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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, November 24, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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'. . t- ' - .r.
l6S"Kor river new,.hce thiril page.
Pitcher & Honry'H large took of hard
'Ware, cftitlpry, toI.ijtov'e'f', tinware', hto
will be hoIiI without ngird to eon.
Everything that can ho found in any
Ury Kood lioti.M lit tho city, can hone-
cured nt IMUcUy' at cost price or lew,
ii he l dtdermincd to close out. if.
I'liero will he no lack of candidate for
tho olllce of Sheriff-next Fall, if ail the
gentlenu nqw named are .really .api
r.iiitH for that position.
The "Mnea" which we publish on our
first page to-dny,.v.'iu!iMmvo appeared In
due season, bur for the fact that they
wro mWlald, ami recovered only yes
terday. The Hibernian Sire company being un
able to complete thu icpair of their eu
g'lhe, tlfbvtftVr"hroWfng' 'contest with
the Roughs aud J teddies has been post
poned until to-niornw week, when both
IfFtle aTI'filg englneHlvnnio'teslt'tJr
The Pho'iiix bnnd colored, gave a sup
pr In the City Hall, la.-' night, that was
largely attended by tho colored people.
It wIJI iw repeated this, evening, and
on Friday evening, the hand will give a
raUc money to pay-or the hnnd Instrit-
4nWfltl.,,a'11 I"1 r .(,
maiA f u i iuj
Jl. HiHa?clPls,H6?r'tnewohry der in
Tarnlture, mttiesses etc., , In tho pity.
His large wnro rooms are- well fithfd
with furniture of every grade, from the
-MMstarjaote-weod, 'IDic-cIoth . chamber
sets, down to" tho cdmonest poplar
kitchen .Ubljh; lib , rUll prices aro
qulconjlowasthosejof i:vanville or n,tiy
nthrr market.
Th Chlraco Sun.
Wo have recelred the first number of
Tho Chicago Sun, (Uoodall's paper) pub
lished at the rnlon Hteck Yards, Chicago,
ft Ii'a large and haudsrim'n weekly fiheet,
and preaenU, la its advertUing columns,
unmistakable evidences of thrift. Price
f2,M per a riti dm. '
Immenrc posters announcing the com
mlugpf the Katlo Putnam "oupp, have
1eu put up at all the prominent points i'n
T,thc city,' showing thai the ,compj aj,p
addition to its other, excellences, knows'
how to advertise. We oUorv that Mrs.
-Mary Mc Williams, an old Cairo fa vorlU,
is with the troupe, and will appear!, with
It, In this city. She will receive a watrra
greeting from her friends here who know
her worth, alike a an aotrttsa and a lady.
Tl)utfendrTrs' 3 "
Sfr. Mehr.las Felth; ISO Commercial
avenue, has optned a toy st'jre that Is
supplied witli thousands of articles to
make glad tho hearts of little boys, and
vlrls. JJahaswHx, orcelait) nl, rubier
lolls, block house, toy fiirnlture((drum-,
fiddles, 'cry'babfes," and thlngl ' innu- I
merahlrt to piea-e"and"gratlfy the ehil- I
drua. All thee thiiifts Mr. h says ho
tnieoui 10 seit cneaper man tuey G&a
he bought anywhere else in the city.
