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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, December 06, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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ublibuid ht joiix n. oheki.t co.
Buckwheat Flour, Juuklnaus' boat, for
lc by Ayers Jb (Jo. wv291wd
llftuh Ntork fur Hair.
!' . -Ip will be taken at pr for Af
ro h .-eiofthe stock of the First Na
nnl Bank of Cairo. The shares are la
ms of f 100 acb. Enquire of Mrs. C;
mllton, corner of Twelfth and Popiar
et. ' defl"2tf
Prussian frather dniorfl at Parsons,
avis & Co. If
Cm Eudar's Chill
Cure. "It nvr
Vn Individual whoso name wo could
t learu, broke into a fltoro at Dongola,
ft' i . . i. . i - . .. 1 nr rr. ...
iueeunj II uuu oiuic ?mii i t
tckcd to Cairo, aVofllcer coming down
tbo tame trntn v Itli (ho rascal on
.turday ovenJng. Onco hare, officers
imbricl: aud Arnold were put upon the
jut, nnd in a Unio had tho burgu-
under arreHt. Ho was sent to Joneh-
roon the next train, aud ia now in the
uuty Jail there, nwHltititt the punish
tjiiMht' Jaw prcicrtbt'H.
Nov? style double-breasted eaok coat
it received at P. NefTs, No. 70 Ohio
tit luMftr.
We reared, Saturday, to the krrest of
reo men, by officers Myers and Arnold,
tli mhlir Kf tUn aMitlanx at fVin Allm.
1 11 U 111 IMJI v. 1 W nwHaMW vuw -
urn. It was Hinpected that they were
gned in tho budncsB of shoving
unterfelt moncr. A nrcllmlnarv ex
Inntiou was held before 'squiro Brass,
id Jtho ovldenoo against ono of the
rep, Jim Htovom, being of a, character
creato a strong probability of guilt,
squire held httn orcr in bonds of $400
appear and answer the Circuit Court.
ic other parties wero acquitted,
even found security.
('.rrlcsii Prllnr; A JTerrew KMftp.
fWnllo two little hojra were playing In
tho Htreot, lu the upper part of the city,
(Saturday evening, an individual who
-i trunk, or criminally careless, drove
his horse and carriage directly over the
body of the younger lad. The child was
knocked down by the breaat of the
borne, aud, by some strauge happening,
was not trodden upon. He fell upon hie
face, aud both wheela of the vehicle was
driven across his shoulders, bruising hla
arms quite seriously, but not Injuring
him otherwise. The driver slacked the
pace of hie horse a little, asked whose
boy it was, and what business he had ia
the street, and then, without ascertain
ing what injury hla reckleesnese bad
inflicted upon the child, drove on, the
same a anybody else would hare done
had he driven over a hog. Heckles
driver, like this man, should be denied
the privilege of the street.
Grecian Bead Cap, th latest style in
the City, for sale at P. NerTe-No. 7 Ohio
Levee, at low price.) Call and see them.
No trouble to show goods at this store.
A Three Crar4 right.
Jim Mulligan and Jim Thompson,
Etansvllle shoulder hitters, provoked a
fight with Pete Freboala, on Betumay
Jaat and for the. period of about two
minute there was a lively a little bout
a the veriest bruUr in Sc Louis could
wish to look upon. Officer Ardold took
the belligerent trio Into custody and
marched them off to Bros' ofMoe. The
evidence showed that the whole party
had viojated ordinance so-and-so, and,
accordingly, all were punished. Mulli
gan and Thompson were fined $7 and
coats each, and having no , money were
sent up to tower McHale for fourteea
dy. Frebonla we Ins flver dollar
and the Inevitable trimming, but paid
the amount, and went an his way re
Calf boots at $3,75 at P. Nefr No.
Ohio Levee.
trk t-aekvrs and Protlilon !)
