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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, December 02, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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1 i rllLL, AflSOCtATB MHT-ift.
i'V.Y. UKCEMIMSK & lf.
r i:vr ritf , e third nunc
... tho VTwr " V4ly J
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Muhotft Is doing a rushing
the measlo, Cairo' haalth is
IN. any body gitSdi
Bill"? r. dotf'of 1
mioN MoitM' li'Vhirifofm'd i-iunp. I Halibut: Ifcrrlnt,', dry and snlt; and Cod ( 1,1 to wlluro all have learned to ad
H .." i!lVerpiica. " j I'ifh; on reusonablo terms at.Slrattonand mire her wnii tlJt Vtry Ht her
' l. -'.. ' ,f " ' Bird'x 'i" Ohio Lpycc. I profefsion. A ml of Air. JJrowuu'n Claude
Matrimony U dull; iniileilal abtttidrl -i Melnotto w can scurcely say Its. It
ant; monpy catoe.
1 1 t i nl'ce
jim and b(-autiiilly U."
- -
' a . lo .Mrll-tltf I aln icpiipieil.
i ' ' :L t!ei ar K'iU.
OIK u Arnold ha ttiodu fivt-Stste
u'i Hiiic t-tbo last tcrio ofCotirt
'r rboriiion Is aain con vah-sceiit,
xi u n',pi ;irpd fit hNpost yotfidity.
'-K' i oiistltuiioiial convention eon
i iira.it SpriiiKlleld on the KSih iutt.
Ju loAilvii, w lio liai list-it absent from
n.-c. V for sr-vurnl'dtiy.i,r'liiriie4 yciier-
- .
( 'I. ileardeti I ihmv cumluctlui; hl.
Mirtiriijipu fuiiluoM In Wlnter'n Block
( - .i. mt rclal avoniif.
Jo j ur: li now tutni-il out from the
'it.ilit titi in uia-qiiulfd lyl and with
h. ilif t despatch.
fiat' , the batcher ho of "hide and
rti.i ii itorlety, ha been arrested, at
1 rip(.,H. Ill- miii is also Implicated.
flii- k nd lending out'into thp county,
win, until iccently in an almost impaat
v it'C mtlitiou. Thu froU of tho f--
ii j .t't havy Improved thm.
A' tin middle ot ul ulht It w dark
at Ha-Uf, Willi an enur and a tiljiplii
:v.r nuch a nlglit ai llamh-t liao
wLi ti .iitcrvlewjns" hl-inpirltUKl father.
il ft' tt --i hUjijiort which a paper
Hive to a canaalnte whom it nucepts
i ' a ci mpromiRO UwlWveu h 1 and the
i-ju worki" mint bo very tinuour
Mr Arnold id! its Unit, jutt now there
Is a liitKe lu-ijink of ".-porilnx' cliatacte
Southward -which literally tran.laud
meac-i ainblor, thlru and fat wo
lifimmaukc lamp, hnln-j at the
vn"iii,e t" tbt t. Nicholas, ft an ex
c . ' jiece of art, U vury e.spunsivt-,
Kf I' " ' : Kip llnt pertiM,i.t ' IU
i ent'i man askitiK Mr. llreibrg,
w. va rt-eoBUV ittarrisal, Jiow ha .-lo I
j H .! 'kw mode uf-il'iig, wa an j
r Ir I say uuldlngs; f tell o '
t ' t.ixi 1 on advertised
,.iru!of lands within the
inl'tari coming inalowly.
lots and
rjiaybofrald of porronul laxus. There
a, Il l a few days grace left.
flfiides Individual and ludepr mlent
'urn-blowers, we have now four regu
arl i-rganlztd bands, among the mem
iera of which can bo found talent credit
nhlet any elly on the cotitlnent
Bi 1 Jones, alias one-fingered Jack, a
nMed western thief and a burg
ur was on our street, yesterday, ro-ilc
o New Orleans. In answer t an Inter-gnti-ry
ol our of one olllcort, In replied
Mm' hit trip mvant "bu-lne-i "
i t. :; islc eomplalnt li made uv (he
-cliol iuoi too Thirteenth -.treot .-t lioul
agan.t thecoiidiK-l .' thu negro jiiiltor
i filial l.'.l.Ming. If ilia trutie charged,
hat be Ii In-oliMit, and nci'-isihiiI In hi
imp- -ttioii iqioii the -I'bolais, Ik li.i'iM
in 1 1 -taiuh leoioy.ed.
