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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, December 07, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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he retting SJuUctuu
Buck win at Flour, .1 teklnau.s' best, for
nU' by A$ crs A Co. nnv201 wd
'I'll r I'll r It JVni'f.
Tliu CMi'nict for bill Hug a picket fenro
muiiid the rit.v purl: v. a u warded by tlio
I'uik c iiiiiinitf.Miii S.tiiiriliiy, tri.Mr.lIol
ohun, for the sum of V-'I&O in oily binds.
Mr. Hull "'Ian Is : 1:0 H iti ttit nnd will
ulthfully L'trorru nil tli.otiMtloii , m.
osed upon Hie contra -l. W pro- '
unio I'm- i'w work will be eoniinehced
it thu fail tt prjictlnh'!i tiioincnt -uni I
itlshod ttiro'ub to nil .irl.v completion.
- . -
Ho!i Ntorl. tor nr.
(. erip w .'l to iHken at par for flf-
cell iare.. f tne!; nf tin. I'lr.i Vu.
:b mil ItuiiW ..f ( alro. The shares uro in
urns of ;-l'iu each, inquire of Mrs. C.
Ian Uton. f'.i.-rof Twelfth and Poplar
n - t i .l....o.r
Prussian fcvlici' dulerj at Parsons,
ravis .v. t o, . ir
I se Kn Itr't
Chill Cure.-"It utrer
Ven VrnrS Kt Hull,
'rio Itouli and Iteady Fire company
uvp di'termiiied to give a ball In Wusli
igton Hail. ..i New Year's eve, and In
er- mi Iit,t determination are now
rfe m; a I i' neerlful arrangements.
he i iruieo is given to the public that
le b il sha 1 hi one that will reflect credit
pon the e imp my, surpitning In the
) ti pit miiess of its details nil former re-
ii 'is of a like ! aracter.
)iuitr IliiuiAr.it, Ciutts Ultra,
Hi.nky Mahti.v.
Ci nmlttve of Arrangement.
Dec 7 eod JJw, 'i wd
New sty e
doiiblc bnusted tuck coats
at P. NefTs, No. 70 Ohio
I' t rirtived
a; Vee
tlty t uciUm-f r.
.Mr. Dan II rtmau believing that S'SM)
. annum is too large a sum to pay for
r'luiieer'- license, asked the Ilaard of
I lernun. In,; li ght, to make a redtic
n 1 he request wa not granted.
Thirv.aldKn'H CVIebrated Bas Kellefi
' tho Four ''tasnns, Night and Morulng,
t Itockwell & Co's. til
I'oph I'ntktr ami PtiitUlou !lKpr. )
Wood, I.inton A Boyle, No. 135 Ohio j
evee. have , n-nired In D... ..nrk .meh. "
.g and provision bilne.v.-, and are pre ' , S,y n' l)t'iause ,h.c'y "ro UUI,,,V Co11' i The Continental is the only cook .tove
i red to pay the highest market price In a Th hi. iir.. : ducted by parties who uru under no legal wMt m,,.. ,)Vtfll doors. Warranted In
.sh f.irdres-ul and live hogs, or to till In tho last uumber of the Cairo Price , t"'trttil, "r obligations to fulfill their n!1 resects. Pitcher A Henry, nt lf)2
ders In their line at the lowen figures , Current the editor takes occasion to say I'rouli;, however extravagant they may 'commercia! iivMtue,-car.4Uth tr.-M.-ii....
i - ... .. 1 ...... ...... i.. .i.. . .!tw. rsor uro nri.o jo'.ienies usimliv n nn,r . .. .,
inio. rarineri in llie surrouilllllli;
tinlrv i:iv iil' ii.. rk til ..!! p .II
i I
i ca
'Cburlftou Courier' cotiv -J w anil
mrge this ollUe ilccl 'U
Tlir It)' nml llif IlllnoW't in tnl.
