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OFFIOE: In'o. 13 Toxith Stroot, Thornton's Building.
: JOHN ffi OBERL Y--&-CO
tiitf iki, i.;estio:v.
. IM'llcaio Subject .Veatly llauillil Ti
Much I'reeiluiik In Uncial l.tfr.
"Shirley Dnro" concludes u fashion
letter In tile Chlcapn 'Republican' with
the following: ,
KoineloIy wntits n chapter on what
truy bo leruied Intimate etiquette. ThiH
N touch t-d by such inquiries a wrec In
the eorn-epontleht' column of ladles'
papers, where I,ucia wuiiU to know If
ulio outfit to allow n gentleman to kli.s
her when M16 coiiirs home with him
from concert, ami Carolltiu In dubious
whether liie ought to correspond with
her friend's betrothed In Becret. Ono
can't but nymputlil.e with tho youu
ladles, kuowlni,' how Inconsiderately
some one Iium neglected duty townrd
thetu. Mothers find guardians eem
oftetUo funcy that knowledge of how Jo
conduct oneself In tho delicatu dilemmas
ofllfo come by Instinct. Olrls leu'
boardliiK-Hchool and tfo Into soclctr with
the vairuest of notions about their rein
lions to It, and stumble through its small
dlflicultie. hldiui: tlielrcinliarraflsmeutH
uh boat they oan, and keeping a brnvo
front to tho last, while the world never
iruees the necret tortures they undergo
in trilling matter.. Often enough for
mere rent I at cravuitr for novel confi
dence', youuc ladles reek public instead
of private advice, when their motlionor
friend are rjultu ready iiml competent to
ylve them all the help they need. Jtut
there Is a reatdcnl oftriul Hint begets
youtiKKlrU at tho uro when they feel
allures most keenly, wlilch the let
narents foreet to provide nEaii.t. They
outfit ta recall their own debates f
etiquette in youth, and teach their chil
dren prudence before they noed It. Iort
named, forearmed.
"Nollle, seo here." says a prudent
father to his tfrl of sixteen, In her larle
tat ball-tlrese, warming her rllppera be
fore tho lire, waiting for her escort If
tfrli erer do any of tho waltlug. " Vou'ru
looking aweetly freb to-night, and as
fresh In heart, 1 hope. You are to utay
no, do you hear, muduhen. You'io not
to let people hold you close when yod
waltz; notHidy ha" any business to touch
yon till you have a lover or husband of
your own I don't want you talked about.
Remember, nobody has tho lvA!t rJj;hl on
any pretense to do more than touch your
Iln Kern, or lay his hand on you In the per
mitted freedom of the wait, utiles hu Is
your rejatlre, or to ""
AnU after that nh would probably nit
la the conservatory, letting handsome
Jack, tho fut Hat nud lady-killer, slip
his arm by decrees from the hack of her
chair, lift her locket from her bare neck,
and kiss ker hand, till tie dared
kits her Hps, and gatliar herclose to him,
which would probably he the sixth time
they met, at farthest You ceo men and
women like such things.
It's right they eliould! I'm not goag
to bell tho blooil that beat, in thin wrist
one iristaut, to Hay they should not.
Only one may bare snmo cholco as to
whether ono will accept carewies from
the wholesale Muck of natural liking or
the special, reserved fund of precious pre
ference. Suppose, young, warm-hearted
girl, that ait you lean . on (hat broad
uhoulder in the hmflit parlor to-night,
thinking how nice It Is to have somebody
fond and protecting,, and how dear you
seem to U to. jiltu, suppose you should,
by some Invisible innrnetlo ftense, b
made aware of all Hie cheeks tfiat had
rented on that shoulder, nud all tho
forms that arm encircled. It's fortunate
von dou't know thee thing. ' It might
fentl you, however, to kep yourself more
acred for some one who will loveyou as
entirely as Jove this man, who "takes lifo
at It comes," and by force of habit, If not
by Inclination, could not remember one
woman six months if his happiness de
pended on it.
Did you over see the oldfahIoucd
book called 'Tho Young Lady Friend?"