The 'lsleli of he .St. Mry' llo-pltnl
will hold thou Fall and Supper at Mt.
Henry Harris' building, 122 Commercial
uvcntie, i lately occupied by I.. Blum A
Co. - for three tiightf, commencing Dec
Uth I I' All aro re-pectfiilly Invited to
participate. decCtd
Hoi ima v rinuits at Pahsons. DuiUt
Co r
Concerning tho' Cairo anil Vlnecniie.
railroad we have no specific Information
which we are allowed to malu piilillo;
hut we will say that tho onterprlo will
imt be :ib Hulolico. uii uif rnuiiiiri nr
rangf-ments am being perfected that will
n t-ti re a resumption of work tills tin'rt.'ev
and tho completion oflhe whole road at
(be e-trlleft prm-tii iil'le moment More
l i.ii Mils we may not now say.
... ... ,
Now stock of Bubemiaii Chinas
Mm-y goods nt P. 0. A Co. H
Hofinnna Hmlth, keeper, and Mollle
'Dubois mid Fnutile Boyd, hitnatei of a
hoiiio of III fame, were before Ksqulro
llross yesterday, for being whiii tlwy are,
.mil that being fintisfaeloilly proven,
Hosanna was linciP W', and the inmates
iir,, each. L'pon Ho?sinia r-ugget-thig t0
tho Justice that h might llnvand be ,
he took lierat her word and put on atioth
or five dollarit worth, for coutmpl, Tho
lumatesars Piulucah importations Mo
Jng mluuH a Buniolent amonut of the
"Isvar," thay want to Jail,
Tip pnrc t tiouib'iir 'I'stJrs rtt .f"..oa
& Ri! ! k, 7. f -bio r, pi,
Che professional eharaPtr.is prcaf lur&
and born blotters-represent tlip "ion"
of colored nooiety Tb" white public i
will ifovrn theimelvos s cool ill ugly
Orders In the ePy sent fo tho atonj of
Station nnd DD-d, 37 Ohio Love?,v.'lll bo
promptly lined, arid goous ticiiverod in
tiny part of the oily tree of charge.
Mr. Darwin, If ho wero Jcarching for
specimens lo confirm his theory of devel
npment, would ilnd ndmlrnble ones with
in the walls of our county jail, They are
brutish-looking, puguacloussot.
I'lih of nil klndt Mnclrnl Mnimnn-
we noar or 8e'erai uistanceH wnoroln
We hoar of Hcveral instance wherein j
Iho ninrki-f. linn bppti forihln1liil bvutiontii
lator.". Thin, bilnc an important matter
lo tho patrons of tho market, It fliould
rppcive tho pfpeoial attention of the ofll.
cor whose duty It If to look afior filch of
feinters against the ordinances.
Tho "Council of Tou" (Wlio'.i Uokc?)
who interpret and decide questions of a
llioloical character for ono of our white
I They
I known lo ii-.
harinonhse. Cause, not
Cily s.'iip Ukfii at jiar for lllteeil
iharci of the Jirst National bank ol
Cairo slock. Knquire of Mrs. C Ifamll
ton, at the corner of Twelfth stieet und
WanliiiiKinu avenue. dee-if
Slratton Bird, No. f7 Ohio I.eec,
ha vp'Juit'recplved'N. ( molasea, barrels
and half barrels; fine golden syrup; now
Injur r-l-lii, pruner, dried cherries, cur
reiiU siul a general aisortment of fancy
h'rocerle.i.liicluilim; cumipd fruits, which
tiny ollir in larye or small quatitjllesj at
the lowest figure. .
