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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 12, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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For col fitting clothing rcudy made
or made to order, go to P. Ned", No 7f,
Ohio I.t'VeU. If
Hiivt; you seen thoAluska boots? They
nn' Hid mo.-t comfortable bout In UHe. For
mii Itt lit 1'. NeniH no '
Shell oysters, name, etc., can alwa
'It, Ohio Lovue.
win i' is it ?
A Itilcallait 'fai'llioio wham II
U; nei'iued at Wulker A HIhhdii'h
Nov t! If, a
P. Hlelly having determined to uMi'
out tlu balance of his goods iat"the
nurllest jinwilbUt moment, -will heucc
forth null anything on liiiud at cost, a Nil
i.Kst'riiAN' Cost I tf
Tito Ho v. Mr. HroAii, o; the colored
Methodist uLiureh of thin til ty , i conduct
ing it protracted meeting thut It winning
st'orc of colored people from t lit paths
..e I. ...I.. ...... I. i i.i . r' '. '
II li.i.tijiitnii, ii II MIDI IIIUl IIV IIU
lnrK! tin J very enthusiastic I'ongrcgu
tli. n-.
- -
To do housework In u Hrull family '
Uood WHfH uud pleasant houiu.
Apply toC 1'. 1'ur.ou at the qucons
wur Iloiue on Tenth til., or ut house,
vomer Mli uml Wnliuit, 3t.
"hi iliiitii genuine KiikIIxIi t"t Lisle
tlinad hiicltn, ut a ureal reduction In
fi.i nier iirli-ert.Ht I'oier Nell's, No.79, Ohio
, lvrt?, tf
I'baMgr ml Firm.
The family grocery bualueas heretofore
conducted under tho name of Mm.
vYood, hM pacd Into the hands of li. F,
hchols & Co., and will under that name
ud tye, t contluutd. All debts duo
Mm. .Vond must be paid to thciiuwllrm
aud all dubt owing ly her will le paid
ly them. I
Hah a it Wood.
Jn-10-lS70.3t. U. F. KcmomJ.
Connubial Felicity, 'othlnjc tends
uioro to counumai nappiness man cneer
ful and healthy Infant and childrtn
.Mrs. Whitcoiub's Syrup Iri a'fcreat chll
dreu1 soothing reatedy... tf&wlw.
' ii
A colored woman, a resident of the
barracks, "overlaid" her Infant child
night btforo last, and, waking up in tllo
morning, found It a corps. Hho slept
soundly that the cries and struggles of
me child failed to disturb her. .
me m. aicnoia Milliard nail In one
of the largest and best furnished In the
country. It is the resort of both citizens
uud stranger who Indulge billiard play
lug. j JanGtf.
(Jure "It never
Una Kuder's
I)o you want ai stylish bat? Neirs Is
the placo and the only placo to find
them, of all the lateil fashion and in
great abundance. His stock. In thin Hue,
cannot bo equalled In Cairo. tf.
Tli; Continental In the puy rook aovo
with sliding oven doors. Warranted In
all respects. I'itcher A Jlenry, ut lfci
... , .......
ommorciai avenue, cor. i-in street.
'1 he largest stock, of ovur ojoaU In the
city, all. Feir, No. 79, Ohio Levee, tf
Milk HM.
The stock of silk hats at Miller k Mil),
er's comprlse!i the very latest sty lea, ud
the finest make of tho Reason, Tqe
VUrlr.fl 1.1 UltlU Wt. a I ftl.A uljuili la.....
.a BIVNk t.U .UVM W4U
anu prices nave teen regutaiu to nar
in.uilze with the times. Call In and ex
amine, tft
lav HI. MlrhoUii lloUl bum Haauraut.
This popular and eligibly located house
tf juibllu entertainment la now lilted
and furnished throughout Iu good style';
and, under tlie matiagemont of Messrs.
