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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 18, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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"TDAYrTAUAltY lV 1870.
For good titling clothing ready miulu
or made to order, go to P. is ell, iso u,
Ohio Levee. ' lf
Have vou seen thcAliisku boots? 'T'llej
urn ( llii miMi comfortable boot In use, For
1 w t, a i w --
sale at P. Neil's no 10, Ohio Levee.
Shell oysters, game, etc., can
' ' - 11 l ..... t.4
be secured tit Walker fc fcilssoii'rl iv.stfUtf'
rant. Nov " ir
P. ItlelJy having determined to close
out tlio Juftltfifde,' dMilff goods jut: tho
earliest possible moment, will bunco
forth soil anything on htlnd at cost, and
I.ESi than cost! If
luu' "dozeugTuuiue KngMsh'' rilid, fMb
thread socks, at a great reduction in
former prloeH,ut Poter NelPn, No.70, Ohio
Levee. ,r
Connubial Felicity. Nothing tonds
moro.ta oonnublal happluasSjthau cheer
ful niid iieaitliy infant and, I'ohliilren.
Mrs..,VhUcomb;s .Syrup, Is a great clill-
urcii's sootning reuieiiy. u , w ir.
Tho St. Nicholas llllllnrd Hull is one
of tho largest and best furnished in thd
country. It Is tho resort ol both oitbwns
nud struugurs who Indtilgo lilllinrd piny-
lug. Jtf.
Usn lender's ClilII CiircVr-."Il never
falls." . .
Do. you waiita stylish hat? NetPs is
tho pluco and the only place to Unci
them, of all the lateH fashions and In
great nbmlriWrc.Ws,Mbcdc7 In (his line,
cannot lie ejimlleu in Cairo. , tf.
UI x .-
Tlio Continental is tho only cool; Move
witlfalidlng ovoiidoors NVurranted, In
nil resncctn. Pllchdr Henry, at hi
CoiifrhVcIal ti'vefltlecor. IL'th Mrect. .
Tlio largest stock, of over coats in the
city, at P. FelPs, No. 71), Ohio Levee, tf
Niik mux.
Tfib's'tock'o'rfillk liutaf at Miller & Mill
cr's comprises the very latest styles and
the finest make of the season, (The,
variety is very great, tho stock large,
and prices have been regulated to liar
mnnize with tho times. Call in and ex
amine, tf
Neff'a la tho place to buy your Shirts.
Ho lias on bund a magnificent stock
at prices that defy competition. For In
stancc all wool llannel shirts, one dol
lar and a quarter each well made. tf.
The Mt. PHcholna Hold mid Itrsfntirnnt.
This popular and eligibly located house
of public entertainment is now ittted
and furnlfhed throughout in good Myle;
and, under the management of Messrs
Walker & SIbsoii, Is doing a large ami
thriving business. It Is kept upon tho
European plan tho guest calling for
what bo wants when ho wuuta It, wheth
er in tlio day or night time, and paying
only for what ho orders. Tho rooms are
largo and clean, furnished with tho beat
of beds and beddlug, while, all otljer fea
tures of tlio establishment are arranged
with an especial eye to the comfort and
convenience of tho guests. JaOtf
j,., ,,t Vtr sw Vcnr,
Begin it riKlit, by buying, for 'cash,
of J.H.Metcalf, So. Mil and :Ui Wash.
Av., who ban enlarged both house and
Mock, and l'iiow prepared to supply cus
tomers witli the rWinf all kinds of h'rutilo
and faiiey groceries, qucensware, crock
eryguss'wure, yellow and ' Tto'okliig-
ham w.are, talde ami pocket cutlery.
All kinds of salt fish, green, dried, and
canned fruits, pickles, cldert honey, syr
ups," fluo.( lefts, cnU'ecs and sugars,
choice table butter always on hand, in
abort, everything Usually kept In a llr.it
chis grocery; besides notion too num
erous to mention! all of which 'will' tie
wild at the louxit fliurnn , ,. tt.
ruriiUtiliiK tJooiN.
The rompleteht bt oh of iiitleuitn'
furnishing goods in the city , i to be
found at Miller and MllleiV It .ould
bo atemarkitblf want, Indeed. In (his
lliiif!j( Iheyeaniio1itlsfaotorljy suppla
nt tho very lowest flgurt- ruling In the
market. tf.
