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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 14, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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For good tilting clothing ready mndo
. i . . n v. iv v.. rn
or miHlo 10 oruer, go to i . -ti.-ii,
Ohio Levee.
Have you seen theAlaska hoots? They
arc tho most eomfortahlu hoot In use. For
alo at 1 Nell1 no 70, Ohio Leveo. If.
i - -
Shell oysters, name, etc., can always
he secured t Walker
tfc alsxon's lestuu-
Nov U tf
P. Welly having di'lerinintd to close
out the balance of his l.'uds nt the
earliest possible inouieiit, will hence
forth null anything on hand at cost, and
LKSlTlUN costI tf
Olrl Wantrrf,
To do hoiiHuwork In a small family
Uund wages and nleiiMiut hoiue.
Ajtply tu 0. 1. 1'iir.oiiH at tlw qusoll
ware House on Tenth St., or at house,
corner 6th and Walnut, Si.
100 dozen genuine English and l.Mu
thread Micks, at a great reduction In
former prlcea,at Peter NelPs, Xo.70, Ohio
Loveo. tf
Connubial Felicity. Nothing tends
more to connubial happiness than ehoer-
Ail and healthy Infants and children.
Mm. Whltcomb'fl Syrup 1h a great olill
drou'H soothing remedy, d&wlw.
Tho St. Nicholas Hllllord Hall Ih one
of tho largest and beat furnished In the
countrv. It Ih tho resort of both citizens
and Htrangers who Indulge billiard play
lug. JanCtf.
Uso Ender'n Chill Cure. "It uver
ii , . .. .
Do you want a stylish half NefTs Ih
tho place and the only place to find
them, of all tho latest Cushions and In
great abundance. His stock, in thin Hue,
cannot bo equalled In Cairo. tf.
Tho Continental In tho only cook Htovo
with sliding oven door. Warranted In
all reanocts. Pitcher fc Henry, at 192
Commerelal avenue, cor. 12th atroet.
Tho largest stock, of ovor coats In tho
city, at P. FefPs, No. 70, Ohio Lovoo. tf
Hllk HnU.
Tin stock of silk huts nt Miller & Mill
er's comprises tho rory latest styles and
tho fluest make of tho season. Tho
variety is very great, tho stock large,
and prices havo been regulated to liar
nionlzo with the times. Call in and ex
amine tf
NolT's is tho place to buy your HMrU
He has on hand a magnificent stock
at prices that defy competition. For in
stanco all wool Manuel shirts, one dol
lar and a quarter each well made. tf.
The Hf. NIcIiuIhn Hotel and Rrstanraut
Tills popular and eligibly located house
of nubile entertainment is now fitted
and furnished throughout in good style
and, under tho management of Messrs
Walker & Sisson, Is doing a largo and
thriving business. It Is kept upon tho
European plan the guest calling for
what ho wanfs when ho wants it, wheth
er in the day or night time, and paying
only for what he orders. Tho rooms are
largo and clean, furuUhed with the best
of beds and bedding, while all other fen
tures of the establishment aro arranged
with an especial eye to tho comfort and
convenience of tho guests. Ja6tf
The New Yertr,
llegln it right, by buying, for cash,
of J.H. Metcalf, No. 332 and 334 Wash
A v., who has enlurgcd both house and
stock, and Is now prepared to supply cub
tomers with tho lest of all kinds of staplo
and fancy groceries, quoensware, crock
cry, glassware, yollow and Hocking
ham ware, tablo and pocket cutlery.
All kinds of suit flh, green, dried, and
cauued fruits, pickles, cider, honey, syr
ups, fine teas, coffees and sugars
'choice tablo butter always on hand. In
short, everything usually kept In a first
class grocery; besides notions too mim
orous to mention, all of which will be
ttold ut the lowest fi'juru. tf.
flirnUlilBg Jood.
Tho complctest toch of gentlemen's
furnishing goods In tho city , l to be
found at Miller ami Miller's. It would
be a remarkable want, Indeed, In this
lino that they cannot satisfactorily snpply
at tlie very lowest figures ruling in the
market. tf.
Ijidlca' Htwtauranl.