Walker & Slsaon, is doing a largo and
thriving busluesd. It is kept upon the
Kuropedti plan the guest culling for
what ho wauU when ho wanta It, wheth
er In the day or ulght time, and payug
iotily for what ho ortlerx'. 'The' rooms aro
largo uud clean, furnished with the, best
of bod and boddlng, whllo ull othor fea
tures of the establishment are arrauged
with an especial eye to the comfort arid'
convenience of the guests. JaOtf
The Kgyplian blacking gives thu 'test
polish of any In the market; uud with
the least labor Manufactured by J. 1X
Phillips, Corner Washington Avenue and
14th st. Forsaloby C. Schulti, 1'. G.
tiohuh, D. Arter & Co., and M. J, McQau
ley. ' i i
NelPs is the place to buy your Shirts.
Ho has on hand a magnificent stock,
at prices that defy competition. f For in
stance ull wool llanuel shirts,, one dol
lar and a quarter each well made. tf.
r H . .
The undersigned tuke pleasure in syr r
lug iliac ipoy nava jjust ,rcolyeU irom
' Messrs. Haffbnl, Morris & Caudee, f 1600
00, being tho full amount of the house
Insurance of senior partner In tho North,
America, of Philadelphia, and further
thut all our marine losses Insured wllh
thorn, have always mot with prompt
uud honorable buttlepeu, t., 1 1 t
It A. Mackik& Co.
87 Ohio Loviio. ,
. , f f t
One Joseph Biso slipped and 'fol -ea
the loy sidewalk In MouudCltyjpjo day
last Sveek, tho fall by some means dis
charging a loaded revolver which ho. was1
carrying iu his pautaloou'a pooket.1 Tho'
ball perforated his"membrano virile" anil
hillicted a painful wound, but "not a
dangerous one. It is ihtlwat, that
Joseph was exullorated.' ,,, , ;., . '
Tho steamer Charles H Durfee, lying
ut our wharf,is loadsd In part, with wag
ouh Intundod for tho southern market,
In llko muuncr Is frolghtod at least oue
out of .every tlvo-iof th down bound
we might prolltably Improve. It tells' us
that Cairo might supply a largo portion
-of tho wagTjtf,"ploWi4'ilnd other farm
.implements furvhleh tharo Is now such
uutlvo.deuaud.lm.itbw 8outli.CIu
cluuatl, five hundred"mlles distant up
tho Ohb river; tit. Louis, two hundred
Milieu, uud Qulnoy and Peoria, four hun
dred miles distant up tho Mississippi,
manufacture thoso article, sond them by
our doors, and realise from their sale a
handsome profit.
On. the very coupijos oj our city grow
tlii? oak aulTfilokory llfat at' least two
of these cities employ. Our timber is
freighted hundreds of tnllott; to poluts
where labor k no cheaper and fuel' If
not sp,cheap thore..mauufaotured into
wagons, plows, reapers and inoW4ira,AudJ
frelghtod back again to ilud sale In tho
couutry below us. That such things aro
done, speaks 111 of our enterprise, or,of
the knowledge of the public, concerning
the advantages iu that respect that oUr
locality possesses. Wliy,,Ju the uitni
of common sense, with timber, fuel,la
bor, a market, and unequalod means for
luouisirmutiou or the manufactured ar
ticle., are not these plows, wugous, reap
viii, uuiuoHin anu mowers maiiuiaciatr-i
od hero in Cairo? If it Is not Isscause of
a fueral want of a'ppraclatTon of our
advantage la that particular, or a waat
of odterprlse on our own part, we aro at
; low foral,aDwe.l'If:-'raanufaclurers
Iu that Hue, olsowhere, pay1 double
frclghU, aud prosper, there Is no raaaou
wby the niaaufaetarer hefe'; Irellevad-
iroiu.,uiat.uraeBr aigu. bb. fainy "foju
money' growwealthy, In fadl. ln a few
years. .Jha) theo U. ready and ftcW-j
vonient markot for 'all articlM of that
kind Umtould,be made here, tho torn"1
taerce borne by u on tho waters , of our
rivers, present all' tho aroof that can W
aakd.for. tThat our woods are full of
Uie tiiabarsirequlrod, may be ascertain-
ed by ii fewhoUrs7 rido; and that, tho
cott ofruela"rjar1abor Tnferposo bo ob
stacle.raayjfBwaettlod by a momont's in
quiry. Then why is It, we repeat, that
Cairo, as well aa Cincinnati (jit. Leuls,
Qulncy and Peoria, la not covering the
roefs and crpwdkm vtke guard of tho
Chaw. II. Durfee and other stoamvrs.
