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6rlor river news, see third page.
ill . 1
Use Knder's Chill Cure. "It never
lis." - ; '
A partner id it-shoe sdop. Address 1'
Box .T57. t
Shell oyster., game, etc., can always
secured at WalkVr 'A b'Ison' rostau-
int. .NovUtr
Uoy' ovetoonh In endless variety at 1
efT'j, No. 7ft, Ohio Levfe, Cairo,
llnoln. ' tf
- -
Pitcher t Henry's large Htock of lurd
tire, cutlery, tools, tovesK tinware, etc
III Hold without regard to cot.
Wasted I ru turd Intel. ,
Agojd tlhriertltirthdi'rilhnds roofing,
pply to IvKNKicK Si Day.
2' . tJharlc.ton, Mo.
m. S ,
Kreryfhfng Unit 'can 'lie found' In a'uy
ry t,oods house in the city, can b se-
urd at I'. ltlelly's at cost price or less.
tie is determined to close out. tr.
.School order., at par, county orders, nt
cents, and city scrip, at 6-' cent, for
irnlture, queenaware, glassware, and
ouse furnishing goods. .
novS&flt,- v M B. ii. Ji.uutiy.j
Njm-mUn Writ for V.
Thcrfcare'.'at t.UW.flrft; pn7y tVu prls"
nars in the calalooter-;a man And a. wo
tan nerving out a lino imposed under
tctlon so and-so, of the ordinance)' as re
iced and codified, etc.
This JJUsijtocj; p ,gopd tnoralsof
uiet and order, ofwhfci wtjeqay boast.
Capt. J. H. PhUUpala.auoutikKcmbacta
omewhat,xUuiivly in the utanufuc-
jro ofKyytian Oil Polish blacking
n article fully equal to Mason's Chal-
jngc or any other ou the- market. As
he captain experts to compete With
titer manufacturer in point- of prico,
r so no good reason why he- should
tot supply not only the city hut the
ntlrt surrounding country that makes
.'alro a trading centar. If all of us en
ourage, as we should, "home Industry,"
I re will noon realise h belter feeling in
he Una of business.
TJio iron frame work of the custom
leuse roofU all In place, Veady to n-
ieiva the slate. We unnerstand thai
hartles have taken the contract to put
he slate on and, as the funds are
.. i . i . t i .
til eiimuiieu, iney nave ngraeu io wu
or their nsv until eouicreM makes
mother appropriation. If this is so, the
lulldlng t111 probsbly be entirely en
dosed by the meeting of cougree . The
tnpronrlation promptly made on the
ispeHibliiig of congrei"! will Insure the
ompletlou of the work by next May or
At !et three'fpurtha of our exchang
es are publishing the commencement of
t New 'York lA-dKer' ntory, entitled
"The Hroken Home," or Truth Stranger
than Fiction. The readers led on aud
on through four or flvo columns of stuff,
to be told at tho end mat "tno oaianco oi
this hiirhlv en ca trine story may bo found
In the 'Ledirer' a nanerfor which Mrs;
Bo-andOiWJterr and ,for:.,whlch Mr.j
Blank writes exclusively. A number of
our cotomporarlaeri ithugU glvitr
place to the broken dot of. literary trash,
honestly ad visa tholr patrons not to reaa
The Metropolis rimB. of lasfweek.
republished the lata able aud elaborate
report of our market committee, as an
ediforial. Indeed, the editor, apprehend
ing that some'vPf hla readers inlgSt re
gard It as a selection, published it iu his
editorial columns-arid captioned it with
the word "editorial,"
The facts and suggestions set forth In
the reiort, being appllcablo to a market
hoine controversy sprung in Metropolis,
tho 'Times' man was no doubt oreditcd
With theproduotlon of a most compro
henslro and. exhaustive article In point.
The members of our committee feol flat
terad no doubt' that so able a gentleman
as the enlror'ortric MetropollsTtraos,'
should adopt tho progeny of their brain
as his own, and as his own, lay it beforo
his thousands of readers.
Tb Calm Central.levaUni
Are now prepared to receive ou ktorage
and transfer to. Ipjats or barges all kinds
of grain.
