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Kill DAY, JANUARY 7, 1870."
Go to P. NelPs
able clothing.
for tlio most fashion.
Pitcher & Henry's I urge stock of i.tn1
ware, cutlery, tools, stoves, tin wan, etc
,.wlll be sold withpui remind to cost, tf
Do you want a stylish InuV NefTs
Ho- p'nf.. and tlic only pluco to llnd
Mem, of till thu latest fashions mid In
grertf !ib'in!anro. Hit f toc-Jt. In this line
I'liiiiint In. iMinuiled h) Oulro. tf.
CNur, UN., Jai,.ir) 'i, 1ST.
Present: AMortiittn iirankle, Carroll,
Mendrlol:. I.tilir, l.onorgnn, KeKcc,
Mendel, Uedniau
On in ot Inn of Alderman Mendel, thn
leufiim of tilt minutes was dispensed
. ' UHl'OKTi)..
'I'lio Clr'.' presented a report, from thu
Wutirmlttoc'on Ulniim (to whom was re
fertcd to lliu following IiIIIh.i recom
incndliir thai tlic several hills lie al
lowed, v,lz: , .
11,11 oft. W-C. r, (r limi'm I
" (AMM dm i onipnltr, fur im
lor fri-'!
r "ML
IM to
,,0 Ik iM,4t iiuUIh.'1-ii. for tirk'
tiinri1 . H
I'. ' t-. ii)V w ''innviiir 'rrii lnin
i'Im limit. ....
,T4i.tv .ilii.,'8.iHli in Niifft'i'T,
I ' 'lH ......... . .M... ........ ...(.... .....
0 ! 1,1 Ull Ilk, II r (r M-r. ill. II
1 1"
I l
" I. . . . I , t'.. -I'Lii, 1. l.l.rli
1. ' ri.i'iT.I t.'oliijnlilt..'. SO O-i
" I'm ..r Hlk-, gin, n.r IliUrn l-u
i ' . Hiluri i ir Hi
tmt rim ('-.iit uu'
i MilKrr, mlc mrln .(. . . U t
" M. II. WlUlmM,ti, I gallon IK"I nil f..r
' W.I. Ht0 A (;... Htliiw. 1 1' ..
IM lrtt'S ntl4cr S OS
" M.'t. :, for namtonngelij rl"
mm MmJfiig ijr nh.iw- 1 o
H II. AII3MHUD, MI0flljr fr Lfolit aiel
(Aun-rft-Mfor 31 V'
n n.otlon, tin- report was received mid
t .v lillU allowed by tile following votes,
Ayev iitaiiklc, Carroll, Hendricks,
lyilu, Luiicgnti, McKee, .Mendel, Red
mini K.
Nays none.
Ull of Taylor t Par-ons, Trustees, Ac,
for wharfage having been objected tonnd
tlio itycsnnd nays being culled upon the
allowance of tlio tame, resulted as fol
owa: AjVfllrnnkle, Carroll, Lolir, Mcmfe),
cKee, Hendrlok U.
NaysIjncrgaii, Hcdmnn 2.
The Committee reported the bill
Tlinmns Mechnn for hauling for the
H amounting to S27M) back for infor
mation regarding date.-", Ac. They nbo
reported, tlio bill of Vincent for lime,
amounting; to $2 CM), back for information
regarding the delivery of the lime. Ro
lMrt received and bill referred accord
In .-ly.
Cuir. ill., Iw. tflld, IKS.
T th ItubSfA 4 Cljr UmiojU of lit ll of lvlri.,
Your committee on lliinnce rcsiioctfully
beg leu vo to rejMirt:
l nut at the last regular muetiiiK' of the
It inril ot Aldermen, our report reuom.
iiiendiiii; thut the bill or e.Npeii"ct or the
Arab il.'u oompuuv, for-lx mouth", be re
furred back l that company for expiana
tloiif ah to various Item- duiioininaied
"-tindrk," wub concurred In, and the
bill wa therefiire mi referred.
At a inoetiiii; of the Arab lire com
pany, DeeeuilH-r lUtli, a cenei of "bun.
ombu" rcsolutloiii were ordered to bo
i ml ujhiii their minute, and publish-
for ten day In the Cairo 'Kvculm;
ulletln,' In which ren'ilutions was one
which, with a liypercrltlel?m entirely
inn xteolol, an It had no real foundation,
coimtrued our report as sttilntniilt.