Itli agftcolTuraf fmfilomonU for South
ern markeLs',' Wo submit tho question
for the aeriousooasideratiou of tho many
ooncerued. i
Titt! i.Arrrii ai.arxku aj tiik way
he Yearns far a throngh WlaUr JKaut
Tho last dumber of tho St. Louis 'Jour
nul of Commorco,' in a double column
article, Illustrated with cuts of tho Cairo
and Dunlleth grain elevators, sets forth
the advantages of the great through
route via Illinois Central and the 'lowe
Jllsslsilppi, and appeals to the merchants
and capitalists of St. Louis to bestir
themselves. in. .the. work of onenlmr
through Winter route for that clty.Jest
''tho sceptor depart from Israel." Wo
quote as follows:
The Illinois Central Railroad Comnanv.
are enabled, through tho convenience
or tho bridge across tho rivor at Dubuaue.
to run loaded -cars of wheat diroctly
across and unload them with their ele
vator or switch them directly on to their1
tmplr uml fair, ttirim rn tn fal t.l.l.i
unloading. Onco there, tho grain can
bo run Into tho Company's r elevator at
vanu, ui niiiuu mu tuiiuwiui? is ant uius
.,- . " u -
The hlaaseat f Tum Ca4tf Cast.
It has beeu observed that for aevera
weeks past, no Texas cattle have arrived
Iter to' gh forward byrilL1 The reason
for this is that they are com!ug,,fprward
In" barrels Irisiead'ofo'u foot' Tliey aro
now brought to Shrovoport, liouiaiana,
uerti mey are Hiauguieroa,uarroieu anu
shJpfMiti. Tw or three 'days ago the
steaaier Mountaineer .UfBght(iup nlno
teeu hundred aad iifty tierces of Texas
beef, -and within the. laeraaible short
spate of five thours, the iwbolo lot was
loaded on tp;tUf,rof th IIBhie Line,'
apd made ready to go forward. By tho
sUamor.U. M. Sureya elghUw.' Jiundrod
auUflfty tierce more ware expected, last'
nigut, anu moat probably arrived. The
cargo of thelloubtaineer loaded a .train
of thirty-eight cars. The4 consignment
by tho II. M. Hhrovo will fill thirty-six
tcnf j' v mint jji .t u
WuaxeisCouBd.tbat thoro aro about
ten thousaud tlorces awaiting shipment
at Shreveport, and as through shipments
ya. Cairo caa, be. made; ouvbaMjar terms
than by auy otherroutc, it is quite rea
sonable to, suppose, that the wholo lot
. .... 1 w r . ... n
win paasurpugu .tarn cny, t.ureigau x
C,, New York, are the conslguoos.
We eanaot let tho preeent oeeaslou to
cohimeod tho promptitude and oUier ex
ShjucVes of th'e'Blue fas't freight line"
pass unlsapBOvad .It ahdoubtedly furu
isbes the quickest, cheapest and best
means of carriage naw oxbUng boiweou
mo nouiu auuiue Aiiauuo seaooaru. us
tariff of chanres are lessvthaa:auv ather.
and for expedition iu tho dUpoaaljof its;
trusts lt,atas uu auccDSsful compatltdr. At
Cairo the facilities for transferrins
froighs from steaiaot to cars or vlos yona,
are eiual to any demauds, the transfer
beluq. effected by machinery, aud, If uoc-
essary, eullrwly under- oover. ! .Five
thousand tierce of beef, ouh thoisaud
hogshead of sugar 4 Jof'flfteeu
thoutauii barrel of Hour might bo ijand-lotLluaslugla-aay.
