiim im tiii: sot
The rapid extentlon of the railway
1 s-yjitcm of tho bouth Is ono of the many
t;ncoUfa2,nR Mf.n3 of illcrB.v,n- material
,roperltv in that section. Wc learn
that In Georgia aloiio fovcu new roads
are tuilUin, somo or wjucii aro nearly
completed. I ho road from Macon to
Jlruuswick, one hundred and eighty
miles long, lias been nearly ait utittt
since the war, and will soon Lc Iu tun
ning order. Tho Atlanta and Cliarlntto
railway Is fairly comnienc-d, and ono
hcctioii wiil toon be opened. Another
road from llrunawlck to Albany -ono
hundred and ?ovcnty-five miles which
will connect with Montgomery, Ala
bama, will nU'j be Important; first, for
Its advantageous location as to Boll and
business in (Jeorgla; and, secondly, he
cause it will be a link In thocreat chain
of railway that will ono day htretch from
the Atlantic atfc'avannnh or Charleston,
to San Diego, inCallforaia, on thcl'dclfic
coast. In Alabama several great lines
aro under way, and most of them aro of
Importance. 'J'herouto from Chattanooga
to Meridian, Mississippi, through North
ern Alabama, has ono hundred and (If-
ty-llve miles In running order. And of
tio new roada planned, pno runs from
inin to Decatur, ono hundred and
tho war, there Is great Interest manlfes-
ti.il In llnp4 In cimiii'Ol tlin On In Viillnv
ted in lines to connect the Ohio Valloy
with tho Oulf, and several railroad pro
Jects are lelug pushed forward with
v ii o 1. 1; s a 1. 1: u u o c u ic ,
rnoiiccr. ahd cow.MtrtsjoN
3vx 33 n o rc a. zr
A'o. 70 Ohio Ltra, Cairo, 111.
Hj.ii il .itC !ii.rB gitt-n to coj a;cfi.ti in.l ftitiSg
h'hoi, i:s i, k g h o c i: i : s,
AIokri. ton lUalty ou hiad roo-t cciojMt.'
4toeUof jIlOIlS witlSICIKS,
I'ort, Marttlra, Sherr mill Cttiirlo
to, dtT lot
We clniiKly nrCAll,totiichwf .cr ttll
tlf ntiunnf clot-r ra-h tiujr-r..
ea-Hppi-UI ntu-ntion pM ti hlliDK ordc r.
..j. j 'iy".??".'""""!"""1"'-""1
rjib oTa CON&UM ilits.
Mciir. C.
K, Vr-ast-rA Co., neir on...v of K.xlith
inn.rrclal nvinue, lime ni.'H.lio.l llinn.
iM taii'l Uointiirrc
.hvps with odd of 1. M. Ilin.U I A I'nV t.it'ull 1,1,.
Mr-tf r TU"i.'. INrlte ilnili.h-'l win. thf rKiNtr r
ins of ih-ir milor-ran now l.ai- Mmi..tol p ii,,.
tm-t-rinr fuuu Itruolho mll rtitin of ti.r l.t
will he rliarcAil tn lUr rMrljr counn! 'I tl.c m-'n-
1. 'o-iimI ll-lfrf il iinfriti- 1 c I.l I- rni IVI
A VOll) QI'.U Kf - A VKTIM Or t.'AIt'.y IU.
iru.lni'-, ciumiit; nrvoiu i''ii li', p.-rmaturs
tli-cay, Ac , Im ili-cou rnl a n "a ia uf cina,
w in lir- will n I frnn hla frllo ullerrri AJ
IdrataJ It KrKVr,T.N"i3U.-t'e'i, New You
c77 n w
liOFf HjOfj - m, L y
GrpCEFllES-COMfyilSSIpN. ,
STitArn ).".' . -r'.uiilii
I ClTllAT'l'f IN' f A- flMJn
. --'"T-r-"t--fi., , i. ,
: iiiom L.ttrtit-jn, llod.oni dh'iii.
! wnor.iaAi.n
(h-oceri and
,Anicilcti Poinlfr Co., ntMl'Mntinraclurcrn
Aznilt Tur C'oituii Trit,
fin. 57 Oliiu l.ricr. .lr. 111.
MOAT STOItlW, r.'ltOnKltltiS ANDl'KO
Oliio Xjovoo,
t-.llt! Mlri. Illinois.
piniolt cuTid 7
1'I.OL'ir MflHCHA.Vr AXD ilILIJ:ii.S
So. no Ohio I, (-. rvlro, lllliicl.
OrJirt tolMiiiwI vi I romj U7 im J sitli.VloriJ
. t,clf
IlVAST. I'AUKUIt. Jolt '1 II. ntltit.IS.
pAl'.KKU A i'HILI.Id,
Gtr.crkl ,
C'oiniiils.ioii and Forwarding 31crcliaiit.