Wood, Linton A Boyle, No. 135 Ohio
evce, have engaged In the pork pack
er and provision business, and nro pre
ired to pay the highest market price In
iiu for dressed and llvo hogs, or to fill
ders lu their lino at Uin lowest figures
iling. Farmers of the surrounding
tuulry having pork to sell should call
Don them before making contracts else
(.'Charleston .Courier copy 4 w and
large this office- ' dec4-6t
t 1 Kill i t . , It
ig anu trie best woricmansmp on same,
. ... i'. n I T
Notwithstanding the inclemency of tL
eailier, wibaiuoucuiu wu weiiinjcugii
i ii rn vr .r. ii i iiu .mi wi. 1 1 1 1 1 1 ii ri l m wn
... .1... .1...- ... . I 1 1 I . I 1
... .1. .1! ... . I ..I. .1.4 i
ie oui-uoor uiauuiuiurui ui iuo uikuu
Oliver Twlrfv" was the ettracMon, and
unhesitatingly afiert that there- w.s
o one present who eyer saw a superior
iDUrff.i ; or it. uyor.ooKUiq-R muo m-
Ii.iHIi t . nnn nrtirn nf tlin minnr rhr.
cters. we cannot see wtierein imnrovo
lent wjvb paislble Barr's 'Fagln" was
j true, so consistent mat it waa oimcuu
.... .... ii i . . i
O rCK! " muJ ilfcuv uibu o m i
eallty. Tho old villian's horror, In
'ia ear m nntiT n. n iiniiiritiii
urlng the prison scene, 'was as perfect
lr. And who over saw a more dlsplca-
1e ruffian than thai portrayed in the get
... I .1 . t. Tlll O I . .. O
m htiii 1 1 ii it ni nniwnn. mm ni hvkfb i
.Vt shall, most probaoly, hata Brown
j loug as we live fur bis ruffianism sTnd
iruuuty H turd ay nigni. uickeu's rer
lie Imagination neyer plotured a truer
'Nancy Kykes," than that presented in
he acting of Ml&a McWilliams, or a bet
er "Artrui Dudger" than that. furnished
i i 1 1 1 i s I
n tno uunncis-iiKC tiiibiijj im ireucrai
jot-up of K A. McDowell. In Hhort, take
he performaucd as a wuolo, it added not
jLllttlo fo the dceervedly high reputation
jf the Metropolitan Company.
To.ulght the dashing, talented actree
.. . II.. If 1 1 Ykua
mil nuriesquo oommeuienue, xno i ui
fflUl, Till V.'.V. ll - www
ii. . (i -au e n,.iA ii uk. will k vim
received, asnue uesarves 10 o, ana win
tlOtli wo nnve, niroii-ii lam voiuuitm ui
this papor, assisted in building up. Th
oast 18 the very uoti ioav couiu oo maue,
Hrowne, UUrneii, iiair, iangaon, mim
MoWilllums, McDowell, Kennie, MIssm
Hemiok and Iloward.-the whole com.
pauy in fact, bgwgjbroughUn to the beet
ponlblo advautago.
OftheField oftb Cloth of Gold!'- it-
has bao n said: '
'This great burlesque is founded upon
tho famous hlstorlo meeting of fHtmry
VIII, King of Cnglaud, and Francis I,
Klug of Frauce, in the Valley of Andres,
in 1530; It Is the most positive puccosi
that ever transpired under this manage
ment; It run two mouths in Chicago and.
two iu Philadelphia, tp crowded houses,
it Is prouounced by tho press and public
t.ie greatest burlesque ever wrltteu,"
The costumes and propcrtlear o the
richest and most . gorgeous 'oharab'ter,
i innkmn nut un "retrardlesa 'of
UnT.Mfi O " . u
pensV forthls specil-oecsioor-"
Go early, anu auoure- eugtuie seal.
MWirs a 'wtwa.M
Through the attention or th puVllih
ers, .Messrs. T. B., Peterson and Bros.,
Philadelphia, we have) bn plaeed In
poassMion of a copy of Mrs. Ann H.
Mtephens great domestic story, eatltled
Wives and Widows; or th Broken Horn
a beautiful cloth bound book ef 400 pp.
printed from clear, tharp typ upoa ex
cellent paper. The stery is one of pecu
liar Interest, and reflects picture of
domestic life wlth'a strjklag Ivldnass,
pointing them with morals by which all
as ay profit, Mr. Btepbeb it now well
advanced in years, but the present work
showi conclusively that she has lost
nothing of' tho power aud vigor of intel
lect that have long distinguished br as
one of our greatest Arlea writ.