Good Mm. Farms will neyer guesa the
benefit that stalghtforward, wholsomC
book of adyioe has been W girls. Bhu
know the clans shb was writing far,
and gov her opinion in such frank
words as these I nuoto from memory:
"yoti'aro to allow no pervoual freedoms ,
from cent lemon of your aciiuaiutuuci
If a finger is putout to uxanilue a locket
orohaluon your drensf drew back and
tnko itoir forluspectlon If you choose.
Tho reason for this rule Is cUar to thono
w)i nre better acquainted with tho
Tho reason U perfectly clear to uvery
ono who comes to twenty live years of
uaftoiitsldn n reform luHtltutluu. A ninu
or society, who doalt In occnioiial rough
ni'ssof speoch, said onco in a parlor bo
fore ladles, that he would never marry
a then New York girl of fashion, for the
class allowed themselves to bo handled
toomuuh. A girl who protects herself
from tho freedoms too much in vogue in
soeie(y, InoroaseJ hoi'own value if muo'
only knew It, with thoiu she may havo
to rcpulso. I don't brllevo in prudish'
neis ortiusplcldn, but I do bclievo that
when men and womon aro not content
Willi the friendship that can he express
ed by rank, kind eye:i, and cordial,
brief; hand-shakes, nudoloar wo.'ds, ono
Is nrir ashamed tho world should hear,
they should know that intoxication limy
aro sharing, It strikes ono curiously to
wee jadies forget their hands in a man'!
clasp, whilo they are talking so earuoat
lv: thoro Is a groat deAl of expres,fotl, '
jiio nearnono of two oonversatlouUts
Often pl toJs a little niorp t0ii pen
plo'aro awaro of.
U'h all right and Innocent, of course,
hut If people are1 properly indifferent to.
each other's hands, why not oh.servo
convenances, and drop tliem .M'heur ihi:
cordial salute is permriueuv You never,
...... r,... XI v Rnrill1.i 1.1. 1 I.n..I III I
HUU 4kSfl M... Mflimwu MUUi IUII4
Tils but that of young Itqcket, tho curate
with his melancholy largo black eyes,
und you, neyer seo grave legal gentleman
crushing tho flounces of equally grave
and InterostlngHriltiMfcM.nThere Is a lino
distinct lino between tho cordlaKcnnt-'
merco of good will aud heaven warm
affection, that. buid9r.tye human family
togethor, aud those leauliigs of attraction
that with nampless lipenso detitrov
tho biooi4 df refinement;
Triersf ls.onene that settles f thousand
'queries of- the nainre'we nre cdnslderlrifc.
Whatever Is lecreftnay be safely leftun
' touched. The touch, tho look, tho Inti
macy, the correspondence that needs to
be secret, has somthIngwrdng about it.
Jf you are inrirtuere if n6.vllin your
motives, for heaven's sake come out and
avow your friendship, your design, what
over .it anay bo. lou .make the world
purer and set a precedent by your'frank
ueis that ttars away a thousand hypoc
rlsl8t Tho w6rld has a keen scent for
the really Innocent, ffnd lryOU-Tanrnot
face Its first sneers of criticism yon nave
reason to doubt yourself.
HoKimu.No .in out iif.k aki'
f Krnm the I'ortlaud (Me,) Eastern Arjcus
Tho "happy dog," as our readers bavo
already been advised, Is Count Bchnel-
'doributzcn, Grand Chamberlain to tho
Wiiko or iJauen. Althotigii tnis titio is
rather Imposing, it doeB not, in tho
Count's owu home, Imply c!thoranltn
pressivo weight of dignity or a nurse
noticeably heavy. Tho IJuko of iiaden
Iiuh small cash to spare, and none to be
Btow onOraud Chamberlains, who have
little to do about his court anil who
"como cheap" In a lund where every
fourth Dutchman is a Count or Baron.