Asd I)r.'ri 13
ll.i.v, Corii, OuU. llrnn, noil all Kliiiiv of
Oto I.KVKE . ....CAIltO, II.I..
. i'. a Vers. k. j. aviirs.
v m s sio A' m y. n c u a s ts,
So. taa ui.to r.-vcr, caiiio, ill.
M." i'lHLLII'S & CO., "
pju t or o V- W. It? ndrik.4 1 Co.,)
Forwarding an I C.) u nllo i Xarch x u
iVii.utrniiAT I'MOPMiiironN;
Dniro - - - XIIIxxoIm.
l.ikral .l(crtitcc Mtdc nt Cbntignmcnts.
r rrrrf"t V frit, ttoit or forward frrishlt U
i'I point-, buyer irl; .in cvmmmloa. IlutlDm !
cat tflw th i.r-ini.ia-M vIIUt
lvolowalo Gr X O O O X
HB -
l-outuiiftlou Jlorclmnt,
ll i len-noTi J o .Vo. "9 Oh'i Iiou", -xt iner to
( iv S ,: .n! IWik, h t Wilil l.tltor fiu-ilillei Ai
Urr,i r Hi, UntoiielH the tootiuiuoc- of jklr n
Ivpof h'l tj nuiT i'i!itoin ri. L 4i'I At Ihil fif ti
Wr.)r Cr. j j
fl.J...w. ....... wwitm if .- mvw '...ll'
u.iu in" iinnaitiiK ii nil hmut 111
t'rOit.it'4' uri CotuwItluM.
' 1 In.. Jons I, tw 1 f, (mjStdtf
FLOTJE -A- Q- 23 3ST T.
(Jonoral CoaiuiiiIon Merolmiit,
mil ir
1 m 1 LL-1
3 0"i
rt Iiof, I'fUr rri, I14hh
ir, Omeol.
bulV. rru co hud. Ccrm-r El.lh ttrert ia
Ohio I r. t'mrn lllinnla. mS'l
Uipi'ril w:tlj II Wia'i. of
Hupoi-iox' XjIcuoi'm,
IJecr, Ale, Ac,
OoiiWur.i ii! kv-o'j Irl Nictv (.id Tf rak ttf'.-,
TiioiUfi, i.o l.itu covi tiquort. ttoaU iirehisi
t rill, nl th'" ho w.h lt onft s fri(raot eir c
tM-ir i.U 'ipaiil -.lln-lv.- iii-.'iti
twm i...ivwwiminwi M Mimw
."tinfvlyit J li lh
7l.cy lirtift' . tr.o uk nik, Hunting Cti, f.e-tj
diu-J, look srt't vfti llkn tir.e .oil, Kmt ar vqu) iu
r.iiK'srncriollif tlj;oi wat. hci usually coMinj
il&t). full J. we'.i"l !. r, Citnt' and Idirt li,
ki ail ciirli.
out oiM iii.r. i:rit nuKi.NKn Koiu
OroiJeGoM Itantiiia ;i"uU Jewrled r,ar
etual tn ?v0 (iyM Vatrl.oi lifiltatrii acl liur.n-
lr.il ... l.'Ari p A.TAi-t i.iaa. iinrl ut'iir i'nd nnl tkinlih.
1 vith!:!rnK!uCAu-, at JJiuA'-l'.
Mi iiioii-y tt rtn irtil in nilVHiiro.
acini t.y Kirr'-" Kr.iwt.i rn v.lh .i the t irlnJStalf
psjHlil'j Uinx'sitrn d!iv.-rT,itth tlii 'HTil in epen
ami i'x!n:u uni.ru nun ...r, unu u no nui ivii
rt-turn .t, t)v pRTitii; thf Kxpn-J r-harnrn (lofvli will
bo fiit ty nuil ti Itfulitered 1'ao.kkf, ptf i3.J, ty
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aii'l (if u;)tiin o, from l' l 4 uiclifi Ioiik, a( ti, tl,
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riiato Uiml a.id siw u( uatoli rfiuri'd, and ordf r only
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Gl Mllcr? the Shortest Itouto to New Vork I
IrKinsof tho
Iluy on ttrWl. for Nr Tork. PJiiln.lrlj.lua mi1 all
poin'i. hail. it llio ritikbuie, Kurt W'niiti- i Viucnet
n'l lh I't tinjTnia iVnirtt KilroJ. Tlio tntlo ol
I 1. 1.