Buckwheat Flour; Jackluaus' bent, for
Kile by Ayern & Co. ' nov2yi wrt
(lold-tino and UoHeWater, on'Com'-'i
mercial avenue, between Klghth and
Ninth street-, liavojnst received a large
-tock of staple and fancy dry goods, a
splendid tt'iortmentof dress goods of new
and elegant patterns; arid clothing, adap
ted to thv M'ason,of the nuw't fashionable
get-up; also a largo hlock of overcoat!, of
all grades and sixe-. In short one of the
best rejected tocH,"crcr brought to
city. Prices very moderate. -Jj -
Prussian feather linter- at Pavgons,
Davis & Co. Wit
A rnmlnniit N(t Vorker. ti the ill
tereht of the Cairo and .Fulton rallrorul,
telegraphed Mcfcsrs. Dodec. J-ord & Co., 'n'"" v . . imo;a ,7,. T '
last ueek.to ascertain If they could take at U0QB -tauds hlghe t than Mr. William
contract to build twenty miles or tho tratton, tho teulor of the llrm of Htrat-propo-ed
road this Mu of White river, j Ion A: Bird. .A long and uninterrupted
,v favorable ansiver wa sivou, and a ' residence In this ectiou of the .oouutry,
menbor of that llrm left immediately j uid a gtiilal, -odal dlspo.ltlon hasglren
for Now Vurk. Till and otbf r fact- (hat t -" run oriortuuiUes for .-xtendltig hN
lor u . i Miaiualllf Alien f hrntlchout Ibo rat rrvlnn
now come m our anowieiiKf, u-nmu up
of vigorous work on thai important pro
u.t in tbe near future. Better men than
,Mirs. DiJtlge, I.'rd & Co.. could not be
i - ullitcd 5a suuli a work.
Large andKuiall doll aud'ly tea sots
at P. J). A Co's. tf
Trado lo be won must be courted; un
less wught after It will not come; and
thbj truth should be more widely known
ami hotter understood by our mercantile
ola?se. Judicious advertising and cap
able commercial traveler aro tho means
by which this end can bo most certainly I
iittuliied; and rolpxlng such efToit; glr-J
I lug way to despondency: d-"palrlngand
ctoaklug, Hcndlug the city nnd Jts in
teresti If the dogs by constantly saying
they are going aro there, are,on tho other
hand, tho surest ways to earn perpetual
dnllnc"?. The wi-dom of the former
policy U well illustrated in the rapidly in-crea-ing
bu-Ine- of our niternrhlng
tiwr.!nan, Mr.Tlioinioii. He J- huM'y
eimaHl in lining order, for Little Bock,
Pin- Blun'and other point- along Ar
fcftnw. river; fori-V-irey .uul .lMekonrort
on Wlnto rtvir.iinl for numerous liolnts I
ul.nig the line- of the Mubilo HioHlbio i
and Mhaisftlppl Central, In Ml-is-ljipi.
Ho has therecietof iiciii-srui liii-iin t.lu
a nut-hell. It is: "If you want trade,
yon niu.t go after It; weofc ii; llml it;
make it."
A lull suppTysMhi-IO X 'diigoti
at actual coU H
The Concentration v'f wha?j Halli
otherwise known an Vre eixan's, wostlif
1,-cne of a hort but deehlve scrlinmugs
last night. Ir h known that the Tiost j
pioround love does not e-xht tietwe n ,
vll,r Hot class -oily ."nlgKiil" nnd the
nw,.,irAM,U" of the rural districts;
j tberfim, Uc p-mlompt with whloh Oil
i vi r li'ie, a ftl. Mini ouoa, ireiueu io
representative, of the colored population
ofCniio pipki'iit at rlUhnll Innt night
, .
But P'roenrance
p, not all suriirlsln-,.
ueafes to bo a vlitue, ul times, even with
eiiexii. Tim uxqul-tllo ain, of Oliver
I L.,e wfij too much for 'Calto Wash."