After thus relieving their minds they
parM il a resolution referring' the uuuu
1111 back to the Finance Committee nud
uotlfyim; in that they claimed the
whole amount of the bill. This resolu
tion and the bill referred to wum at
cordliiKly handed to us oon afterwards
by thilr .Secretary, .Mr. TIioh. J. Kcrth,
when Au Informed him that the bill
c .'ild not be received by us unless the
i. liters of the City Council were obeyed,
mid the items of "diindrle" explained
t i our faticfactinu and made lo appear
on the bill. Ho then promlned to bring
he various bills to tho committee for
heir inupcutiuii, and, on the cecond day
terwanN, did so.
On oMiiiiluation of the several bills
paid by the company, wu llnd thu Item
of MiinlrteH to be an they now Ktaud ex
plained on tho bill which ha been
changed fr that purpose. Theso sun
dries aro fur coal, hauling tWelr enginu by
hor-e.s from thu river aft r tilling cl.
u rns; caudlu wicU toijlampsaiid toruhc-;
m aji; aeldii eto , for cleaning apparatus
ami hose; nails Used in putting down tho
new lloor in thu engine house; coal oil
ami .lalirlcatln' fi lis necessary in tlic
wnrkiut of tho engine all of which aro
legltimato expcii-ea.
in nil liuslnc-xH traiiHactiotiH where
money Id to be paid out, thu party who
payH lias a right to objuut to any portion
of a hill which may neem unreasonable.
Tho Flnnnce Committee, by ordinance,
are unfortunately, in this ease, constitu
ted the agent of the city to criticize
the Items of this hill. This Is a thank
ler-s olllce, ttb wu havo already found,
but as we are determined that our con
duct, according to our bent Judgment,
tdiall, In thu words of tho Arab resolu
tion, bo ''characteristlo of that which the
citizens of this city are entitled to at thu
handy of thosu who havo been elevated
to thu position of public Hervants,'' we
intend to do our duty, as, from our
Htand point, wu understand It. If
the city liad no voice In tho matter, an
insolent demand for payment of a bill,
n ndc cut In any manner which suited
he ('Illinium's hiimoi, would huvo Hume
weight, and I lit threat which mightne
company Mich demand would perhaps
be heeded. Fortunately thu ordinance
gives the eity a right to be heard also,
Yotii committee tin rehire, Imvlnu' tliN
duty liiipocil upon it-, havo carefully
examined the IiIIIh as fiiruUhed us, and
lecoinmciid their payment except in re
gard to two items. One of these hems
Is a combination of several items of the
bill of expense, but U for only ono object
namely tlio gleaning and furbishing
of thu lioso and upparatus, amounting
In nil, (counting acids, mercurial oint
ment, &c, mentlonod In tholr Itemized
bill of Mindrloi,) to tho sum of (S3,0")
ol:,'hly-flve dollaw nud filxty-fivo cents.
This amount Is, to our opinion much
larger than Is nece.iiiry according to our
construction of the ordinance which
contemplates only the actually nccc&mry
expellees for working and repairing the
We bellero that (S-io) furtv-five dol
lars sliouiu Oesullicietit to keep tin; a
paratu.s in as good order as Is necessary,
and if the compain deslrcH to havo it
polished to an extraordinary degree, hi
oilier 10 mitKo a snow at parades and nn
niversaries, wo uelievo they should pay
for the extra labor themselves.
The other exception to which we refer
is mo salary or tho secretary. Tho Arab
Fire Company In addition to its public
character has a private organization for
thcDurp iseofbenelitlrigitsowii mem hern,
and with this the public ban nothing to
uo, anu rrom wuich they receive no
benefit. His this private pari of their
organization which) necessitates thu use
of salaried secretary, as thu public
ou."iness ot oilier lire companies can be,
and i.s Iran-acted by volunteers, and re-
quires ho little of their tlmo ;tlmt wo
liavu nuveryut heard of a demand for
a (-alary to this olllcer In other eompaii
Ick in the city.