I O I S U K X 'V It A 1,
inukrcjjsc rorrKvlK-nml MMtcx'rl mul CMictco! an.!
trui enure trip lu .Vw Vork ii niit u,tl. onlr tw
clit-oum of tnr
VACKiutt. Vlilc I'tUfsoiiKur Carn,
ItnlifMl ltuor4 1111 Iprii yp I lsii
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with iny tno.li rn iiiif.n.i. .ntllt r.M.inwit tolh-;
iletjr Htm ronifon of it .n lcm
kta t i :-x: tn n i : kmsg :a i t n,
WoodnitJ' I'ntent,
Him thrr t , (f, I, Ltl.tti), 0!, a ,-,,),t 7r,,,,
tiilixw Vorki H l'lnUo'l4imnnil AlltriiwHn, Milli
out cUjbj:. nll '.-amK l'aiim, ,t n,l.t uf undi
til th.nl rrl. Mi i
l.uu lny ilicin in .New 1 orK niun In
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tnd In tmif li. ur Il'.-I wvohiiihkIhUoih befit
iUcrriri ul ii 1 twi i'fr t 01l.fr r i.tf.
Tulr-'i-iiii-d .Nin CiihImhI praxrr- lh n rt.nU
t vrprt 1 .'.j .: I. , . -i h.t.t!iiinin ..i-irtuii:l
if ib; MiitM n ttinnf( tl AlfHl.inj
M'lunta ii-. Im'i. in.tinx 1'iU.Lurz. I'lwUiiHt.hi.
mt Vork, Willi.. ,.1 lxir....
W Al. w Kilni i,KriM liolrtinjr lUtoul
tll'kn- will I- irn-r rr-l. r tl. .Mr IttttiAgt, tu lui.
hmI Haul C(.nm-tiur, ta .Niw Vork, wilLuul cbft'gr.
I'oKf Haily TiT.iii'i !.caoN. V for Ilostou.
Thliteen Iially Trnliw l.eaie riillmlolplila
lor .New Vork,
Vti Jr) Cil t. rijii '.-n nml Amloj. Dnl.ino,
1 . mr, I hwuf..
TJ.i l- lh . ly rt tit- l.jr h"h f.-Mrr-r mn t-ft
CfMi5 Mtur'l J m'lrrn. on, '11 ltir"i.li iifr. TtiU
itln I warn Hip fun W.)ti A.
'tulwii) v tut .' W p m kuilrntii it.ro li vtitlmul
Iplnv.n.-it -.t .a vt V' .-kkilt) Mumlm tnutn.nj
Jloiirs in Alliance of Other Lines I
Trip SCO p rn. train from Cliifnyo trmn in Ni
Uork t f l.K.m tli-r-K(;0NI) HAT, u I.J lluum
In Ailvn.tri of hii mli-r ltm.li-! with ror'
r-wpontmr rcrfurtmn t-. II'i-.TiiN, I'll 1 1. A I) Kt. I'll I A
ii ir luc.irr rim li.l llirmii:ti tu til nlktlnn mi th
I. n- of Ihn IVniKvlr.ii.iH lUilnnjr. anil to Ilaliimorf,
1'niU l-li'I-.Min'i New rork, frum 1'ituk.urg, ciiic(u.
tu t all t.nr.c.pul Wrririn Uilira.
' tui-t uf frr'dit nJ -Xirn fr-ijrht lt nf
tU-if rn iio.n' u t u! t'.mrs m f.foratle m -oIirc-l
(j otiit r I.nt.
nti-Through i tl:t fur ! nt the nrlnulrtO oftt
ll Ihn Wn.l.
KbWAnn if. wu.r.iAMH.
Oiatal Sucrmlncleiif, Allnon l'.
T. I.. Kl:;i.ll.,, ln'-na-rAi:fnt,( ri:nu
Mh ill
B Machine I
i.s tiii: jjkst run family rsi:.
M1 .Stllrli, llrni. IVII, Turk, roril,
Mtllrli. llrni.
il. Ilnilil. tin
ll mil", nriiiii. c(uit in, ii i;i,iliroliIrr
IIh,ii,.I) . I, h I!, w,th ilif n.Si:-il iKfillraud
tlirr-l, run from w-'f-t work on tU flnrnt alnaool,
ot-rllif h'ti ,i fif.irf ri'lolhnn.l i-nnhidf . mill NO
clung of lli-.'l.', Ihr.ii l or Irntiiuu, It will un
fnarr rntliu. I.n-n, -iU mid twlnu It run fasir.
f.t-t anil i Hit ihnnanyi.il. r tn whine It furmaa
lt. fn nti I lit-.- a- .tn..li.Tin ff..ni i ry olHri
iit-li,ihlo'-p ki-iBi(TV l!Tf ti.y nicim of
u l ilralliK tiif ta 'kt lulu Hi-vood, lhu h'UibI.
f-lrninr rn ry -tit. Ii, m tliattli- Kim llt l-ar to b
rut M frrquent iMLrralK, mid In tint ra fen, tb
aratn i-r.aii'.v I not to iliiti MMir, and under
all e r.-umitiini 1 1 to "sumve U.c numuL." Old.