The holidays bulng near at hand, it
would he well for parents to caff I if there,
and examine the stock aud ascertain
the price-. Pictures n hAnd and nict
jre framed to ordem arv lU'dRy
It is rather a rcmackablo. fact thai the
measles, which hare Usalled one or mor e
iSemtoraof at least one fourth - of ihe
white families of the city, havo scarcely
aeltued (u.tquch U,o colored population,
We bu.ve'nntyin'truth, bjjaril''of aiiijgle
case among that clement, of uur people,
It Is quite probable, however, that tlisi 1
class aro being reserved oe food" for the I
small poxJitart year, and on all previous '
occasions they were the chief and at one 1
im.Viin.'ni ,.Ui'r.ri- t if-v,-'i
time; the only victims of thaf drrad
We are Informed that the meoiles are 1
rapidly disappearing from our city, the
remf Inlng cases being few and fur be
tween. The, Bdij),' eleflUpnJa ajreaily. exqltlng
mtte'ntloti. Cerjaln Individuals who are
anxious fo bompass tho defeat of cer
itrtHtftfr fnTflvIdualsarelaylhTptans;
broad and deep, and procfaloilng a iur
poso to disburse qultea pile of greenback
to insure tho success uf their plans,
Other gentlemeu equally shrewd and
.more discreet, have their longiug eyes
on euug and cozy ofllces witbln thogiftof
taVeosayflrtilgnijr aud. ard quietly paving a
way thereto by a cleverness aud oordlall
ty that aro really captivating. Homo or
these have friends for whom they would
.also provide; add rill fh'eNo operating on
:ihn "daar poylV glyc us (Qreale of
iau activ.j and heatod conttsf.' '
x ue cozy mutt steamer A. lsaaer, wapi.
John 'W Trover 1 ,i',rmnnnt fixture i
Jotoo W. rrorer, Is a permanent fixture
la the Cairo and i'ennessee river trade,
T 1 ll.il - srm I- t S
accommodating the public interested iu
a most uiiCxcepUonablo manner. She
jnakes regular trips, and Mug lights (.
draught Is not liable to be .letalned by
iowwate;, ,
rt.i I I .. I ii i i.,
inn Biorunniivo in tvaiiu ami x Auuitaii.
and the residents along (lin Tennessee
ft',...... . ..r ;
and Ohio rivers should 'cone tratojhr.
Pfttrouage, ,on tliAl-lft;eriHtt4'1fv,h.'r.a I
good support. Capt. Troyeiv iwlll be j
found a correct business man and'a most
ob'flglnf geutlemanndljervlu df hil the
fAjaiaLUic.Kivy,il of liunUn;w.thiU..cu
belbe stowed, ?ftr,iotUh9; kf h arrN
Till aud, depv)lurcfiee.,car.l Jq not,ber
o -
T!ic tlvml.tioily Mary V.MU j
A few dnya ago, on tho authoilty of the ;
Padtioah''lHeraldit wo published tho par- 1
tlctilnrs oftlm finding of the hotly of one
JM1I: Gillespie, uhot through tho I. cm
and heart, near Dlnutl v ', Ky. The
hotly was found -bo stated liy Meiers.
Rlddlo and Btio'I, and bu.'ied where
!found.. Tho murder Mas olmigod to "ihe
' desperados that u o kno.vn to infest
that porion of Jvcnlu'.-hy.''
A iflhnittUflo cbrrespOndonV'ur tho
Mrf,rftld,VHMiiK' tinder date of the 2Jth
gives very good reasons ''for tho faith
that Is in him;" Wo thought it very
strange, qt.thohno ,of rerjubl'shlng the
partlcularstbstifosirS' Snull and Rlddlo
should bury tho body of a man who
had cloaYly been foully dealt with, with
out flist Informing the authoritlcH.
Rlandville, t!he co'uty scat of Riilard
county, w,as only a mllo and a half dis
tant, yet not one word pf Jb finding waa
communicated to a Single citizen of that
place, nor to anybody else, living in tho
neighborhood. Furthermore, no auch
men as Hnell and Diddle reside In the
eotmfyi - -
Notwithstanding litis showing' a man
by the namo of Polk Gillespie has mya-
, terloufi'fyNH,Kappc'n'reu ablt extended In
1 qulry has failed to ollolt any clue an (o
his whereabouts. A Paducah detective
etarte(lou a searph fpr.tho rahulug. man,
on Mondayj and may, In tlme unravel
t utwnysteryt It would bo well for him
to tako Meurjiftftafll-jUldgloIn charge,
If he happeU'to cotne across Mem, for if
' Oltlesplq lijin- been foully dealt with,
tli 03- know mora about tho matter than
they cGiniuuijlcakd.ltitl.feir Joltcr lectin
Tile a-)rtlon' tlilit delDcradoe.t aro
known 'to lfifutt ,BuIlahl( ;county, and
prey upil the peopUv Is; plnv" untrue.