By a rrs dull in of the board of Alder
en wj;h t i clTrctiVf must receive
o c i ir irren of the eleet council i
e.l 'nit r.iisfit. the mav-
s nuJiuized to confer
ith M Hu.Milt', Kq , supeiiiiteiident of
e Illinois ( ( 'itr.il r.illroad to asctrtnin,
st, If the rillr id company will make
e needful r p nr on I.evce street, and
eonoiy, ii 11 win remove us iracKsiiom
o il,,. . t , ,!,. o ,ide of the stre.!t, so
att'nlnslleanduotthe Hiitslle por .
til l t lii. t.r.,j. itlfiii t iljil iv II... ..it v
ivii ii inuuge would certainly ue u great
live i, M,. t . ino,t of the business j
,urvn umhumvu, ...... ,v nine ji iui
anted tfiat the action of the board "f i
ut solicit tlous from that qtt.iitcr,
For g oil fitting, custom made cloth
g and the best workman-hip on -umc,
i to Nt tPs, No '.'.I Ohio U'vee.
- - -
i ui.i or iiir cioiu rcni.i."
"The Meld of tlio L'lotn of lioiii" was
Ik U IUII llll' nillKl' ' T I H 'lUUIMFIIHIUII
ar ci'inpauy, nisi nigiii, in u manner
ut wo. i round after round of applause
im t ne of the largest and must re-pect-.
. . . ...... ,. i ... . ,. .
ii. aiioiei ci s i hi i'vp u.iiiieicu in uiu
iiiiinii?. iviiiiu riiiiiiiiii. I'lie oi hid
... . . . ..... .
ostgn ' l il, M-eiiiaiiug, uasiiiug, spir
d ll'i'c ' Iplis thut ever stood before
j. . .. , . .i , i .t
e i iui iiui, ii, v. ...I ... t . m. ... i. w.
eryb" ly, dlstlngulalilng herself not
f ti... ....... i . .. r. ...... i .....i
Irlf d actresses belonging to tho profess- ,
n li.tiuono of tho most churniliiL' '
II. ...I lit UUU U kl.U Ill.lL UIIIII Illlll
ic.iliss that ever appeared on the Cairo
arl. Tat r was much to laugh at,
ucli 1 1 entertain und much to admire
the "F.eld oftho Cloth of Child.'' In
on as a niiriesque, n iiiko-oh" on roy
ty, It Is p. ifectly Inimitable. The cos
ines, p i.-tlculary that of Dirnley, Suf
Ik, Francis I, etc , ven exceedingly
. ... sii 1 .
en, lair y giiiieriug in their wealth 01
tins, gilt and gold.
The pcrfoimance
tliis livening
excellent little
"Sketches in
tens W'h me
iineiiy enuiieii
idla," in which several of tho
ding members of the company will
ko p.ut Then follow.s the "Field of
ic CI0U1 of (fold,'' probably for tho last '
me. riio-e wlio wltnossed It last night I
be sure to bo on hand to-uight, ifnd I
itiso who were not present lust night
ill nuts a rare treat should they fall to ;
umber themselves among tho uudleuce
lis evening Ifp iaslble, secure reoi y
I seats.
1-or into styles of hats anil cups go to
Noff, No. 70OhioLvvcr.
Coroner Ino.uctl ntiiliti u Drath or n
Ml ranger.
About I o clock tills morning coroner
Corcoran was called upon to ho dan In
quest, over the body of a nrin lying dead
In the pisinger depot of the Illinois
Central railroad. Organizing a Jury, of
which Mr. J. U. Burrett was mude fore
man, the coroner proceeded to the in
quiry. From the evidence It appears
I hat the name of the deceased la
.1. M. May. Ho had arrived per transit
steamer Hamnlitt only a few minute
beiore, and reaching the platform of tlio
depot wan seized by a violent liemorrhugo
of the lungs, of which ho died ulmo.st
Immediately. About his person was
found a letter written by Dr. Jarrell, of
DyorStutlon, Tennessee, ami addressed
to Dr. Vanmeter, Charleston. Illinois.