We do uot advance upon, or buy or
sell grain on commission, but confine
ourselves strictly to the elevating, stor
age and transfer business", tlJ
Our facilities ,ftre atnple,ud w6halj.
use our utmost exertions to give satlbfac
tion in the handling of grain, and will
return to the consignor, whenever-denlred,
a statement of tho weight ot each car
Our rates of storage ineiudo all our
charges from tha car to the, boat.
Cairo, November 18, 1609.
Sound grain, 2c per bu. first twenty
daya or part thereqf,, and i ach addi
tional five days or part thereof.
Unaound grain, 2o par bu. first flvo
days or part thereof, and )o each add!
tlonal live day or part thereof.
Bagging grain and tying bags, Jo per
Bagging grttinurBe?:inUbewlbgrbag8,
lonarWsbel. , 1 - ov2ad0t
A TiLWreUly r.iau r
NtMHtter. .Veedeil.
A tri-weekiy lino orflrst-elaii freight
and p.ipfcenger steamers between Cairo
and Nv Orleans, is now a want in the
commerce of tho Mississippi valley, that
In most seriously felt. It would reloase
Cairo from tho grip of tit. Louis steam
boat Interests, and give her that inde
pendence sho tnustpoesess before shacan
rise supurlor to competing reshlpplng
points. Such n line would pay well from
tho beylnnltrg',' W it would receive the
unltad patronage of Cairo shippers,
whoso present business is sufllclent to
send otirft'largc Btflamernilly freighted at'
least three times per week. It would
throw thousands of dollars into the
hands of our butchery dnd dealers in
boaUtores, and through them, afreet tha
general business of the city.
It is woll known that except in seasons
of high water St. Louis Itoats depend
on Cairo for at least one half their car
goes. At such times they are very
obliging; but when they can come out
fully freighted, they are wonderfully In
dependent. Tho establishment of the proposed lino
will not, of course materially affect St.
Louis stoatnboat interest" daring high
water, but during tho prevalence of
naked fland-lx.r:rotweeh,'this' and thai
city, it will cauao, tier learners to pan
out with half loads. This consideration.
added to a feUng pf Jeatousynaccaynt
of matteri generally,- makes her quite
ooitlle to the Cairo and New Orleans
packot line project, V,P excj.tes.br to
iri'o'utspokonopp.Osluqn. "
We trust, however that In spite of St.
Louis' opposltlou, tho lino will bs e.tab
1 hi hod. It is true that consignments
through Cairo are very rarely delayed on
ucqouut of tho want vf". tonnage $o take
them forward, but no ono will deqy that
tho lino would greatly facilitate our for
warding business, render our shippers
entirely judependent' of'HVal'-lntc-cst.'!,,
and favorably affect the general buai
iioMof our city. With as much w from
four to six thousand tons of freight,
renuhloK our"ilty weekjy76rfeihiptHc't,,
we can nuarcely Imagine that the trado
would not pay from tho start, and pay
liandHomely'atthat.' ' il .
The country round about Santa Fe, In
this coUbty, is certainly a wonderful
----- , i . v .
one. We huso this remark upon tho sup- j
position mat me reports, or recent oi-
coverieiare authorized'. For instance,
we are told that coal abound there In '
inexhaustible quantitiesAO artjcle .a no ,
eray interior to mo Ait. caroon coaj.
Then, near there in a good article of
sindfetoue, suoh as. wan employed. In ho
buildingof abutments for the Cache river 1
railroad brldiro. Now wo have it that
marble has been discovered
marble that will rccclve'a high
polish I
and in poiutof color It equal to the purest
Italian. But,etraugely enourh, all these
discoveries have amounted to'hathlng
No enterprising mlnf4- tiraJn a furore
abeut tho coal proprietors of marble
yards take the marble discovery quietly
and coolly and oup uulldore-are still
Mending from Cairo to Maysvllio and
Portsmouth for their sand stone. Un
leas somebody seeks to turn these depos
it of coal, and marble aad sand stone to
some account, before long, we shall
commence questioning the value of tha
discoveries. Ordinarily, such elements
ot wealth, directly on the 'bank of tho
Mississippi river, are uot permitted to lie
untouched very long.