The cttiren thtjras secure In tho
KS4usiou or ills property, una as ex
empt frdn.;Jhlfcnco i.t f hV cjtrj:6jrt. of any
part of Illlnol.-. '
(further devulopmuuU. x
- . , i .i -
J lUelly lias a Targe Jstccl: of hafj-,
which will UJBOId atNtv York whole-
salt! prides. " - tf.
I'nliroTliaTilp rnrtntiuanta
1 n . 1
We can safely assert that there Is not
Ik uillr.OOS
lalfon Into account) tuut can
Jareruumher of cltlrib's who h
' bitten' by uujviiwr pys ai
WXotL VvWid .X1:
r a a. . . ..la. I. , . l . . S 1 1I..
ouT'of pocYet small stltn orVihearned
- A .1 i 1 ....1. ...... I
of which we, speak; but m( lp vestments
of hundreds of doJar thai have furnish-ed-jt-ftffoturn
whateve-T'OjSctpt annoy
ance aud uggrayatlqnjVayifXSO'i at all
posted In tho newspaper history of Cairo
can naiae from tweatyto forty persons
who havdssunk fronl-KoO to ?6,fw lu
short lived Jiewspaper project, .fost of
this inoneyAvas'Sttnkrla adyauces made
to buy material, and much1 of It to pro
long tho existence 6f.1dkly coucems
ths'. could not make thejp'rejelpts cover
their oui9M?'V ' 4l
o less ufarrtwcnty.one newspapers
: ? r an rei-pects. riicuer iienry, ai ia v ,wlrtM:lim, , ... . ' ' I i-ers,fi.ir.,iie
Use Kndefe Chill Crtrt'-"It never LttiinworuiuL avenue, cor. JtJth Mrcni . ...r....,i -, r , Heu ti...
rfilW." - r.i- . r r ,1 . , , uroiui-nea, nanuKoromer-f, Collar. .
X ' I 0JOt' I lrlfml.,- nr. f tl,,.... , .
ndfr'sfilomach BlttcraJ'Tho .bent "X 'AW,
lnue" ' ' ' 1,irrtt el" tlai' nt Waller A :!s. ''v"o jjiyiea, iu whicumic Jyg
- one restaurant, ai to per voei:. . u
hav lived aud diet! iruCairo. A portion winr(boat8 o'u the Misilealppl or Oliio
of them had no" credit, and therefore river, besides, superior aud com
couldn't victimize the public, but the modious Warehouses, convenient to rnlj
largenniuaibenoauted. dozens and scores ud rlvrr, through whloli freight H
r .;.i. ,i.i.Mi,.t. handled without exposure to tho wenth.
of oiircltlzenn togodown in thoirpookets
sunk In tiro Ohio rlVor.' 'J'n the 'cellar of
ii.iitl.iMininml.u-n.niii fiimUii avI.
, I.?? iZTZirrtZtt
uuuciy oj wwi MM-M-jsuiyu. v
1 MWfpftpwoijccYnfltin oldetauds,
caiC9iewt-MaoiMrirpjrwnici wo
wul &?f aeil jaii-aaoui oue-iourui oi
tho 8UW lcli generous Cairo, iicwj
paper backers originally paid for them
- . v-al
. .. ..!.. 1 . .I- V
1 1 1 (mu 1 1 1 p 1 11 1 1 1 n r.' Vr 11 It Krh n ! I r.