I Tin letter commended deoeused to the
kind ullieesof Dr. Varmieter, stuted thut
I he had been treated two yeur. for a lung
i dlsease-tuberos!s wo believe that he
was a poor, but deserving man, am! the
father of a very destitute family. He
had u railroad ticket for Mattoon, nnd
I wui. in a n I font I v. on his wavto Charles
ton, to submit himself to the treatment
: of Dr. Vanmeter. He had S3 Wi. nml a
I v uuiuhiiiiiik ii jmuiii pair oi
home-mado pantaloons and a white
shirt, with him, all of which was taken!
In charge by the coroner. Tho verdict '
of thojury was In consonance with tho
uboro facts. The body was disposed of
at the expense of the county.
, , .
Oitciau Uend Caps, the latit .tyle in
the (. Ity, rorkale at P. Ned's No. It Onlo
Livee, a: low pricch. Call end see thorn,
-No 'rouble to .how oods at this store,
Mtamlionl llunnrri-
The steamboat agents of the city sub
mitted a petltlou .o the board of Alder
man, lat-t night, pruyiug for a reduction
of fifty, per cent. In the amount charged
for licenses. Tht boaid refused to grant
the prayer of tho petition, alleging thut
cheap licenses would result in tho Intro,
ductlon of numerous Irresponsible agents
Into the city, who, reckless of their own
reputation, would Impose upon both
travelers and boatmen and bring the city
Into further disrepute. By maintaining
the license Atlheprcseutprlcc,tliuevlUof
an undesirable increase of agents will be
I guarded against, an I tho present force
I ..till al.... I a 1 . . At t... t.. '
win inus oe sccureo me ciuire uusineii-. i
Being responsible men, this was thought !
so dec IrabU that the board did not liesl-1
taloto tnbie the petition.
- -
Calf boot ht $3,75 at P. Naff No. 79 I
Ohio t.w.
mm iieiuiu Bccuinuiaici on mi' iimui ui
. . 7. . ... .... !
tlio ob lie and Ohio, ra road eomnanv.
l,(.e:io.,...f iIih whiil r.r mill.. wtnok
liecau..of the want of rolling stock to .
:arry it forward, and thHt on -ttch occa-1
' Moris tliu company knowingly dNcrim.
' luute against Cairo shippers.
Such 'in assertion Is not warranted by
the facts, and us it Is calculated to work
injury alike to the road and Cairo ship
j per, we feel called upon to make the
proper correction. Freight, we nro as-
mired, I now going forward satisfactorily,
and tlio only "blockade" that has occur
red,, wai during the few dnys when tho
operation of tho road was disturbed by
the heavy rains and freshets that wash-
J ed away bridges nud culverts. The dam-
!,.....,, (lCl!;1,i0.ie( wa. r..vred in u i
e , of ,
... ..... ,
in., i ..UUI..UJ " "v... '-f
work of hurrying for-1
wind tho freicht that had accumulated!
on thelr ,mIu A,)l( wo ftfl 3S
Mlrt.(i that tnecoinpany noes not ills-
criminate uginst Cairo hlppers. On
tho cont.-nry, tho importance of Cairo j
as a feeder to that road, secures favors to ! $
Cairo shippers that Are of great value, !
and such us distinguish the route!
tlirough Cairo us the very best now op. n '
to thore who would reach Houiliern mar- .
Cants' iluwls in tidiest variety and at
low pr!c. at P. NeiTi, No. 70 ITee
. -Bowie
kulves, pistol and ruTolTers. A
full stock Just ieclved at Peter Naffs
No. 70 Ohio Levee. Pockt pU
tola M,C0 each, bowie knlres H,00.
r During the progress of the performuuee
nt tlio Atlieneum, last night, tlie audl-
ence was somewhat startled by the re-1
nt .lat..l tlx. Ii.itl.llfif- A mini,
of 'S,H Hlarled from lhoir 80Rt9 ,
i 1 n n,.
u counoiemuiu niMiiT .f 1 t.it.i uu.
prehonslons wero immediately quieted
down by the announcement that the ps
to) had been accidentally discharged in
tho pocket of oflleer Patrick O'Callllian.