These-faellltlos, in,
counectiou with the abuudauco of ralliug
stoek at the command of thttrmilroad
company, and. the over open navigation'
of the Mississippi houco to tho Gulf ren-
derltkls routtfbttweeta the BouUi anil the
Northoast, vustly superior to auy
iu existence.
llegln H. right, by buylng7;fqi cash,
'i Hem follows a cut of our olovator.l
At Cairo the St. Louis Barge Llnfe'coV
nect with' tho railroad and takethe
wheat directly from tho cars or from the
t'fcyatdt. without, extra charge. Last
wluterrover 'half'ft aallUoo IiumIihIhi nr
wueai were sent is aiow urieans tjy litis
,uVr iuu mo prouauuity. is iuai a mucti
larger quantity will pass, over tho route
sturlug tho present wluter.
' ,Tlio point wo-wish'. to::xnako is,' that
the Kertk-lffsseurl read sliould bo rapid
ly, rshe(forwars7eTOttumwa, and
tbeeat, hastened- rapidly on to Cedkr
FalKarfd so'oti through to, the MlnaeV
aotftllae. This would Up the sources of
supply which feeds tho Central road
aud turn a large portion of tho Iowa
grain ta this city, rather than, to Cairo,
. We have not the slightest oblation tn-
Jho world to tbo earrviBa- bv tho Illinois
Central rail roadjif all the wheat or'any
'other "class of frelghTthey can got to
-carry; lu fact, we' prefor to soo them
prosper ratbor than not, but wo deslro
more than tlils.tbatSt.iLoalsihould. In'
Ciiase Uf buiiasWrispeclaJly bor win
torbnslness. y ij
M iWe aro ota the very be) 'lermB .with
nf Illinois Central Comnapj, and thoro
liljaot a maa Ia',thelr employ whom wo
uu uuk ivapecL, uui linn iiiusi J101 UOlOr
us irora: uralmr our Merchants to oIva
feTtry aia to tho ITdrth MIsabur ,
Six It
Tho Joint mcetine of tho cltv council
took tho Initial1 'step, last night, in a
movement we regard fraught with ira
portanoo to Cairo If intelligently and
Judiciously pursued, it will have tho ef
fect of ivitallzlng overy department of
trade in our city, and lead to the upbuild
Jtjg.of a manufacturing interest equal to
tbodomands of tho surrounding and trlb
utary counjxy, - For instance, tho ap.
polutineik- domnaltte consisting of
f&uV TSlttzenslnd five members of he
council, was authorized, which commit
tee. Is to determine, what additional
maB8tfxiomBldlcatlonwltli tho con
tiguous reglenS'of Illinois, Missouri and
KouUtcCy aro necessary; and to report
tlicrcon, BUggostlug'dt tbo' same tlmo the
best plan ior raising money io provide
tho samo. Tho cemmittoo was also
charged with the, duty (of corresponding
wltlTmanufacturora tsoeklne a location
in Ibo Soktll or Weit,to" ascertain what
luauueiucuifl aucii parties wouiu ass: io
looatoih CairoV; ' (v)
TUatt all ' thlsjls notldld form wo aro
tatlsAod from tno.teniprf the council;
if, by a safoand, Judicious uso of licr
crVdlttbu'city can built up a largo manu-factarIug'ln'tt'rest,,,bvorv''conilderatWb
of pablio policy and iudivldual Interest
r . . i . . . . r . M .
suggest inac, ii; ue uano; Anu (ir. uv the
Jsutne means, suftlcleut grayol, pluuk or
turrrpiKo ronus can uo puut into tno
urrqnhdlng couritry,' td onabla the
farmers, gardeners ana stock growers 'to
. t. -I . l li v "S ' ...
rvavu ourtuanasiai aiiasnauiis oi me year,
it would be,lnexistiablp ,aot to 'employ
those means., Thwe;m.embers of tho
council understand, ana bellovlng them
selves IhTestod wlth tlfd legal fight to
act, thoy wlU'net haekato to discharge'
wuaiinoy. aa cuarutana oiduuiiq atiairs.
conceirotbba'theJr'd'utv: . i -i o
We. with' thManeVf the communl.'