Solu Wnt'Calro. liiiiiol-r. "oil 23 2m
A'partuer in ft shoe 4dop. Atliffesji 1'
O. Hoi 367. t A
Hhell oystere, game, etc., pan always ,
be secured at Walker A fJIeoh'a rcstau
rantt -1 L. . . Noytf. (
The Hlstera.of gtvMarya Jnflfnjary an
nounce to tho kind and charitable, uiaj
they will bold a fair and supper for four
successive nights, be&fnnlug Moudu
is to liquidate thoyejif lately coutrhcted
by (tie oreotioli of thclruew mid com
moVIousJioHp.Ual bulldliigi '
This bclutUi) rst.tlipo the, gop.d h3U
tursl:iYp'a.PpUed to the citizens qf Cujrp,
a liberal patronage of tho friends of the
poor and aflllcted Jrreqqested.. o paln
will bo spared to make this fair and uup
. t- ,, . .
,er tho ,nost ronrilTicrv Interest-
lflJ(Jf ylloid(Htfretor6Wrand ItHV ,
v, ItcerU,n fiU(5ce donations are
resiwctfully- olioited of artinlon orna i
menial ami usojui,a ximguarltauiy.uir-
poae,! ladI6s of thrclty qro 'cordially-in-k
vJt!ti u0;pera'to tm'tfio goott work. '
. .
vim In iliin tlmo..lA
n "
uovlTeord dta,
i ' '
yHf erAcMn'i ."Hard Halj and
Restaurant Jvtne center or, attraciioii ror
strangers auuoinera wiio wouitiotreiigui-
qn'the Inub; jtiiah;rvJf)t fresh oysters,
stewed, raw, joabted or fried; quail o
toayt, venison; rt.shpoi' any other luxur
oua or subsujutiat.edJblM-or uass an hoti
with he pue" in tho largest ind , lies
. ' o
,3omo weeks ago wo referred
to. the
llntllng of a larj;o lot of pi. 'vato letters
nddreRed to J. H, Has ton, under c.'rcum
htnnces that induced (ho belief tlrat Mr.
H. had committed Mileldo. It was Hub
sequent!' n'ccrtt(iicd V nt M. 8. was In
Lcavcnttouh city; and rf hi career in
I that city, wo propose to t-peah.
For Bomo tlmo alter bin nr.'lvaf Jn
I.cavonworth lie demeaned himself in
manner that won general respect and
conllilencei Intending liirj acquain
tance he finally , numbered among hU
companions u young Englishman who
was rccelvlug frorp ho;ue a monthly re
mittaticoof S1C0. With this young man
Haxton hoou Commenced a round of dis
sipation, and finally abandoultlg busi
ness gavo hltniiclf up entirely to drink.
During a porlod of tiirce mtnths tho two
drank wteadlly and to great oxcohi, Hpend
log the laBt ton day in-door, refusing
all food, and subsisting entirely on
liquor. Tho police, believing that
the young moil deliberately purposed nelf
destruction, broke :n upon their revols
(they always kept their door locked) and
taking them both under arrest conveyed
them to the calaboose. The ensuing
nfebtthe EdL'llihman died in nrivnn. In
a lit ofHm' pmt. Sixton wm HiiatcUed,
an it were, from the very Jaws cf death,
bu, as time proved, to n very poor pur
,pot!0. Jieitving the bod Into which his
dissipation had pr strafed him, ho re
. ; .... : .j . 1
turneu w pi? cups, auU, uufltforposi
tlotis of honor and trust, he. accepted the
charge of a bar-room In a homo of III-
luVvn thi degraded place ho
could not hold, and now wo hear of him
Rshii out-cait from the rcpvetablo circles
In which hu.uncu moved, a liangeron
abput, a freight depot on the Missouri
.'.i.t ..t .1... ....... .i i. ..ii
muv ui iue iivur, inicio, inr nuvii uuu
to, he receives his food and grog J Such,
we aro told, Is J. B. Harxton, only n liort
tlmo agi a respected aud rospectable re-
hldeutof Oaini a young man who
ture, then, seemed full ofnrotuien
;Tli Continentol Is the only cook stove
rt CaiiimUilmi
of Cn ro.
ifl , nt iTt f .1 t ti
J.v clll-Ies for t,.e tram-action of a for-
wnrdliig and commission business, that
''ftI" notaurpassed 011 vhcDtilo or'.Mlshin.