Indeed sh has pla4 bfers) th public
.no work .that eesantanded higher en
comiums from th pre than "Wives
and Widows" Is now receiving; and
from sources We are bound to reepeot we
receive assurance that it i th renown
ed authoress greatest work -containing
a perfection of plot'and a consistency of
detail that entitle it to that proud ds
algnntlon. It ia on sale at W. B. Riokwell 4 Co's.,
0hl Levee, and should find a place la
the library or upon tbe center table of
every reading family in the city.
GcU' shawls in endless variety and at
low prices at P. Nelfs, No. 79 Levee
Thft union concert glvon by the Sab.
bftth schools of the city, in tho Christian
etiurch yesterday, called out a larger
number of parent and children than
e tuld be seated In the building. The slog
lug and recitations were really good,
and were listened to with satisfaction
by all.
Holiday goods at Parsonb, Datia &
Co. tf
County Court, for connty business, was
opened at half past 10 o'clock this morn
ing Present, F Bross, Esq., County
Judge, aud James E. McCiite and. Severe
Marchlldon, Associates.
During the term the old county treas
urer will make his final settlomont, after
which the new treasurer will qualify.
Theprssstt Is a regular term, for miscel
laneous business.
P. Rlelly has .a large stock of hats,
whleh will be sold at New York whole
sal pries. rf .
Far fftftit.
Kin two story brick residence. Ap
ply to Thomas Ghkex & allex.
nov27tf 93 Ohio Levee.
Pltoher'A Henrys large stook of harr
ware, cutlery, tools, (toyes, tinware, cto
will bs sold without regard to cost. tf
First class day board. at Walker Bis
on's restaurant, at $5 per Week. tf
Everything in tho Book aud Station,
cry Line can always be found nt W. B.
Ilockwell & Co.'h 08 Ohio Lovoo. tjl.
School orders, at pur, couuty orders, at
85 cents, and city scrip, at 05 cents, for
furniture, ejueensware, glassware, and
housemrrilsfltr8'g,dodi; " c "
noV-28 gt-'C "t " B.-8; .HmsMiiX.
HValke?'' filssnn'ir'-'Blllliirir lTtlKlnd
Restaurant is the center of stttrMCtlon for
strangers aud others who would strength
en the inner man-.with fresh oysters,
stewed, raw, roasted or fried: quail on
toast, venison, fish or any other luxuri
ous or substantial edible; or pass an hour
with the "cue" In the largest aad best
billiard ball in tbe city. tf
'''Go ktfd'ee lnelgr;c.fa'.P,.
NefTs, No. 7D, Ohio. Levee. ,
Belle Taylor is a colored demirep. Sh
became angered at the carryings on of
Harriet Black, "another colored lady."
She became not only angry but furious,
and panted for blood. Seizing an old
racor she made at Harriet, and but for
th adroit dodging of the latter would
have had the blood at tho llrst dash.
Th assault was followed up, the assailed
Harriet holloaing "bloody murder," and
tho assailing Belle trying her beet to
gratify her thirst for blood How( the
engagement ended we do not know.
On of its results wa a law stiit.whereln
Bella was fined 125, and costs, which sh
paid; and anotherresult waa the fining
f Harriet Blackth lunar $5 and costs,
which she paid. The belligerents were
WasJght to account by tbe 'ubiquitous
Photograph Albums from 23 cents to
,$20,00 each at Rockwell & Co's, . tjl
Gen. Geo. R. Spauldlng, of tbe reve
nue department, and Harry Wells, his
clerk, were arrested on tho charge of
vagrancy, last Saturday, but, being able
to show that they were not vagrants
"but far otherwise," they were acquitted.
nf gentlemen'
"city , Is tort
to renew thlr sub- 1 ,ar ovcrw v, -
VricanXS i4&
Partis wishing
scriptions for the
tuxalist" for 1870. will please hand in
their names aud 11 00 by tbe 10th inst.
Dec 8, St. Wan. M. DaviDhos.
rnrnUbtos; God
The completfst stoch
furnishing goods in the
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
be a remarkable want, Indeed, in this
line that they cannot satisfactorily supply
at tbe very lowest figures ruling in tbe
.market " tf.
Crandall'sand Hill's, Alpuabet'SIocks
at Rockwell & Co's. , tl.
"By the Continental," In the early
days of the Hf public was, by, the witch
killing fanatics, called profanity.