We therefore recommend thut, instead
oi inu present uemanu for iin,li
thu city shall Issue to tho Arab
I' Ire Company scrip to tho cash value of
tbno hundred and eighty-six dollars
and idxty-two cents, thu market value
ofclty scrip on thu day of issue to bu.takeii
in determining the amount.
l our committee hog leave further to
report that tho prctunt trouble In regard
lo the bills, Is all ciujmmI by tho fact that
the ordinance In regard to thu matter
was not drawn tin uccordiinr to tho re
commendation ol the committee which
prcpoed it. We therefore recommend
thai the words "workliiL' and." which
Immediately precede the words "repair
ing engines,'" etc., ou stricken out. This
will iijuKe the ordinandi In accordance
with Its original intention, and cut oil
all cause of disputes. w
itespectruiiy hUinnltted,
Jamos CarrII, chairman.
Win. Martin,
John W. M'Kec.
Committee on Finance.
On motion, tho report wan received
mid thu recommendation concurred in
by thu following vote, viz;
Ayes Rranklc, Carroll. Hendricks.
Ijohr, Lonergan, McKee, Mcudell, lUd
man, H.
Nay.s None.
Cairo. Dec. 17. 18G9.
7oic yor o Aldermen of tho City of
Your special committee, whowero In
structed to confer with Col. H. fc'taats
Taylor, in relation to tho lease or pur-
cnaiu of hip joU in block -JS, on wlilch
tho lumber belonuliiL' to the city Is now
stored, beg leave to report:
inai nicy nave oueyeu ttieir instruc
tions, and learn that Colonel Tnvlor will
leavu the two lots for f$GU) sixty dollar
per your, payable In serin: or Hint ho will
ell both lots for (Jl.OOoi one thousand
dollars, payable In scrip, or for libooi
eight hundred dollars in cash.
All of which Is respectfully submitted
Joit.v W. McKkc,
Report received, etc.
On motion of Alderman Mendel, the
City Comptroller was Instructed to lea-e
tlio lots on the conditions fet forth in the
report, and committee discharged.
I he dittui then presented thu following
monliily reports which, ou motion wore
mceiv; and ordered on file:
Jb ,-ort of P. and W. O'Callnhan,
p lk- c tii-tablc, for December..
Rep. .rt .if Joseph Arnold, police con-
stable, for Nov. ami Dec,
Report of R. Shanuessy, police magis
trate, for November. .
Report of F. Hros., pollco magistrate.
for November.
Iteport of John Hyland, city troasuror,
for Uecomber.
Ill M.S.
Tho following bills for mularies and con
tracts were presented and allowed by the
following; vote, viz:
Ayes Rranklc, Carroll, Hendricks,
I.ojir, Loncrgnn, McKce, ond Mendel.
II hliniin--)', I'. )l IfT for l'emlr $ H
J hn llron, C. (.' , lnry for Iwi'inbtr Jio w
M luiiliriik, ( !., Ury for I'ri'l'niliflr 71 00
J hn llj i 'n i, ( T , ai.iary fur PcpmUur I'o (
A taut. )Urkt .Ma:r -133
I I'.ri-e fur iK tmnUf .. so SI
Win. M.llnli, ilirtmj; iriiomrt and li?ii);
Itnr f i-i.am Knk . HI &
W id. M. I'm i.uoii, 1Mb fur jil 16 ti
Nays None. '
A number of bills wore thou presented
and referred to thu Committee ou Claims-
Thu following bills, .hiivlug been
allowed by thu Select Council and ro.
ferred to this Hoard for concurrence,
on motion, were ordered paid by tho
following voto, viz:
Ayes Rranklc, Carroll, Hendricks,
Lolir, Louurgan, McKee, Mendel, Red
mini S.
Nays None.
l illnf ('. I!. W.oilunrJ, fir lamWr .11 lo
' " Win. MIUIo, for riuMjriiUmJlii en-n
KaiijuuiliiicUuc pri-unrrn IH V
Hill of 0. P. Lyon, under ordinance
No. 02, amounting to ?760 00, having
been allowed by the .Seloct Council, was
on motion allowed by tills Hoard, by
thu following vote, vi':
Ayos Rranklc, Carroll, McKce, Men
del, Redman ti.