I llpl river. They aro cquaT tooreinariy
I . n. . . ....
rtT"-. They aro equal .oorclnaay
' !Z yJ,
- o- "I'-'l
him in that line, aucce.'ffully and with
onvaryimr promptness.
We append a copy or a circular Just
i-'Mied by him :
tar.. iui.,M, N-on'r. (
Dkak Hut: Having purchased tho
mammoth "Cairo Trausfer WharX-
boat," I havo it now, In connection with
the Cairo City Whurf-
boat, tit-efrom all
steamboat interest, and am giving my
undivided attention l the Interest of
shippers, both In the forwarding and
commission busluc.sj.
-My facilities for kantUii g, thrift ami
Jmradlnj goods from thU point are un
surpacsed: having immense Morale ca-
ri'llllv. lltmlLrltlir nt twnnt 111., lurniul
;er, and' forwarticd tit lowest rate of
I return thanks to my old friends and
patrons for their Hbert
patrons ror their liberal lavbrs Jn,tho past,
and4aa5ifro them aiid all other shiners
Uialil wl b(J my IHCial attention toBee
tiiut tneirinterests are attended to iu all
QUalnes they may entrust to my care.
ftinp to me care or ami bend duplicate
"bjll lading or railroad receipt to
i ' Chaw, 1. Hindi:.
v . . . -i. -
MAVofnbw prepar'ed.to receive) on storage
and transfer to boats or barges all kinds
of grain. '
-AVe-do not udvance upon, or buy or
sell grain on commission, but couilno
oursolvcs strictly to the olevaling, star
ago and transfer btislnes
Our facilities aro ample, anil w shall
tfduriitJn'pei'Tlfonato give fiatUfac
tlon In the haudllug of grain, ami will
roturu to the consignor, wlit-tieverdeblred,
a statemout of tho woieht of each oar
load., i ...i
Our rates of storiigo lucludo tijl our
chVgVfrbm the ear to the boril? .
'.I fl. J. AK. HuC'KiKrTn'AM..q
a'Viini, November 1& 18ti9. ,j
Sound grain, io per bu. first twenty
days or part thereof, and J each addi
tional five dayb orpartithereofii .hu mmd
Unsound groin, 2e per bu. first five
ttotial fl ve'dnyfi or part
lfoMlKfcWMn d tv
days or part lliereor, ami o eaon nilui
. . . f w... .
illg bilgs,- Ac
DairL'Inir. urain and and f-owimrhaL's.
le per bushel, .
Ucy Kon
Small llat atore door key,
SOT" Klnmup'il mi tin sliln.
'Ii. Yale, Jr.,
Tho finder will bopropTly rtfWnntd
by leaving the same at this olllco.
nov20-5t 1
A grand ball will bp given y ho
Cairo C'Ubbliio, ou tho eveuiiiguf Decern
" her '27, 1S00. f'ommllteo of Arrange
ments: K I.ttTOlKKLKTII, u
C. L. TuouAi, Wm Auia,
. iK.'.lf . " ........ . .1 ' . .a. I mill nerv anil- f.tnnv. tranilu. Inrllnunnil
a k a caauaai. u 1.11 u jiii r. ba.&AaAiLia 111
. a t . . 11 11 1 1 win h mi 1 rT".' ifi' . inr Pnbn a a.
