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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 10, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street, Thomton'ij Building.
-1 i
Tin-'ritntf Jourim!,' which lum become
aeemtonied to mi indulgence hi I ho fat
tljlng- continually dropping from the
hands of t lie legislature into, It hungry
muw, l In ii deplorable wtate of mind.
In- pieweneo of Hon. V. J. Allen In
tln'CiMxtltutloiiiil Convention, has made
it nilii-ruljlc; and, morning, noon and
mlit, that gentleman I the tuirdeii of
luniig of lumt'iitiitlon, in L'ntxp.iilHon
with' which the tearful oiityl vlnyw of
Nlol)v or Jeremiah, would, Imvu been
decidedly musical. If a vote li hi the
lu'Uiiilvf, which the 'Journal lielleven
-1 1 .i 1 1 -1 have been in I lie tilth nintlvc, or,
vie- ru, .Mr. Allen I denounced as
the uithor of it dluppoliitinent; and
wln'li, oceinlotia'ly, he thrown lilt vote
with tlie minority, tne 'Journal Iiii-tant-ly
r;ii.lilm wftn its editorial ferule over
hli oillclal linger.". Macheth had not
hal the trouble with Huikjiio'- perdit
nt ghot that the 'Journal' hat with
Allen Holt to that paper what good
. iimr I to lt editor; and If the 'Jour
nal' w.-re to ltw him it would In a In
consolable a-t the fellow who ild hit
Mhadoiv for lllthy lucre. Allen vote.i to
adjourn, and the 'Journal' instantly
point to thU faet, and declare that
n tihiu - butter could he expe.'ted
of a "traitor!" He vote-! to not ad
journ, and tl:e ' Journal ' declares
that any other "robel" Would have
Vitt.l in the punie way! It caIN Into re
i Mtion the powers of Iti imagination,
an I c ture- hlooily-handed relndx, with
MVfiioui malice, tearing iiiuoeeut null
deft nech'f) loyal men limb from lluili;
then, in truncal tonof, crleri "Ah! ha!"'
and Viltit IU mighty pen at the honor
niii. tut ruber from Lower Egypt.
The reader of the 'Journal,' not ac
ipjaiiited with Mr. Allen, no doubt,
bellew that he ha horns, ami Ii a mou
nter of hideout mehi; when, In faet, hel
homli-ee, and oueof the nitmtcourteoui ui
gentlemen, and heldoiu ever utrike.i un
til he ha received a blow. If, tiien, he
is it piThlntent in attack ui he was alow
t ai-K'Ti 1 there reaoon lor Mirprlse, or
emi-e fur denunciation? At all tlme
he ha been no backward champion of
the Colon; ha, always through good
ami evil report, penitently, but with
liolty, ,Mtlvocu-tf political iJoctrluei,
the -.iiece-s of which he hu.-t regarded,
uud which all true patriot uiuU ever
regard, ai necessary to the welfare of
the Itcpuhlic Often trtl-ted by the peo
ple, he ha never been found unworthy
their enulldeii'c. That the 'Journal,'
which wa born In pulltic.il iniiptity,
uud fostered In the eon option of Kadi-call-tn,
should denounce Mich a until U
not a xurprl-dtig faet; but that a paper,
which makes pretension to alillity,
hnuld indulgn In Midi purlle abu-'c a- It
teei proper to heap dpolt .Mr. Allen's
heu'l, In h (act which may well Mirprlie
tho.c who do not know that the 'Jour
u.i ' i- as lirainlerw a it is inallciou".
At the municipal election In Memphis,
held lat Thursday, the Democratic can
ilidue for Mayor was elected by a very
Imge majority, defeating Mr. Walker,
he "ttolter candidate," who received '
the -tipport of the 'Avalanche.1 Mr.
IVulUr wa, probably, inllueitced to put
kluiM'if In opposition to hi party by
Unit inordinate' deslie to hold oillce,
vhieh, occasionally, takes entire pos
t sloii of the best as well as of the wort
( men; and the 'Avalanche' by the
jclicf that the convention which iioml
latetl Mr. Jolinnou had been packed by
wire-worker and "riiiK" men. For Mr.