NoyH Hendricks, Lohr, Loncrgnn
The bill of tho I. 0. R. R.for ihqucv
paid tho- city for license -erroneously
allowed by the Buloct Council and ro
furred tothja board for cqncurroupi'i was,
on motion, laid upon thu table.
11111 of Rough and Heady tiro company
waspreseutod and referred to the Jlnanco
A petition from sundry citizens pray
ing that n criming bo constructed on tho
west sldo of tenth struct across Walnut
street, was presented and on motion thu
prayer of tho petition was 'granted.
Petition from Jno.h'chccl, representing
that on tho 31st day or August, 1807, he
paid into tho City Treasury of (ho City,
SIM) 00 for a lleoji-o for vending splrltous
and llrmeutcd Ji('iiors,.lii a less t'tiunilty
than one gallon, for ,tbp, period, of unu
year, und, tliu. afterwards to-wit: he
closed iila pluco of business for which he
obtamedilicense, and romoved to tho
"Casslno,1 for which he look out a new
llcensooi!tho31st day of January H08,
and praylig that tho council refund tho
diflereucoin the license being a space of
7 mouths wlilch said license were not
used, andnmountlng to S-87 50, on mo.
Hon the jrayer was granted und the
amount, $7o0 ordered refunded by the
following vite, viz:
Ayes Rnnkle, Carroll, Hundrlck;
Lohr, Lonergau, McKee, Mendel, Red
man 8.
Nays noae.
Petition from Rlcliard Marnell asking
the council to abate the assessment ou
his personal property, Inasmuch, as he
was assessed for monies and credits,
which lie did not possess, was on motion
referred to City Attornoy.
ni:w nufliNKss.
A comtunnlcallou from L. Lincoln,
aoklng aid from the city to establish n
woolen mill in tho city of Cairo, was
presented and read, whereupon, Alder
man McKee, oll'ercd the following
resolution, viz:
Resolved That tho ordlnancu com
mittee bo ami aro hereby Instructed to
frutnu an ordinance giving a bond for
live thousand dollars, leaving interest
at the rato of eight per cent, pur annum
to bu used by Mr. L. Lincoln in building
a woolen mill In Cairo, thu said bond to
be payable In ten ycara by Mr. L. Lin
coln and Its payment to be ensured by
mortgagu on the mill. Maid bond to be
issued after the suid Lincoln has expend
ed $.",000 In erecting thu mill
Uuanmously adopted.
A communication from P. Mocklcr.
claiming that hu hud been kept out of
rtnlii monies or wages a long time, and
union there win. some provision made to
pay the same hu would institute proceed
ings against the city to recover the same
at thu next term of the Circuit Court.
Referred to tho Committee ou Claims.
The following, preamble and resolu
tion were adopted by a unanimous vote:
Cairo, January 3, 1670.
Whoreas, Alderman John P. Gibs-ii,
has, been suddenly removed by death,
from his seat iman- us, we, therefore,
members of the Hoard of Aldermen of
the city of Cairo, Illinois, do hereby,
Resolve, That In tho death of Alder
man Olb-ou, the city has lost a true
friend, and peerless renreseutativu from
her council, ono who was always ready
to defend whatever ho conceived to be
for her good, fearless in opposing what
hu believed to bu airalust her Intorests..
and over vigilant in thu dlscharco of his
Resolved. That wo deeply smnathlzo
with his family In their bereavement.
Resolved, Thntas a token of respect
to his memory tlio members of this
Hoard will wear the usual badge of
mournlnir on the left arm, for thirty
JteAolvcd. That a copy of these pro
ceedings ond resolutions bo lent to the
deceased, and also uu puoiislied in tne
Culm Evening 'Hullutlu.'
there being no further business tho
Hoard adjourned.
John IJnoww, City Clerk.
IX) day boarders, at the Ht. James
Hotel, eoruer Klght street and Ohio
Luvee. FIrst-clas table at four dollars
per week. dlw.
The radio for the pair of matched po
nies will take place at the Ht. Nicholas
Hotel to-morrow evening. The animals
aro sprightly, showy ones, and exceed
iugly wt'll-matchcd, and arc worth tho
sum at which they nru hold, viz: ?500.