IIo ,,,,,,1,,,, Kt.H11(J ,hem. So while OIL
j y(ir Ht,i,tU t)l(i waI(Z io Halnffl.v
p.jru ut, his urmi euciicling Ihe waisl of
, ono of the falre-U daiightftra of Africa's
linnv clime, "yaid." struck out from
tlu i,ouj(it.r ud tho muslcstopped and
, Oliver topped. To Ufsa homely, but
, vefy expressive phrase, u like a
Ix-ef." His fair partnci did not faint. Ha -was
carried imt, exposed to the air, and j
revived. No arrest.
.P. .Welly UtiH ft largo fctock of hats, j
whloh will be sold at New York whole
sale triers.
n should fail to do i: justlfio fa '.to
speak of tu company now tilling an
gagcmt nt at ih - Atfu ileum tu other than
tcrmi of tii "varment cofauieo.futSii.
Noi i!') of ihe viryrespecti.bi. ao ' erye
present last night, ou'.i ( x-uh- tos
should wo withhold the praUo no well
earno ! by every Individual member of
the troupo. The chief pieseutitliuu was
BultVer's beautiful utnl uflcctlug play,
"Too Lady of Lyons," and when we nay
trie rcnderiiiic glvn to It wu.i neVer
equalled on tho hoard o Cairo, we mean
precisely whnt wa say. Tho proud, but
constant and truc-hearlod Paulino, was
personated by MIh Mary McWilUama
I wltli a fidelity to all the detail! of im-
puUe, passion, expression and action,
that can but add to her renutatlon ovioi
po.iacs.-jfd that naturalnei, milrlt. and
earnestnei's that gave the Hudlfiico at
true a representation in the ik-sh of the
author's ideal hero, as they will be likely
to conceive. Miouhl they live to ee
a score even a hundred pcrsonllk-a
lions of that uharaoier. Tho exquhlte
ticuMtlvcncaH of the exouMiu t.'lavls
could not have bet-u im
proved upon. Mr. McDowell acquitted
inning eticonlums from critical touuoi
of which cldur irofesiloiils (hut lie
I might well frel proud. And the cou-
temptlble, vcngeiul and cowardly Beau-
scant of Mr. Burr; the winning brus
queness and unstudied frankne-s of the
old Colonel Dumas, ui reflected in the
aouog oi .nr. i-aiisuou, were peneci, j
complete and effective, throughout. The
Madame Deschappelle of Mrs. Nash was
good, as quite everything is that is en-
trusted (o that really deeervlnw lady.
And what addsd -much to the interest
and completeness of the whole wa the
promptness and cxactoes with wliicli
tlio&e details were observed, which, al
though inconsiderable in tiieiiinel vp,
were Indlspenslble In tile aggtcgate.
. In conclusion we will say that tho
1 .Metropolitan StarCompauy Isemliientlys
deserving of the support of every lover or
pitron of the drama In the city. It is tin
questionably the most talented company
that arer vhdiod our city, und we hope u
gonpruT appreciation of Hi worlli wltl bo
lifiwn in full houses evnry night.
. - -L'fr
KDder's Chill Cure.-"Jt neTer
fall. )
Aiifoitur. Bitter's, W.
Foif sgnt, Cairo, Illinois.
oc 25 2m
whose Intelllcotipe, energv, worth, ami
unexceptionable commerclaUlsnding,
"'KV contributed o largely to tho fair
- - - --
trtl'iitary to u. Year" of active,
thorough-goluv, busluess experience
hav uinde him couvcrsant with the
want, of hII those who make Cairo their
biiM of su'ipiies. 1'hcsf qualltie; kave
earned lor him what he dceurvcd-ati
liouorablo i-ucci!iu business. Bcceutly
he formed a partuer-hlp with Mr. Bird
of Miisourl, who Is us favorably and as
extensively known us hlnnel , and llicy
arc now fully preimred, with a large and
freMi stock of groceries, to respjiHl to all
j dvmandsof the pub It lni!,cir liH", at thu
mo-t reasonable terms.
Thoiatcitnml most comfortable an I-
ue in uso is the jiateiit Ala-ju Boyls
Thev are si-IHinr f.n.t ul P. Nell'V. Ntfl'70
Ohio Ievoe. tfi
-uif u' l.l.iu. , Aliv.rr 'hi
I ii.nl -v.ll i, ('uitU, M:
1 1, Ji.i. .tt irrui.
