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Li a i ivH rajvw hi xwb avv 1 ear i v vww MWfswNV s-m wvw vh ib j(w ibs i m. aww a . a. a..
OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street. Thornton' Building.
) retiirnti of receipt! of internal rev
how that It It t ho great uianu
ring and commercial itntea which
lbute the largest amounts directly.
year, in round numbers, tho gross
mo WH3.$I78,(X,000. Of this, eight
i paid over $113,000,000 an follow:
I", ',15,171
1J,?H U7
... , 6,(t.l72
. 1lu..'r:.L!iri
will he ut once remarked that popu
n has little to do with the magnl-
..t .1... .......... ..t. I ...11..
Tllfla fn tan nil ilea i 1 a ttnvu flftt. not.
more than Ohio, though her nonu-.
jii is only about one-hnlf at great.
In, New .lewev. with a population of
Jt 000,000, pays more rerenue than
ioIs, with prboably three times that
3it-r oi iniinuitahift, while California
txetl nearly three times as much an
tuna, which If larger and more popu-
) than the (.olden State. Ultimately,
vever, the burden falls more equally.
i agricultural utates pay lets
the government treasury, but the
nufacturers and tranNporters, wo may
mire, recover their taxes from thecon
new and producers. Tndeed, if tba
id truth were known, we believe it
'ild be found that the agricultural
'lion of the caaiinjunity pay their full
re of the taxec, if not more, as they
' exposed not only to the rigorous ex-
Jon of the government, but aleo to
cutinln,? of the m mtif.icturM.
LivnsTouK'sTATitirws. .
Otliclnl tables have Just been published
W,t,hlngtoo lllu-trutlng the Is.a.u. of '
eseveralMate-ln the matter of life
nk It will be seen by the following '
'lethat, rt-jx-cts neat cuttle, fill
)is tUndii second lu the lUt:
. r.3u .
.n-).ir. a :;i.aw ,
The three Kreat milch. cow t&ta nr
1.4 i,'A
, T4:.w
"HiJ.tn X .
Ill horst-i, Jllltiol ttsnd second, th
gures for six slates being as follows:
w v
- '',w i
In sheep Illinois
slnte U
ijumi rva-
t il in the IM:
4,14:. w
3. J. At
.K IMra In llrlialr or Jlounil VUy.
Matrt. Kditort Jl Uctin: Wo have
have wntrhed tor owno time pnst the
appearance or an article or more lu ,
your paper advocating
establishment, in tills
National Navy V ard.
the permanent
vicinity, of a
b'entlucli ou tho watch towers It
behooves you to be ever on the alert
pointing out to your readers the various
paths leading to prosperity, national
and local. Among the many paths that
Ingenuity has or may devise for this
iaudublo purpose, employment for the
willlugaiid industrious stands pre-oml-nent
Kcunomy In expenditures is e
K'Mtlul, (o secure this object the favor
able conjuncture ut this point of material
points with unerring fidelity to tho
aduptnbllltyof the present location of
the navy yard, as being all thojnatlon
could dei Ire for an Interior establish
ment; wheie could be provided Iron
uud hempen materinl for the entire
navy making the manufacture of theso
articles a specialty, as well as havingtho
appliances ready at all times to meet
contingencies, thus following tho Jn
(ilcioiis advice of Washington, "In time
nf pence prepare for war." Note, gen
tlemen, that Loulsana is moving
through her congreshlonal delegation
for the locution ut Now Orleans of a
navy yard'; furthermore, that our dele
gallon Hhould show, by their work, that
the Instructions to the senator and re
quet to representatives In form of a
Joint resolution at last meeting of tho
legfalaturo is not a dead lettter.
This bection of our country needs
diversified Industry. Our entire
country should progress as nearly as
nutural laws will permit, tivenly. The
the lines "III fares the land, where
wealth accumulates and men decay"
husfurusu Hlgulflcauce, we shall do
well 10 heed. Let us seek for a fair dis
bursement of (he national revenue In
otirtectloiii and ull will benellt by suc
cess. It remains with tho people to In
form their reprenentatlves of their desire
in this renpect, und you gentlemen of
the pres havo unsurpusted facilities for
this purpose Urgo upon Governor
Palmer to xeo to it that the julut reoolu. i
ttiiti rufirrnd In. Ift iiltmed In Llio linn, iu r
the congressional delegation that they . 'b
maybe debarred the pleaof Ignorauco no klugbu one ofhla maklaf and silt
when coming before their constituents. I tatlon will overrule Spain,
' news PAnAanAnis.