Hlilrt Cellar.
Miller and'MlifeTTiiaVe S0,'60i on"hTnof
comprising the most acceptable styles.
A very desirable collar sold aWeiti.ceaht,
revox' I-jSJ2 tf-
Tho Continental I Uie:oHjy.lqoQ.etoye
with sliding ovon doors. Warranted Jn
all respects. Pitcher & Henry, at 102
Commercial avenue, cor. 12th street.
P, Noff's winter sult aro open
poclioii. Call around ajd exam)
for In
Hpocllou. Callnrounij ajd examjne bis
stock beforo you conclude to buy elf o
where. Ho always keeps on hand the
Mnei-t vtock at low prices. tf
0alna IIoiuv for Rent.
That eligibly uituateil bUbiues liouse
NorsThorntoii'a.lloxki. JTenUi atrU.l
for ront. Apply on the ur,emlses.
Octotf ,
Fur.! t'urtt Fun!
If you want to buy furs cheaper than
they wcro ever offered in Cairo, will call
at P, ItloIly'H. JIo .ha&agood assort-
meni. wnicn no win sen vejy low. u
First class day board can be
secured at Walker and Sissou's for
$5 per week. Tho bill of faro consists of
of tho best In tho market, served by ox-
pert caterers in an unexceptionabkstyle.'
Do Yon Want BIr '
Mado tin in tho latest style? ".If you do
Keins iVlh'oS.raWrfAa it. 'Thet'o' ymi'
will flpd plenty of stock to chooo from.
1fy Kont T
Small flat storo door key, ,4L. Yale, jr.,
807" stamped on-the side,'" ' -The
finder will bo properly rewarded
by leaving tho same at thla. office
Airrand ball will be given hy
Cairo Cassino, on the evening of Decem
ber 27, 13GD Committee of Arrange
meats: F. M. Htociuxeth,
U.L.Thomas, Wui. ALpA,
M. SiiATRnrnn. rtronnntArrKEK.
oi'I.IIO.Y ll
tiii: Ni?PJt::jii: omn
The. Relators Untitled to the CltyN Sur
plus Funds.
i.urom'A.vr isHiriJi, ktc.
Tho opinion of tha Supremo Court, iu
! tho case of Tho People, ex rel. llurry
Fox and Tf llliam 11. Howard, vtnwt Tho
1 City Council of the City of Cairo, as pro
bounced by liroese, C. J., has been pub
lished, and sb it involves matters of con
siderable local interest, we have thought
It advisable to- lay Ufora our readers at
least the leading points.
The suit was based, It will be remem
bered, upon AIessr3..Fox, Howard Co.'s
petition for a mandamus against the
City Council, to, compel them to pay a
certain Judgment "obtained br the rela
tors against them, for grading and fill
ing certain streets in the city of Cairo.
The petition seta out the powers of tho
city council, under the charter, to levy
taxes and set aside receipts from other
sources, to create tho "General," "Intor
est" and "Improvement" funds; and
then goes on to'flliow tho financial statns
of the city. It also Bets up that under
tho power vested in them by tho charter,
tho council had issued a largo amount of
bouds to mlsVnfoney forpubllc Improve
mcnUandotherpurposes; that tho bonds
.irwero duly signed and soaled, and placed
in I
the custody of the comptroller, who Is
tho flsoal'agent'xjf' tho city; and that of
such bonds tho comptrollerstill retained
iu hi hands (bo sum of $3,000 which'
tho city might sell and apply on tho
judgment of relators.
Tho -relltbrs theV allege "thai on ob
taining their Judgment against tha city,
it was the duty of the council to levy
and collect a tax of ono half of ono per
centum,: upop all property, both real and
personal, subject tu: taxation, and to pay
the amount realized therefrom upon their
judgment; that it was tha duty of the
council to levy,' and collect a further tax
of onq quarter" of one per contum, as
aforesaid, nnd pay the amount realized
upon the Interest due upon tholr Judg
ment; and they further allege that it
was the duty of the city to sell the said
S&J.OOO .iu bonds and apply the. proceeds
toward tho payment of their Judgment.