, TIT-
I I'M ir .-Willi". A ll.l. ii. Ii, AtU.-:ilii-l.i.
A Huiilvii. 1 lV.likw. !;...
t S' u w ! !! j oi'. tin- . V -t-iM
t II it wi, liki u Wiilr .ito-'lini' H , irr6 ii.i
' ..i Oi..lh..r i r I.- Clerk, r in-- i r ait '...!. r
; rnii Hiut). 41 .!aiif IB4. 1 rVliL" U'lllt',
' n.'l -'.J..l fJu- UIi. gf V..u, ;r ' Y Mian A.
Huiib ii, lor uw huuiiirsi ui . tl n i " 1s t-
-(M,liro"UM lu Lr 'l.r.lB M mil
Counlj ( iul Hlnelt J m !w iilurti
.j . . ..,-t- l t .lt.' U,.'c'rft rttt -l-tir.
IT Ml.l If, III Wi-kuujiiriu Ji Hi ili tl.ik liuljci
ii. iiihI iii i,l t y.ln. Il.lUbi.
Wlr4 J!.. 1 i
. Uit WIIIIUIU ... U4WI,U .ii ,i;
.-- li-iiTf tie ."' I '""it 'it i..'l (S.i
tlrl O.I) l l l
ni'.M i.i.nuil'f-u'. I..'-.. .il.l.r., ti, Ih,
Bl) "ll llir
(nt iill'mpu. u iJ Uit.mjr, wii litr 4J M'.aii0 It
Hi-' iiii'iidi J'iu t-at,uj.Mfti Mj, uil ,W'i
t.i-:u.l n.iiiiir, niuiniinn! I"aii ( uyi nt ou
in f,.ur llir .bid I'liniitif; un.i Hi uu ,o,.,.h
nl.l u tlf 111-, tarn villi
i HIS i). II.UI'MV
i'ir II1U......O. ol.rJ'Hl. ucV
f. il. Allubl, n.,Blin,J.Jiorj.
but tit
rjllrtl.s4PKKS SAIiK. '
Wll.'HM., Ji-if II. llllHili'Jii lU Utt) J. IIUJII-
p-.i.-juhiii Hiit.-f lii i." tiiiui ! nt iriini, innr.uir
itH'-i'tlii atnttd .y qC fiiitwr A.. Iiism, huh t
i-"r.n'l in Oi" ikh "."'u- i.'i. me In Jli It
i..ri": ) Olh. in A'.'Jlii l.-f Ky. Hi. In. I., til
j V,; r" it'u, V.'.?',.?. i' t, Vtt 1 t'-t hf, tj'k' JnV TV ' '.V '
II I ll'Ttll O I HIM , IH' I'll!" -I k H--! Mum I i-
fn..i.Hi iniiiir r.,.ir;e" iuuji it i .ijii.t.i
j 1. I . ll. I i' -tlfl 10- , -U'tril'l !. ...'ll..J'l , J ) M ii I
I i.iiiniTi n.-ioy fuur, vlt.J'a irus , iiuv, t, Oi-i
llu, aanl .KHiii . rinlli,i III" M. -i .'1 iiiij , f; j
i lUtl dwiuv, J. lhlflrll .11 Uti C.t-H IIU.M ..KI. . .u
, vrrtHiu jiroiin-nry nui (oil. i.aim-i ..ihk
i.vi iliitx "Uii i.muicj. ! r tin' -i. iii .'i it,, .i-i'.'
hllllllrrJl ilulln,IIU'iSH'l vtir.-lll-U l u. 1 Jlj' II
lliiinplir u.i'i njiilil i" i;i rn r t Kt ';ln I
l'f uw N. ir iiHr 'In- '" ni.'r-ui, lutiiii r"iiB
.Oin unit tirttl.til l ui ih. t.jciiinituiii .il ii i' tin nrs4'iti.u
mi l vij.- iin O" in..r l .ou li .lu.i'U ii
.nnlJ'il.'l II I'll ill MimiM iilikr tuti- i.f llu -iiii. 1
iiroiniM-H. bv u I"' vendue ! ill UU Ii. i .m,l"i.