Walker no good apology can be ottered;
lut In defence of the Avalanche' u greut
l-ul may be .ald. In the first place, the
'ival.iuche,' which, with nil Itx faultn,
ha paper that lend and never follows,
U', of late, cut loo-e from the Irtino
:atlc party, and declared ita Independ
t'u of all political orgauizutloiiH. In
t next place, it believed that wlro
vki rn hud packed a convention and
fe endeavoring to Impose unworthy
Hi upon the people; and, as ti matter
nouioc, being guurdlan of the puh
Uweal, it was in duty bound to do
inco this attempted fraud. Hut the
ulnko made by tho 'Avalanche1 was
ImlHtlng Mr. Walker'H name, and in
plnimlng him to bo the People's Can
de. No ono man, or paper, has any
ri to make a nomination for the peo
pl When the people, alarmed at the
o P'r of;rlngn, wish to vlndlctato their
uurtty, thoy are abundantly able to
ni nominations for themtielveif.
"nan Iowis, Ksrp, formerly of the
'aUcmoorttt,' but now publisher of
Illinois AtluH,' implores tho "Peo
I'l'element in the Constitutional con
t'd, not to penult the democratic
Helical members of that body to
II' .ie State for tho benefit of partisan
J"11!. Ho iuggests that they, (the
"PuHit representatives) defeat such
vllVis designs by giving the print
lb",he convention to him, 'at CO
lei't 1000 ems, und all otler york
l' irtlon.'' The convention had
not,)t accounts, fallen In with hla
77; STATE ,.10 Ull NAL I'.S.
II'. .. ALLEN '
."iigge'j'tlon ; so, we sujiposej tho Htato
will be ''ileeced," simply to reward par
tlzan JotirrtrilH. We are appalled ! 1
Til 12 Hid .HotSTAl' Il.lIL-
A Cairo Brkarh a Xteeiill)'.
We derive no satisfaction from the
assurance we receive that us a through
route for freights the Iron Mouutam
road Is a failure, and that If .St. Louts is
the only, relltiiicu. for means to bettor' ltf
It must remain a failure. The road Ic
new, the embankment unsettled, the
grades heavy, thurvcH tthurp, the roll
ing stock Insufllcient aud the means for
handling freight Inadequate. To trans
fer freight from steamer to cars or vice
versa at lielmoitt, with p.'esenttucllltlcs,
Involves a cost, we are informed, of
more than one dollar iter ton. The in
clined plain at Kelmont la not built, and
tlto-e who have observed the hauling,
rolling aud tumbling involved in the
loading of trains thcrc,arc of the opinion
that, at the present cheap rate pf
freights, when the coftoicAu rebuilding
Is paid, there is no margin lel, to, coyer
co-t of transportation. The supply ol
rolling tock Is lnsulllcleut. To establish
the ln.t through freight line demanded
by the emergencies of the time, Col.
Allen nsks of fit. Iuls ltl0,000! If $1,000
would answer that end, St. Louis would
refu-u to furnish the money. Hence, if
Col. Allen depends upon Kt. Louis to
supply the needed rolling stock, he would
be disappointed if hi wants extended no
further limn a truck ami a pair of hand
l-'or all these defects there a cure
which Col. Allen may, nt any titn, em
ploy. It Is to be found In the extension
of Ills road to Ulnl's1 Point, " where the
deep water and .abrupt banks reftijcr the
interporltiou of cosily inclined plains
uniiecct.ary. II v doing thl he could
command ner. InlltlOifee" and through
them the means uecensury to stock the
entire road. The problem of,a successful
and tinobstructubiesouthern outlet would
then be solved: and In tlierausnortatlsn
of ores from the Inn: Mouutainfnr smel
ting at Cairo and lllrd' Point mid for
reslilpmetit to Pittsburg, a business would
soon arise which, added to the through
trade and travel, would make the roud
one of the best paying ones In the Mis-I-stppl
Valley. Through shipments
over it would meet the great steamers that
nt all time of the year navigate the
southern water, or Hud transit by the
Junction railroad, hlcli, by that time,
will bring its trains to the Kentucky
bank opposite. With Its pre-ent con
nection and terminus the road is prob
ably all It ever will be; and that it is fall
lug to fitlllll the expectations of Us origi
nator" anil builders, Is a faet which even
Us pre-ddeut feels no disposition to deny
or dlxgul-e.