Indeed, a moderate bellyful of krout and
pumpernlckeb yvery rjunday Is tho only
kind of "government pap" that ever
distends thubhrlveled skin ofHchneiden
huten. who is nn uncommonly torrv'
t Decimen of tho Teutonic nobility. Tutf
poor fellow Is bald to bo In ecstasies over
his good fortune in securing an heiress
for a wife, and to he especially Joyous In
thoproMpect of falling Into tho vacant
skirts, socks, breeches and shoes of tho
"Into lamented," a largo number of
which havo not yet followed his coats
and hats to tho Jung shop. Jl pair of the
"martyr's" trowseri is being cut down
for HchncidcnbulTien, tho Grand Duke's
tallnr.B. being a Miort-legged little fellow,';
while the late A., as every body knows,
fttrodn tho land on a pair of natural stilU.
It will ben funny sight, not, however,
without Home melancholy nuggestlVeDos?,
to behold poor Schneidenbutzeti leading
"Mary, rtllct of Abraham Lincoln, de
ceased,'' to the altar, olad-ih Iho. verit
able habiliments of hU lllusttlous prnde
cassor his breech shining ivlth anto
graphio grearo-sputs left by White House
dinners of the past his little feet
shaking about loose in a pair of Jlllnols
b:oU a mile too big for them and his
liny hands JueaseU in a pair of euortrous
yellow kids In which tho list of tho mar
tyr was said to be a striking resemblance
to a canvassed, Cincinnati ham. Poor
title 6.1 For our pari wo don't begrudge
him a stitch of tho sacred Wardrobe. lie
will havo earned It all before hois done
with Mary L., and as she only reserved
after her bereavement thoso garments
which nobody would buy, her new hus
band will bftgln his matrimonial career
by falling Into uncommonly bad habits.
Tin; noirni of the .vii.s.sik-
now to mi'iiovr. Tin: ovtlkt.
A new ami apparently practicable plan
for improving the mouth .of tho MisU I
Hippl .river eo ,thut large vessels can enter i
freely, has been uggested by Mr. Mon
tnge"i u French civil engineer. Thapro i
position is to .tuako a canal .six miles I
miles from tlfo mouth, ' Into Hay isonde,
whbro the're Is continuous deep water,
from tweuty.fjve to thirty feet, .which is
enough for the largest shin. The cnnal
will bo so wide that ships can pass each
other in xeveral places, and a railroad
will be laid along tho bank on which
Incorabtlvcrtltsah Anriir'at th'efililn .by
chulns or rones, and carry them forward i
at twelve miles an liorir, or from end to
ond of the cnnal In half nn hour. Tho
dilforenoe of tho freidi and .salt water i
levels is only two or three feet, and but'
a sluglo lock will ho required, located at
tho river bank. On tho H'sde there
will ho a work to prevent Injury
10 111(1
canal, but nothing more.
.Chandler,. tho Michigander, who went
abroad riot long ago in a stylo of gor-
goous splendor,; which was rendered still I
more effulgent by the Hyerles of his con
traband tiuukles; lias, after carrcoring I
uiKuiy nooufc me comment, urougui up
with a round term in Rome. Here,
wrnnnad in his Henutorlal rohep. ho bus
wandered moodily among the ruins of I
Coliseum, and mourned over tho departed
glories of tho Kternal City. Tbo delight 1
of the Pope nt seeing this shining light
oftlio Great Ropublic, nnd Illustrious I
cntlsorlpt Xathor. of tho nation, -rnast
been reat. Chandler Is.'huoIi a pollshod,
courtly, woll-informedi oultivated and
suholumMnan, such a pr6found, Idarned
and brilliant statesman, and withal so
fimplo , modest, unassuming and
woli-brdd"aud wolbdressed, that all the
crowned heads of Eurnpo. must havo
been churtued with him. Aa.for the nr
Istocratlu miscreants of England who
wouldn't call on hliHj and. so far forgot
t heuiselvea.aa.lo.fiay,. "tcally y.ou k 140 w,
that fellah n beastly snob, you know,"
they nro-onfyjealouiofihlun 'and. hato
U9 hecauso Chandler was horn liere In-
ctoad of line and. 1
Don I'ltt, tho NVasilpgton correspon
dent of tho CinqlhnAit'pdmmerelnl,
makes this fair "find1 rioft cs't estimatn of
sennit Of thonmall meii'!lUled.lilghu by
tlio Into war: "As to Grant, Sherman
and Hlicrldan, I fear that under the Im
partial non bf military crltlolsin, esiwol-
ally after tho Confederate sldo Is heard,,!