Messrs. Walker & Slswu havo fitted up
a ladles restaurant In elegant stylo,
where lady patrons will Imj entirely free
from interruption and intrusion from the
roughorfcex, and where uvery luxury of
tho season can be obtaluod on a few mln
utes' uotlue. There Is a ladles' entrance
to this restaurant, and whether coming
or going, lady patrons will be entirely
secure fiom coutaot with tho gentlemen
guests of the hotel. Polite and attentive
waiters will always bo in attoudutieo to
receive, orderfl. JanlGU
Pitcher & Henry's large stock of hard
ware, cutlery, tools, stoves, tinware, etc
will bo told without regard to cost, tf
A euirt Hteklnce I.att.
A gold necklace, plain round haln,
with round elasp, was lost somwlure on
tha Ohio Lavee oa Fridav nlarhi last.
The lluder will be liberally rewarded by I cerUs cheaper than tho cheapest, by
leaving same with Messrs Walker ua l J.H. Phillips,
tilsaoii, at the fit. Nicholas Hotel .M Opposite new Custom liouso. ll-9t
A 1VIETCIIE1 nionoucm-
l-'AltK. .
If anybody will tako ii look at tho
Leveo "plank road" they wlllntoneo
consent thai it furnishes tho draymen
and teamsters an excuse if not justifica
tion for all the vollles of oaths they can
utter. It Is full of sink holes, mauy of
the planks having worn and rotted away
and the lute rains softened thu earth
underneath, It is not an uncommon
thing for a dray to sink to Its hubs.
We arO Informed by the parties wllo
have undertaken to supply thu lumber,
that there is no delinquency on their
pan; that the orders for lumber were
promptly sent to the mills, and although
they have repeatedly urgu the exueu
Hon of the orders, they have n yuo 'io
celred nothing but fair promises. Uno
carload was to havu ooiuo forward .last
week ceitain, and anotliur to-ilay Not
a plunk, however, has yet arrived, and,
nobody Is able to nay when any will
arrive. Thu promises of tho saw mill
men can no longer be relied upon, and
as no compulsory measures can bo re
sorted to, those intorestod "must grin
and boar" things ns they are, unless tho
council can cil'oct arrangements for lum
ber with parties who can and will ful.
fill their promises.
Wo understand that there Is a small
supply of lumber on hand subject to the
order of the street commltteo enough, If
Judiciously used, to repair tho worst
places. There should not bo u single
day's delay In using It. Mon should bo
put to work immediately, and thu ro
pairs carried as far as tho material will
permit, By tho timo It is used wo may bo
agreeably disappointed by tho arrival of a
portion of thu quantity contracted for.
It may occur that tho mill men, having
no other market for their lumber, may
give a thought to tho order in hand from
tno city or Cairo.
Nlxleentli Illlnat Cnvnlry, Attendant
Charles A. D. Jenkins Is confined In
tho Sangamon couutyjall, charged with
tho crime of murder. He protests that
ho Is'lnnoount, and will bu nblu to estab
lish his Innocenco, if ho can learn tho
wharcabouts of certain comrades of tho
10th Illinois cavalry. These jpurtles nil
lived in Cairo In tho year 1863, and en
listed with Jenklus in Capt. Fletcher's
company of McClornand body guards,
which was afterwards consolidated with
tho 10th cavalry. In furthorenco of tho
object of tho accused we giro place to the
following advertisement.
r Information wanted of nuy of tho
men who enlisted with Cant. Fletcher,
at Cairo for tho McClornand body guard,
and was afterwards tnusterod In tlio iftth
nuncio CnTniiT, uiuumn iiutier. 1803:
also of the man who kept asuloon at tho
upper end of the loveo in 1803. nnd lodged
Captain Fletcher's mon previous to their
going to Camp Uutlor. 1 think tho sal
oon was called "Tho Red Whito and
llluo'' saloon: also information wanted
of William W.Vltltow, John P. Hutton,
Oscar Addison, Charles H. Rentlcy, or
tho man that was going to bo Lieutenant
of Capt. Fletcher s Company. Any infor
mation of either of tho above parties
will bo thankfully received by Ed. A.
vVIIsou, Springfield, Illinois.
There is a remarkable quiet In pollco
circles, the business of a whole day often
amounting to no moro than n case of
'plain drunk." If, under such a condi
tion of circumstances, any Individual is
quite certain that hu can get up an in
teresting local paper, wo will bo happy
to iustall him uikhi our tripod, and to
glvo him every posslblo facility for
"spreading himself." About three duys'
experience would bu apt to take tho con
colt out of tho most sulf.uiwured indivi
dual among us.