iniKh, . tiv ihc it-mi. in Kiwi 'l'-i I r.- ...ii,'i..i, .iii I.
wlu-n-ii", 'ilm om of ! tlifiu lai!iilrt lu.... fl.i) ...il
ldrit of "l'l null', lo'lln-r mill iuimi-i'I trwi. lliM
VIni tny or ni-ii-nil'ei' A. 1. s, noiy reni.thiH iu
mul nniKtiil: .Nuv, Hi" UOfe. notice Ik Iimi. '.jt .m-u,
dial nt ttit. r'Oiii-.'t i'f Uwhrl J i'lulliM mi.iI i, ii or uii i
liy virlUMiftliu tuiniH mi ! i-iD.litiii olhul i urf J ul
triim, ui.d tlw t'ivr I millinrily niiif 'liru-li..
tcitlnli I. Ih Hnl Jnl-.: II I'tnllif, w Una Wi'inim
iUy thnlbiU oi Pivmlf A. 1. li die Oium
IliiHsf .lour, -ii li' illj M Cairo. CnuiUj Ufu .
ir ami Htn'C 'if lltln do, hetwurii tliv rtonr r '
o'l'lool; u. f"l '; l--t-iv p. in.
of n.ild IV JiiWfel t m' I ui iulli'
vvii'. Ui tlu;li,-JhAi I'I'Idor for m,i. th. i.rui nj
liorenitoi'iir.' ilr-.rll)"d. lo muiy lit (tali nnd Ire
lnri-Ht umi tt'tf co t aud t-ipcnm- of till tniM tiid t il
eitHiutu uml iti-bvor to div I'lirulium-r or piirvliir
thereof a deed therefor.
Hiirt.Ui joUN H i.ji,,,,, Trute..
r.lr,ni. y-r ',! ,arS4im
Hoys overcoats in ondL s rlotyatP.
Nell e Nt, 70 Obi L.-,re Cairo,
Ililti'il tf
Prctie: A Henry's large stock of bar.',
ware, cutlery, tools, ntovea, tltiwaru, etc
Ih bo sold without regard to cost. tf
i .fc fj,.
FiTfi ulu9 day .oatd at Walk
oi' iatiraiit, at$5 ppr Wtu
Fur Itf n(.
Fine tiro story brick residence. Ap
ply to TUOUAS OltCEN fe AI.I.KM.
nov 27 t.' 03 Ohio Ixivec.
Sow Is tho time fur bargains, at P.
Nefl"', No 79 Ohio Leveo. Hl.i ftock Ih
replete with all tUo Jaleft novpltles of 4
tho -eason. tf !
P. Ned 's winter suits are open for lu
Hpec'.lon. Call around and examine his
stock before you conclude to buy else
where, lie always keeps on hand the
11 iitv' stock at low prices. tf
- - -
School orders, at par, count v orders, at
83 cent-, and city scrip, at H cent,, for
furniture, queenswar. ulu-warp, and
hou-e furnishing good.
f...... ., , .
noviIflOt B. S.JLutHEM,.
Walker A Slssou's Billiard Hull and '
Kfstaurani Is the center of ttrnetloii for i
strangers and others who woind strength
en the Inner man with fresh oysters, i
stewed, raw, roasted or tried; quail on
toast, venison, llsh or any other luxuri- J
otH or HUbxiaiitiul edible; or pas- an hour
w ith (he "cue" in (be largest and best'
biilluKl boll in the city. tf
1'oritl-ninK C.ooiIm,
Thf Gomiilnti-st uti.i'b of irootlonion'a
furnishing goods In the city f Is to bo
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
be a remarkable want, indeed. In this
Hue that lliev cannot sutisfactorily supply
t the Vt.ry loWl.,t n;llr,.H rtliiiK in the
ma- tf. , .