Thb 'Ladles' Ueatuurant lilted ui. by
Messrs. Walker & SUson, h directly ln "f,lu a w m49C.
connection with the St. Nlcliolas Hotel, MJ. o U CoaiBuoiiw.jdtfi.
where the most repe6table ladles ami fain-1 THVru.-Thm. of Mr. Wiilt
llleolty uiayaJe pieab or lunch- c?,M,b'9 Syrup for cbildwo a a polUv
u in iienecv iiuiui, miu wuiiuui. ine u-uai
iear oi coming in conuici wun oojection-i
able characters. It will be kept in llrst '
olaks fltvlo for ItrsL lus4 miHlnm. I'ntif. I
fear of coming Ju conLnct with objection
class stylo for first class custom. Polite I
und attentive waiters will always be In
command the most courteous treatment v
aud attention.
Pitcher & Henry's large stock of hard
ware, cutlery, tools, stoves, tinware, etc
will bo sold without regurd to cost. tf
A Cold SttUlnev l.utl. ' ,
A, gold ,ne8klaco, pluin round chain,
with roun'd'clasp, was lost Bomwlior6 on
the Ohio ,Toveo on Friday nlht last.
The Under will b6 liberally rewarded by
leading same with Messrs Wulker und
HUson, ut the St. Nicholas Hotel ,3t
-, Tf -
Almost giving away. Nell' Is selling
gent's undershirts mid drawers, und In
fact everything In Gent's underwear, so !
low .inai K uoos not look kn buy ni
tkem at all. J( Is more like giving them
W If
,y ...,. ..j
thi ltlter flltto for tlio' LaU JJIuo.
(Allien noinciit.)
Kditoiw Uuixutin: In the high
toned, .courtly, polished aud chvractcr
Utie bliiislon of Mr. Morgan, Mh your
paper of (lie loth Inst., ho has utterly
fulled- to refute ahyc ttatnnenl made, in
itho article lie attempts to reply to. Ior
ills persuiiulill.es and ipsinuatlons we
care nothing, as Mr'M'anH' ourselves
aro too, welUkuowu to the public, in .tills
vlciillty t9Tlu(vouaiiy,t(Jug elloci JoujV
standing in tills community mat no can
niw-lblv Hiiv aira nst us. Jlo says our
article was a "tissue of falsehoods;" we
say that it was a statement of facts
evcrv. lino of .which, .wo, are ready to
makela'rtldavlt'lo if'nliAsiry; nlid on
tho score of rcracWj alone, wo aro per
fectly willing to,pta))jl,befpm tho, public
with Joel G. Morgan, und abldo the le.
suit. We now re.aillr.n all we have be
.foro said, and will hero re-ltlcruto u part
of what we liavo before publlslicd, viz:
"That had Mr. .Morgan been very anxious
to have had tlio Association held here,
he could easily liavo ascertained that
tbev could have been accommodated at
the St. Charles und elsewhere;" and wo
will further add, that pupposlng (and it
will require an Immense amount ofini-
magination to even "supposo" such a
tiling) that (ho St. Charles could not ac
commodate but "forty-live on tho upper
floors," (which, by tlio way, contain
some of the most pleasant rooms in tho
house), we cannot eVon suppose "with
out llres," for there Is a stovo in nearly
every room. Hut supposing tlio acconi
modalloUH ,4cep, 1linllotliio-lthe alwive,
number. vo ngain say ir ;wr. M. nail
been nnxlorjilto Jiara thoAAtuouhition
'liojd here, all he had to do would have
bepu to Inform the public of a lack of
hotel nccommodutlonsiuni.herc aro hun
dreds of our whole-souled citizens who
would eiiornllv 'h'av'e! loft tho "latcil
string" out, and received tho teachers
with open hands and, wilting hearts.
Tills assertion, wo know to bo true, as
niany.promlnePt .citizens liavo, told us,
within tho last few weeks, (hut thoy
. I.,. lift ..I,. .Hi. I.ta.'fi nasldlitit l.i Inl.t.,..
euro of the Association had Mr. M. let
them know anything about' it. "Wo dis
like a newspaper controversy an much
as any one, and during our live years'
residence- here Wu have carefully avoided
anything of tlio kind. "When tho article
appeared In tho 'Bulletin,' headed "The
"Keuhou Why," wo did not reply to It,
although we knew It was false and un
Just as far as wo were concerned, but
when, a few days ago, another article
was published, more glaring and false
than (ho first, wo thought it about time
to "define our position" in tlio matter.