1 J. .-.II J.HJ.M.i.I.l.i. i . '- ". ' -
j, nnuiu uTcaitawsisywilu BagerjUl-,
blest, i hoping aMd' bellatlng that .'the
council hasiuauguratodraieasarta'that'
will rirevo fruitful in arood to tho' cltv.
. . ; -
Maa .KHMallky. tbe Car. j J
Jack Martin, flklng tho. position?' laf
noK oi.i ioo awiner ' wary iiaviutre.
ashore .yesterday ovonlng, and
your powurjto compIoUon, and then en- visiting a number of our saloons; became
courage t the wranlotlon of those law dMplyilhMJqad., After ilghtifaU two
lines which weulrf g ve us command it 0V i.u acTiualutancefc uttomntod,
a srreai sonnir wneat area and rum n
creat snrinir wheat area and furnish
business for all our mills during tho win
Every mill la the city should now . be
ruunlnir full tlmo on sorinir wheat. nVf
. i . . . .
paring low graue nour io Jill, mo eariv
noutuern ordora with. Tnev aro not.
though, and why?' Simply because there
is no spriu'g wheat.bere. What will bo
tho result? Our mills will stand ldla
our miller have tbo Mum all winter. th
. 'l. "f-.-A . 1 m ' . . .
eaiiy souuieru oruers ior tow graues wilL
ycy nunt'to idol boat, bat ho bWomlng
perfectly helpless, a that it became ne
cessary carry him, they soon wearied '
oi tuoir liurucu aim ert nini.iying on tho
raliroad'track. . Tho fated man foil into
a doep alumberj und lying In sucii.a po
sition that'ho'could tiofbo seen by1 the
9th er.
f JtH.Metoalf, No. 032 aud334 Wash
YmlVr0 W JM house and.
stock, andjlauow prepared to Hiipplyj cus,-
tomoru wlth tue 6siof all kJs(dadf staple
tdja9yt groceries, queens ware, crock
ery," glass war yellow ana Booking-
-hawwarerUMfl-ina ocWrcutleryT
All kinds of salf fish, groou, dried, and
cauued fruits, pickles, cider, honey,1 syr-
choice table batter always qa.baud. Iu
ahort; eVerythin
ylhtug usually kept in a llrst-
clnss grocery; besides notions, toti num
erous to mentlou, all. of which will be
sold at the low cat figures." tf. '
(engineer, tho - next train that nawed.
ktUotl htui. TbUmoiuliiK tils iluhd body
JOU CbTcio Calroirf; Rlhcr T found lying-near tho tfack.nd was
merchants will make the money ours ,dlspobf by (Keceu'uty. ,
MhotUd make, and which ours woitfd : ---
make, too, were the winter route for1 Cbalce white sugar, 6 pounds fitrfl 00;
Iowa wheat chanted by the -comnlotion extra brawn mhtrnr. 7 nniimlu tnti t' no.
of bur railroad connection with tho Iowa ti n-tt or ' 4X-
r.l. Wlfli fln n.i. r on. ., IJWT lAJUUU, riw, iW
unon MvuIa an 5 flour mnntifiuihirin,, cents per pound; cmbcnI peaches. 25
city not that tho South llko to trado cents; strawberries, M.-.cwuts; plums, 35 avenuo and Eighth street
with her, but that thoy cannot buvwhat I ceats: tocnatoWy 20 ctmUiZ corn. iH pnntu I .a. ,
uioy mwi natc in at. Xi0Uis,'u'Aei they ner'ean: cherries. 90 cenbi: coal nil. 4R Ono of tlio ht mm,ii "Kr r.,rt....