Fortunately the ball passed directly
downward and entered the floor, Inflict
ing injury upon no one.
I Iui. id Y noons at Pahsonij, Datis A
Co. tf
- - --
O.YMrr l.uurli,
A line oyster lunch will ho spread at
the St. Nicholas restaurant to-morrow
morning, to which all the friends und
customers of the establishment, und the
rest of mankind are most cordially Invi
ted. Harry Walker will bo on hund,
nud see to it that all are well und polite
y served, and that everything else Is an j
it should fie. j
Partivs wishiug to renew their tub-
soriptlona for tho 'Ameiican Agricul
turalist' for 1870, win please nauu iu
,UoIruame3 ad 00 by the 10th Inst.
p H 3, M DAvjni'ov.
A A civ II' ok,
"Young A rica A braid," by OMvcr
Optic, is a .'t j pp. volume, p'lbiMhc 1 bj
Leo and Hhopurd, Hoslm., und the
favor with which it has been received
-hows that It preserves If It do not elc
vate the Htutidard of oxcellein e net
up by the author. The name of
Oliver Optic l.s becoming a household
word like thut of Peter Parley, there be
Ing thousands and tens of thousands of
both young and old In every quarter of
the Union who owe hours and iluys of
pleading .mil profitable entertainment
to 11 reading of Oliver Opicts book's.
The volumu in question is a redid of
the dolru-', sayings uii.l obiorvuti ni of
the "Aiudetny Squadron'' during a
European tour, giving' must plew-lng
descriptions of what was seen and learn
ed In I'llm, Stutgu.-d. Frankfort, Cirl
sruhe, IXirmsluat, Badcn-I'iulen. Heldo!-
J burgh, Frodriekslnifen, and other cities
o( Germany. I Mibfn contains an outer
talniug description of the doings and
Mights during tlio ttip, from Havre to
Brest, and during the cruise of the Jo
ermine up the- Mediterranean; tlio
whole forming a volume that everybody
will prize. For sale by .Messrs. W. I!.
. ! Unekwolt .t f'n.. n. AS Ohio I
i - ... i .
V' IUeI,-T "", n ,Kru ttnok "f liaf,
wultM h ,0'd l Vork uhole-
! Rl Vicr: tf
- o - .
Tli Oj.T Clipper. (
Thooyf-tcrsuppor by the ladioH of tho
! Methodist hplscopHl church will be
BVe t I5um'.s old vtlind, to-morrow I
, evening. The nubile mi-rally I.- InvJ. I
ted to attend, there being no charge for i
admission. There will bo a fea.t ofgood !
i things besides the :hlvatvulnr molnsks,"
which, sauced Joy
the smiles of fair
Indies, will prove-
perfectly lrr:-l.tibJe.
Go; patronize the nipper, mid you will
thereby serve u deserving purpos1;.
. e
1 1 ri-;ttf iii. I
Fine two story brick residence. Ap
ply 10 TllOMAH CtKKK.V A A1.I.K.V.
nov 27 U 9.T 0'iio l.evte.
The original "lines" publlsho.l in the)
Jmlletin,' on tlie 2ltli ult., havu Iwen
nscrll-ed to two or three parties bearing.
tliu aumt nr iitf-irli flu. u. n It.HUIa
. " J ..w UtllV IlllkiUI. ,
lo setiiii conjecture at ret wo takooccK-
to say that they were fdrMijd h y
M wj fi4ffn !!
- .iiun
Photograph Albums from 26 cents to
j $20,W each t IlockweJl A Co's. tjl.
. , '""'"'"'' ciirri
iueu upon wuu sui,ieion-anu
..... ; . . i
(rurfli.fi iv1Mt f.iunp lit. I lu. 1,1..,, .1 .....