This we have done, and hero wo rest our
ease. Mr. Morgan may continue his
brilliant literary communications; his
manly, high-toned cU'itslons; he may
also continue to njuirm, writhe, wrlgglo
and shirk the responsibility, but ihofa-U
rum n in the same, and ''facts" are, it
teems, c him most "stubborn things,"
In coiiclufeioti, Mr. Morgan says our
last article, asan "advertUliiKenrd," was
afiticei-s-i. As we wish to be Impurtlul,
wo will hero say, tba'. the "ailverlMnu"
dpne In thin article lint been for his sole
benefit, and we hope It will prove hs
much n 'ViieoeW' fur him, a ho claimed
our last was for us.
J KWrtT'f Wll tnX, Co.,
''l riopVftlor Sr. Cli'iirtci,i7Ioll'Jj '
On Velno!day, Jmiunry 1U, 1S70, hi 0
o'clock a.iii., alnr'o uui complete us-Mrt
nioilt of Mlllln-ry' ' Uoddii, ;&t liroin'
llloek, corner lilt-veuth Mreiit ninl I'oin
ujerelal uveutiu, nuiinlitinu ..of Funcy
Buttons, Triiiiminiis, Volvet,-Bibboii",
Knuuul- l'"lo.wrs, Fglnj, etc., vie..
It JoSKl'il Alt.N'OI.I), Coustitblo.
, Jinn Urmnihl
AImiiiI live o'eluok yulrilay vulnya
whlio man, uamod, Valentine slgWtufiii,
full nverbpurd fmiu the stt-nnir Com
nmti aohKIi, lybic nt our laudlitK, od
1 1 row nud. Thv ili-fjtft iU4ii Imi on m
hi itvtro'mi wlilcli tiuwycd liUn up
( during an Interval of Utrro or four
uiitiuirk, mid ttsrr tctiU after lih
bo d liapf ard bmtuMUh tliu urfaa of
(b u-ttior, ItU wwt UUf wtttt vUflulf
vUttto. H tloiurdat leavttm ttun4r4l
vnni U(r HNklv If Umt Umd Imvti
W&lhtxv.ba imp. V ha-l hw
at thwWJUlUht from 1IVM, i
, iljd fMHtiO
ut)(, ootblmf m. ,u uoJ'. whWr
,rul "'"ou'i fniiH.
Suit lias iM-eu instituted lo Mw
Oibb, BJttiidellivjd. Ui., Uawl .yyj ifialJ
win eome on ui ujv jroeiu itiiu ol lue
Alexander irtuitoonrtjagkiufct (ho llii
iiwi1' v. v MniM4 wuuirain jui jail,
uroto deliver a large quuuthy of oorn i
and oats. The pluli.tlllt fix their dam-
gtut 510,000.
iiiudruiu muii;4 jjnu kuvii lue Jill- I
nois Centiul company, and the (rial will '
bo heard ut tlio April term of our uir- !
cult court, for ?io0,000 damages upon
corn delivered by defendants, the dam
ages having been sustained whjjo Ju
their hands. Messrs. Allen und Llnear
of this city, are tho
rVUorueys for the
These aro tho heaviest damaeu null
over Instituted in the Alexunder circuit
-o i,i(iinr Itptullcil In Curlioiulnle,
aruouuiuo 13 a teniporanco. town.
A provision Is Incorporated Into the deed
by which real otuto owners hold their
town lots, that splrltlous liquors shall
not he Hildou tho promises, the ponalty
being a forfeiture of title. Tho oouclu
sion therefore, la quite general, that
thero are no grog hops In Carbondale.
On Saturduy last a gentleman of color,
named Peter Tillman, was arrested by
olieer Arnold, aud brought before squiro
lJrosH,ona charge of selling liquors with
in the limits of the city, without license
The sable gentleman was both surprised
and ludlgimut. He had tho same
lieino that ho liad used in Carbondale,
and ho had retailed liquor thero for a
penod of six months, without molesta
Until the eorporadon ollleers being duly
informed as to the nature of ills business.