Wo have a very fertile Imagination,
and could manufacture "horrois" by the
column, but wu can't break down tbo
barriers conscience 'Interposes to a resort
to such means to entertain our rcadors,
Although poor, wo are determined to bo
honest! A-h-e-mi
Olllt FL(MIR nAltHDii
WllA'i' IT IN AXI) WHAT IT W1M. Illlt
The Cairo 'Rulletin' states Hint tho vulu
of flour in that market for tho past year
has been 13,000 barrels, more than
l.wioo the amount sold last year, and
claims that in n year dr two it will-ho
ahead of all tho flour markets in tho
West and South. St. Louis Republican.
Wo arc assilrod ty Mr. Matthews, edi
tor of tho Cairo 'Price Current,' who is
bettor advised as to tho details of our
flour market than any other person in
tlie city, that our estimate fulls fully fifty
ur,ceut. below the antual sales. Ho has
noted down ulMlie principal bales du
ring the year, and expresses tho belief
that not less than ,35(5,000 barrels wer4
The prcscntyear opens most encour
agingly. The facilities enjoyed by our
dealers fur procuring and shipping Hour
aro certainly uucqimlcd. Sou hern Illi
nois and Indiana aro peculiarly wheat
growing regions aud dontafli moduli Of,
tho finest und most extensive mills in the
Wes.t. Ail times of thu year, as well
when St. Luuls Is blocked in by kiij as
when Louisville and Evausville Is shut
oft' from the cheaper communication
with southern markets by low water in
tho Ohio, Cairo onjoys uninterrupted
connection thoruwlth by both rail and
water. This condition of affairs, takon
in connection with tho ability and dis
position of our dealers to compete la
point of price with tho cheapest, must,
Inevitably, mako Cairo tho loading Hour
market in tho Mississippi valley. She
may- not caiu that distinction In ouo,
two or three years, but that It will be
achieved within tho next five years, will
scarcely admit of a doubt. Nothing
short of nn absoluto effort on the part of
ourselves to prevent such a consumma
tion, can defeat that end.
i' "
Of Till. II 1IH.K .!..,
Tho ninth annual ball of tho Hiber
nian fire company will 10 held In tho
St. Nicholas Hotel on Friday evening
Febuary 18th.
Thu malinger pledge HioiihoIvuh that
thu occasion shall bo ouo pleasant to tho
participants, and credltnblo to tho com.
Win. Mcllale, J. II. English, C. J. Hy
lund, John Miller. Jan. M td
.Tli tty CUrK-MMl CHy,MrHil. l w NINTH ANNUAIj BATjIj.
Should tho council cqa(u thqtCity, Mar-,
shal chief of police' unci Increase ' his
salary to $1,200, and charge the
Clerk with thu duties of the
Comptroller and increase salary to
$1,600, tho contention for these
ollices at tho ensuing charter election
will be qulto lively. Quito a number of
gentlemen have already Indicated a
willingness to sacrifice themselves .'or
tho good of the city by accepting thosu
ollices, and still others, aro yearning for
them, but holding baulc under the Im
pression that their fellow-cltl.cus, ap
preciating their modesty, will force the
honor upon thorn.
The office of City Clerk is tho most
Important olio under tho city govern
ment, and tho number of citizens who
aro fully equal to an Intelligent dis
charge of Its duller, Is very small
Indeed. Thu larger portion of those who
aro' qualified to fill tho olllco understand
ingly cannot bu persuaded to accept It,
because they can and do employ their
timo nnd talent to butter advantage.
The majority of the balance cannot be
elected should they oiler themsolves; so,
(to speak plainly) tho prospect for get
ting n thoughiy posted and ofllclont
Clerk, are, by no meaiiB flattering.
For the Marshal's office wu havo abun
dance of talent, and thu chances nre,
that it will bomoio satisfactorily filled
than tho olllce of Clerk.