Senator Sprague is going to Texas.
Hon. E. M. Stnnton Is now in fine
Ihnnlrli. "
I - - 1 '
' Dudley Kavanagh, the billiard rtham-
plon, Is In Omaha.
Talb, the earthquake prophet, baa
i been hung In efflgy by.iudlgnantPeruvi
A Candlan alderman, at whoee "hodii"
Prince Arthur stayed two days, ha sent
in n bill of 125000.
I Colonel Itohert II. Crockett, a descend-
ant of Davy, 1h giving temperance lec
, lures in Arkansas.
Delia Collin has started, hi Ohio, a
paper oppoto to female suffrage.
Congressman Schcnck has bought a
U0UM in Washington for 132,000.
Tho oldest commission in the army la
t,mt ot ac" Bylyanus Thayer, who en
tereU tecrvlce lu 18j9.
Queen Victoria Intended ;to Tislt Mr.
t feacouj 'at ms bedside, but his sudden
death prevented it.
' General George W. Cole, acquitted on
on charge of murdering Hiacock. th aa
duccr of his wife, is a candidal for
i Clerk of the United States Senate.
Judge Dentia confident of hi election
to the Mlsslslppl governorship on the
30th Inst., and believes his majority
will reach 20,000.
A radical Journal boast that no tleme-
cratlc paper Is printed In Utah. Of
course not only radical sentiment ar
popular in such a community.
Greeley runs tome ten tboursand b
hind bl party, and Hugh Hasting
kindly hopes It "will temper his vanity
dc, Uera,B Mn ,D0,eDCO d lni-
. , . . ... , .
? " nlel,d? to "P"d thl
nco.? M) b,rod' ""
UI I'rtvato affairs lu Mlssisippl.
James Klsk Jr. is reported to have set-
"vi S-.OW.OOO on his wifelu such way
tnat it cannot o touched by creditors
i.. i a- .
"""""J 'iurueu irora iiussia, will
establish himself In busluesa in Naw
York city, after n
brief visit to Ken-
Hou. Iguatius DuBbtllT. iat
a rsoent
' letter, says that the election in J4lnnwo- 1
Pie. da-
maud of political parties live issues, and I
that the tarlffnuestlon will speedily awal
low up all other questions, "Am the rod
or Aaron swallowed up the rods of the
rreMdetit Grant tftered to donate a
finall farm that he owns, within eleven
in lies or at. jyouM, rorthebvneut of the
poor provided the authorities of that
country will pay him $73,000 for tho do
' nation. It Is said the farm is really
worth fteven or eight thousand
Gen. Grant is a generous, liberal "cuss.1
J Queen Victoria has shown a noble con.
. SClotlstleM of tilts truo worth of ur rnt,
tlou, In glvlug to tho mortal remains, of
Mr Peahody the ceremonial honors of
Westminister Abbey. Tills sovereign
act succeeds well to her better than
queenly solicitude for the health ef the
emineut philanthropist. It was the
homage one good person should pay to
The Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph
Company, which has Just completed its
lines to New York, Philadelphia, Cincin
nati and Chicago, was, alerted iu Pitts
burgh, two years ago, on the basTs of tbe
Mouongahela Valley Telegraph Com
pany. It paid from the start, and has
accomplished wonders in reducing rates
KKKI'INU jl krgrkt.
The Newburyport Ufercury relates a
capital story of Stuart, the painter,
which illustrates finely tne power whlcn
a secret has to propagate Itself, If once
allowed a little airing, and to reach
few ears. Stuart hud, as he supposed,
discovered a secret of coloring very val
uablo. Ho told it to a friend. H.s friend
valued it very highly, and a time came
afterward to communicate It, under oath
of eternal secrecy, to a friend of his who
needed every possible aid to enable him
to rise
."Let me flee' said Stuart, snaking a
chalk mark on a board at hand, "I know;
the art, and that is"
"One," said bis friend.