Tlio license ho held were from under the
iiahd and seal of somo deputy collector
Wlioso name we did not learn, and un
doubtedly authorized Peter Tillman to
sell 8plrlton llquor3 In less quantities
Hum a gallon, etc Altliou-ih thev hud
protected1 him In Carbondalo, they.Avero
held for ilauglit.in Cairo, and PetorTill-
man was lined Hid, und tlio perquisites.
Thero aro points Ir this connection,
which naturally suggest themselves, that
call for Inquiry,
ASiE',i?.E-:it cxrccrrr couict.
Ilrnt flay, Jauunrj 17,
Tho Circuit Court met at the usual
hour. Present: The Honorable David J.
Baker, jr. Judge; L. II. Myers, slierM';
John IJ. llariuan, clerk, by A. II. Irvln,
deputy. The following Juries were em
pantiellcd. (IttANl) JUl'.Y.
Thos Wilson, foreman, CJ W Johnson,
it u iuniiingiiaui, Jesse Ulasgnw,
B McMannus,
Win Hiilln,
Jas Kennedy,
Samuel Wilson,
Samuel Waltern,
P Corcoran,
JI Wllatilev.
Win Ireland
Jus HiKutoii,
las (Jarlaud,
Victor TruMII,
Thomas .Morgan,
Frank Short,
iienry lverr,
Hansom ThomiHon. N L Uevoru.
Jas Jj Sanders, Tliomas Winter.
'j John Hodges.
, TJtv:nsK JUiiv.
Wllllanu'Dalley. John Cahll.
Samuel Clutts, U F Kljijit'iiburg.
Tliomas MeCi'lnuess, Joshua Yates.
Sylvester, Webber, SauiM Wiltshire,
it J cuuiim,
Henri Slack.
Win Whltaker,
-Morris Fitzgerald,
French Ax ley,
Joseph Hraukle,
F WJiitcanip,
Deniils Malioney,
Anthony M'Tlgue,
John TO'Shea.
James Quiiin,
Jom-pIi Crawley,
.1 JI Atherton,
J llliitou,
C Bauinunrdiicr.
Jno A Morris,
i'lio People, etc., vs Lou Moore; keep
ing a lewd liouse; verdict of guilty.
Court adjourned until this morning at
0 o'clock. i
I.iiri; .Null's n I'liuir.
During Saturday and Monday six
thousand one hundred barrels of Hour
worn Mild inCairo aud shipped to their ties
dilution. Tins is at tho rate of L'00,000
barrels per month, and about equal to
the average dally sales of St. Louis or
Chicago, during their busiest season.
t'ommlttr. of Coiiiirllmrii mill Milium
The committee appointed by the May
or, (uiidw a renolutloii of tho City Coun
cil) to dutermlne what additional gravel
idnnk, or turnpike roiids are neded In
the uolghboriuit portions of Missouri
Kentucky and Illinois;, und to suggest
means wlieioSy fundi may be rai-ed to
construct ueh roads und. complete those
aln-mly, partially coiistrucled, is com
.ocd of tlio foll(iviiigj;entlemeii : From
tlio Select Council : Me."t-rs. .1. S. Reunion
and U D. WilllaiiHon; Ironi the board
of Alileriiieii, Mensrs. William Lonorirun
and Jujius Carroll; citizen', Mcwrs. D.
a. I.iuognr, William Strutton ami It. II.
Ciitiiiiugiiuin. -
Tiipjse gentlemen aro not only familiar
with tlitu wunts of ihucountrv In tho Ik
half IitTlfj-.-UtxI, but witl the temper of
the " rogard tlieroto. Tiioy are
tho vrrj men for a i-tUfctory ill-cJuirge
of the tmt report in them.
t'Htile IhlfWH AVicieil.
A law day ago a Missouri furmer,
named Heury Fwriy, vhlted Cuiro and
rr(lol Ut offlcfcrs ArnpltlNiid Bambriek
the lOMoftwo had ofc.ittlo, oxpieaalng
the eoojectur that ii.ey v.oubl bo
brought Ut ."ir fur al. Arnold nud
0aioMi44t kept a ftharp loo'-out, and,
yn4f kulun, fvuud the cattle in
tkt pMMttiou of oil Mr. Ji)nlwni, u.