Tho peculiar situation of Cairo, at tho
confluence or two great rlvors, and on
tho principal lino of travel between the
North and the South, subjects her ta tho
presence of more poor, destitute, sick
and maimed strangers thau afflict any
other city of llko size in, tho Mlssisslap
valley. Tho story that thoso charity
seekers detail, iu a slnclo week, would
fill a yolumo an largo as tho local
laws of a session of tho Illinois
legislature.' .'Many of theeo storlos
are doubtless true, but tho larger
number aro certainly falso. It is tho pe
culiar fortune of nearly every ono of
them to be compelled, te beg iu Cairo,
for tho flrat time in their' lives. And
quite all of them, toOf seok meaus to
tako them somewhere els6. jThey aro
all "on ;tho go" though paupors
they adopt tho most expensive
mode of life possible. Yesterday wo
were, accosted by ah Individual who
came through on foot from Texas. Ho
had been kndcied down, robbed of $1,000
cosh and his good clothes in Arkansas
(probably by Clayton's militia) and had
frequently fasted flvo.days. On ono oc
casion ho did not, taste food during an
interval of six days, and was probably
opt from filarvuijL-hy.coniiritf nemm n
mnabh tree oh the seventh day !
Moro than half of these destitute vll
irtnblo prop-
could o;iy iret
thcro; and ono Individual, desirous of
astounding us with his importance, lu
his own community, assured us that his
"da'er' ptay.e'd. uirau",,' planner
,tliat cost, a" sfum hundred dollars!"
r A M . a m m .a
i comionauiy aa tnoy are
ttors. phxlox o, ow , ."pR-'lfo
orty at lPie1' If they coul
''ai homo.
as their rolatibs aro whom they are
seeking, every one, of t them persists
upon being accommodated to tho loan ef
at least a half dollar. ' That wo have,
everyday, Mewrviriif' Jt)Joctst,of charity
.throws, .popglt usi .wa do not
doubt-'. Theselwe should, belp'as wo can;
but thaHarf BHBahcr are' entitled to
n'e.ith'eVlhBtjtTrJ Homo of
fSHfc KP?.a4J l-k4AMT mm, laxy
aiiowanWho will jiotwefk,ftad aro afraid
to steal auottiaoniMCKMiioui; or overy
doorway they diTicenl a' win
.1 . III,',. . : f 'If,.' : .Ml VI L
, i i . ao' 'rasittsi"- ' st
90 day boanlors. at'tlibiHl. James
Holci; comer Elghrrpoi and Ohio
Loveq. (n-.claw table, at four dollars
per week; v ' . . dlw.
; V i . . .v
Knit Jackeui," all wool,' at the actual
coat, at P. NeQ'B,'No79;OhloXevce.
Gont's'calf lioodibnly 3 70i,at P. NolPs
Xo. 79, Ohio Xovee. h tf.
i ' i'
P. Blolly has a largo styJcJ; of lmtri,
which will be bold at NdW rork whole-
solo prices. ' ,)', tf.-
Pitcher '& Henry's largqjstock' of hard
ware, cutlery, tools, stoves, 'tiaware. etc
Will be sold without regard to cost. tf
a - ' '
Norman's. Clialybcato1 CouEhlSynm N
no humbug. Try it and hit. floiivlneed.
8. J. Hutnm, atrent. corner' 'Corfi mnriilnl
1 ., JaMw
Cough Syrup. S. J. Hurani, agent, cor
ner Commercial avenue1 and" Eighth
street. 4 .'la7.lw
- "
mutt hate In
a i i u rsa r
St. touls could mmand tho 'great H "alP kldds 'of gro, over discovered Is Norman's Chalybeate
duik ocine iw srraue nonr rraue dono "" """iwi mo uueaoesu ay
ajaaa.-.a. a . I . . I
wun me oouui were suo.to proviao. sura Mi t usiJ. U. PuihhtVB,'
facilities for obtaininir a run sunntv nr Onmuiin nnu nn.un. i. 'm o.
vjiiiua wuwt uuuug iup wiuier mouius, I -
nuu IWI t. w ini wui UUIJ IU UiKU UUI I rt(I W I I V .. ..I .
mnriihinti In iln whit Miav nan tn' nrn. I . . I " mlmurmmhl t
VWaaBohfacIHUes. ' As the steamor Julia pushed oat from Messrs. Walker&fllssonbaVo'fltted int
a.. . I IliA IIIiiab aa Sm M aaVSvMak ...SI.. f . 1 If i i . . - .
