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rtMiLiHtir.u jiv john ii. onnni.r co.
Fill1 K, l;K(.-JiMJSbli 10. iHtifc.
Lar:o and small dolls and toy tea seta
at P 1) A Co'a. tf
Children's suits ut Ncll'V. from $.,9" to
t7,50 for full unit, ut No. 7U Oblo Levee.
For good fitting, custom maile cloth
ing null tlif host workmanship on ume,
go Xi H-h, No. 79 Ohio Levoe.
J'ltcliwr fe Henry's large stock of htrr.
ware, cutlery, tools, itovcs, tinrrne, etc
will lir olil without regard to cut. tf
f tfii U in endless varlot.y mid at
low pr.ces i! 1. Noil", No. 70 Levee
Tnro! rur! run!
If y u TfMit to buy furs cbeapar than
thy wrrc ovrofloriMl in Cairo, will call
nt i lliclly'. He I'h s. good avort
iiimi which iir will sll vary low if
ChrMKl ! llf"t.
V . Nli 'comb's Syrup for children I
1 by uigghtts, for 2i cent n bottlu
in I Man admlrsble preparation for In
fin i u dls -rders.
Nlilt llntn.
Ti.f M i'K fllk hat- nt Miller A Mill
er's com pne tilt' very latest styles und
tht' finest niiiko of tho nnson The
vnrl. ty is very great, the stock large,
imil prices have been regulated to liar
m nlze with the time.''. Call in and ear
:imlii tf
'Hie ri'Kiiliiraiiniml A-sembly rf Cairo
nuuell No. 21 R A S. M. will lw lield nt
Masonic Hall Friday evening Dec. 10th
It boiiir the regular Assembly for elec
tion of Ollloers Companions will tnkodue
M.I j. Di'mxixo,
Dec. '. -t. Recorder.
The St Ljulsaod Iron Mountain rail
road company havo plnoed a monster
wharMjiit at the southern terminu of
their road
The meeting of the Arabs, named for
till- evening, N deolured to b of "vital
Importance.'' TbM blng the care the
member will understand the nocesslty
of attending A fud turn out I- highly
The nuusles are still provallltix among
tho children of the city, but to a greatly
diminished extent Onlv a few doathn
have occurred, and the-e wre confined
to infants or smalt children.
liitfliil font itntt ItlaliU.t lfl.litlif.
On Wednc-duy evening of lJt weok I
dfpo-lt'Ml in lome hoiihttin tWa city wnleh 1
I cauno' now recall, a bluck Hatch!, a j
gray coa and h palrxray blankat. Any '
person returning them to Loubi HorberiV
restaurant will be limply rewurdwl. j
Dec 0th It Tkmoiw. ;
null nii'l ltulllf. j
A grand ball and raflle will beglvonbj I
Mrn. M. Wagner on next Maturday !
ovo llv.i Inst.) cor. Com. Ave.and Ten i
ty seventh street. Come one, oome all. I
TlieadmlHiion fto will be only twen- i
ly-llve cent-', and the management will I
endeavor to make the alF.iir one of una!- 1
loyed pleasure.
d2t Miw. M. Waoner.
Atlriitlon, AratM!
There will be a cppcltil meeting held at
Engine House this evening, at 7 o'clock
precisely. Bushier of vital Importuuce
In which every member is iutere-teil,
will bo brought beforothe company, for
their consideration.
By order of Board of Dlrcetr.rs.
J. B. Fui.to.v,
T.J. KKRTH.Secietary.
- - o - -I'lrM
lloukliruil 'loli.uico.
The tlrs'. hogshvud of tobacco of the
seas in was hjM yufcterday br the Plan
terh' T 'ja'"o Warehouse company. The
grade wis medium shipping loaf. It was
knocked ott' nt $10,50 wr 100 lbs. to
Mt'9.rs. B.i'iil; & Co.
This tobacco was railed by Mr. Will
iam Andrews, of Aurora, Ky., one of tho
most exteiiHlve planters and shippers of
western Kentucky.
Mr. Chas. A. Jocelyn outers a general
denlnl to the charges of dishonesty pre
ferred against him by Lieut, J. II. II,
Wlseheart through yesterday's 'Bulletin.'