' ' vl
rU or ,l!llcial responsibility. We
U)i,"' t,,ttt " ""JUons of
rlly "r financial responsibility. We are
kind can be unita aim hist I lie ureat
j H-ihIitsoii Ky. Prize fc'clierne which wo
i n.i.....,i i.... t .ii
i..d u vi nail. iii uur i;uiuiiiii ,
j parties connected with it arg men of the !
iiiguesi sociui, iiuaucini aim morul
, worth, und even If this were u it s,, they
are strictly bound by u rogulur
charter, so that not a dolUi of the liious
, urlslng from the sale of tickets ci.n t,o
touched until the wliinurs of tho puxu.
. are actually In pom-sidou of tl.emt his
forming the best possible security lu
bohalfof this ticket-holder. honor
able nn enterprlo certululy iUerves
. " , . . 7 . .
. 1 s. tS,n"i! 1 '
purchase u ticket
ltudd, Cuiro oity
siiouiii cull on v. i.
- -
Q ,
at Rockwell A Co's.
Children's suits at Nell's from Jrt.UO to i
- 50 for full suit, at No. 70 Ohio I.vee.
. .
"jijti-, m tutu n.aiii ii : i'aii." '
The new book, untitled us ubove, writ- ,
ten by August.i J. Hvaus, and pub l-hed
by Carletou, is destined t a run exceed
ing that of Beulali," bythefumc distin
guished uutlioress. It is a work of Mir
passing Interest, rich in Incident, vivid
descriptions, and teaching iu the mot
1 pleasing and impressive munuor great
morul lc-ssous that ran but butter tliu mi
' tuae nud tone tliu inclination of the
, Few booka have beau hurnidud with
greater eclat, and few have found Mich
onormous sale. It is printed upon ery
heavy white paper, eleKiitly boim I in
" ' ''. ' f .
wniiii, n. uiiimiir.. ... ...w ..--...
able price of 2,00 per copy. . .
To sucli of our readers a- huyu read
I lleulnh.St. F.lmo, Muc uiu, ulu., by -Ml. !
Kvuns, wo need not eoniuieii 1 "Vushll"
further than to say that It ii t!ie cap
sheaf of lier nccoinplisiimeiili in the. line t
of literature. T 1 u!loti.?r . cuniinuud
it as u work superior in diction. tU, and .
iuteusitv of Interest, to ut mWrltyV
1 uooks ol a Kliuireii Ktuu ova aiir,Hi(iug
tliu attention of thepubli..' oj e that cm be
road with pleasure unci profit by all.
I Cull at tho bookstore of W B. Bockwoll
!.IU, No. OS, Ohio Levee.
New htqcl: of Bobemiali Cliinvs ttud
fancy goodi at P. D. A Co ' tf
A regular buduoss mepthig will lio
held ntthu Orphan Aylum,oii Wed net.
day Dec fcth, at 2 o'clock p. nt- A full
utteiiilunco nf the manage, sis denred.
.Mits. II. II. CA.vnjiK, Sco'y.
' Lare and small dolh und toy tea rets
at P. D. & Co'-. tf
1 , , - -
I A full supply at Hlelly's, and going of!
I at actual eoit. tf
Pin vr A, Hi ory's Ini0'i stock of hart
Won; citliry, t. . is, t-toves, tinware, ct
will be swid wnhout regard to cost, tt
First clsa day board at Walker A Mlf
oii'hi restuuruiit, at i ier week, tf
Everything In the B ol: and Stutloi .
eiy Line can niw ays be found at W. 1.
IN-ckwellALV-.'sOSOhloLeveo. ijj
V. ii 1 1 (I.
f-'cliuol ordir., at pai, county order.-, a
So cents, and city scrip, al (Jo ceiiln, loi
filrulttin', qucens'vrare, -,lflrfrare, and
hhmo furnishing good.
uovJOOt. IJJS.JlAiuiru,.