----- . -A
The Ceutralla '.Sentinel' proposes a
convention of the editors aud newspaper
publishers of Southern Illinois, to be held
at Dti (Juoln on the loth of February,
next. The Miggentiou is a good one; uud
we hope it may be acted upon without
any uiine-osary delay. Arrangement
should be perfected, uud the programmo
of the convention made out, during tho
present mouth.
One Mr, Casebolt, publisher of the rad
ical jiaper in the neighboring town of
Cape Girardeau entered Into a contract
with the authorities to print the council
proceedings fur ono hundred dollars per
year, llelng a Ilttlo "hard up" he put in
a bill for $'Jf) oO for their first month;
promising to perform the printing of the
remaining e'uven months for Jlfty cents.
The council refusing to inakostichiin un
reasonable allowance, Casebolt sued his
cotemporary, of tho 'Argus,' expecting to
make the money out of him ! at least so
says the Argus.'
Two Opinions of V.. M. Stanton, llerrased
lion 11 a U ml the Irmplil Aalucli.
iLctU-r Iroin I'i!t. j t ,
Arlinston;iIoue, liv. '-;, 1PJ.'.
The legend, so beautifully-' r.epdtrod
by Wendell Phillips In ono of his spokeu
poems, of tho magician whose touch
made truth palpable and brought down'
tho loftv, while it exalted the lowly, has
found Illustration in tho last two (jays.
Tuu magician Is Death;1 mid tho sub
ject Is Stanton Hllnd prejudice, party
zeal, personal enmity uud all the little
passions that so long held, the' war sec
retary, In obscurity, us it were, have
cleared away, and..wecomo to mourn'
over the losx of our greatest and best.
VVo see him, now, a ho wusjnuver seen
before, and into the dull ear of Death is
poured In latnoutatlou tho praises that
should have been his jvJUIq yet.wllvo.
Members of congress met In tho sen-(
ate chamber, and it was proposed nnrt
accepted to bury our'great man from the
capltol. It seemed to strlk6'!al as ap
propriate. I iflch 6he fell tliat 'no- mark
of respect, no evidence of esteem and
love, could be strained. The highest
honors we are capable of giving are1 his
of rluht.
The day wai dull, being overcast with
clouds, aud raining, as If nature sym
pathized with the grief of the great
crowd. I saw tho long cortege move olf
toward the cemetery, containing tho
leading men of our Government, and I
tried to select some cue from among
them to whom I might transfer the ad
miration I felt for the departed. I could
not remember one and wondered If there
was a single man among them all whose
death would command such earnest de
monstration of sorrow and respect, or
whose memory
anotl'cr generation.
would earn to cherish.
It I. a small thing, after all, thla bug-W
f-lnir in nn.ilvw bo boneof momorv
after death. What Is It to the dead
Stanton that we go splashing through
the rain aud mud. to burv him? A hat
recompense Is this for tho duys of toil,
and nights of sleepless care, aud the
heavy despondency that weighed him
down, at times, almost to suicide? What
return is it for tho loss of sweet domestic
"Aii 1 lli.t uuiilciil iriiiK wiltli
flic Sai,"! in iiiflit.Uioii found."
In what Is he better oll'thau the epau
tctted Sphinx, and the, swashbuckler
Sherman, or the crowd of dignified Sena
tors, and solemn Solon?, aud ull the oill
clal greatness that swelled tho throng?
It Is well that Stanton died when his
work was done. It would have been
painful to have seen him, after his great
life, that was a buny life, directing great
armies, making aud uumakiugcaptulns,
and molding a revolution out of a civil
war, to have seen him, I say, burled
alive lu the Supreme Court. It were
well If all men 'lied with their useful
ness. How pitiful it Is to see some mas
ter mind surviving his tusk, and living to
administer upon his own cstito of fame.