He acknowledges that ho Is Lieut. W's
debtor, but denies that ho ollcred a piano
iu payment of the debt. Ho nvors that he
was hurt at Cape Girardeau, and can If
uecestary, produce the certificates of tho
attending physician, and the sisters who
nursed him As to the chargo of larceny,
ho defies Lieut. Wlseheart or any body
elso to establish it. He Is here, and says
that ho holds hlmsosf ready to answer
this and every other charge of dishonest
dealing. And so on, ttcetera.
But what ho denies and what he de
clares may be read in another column
over his own signature.
-- - - . .
Tho Sisters of thn St. Mary's Hospital
will hold their Fair and Supper at Mr.
Henry Harris' building, 122 Commercial
avenue, (lately occupied by L. Blum &
Co, for tlirco nights, commencing Dec.
Ulth, 1809. All are respectfully Invited ,
to participate. deoUUd
Lowls A Groshon's best silk hats for
sale at P. Nefl's, a later style than that
kept byothprhouesln Cairo at the same
.iolt.i.yn ntii.l s.iviw.
Canl to th I'coptfi
I think have been done h great Injus
tice by an article appearing in tho col
umns of tho Bulletin headed "Doad
Heat A hi ..d"
Shawn- uown,
Nolo of Warning from
III Ac., coming Irom the
world renowned Bowing Machine Ped
dler, J. H. H. Wlseheart, and undoubt
edly tho blgglst liar In the State of Illln
oIh, which can be proven by good rcspon
bible men. As everybody knows Wise
heart, tho notorious Insurance Agent,
and the man who didn't lose his arm In
the army, there is no uso for auy brilliant
comments on his character as he blacks
nla boots against It every Sunday.
There is one piece of advice I can give
to Mr. John Henry Harrison Hickory
Wlseheart It Is to "pluck the bam from
, " "B - ' - """ I !
and I have come to tho conolusn with
ho majority of peimm- In Cniro that he
Isan Immensollar.
John,, tho peojile know you toowelj
fur you to go to posting thieves, swlnd-'
k-raand dead beats In newspapers with
the money you owe for Itoapors, Thresh-1
-I If I. ........ T 1n to lint
ing .Macuines, enmg . c,, c. -
j oti ii you are ueriviiiunucu an oiu Keuuii
drel as Jocelyn as ho does his open and
you sneak about yourn.
John, how Is that big library of yours
In Cairo? How Is that MO.000 of your?
Horr are your Horses and Mules? How
are you anyhow, John?
John, you hnvn been voted for in our
lang of "Dead Heats," but, you have
lieon blackballed, on account of you be
Ing an old hand in the "Beat Business,"
and we arc afraid you would "Beat" us.
The jiedlgrce of John Henry Harrlsou
Hickory Wteehoat: he was aired by his
Daddy and darned by evorylwdy who
knew or had any dealings with him. Hu
Is nrettv. too.
Will be filled to overflowing because, of
about the ioto In the eyes of others. of U)e se,,ctio am, bc.
f hosaysl owe him $111.' oO ,o s a hurl , ,;uU!,e;ills0i1ll j, K;ltlo VatnMnn ,,encflt.
If ho aayg I wm not crippled he Is a liar;
....... ...... 1 .,.("....,. .tl.lifrl.l.it. titntu.iir I
If anybody want's to see Jocelyn -you 1 ting satisfactory answers,
will find him in town, where ho is ever- AV'oar at liberty to name our
ready to tett character with Wlseheart. t"'rCB of iufprmatlon, but we knom that
Typcw, pans Wlseheart around. For the road has not been and will not be
further particulars regarding Wlseheart I nl""-onel. Of this we have the most
snd for Photograph. Yours, P,llVe amI ""factory ""oe
Cn ah Atlmso.s-W.L. JoceLy.vJ Th" "nP"y propoie to build, equip
s and operate the road. General Burnslde
The fair an dsupperto be given under Is. In .Europe. This much we may say;
the auspices ofthesistors iu charge of St.
Mary's Inlirmary, will commence on
Monday cvonlng next, and continue un
til Wednesday evening. By some over
sight In the news room the local notice
was omitted from our columns a fact wo I commencement of work, the fact will be
did not observe until ourattentlon was 1 duly announced, and until that time in
directed thereto this morning. The no- tcrested parties must wait, however bar-
tlco takes its place again this evening,
and w.i.ak attention to it.