Walker &. Sl.-.-oti'"' ljlllb.rd Hall and
Itestaurant in the center of ttrnetlon lor
Mritnger.s ml others who would htieiitjth
en the i lit. cr mull with Iresb o.iers,
etc wed, raw, tousled or fried; quail on
tont, ve ilsun, fish nr any other IuauiI
ous or MitntanilHl edible; or pass an hour
with the cue" In Hie largest and best
billiard hull In the city., , , , .tf
- -
Co and see the grecluu bend cap.t .it P.
Ned V, lo. 70 Ohio Levee.
I'uriiUIilii t; (Joii
The completest slnch of gentlemen's
furnNlilng goods in tho city , is to be
found at Miller and Miller'ri. It would
be a remarkable want, Indeed, In this
line that they cannotsatisfactorll supply
at Hie very lowest figures ruling In the
market. tf.
Crandairstind Hill's, Alphabet Blocks
at ItockwelKt Co's. tjl.
I'l-nrniiil v.
"By the Continental," Jn the early
riays of tho Henubllc was, by the witch
killing fanatics, called profunity
In this more enlightened age It Is
J desmed an evidence of sound morals as
g" d ensu to glye tho advlc
"Buy tho Continental,'' us It Ir, not only
the cheapest but til's lost ftpvo .ill the
Fottale by Pitcher & Henry, PJ2 Com
hlercial avenue, cor. 12th street.
The largen and finest htocl: ofgcntle
meti'ri clothing, furnishing goodrit,hoot
shoes, hats and caps will. always be found
at P. NelPs, No. 70 Ohio Ia'Vpc.
lJur! S'ltri! J'uri!
If you want to buy- furs cheaper thnii
,hev we.-e ever ofl'eied In Cairo, will call
i " " - -
at P. H!e!!.'.. Ho Ias u good assort
merit which lie will veil very low. tf
Overcoat! overcoats! Nell's ten do!-
! lnr overcoaJ arswd! made nnd war-,
I rHiited iu w.ml at No. 7: OhloLovec.
1 ---t-rr
suiit teiui
, MJIJor and Miller liavo .'0,t0 on bund
j comprising ilie moil acceptable styles.
! A vory desltsb.'e collur Milrl i-t Ion cents
clars day boar
tr.l euii lie
, , ,
tni!urvd at V. .ilkar 1 mid
t't ir wek. ilie bill o- tare consist-' of
t.f the bojtltj lis. BiKVke't? ifrrcd fif .is
lrteKiirraiu mi unMiwptloniihlHiyle.
iWf A Oro.hon's ho-t nlk lists tut"""3'' """""
leut P. Nut!', a" later style tlfnli'th'at
kept by other houca lu Culrs nf tyj taun,
Ohr-t. m..i no.t.
,. .. , f.' .i.,t,ti. tj 1
Mn. Whitcomb's Syrup for children U
.-old by druggM. for ' cents a bottle
and la an admiiable prcjihrstinn for in-
' fmillls dliorderi.
1 " -
1 NelT'sfHll Milts at ton dollars per suit
are the best ever otternt in uairo 111 me
pi hut, Ut No. 70 Ohio Lewe.
lircrythlug 1U.1t .can bufound.ln any
dry ttMM.r. house In tho city, an ho se.
cured at 1'. Bieliy' at mist price or ks,
ris lu 1; determined to oftsc out. tfi
A well ?eleeted stock of Juvenile and
Toy Book at r.uckvvvll A Co'.-. tjl
C. W. Henderson, Commerolul Avenue
tluee ilooie below Twelfth atreet has its
fine : Hue of hcHtiiiK anil cookitig btoves
us euii be found in the city", all ut prices
thut cannot fail to suit reasonable custo
mers. H uiiioU'cpsHl! -iuiUof tinware
and Is pisp'ired 'u put on roofing or put
up gultuiiug, In the UvX style on short
notic ...XXj&'uiV:
alwtys j
5iii.ll n.iteis. samp. etc.. can
,t .ured ut Walker A SUuon'w
rant. Ts'v li tf
ir.T:'. r.tTir; 'J ,
11... ..iiJ.ii.lr .liiini,..! l.iu'V.Vs 1mi.