Ia this more eulightened age It 1
deemed an evidence of sound morals a'
well as of gotvd sens t'o glvo tho a'dvlc; '
"Buy the Continental,'' as it lu not only
the cheapest but the best stove la the
markeVT ir0TL - frt-' !
For sale by Pitcher A Henry, 1W Com
snerclal avenue, cor. 12th street. i
nov20lf t - i t i ' t?
' t
The largest and finest stock of gentle-!
men's clothing, furnishing goods, boots
shoes, hat and oapa will always be found
ntP. NeirH,No.70.Ohi(ALe7ce; JM
Vkrst TAri! rwrtt - r .
If you wsnt to buy furs cheaper than
they wreveroffercd.io Cairo, will call
at P. .Rlclly'. He pas a goon, asson-
ment. which he will sell, very ?JT
Overcoats ! o vorcoats ! NefTs ten dbl
Urnvffroaat are 'well 'mada anil war
Th large flourlngr mills, known as
tbs Egyptian Mills, will be put in opera
tion to-morrow, having passed into
hands of experienced gentlemen who
have abundance of capital at their com
mand to make them what they war In;
tended to be: "a grand success."
Games, Toys, and Home Amusements
at Buck well dcLVs. tjl
Children's suits at NefTs from $3,90 to
$7,50 for full suit, at No. 79 Ohio Lv.
Pocket Diaries for 1870 at Rockwell
Co's. a fjr.
Checkers, Chss. Cribbag.Bords, Dice
and Die Cups at Rockwell Co's. tj
For late style of hata and cap go.to
P. Neff, No. 79 Ohio Levee.
Thorwaldseu's Celebrated Bas-Rellsfls
of the Pour Seasons, Night and Moraing,
atRoc'weirCo'i. ' " "tjl
L Tue.CoutlnentaUa tlmonly, cook stoy
r . .- y- im i.
i witn Biiuinir ovenaoore. iufcvu iu
all respectSt-irJfltchtr-: .Hcory, at 192
On. John Hnry thrw himself on the ' Commercial ayentif, cor. 12th.str.eet.
oatsld of about a quart too much of th
liqald anlsaator aad cxhibiUd unsau ta.
a t i l 1 I f - fn.
r V1
Ike Hmmltt, Coltmbruj Wm WhlSt, r4uehj
KaleKmnt, Oj MountlDr, bl Lui(
Uliif Ilrancb, S 0; Llitli Olll, Rt UuH
Cplumbl. ' J-'oiijth, "
ar Hcutt, EtwsTUIei Aaoi, "
Hm Orr. " Bell Mtmplili, 8t Lol;
P W Htristfr, IuliTille; ToUUurt. CUrkirllUi
JPittator, Mmsd Cltyj Hotmtn, MmhJ;
lion AejortJ " Colord, Vlckibarf .
v'arA.rvmm: '""""
Ik Himrattt, Cbluraba Wm Whit, PJac.-i,
M oaaUlnver, Rd Hiirrj Kle Kloocr, St Louu;
LlulaOill, X O; 01i Dracb, do r
1' W 8trdr, do Columbtta, 'So
Continent!, do Dictator, do
Uridiib Jotnlon,t!o BonAetorS, i
Th MiMhMtppiaad Missouri are rising
Skllttl too 1UU to do auy good to the
chudhel. The last boats out report only
six aad a half feet U Bt LoaU. The
present rise, from the Qblo gives from
twelve to foarteeh feet below Cairo.
TUsjaQbls): .fcUlfgt Whurg .with
levsn eet water. All th eoal fleet bad
left for beIowt ,TH nver is sun rising
fast at Clnclnaati and LoviTsvllle', with
ten feet la the canal and eight feet on th
Mis. Th oDstruotios hava- bee re
moved from tbe channel between the
D7TtTg"jjIsrs, 'and boat or all class can
Tiia Ruamon No. 8. with IS brcs
Pcoal from Pittsburgh, became disabled
above th Bteubeuvlll unage ana roar
tscn barges coul wer lost at th brldg
and at various plaoee below, before au
other steamer was met which could as
slstrln landing thsar2- u
Th Catlneatal.reclre4.fully 000 tons
h The Wm. White, Capt. Northern, Is
the regular packet for Paducah this even
be river Is rising rapidly the swell
alucalast daturdMisabouubree feet.