If tills were the law, however, some of
Our lives would be brief indeed. How
the procession that followed the dead
Secretary to his narrow home would
have thluned out and left vacancies in
Ofllclal life. Rut, fortunately for us ull,
the Lord Is kind, and Useful or use!cs,
we are permitted to live on. And we
have, f living, our little comfort, our
lttle vanillas, and our friend. Eveiy
creature, however small, has some crea
tion yet smaller for a pralie. This Is a
hlci-scd dispensation. Why, I believe,
recognlzlnv' this law, thatuvun Chandler
old Puttyfacej has friends, and t'ig-lron
Kell supporters. If wo would possess
ourselves of a microscope aud look care
faly, 1 believe we could lind peopla who
bolleve'lu Mungcn aud lien. Jiutiur.
The last two great ncUdone by Stan
ton were In dylnp when his work was
done, and dying poor.
What a stern rcbuxe there was in this
to some of the Senatorial inmates of car
riages that splashed mud on honest men
as they rolled on slowty in vehicular
grief after the departed, Lvt the people
lift up their voices and lament, not in ro
memberanceof his great deeds, when ho
gavo brains to Grunt, Sherman and
Sheridan, aud swung our cades trium
phantly through tho sulphury smoke of
battle over a fallen confederacy, but, re
collecting how uutirlngly aud earnestly
lie fought thieves great crowds of
theives, robbers, hungry, cruel thieves,
aud. . rebuked them all at last In the
stainless purity of his publlu and private
And so we buried .Stanton. I thought,
as wu moved slowly along, of the many
putting on the semblance of grief who
won the world's praise bravely in ofli
cial life, aud owed all thoy had to the
datl Secretnry. And here they were
alive and well, getting the honors that
were denied to him until uttcrdeath.
J' nun OioMeni.lii'AtUiili,' 'it.,
A bad man has gone to his long ac
count. A villain has shuttled oil' thl
mortal coll. A despot has kicked the
bucket. There was great rejoicing in
piudemonlum yesterday. Since that
eventful day when Adam uud Evu man
ufactured clothes out of Jig-leaves, there
has been, many largo gatherings In hull
and on earth. Rut tho cavalcade that
turned out in the Infernal regions to
greet Edwin M. Stanton, who died yes
terday, wa9, In all probability, the largest
that ever paid tributo to u congenial
spirit. Stevens had been awardetl the
premium for being tho biggest sinner in
all purgatory, aud he Is no
doubt now Jealous of Stutiton, who
ho knows will put lu for the medal,
with a good prospect of winning it.
That muwkUh sentimentality which
would throwUho mautlu of oblivion over
the misdeeds of tho dead rasuals cannot
be observed in chronicling tho death of
Eivlii M. Stanton. The most exquisite
tortures servod' .Stanton enjoyment.
The tyranny of Tyhorlus was forgotten
lu his enormities. Ho roveled several
years in tormenting all over whom ho
had power, but when ho offended heav
en and earth by hanging un Innocent
woman like a dog, God vlbited him with
rigitcous auger, uud Binco tho consum
mation ofthis utroutious deed Stanton's
physical system commenced decaying
an" brcuklug up, and without a single
tiopu earth, destitute of Christian j-ellg-Ion
lie died, aud a Ilttlo soul, steeped lu
sin, went to tho devil.
In nature ho was rovongful und mal
ignant, aud so stubborn in opinion that
he rarely changed his viows or relin
quished u nurposo. Ho was as remorse
(lets,aud cruel in disposition as a Caman
oho' Indian, aud Joyously and without a
shudder would have turned the Southern
people over to massacre und thoir homes
to desolation. Ho was serouo. not from
philosophy, but from temperament aud
torpor. He belonged eminently to tio
animals known as cold-bloods. No Im
pulses over stirred tho feoblo and slug
gish currents of his moral or niqntal na
ture. To cull him a brute would bo a libel
upon tho dog. Of humanity ho was des
titute. Ho was servile, he was cowardly.