....... ,.
? . r a V.
. Tliiriitoir uioeK, 'loinqtieeij 1-
ror-ioiirt- Ap.dy oiiMlfntiilM. '
Whltw "hiriM ut a acritloe al -Peler
Nell, No. 70 Ohio Levee.
Try the readv. ruing Hour prepared and j
ol,l wholeanlo and retail bv J. II. Phil-
lips. Also u full -tuck of family ncerle.s '
Ac, foe-Skit upp'islie new custom liouse. j
, A grand bull will bo given, by the
Cairo Cacfdin, m the evening of Decem
ber 27," HSO Committee of Arrnci
iru'hl.s: F. .M. M'cCKKLijTJt,
l. L. TnoitAS, Wm. -Ai y.v,
M. ti-vihtiiuiio, CJkoiuii: Lattnku.
Olove'Hoxes, Htvndkorchlef- Boxed,
Jewel Caiies, CarO Cnsesand Lady's Coiu
I panion at Tlopkwell A Co's. tjl
l n Ii oi' ir . si. i), tut ti'V
'im '1 iri' a Ai o, wi e of Mr M. I).
0 iii'i r, " i 'I at Iter iv-idcn. In C5oose
Islitml, in this c unity on (In 7ili of
Nvemb"r. In the (leaih of tots estim
a'llw lady the iieiKlibnrhnoil (-ii-liilned i.
1 -!-thut will long be (elt, und the rlcvo
ted liu-buiid a bereaveuieiit that will
tbrow a shadovv over all his future life.
As u mother she uas kind, Indulgent
uid aU' ctloirite; a a wily she was truly
'i htdpmuttv nerving the heart and
strei gtlieuiiig the arm oflicr husbmiri to
rucccsafully wage his bmtlo of life, cheer
Jfntr him-lu inoinonLs of defjiondency, and
shurlng with liitn his toils anil his cures
as well us his joys nnd triumphs; and as
a member of society she exhibited those
traits of character that endeared her to
all, the old, the young, the rich, tfie poor,
alike. In the entire circle In which she
moved there was none toxpe tklll ofliei
On the coiitrary.all knew her but to love
horror thovo qualities of head and heart
that rendered her a christian woman. To
the aHlicted husband we oiler otiralticere
condolence, ami hope that ti.no may
soon lessen the great load of grief that Is
now weighing him rlown.
Pocket Diaries for 1870 at
Rockwell &
Checker?, Chess, Crlbbage Hoards, Dice
and Dice Cups at Iloekwell A; (Jo's. tj
The''BuletIn' oMlco Imvlng been sup
plied with Increased facilities, Is now
prepared to do Job work cheaper than
ever. Wo are determined, In truth,
that no citizen shall have cause, either
on account of price or style, for sending
his work abroad. Our ofliee Is the com
pleteht in tlio htnte, outside of Chicago
and b'prlngllcld, and can porform all
klnds of work forVhlch tho river, "rail
road, mercantile, legal nnd general
business of th city create a demand.
In point of workmanship wo shall stand
Unsurpits-ed. Send in your orders.
Proofs lutmiltleil when requested, it
Writing-Desk-, Work-Boxes ami Port
folios at itockwell A Co's. tjl.
Atljof turn Jiltter's, W.
fioloscsnt, Cairo, Illinois.
11. Hchutter.
oc 'Z ;m
:iIm,V nv lliiiivriiiif.
Jilothers, as you lovo your otlsprlng,
don't fail to use Mrs. Whitcomb's yrui
j for soothing children. Heed the rulrer-
' tisetneiit in utio her column.
dec" dAwlw
Alaska hoots for sale at P. NefTs, No.
79 Ohio Lovpc. The mint popular boots
in eiurket.