"You know It," said Stuart, making
another mark by the side of the one al
ready made, "and that is"
"Two," oried the other,
"Well, you tell your friend, and that
will be-" maklnga third saark-
"Three only," said the other.
"No," said Stuart, "Jt is one hundred
and eleven," (111.-) - - v-
, .i. ,... .
, An editor of a Now Orleana newspaper
writes and arranges about eight columns
! of matter daily, and gives considerable
lime to writng poetry and romances be
I hides. This,- outside of hia Hsrses and
stories, amounts to 'forty-eight columns
a weeK, or iwemy-rpur, Jiundren and
ninety-six columns a year, which every
quill-driver will recognize as consider
able work for one man to accomplish In
the time specified.
A London paper, sneaking of Oeneral
Prim, says that -'he is uot a man of
traiiHceHdeatnealus. but hM .deDlh.
coolness, aud boundless .arnblt Ion;" that
he M control'of theMarny,Fnd noenn
he has" cc
Washiwotok, Oct. 30. Tb oubllea
tion of letters written by Attorney Gen
eral Hoar and Senator SUtonar advoca-
tlna; tbe resumption of specie payment
oy tne gevarnment ai an eany naie, oc
ossIolb a good deal of talk here In politi
cal circles, and there sterna to be a grow
Ing feeling that this plan will be very
strongly supported in both branches of
Congress, Indications ars that there
will bo a large number of bills Intro
duced In tho next Congrem in relation to
the finances, especially upon the point
ot funding tba deot. Senator Sherman
has now a bill almost completed which
he thinks would b acceptable to a ma
jority of financial men. Senator Morton
does not believe It possible To fund Ibe
debt until after a return to specie pay
ments, but nevertheless advocates the
passage of a funding bill and offering a
bow loan.
Tke Aattse ef MkIiwltsi.
(4tUM r.IarlillkU rr.
A correspondent of the Hartford (Cen.)
Times, writes:
The writer of this baa for tbe last two
weeks had an opportunity to investigate
the singular and wonderful manifesta
tions or invisible rorce in tue presence or
Master DeWltt C. Hough, of this city.
We hare not time to enter into a full
description of what we have seen. But
tue time uaa come ror a more cauutu and
thorough investigation of the slugular
ohenonaena. The person whe Investi
gates candidly aud carefully will find
something m mess manifestation! not
to beulspoeederbv tne cry or "humour"."
We have tlrd Houieh in almost every
eouotlvable manner, and have seen bins
lied by others with cords and strips of
cotton cloth, and Invariably the knot In
the cloth have beeusecurud through and
tbruusjh with One thread In a manner to
preclude the possibility of untying or
slipping. 'I hr ends of the stripe of cloth
nave been aeweu in toe nawi uioroncn
manner to the coat slteves and hlseeat.
frem the collar do wn,at least eight loehee
and sewed together In a manner which
ought to satisfy the most skeptical. ot
withstandlnr all this, bou rings are
found on his arms and above tbe tying:
and sewing. A small ring which a sne
snent before la known by every one prea
ent to have ben on the table, aasf aer
talnlr After the tying, la found on ate
wrist nnd under tbe end of the tie which
is sewed to his coat sleeves, and with all
thlh explanation of tying and sewing his
coat is entirely removed from his body
without a stitch or tie belust affected in
tbe least. After a thorough examination
of the coat by the persons present it was
put back upon his person in tho same
mysterious manner, with no evidence of
untying or breaking of stitches.. We have
tied him with a cord over twenty feet
long, in a mauner that would preclude
the posiibtlity of his getting his hands
together, aud tbe final kunts were tied
where It was utterly impossible for him
to reach them, aud, notwithstanding all
this, he would be untied in less time than
It takes to describe the process of tying.
Musical iubtruments are carried about
the room with a voloclty quite surprising.
It ut not in the power of the most scien
llflc trickster to carry things about a dark
room lu such a manner without hitting
.me one.