The refihfril of the city to levy the taid
taxes and to sell the said bonds being
miavo w va mv- wvuw O
averred, tho relaters proceed to pray thnt
n mandamus may Issue compelling the
city to levy and collect the taxes and sell
th bonds aforesaid, and to annlv the
preceeds to tho payment of tha principal
and interest of their Judgment.
Tho city responded that the power of
tho council to tax is limited; that the
taxes for tho General fund and tho Im
provement fund aro not payable exclu
slvely in money, but that the scrip Issued
by tho city must be taken In payment of
the taxes imposed to croatetuoso tunas;
that such scrip Is annually issued by the
council to tho amount of $35,000, and Is
not worth more thau sixty-five cents on
the dollar. They aver that neither the
General fund, tho Improvement fund
nor the Interest fund is available for the
payment of the relators' Judgment, for
the reason that the council has no right
to lovy and collect taxes, except for the
purposes expressed in the act creating
tho aforesaid fund?, nor has tho council
the right .to lovy to an amount that will
exceed the limits expressed In said act.
Tho rospondenta then proceed to show
that the revenuos of tho city do not ex
ceed the expenditures, and furnish da
tails that show an annual absorption of
all the moneys collected for tho different
funds. Tho rospondenta question the
legality of the bonds, $53,000 of which re
main in the comptroller's hands, and
aver that If the same wero sold they
.would not bring more than 05 cents on
Uio dollar, and that In any event, they
could not be applied to the payment of
relators' judgment.
Tho respondents further say that when
tho contract was tuauVrar filling tho
streets both parties relied for payment
on the power of the city to lovy and
collect assessments on the lots to bo ben
afltted; jhat)he,jijode adopted, having
been decided, (Larned case) to be un
constitutional, they were deprived
of tho expected moneys; but
that, since then tby havo obtained leg--islnttou
' to . cnublo them to. raise mon-
oy S to pay rolatSrs" Jndghient,
and havo ordered an niseis
rh'eut on tlw property lunellttotl of
$115,000 expressly for that purpoo. In
formalities in the amended charter and
Inequalities. in the assessment a.'o urged
as a cause fofthb dely thatensuejd. The
relators are entitled to no relief beyond
tbat'afforded by assessments on tho pro
perty benefitted, 'except by legislation,
and, the respondents claim that, they are,
iu good.ftUb, peeking fhtt legislation.
..Th.o court, In reviewing tho case, de
clared that respondents had not taken a
correct vjew of tho iclatorb1 rjghu; but
t. ytfl -have no space foe the errors pointed
out, except us. they may appear tn tho
Judgment of the court which is, substan
tially, as follows: That a peremptory
mandamus Issue against tho respondents
to compel them to appropriate such stir-
.plus.ns may remain, of tho General fund,
after providing for the most economical
expenses of the city outof that fund ; and
also tho surplus of tho Interest fund after
providing for the interest on. tho bonded
Indebtedness of tho city, to the payment
of the interest on the relators' Judgment,
and the overplus, afterpaylng the same,
to tho payment of tho judgment, and
that thtj respondents bo requlrud to levy
annuallv u tax of one half of ono per
contum, on all taxablo property of tho
city, for the Genorul fund and the In
terest fund, and any surplus of which,
afterpaylng out of tho first named fund,
the reasonable expenses of tho city, and
out of tho last named fund tho Interest
on the bonded debt of tho city,
shall bo applied to tho payment of
the ti.UTestand principal of tho relators'
judgment. Tho courtyielded to tho forco
of tho objections urged by tho respon
dents, and refused to ordor tho salo of I
the So.1,000 bonds in tho hands of tho
comptroller, observing that if tho prayer
had been to pay over, tho bonds on the
Judgment, tho application might have
been favorably entertained. And so
ends tho mandamus case.
An adjustment of nil tho matters and
things at Unto between tho parties, hay'
ingbecn effected before Its rendition, the
Judgment of the court will not, of course,
be carried into effect.
Jab rrliitlnu.
The 'Bulletin' olllce having been sup
plied witli increased facilities, is now
prepared to do Job work cheaper than
ever. Wo nro determined, In truth,
that no citizen shall have cause, either
on account of price or siyle, for sending
his work abroad. Our olllce is tho com
pletcst in the state, outside of Chicago
.....1 ll-t.l ....I .... .. ,
kinds of work for which tho river, rail-
road, mercantile, legal and geucral ;
buslne?s of the city create a demand.