Business continues good rTh el. C. RTR.
is receiving large sxwslgaaseats from
below and the EvansvllUTackets bring
good trips for reshlpmeat south.
mble ovldeae of inebriation. Two
dollars aad coat paid for the fun.
Writing-Decks, Work-Boze and Port
folios at Rockwell fc Co's. tjl.
The rain ceased before 0 P. M., Satur
day, but Sunday was as dismal and
gloomy a day as ever forced human be
luga to commit sulcldo, and we fully ex-j
Miller and MlUer have 50,00y on hand
comprising th most acceptable styles.
A very desirable collar sold at tsn cents
per box. 1 " ft
' First class day 'board
secured at
pected to bear of one or two coses this f 'nertcatsrrs,in,an uneicoptlonabl style.
t m . s a. ss t1i ' - - l. .
morning. Today, theaun is shining In
a.laaguld kind of style as though he had
beea contemplating suicide himself.
With the exception of ono wholo day,
and an occasional hour or two, we have
had no clear weathsr sines Nov. Oth, ex
actly one month.
T T" I "L
class day board can 'Tj
Walker-r aieU Slsson's for
J5 per week. The bill of laro consists of
of the best-Ja the market, se:fd, by ex
Kor th OIro Httltetiss 'J
1 am composed of 61 letters.
My 10, 8, 7, 9, 6, 17, 3, 16 th nam
tempi dedicated to Minerva.
My 0, IS, 1V;, 81. 60, U, 0 is the
cnetodlan of file buy ifkeds,
, My Vi 47, 43, 40; 1, 81, 3, 5, 18, 60, 45,
43,59, isadoabtful blessing to the unedu
catad Weeks. 3 ,
My 28, 58, .54, 44, 31, 51, 33, SS, 80, SO,
81, 38, (9, Is the most costly struoture la.
My 58, 40, 15, 52, is the nam f ast in.
dividual Mho had remarkable high water
My 54, 25, 21, 87, fi0.isuaosssity yet a
plagu to Cairo.
My 29, 10, 43, 53, ar an animated
nuisance in Cairo.
My 14, 4, 2, 60,89,38, 10,81, 88, M a
Cairo building that involved an undue
outlay of money.
My 46, 24, 10, 11, is an article or food,
th price of which, In Cairo, ie often re
gulated by combination.
My 48, 31, 68, I the motto ef th "Pal
ace Varieties'
My 549, 41, 30, $2, 27, 14, 7, 8, a misery
next te that r llvlag iaPadueah.
My 4SvUlhsQran.
My & 84, signifies "uatll further or
ders.", j
My whole Is a riddle, the teluUOb or
whleh cost mueh bloodshed and domestlo
unhappiness. Flomom.
Angostera Bitter's, W.
loleageat, Cairo, Illinois.
H. Schutter.
oc''J5 3m
Jewel Cause, Card Cases and Lady's Corn
pan Ion at Bkwll Go's. UI
Bowie halve, pistole and revolvers. A
full stock just' received at Peter NT
No. 79 Ohio Levee. Pocket pis.
tolst'J.flO each, bowle knives $1,00.
II a isasMsssiai
To complete the euttt of tbe culinary de
partment without a supply or "Dooley'e
Bak nk fowaer." xne uesi, purest auu
niieaDfist Dowder kaown. as one pound
will co further than two pouade of
ordinary manufacture,) sued from, it ean
be made theaweetestaad lightest kind
of bubcultsw rolls, fcorn-cake, e.. c
every time to perfectiom One mu will
ennvinou the must skeptical of its superi
ority ever all (Others. For sale by Qfo
I cere.