The opera tine force ties the bands of
Master Hough In various ways, and
always with a tangle or "witch knots,"
completely bewildering In their compli
cations. A sewing machine hae been
run in a room lu which all objects were
perfectly visible, Mastsr Housh being
threo feet distant from It and positively
no otner visible persou near it.
Again we say. let this subject have a
candid investigation. The parties con
cerned cordially Invite it. The subject is
one not to bo submarily disposed of by
the stale cry of "humbug," The writer
does not say that toe operating rorce la
by tbe spirit of men and women once
living on the earth; and being unable to
satisry nimseir that it is not or spiritual
origin, after a close and protracted In
vestigation, be cannot accept the asser
tion of those who never did inveslitate
that tbe "Devil doe It." He appeals to
those who are able to investigate to do so.
in order that God's truth may be knows.
the oamk mr oa Ban.
The storv of the origin ef the same of
cbese is something after this wise: An
auelent rule, weary with the old worn-
out sports or tne period, otrereu a reward
fer the iaventiou of a nam whlnbrJ
snoufa eombine amusement aim instruc
tion. His Grand Vliler thereupon, after
long study, invented the game ef chess,
a being a past time and ae teaching In
epitome the art concentrating forces, at
tactiag, -defending retreating, etc., as ap
plied to military tactics. The Klmr was
so delisted with the game that he told
tne Vlrier to name his own reward. The
wise man replied that for hia reward be
wond only ask fpr a certain number of
kernels of corn, on the following- plan :
Two kernel for the first square, on the
ones ooaru, rour xerneis ror tne aeeond
square, eight ror tne third, and so on
up to sixty-rourtu square tue number or
kernel In each square being double that
ler the precediug one, The King, laugh
ing, granted the modest request but upon
computation It was discovered that not
only wan there so much grain in th
kingdom, but that th whole world could
hardly produce, iunaif a ncor of years,
the grain necessary to make good tbe
king's promise,
Aiiowiug iw grains or eorn to tue
ounce, and so pounds to the bushel, tbe
amount required to fill the bill would be
44I,354M0;8SS bushels and some pound
over, jne uumoer or grams would ne
0,s8.6O5,8so m m, aai m
23. 1869
I Our readers will perhaps rementb
teeing an account, several weekr ago,
i lawyer and highly' respectable"1 gentle
man, by a ur. J. Lott, an esteemed
I young man and physician, both ef Pan-
oia county, miss, xney una been
bosom friends sharlnt; the eaneMea.
and tbe same room when a .difficulty
arose between them fega'rdlbga yiMmjr
lady. In which Dr. Lott very suddenly
and In a fit of passion shot ahd killed Mr;
Harnes. Lott was expelled from the
Masonic fraternity, aud large rewards
were offered by that body. and. by tho
town and county luthorities for bis ar
rest. He was apprehended not long
since, and lodged in the Panola Jail,
from which he was taken last Sunday
nlaht, by a body of masked men, and
hung. His crime was a grievous one.
and moat grievously bath he answered
It The grave hidee many fault and
sin let this young man be remember
ed for what he was while In possession
of his reason, and not for what he did
while lost in the fury of a blind Jeal
ousy. Vlckburg 'Times.'
POiaHina cmiIjrre.
They have a novel method of pun
ishing school children at La Crosse, Wis.
The other day a young girl took a sur
reptltous bite of an apple, whereupon
the teacher bounced upou her, and after
knocking her about, compelled her to
eat all the apples she coulu hunt out of
tbe pockets of the other scholars. Thar
child ate a doien. Small boy for the
most trifling offence, are made to stand
still while the schoomarm cudgel their ,
bare feet, often canatug blood to mark
the floor, . Girl . nnd boys are gaged
with wooden pins, for noanr it'i timer
Others whip their hands untlL,the blood
runs from their floKers."