tneso, our Hnaunwiug iniirem, iu uor
and fade, B.tid tile verdict will be, that
tliosaoflkors had tho luck to bo iu com
iftnnrt when the Confederaoy-fellio.pleo.
fortunate. From the time ho aud Qniut
throw a po'rtlon pr tlelr army on the
wrbug .aide oT tho rlvr &t ablloh and
permitted it1o be surprised arid butch-
'ered (with the only oxcuso I ever heard,
. that one ofnccrJwws drurx and tho othqr
crazy)', to the oiarch from Chattanooga
to Atlanta, where ho lost moro men than
his enemy had under him, we have a sue
cession of military blunders."
T John McKIbsU Jsrktoii.
"If you aro yet living, and this should
come to your notice, come home Imme
diately or write to me. Your brother,
pilchard II., died recently, aud I am left
entirely aloiie in my feobls old age. I
last heard from you in INK), when you
wcro with Col. John K. Taylor's reg
iment on tho Texas front ler.
"Your Mother,
lUCHKi. V. Jackson,
"CJarksvlllo, Texas."
Texaji, Boiilhern, California. Northern,
Eastern nnd Western papers feeling any
sympathy for a poor widowed mother,
will conrer a great fnvor by copying the
Tho attention of soldiers of the late
war is directed to the following- Import
ant Item :"HoldIers who enlisted for three
years before July IS, ISG4, and received
(inly $100 bounty, are entitled they or
their widows, children under 121. (If not
already collected), to the $100 additional
bounty. All sueh soldiers discharged be
fore serving two years, for Injuries of any
kind. includingrupture(nnt disease), are
entitled, they or their wl'doVfir 6r in Irw
(If not collected.), to $200 bounty. Hol
ders for three year discharged bofore
Bervlng two years, for disability sick
ness or disease contracted In the her
Vice, who have died of naid disability or
disease, their widows-, children under 21,
or parents, arc entitled to the 1100 addi
tlotal bounty although the sohlier him'
self,' If living, would not be entitled. Tho
lime for filing such claims will expire
on the llrstday of December, 1609.''
Mark Twain went to Hoston tho other
day and delivered his lecture on the
Sandwich Ilauds. Speaking of the can
nlbals.hu said: "At this point I usually
llluslrutu cannlbalhm before the audi
ence: but I am a Htrnuger here, and
dlflldent about asking favors. How
ever," he continued, "If there is any one
Ercsentwhols willing to contribute a
uby for tho purposes of the lecture, I
should be glad to know it now. I nm
aware, though, that children htive be
como scarce and high of late, having
been thinned out by neglect and III
treatment since the woman movement
bgan. The Islandor's dish of plain dog,"
mid Twain, "Is only our cherished Amer
ican sausage with the mystery removed."
George Peahody is tho first phllan
thronlst who has been honored with a-
niche in Westminister Abby, this dis
tinction having been withheld from
John Howard, though a marble statue
of him was erected in Ht. Paul's Cathed
WA.TKD-AlfinilrrCounijr orlr Th cl
nnJ City Scrip tttfierzii on tb dollar, for J
km ! if LumUrr nd HuU Attn' MtrlM.
A liar Cullccllon. Hovrland'n ItrrHpU.
Mkio Art, b.cotrif, ccmpr.pim TluUf
loformition for f rtrjloJy. tent by mt.l, ifrtt o
poittiriforfO cent.
AJarf.K. K. NOUVIANITl J!rkt tutft. H.
I.u'", Mo. k-.'7.Ulv
IT You Want
MVr! J lo rnA do!Ur MlH of iht UK Iltir fl-
toratiTcerr uteJlor rstonD grsjrlmir'n nrt.
icilrolcr, BdX'x'rDtsfora rnx'k.Kr.