In point of workmanship we shall stand i
unsurpassed. Send in your order.
Proofs submitted when requested. It
Angostura fitter's, W, -IT. Schutler.
Sole agont, Cairo, Illinois. ocii'm
Mrs. A. Uarber, No. 142 Commercial
avenue, haying relieved her shelves of .
tier oia stock-, now presents to mo trauo a
most completo and attract!
ito and attractive stock of
d fancy goods, Indies' and
millinery an
children's underwear, a fine lint? of em -
nroiuenes, laces, nanuuercniois, couars,
trimmings, etc., of tho very lutcst nud
most fahionablo styles; and which she
cau and will sell very low,-for cash. The
ladles of the city are Invited to call and
Inspect the new stock.
Cloaks mado in the best andmot. fash
ionable style," of any delre'J material".
iiotIO w
TIioimbiiiW of To h
Mr. .Nicholas Keith, ISO Washington .
avenue, has opened a toy store that -is
supplied with thousands of articles to
' make glad the hearts of llttlp boys, and
girls. He has wax, porcelain and rubber 1
dolls, block houses, toy furuiture, drums, ,
, fiddles, "cry-babies," aud things lnnu- j
tnerablo to pleaio and gratify tho chil
dren. All these things Mr. F. saya he
1 mtenus to sen cneapcr tuan tncy can
. IH. I UUL' 1L BllVtVllUlU U1SI III LI1U .
i. t. ......t.... i.. . i... -f i
I-. j i
The holidays being near atliaml, it:
.. i .i i. ... , ii .... . ii ... ........ t
truuiu uu w en iui ui uui iu uau 111 inere,
t and examine the stock and nscortaln
' the prices. Pictures on hand and pict
ures fra ned to order. now 2i dCt
j "By the Continental," in tho early
j days of tho Republic was, by the witch
killing fanatics, called profanity.
( In this more enlightened age It Is
deemed an evldenco of sound morals as
1 well as of good sense to glyo tho advlc
'rttiv tlm rVintlnniitnl.l' n If. In nnf nnlc
the cheapest but the Iwfit stovo In the
Kor sale by Pitcher & Henry, 102 Com
mercial avenue, cor. 12th street.
P. Neff would respectfully call the at
tention of his customers and the public
genorally to tho fact that he has now on
hand tho best selected stock, of clothing
and Gent's furnishing goods in tho oity;
and by far tho '.akoevt stock, at such"
low prices, that the closest buyers wl)l
feel It their duty to purchase If they wish
to save money and dress at tho same
time. tf
C. W. Henderson, Commercial Avenue
three doore below Twelfth street has as
I fine a lino of heating and cooking stoves
us edit bc found in tho city, all nt prices
that cannot fail to suit reasonable ousto
mers. Ho nI.o keep all kinds of tinwuro
and Is prepared to put on rooting or put
up guttering, in the best stylo on short
J notice. vlt.3w.
' Walker iV Slsson's Billiard Hall and
Restaurant Is the center of tttrnetlon for
I strangers and others who would strength
en the inner man with fresh oysters
i slewed, raw, roasted or fried; quail o,
toust, veninon, llsh or uuy other luxttr
i ous or substantial edible; or pass an hou
with tho "euo" in the largest and hes
bllllurd hall lit the city. tf
Jct Publinhnt, In n v'iM -nelopo. Price, Centi.
a i.kctu r.o.v run .vatuiiaij tbi:at.mi:.nt,
nii'l IIIip1 CiUo "t Hpcrmtorrlio:i, or Seininel
Wfotmci, trtVAlmitarf Kiiim.inon-.hoxiitil lability.
I nndlrnpollin-nmlo Jlurr ;i;oj!nertilly;.NiTVoCini,
I I'onminption, Kplleptf, nt-nifj Mrutulitiid ttiyt
. ml Im-upAcitT' rrsultms from delf-abimu, kc, by
I ito.r.iT CeiYMwru, if. l, ntitliorof th. "Oren
I lloolc'A.