Kxploilve Krmtrne,
A late numberof thu 'Journal of Physi
cal, oletice' presents an appalling array
oV accidents chargeable ton use of Im
pure kerosono oil. Of tho 013 fires that
occurrod in the city of New York during
tho year ending October 30th, 1)9, or
more than ten .per cunt, of them, wcru
occasioned by a use of kerosene, liquid
gas and gasolene The loss of llfo from
tho samo cause has boen fearful, equaling
that occasioned bythe sunl total of those
railroad disasters that send a thrill of
horror from ono end of tho land to tho
other. Scarooly a day poBSes, that does
not add ono or moro to tho victims of
coal lamp explosions. A man in Now
York, u woman iu Maine, a child In
Ohio loso their lives by such a
tcrrlblo agoncy, nnd we glyo
tlx. ntnttor lilltu UlOUgllt. But
should nil these fatalities bo aggregated
Into two or thrco, or even a half dozen
grand disasters, the country would stand
anpallod over them ns It did at tho Penn
sylvania coal mlno horror, or tho bur
ning; of the Stonewall. Everybody
would then demand that congress should
regulate or oven forbid the sale or uso of
tho death-dealing material.
To lessen these horrors tho editor of
the 'American Supplement' suggests
that all oils bo tested by a competent
chemist, and n heavy line, oven im
prisonment, bo imposed upod the dealer
who shall sell oil that ling not been
tested and pronounced entirely safe.
Thiols a vory simple, and It seems to us,
qulto an efl'ectlvo preventive of the loss
of life and property complained of. Con
grcss can, nnd should, afford this pro
tection without a moment's delay.
Clljr Nrrli for KM.
Five hundred dollars city scrip for sale,
chcaj) In sums to suit tiio purchaser. Ap
ply to Miller & Miller, Ohio Loveo.
jHvtlrr to III llulclier.
The Select council last night, passed
nn ordinance reducing tho pricu of
butchers' licenses from $200 to $10 per
annum, and repealing all ordluuiiees
tiiat sought to confine tho sales of moats
and vegetables to one particular locality.
thus, at last, is Justice moled out to
our butchers unit through thorn to thu
people, upon whom, after all, tho bur-
deusomo tux descended. It remains
for tho board of Aldermen to pass the
ordinance before It can tako effect; but
as they.as severely as any oilier citizens,
deprecate any "Invidious distinctions''
n matters of trade, It Is scarcely appro.
bended that they will Jlnterposo any ob
stacle to tho passage of tho ordinance.
They, like other citizens, cannot under
stand why tho citizen who sells meat,
which is tho stuft of life with the poor-
man, shal! pay $200 for his license,
whllo tho citizen who sells Intoxicating
liquors, which uru a curse to ull men
who use thorn, should bo required to puy
only $75; and they, as almost any othor
body of citizens would do if they could,
win no ilouut avail themselves of the
earliest opportunity to wlpo out nil
marks of distinction between our aiur-
chuuU and traders.
Choice white sugar, 6) pounds for 1 00;
extra brown sugar, 7 pounds for $1 00;
Rio eolfeo, 25 cents per pound; rice, 10
cents per pound; canned ponchos, 25
couts; strawberries, 30 cents; plums, 35
cents; tomatoes, 0 eonts; corn, 16 cents
per can; cherries, 80 eonts; coal oil, 45
cents pergallon, and all kinds of gro-
What IheTlmca brtng- ro.
Eveu a stranger could lenrrT"from tho
Increased activity nnd klliclency of our
cltyoillolals, that a charter election Is
neur nt linnd. They walk with quicker
step, appear warmly devoted to the city's
affairs, shako hands oftener, wear pleas-
anter faces, ami can alwuys "corner" a
dime to treat a "snvrolgn.''
Tho approach of a charter eleotlon al
wuys has another remurkublo effect. It
develops a very largo number of persons
who havo tho a bio Into control of from
twenty to two hundred voles. These
individuals usually "Ho low"
during the interval of quiet, and any
ono seeing them, at such times, would
hupposo that each of them could muster
only one vote, viz; his own. Theso ex-
traordlnasy men have an eccentric wuy
of using X'H for signatures, aro voracious
tobacco chowurs, scarcely ever havu u
button on their shirt bosoms, and winter
and summer, havu a rumarkablelaflliilty
for blue blanket couts. Rut they are
groat men, nevertholess,nnd thecandlduto
wlio does not propitiate them, ;gots up,'
certain. It would bo the euilest mutter
in tho world for ovon the bumbloU of
this class to secure tho best office under
the city government, but they are uu
hellish men, ull of them, and lnvurlably
sacrlflue themselves for the good of their
friends. They know exactly how tho
muchlnery of tho municipal govern
ment should bo workod, and denounce
tho financial stupidity, general igno
rance aud Incapacity of oftlcUl Incum
bents, with a vim that shows how deep
ly ut heart they hold the welfaro of tho
orporation. They e-btuln their Infor
mation, in their own way, generally by
reading u newspaper "wrong end up;"
but wo submit that gentlemen, particu
larly gentlemen of their caliber, havo a
right to read a newspaper In any man
ner that suits them. Tboy form a power
In the laud, and woe to tho individual,
especially the ofOce-aeoker, who incurs
their dlepleajuro.