P. NVrt would respectfully call the at
tptiliou of his customers and the public 1
generally to the fact that he has now on
hand the best -elected stock of clothing
and UftitV furnishing goods In the city;,
and by far the i.akuk-t stock, at such
low prices, that the olosit buyers will
feel It their duty to purchase if they wish
to save money and dress at tho same
time. tf
Ha Von Wiot ab tlrtreaM
.Made up in itie latn-t-'yloV If'yai do I
Neir's is the jdarc to find It. There you ,
will lln-i ph-ntyof tock to choo-o from.
rrnrAnllj,. . .
till- . I... o i.. it.".. ....I..
i lyi of "l'ubllo was, by the witch
' Wiling fanntlcn. eulluil profHiilty.
III thl-
ni'iir lUiitiiiciiT'i njf: u in
deenipd an avIdKiiPe of sound morals as j
well h (it goi-d sense to iiv the advlc. i
'Buy the Continental,' as It. hi not only (
the cheapest hut the. he' In the 1
J-W !! y Pile!n-r Henry, JJti'Coui.
mercial uvpime, cor J2thMri'.M.
I'lim! I'nr! Knr!
if yu -AAiU to buy' furs i-iiHNjipr than
they werr overollerd in Cairo, will rah
at P. Kielly's. II'i .tas a good aMsort
metit, which he will sell very Imv. tf
Ths Contiiienlal I- thu only cook etove j
wllli sliding oven d iois Warranled In ,
ail resptet. Pllclier & Henry, nt. IP2 j
Commerolnl avnu, or. 12'b tr-,l.
New styles of Hats and Cap- Ju'-t re
ceived at P. Nefr.-7l Ohio U veo. This
N the only store in the pity ihfit ki"p-a
full -"tock or k"oi1- in fniii line. tf
Milk I t nllai. '
Miller and Miller have on hand
comprlilmr the most acceptable nyles.;
A very dilraM cnhut sold at
per box.
it n
cent" '
First cIm-k ntt,i tumid e ill !
."iireJ a viH;r atoi 'i-tifi'- U
$? Ifi -ck 'I h- I lUof iiuv :oiitl-t ot
' tbe bt in tin- inxrKut, i-ervu liy x
pen cat-n r-hi an u tpppMoiuibS-iylf.
A hellieild.i'K ftm-l; of
oiiths' pIoMiHiVJu-' I ! ed Hi I.
1 ..fid
.Si. 7i, Ohio Levee, tt pric" o -or lb.
tlmif - -
MlIU lll.
t b. .-11'. v' -ilk hat at Miller A Mill
rfr' eomprUe ihc veiy late-l styles, aud
lloexl llli.r.e u the eeusoil. Their llOUse
It eouctdt'i to lie head quarters" in the
iirtiele o'' hat. H'
4lt-.i c nt MOll llt.
i'.ii. N lilicuuib'- -Syrup or chlldreu i
..no ov .iruisis. for 25 ceuta bollb
ti ml I; an aOlllllot lireliarutlon for. IU-.
Ibinlp iM-Ofd'jrs.
Kveiiiil'i Hint can, be f.iundln any
dry i nod- Imiise in (be city, can bo. ae
vjimO m I'. JUellyV a' i-mI price or U'-.
a, it i tlelrl Ullll'l lo el OU'. tf.
i .V. HeinUi.-uii, f (,i..mc.e:i' .X'-i-ti-thiei
in. rie o lo i a-lnlt '"
1 thte iilieot I Ulx ild cooillu ..-Vv-!
a on be found to i '. ' " 'rlt-i
1 thin euono it.ii '-ll' - ...initot oilsli.
Ilieli. He a.- keel--. li .lll lit i)l H'HM
1 mul in prep ireil put on rooting or put
up uitt rii.g. in flu i'W ri.V: IJJr-
loitiee. ' " i
rtlieil i.)rieis, tiiv, e(c, ell a'..ray
be eecui'ed at SNalKe. iV tjlsoti's leslau.
IH. Nov
iii4n.mc pixiii.0 tr.stwi.
That llg.lbly sUualed bUalnw? Inu.-i-No.