If Yon M'niif
tif WiiU TM-lli,.H;Allhjr dutu, uj ivrf l trUi
r.i f. - .1.- Tt'RKin pr.NTiuncE. r r'-. x
ir You Want
A mr w Mr HrxUelir, (VUrrh, iMifiM, or bu
uns 'a lb" 'tl 'or our rtr KRNX'TATORV
a 3S rent.
BS.Kithrrof tbboi rrut p.U-f-!J m tnijt
of frier.
.lddrts,Iwp)i K. I,.vb.r, 3l MurUl strtfl, tl.
Lui., Mo. fi-V Ijdjw
Drakr's ollrlln
Of nearly on hundred m-Hpi. for nli2 lrndy
ilKinuoi win, liin, Air, llorr, CoMitll, Sllj'friol
Ci'lfr, n1miicli oihi'ru'ful InfonnitloD for tho
di-ilitiri iur inaQUf;turiCK any of bot, tiihei
fur the trif fir homy u.
."ont by mail, frf o of Ktuf , nr M ccal. Addrras
It. K, NoUMANDV,J01Mrl(itstrt, Pt.l.oul, Ho.
rJT IviUw
.tcvr Mnrrl i"lle.
AN ESSAT I'OJt YOt'Na MEN, on I'liylolojlci
Krrors, Abucia;irl Ii'ac1 inoiilnit to Toilth i)'l
llarly Jlanhoo.l, which crrmc midliurnt 10 JIAll
BIAf, wlllnutf nuanicf rollrf, t'ntin I rl
lor pnelpf , frrf of chare. Aillris, lr. H. PKIL
I. IN HOl'nilTOX, How; l Ao utiun, l'luUJil
hiu, 'a, H'-:;UJm
5" vijr." $
TV THj: W.OltKIN'i ( l.A.-W nr.. now pie
(aril to Airn'ih nil i lut.i t with nouKiitut ln!o)
jiiem t honi, the wrliole of thn lime or for the paru
liionirnU. Iluiinrt new, liuhl nnJ progiablc. IVr
jons of cither cx ca.ily inrn from ..00.10 t.'i pet
evening, nnl it roportiunal mm ly ilovotms then
vholejime, tji ijit bumnrli, lloj mid airU rain
nearly aii mtHi as men. That oil itho'eV 'ih'ls
rit-tico may scnJ their aiMro, anu tost tho luim
nes, wc inakf tins iinurilleJ oiler. To kiu'liaiau
not Hep fatsficil, no will cnJ II to pay for the
tfSunicrNUillnK. Fnllart.iMiUnrn tulnaMo mn
e, njiici jl4fjItpoinmenrr work on.i.nd a ooi
of 'Thr I'tfolple'it Literary (.ompariton'-ioife1 of tho
largfcMan"! tVt "family new.pnpert puhllsheJ af
eat ffeo by mail. Iteniler, i(.ou want permanent,
profitable work, mlilte-si K. O. AUjK.V a CO.,
Acnti, JUjNr, nor I illwnni
A llMiuWouie Iiiiliicoiiitnl, r- -
Kvery pronwho aemlt $S M to thu "XIX MS.
TUItVI'iitlKAtiunCo., at ChatlPftnn, 8. Q., receivei.
tlintailperb tnaitine for cuo yer, anil. H cupyof e'
ther of the Warerly Novel or the worku of Chule
Diqkcna thai may leilgn.Mcl, Spevtiiin number
till ftrnmluni lit. 'AS centn. UwSm
Young I.iuIIcn
And thoaenlio nre older; young men aud f-ld inm;
the rirh and poor! thiwe who hare Mack Mr wing lofUn
thoee who tt gray i and thoe who, harms lo,l their
hiiir am arc KnnK It tgali).i1t tine, llattett's Vegvta
blt Hair Itejtorallve. If yon Imre not ned It go at
ODOoand get a hotUe. Uarclayt'Jt the pirce, aitfiair
atore ta the aeoiral Dead quarter! tor Ita Mtiein In
youthem llllui.!t. KHntucky and )IUonrl.