UM(j;iovMatl)(-lUUtf, utli a Mr .Vatlian
D- 4k ('. in vbart:; hoi wautiog further
tvldpiv of lutvnt liil tim tnmUnk,
laoiMHi to Uiuikl 'J'iie fallow t injdoyed
ttii- ultimo t in jui;ji(uy 1uj and u
dfj(jifal t-llyrt U utuii L epe. Tiie
ofrior wtn wvt at alh MirprlMd In
fuel lby anticipated Just Kieh u tuove-
A lively ohaiMxi euMiod. during
wbloh BttUibriek flid ojwu tho fugitive,
ttlklillK Hllr.l. 4x I... II 1.1... A 41.1.
i . . . . . , . .
S h '
f SL? ? Wh' T" t,,e
ho,jtaiW. of further olfort, sur-
Tlio two were then owwrtod to the
oounty Jail, whore they will uwalt the
arrival of Forgey, und the uotlon of the
(iruud Jury, now In sotion.
J'ort'lly ('Irrh.
The nuine of Mr. Jolin Brown, tlio pro
tempore Incumbent, Is announced In our
paper to-day, in connection with a can
didacy for tho oillce of City Clerk. Who
The Alliciietini lo iilnht.
Bear in mindjhul tho last oxlilbltlon
bf tho dissolving vluwa will bo given in
the Atuoncuin this evening. Tho views
embrace many of tho most interesting
scenes described in the bible, among
others the creation of the world, Christ
walking on tho troubled waters ol the
HoaolGal o ; tlio miracles of Christ sce
nery In Switzerland, and along tile Miss
issippi river, and sovoral viows of a hu
morous kind, Admission, ."o cents; chil
dren 10 cents.
The trial of young Mlseiihoiiner, cliarg
ed with tlio inurilurof a young Gorman
at Dongola, about a year ago, will pro
bably take place dtirlng.the present term
of the circuit court. The case is brought
hero by change of veuuu from Union
Wnn In!.
20 day boarders, tu the St. Jnmes
Hotel, corner JJIght street and Ohio
Loveo. First-class table at four dollars
per week. dlw
AIIimiIIoii IIIIirriilunH.
A special meeting of this company
will ho hehl this (Tuesday) evening
January 18th, at 7 o'clock. Business of
Importance jrlll bo transacted. By order
of the Committee on B:ill.
M. J. M.vr.Niif., .Scc'y.
Iloli 1 Art I vi.t.
ft, Nk-IioIui HoUl, Ojim, lIU., Jiiiminy 1. ino.
R 11 Purknnjr., Tenn.; G F Smith,
family and niece, Stockton, Cal.; D
Davis, Louisville; Wirt Coryell, Chicago;
O Kenyon, Caladonla, III.; V T Afli
hart, Vienna; K J Bullock, Columbus;
T A llagdon, Mound City; K Fid wards
and lady, Cincinnati; T F Hall, St.
Louis; M J llaynes, Cincinnati; H M
Batiwell, Dongola, 111.; T R Markliille,
do; G W F L-iwrence. Chicago; R S
Clark, New York; Win Keynon, Cale
donlu, ill.; A.J Hanks and sou, Illinois.
or tiii: iiii:i:uma.v run: .cojipa.vv.
The iiinlh annual ball of tlio Hiber
nian lire company will be held in the
St. Nicholas Hotel on Friday evening
Febuary ISth.
The managers pledge themselves that
the occasion shall be one pleasant to tho
participants, and creditable to the com
comjiittiij: or AniuNoi:iiK.vr.s.
Win. McIIale, J. H. Kiiglish, C. .1. Hy-
laud, John Miller. Jan. I I tl
Dan. Able, from Columbus.
Forsyth, St. J.ouls.
Solver Moon, Memphis.
Moillo Able, St. Louis.
Mary Huston, N. O.
Luoiiidas, Ciucliiiiatl.
PliicBluir, Hickman.
Dan Abie, for Columbus.
Mollle Able, N O.
Silver Moon, Cincinnati, v
l.eonldas, N. O.
Mary Houston, LouNvllle. '
Mohawk, N. O.
Pine Bluti; Hlekmtiii.
l-'orsydi, Vlcksburg.
A. Baker, Kastport.
Tulisiimn, Nashville.