, Lewia Groshon's bpil'sfljc' hkti'fsr'
sale,atP..Nen7s,a tjr-. !
kept by other houbts In Cairo at the samo
prices, i . i At riioi
casi stall. '
Mrs. Whitcomh'syrup for cllldrep Is
sold by druggists, for 25 cents u bottje'
and is an admirable preparation for in
fantile disorders. '
1 !- ,i ir-rr . n ,t
NefTs fall suits at teiudcllate .pursuit
had occasion to shoot out his left aud writhe best .ever offered in .Cairo at the)
then his right, against th6 knob of a
companion, yesterday, In a manner that
esteemed too rough to pass for fun-
so officer W'ra. O'Callahan "took hlna,
along." ;He paid, for his exercise, tho
sum of $5 and coats total, about ten dol
Ness-stock of Bohemian Chinas and
fancy goods at P. P. A Co's. tf
Domlnlo Virago coucslved that he I
One Jim Bankston, a man of color,
abused a fellow colored man, yesterday,
to an extent that was. considered by
'squire Bross as equivalent to five dol
lars and. the trimmings.
Large and small dells nnd toy tea sets
at P. D. A Co's. tf
A full supply at Rlolly's, nnd goiag oft
at actual cost. ' tf
Jab PrlntlB.
The 'Bulletin' offlco having been. sup.
piled With, increased. facjlltjes,, la now
prepared to do Job work cheaper than
ever. We are determined, lu truth,
thatao eitissu shall -Ivave eus either
en account of price or style for sending
his work .afiroaff, Our office isHhe com,
pletest in the state, outside of Chicago
and Springfield, and can perform 11
kinds of work for which tbe river, rail
road, mercantile, legal and general,
business or the city create a demand;
In point or workmanship we shall stand
unsurpassed Bend in your orders.
Proofs submitted when requoated, It
Alaska beote for sale at P, NefTs, NoJ.
T Ohio Levee.
la market.
The most popular boots
Elegantly beund Rooks for th Holl
days' at W. B. Roekwsll Co., C8 0)1(9
Levee. tjl.
price, at No. 70 Ohio Leveo.. . , .
dry goods bouso lntho cltyj can be se.
as hs is dutermined to'CUtadUUU tf.
A weirselccted kfiock'' 6f UVInlle and
Tov Booktt at Rockwell A Co's. Jl
t A '
Gt WvHendersonf iommeroJal Aveoue
three door below Twelfth strjest has M
Hue line of boating and oeokiag staves
as cau be fsund la. the olty, ail at prlos
that caenot fall to suit reasonable pus(o
mern. He also keeps all kinds of Uuwaro
and ia prepared to ptlt bn roofing or put
rjlisl! oyssrs, game, oteT'eaBTlwajs
be assure a Walter A Slsson's restatf-
A Hit of I'etten rc.ntlalng uaeltlmoJ In th Fcit
Offlct-tC-ir, Illlnoli,on8.turd.y, Dw.U), 1WJ:
Oirt, Mr. Mry:
EMon, Mi. Htuah;
Uarnt, Mn. M. K.I.
Murthillt rs. tiw.b:
Itobfaton, Mrs. 3oun;
amd. Il-.ttr;
Ptott, Mr. All-;
Frbcr, SUM, JUrji
Anthorn, W F;
mmo, Jn;
bonbirdl, Frfd-rlckl
Cnwforil, JmA;
Rkid, Jm-i,
fnliwood. Wro.
Ynria.Q, Tiraotuji
Wuntr, 11.;
Ucp, 11. K;
Iluxtie". Chtl.
HwL-iu., Ct. (1)
liushM, w;
Koinor, Jotw - -KnickrNckrr,
s:r'Ju. llrirri
Or.iU'.t. llett:
Riley, Nck,
bllibrg. ti (l'd)
Hhi), Henry;
Teny, rmul;
Vn;xtr, John;
wtinhi. H;
Woqdwr:, Jm (()
Wttf r, Com; ,
Dtuj, Mr. May! '
Ooodwm, Mrtr evtbi
Huiley, Mr. Jali;
KobiuMD, Mm. L.C.(t)
Tj, vl Im Jnny .
Scott, Mm NtlUt;
Smith, Mim L4Mi
WiIIk, .Mn. DtuMi (told)
BUke, Blty, (J) T( ' -
4)rv, Stm'l W;
Tonor.J Vi
Krern, J V;
fJlonuiaiiil.Oiortili 1
Htlttntyor, II.;
H!l. Wilford;
Holtton, UiniUt;
11 .... k. r
llxedoan. (J rt .
JtckoD. ndiwf"'
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Hps. Also a full sjb'ck of family groceries
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eer,,27, 18a- Committee of Arrange
meats: K.'M. 8ToOKVXJtTU,
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