. 1 n n . j
W. fcTltA'iTox, , r aT.JJllu?.J.13ENNYIjVA2IA CENTRAJJL .
(.iiflpT-or taStraiton,
(rroceri tui Commission Merckait,
American Powtlf r 'o., nnd SlAaairetairerai
K. S7 Ofato LttN. Cairo, III-
cia'cwtf .....
XI O Olilo Iiovoo,
ol:tf Cnlro, Illlnele.
.o, so Ohio Ltree, Cairo, Illinois.
Ordn aollelttil and promptly and Mtlsfaetorily
fl.ltl. ocldtf
Cemialiilea and Forwarding XerchanU
And Dealert in
liar. Corn, 0t, jjran't.nnd' al'l Klrae ml
apt dlf
I. P. ATf.M.
A YKH8&-C0.C
. No. 133 Ohlol.erte,. . CAIIIO, ILL.
marKdtf l- ' '
(5utoMor to K. B. lltndrteka Co.,)
Fortrardlng and CommNiioa Merck a a
-ami- ..
ariiAiirnoAT pkofbi rtohui
OaIi'o, r - - , . Xlii t ol'sw.
fJUral Advuncet Made on Contlpnmcnti,
t prepared to rciTe. ttore or forward frtigfit to
illnoinln; bur or ll in cutnmliiion. Butlnctt SV
1 noinui . out or u on
end to with prnmrln
t.t a r trr tt t it "kt '
X X. a A . A. J. J JLU . ,
Wholeaalo Orooor
t'enmiMleB Nmhult- -
IUrlir remoTed to Na.il1 Ohiv-Jyre. aext door to
t .U..m'iI. t....i...,..l.ll
,thj ...ivul (twin, nitriv -nil ii-n.rt ivnivr-f .uu
larger utocK. fce ccliciti thn :snttncanr of patron-
ni lorsier cuiivmera, a wad aa ion di aa
Nuperlor cewM4atleis rer Mlorag-
auu lue iiaoaiinir or an Hiuaa or
frodnea Caaaanlilo.
C r, III , June 1. IM9. mylldtf
(4ueceivr to VtHu, Ortan &. C.,)
Cerferal (.'ommlsilon Merflital,
CA IRO. ' mm11IIi etf
mrl tf .
Diier a f" r:e, Umt, Jlt I'arfi 1Utm
llir, Cinat.
'Ma :i. mm 9
In bulk, a'.wtrt on hand. Corner B'sr.th itreetau
Ohio I e, I'jt.ro I i,no(. mrlMt
I rirpHed with tlt ktndii of
Buporior Xiiciuors,
, Beer, .lie, Ae.,
Commercial avume, bet Ninth and Tenth utreet.
Ththlritr, who lore good Itqiiora. ahouhl'lTO him
inll, aivt thi)Mho wlnh to nult t fragrant lrar can
inn tn.'ir wanls :mppll l nt 'il r deoVld'
3VX Zl H O XI A 3V T,
iVo. 7C OhioLccer, CnirtV,'Ill.
8ikiI attention sum lo con.ilgnmenta and filling
rdern. ,'t'2,'
OO LKVRh', - - CAJJiO, ILJilNtiJlt
AIbo l:eep con Untlv ou lnd h 111 pit (OPlptele
Itook ot
Port, Maileira, Htitorry aud Catawba
io, iair ros
J. MM) $ CO'S VKIj F.MtA TED 1 Wit h EL
We-ll extlm.iey lor CAHK, to vthUi w tUTJelh
attention orcne iiH bii) er.
e-t-peWal attention puul ui tillinjrordcii.
JJOLIDAY 0001)3.
onfoftlous Toj, Flrii,
.U1W.K A'KUyilSKW A'OIl jtmjB.vW(Jb
Goto lo)CoMiitri)alartunf an'd,Cl))()r4ut' hflluUy
goods. I..fcup haa Wd i. Valoelc JnTat ftk)Mt
Im. nerer Ueu Miulti .Id Cairn, e , . ,
UoufeciioiM of wl Hiii-f, tqyart uameleM TarUty
eer) thing la plea nnd.urftttfy, those- whp W0Ulttot
erv.Uhriltn nod ,Nfw Vara '
Hoviemter the place, 103 Commercial AYohUi.
f II
uvi nuiu
,;L. ,
1 Mile tke Skerlfst Eoate to Kew Terk!
At Pittsbura; train from th Wt nia dlract to lb
Lnlon depot, wherpaStera for Earriaburr. Baltl.
ni?.r',..WJ,,hiPt0?i I'blladaJpbla, Htn Tork.lloilon.
and all thi ?ie Eielaod tom, aro transfrrrtd to
trains of tha .