A few chances remain unsold, which
will most likely bu taken to-day and to.
morrow. Persons in want of family or
carrlago horses should not let this op
portunity to supply themselves for five
dollars, g by unimproved. Tho rafllo
will take place at 8 o'clock. .
One of tho best remedies for Croup
ever discovered Is "Norman's Chalyboato
Cough Syrup. H. J. Hum m, agon:, cor
nor Commercial uvuuuu and eighth
street. Ja7-lw
Norman's Chalybeate Cough Hyraj 1
uo humbug. Try It and be convinced.
S. J. liuinm, agent, corner Commercial
avenue and Eighth street. Ja7-J w
The .'(. Xli'hnli Hold mill ltr,tiiiiraii(.
This popular and eligibly located hou.-c
of public entertainment is now lltted
and furnished throughout in good Myle;
nud, under thu management of Messrs.
Walker it Slsson, Is doing a largo and
thriving business. R i.s kept upon tlio
Kuropcan plan thu guest calling for
what he wants when ho wants It, whoth
erin thu day or night time, and paying
only for what ho orders. Thu rooms aro
largo and clean, furnished with tho bout
of bods and bedding, whllu all other fea
tures of the establishment are arrangod
wljli an especial cyu to tho comfort and
coiivonlenco of tho guests. JaCtf
Tke Notice.
All persons having accounts against
thoHteumer "Oen. Anderson" or "Tho
Hamltt1' for service or supplies furnished
whllo in tho employ of tho Transit
Company will present tho name at ouco
for settlommit to
" ''Jan. 0 3t. A. H. Hakkoiu, Trous.
NIIU llnts.
The stock of silk hilts at Miller & Mill
cr's comprises tho very latest stylus and
tho finest inako of tho season. Tho
variety is very great, the Btoolc largo,
and prices have been regulated to liar,
inoplzu with thu times. Cull in and ex
amine. 1 tr'
- .. ...
(Jont'tt.calf boobionly 3 75Kat J'. NelPs
N). 70, Ohio Leveo. ' tf
?seM"'s Is thiplaco to buy your Shirts.
Ho lias on hand a magnificent stock'
at prices that dufy competUlou. For in-'
stance all wool llaunel shirts, one dol
lar ami a quarter each well made. tf.
. . .
The t.ail t'lui:ito to I'b',
Tile -ale of dellipient town lots was til
Jouineo 'hi-mn'iiiii ti,t u't.i,n.'k p.
Ill , 'II III II 1'1'C, . I II.
I . I TV ,)! II Uu- - .lit i , ft, I
upon W.nen l ic uxt- remain uupuit
1 make this ndjournmeiit to allbrd ilelio
quents a last opportunity to come for
ward and pay up. No man need ask
longer Uuio for ij cannot glvu, it.. .Tho
sale shall, mo7tpoH9lflveiy,ucc!uWd to
morrow ovenlng.
John Hyi.and
Jau7.lt City Collector,
t'jrftt .luH ;,lf In-tiraiicc
Tho Counectlcutt Mutual Life Insur
ance Co., represented In this city by Mr.
A. Comlngfvplacct R wlthlh 1 tne i power
of every man to secure llrst class life in
surance. An, advauco payment of tight
dollars and an annual payment of $2
secure a policy for live thousand dollar.
When notice is given of tho death Of h
member, within forty days each surviv
ing member forwards to tho Treasurer of
the company tho sum of ono dollar and
ten cents. A payment of $lo for the pol
icy and annual payment of .53, secure in
surance for$.j,000 on tbollfuof kotli hus
band and wlfu. The company Is purely
mutual; and experience has shown It to
be cheup and effective. Jaii73t.
llutt-l Arrltiil.
St. Nicholas Motel, January 7ib. IS70
John Strange, Oiiitilia; A. Steuiluiaii,
Kdgewood; P. Clark, KJglnj 1). W. Ham
Uu, Chicago; J. Rickey, Chicago; J. 11.