The weather bus been olenr and oold
since hint Jeport. In tho 11 hour.s ending
at" p. ui. yesterday the mttoury In tho
thermometer full from Oldeg. to 22 dog.
The river has risen four feet since last
report, being at the rate of two Inches
per hour us fust u rate us hu ever iwen
known ut Cuiro, and some of our older
citlzeussay that it Is faster than over
before known.
Tlio Ohio is again r sing at Pittsburg,
with nearly 17 feet water in the channel.
It is rising at die rate of (wo Indies per
hour at the Iiidlana'cliute over the fulls.
The Cumberland is rUIug still, with
fourteen feet water on Harpcth Shoals.
The Tcnnoisco is about at Hood hight. It
Is the rapid rise in those two rivers, aid.
lug the riic from the Ohio, which causes
the river at tills point to swell so rapid
ly. The telegraph brings Intelligence of
the sinking und probable los of the tine
steamer Llzzlo (Jill, yesterday morning
about miles above the mouth of White
River. No particulars have been ic
ceived. She had u full cargo, and was
bound from St. Louis to New Orleans,
The Pino Bluli" brought uji .'lo bales of
cotton for rushlpmeiit to Evatisvillo. It
soc-iiu to bw u mistake that tills boat is to
Imi run between Cairo and Hii kman, to
connect tlio Illinois Central aud tint
Xufchvllle and Northwostern Railroads.
5li ir, running Independently, and lias j
iii carrying corn, from points above I
and below Hlckmun, to that point to bo '
Mi lifted itr rail to (iuort-bi ninl other
. . - - r J ...... . . . v
Southern states. She Is chartered bv u
11 rn In Hickman.
The St. Luke Is expected this uvenine-.
bound for Meinnhls. and die Moun
taineer for Shrovoport.
Tho Quickstep is tho regular nackot
for Evuiikvlllo, this evening.
J no Wlille is the regular packet for
i'udui'uh this evening.
Cunt. Chas. T. Hindu is aerent for all
the above boats.
Jolt I'rliillllL'.
The 'Uulletln' olllco having been sup.
nlled Willi liwri.iiKoil fni'llltliw Is now I
IHIl.II Willi IlltrtllSCU IUI.III1103, IS IIUW
prepared to do Job work cheaper than i
nver. W'o aro determined, in truth,
dial no citizen shall have cause, either i
on account of price or stylo, for sending
his work abroad. Our otllco Is tho com
pletest In tho state, outside ol Chicago
and KnrliiKlleld. and can perform all
kinds of work for which the river, rail
road, mereandlo, legal and general
linuiiir.vu of tin, i'liv create a demand.
In point of workmanship wo shall stand
iinsurnasseil. Kond in vour orders.
Proofs Hubmlttcd when requested.
Hold Uiirnl.
At V22 commercial Avenue, betwoon
.Seventh und Jilghth street, is a Hist class
house of entertainment, kept upon tllb
restaurant or European style, furnishing
oysters, game or meals on short notice In
the best style. Also elegant rooms mid
beds for transient guests. Patronage
respectfully solicited.
JaulUlf HuNitv HAimis.
P. Molly has a largo stock of hats,
which will bo sold at New York whole
sale pricos. tf.
Two Dining Room Girls are wanted
at the St. Nicholas Hotel . Apt girls,
who can como well recommended, can
secure a stead' situation at good wages,
No better medicine for Croup, Colds,
Ac, has over been o He red to die public
than Norman's Chalybeate Cough Syrup.
"tiikiiisst in usr." ICudois' Stomach
Bitters. tf
Knit Jackets, all wool, at tho actual
cost, at P. Xell'i', No. 71), Ohio Levee.
. .. ,
Vour Ciilldren may die of Croup before
aid can reach them. Always have on
hand Norman's Chalybeate Cough
Syrup. JunKOt.
Gent's calf boots only .'! 75, ut P. Nell's
No. 71), Ohio Levee. tf.
Norman's Chalybeate Cough Syrup Is
no humbug. Try it and bo convinced.
S. J. Humui, agent, corner Commercial
avenue anil Eighth street. Ja7-lw
One of the best remedies for Croup
ever discovered Is Norman's Chalybeate
Cough Syrup. S.J. lliimtii, agent, cor
ner Commercial iiveutio and Eighth
street. Ja7-lw
Chills cured In six hours, by
Chill Cure
Ully Netlp rui-.Shir.