A liaun to ThouoamN or Naltcren.''
I boinundi'r fl,in plniii envrlnpn, tnnviltlr),
I potpalil on rfint ti( tx renin, or two poPUK
tt-mp, la CHAS.J.V KI.l.N'K A CO.,
157 llowcry, New Ynrlt, Vast atticr box
Alo Dr. CulvrwoU' .Mrr.e OnlJt," yrlee Si,
Clrciit Nootliing
Blomedy 1
Cur Colio nod dr.plnR iu 1 1'KICH
tin howelf. ami faollituteii SIS
Uio pruccts of teething. ) CK.NTrt
Snbdup C'pnTuhlonnind'oT'.) rHICE
eteomes all (!(: Incident 23
to infwiH uad bhildn-n J C'.NTfl
Cure PU rhw, Dyn(ry,.') pntCB
onJ Uummrr CoinfIiut In 2S
chlldrouof bIIikh. . C'.NT
1 It If tl'O Or Hit Infant' ami (JhllJrcn'f Soothtnj
Ktinciy in ui uuorurri utuukiiw od vy nciuing, or
any otfiBr'ue. . T.. - 'J- t
iVepar-d by lb. OlIAKTON MEDICINE CO.r, 9ti
I)Ui. Mo. , , , , , ...
-t,.r. ' ' VfCTlV4l
Bitters !-"The best
For fashionable and woll mado cloth.
intr, go toP.SefPs, No. 70.OhloX.ove. tf
First class day board at Walker & Bis
on's restaurant, at . ?o per week. tf
fllovcri nnl (.
A full supply at Welly's, and going of!
at actual cost. tf
Ono hundred dozen of fine Star shirts
alljdzes, atl'.Neff's, No. TDOhioLovoe,
"at a great reduction in former prices, tf
P. Itlelly has a largo stock of hats,
which will ho sold at Now York whole
sale prices. tf .
Tito latest and most comfortablo arti
clejn use Is tho patent AlaakaBoota
They are selling fast at P. Neff'a, No. .79,
Ohio Levee. tf
A tremendous stock of boys' and
youths' clothing Just received at P. Noff's
No. 79, Ohio Levee, at prices to suit the
times.' ' ' tf
- - - - .
Now Is tho tlmo for bargains, at P.
Neff'B, No. 70 Ohio Levee. Hla stock is
ropleto with all t!e latest novelties of
k . tf
Ender's Stomach
In use."
ityles of Hats and Caps Just re
t;P:Ne'ff'.,'79,OhIoLeved. This J
ceivod nt
is tho only storo in the city that keeps a
full Htock of goods in that line. tf
Hllk lint.
The stock of silk UataatSUller VfcMIll,
or's comprlseH'tuo vory lateii styles', and
finest make of tho season. Tholr house
is conceded to be "head quartern" in the
article of hats. It
i- Tho complatest-stoch of gentlemen'
, rnlahlnir th. eltv to bd
, foumi at Mler and Mmer,fl It woul(l
, bc aremarkabi0 Wliut Indced. in this
"line that they cannot satisfactorily supply
at the very lowost figures ruling in tho
market, tf.
ull Intruetioni mjl Prfcettctl Korrn, Jpll,U,K-
1 rrv.Klnd or Uuslneki. uiil to ill trie HUM or Ui
I . . , '
i .
Of ifi.i L'nIUd Sta(n Bar.
''irhcir t do book af tho kind which will takn rank
with it for Atilh-uticJi)-, inlrlnBor and complt
uei." -nriDKtl.'M, .Wa ) -lii-ptibllcan.'
Thi. i.llio O.M.Y .N'KW HOOK ot tho l;lml pub
lufcuJ for many y -. Jti.i prrparcd by an iibio
THAUTICAL LAWTEIt, of mrnty.fiT ytMt,' , xpcrl.
Mice, iind i-Juiiwta. everybody nctJa fordfity u-t.
ltii highly recommended by many emldent Judge.
Inelndlne tho Chlcl Juitlcn and other Judaea or JIm-achUM-ttK,
aaU tho Ch.ef Joticcr.d entire bench of
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