To all saf wnlcn w hayoto saytb .l"E."'T?'f. juics resiauraut in elegant stylo,
Cairo will qalet all this contention, iu P'any;orwoa piiauio-ageu man camo whero lady patrons will bo untlrely freo
due season, by furnishing tho South the runn1K own uu, papKwitii a loaf of, froto Interruption ud Intrusloa from thu
bulk or low, grade flour, at prices that '""i wusif 11a gain- rouguersox, ana where every luxury of
.Will at ouco remove all inducemeat to U"l Hf "fnir? M(iooyea twen-l theaeasoncaiuoiobtalned ouafewniln
ga to'eltnert6 St: Eouls or Chicago. Our VcoFBiroicu or water notween MIrasolf utes' notice. Thoro is a ladles' entranco
auquio guarusoruio juoatr ho lM.camo to this restaurant, and wliotlio'rl.ni,,i,..r
J...... . . '. .- -XI- "
(lour sales during the past year have fal
leu but little short of a quarter million
barrels; this year it will reach a half
million, uoxt year a million, and thro
years hone Cairo will send mora tiour to
tbe Southern market than Chicago aud I odly lmvo plunged overboard.
SU Louis combined, This is Inevitable,
and Ve .would suggest. to aur wrangling
rrleuda or tho Mouud and Lako cities
that it la quite useless to struggle against
tho Inovltablo.
frantic. Ho ran to nud fro exclalmlug or going, lndy patrons will. bo entirely
"My boy, my poor boy is on boarjj, and 'securo fibta contact wkh tho gentlemen
nasiri got a cone," ana nut far tbo fact
that ho was restrained, would unlloubt
itNl Holcl.
At 12 commercial Avenue, nsar Sixth
street, is a first class house of entertain-
mont, Kept upon too restaurant or
European stylo, furnishing oysters, ganio
his naroxvsiH of oxcltomont aiultfrir
the son, a great slouching, flhaiibllntr
yonug man of sixteen "or sovJiiturin
ui evi uiuue in? aiipearanco
at tho stern ralllhtrs and addrcsNnd
his anxious parent as "an old fool,'' and
insisted that he should "jump." althOMgh
tho uearoat part of tho boat was! then
fully twenty-five feet distant. The old
man hesitating, tho hopeful son bkwled
uui ior mm iq inrow uio.oreau. iiuyhow,
guests of tho hotel. Polite and'attentlvo
waiters will always be in attomlanco to
recelvo ordora. lanlOtr.
r Go to P. NelTs for .thu most fashion.
ablo, clothing. . i t tf
To Tho, Tex Payara of AluaanUi r 'ouu.
ly aatiMtate ar llllnoli. "
or moais on short Tiutlcu'lnxli&bVst style, which h did, and lost It in tho river.
Also elegaut rooms and beds for transl- At this Juncture some oun on boartl In-
ujriiage irespfcfully ho
jauit: (f boat would make a luudlug, ut.tho J
. ... ... i
wuarr. la a nair minute, he was
shore, maklnar headway In the direction
. M A i ill . t .
lisiu-H 11 . no. "1:. ":::. W pomuiameu itiaiwquiU liavs done
aud 1
Al IUU IIOIIHA ttf JninW llu.i! a l.. ii.. -i . ..
cim-t. on wid.ii.inv. 'iz:,,i'iy,u-'uu "
"Kill III- ". -'
formed Umji autteased father thiit tho Tiiur.Marej,3ii, wo. ' V""J '
Jfti urlioolrii nnW tn mr haniU atkl'irti. r.
"iSr.c0".'II "S."'0 t-i"itj-; Uwi. iWimt,
lvv. I will at Cklru In i.iv ,jit...,...rw .iu . ..
lliumonlli l-4L....r k.., j urn-
NHgar far Cklcaia.