No effort will rHyipared to inuku the fair
and supper duuervlng of general patron
age. We hope that Us hiiccckh may sur
pass the expectation of the most sanguine.
v- ',. . , ot the best In the market, aerred by ax-
NtfTsfaH stilts -.tten dollar.ptr suit , ,,ertCR rt In an unexceptlonabl. atyle.
are thr best everolTered in Cairo at the . .
pric;, at No. 70 Ohio Levee. Tho Constitutional Convention con-
sioit WuriTiAmhirioD. 1 venes next Monday, nd there is proba
Tho pupils of tho Prollflo Ridge ychool I bly already an lugatherlng of the dele
In one of tho neighboring countries of ! gMcs at the capital city. Quite a uum
Kentucky havo challenged nil the oth- j er of our citizens will bo In attendance
er schools of that county to a spelling ! 1,01 th,y haTe ttUi" axt'H to rind'
match. To bo beltedas the "champion , but merely toseo ;that the .Couveutton
speller" Is an honor worth contending , Is becomingly organized. It Is not defl
for. Wo would rather wear It, In fact , "Itely settlod who shall be prealdeut,
than the Cross of the Legion of Honor,' I n"1 we 1,ftT seen tho nR1UU,, e'only two
orrtll badges nnd order emblems that ! gentlemen mentioned In connection
ever embellished aiyalllty. 'with the ofttee of secretary, vje: John
We'll bet tho oysters on the I'rollllc ! Q. Harman, Ei., of thld city, and Mr.
Ridge boy?. Who take9? ' L. P. Sanger, of Tazewell. Of tho latter
. . gentleman wc Know nothing; but a
sihtrt ciur. more competent gentleman than the
lillltr and Miller have 50,000 on hend ) former would be difficult to find. Mr.
comprising the most acceptable styles.
A vory deilra'-l collar sold .t tn centu
per box. tf.
Mr. 15. Hay ward, who died so uddonly
In the St. Charles hotel, night before last,
was the llrat express agent In Cairo, hav
ing entered upon tho duties of that posi
tion about thirteen years ago. Slnco
that time ho has made Cairo hit head quarters,
not pormanoutly, but enough
so to entit'e him to continued cltl
r.enshlp. Of his previous life, little or
nothing Is known, oven by Ills most lntl
mate friends. Upon that subject he was
singularly reticent. Ho wno, howover
a kind-hearted, genial man, well In-1
' , , . I 4 , 4 ii ii.. 1
ormed honest and at least ordinarily
I,,,lu, r "e'..1! Pr0fs..0f d !
rnrontal training, ills remains were
respectably cared for by his friends, nud
put away with the many that rM nt Vil
la Bldge.
Bovlo knives, pistols and ravohers. A
full stock just received at Peter NafPs
No. 70 Ohio Levee. Pookat pla
tols $3,00 each, bowle knives $1,00.
Georgo Washington Sheets, tho oldost
trumping jour printer iu America, ntruck
Cairo to-day, en route for Momphlii. He
went to tho cano nearly fifty-four yoara
ago, and ulneo that time 1ms llvod, only
In the atmosphere of a printing oftlco.
He has worked in at least a thousand
different olllces, now In Mnluc, now In
California; now In Wisconsin und now
In Georgia. Ho lb u hale and hoarty old
man, happy though penniless, going on
tramps at pleasure, always assured of
help from tne crau wnen noneeus it, unit ( to ,uiy piuco, post-pald, by tho publisu
Scarcely ever appealing to that Hourco In era) on reCoipt of the price of the work in
vtlu ft letter to them.
. Games, Toys, and Home Amusements
I at Boekwell A CVs. tjl
Tli" Ailiru-um j.usi N'rM mm to 7t!jlit,
Di'Kpito tho inclement weathwr there
was a very fair crowd at tho Athcnoum
last n t , numbering as usual, the elite
of tho ciiy.
Aa Marie, iu tho Pearl of Savoy, Katio
Putnam mot tho expectation of her
many admirers, giving atlll fnrthor proof
of the possession of that rare, talent that
Is, some day, to distinguish her aa among
tho foremost artistes connected with tho
Amerloan stage. Tho closing Heeno dis
played acting of rure merit. Tho wholo
performance wan good, presenting
pictures of absorbing interest, and
clothing the creations of the authors
brain with a telling reality.