.TTTr.--'1 V r 3C- " T ' ., i m mil. i u
A Hlood.y Astntllt itnil Its Tntai Tcruiln
ntloa. ,.M v- yd,
p r- "
Another scene of blood to blackcrilho
history of Southeast Mfs'sourl has Jiftt'1
been enad ted. A Capo Uirurdtau paperi
ii. . .... i... .."" . l
says that on Friday last, ii man by the
name of Vaughn was shot deadilB-his'
tracks, In 8Ikcstown,hy one D.Kh.upjMe,
it merohant. The facts are detailed thus":
A son of Mr. Vaughn diadvaold tothen
Doctor a lond.of corn. A dispute aroso
In refereh'ce'liereto, awtl yotintfAMfikH'
raturued hone in unger, and informed.
his fathefbr'wliat "had.passed. . The old'
... ....
man hi unco wuueu upon. Upjt)r.DOUf,
mate,Jand cosimeuccd oeiaborinK hlm-
wlth a riodaswwblchliW. hld ltUiM'
hand, altalnir blows at"thel)ootoHa head
probably, had'they jof been Tipwd ttr
The DoctecavoT.TcdJdWh'C'slf.'
at iuuiu vjiuii no sccureu nis re
volver, when, taking aim at n vital part,
Ored. VllOBhnfellno''ttl flobrCrfTITV.
plre(J almost Ihstautly: ProVloua to tills
dlfllculty tbe.partlos had lived on friendly
terms, and tho neighborhood was. not a
littlo Hhocked when-tho particulars of
tho fatal rencouutcr Ibecame known,
What legal stem wcro takan'in tho iu-m.
Ises we"li'avo" uol"1jeH advlacu? Jf tho !
particulars as alioto sotforlh aro corrcc'i
the affair Is clearly. cio .of Justlfla! 'q
! homlehle.
Joli Printing.
ThtiltullnUu ' Mloo-lm vlrtg- ieeu.aup
plied with Iti,5r,eaipdcf4CiIltie3, is imvr
prepared to do Job vork phpapqr thatw
....... ;., ..... .I..i;..n.,......i' Ji.. 7i.
J that no citizen t-hall have cause, either
(0u accotifitof price d 'sfvlefoTeTTdirfrr
mi mu iiuivi luiiiuu, ill irjllil,
. hh work abroad. OUrofMcelsthe com-
pletesl ffUie stftte, ' olitslfle' fiCnlcago
and Sprlngjlghl,. ai;dyjanpcrform all
I "mi" in fluia v umu iuu rur, mil-
is of Hie city" creatp. a demand.
v h - "
111 luilnl nr tii.iru ... u ii.lili. . u n i.l. II ....... I
T". ,uu ' ,wn,
k " - ."'tV1."."- L
Mr.. Ai,lJarbotT!o.-j ia;(joBMuercIal
a ven ia', having relieved hex Hhelvosdf
i , ; B"''M W ,T"t, 1,10 . ' ,
lii.ilil .Innt. ....... I .. . .1.. 1 .-f"
v.-rri i"' .j... uv
1 ladies of tho.olty ant Ipvltotl to call und
Inspect tho new stock. ,k
I "-'"'' i illt UvUl UTlll IuOov Tumi
,inT, ou - -f"-' - .. .
.x- .
. . I' . '.lVF?fi,!"X'.,i. . C
! "Uy.the Contlnenlnl," iu the early
(. ... ... "
, .Cloaks made In tbf lest und most ftrah
"Hy. the Continent," iu the early
oCUJw''u,!,'lv IheTllcli
nilllil HIII.IH1..1, Vllil-li IHIIIIIllliy
. deemed an evidenco of ?und, morals ae
I well as'b'r good sensiftn i giye flie ad vie
jJuy tnt, Cotneulul. as it-ie not onlv
tUo cbeape.'t but tlie best stovo In tho
.J'qrale by l'ltcher !c JJenfy, 192,Coju
mcrcial avonuo, cor;112ti'8treet.iwi-
" IluilnrHS IlSVVor Kin'lf ,
That eligibly MTiiaieiT 'hrisfne.ss house
No.Thornton'H block, Tuuth street, Is
for rent. Apply on tho premises.