Schuler, Ky.; J. S. Ray,iKy.; J. Yeldel,
Evnnsvillo Ind.; OphFr ManiiyUnlon
Co., Kontuck',; H.'Nell, Union Co., Ky.;
T. Wills, Ky.
Their will be an adjourned meeting of
the St. Patrick licnevolnnt Society, held
ou Sunday tho Oth, Inst., at tho usual
time and place. All members are reipues-
I... - A T II 1 . . . .
iu yu pteaenu, i. ji. ..ujjhii, oeo . j
Cairo, January' 7th, 1870. ' " '
! Hlllll
Tho Athcnn-nm will scarcely scat af
thu people that will turn 'out'toVlght
and to-morrow night, to witness the apti
.I..IU.H,AH .1 ll.l.. .,!. .ttl.T
ui'iu uuiiuuuiiuua utiu iiaiuii iu inu uiiiu
wit, tho creamy Jokes and quaint sayings
of Sklfr &.GayJprd's Iyistrol-i ) Tho
troupe Is'now makftig its eighth annual
tour through thu United States, and
numbering nmdng Its members tti'o" very
best representatives of thu burnt-cork
profesolntii itxli. received oTorywiiero'
Willi evidences of pleasure. It will re
main in Cairo no .longer tjun advertised,)
being compelled to go forward to meet
other engagements.
. . f t t ' T .' iv .
riirul-litilK Jol.
The completest stnch of gentlemenjs
farnlslili) goods In tha.city , is -to lo
fjund ntr.Ijile.- ami Miller's. It would
bo a remarkable want, Indeed. In this
line' that they cannotntlsfactorlly supply
ut the very lowest figures ruling in tlio
market. .. i . . , ) tf.
- - - v
' 1. Cftiitliir-M llnii-plrorttrnt. -
That eligibly situated business house
No. SThornton's block, TcnthjUtrcct, Is
f ir rent. Apply on tho premises.
The Continental is the only cookstovo
Willi sliding oven dpore, Warranted In
all respects. Pitcher fc Henry, at 102
Commercial avenue, cbr. 2th'street.'
Tlio largest stock, of over coats In the
city, at P. FclPs, .No! 70 Ohlo-Lbvoe; 'tf
Knit Jackets, all wool, at the ncttiil
cost, at P. Neil's, No. 70, Ohio Levee
P. Rlcliy has a large utock of huts,
which will he eold ntNew York whole
Kale prices. tf.
RXl dozen genuine English an-1 LIIo
thread socks, at a great reduction in
former prlces.at Peter Nell's, No.7!, Ohio
Loveo. - t-
Por good htlliig clothing rcudy' made
r made to order, go to P. 'Nell', No 70,,,
Ohio Levee. . ,. ., , tf..)
Have you seen thoAlasku boots? They
aro the most comfortable boot in use. For
hiilu at P. NefPs no 70, Ohio Levee, tf.
Shell oyster-, gamu, etc., can alwaya
bo secured at Walker it Slssou'rt icjtau.--ruiit.
Nov 2 tr
P. Rlcliy having determined to close'
out the 'balance of his goods, ut tho
earliest poaslblo moment, will hence
forth sell anything on hand atco.st,a'1
i.iwmtAN cost! tf
Almost giving away. NefT la selling
gent's iiudershlrlH and drawers, and in
fact everything in (Jonfi nndqrwear,ilo
low that,', it doc4 not, look, llko biorlug
them at all. It is more llkiJ-giviug them
'11 1 Vint. Vriii
Hegln It right, by huyrug, for cash,
of J.H. Metoalf, N.. S32 nud 331 Wish.
A v., who has enlarged both house and
utock, and Is now prepared to supply cus
tomers' wlthtlnrMSf TiraTl kinds" of "snTplo
and fancy groceries, 'ql'jo'li.s(v'aro,, errioU-
ery, glassware, yejhiw aiul ltocklng
'ptm ware, table anil pocket cutlery.
All llnih7o'f lUftttsliV grotiiMlrlcdi 'Md1
oaiuied fruits, pickles, elder; honey, syr
up?, fine tens; poflel'H-"ind Jitl,'
oholeo table butter iilwayH'on' latuK ht
iishorl, everyflilng uJuaHyUept 'in ndrrst
class rcpry,; bb.si(lcH ridtlohs to6'itim-.
.eroiiH to mention, all of which will bo
ufctlia rMfMi. AftAiuri i . . i . v i iti .1
VIU,n,i, ,vwnw., .....
(lolnp toHlnjr In Colru.