To night will be presented that highly
Interesting domestic drama, entitled
Fanchon, tho Cricket, with Kate Pat
nam iu Fanchon, and the balance of the
company so distributed as to give her the
desired support and the audience a very
engaging entertainment. Should tho
weather prove reasonably fair tho house
The Continental Is the only cook atore
orcn door8 r,nted ,n
nU k ft 1M
Commercial avantta, eor. 12th itrrtt.
rht v Do ,f " Ur "
0ur neighbors along tho lino
of the
j Cairo fc VlncenneJ railroad express a die
i appointment not altogether unmixed
with chagrin over what aome of them
conceive to be the abandonment of the
Cairo & Vincennes railroad. Tf the work
does not go forward to completion and
that too under the old management, a
considerable number of persons will add
pecuniary Ioscesto thelrdlsappolntment.
In thfs condition of affairs all 6yen are
naturally turneltoCairo for information
Is the project abandoned? What does
the company propose to do? Where Is
Huruslde, and why thU protracted
silence? These anil a hundred other
fpiestlons are asked, bnt without ellcl-
but the details that lutplrc us with un
shaken confidence In the early com
pletion of tho enterprise, we are not at
liberty to make public. When arrange
ments are perfected that will iusur'j the
rowing tho suspense may be. The in
terval of waiting, will not .be wv long.
I Of this, too, we are satisfied.
First olais day board oau be
secured at Walker and SlJaon'e for
, S5 per TeeV. Tin bill of fara consists of
Harman Is an uncompromising demo
crat. If the convention Intends to
tchow politics, It will give convincing
evidence of Its sincerity by giving Mr.
H. the oftlcc of secretary.
nnU Ntack for Sal.
City .Scrip will e taken at par for rJf
' teen shares of the stock of tha TlrstNa
: tlonal Bank of Cairo. The ahares are In
i turns of 105 each. Enquire of Mrs. C
1 Hamilton, corner of Twelfth and Poplar
' street!. dec2tf
I Prussian feHther dusters at Parsons,
Davis fi Co. tf
i,,u "
countess,1' la the name of n new novel
JJ Southworth,
now in nrese and to be published in a
"Tho family doom; or, tho sin of a
now in prose aud to be publi
fewdayHbyT. B. Peterson A Bro., Phil,
adelphla. It will commaud a very largo
sale, us it Is fully equal, If not superior
to "Tho Changed Brides," "The Bride's
Pate," "Fair Play," and "How He Won
nor," which have proved to be four of
the bi'st novois ever puuueneu, ana
which are having unprecedented salea,
for Mrs, Southworth, as a novelist, stands
nttho,hend of tho sensational school.
Her conceptions aro marked by origin
nllty, and there Is a purity and sweetness
about her lunguagp which give a peculi
ar charm to her writlugs. Many of her
character aro powerfully andtouchlngly
drawn, nnd we learn to lore them be
cause they are moro natural than affect
ed. "The Family doom" will be Issued
In a large duodecimo volume, und sold
at tho low prlco of $1 ,75 in cloth ; or, S1.50
ju nftj),r cover; or coplos will bo mailed,
Crandall's and Hill's, Alphabet Blocks
alBockwell A Go's. 1JI.
First olas day uoard at Walker A; Bis
on's reataurant, at $6 por weok. tf
Everything In tho Book and Station,
ory Line cnu always be found nt W. B.
Bockwoll A Co. 'a OS Ohio Levoe. tjl.
Go aud soe the grcclan tfond cap? ii R
Nefl1., No. 79 Ohio Lovoo.
I'arnliihlac ooit,
The completest atoch of gentlemen's
furnishing goods in the city , Is to be
found at Miller and Miller'e. It Yould
be a remarkable want, Indeed, in this
line that thoy cannot satisfactorily aapply
at the very loweat figures ruling InZ the
market. tf.
"By the Continental," la the early
daya ef the Republic was, by the witch
killing faaatlca, called profanity.
In thia more enlightened age it is
deemed an evidence of aound moralaaa
wall as of good acuaa to give the advlo
"Buy the Continental,' as H It not only
the cheapest bat the hot atve la the
For sale by Pitcher A Henry, W Com
mercial avenue, cor. 12th etret.
The largest and finest atock of gentle
men's clothing, furnishing gooda, boots
shoes, hats aud caps will always be found
at T. NefTs, Ifo. 70 Ohio Levee.
Overcoats J overeoata! Nefl's ten dol
lar overcoats ars well made and war
ranted all wool at No. 70 ObloLevco.