Wu took occasion, iu a. recent number
of tho 'Rulletin,' to speak of the largo
shipments by uppor Mississippi river
cities, of wagons nnd agricultural Imple
ments, for southern markets. Wo re
ferred to the fact that at least one out of
every flvo downward bound steamers
that touehed our wharves was, In part,
freighted with thoso articles. Wo havo
since learned that steamboats are not the
only carriers of that character of freight.
The Illinois Central railroad Is bringing
in wagons for thu same market, at the
rate of flvo car loads per day, each car
containing frosa twenty to twenty-five
wagons. Tho freight ugeut of the com
pany informs us that it is entirely safo to
estlmato tho number of car loads during
tho past year at two hundred and, fifty I
If these wagons wore brought a dis
tance of only fifty or a hundred ;mtles
we would have no cause for surpriso:
but the greater portion of them aro tran
sported from remote polutsjn Michigan,
Iowa and Wisconsin many hundreds of
mil, and Oie whoto dUtauoo by rail I
With timber onoagh nt our vory doors
to mako a wngor for ovory man In tho
South, with fucJfat as low a price as it
can bo obtain W any whero In the Uultod
States, with labor at command for an
averogo rate of compensation; with nn
advantage in our favor iu tho matter of
freights equivalent In Itself to a good
profit, it Is astonishing that tho vast
shlpmeuU of wagons, carts rcapors,
mowers, plows, etc., that supply tho
South do not start from Cairo lustoad of
from Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.
We may go further and say that ia js ab.
solutoly discreditable to tho Judgment
and shrewduess of western manufactur
ers. Not much longor, however, can our
advantages In this particular Vo over
looked. If tho movement inaugurated by
oar city Council results In tho establish
ment here of oven n half dozen mnmi-
factories, their success will bring others,
nnd from year to year tho number will
multiply until Michigan aid Wisconsin
gentjemon who may desire to furnish
their southern friends with wagons,
plows, etc., will bo compollod to come to
CaJro to mauufaoturo them. Thus it
should and will be.
A protracted prayer meeting Is Iu pro
gress In'thu .Mulliodist and Presbyterian
ehurohes, of this city, that aro exciting
considerable interest i'roo seats for
Hotel Airlrrtti.
St. Mrhbl:i HiM.O, Jwiimt) U, UU.
II. Starkweather, Tennessee; li. Cook,
Tennessee; J. I). Whltu, lll.widvlllo, Ivy.;
J. II. Oiiuline, Charleston, .Mo.; N.C.
Harielt, Champaign, Illinois; E. Cate,
Mo.; T. L. Powell, Tennessee; It. R.
Thomas, Nashville, Tennessee; L. Runn
ing, Nashville, Tennessee: J. 1'. Wilson,
Nashville, Tennessee; 11. C. CJreen,
Nashville, Tennersee; .Mr. fc Mrs. South
worth, and daughter, Tennessee; J. W.
Webb, Hallard, Ky.; A. Johnson, Ten
nes.eo; J. Rlggs, Westlleld Illinois; II.
Mack Westlleld, Ills.; Keniion Metro
pnlll, Illinois.
QLuvoy Leslie, St. LonN; J. Null, city:
II. Hradford, Evunsvllle; 'J'. Ii. Wllon
Alabama; J. H. Roellter, Evansvlllo;
.1. 1). llord, Evansvlllo: J. Scherv. Evaiih-
ville;J.S, Vauiiigoti, New Orleaus;
Tho Katlo Putnam Slnr troupe wore
last heard from at Nashville, where, It
is said, they are commanding full houses
Hurrhu;retlrnod and mlfj Molilellnwo
Is muklng reputation rapidly. Sho has
been given tho name of Maud Putnam,
wu hear, and sho aud Katlo are known
as the "Putnam sisters." Tho com
pany's lust night in Kvansvlllo was the
only night that pAld them during their
stay there. Tho house netted them ovur
Hotvf Curiil.