Tho manner of his death, hows tho
linger of rotrlbutloU, 4le liuiigered for
.blood, for a position that would enable
nlni to bedevil a defensolesH people. A
Presidont, as mv'U' aud. malignant as
himself,, appoluted him Unitodf States
Supreme .Court Judge. This power
caused the tiond to burst into wild, de-
munlac laughs. Hut that God who
would not normlt the buildets to occupy
i tbo Impious tower on the plains of
rjlllliur Biooie inu unciiuua rvuuumei nu
that ho died. Nearly all tho conspira
tors against the life or Mrs. Surratt have
been blotted from the world they dis
graced. Couver was sent to tho peni
tentiary and Andrew Johnson was con
signed to private life. Holt still lives,
but.stlll praya for death. Htauton has
gone and Holt will soon follow, for not
more certainly Is he burnt who puts his
hand in tho flames than Is ho punished
who commits a moral wrong. The
wicked man's "sins will find him but."
It Is not an agreeable duty to Inscribe
tho true character of an Infamous public
man on His tomu; nut u is an imperu
' ' . Mltt dead. Mtanton, tlie nfamous, is
drinking molten Iron, trading in pyro;
lectin ics and Droning ii
aud tho people refolce.
THROAT. , ...
fmtniMllalo at(i-Mi6n,
neglect cltcn r-.ultf la n iii'UtnlIf
I.ung Df-coa.p.
llroun's llruuclitul Troches
will nio.t liivn.-l'l)'KUi lu tnt rnllvf..
l'ur Hrincliltl, Atluii, CatHrrli, Con-
HUiaiitlve nuil Tliront lHnetn, tli.i' lire n
vjotliln? eflrel
it.utln .il t ) efvar ml .troiutlif n (lie ue.
Oxin to tliu xwil rrukillonnd niul.irlty ft rti
Trofhe, many wortlile- ami clicuji imttatlun are
ollrred, which aregjoil f r nothing. 1J tur W;
OBTtis the triti- f
Itneliclor's Hair Uj'.c.
Tin I
i .1uii IIJ Jtnlr ly i tha tot In the vrutld; tbe
no ml K-rfeoi bye; hirmlen, rellalllelntn-",
only (rua
Itiusui. no ili.uujKiiiitiuculi nt tiuicuiotn nnn,
rime.lle the 111 I'lTedtii.lr 'hd dyci rnrtjiorate and
letreKtli- Hair .oft ad tK-autlfnl, tlavk or brown.
Sold by l! InuKuM' (uiU I'erfitan'ri-t nd properly
Bpj'Iief at ll.tchelor Wig l'enry, No. K llond
tr.-.-t. New orli HoSMlwlT
DruUv'n Collrrltuu
Of utlty .'.a-s.iiii irt-i fur tnnkliij Iraniiy
all Ullid. ol Wait-, liili, AU. lleer. fordiale, Sllierinl
Cider, ami iiitivii other u.efnl Infwiination for tho
di'aIiUIUOrtiinitf.Ktunnli)'ofthe uUpVe, eillitl
f.ir the trade or homo ilf. , I
sent by mati, fiee of iOta(ia, lor : eeuti. Addre
R. K., NOltMANUr, M Market Uri el, ."t. l.utU, Mo.
1 jdaw1
IfYuH Want "
Miitertal tn make a dollar Ixitile f the.hi IUU He
iurtleeef iivmI lor re-Uriiij gray hair in uorij
Ulal color, aeud cent. for a JM.'kafln. , ; , ,
ir Von Wnnl
vi... vri,n 'tvtli. IleallhrGumt.anil u aweet treath
."end foronr .TUHKlsll rtENII'.lKICK.- Ijf.-'SA
cecla, W T1
It Jam Wast
A ureeiire for lleada-he, tlitarrb, IValuee, or but
iib lu ui er. -.end for our .srKltXUTA'IHHV
I'rii'e a tent..
UO.Kilharof lht"oH eit pnt-pai'l on L.-ipt
ot pnee.
Adil'eaa Ju.eph K. U. ilur, l MaiUil ilieel, M.
I.Oitn. !. ' -.JT Idw
A Ultra Collection. .loaiia' ItrctJpta.
MagiArt", Pteoerie, ete., comprlilnj alnah
lnforinati..n I'or ever) ImI). .ienl by mail, (free i
M.t4re)for .'n ciit.