This shows that one woman at least 1
not fit for the employment which is open
to the "sex," and that she Is an capable of
m aking a school room a place ef torment
am old Squeers himself. This1 woman Is
an accession to tbe strong-minded, and
should be set at work at onoe teaching
the "inferior sex" It duty aud her priv
ilege. No wonder they ' Immigrate, la
Swlteerland the common laborer receive
with board, on an average, half n'frarra
a day, or about fourteen cent of our
money, and a franc a day without
board. And thousands are finable to
obtain all the work they want evonat '
that very small compensation. The
peasantry, men, women and- children;
work bard to obtain a' bar anasistenee, I
and live for the most part, ,on coarse
black bread and cheap wine, and have
meats on an average onee a tnentb. .But
taxee ar low- and govecnmntcheD.
For example, executlve.nower 1 reud
It a federal council of seven'.leeted by
oe two aousee or tne legislature every
three years. Tho member occupy dif
ferent bureaus of tbe Government. Iho
Legislature meets twice a year July and
December. The salaries paid arc small ;
the highest is that of th President or thb
Council, $2,000 a year, and his work Is
constant aud arduous. The other mem
bers of tbe Council receive 11,600.
tir AilTKDAIfXkndcr Couney Ordr.l 0 cu
Y V nd tly htnp kt&irrotjnnlht tlolWr, for al
klt'la of Lutnb nd BuilSurf' MaUnaJa.
"n'Mtl W. W.,TilORNTb.N.
A Kro Cullfcllan.-Nowlaaa's HrtrttH.?
Mjie Arts, DiKottrlf, tccdmprlilBc tluWf
IBrtrmallon for frylody. h!nt j mail, (ftea v
potf) for AO r.t.
Ad1rei rt. K. NORHANhr, 'l MarkM atit, h.
Ixnl, to. trSTdanl)
If Tan H'mui x
Malfiial tu inaVt dolUr boitlrVf iht bt )Nlr R
iortWTtr ucdor rrftorinf jry hair to lit on-'
inil color, fndKerntafora package."
ir Yea Waait
Kirc Whit Tth, KralthyGumi.aad aaitrralK
(fed for nur TURKIalt DBNlRlKJCK, price, i
ccnti. ir Ytm Wnut
A icrotare far Hel:h, Catarrh, Dafnat, ortmi
Pric crola.
.Kithirof theahote itst poat.palil on rncatpt
or prica.
AdUrtsi Jcrcpti K. Lrahar, MI Markit lr4, St.
Louia, no. rijiSai
Draka's i'llatiei '
Of ntarly ina huadrod racrlpla for maklaj brandy
all kindi ol Wln, oin, Air, Rar, Cordiala, iupttw
Cidtr, and much othlruitful Informatloa for lho
dfallnjj Inar manufacttiring aay of Ui aboTt, flihai
fjrtho trivia orhomeiuf,
6t At by mail, frra of poitaie, lar M canta. Addraaa
H. E. NoltMANPr, Ml Markat atraat, Hi. Loni, Hu.
at: lydaw
2fw MarrlK (Jaia.
A.X EJWAT FOR iroUMu HZ?, on rbyiloloiicai
Brrori, Abueknd Picaa, Incident IS Touth im4
Karly Manhood, which errata imp4liaat So JIAK
A! AGE, wltbiura meiinof rl!f. -ntln talaa' lat
ter an? elopf , fra ,( t hari. AddrMS, P, HKIb
LIN HOVGHTON. Uoward Aaaoclallos, PhUadal.
phla, Pa. aaJTdawtal
I I I 1 ( I
TO THK WCiRUJNQ CliAM.-Wa sro mow pra
parad to furs U all eUisti with coaataut aaaplay
mani at'horaf , th kole of th tint or for tha (par
momabts. ulnn uen. light and proSUkla, Pr
aoniofailhar i raidy t-trn' frosi 60c. ja A pi
areolae, da prupottiunal aumby demoting than
whole lima to th bminnM. Hoy a ad girli tuo
nearly tau;h a men. That alt who tee XhH
nntlc may aend their addreaa, and tut the bnit-'
nan, wo make thia uti(ralled often. To auaa'arei
not well aatinfied, ui will aiutt SI lj payjar ta'a
trouble of writing. Kull pait.'eulara, a Taljinblo earn
pie, which will dn to commence work en)utf k copy
of'Tba-feoplo'alerary CpanlOB'na of th
largait and beat family newipjper puWlihat-alf
tot frao by mail. Header, If you -.want prJA,a&t
profitable work, eddrtas C. ALLr.M A CO,,,
Aetiu. Mam. " eo( dAwSu
A Mkaieft) lkSeSnt. !