HThorntoti'a block, Tsuth bueat, u
for rent. Apply on the prewlsw.
. ,,.,.'" m'''-
t'nrner or Kig-iitb bc aimon-ecui.
Py recen$ recr-ipti, the stock of boot
! and shoes and j't Jicsi far cy goods, at
, Bos e u waiter V, r.ir ( JSI -nth r ri
i Commercial Avenue, hu- !)ec. j .ten J
i onu of the compietest and most ..i,u -
, live In tlieclly. . usually?" jo-iort-,
tuent of iailU-.i arm .. .httreo'a liC!, he-
iiery, etc., with a jure nod well varted
tiioeKoiueiiiieineirs and boys' booltfand
ajoefl, Ih oflered at iricea that will defy
competition. An iuapeotioii of the new
Mtock Is respectfully solicited, thp pro
prletor feeling assured that alike In
quantity, cjuallty ami prlco he can glv
customera tho fullest eatisfactlon.
uov '2.7 dOt.
Mr. A. Barber, No. 142 Commercial
avenue, having reliovcd her shelves of
i her old stock, now presents to the trade a
most complete and attractive stock of
millinery and fancy goods, ladles' and
children's underwear, a fine line of em-
broideries, laces, handkerchiefs, collars,
i trimmings, etc., of the very latest and
I most fashlonab styles; and which sh
f tt"l w 11 vr uW r,,,r h' T,'V
i ,,f. t,lt 'lty re InvIle.Mo .H and
nihpect tne new siock.
liihpect the
Cloaks made In the botand most fash
ionable si vie, of any desired mati rial,
tiovlfi 2w
A grand ball will be given by the
Calm Casino, on the evening of Decem
ber 27, 1 809. Committee of Arrange
ments: F. M. ftTocKKl.Krit,
C. L. TlloMAfl, Win. A'3A,
M. riu.vRituwiJ, Okokok Lattneu.
One hundred dozrn of tine Star shirts
all sizes, at P. Nell 's, No. 700hlo Levee,
at a great reductiou in former prices, tf
K Oder's Stomach
iu use."
Bitters! "Tne best
U. a m
0 :
H :
R ft
2 0 &
o i
l r;ioit rvki'.vthi.vo in
ion niKMitu. Af-
1 It ' HAMLIN,
KK in
CIS V IJ AT, l.Vi, IIII w .. ,NV.. MiC'l
('nrni-r r Cn.muoiel.il n.i- mm J
lnrlt.ll -.!.(,
Onico - - - X 11 1 a. ...
i i'!!''
, i
IU! I. f. r V,r n .
IU' m l
- .
' r ir' il. I'n- a,'.
, l- -; ff-i
PUi.- ...
Utt - r "'.' '
i i a i k i : in ' .... "..:.... a
i-iivf J ' . ' " . i
r ti -i r vwiaiiHU)nitfVMi itfcfn. ih.ijbhmti,
jj 'LHAY iKt'Ml-.
Conrci'lhin, Tojh, l-'Jrt it nrhn.
AMP1.K laOYlS!0?FOtt V i: VOl'XUS
TEKS. 0- t
- Wp.
I. ll
I'.'l.'.M.i lOKial Stl-nju 1J..V-HH(., CjlULu;
. hut in 'i m !.Ki. r.M i iu i uul
..-ii ffiiill lii t'lr. ii. '
ii. ... nt, .UU". lu in ii in .i - 'rni
Ki-nilui'K !' mi1' srntil tU- I.- ' HJ
i-rtoi lii--"i. j n-l Net )W
K"ll.a f! PlVM-. ' " 'Wll.'t4l.
i M.r-
in.) MkJ
ll.i4 'A'jJ.'f-Mll' tl'lf. tl'
. ..hit.;- i XorO fu f .. - 'j-r-
, "-
0 .
I Ar , , rt .,7 ,JVT..i ?1l. . ',-r
A .ullt'lSh.ellrla'lrt.I, ot'-'fi)
ciiii oi n i'" ! .!...-
-tr t. w.c ,t(la iMa. ,vr-.ti TCt

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