Klr'Mitly bound Books for tliu Holt-
LW.'i'kt 'W- B. Itockwell A Co., 08 Ohio
i.prcc. tjl.
aJt.2:x.T-.n;x':. news.
Altltl VAIJj .
Ike lliimmitt (.'oiiimbus, Wm. White
1 Pxdueuli, A Bn5er Ltort, Ida Stock
'!'' Mw-llat. iMii, P. Carrol
; .N. O. MoIihwI: it IiiiK Kato ltobiu-oi
Cln., Belle .St. Louis rit. I.oiils, -elHior
Louisville, Allnniic lul. Uiendale
( Pltuburg, liUinluary Vlek-burg, Hotiert
, Burns Memphis, Talisman Nish vllle, rit.
. M.. .,.. . 11
Ike H iioiiiitt Columbus, Wm. White
PudUcah, Ida .Stockdhlo Cln., A. Baker
KisijMirt, Bobptt Burns Cln.. Murcella
1 lvr. VUy Louis, Mohawk
N. O. Ivute Hoblnson fet. bou s, bt. Mnry
N 0- Uell,Jk Sl. l. ml.-, BdieHt. Louis
MempliN, Luminurv St. rtul-, ICxceisior
(, . o
The weather is nlc-, more idem, and
1 everybody looks us though a load hud
been lifted from tlielrshoulder.s The list
less movements of business men who had
tho b!uus, liave been repluoftd by elastic
atups-unil cheerful countenances, and
they have gone to work with renewed
vUor. .
The river has ii-tm fourteen Inehe
since last report.
Uuslno-s continiiB good on the river.
The Mississippi roe seven incites ut
Ht. Louis on Saturday, and fell again on
j Sunday, but tlnr Is a rho'ot twelve
feet reported uomliig out of the Illinois
'river, which will improve the channel
two feet or Krhaps three between St-
1 Louis and Cairo. There is only six and
, 11 half feet there at present.
I There is ariTihiuYdtince of .water for
, the largest c!a3 0f steamtrs, fully laden,
' below Cairo.
' TfiTTMiIo Is tHlilng slowly at Pittsburg
wlUinb'utH feet water lu the channel,
xt Ih rUlui; at g uel mutl anil Ldiilsville
,,. . .. ; ; , I, n, 1.,..,..
! und there Is ten feet over tho fulls.
.Tl,,, f,il.r..1i u .u;,,y wiih ii
feet fn Ihrpeth stmaU. he re.-inessee
. ........ r m . ' ,
s a v
; ' J liV."'-
acks dried
"frtilt,"l.bbl-i ilifbT, l-l bid chestnuts for
rs.-bH.mcnt norih ir I. tl. H. H 1 US roils
colt. o, M b.ile-isiitnii. XI I iiutidles paper,
12 bbl- wblkey for jjjt, bouiis, 17 lilnls to
lmi!r'o,i1U uni bar Iron, boiler plates and
produce r r .Metnpliu, ami ..ew orimui-,
" '"W 'lp " V1V
lltl- 1 if V I. . Illi ttlla IHAVllHr fVlklll T.llkllll.-
ltk) tft ,m,,v,ih i ..ml Kansas, Tliu latter
clusa were Uuded with (In irg i ids.ou tlio
Mlesoiii I ahore 1.1 tin Ferry Luiidiuu.
The St. .loxcpli, tjupuC iiliett, istln le
gular-'packol fix emplda and ul-wuy
jiolnth this evening
The Uyvt Q'llckMep, tMpt Ilgxtor, Is
tl.OICguli puekel fur liVlMISVUli) IIiIm
Tulisiiuui, v iip'. tr i u, ! UieNu.-h.
viPe p'tcki r, u-i
The W-' Wl.l'e, r.pt. No-ihern, Is
the re-si a, pui kit 1 r Puducuh this even
iiif Capt 'Cnas.T Himlo id agent for all
tho abovo boats und makes arranges
menlH for fiolght or parage,

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