The ccliibratcd vocalist, Philip Phillips,
wll slug in Cairo, ou thu evening of the
oth of February. Mr. Phillips has a rop
illation us a vocalist by no means coo
lined t- l hi eniiiiiry. A liru nr'i"M h'
HI- l-iil 11.11 , nlil'Hil l' l'l ll
d in.'.i, '...-Mi . r a . e H
iliwinl .1;. linn t.i III 11,'ii.iliuiii ill
ciiiirclies aim MitOiimli -elioofs oi'dl-trl-imted
III the interest of ellitr'ty. ji'lius
commended, he will bu sure to call out
here all the listeners ' the building ho
nay use can accommodate.
A View at our ll'Imrf.-iM,.
The liundrcdls of citizens who surveyed
our wharf yesterday ovenlng! behcld'a
spectacle by no means common any
where outside of Cairo. Fourteen steam
era where moored at oiir.laiidlug, souie
'of them tlio largest thut lloatour Inland
waters. Within tho rangu of oureyuwu
'Saw 'the monster Thomas Dean, thu City
of Alton, tho Kate Kearney, the Ida
Reus, the Charles H.Durfee, the Grand
.Lake, the N. W. C, thu I. N. Kellogg,
the Mohawk, thu Huiiry Ames, tho Dan.
Able and the Mountaineer. Most of
them hud steam up, and t-everal of them
weru enlarging or discharging their car
goes. In addition to those, great barges
that lloal hundreds, even thousands, of
toua, lined thu lauding, n portion of
them freighted with the manufactures
of northern cltles en route for southi rn
markets. Freight Irftllis of thiriy ear- or
mule, iiiuv.il in ami iro, l nuied iiiid
elilply ilia.V.,'a!Mt'rlh over 'll.e nun
aijd aioiig tlie l.t vee, masses of nuin'aii'
Ueings mirrled hither and thither, ioriu
lug as wo have suid, a hpeutaclu rarely
presented any where except In Cairo. If
our Evans vllle and Pnducah friends can
be ptirsuaded to fornake their rural felici
ty for a while, It might do 'cm good to
come down and loo'l; at it.
The St. Nicholas Hllllard Hall Is ono
jof the largest and lest furnished In thu
country. It Is the resort ol both citizens
and strangers who Indulge billiard play
ing. " JauCtf.
Dso'Kuder'a Chill
Cure. "It never
Wjth tho exctiitlqtiijy'royiif qnfwjilqli aro
lower 'oti 'all description, our taurket pr.oicnts
no Important cliungui since our .)ut'iciul
Weekly review.
tu-iitml liuluw Inu boon qultobrhk, and
our wlioltialo dealer ntid coinmhiloti' mer
chant' are pretty actively eiigiigcd in titling
ijrduri for Hour, grocorlv, und pr'diK:o,o iillj
Uir.d. There is but littlo need to trumpet
"VriV .r'!" Vf MtuA Kifrfci, ,ini
times like tiee, when lier iiioreliaiit nruluud
ibg nut only on", but tisvurul ImuH entli day
fur toulhern orU ut high wutvr .rates uV
freight, whllo lior uioru prctoiitiuiu 'ritala
nro bound la fetter of ice, which low water
and plenty of (ami bur render Mill uioru
fiiriiiiilntilo. Their railroad fucilltlo, of which
no Imve lienni to niiieli, do not teem to fill thu
requirement el tin timet, or their culoiuor
either, who, (the tultenU'W,) ore nlVimw pour
ing their order Into Cairo, wlicro thry arc'
lllledjiut as cheaply mi in uny otlitr uuiturn ,
market, with a niving of tavern! day iii.,
tluie, and (marl; H) fifty ;cr cent in fn tyhi.