Iluy you tickeU for New Tort, I'hiUJilphla aad all
point, iwut, Tla the Pitlsbure, Port Wayn A Chteajru
and thu l'eontiyirania Central Railroad. The (raiaa (
makaclote enae.rUoh at Mlteo aid Chicks r ae
thoentlrr Uip. tpaw lork U mad .with onlr two
change of tar. j
jIcsant Wide Piumbot Cars. .
Kalaew Jtoenr aafprored Msatet
Thie cars ar tharooRhl'. raetllattd and 'trald4
with ercry modern Improre.nfat nccenarr tetae
aafely land comfort of tra? Hen
state-uoow Ei:l:pio cabs,
YoodruflT Palcat,
Run throDgrr'to I'Jiltadelphla on aJl.JTi'ihl Trsiss,
andAew Tarkvta I'hllftdelphU and AOleaMwe, with
out uhanxe, aflording I'axeniera a nJrbt of Badia
luibed rat, and -Lanaiaa;
tUcaw in New Hmrhi Inn ta
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And In time, to ectir IfotM aceommoiltroh bfora '
tliearrjralof lb paijeafira by'a&hn-natot.
totfiilt) tii 'rtew TTri xl and paiiteB ( r trill 'ri'ato
is peially dealrablf,aAitgiietUmaa(mrarWalir
ofiaeerrfg thp fiilet v!tr atronr l AlWfhanT
and .V)r rork, WIlbaHt xtravuat.
All ew' England 'paiieogari loldlng taref
ticket will bo tranoferrod, with their baKige, lo JLafl
and Iloat Connection, In .New York, without chariot '
I lit Mil " , , : r i2.l . r '
rt'dar.DaUy Trlns UMXi'X-krPMlqu -
Thfrtifcn PJilli-.Tralds JoVb'Phnaelphfa
: roreW Yoirkj
Via Jersey City and cam Jrn unci Amboy. IHiUnc,
W miles TinieK4 htrJinK' -' 0
Thla ta,tbt J hi rqute liy which paenpttt can Itare
ATlncaso -tldtiirdoy afUrmion, In a'tlilMgnTeaNmia".
tralJM?a thn J'lUabuu, I'vn Waycv X2Ucaa .
JUilway Deposit C.JO p.m. andruna tftrounH'WKhhut
nnlir,arrlTlriitJnew TorkatCr' KijaiteirJaRirtnlmi
il(rr.rrTlriJnew TorkatCr' HfSaterlu
Hours la Advance, of OLkct .Ia
mr lltKK?e checked through to alt itatloTH hh tho
I.lnff.of jia.I'BDHTltaola XMwr, anrt : J Wrtr,
I'hitidelphJaand w rork, from L'jtttburi, C'hicaxo,
and aU wfoelprWetern tfe. - .'!. '
Hatoi' of friMlit noil ejtpoiia friarrt)U.ay
Rftftern point, ari at alt tlmm aa 'fi6r"I ik tin
cbarced by other lince. !' "i j
Theough ttku for- aala at lha uiaolpal e&caa
in the. Wt. r
General Suprintendent,'A!(ooaa l'a.
T. I.. KIMUAI.L, I'iuo(r Agent, Chicago.
Jel'wlf , ,
sHlcnt Mm asUx
SEWIHQ '"llnachint!