worn out family irarm-n'-, Iiiiih, yn i ilr-urf ,
r., htt bffn n'lLmutwI lul''.rrmilHfi.t P.V1HM
whrro mi t;f ilti:ATt;-ir UuMl'KTirillN.anl U
(111 Hiluli ).- miuiin tit.i- tfn HMtidfJ for Iu
auinrieilly, liuralilllly, t lntirlly mi
A l-MeUed det.cr prfffnt tl.f p-il.i! uf ll.
uiarhicf tin ruu in thn wron ititxiiun, or 0.
llanrr ohrrl - u r wring or Umriiil'rt llic drr,
TJ1K M.irt'I.K I'AVWrtT UK HKT H'ltO.VO.
Tis an .lir.jt thsrl IruuMf .f:hr linflna
Mi lli'.KMil.MJ OK .NKHflljy,
'fnb.ji' -t !l; r-rKlli n !i- IHm, t.rr f. nrll.
f an ht--.. o.l u alr.lyhi
Auy .1.. i-.. i d.'! Ihent I.N THK HARK, ft.
Uto w.y j "f iiy w.'.li No oilifi heimnfr or fcl
If r i Uk- 0.'. It tore- ihi h-m m lh rihl or un
r k.d .1 veil vrtux il
11 mil tun ilioji siiti-lirv. Idu noeJIa If
lwr.j -.-I rchi. t.- bl.ilfl hnrt andliiii;!it, Cof
nnl . Ir... ! kf tofr r on-. Ilii-yarc
(ISI0.V. Hen f . f." ui t -i m'.f r.'haui;rih miiJ can be readi
ly rop!'.t lur-.n.f tv-'c'idnit II will Utt a gf nr r.
tlM. .f pr.p. i'y .afj (cr Kvun ha ha uifd r
tun tn- pf ti.lrd tu ufoaliy otitr. ,
Tilt-rotiunhkti, ..(fiiiisai, cluiaiit.l .td Uei'llr of
It. flitch ' '
WKttt: N!5VE KtJtAI.KO.
ha nvPlOlTf. AlHOLHTK Mtl.I.Mlsg. KVK
OK Mill IOX, luuuwrri .ad m-t.ter.k of il-II CM
tnd KKI.I. r: t.i -rr MijiroMi'lnil Uy any vthf.
Tt'.f I i;-' unm.,ly toniuiH Ihn the liyT
I'iMII.Y nr-WLV'. MAI If IX K IX TllK V. Oltl.l).
wi.ntror u.i. tr
!'. n.a nf thf fMif r itiKhttrf . ft la n
It (. the W I.-! t li.btM Is wrth,
Ui(iiar4Cfii.-r.t t (.
lur n.nmy mn, oouwf mil m ey o.nf r rer oni-rtsj
loltio imlilif .
It r 'nvel ili.-OiM Vffi'Nlvl ll.- Aldtilraii la
ttitu'f-thc JUKI rilKMIt.'U for
at the gr -.l N. V..Unfi l"u r-Ihf Vf rmout Ht.t-Kvr-
Ihi tVu.iW I airtt.t IrulunibluUi
Kir--lh-V -t-l fni the Mk h.'q HtaU
fair lh l-i .i i'a.r-aitd at oifr no Uunaly
Karit llimli.h .ut t i- Wcat -nmliijiK n.of Kirat t'ri'in
I ii ni i it ia h i tuL-n by M othr Vut !uy. Wjoh'nr
Inxether m tin- -.m i.ir.f .
It Is now Hip Ureal l.oiullinr I'aniHj Stmliur
Kr 1 .k i . h.- . . li.m-1 iu cv h'. ;' V iM
0 1. 1 Tioi, .i.i t l' .m : d N I i i .. : : r ett iilud
r(ti(iii Ms ii u
Ali lltl VdlU((. TennUAgfii.i, c'-fi.rilJti
Clri-i lai at.. i .(.. i . f . r , t. Ul ftf by uii I, '03
m-eipt of atausp, or Imd of
Cm?LI,, '.1I it VOSttSQHt
Ul I.ik B.'reet, Chicago, Illmoii
i.wii .i.mii.1 u.Ar-(iii( uiu; im mi Hi
U laiHiOmf rimuu'i anu ituwaDin aiirf tj.
aarl tf URUUI k mi.BBHT,
At riUkLur Iruini from the Wrt run direct to l
Lmon dfTX'ti w hen nii-tf njH-M for llurrlflwrtf tutu;
SJ?r;uVi';,,i"",n7i ',!"U;,,1""U' Nrw vork,W.ioD.
ml ill In Sew Kn-lnrul nirn. 1. I . '
, o - .iuei(.'i iru V

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