Erery penonwho tenda S 60 to the t'.XIJ? C&X,
tURV" Publlcatloa Co., at Cbarleaton, 8. a, receitea
ihatauperbuugaiui for 9M year, and a copy of i
thar cf th Warerly Korel 'or tti1 worth f Ckwlaa
Dlckcat tbat may bo drilgnatrJ. Hj-tctiae uaar
ItU'prMBhunllal, Wcvsta, lawa
1 r )
tUMMibr t 8trtUa, Huton A Clf li),
wrees M4 com Mm,
. ( Agenti of
r ys Ceiiest Iwm. -
' s4it'eMtr ' . csure, fit.
XIO Ohio
Mlitr ca.
4, llllatl.
Re. e Okie Inn, Cat ye. Uit,
ar, Cem,
ptdtr , ,s
S. D. ATlAS.
ii'A ;
R133 Okie LtT, , CAJNtf,
nirlldtf J
J M. BHlLUfg CO. t
auMrt to S. a. nndricu a
lerwardlag an! jCoM-nlnlsa Ase -kx a
Oavlx-o m ' XUJbaolsj.
lAbtr'it AiWnvM Made m 'Outigmii.
Ira rrprJ to rciK, ttort r Urwui tnoifit U
ulpoiau; bur orMlleaciiaiMloo: Bmiatti.!-
mi In wist cromHiMM,
H. M. HUIaJE.K. :
tolanaU O-rooar
Canawniaalam XcrckRRi,
iThai rataoTad to Na.'.t Ohio Lera.Vax-iAar'U
-CrtraMmal Baak. ht with baliar facilltlaa aU
iu(traioKa. n aouciir im iniaas.;si' uiar'iS'
aaaf bla formar cuatoran, aa well aa that 6t m
many new. v
Mmptlar MMatiinaatlaaM Avr aratrsMr
Md (ka Maeaitav or tl aiatala m - -rroxliic
mm ajvasMulalata.
Cairo, ill.. Juno I, IW. wy3jdt
Q W. GREEN, 3 !
(Moee aaor to KaUit, Grata A Cu.,)
General CenualMlen Mtreaaat,
CAIatO a tMQWtnmiHwii a t IsIH eaf
JITl tf
IaJrr In Ori-ri, Umo, Plattr Tarla, Plaatar
llalr. CttotDt.
' JKj JL jmiL
art a
n bulk. aln on hand. Omw Klalilh Lraraa
la eappiled writh all ktsda al
aVuLjpvx'lox' Xilci-uiox-a,
- Beer, Ale,1 weut
Comta tr!al aTieue, bet. Ninth and Vealh trta.
Th tblratri " UtaavKvl.Uqtwrai f tMjIJ flea Urn
:all, and thoia whQ wieri to friV'aitl oiar CM
tva t'M'irwuaUfBl'oIiad t hif mr. . i-Hli
gg ' --mtmmmmnmm'
Q. 1). WILLIAMSON, , - , ,
.3kSst 3H 0 Uhw.JwT
K 76.0AV , , vCair. lit-
Hpeclal attaotlon glfea La ooni(nant and tlllnt
rdara. 4rl'l
'NMikaep' conitaaUy an UaA meat. u4a
atockaf -
Pert, HaAsIr; krrr "kmk CaUawk
We mU halrlr'orCAJIrf,'to wkicA w'la4ek
ntion.relMeaiatsrar 1 r .
aaTVpaclal alleatloe paid to Saliaa 4Ws
CaatVcilaR, T jsj, FiiWeMreiaw
. . - , -rrrr r "''' "
aiu-lk protisiox fob the TOUHGI-
fio'ta It4rMnarela?kreaalV voat koliiUr
ooda. r. Haup kaa laid in atck in thai Us that
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