At 122 commercial Avenue, between
Seventh and Eighth street, is a first class
house of entertainment, kept upon thu
rest.iuruut or European style, furnishing
oysters, game or meals on short notice in
the best style. Also elegant rooms and
beds for transient guests. -Patronago
respectfully solicited. . :janl2tf
Two 1. 1 up I'araicrnpbft.
Tho Arab Firo company declares
purposo to disband.
Tho Egyptian mills will be put In op
oration next week.
About a mile of our wharf Is lined with
steamers and other water crafts.
Wo hope to prescrvo tho Improved
print of the 'Rulletin.'
Tho poor house farm is located thrco
miles from Tliebea.
The usual number of "election balls"
nre being provided for.
Tho next charter election will bo held
Thelsteamer Mountaineer arriving lioro
ntn timo when tho upper Mississippi
was perilous to navigate on account of
Ice, discharged her crow, nnd laid up.
Her Intorval.'of rest Is about at an end,
howover, as her crow hus.agoln rejoined
The weather In these parts is dcoUed
ly variable, often furnishing" as
many as three kinds during a single duy.
At mo nour or our writing u cold drlzzl -ingrain
Is fulling, which, added to a
very foggy ntmosphere.comploteii ono of
the most diiugreeable days of tho season.
To-morrow may bring us snow, moro
rain and sunshine. In matters of weuth-
er iu this locality It Is qulto impossible
to tell what a day may bring forth.
The I.tivi'c I'laiiklloat,
Tho Leveo plunk road is In a wretchod
oondftlon, und wo do not wonder that
"thorp nro complaints on account of tho
delay of thu lumber" that has been order
ed to muko ropulrs. If neglected muoh
louger, the ropulrs wilt embrace tho build
ing of an entirely now road. At short
Intervals n hulfdozon plunks have boon
worn in two, forming sink holos that
loaded drays oross with tho utmost diffi
culty, and never without bringing from
tho driver a volloy of curses.
Wo aro satisfied that the delay is
chargoablo to no negloot oh tho part of
ourauthoritlos chhrgod with tho ropulrs.
The blame rests with the suw mill men
who haro contraoted to deliver t,bo lum
bor. Had thore boon a prompt execution
of the order on 'thelrl'part, the Loveo
plank road would now be "good as
i .
r. RIelly has a largo stock' ef hats; j
which will be sold at New York whole
sale prloes. , ( tf,
20 day boarders, nt thu St. James
Hotel, comer Eight street aud Ohio
Levee. J'lrst-cluss tablu at four dollars
per week. dlw.
Knit Jackets, nil wool, at the actual
cost, at P. Nell's, No. 70, Ohio Lotco.
. '
Gent's calf boots only 3 70, nt P. NefTH
No. 7U, Ohio Leveo. tf.
Norman's Chulybento Cough Syrup Is
no humbug. Try it aud bu convinced.
8. J. JIumm, agent, corner Commercial
uvcnuo nnd Eighth street. Ja7-lw
One of the best remedies far1 Croup
ever discovered Is Norman's Chulybouto
Couth Syrup. S. J. Ilumm, nguut, cor
ner Commerelal uveuuo and Eighth
street. Ja7-lw
Almost giving away. Ncff Is selling
gent's undershirts and drawers, and Iu
fact everything In dent's underwear, so
low that It does not look like hiu'lng
them at all. It Is moro like giving them
nway. 1 f
.Vnlloo l lii'ft ly Kivcii, Hint ilcf.iilll linvln Uiii
liimla In I In' l'U)im nl uf h I t iluiu txniil, riri n j.;
WiiIium II. I'urrn In H. hlHHtu Th)Iit mill llm
rurixitix, TNMIvat hi lliu i Hiru I ll)' J'ii.ii'My, ilul
U llif li'tli, A H lm4, uii'l .u)nWu lint ti jrim
from llicilitl" ll'on 'f. wild ix i u iii. ntc,ii mi
III due, Oit'l l"U l'r cent. Uiun-.tfliT, uiul l nrrurn
nix nnyinrni 01 wni' ii nniii ji'iiv, trim owuM, mhi
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