Tho bulk; of Chicagols brow a sugar are
ccivd by her via Cairo. That most of
HWVM0;..6 "Ugorja tlfolru" might
reasonably'' bo Insisted upon fyjr thoso
who visit tho wharf-boat or depot of tho
lii.i.ijui a. 1 tar jjt .
aiaaoMuaairBi (raifrouai -uatro. Tuo
waroroom of tho wharf-boat, embracing
appBJUyi.aatacNiaaC'ft half of space,
was tilled with hogsheads .yesterday ev
ening, containing suga&for Chicago.
Ono hundred aud twonty hogsheads had
iWaHuU)triiteiaw -DaxlBr; sjxty
flye by .the steamer Longworth, and, oth
no discredit to the fleet-footed Jilawatha '"if?:''! pr JJ'.
or tho more substantial OHde'rsJcove.
It is claimed
Iob7T UA7 ir
OWer einel. on Mondar, iprll 41b, IK7u. " 1
on pi"' ' :z r.. "?.,' n(,r , .'' .J. Meciur.. n.
.... m. i itn-iiir,, on I nur. ay, Apr 10i. K7
AlUiaitoroarj.tl. Rnltrluir. In il. 1. in ,..e
Inn L.'..l .1 . . .' --...,.., , i. 1 v
uu HBinwdijr, April uui, lK7p.
niinnaiiiru ai Sirs. O. IlbrTnor. ut 9....I.
Althoatnra aril Ii r. . -.
id.rraL,a sikVTm. V":J'tt""JlSJA''"'''. '"
u."?? 1 HMMoiUu.IvhIooII,. uu
bv HOma. whnnA limmu I
for ganYug"iLformuUou are. vary tood,
that our ostlmaU of tho n..aha,rT ha, .C'2:,,riir.W w Su- A't .vm.
rols of flour sold-lu Cairo, dartiiftho deXm-l!iJ!Tnii
past yeBr,''V'ofifrroIy, toe Jow; that ' rt'"W.lRu',w
.ywinmiosiwN A (ML) FOHWAFtfe lfyG
eroon.lrabla.h.pmensbypthsrbpats,- A. UMC adfSj
$ltogfaMl&tAhwkto'w...ji j, o-tfaudes; Phlladel.hin, fl'a. 11
",,v'4 fiww".iu..liu oui. w. W. Tonkins. Hlnklnvllln .Tfv J l-
i i ii.. .t . . . i ,, j :c -i v j.-- vt'I'-vitlkvii
dtiucuvob .wuMiuuii y oreseuieii n Worntn - t? r u.,.,.,ii,. r,.i.,..ii...
nlir mahlnnliurhiialnatt.. -Il7. t 'J ' t ruu 'i
--J lUIMJB tnu I KV- J. If. KrlOIU...MO,! H . lit Quiilww.
oonelns on that CMnairr. la ,,it '"jiJii CCni-- ..""T'"": -r.?-?'.TT"",
: t.m. g.uc ayausvuo, isuiaua; 'uoiiee, ;colum
VafsUsaiac tiia.
The coraplefest stoeh .of entlenien's'
mrnisuing goous in tno city ,.iaIto be
fouud at Miller 'arid Miller's, it u.ii.i
WB'remarlraie waiifincleSa, in'rJila
line that they.cahn.oj M.I.afif ctorlly supply
U I llm IAM. lAUfAbl il..ma.. ' 11 ... I . f
p.. w.u bij ivwnt nguiui ruling JJ J mo
market. tf,'
busKy.'; -J. Nell,' IIIIhdlsV'MrT
sell, Cwbonijal jMWfW A. Mum-
jierii, .vansviiie, inmana. u
11 j . . !...LIIHM, IKiIfMI
Almost gtviuguway. NeQ' lfii(.lli1i
r. ... -. . i--o
niuv uvijfmiiiK in ueui'ti uuoerweaf, so
low that. It,d,u,look llko. buying
mom m an. jus moro like giving thorn
away. jf
....W..J - ' ....
h ,. ..... i't
' 01116 LEVER.

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