AiMrrt. l..lUMANlr,.WI Market ..t, St.
l.ou i, lx lW tlawl)
iior T.OSH how iti:sTo.ci:i:
Jil-it l'ltbljuUedia (ealed aaffloj-o. J!rlo, Ucelita
and Kaa'ti-al Cure of fiterriiHlorrlioea, or rtnine
Weakne... Iniuluutary i.n-.iunuiona. Sexual NMlity,
and Impedimenta to )Urrinj;e generally, NerTOii.i'i,
C'oti.iiniptloa, KpilepeV. mid nti MenUl and I'tiy.i
uul Incapvnjf' reaiillini; fruta kelf-alniMs e., hy
Hurt. T Cctraaarll, M. !., aii'.horof Iku "Orein
A Itoon to TltouaMiitlw ul Sllfterera."
rUBlonderiAtl.ina plaiu enelop,toanrdHrf.
poitpald an receipt of ix eenta, or two pattsjo
larnp, t UlAS, J. f. Kl.l. 4 CU..
157 llowery, Xitv York, Vast Oft let' Ihix
AUoDr, OUTcrwen'a ' M.rrlai!''.''"!''' " I"!"' -
cent. 0,r trti-wJiii ,
ui:.i:it.n. xmis'k's.
H i V . t
Copper, Tin ami Sheet Iron
iTOBB I IVX 5a-" X3
. i . . . 'i
(Aboro Die Market Home,)
hootlni. (iutterini!. hinxitiii mii
lid (itealubo4t Wpfi
idane in a nnat and xiUtauttal nu
manner, at abort no
lice. .1 .
jwtrtiea aud eranatUt, at abort notice, andiH rcaou
atla tcruia. Laitoua it au on uvary lutvuaueat.
ttalil&tira'cvn fafh mfrLL l.tll.lK..i I r i
"""I irevmaui wuar, I
TI. M. II U L E IST :x
Wholoanlo Grooor
Coin lulftMlea Merchant,
Hnrln removed to No. 71 Oltto t,otee, ncit Joor to
City .Nutionnl nnk, w)ir with lttr rncllllln ami
UrKer Mock", lie collelt.1 the jontlntuncn ot twtrnu
nttcof lil former ctutomer, wrtl a. thnl of r
many new.
Nuprriur croinninUt lonx lor Klnrscr
mill (he JlnnUlliiff ur all klnila of
l'roilnci mi I'oiiiiiilaliin.
Cairo, HI., June 1, ISC. rtiy31 Jil
w hoi-k s a 1. 1: (J it o ; i-: it .
IVT 33 n C II A N 1'
Nu. "ij Ohio Ltvee, Cairo,. III.
Hpfolal Attention ttveu to cuiirlxumeutii nj filllnfr
tirderF. in-l'l ,
, , , , , . . ni. ."il(iiiii
(nroe.,or tnKlrattou, IlnJ.i.u J. Clark), ., ,
(Jrocers and Commission MereJiaiiU."
Agfntict .!'! ' "
Amerlrnii I'oniler (',., mill .Mnuillai'llircra.
A if r ri In Tor cotlmi YaniH,
fin. 07 Ohio toee, 'nlro. III. ' '
Ofl3'69Jtf , ,i
gAML VILS0N, , "
Di aler In
XIO Ohio
C'nlro. Illinois."
Kxclualte la ui
.UJK.NT., , aUiifv
I Nil. HO Olilo I.evei., 'nlio. IIHiiiiIn. C'
lOrlen xihrlli'd and r.nlpiljf
md ttilii'ii?f1l)
i Oidtt)t'l
1 - r- nun
)VAS 'P. I'AltlCKIt. JOHN II. I'lllI.I.ltj.iJw
1 . I . I ' "
C'oiiituNslou aud KonrunWng ilt-rchsiiiaut
And llealem la
liny, t'urii, ttmtn, Hrnn, mill nil liluda 01 '
(Willi I.NYI-.
apt dtf
OHIO LKVKK ,.r,CAli:u, IL.I.., , .
i" hf ... -i
- - i a i arj
I.:I. ay tits,
A YKltS A CO.,
! T'IjOUII . . .
VM M 1 S S I O .V M E Jl C 11 A Nt 'J'S '
All. Ull tllllol.rtff, CA1HU, II.L. iul
niarl'illf i .tlj ,
l'HILLII'.S & CO.,
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Forwarding ami Cumiiilsiioii Jlorcltaut
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