Zrerythlng that eaa ba in anyfound
dry soods house la the city, can be ae
eurad at P. Itlelly'a at eost price or lesa,
a ke ia determined to close out. tf.
A well aelected atoek of juvenile and
Tey Booka at Rockwell A Co'a. tjl
5a all oyatera, game, etc., eae always
ba a a a re a at Walker A Slatou'a rrstam-
raat. ISttrttt
alaeea Ilaaa hrlnt.
Tkat eligibly altuated business honae
No. I Thornton's block, Tenth street, la
for rent. Apply en the premises.
Pocket Diaries for 1870 at Rockwell A
Co'a. "tjl
1. Rlally haa a large atoek 'ef hats,
which will be aelal at New York whole
sale price. tf.
Wor Kt.
Fine two story brick residence. Ap
ply to TUOXAH GltHKN A AI.I.HN".
nov 27 tf M Ohio Levee.
Beautiful Chromes' at W. B. Rock
well A Ce.'a 08 Oble Levee. tjl.
Grecian Bend Caps, the latest style in
the City, for sale at P. NefTa No. 19 Ohio
Levee, at low prices. Call and see them.
No trouble to show goods at this store.
Calf boots at $3,70 at P. NefTa No. 79
Ohio Levee.
New atoek; of Bohemian Chinas aud
fancy goode at P. D. A Co'a. tf
Photograph Albums from '2i cents to
20,00 each at Rockwell A Co'a. jl
Aufjostira Bltter'e, "W. H. flchutter.
Sola agent, Cairo, Illinois. oc !5 ?m
neleje arc naagaroaa.
Mothers, aa you love your ofispring,
don'tfall to use Mrs. Whltcomb'a Syrup
for soothing children. Reed the adver.
tlsement In another column..
dec dAwlw
A foil aupply at Rlclly'a, and gelng ofl
at aetual eoat.
There was no meeting of ihe board of
Aldermen last night, for the want of a
Alaska boota for sale at P. Netfe, No.
70 Ohio Levee. The most popnlar boots
In market.
Klecautly bound Books for the Holi
days' at W. B. Rockwell A Co., 66 Oblo
Levea. V1'
rerk lkerii nl rrll Dealer,, ,
Wood, Linton A Boyle, No. 138 Ohio
Levee, havo engaged In tho pork pack
lug and provision business, and are pre
pared to pay tho highest market prlco In
cash for dressed and llvo hogs, or o fill
ordors in their line at the lowest figures
ruling. Farmers of the surrounding
conntry having pork to sell should call
upon them before making contrae'tfl else
where. 'Charleston Courier' eopy 4 w and
ohnrge this office. dec4-at
Checkers, Chess, Crlbbagt Boards, Die
and Dioe Cupa at Rockwell A Ce'a. tj r
Writlng-Deaks, Work-Jioxe atitb Port
folios at Rockwell A Co'a. tjl.
New atyle donblo-brtmated saok coats'
Juat received at P. NaffNe. 70 Ohlo(
Thorwaldseu's Celebrated Bas.Rellefa
of the Four Seaaons, Night and Morning
at Rockwell A Co'a. tjl
Glove-Boxea, Handkerchief-Boxes,
Jewel Caace, Card Cases and Lady's Com
panion nt Rockwell A Cc's. tjl
White shirts ut a sacrifice at Peter
NefTs, No. 7P Ohio Levee.
Co. tf
TliTowInu tVutri.
About a o'clock yesterday afternoon tin
Hibernian firo company planted
their engines In front of thecity brewery,
totestthelrthrowingcapaclty. ThoKough
and Readies had thrown n stream 131
feet, 0 Inches, through 10l feet of hose,
with their largo onglno, known as the
"Ocean." It wus understood that if the
Hibernians hoisted tho "aqueous fluid"
a greater distance thoy should woar the
horns n-J tho champion squlrtcrs. Well,
tho trial was made, tho Hibernian's big
onglno flinging the water loo feet un
doubtedly,nnd many persons present say
109 feet The little engine was then put In
use, the boys came down upon the brake
with a will, nud a very good and un
questionable stream was flung the dis
tance of 140 feet 0 inches. This we cou
Hlder good throwing. Thore wns a wind
prevailing nt tho time that crosied the
Htream diagonally, which w'as considered
it htuderance. It was certainly not a help.
Now that the Hibernians have shown
their ability to throw water far and fast,
in n throwing mutch, we hope they will
iihow them-elves worthy competltorH of
the "Roughs," on the occasion of fires.