Oetfitf f
I'lirat I'nr! I'liral
Jf you want tiTbjyjiif cb'eapor Itau
Uiey wore ever otleredjiiv Cairo, will call
at P. RleilyV. He has a jfdr)d'aVsorf-
ment. which he will noil very Mwr1 Ttf
r ' ' t
yix-1 class, day bqjjrd. canKhe.
seeuretl at Walker and Risson'a for
per week; 'ThtTb'lll of"faro"consIsts of
of the bent In the market,' ecrved by.exi.
pert caterers In an unexceptionable style.
ns can be found in tho oily, all at .pricey
that cannot fnibio hint reasonable' custo
Huialo keeps all kinds of tinware
and Is proparetl toPit on rooflifg or 1mi (
mi lruiipriiiir. 111 in, iil-hl -iivin nil Niinrr
- "
A full sdpplyat Uhdly's; Hrffl goflig oil
at actual cost. tf 1
..a i i i ': n --
H, KKtiifff ".M,;'",b,',hi
-4 ' r
a au . w . .s. 1 JL
.-vi msi ssi m"un mvs ill.
w i
u i.'. ia .
-fc I
at fdl
. iDriuuU'ossiirrMircv
, ,T M a a tiX j
nyllti a l u W K.s I ,aa 0.'
ti il f .(aadata't iwtvt A.V
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C . Henderson, Commercial Avenue
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convey to John B. t'l.llti, tti" followlDjccli'onlA'llnt:!
tttbf.U'CPU of Inml Kiiusteil In thf City of Cairo, coun
fy or Alcjjainl!-, ninl 'hui uf Illinois, rui l ItnoKii nnd
idw jnnlcil on IIih rt'n'!oU-mi orjiltl tlirrrof hi
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:ho sum of tiv. nty.t
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'Smis d6of, In tliCity rclro,t;oiitltr9f Alcjcaa.
?firNflnd itottT'of iniu.iWbftweenjtUo. hours, oi i0
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'' """'Jon y nrrn it.t;i3, Trustee.
Ciiro. PI. Nr 21. IsW. norilShr
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the recovery of oau(l) larijo itcambimt M wh. hl
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and vaJ of NofnfAi.l-sM Ml will wolijli Irom 50
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ZVX B n. O XX A. 7J 1.
No. 76 OA to Ltvff C'Hlro, 111.
Hncial attention iiTn to ffonflanuifnt aod filling
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and Ri'tical Cirro of Mpprmatorrhoea. or fprn-nrl
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nnd ImpVulmenl. lo lirt!iic! i!t-h"nily; Ni-rounr,
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mull, tlinold criatiiull liinlilimr nnil-nli' llf.r fntll'nt.t
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liiota.'an'rtfiat iiirnmon. rfts wrn'i.i.uoiritn'rcon tor
Mil. I ilrnilant, ri-liiriiall atuj(vrjrnl WfkiM
I onrl is La tioliltu nt tile t o
onrl iiii In Cairo, liu
lh' A.'J.fWs.ld1on Jhr.ttiird Monday, of Jni
i v:a l
: Jinn-f
.1. M. Darldfjc Conipl t i-ounto. ,
flI,LIOWiIAY'ili)liNi3A If0.tut
MIvtttal'4 . . .
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l-tfiiuin 'it. rtin In nidii
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walibe iiuroxMiU lo. utin then.tiL.jial i-ack--
Iwliorc.i", th B''.in.or'inliiecniiniiiroUAniinry(ioi.
Jars of f!ml Mt'.f, toejlu-r with intcrrst from tho
tht 'ar of SfpiemlT A. 1. im, nowremams du-
t nmi siiisiaid' Hour, inriruini. uuiicq is iiticut nitui
hi-, inidiiiiii. .-.fiiiuiiiiiii-uiiiii. lOij VI HIP IvllW fill
Ko'lmd'oirfipinrcillon ly uU,ir m i-jf.M t..r s,
f onRpr.t ariin, J (, ti'fi-le.t'htMia. JiSvt'h'l'thr.
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Hturti iiu
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