Flour. The iiinrket lm been ri.thor,
more active aIiic our il inu, with cuiuid-'.'
cruble Inquiry fur Hum nud jupur, wlileh ure
iCnrce, and, eoiifeQuautlj, jier barrel
higher. Other graiig are itvady at previous
ratc. The al rportod coniprho the fol
ow in lot: i
00 bill .Supcrflno at
KOO " Choice do. nt
"20 '
Ct3 "
lit "
X at -I 75
XX, ill lot at.....5 00, 5' 2Sffi5 SO
XXX, In luts.atM.OOO,!) UJQC.OU,,,
t'liolco Family, t 7 25($7 SO
Various griule, in lot, ut
at irotii I 00 to 7 .riQ ,
Corn. Tlio market lum beon weak Inco j
our but report, ntid lilppcr tire Iioldlng oil',
IU kiile" in bulk reportinl, ami tho market is
nominal ut-Un-to 05c. for ,iiew.;lS0 -auk
choice .Mf.wiiri wlilte sold from toruat H7Je
dellvcrnd free on board. ; ,
OittM 'havoboon in good ihipplug ilomuinl,
nud tliuiiinrl.'et hits rtildl st'ily. 1500 nt'k
"II the fcpi't, and .VH)0 bii.hel.s to arrive, were '
i old uu jiri vutii term-. 1 car old at fi-lu., one
i.t o-'i'-. and :i rnr ut W., all cliun.-o Nurtlir ,
i 'ii Out from store, and nil deliver-il. Oiin '
rdriuiixi-d Out, in new LorIaj, uliuii tmek
i t v.b, tuid 00 s-ielj fii,in tor ileltviiruil; ' I
at Mc.
i Ilti3' hi' bwen du)!. mid thy uiiirket j;cn-
rulk weilltl Willi isinmileiHlib- reci'lnle l-i'Iiik
.r... 'ti .... i. ..i... rV.
Illl'l lil c. i itriu I. "ill ii niui'i HllllllHfHI
demand. Side went it Vjr.' tr.ctly tili'iilew
Tiijifiy, Jn lot, I'niiii tro, at li, dulir--red
; ;i cV Timntliy at t. antl.l --jkr jul.tj
iit17 HOV ' ' ! ' ' 1 Ts
tVlto'at I steady, With Miles of 1 car,
No. .1 red winter, at Ujc.i 1 ear low No. " nt
f I per bushel, both on traek,
Tu!M.cW.--At th rcui'ijar'nl'ylyterV
day, tliero were Lut 3 lilidoiifiifoil, whieli,
howoviir, liroui-bt good jirieo There wer
no rojoction', and tlio ule eoniprUed
l ling., irnwi i.ue'. ai." ID'
I d. eomiuon I.i'iif, at
7 80 .1
10 10
do, medium L-nf, at..!
' l'roi ihloiiw.'-nfi) inarktit' I dull and
lower on all ib-jivlptlon, a will bo feeii liv"
(referrn'cirtn rplotnrions, 7'liuro is a inoduriitV.,
..r.litr lilldlllf.ai. ill 1 1 II.. ',1 1 hr. .iltni ..f...i.0 '
. t I i i , I ri inu J' IV.US llllllll-ll.
'i.ivo'anil dreed' Hog, , and ltird ari;.aljv, 1 1
!om SIul i isi-er, ,io. libit, lalii
dr1jLjjl4 iO per barrel.
. Itllltr is (ixtremely dull at from 20 to
25t for ordinary p fair, 'and -'lotto 3Sd,ifiri'
primiojtrjutly cliolco yellow dairy.
Kirirn nro nlentv and dull: 3 biixts old'n't''A
'rfOc.ihippar'i cuutu.
l'oitliry.i'rie' old 'sf.fek' hiU rft .M'V 1 1
wurktM Olf, firices aro rather better; G cuap
Kood (f cll'lcn Chlekwu .fioVI .at'.froiii Kt'Ui;S-!
3 60., and j 1 uooo (ieeso nt Q SO. A lot of
Tlreasod ('tickons and Duck sold at $2 73
nor dozoiiiiuid (Jooo at-tOoj oneli. --
ii i . ..... ia ,-
' 9 A - 1 - , . . , m ....
! run nus ncen in goon iienvuid rur'";
strictly clidco Applet, of which SO bb'ld ,' a
At ft SO, ipd omo iiudl Ion of coiumom'to
lair nt frou 2 so. tv x so.
Iof nt IWurS'm liTineil.ia'iTO
from 2 toj.2" 25 pul'hbl. . ilU i
FrcigitH aro steady, vIthTre6 eirernigs "
find plentyof toiiimgo. 'OoKillyWc'elVV'll
VI Of I ( " I fyl.lltl " '

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