W'i.1. s.tI,LB . TNk, Ce4,
Uln.1, Braid, Qnllt and Kaabreldvr
Heaal Ifnllr- It wttt. with the KINRMTntadto aad
threail. run from Mrfeat work on the Aunt &nnaa-.
oTer the braTle.itbfTfr doth airl rowhjil. with JIO
change of. nedt?, thread or ten.!cra. I will a
enario cotton, linen, allk snd twlno, Jtruai taalar
fatter and (tiller than any other roach ln. It fprmi a
Mat, feu aud eIaitfC"am,dlflenng from erery other
n.h, e.;h loop fcelnx TWISTED by tnaJja of
and drawing thw twut into the Kouda,thTi KureJy
fMlMIwn w rv &lltith. llit tha ...In Mill k... .a ,
at fttqueut loterfaii;.and In that citn, taa
warn ii warraoieu m m rip in wear, antl- nsder
all clrcumtaneea to 'urtlta thawaabWUt Old,
worn out family garment, boeomi, piati, dru4,
At,, hart bees aiitrrUtted UjComutltten at VAIHU
Iht stllcti ntiioilami barn been awvdad'for tu
ailperlortly, imrabtlliy, .laatlcltjr and
A patented der.ee pruenla lha noiilblhty of the
inMhino blni run liftlt wronr direction, or the
balance wheel ertr wcflDg or touching the dreaa.
Tliuk aroidmg the graai trouUe of other mat blnea.
The Made of the neeillo l leu than three. fiurlii
of lOTlrich-lBi.;. xadls ttraight. -
Anyone may adjuit them $ THCllARK. Tke
hem may be of any width. .Vg .other hemmar or fa-J-ler
i like thla. It turni the ham on Ik right r aa
rer Nideaa you want It.
It will Nal drau NtUbea, aa 0 aeaal U
aln ayt art riijht, the Mad ahort anil itralght,
not Tit rate, like longer once. They are
Hence, earl! part la inlrrchangelbli aud eta r.ra4j.
ly replaced in caie of accident. It will lait a genera
tion, if pfupcrly cared for. Nbua-waavaaa uaaa u
can be pertuaded lo ut any other..
The roundae, Tenuem, durablliir aad baaatv f
: .jWiUUi: riRYEB'3CQUJ,KD. j'
OK .MOTION, ,narrorvte and KeAtnr.a of (U lit
and h KI.I, wets uy tr aptjroacheil by say other
Th TRESS unlvor
on alt t rrr
pronounce thla th BMT
Whateier the meri.a of the other m'aehiari.'jl ta na
diaparasement to aay the Wilcox A Qlbbe ta wonh.
for family me, double that of any otlitr erer offered
tOth bMUMr - - -
tt received the nnfd Medal of Hi Amerman la-illtme-the
YiVAX f UilliM fof
at the great New England Pair the Vermeat Bute
Kalr tho 1'eoniyliani btate Fair Ike ladlaaa State
Kalrrrtha, Wc n.la .fair rth, MUhUaa f)laUf
"Jir-ith fwra'HUW hVir-and af orer b c'eanly
Vim Uuouhout the Went making nor Kirtt i'reui
lumi lfc ere. taken by all o1tfe?IM4lsgihfaaa
lugetnriji mc iai umr
It is BOf ,lhe Great J.cjuJlojrFMillr flfwiair
Xjktae. "
AW.lAa .other wachinea In ajKat .Ws U
Oil.fcavo. Bua. Twurand .VmN wr story klad
AgeaU Wanted.-tarnii t9 IgenU, i.KrlpllT
circular and epecimem of wo, (tat frep tjraahllj oa
MflE9f.taP..orhfcdr , .j-.,,
OHKI.I., W tBI) A oMlHi,
.1- FOR tALf j - -t nJfji
F3K.fAX.Ki WKAalNNt)MajNaNl UwtevA
. TheOi p.ra. tr'aln from Cfrleaf; "ifHtWIli Srr
Kork at (tinjUruinoiiKCONI) PYt-MI .Mwjura
In Advetuco or. any utbr Kitejtrl with car
rewrMrflmirVedoetlon In tU)STUN.1JIlLAUKCntU,
111 I THIOO V. mn.t IVIilltlVnTnV
' At',(kwSf:IWIOaHi"t.U xti
ea At t;jll M
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