If thoy will do thlH they will win moro
"glory" than the "horns" can confer.
With Bill McUalc at their head wo ex
pect them to do this. Shall wo realize
our expectations?
For Into styles of hats and caps
P. Neff, No. 79 OhloLeveo.
ro to
Lon Faxon, connected with the Cairo
press in day of auld lang sync, la now
domiciled In a Kentucky hamlet known
as Cropland. Ed. Wlllett, an old Cairo
Bohemian, is somewhere-In the vicinity
of Russellville, wo hear, writing dime
novois for Be'adle, nnd tho American
Ncwe Company. His Btorlcs have alargo
alo, but that fact is due, not so much to
their merit as the efforts of Messrs. Bio
lock A Co., to push them. Jno. A. Hull,
another old Cairo newspaper man, Is
somewhere on the Pacltlc slope or in
Moxlco and wo are hero!
P-S. We add nothing to the price of
the "Bulletin" on nccouut of this infor
mation. A grand ball will be given by the
Cairo Cabslno, on tho evening of Decem
ber 27, 1869. Committee of Arrange
ments: F. M. STccKKr.nnr,
L. Tuomas, Wm. A.jja,
M. SiM'Kitituiia, Okokok Lattnuw.
Uae JCnder'a CNU
Cure. "It never
The best nrl cheapest baking powder
la the Egyilau only 00 couta pe r
pound. nd le stronger than any other.
Manu&ctured und sold by J.H. Phillips,
oppeslte the new custom home. tf
Ike Uammltt, Columbus; Wm. White
Pudueuh; J. W. Garret. N. O.; Bee, N.
O.; MollioMcPlko.St. Louis: Lady Pike,
St. Louis; Kate Kiuney, St. Jouls; bum.
Orr, Evausvllle; Aljiha, Nashville; Bolle
St. Louis, Memphis.
Ike Hammltt, Columbus; Wm. White
Paducah; Lady Pike, Columbus; Alpha,
St. Louis; Belle St. Louis, St. Louis; Bee,
St. Louis; J. W. Gurrett, Cincinnati;
llollle McPIke, Memphis; Sam. Orr,
Evansvlllo; Kate Kinney, N. O.
After a otrugglo ofsovornl hours yes
terday, during which tho sun enmo out
brilliantly several times, the clouds gain
ed the victory and ahut out "Old Sol"
completely. A tolerably heavy rain fell
for some hours last night. This morning
is qtilto oh Illy, but there are signs of
elcarlug up.
The river has risea elght-en Inches
Bince last report. (t
Business continues good. .-'
The Mississippi and Mlsmiri' continue
falling. . . t.H
The Ohio Is falling from Pittsburg and
below Louisville, with soveu foot In the
ehannnl to tho former olty aud ton
feet six luches In the canal.
The Cumberland Is falling ngalu with
aevon feet water on Harpoth ShoaN.
The Atlantic tows the wharfboat
lately sold by Capt. Hlude, to Vlcksburg.
She rccelvi-6 e0")0 and one half tho
freight receipts of her cargo, which will
mako liorpuy, for tho Job, about f 1,400.
The greater portion of the cargo of the
wharfboat consists of mules and horses
und cows, but there Is a lucMcroiiR assort
ment of babies, children of all ages, and
adult men and women, moving to Lou
isiana, a;idr. Arkansas. They comp.ve.
several families, and number about of)' or
60, and have possession of tho offico of
of tho whariboat very ulco quarters for
deok passengers. They will not leave It
quite so nlgo.
Tho Sam Orr last night brught out
700 b'ags'cornvand 100 bbls whiskey for
rofhipmptit south.
. Joliu York, formely chtof engineer of
'the A. Baker Is now filling the same
station, for a trip or two, on .the Belle
St. Louis.
ti Charley Kyle nnd his fellow clerks on
the wharf-boat which la supplying tho
place of tho one sent to Vicltsbtirc;, look
like birds in a cage their quarters ure
so small. They are ulso abont as good
looking as some birds. (Probably "bears"
Local Ed.)
The W. R. Arthur Is announced for
11 o. this evening,
The Kate Kerney !r the packet f6t
Vloksburg, to-day. "
Tho Qulkvtep Is the regular Evu'uayllle
packet, and the white for Paducah this
Cant. Chas. T. Hlmlo Is agent foe all
lit bov steamers.

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