Flvo hundred dollars city -crlp for tale,
oJttap in sums to suit (lie purolmur. Ap
ply to Miller i'i Miller, Olilo Loveo.
, I'ur City 'I r RMirri-.
V ore iwttt'.M-'l to nnHisfli Ut. JOHN ll
I.A.N I, m .1 curli-tat. f -r rc-rU-clion tw lb otlke of
Citjf Tor.r. !
W m Mttlioriinl to attetihelhat J. II, TAYI.oi:
M ill b c:4j-l.'lt for CiiT Tiruicr, W tlH fn.'j i
liuKtrrolcatiaa.. ' m1:IJ'
rir riij- :ini4.. ;
W ar aionnl u tnuntiMe that JOHN llttOWN
larndl'Ut tar ih- ftu m of Til UrrV, t( U,c rn
lag charter Mftiaa- alii
Xoim u hi'ivbjf aiVfn, Uuil iihalt kiinK )' n
mwU in liie pajraMat ut a crrtala lai, nm, i,
Wiillaw H. V ttt to s. Hiaau T)lor and .im
IVumim. Truataai af thf Cmru Citv Pfnnartr. I... I
Mar ih loth, A Tt. H.. Md yMv ibtr jor.
fn.fci ttipilair tUwr(, with ix wnti im-rrt;.i
tll-lu. n l trn pt ont. tkcrwiflrr. Mil l '
pttymnn m un u un mm, ,hi oin-r. i
Wittiaw II Krr.a' Hi-in tiMfaruin h Ii
pomvr of miI ua III" folluwinf iu4r,tfl pr.
lo.t il l.nu nuMUrnl ii tip Ipii IMI an-t ! . .
(IlL la blook nmuUrwl . (). ta lli lll.rj a.l.l.l
v w w . y i.i in tu. kvwwj vi Avw-Jr '11 i
HlatMrf lllm'H, h-h fat4 monaaf I y .j I
H riuauT7)oraa4 llwm ISifx.a, tri- '
Mini, ontiti. lIAI) ly of January, X. I. I - :. .
la rwaitvl, aiu'T a-icoai 1 fhTt I-'-.'.' '.
wit whkh l ai.ir.ar Ii Mfunl! in tl He
oror' .! ut tk- ...unijr ut AIUdt, in
"K, ' pax' ITi, liM Mii'-uai im bfling 4u i I i
abla, Im-ihk tiiablr-tlirr.. ,li,lar ami llurit i .
ertA' Wiii-'iral, log.'ilirr aiUi laiar lhr,
tlir. ralo KlMr il.l
I. Ih un-lrriigtt! ninae f S. ttaaia '!.).
Ul I K.ll. l'nrMiUa. Tina rm. 1I1 Ut whom '
inortgatir iu uia4. ( it.wf-f iliamtna an i i
ii.wfi ifm mn 1 ,
l.uo Tao-iar, th j-ti. .r
it lea olurk .H., ' f'l t
f ths irf' ai !' -
Tltl OI lU) UDH'. ,l. UO
ur Jnuunry, a. u I""", at
(lav. uixlrr ami l i rttir r tlir iMwr'
taN4 la l tar(gr.,-. II at ptihllo alt,B, I" tho
!rivhial l.i. Mf. lor ra.h. al Iba fraaa daur til llm
l oiirt hnaw in mm! rliy ut ClrV, la lii county t
.lfn l-r, anlHuir or II: uul. UicaaaTa (to-rnu-i
lwni-i-, t iia; tho i.urp-aaa attti oonHt'"tii r
la.i murtuw. iTil50HriiTiarr.SI.lt
AILtV WlH.mitUI, n!. )'.
Jan. II, 1-Tu.ilU
I'o The Tex Payers of Alcxaixlrr -omi.
ty itmlSlntr ill lllliiiiln.
Tii- 1 ix Uii.k i unw i'i uir li(Ui'l ami for tn itu
ih,i ut t i.t ii'tuur itir. Hlnli. rnunlt. SnaauU. rjiuw r.
mi'i ).alrn'l actiuul Uxr li'-w du,aBl lur lilt) Jat A.
I. la-.v, 1 win i ui uairo m my uww ovoty tuy uur
nig tiininnuih uf iViirunr), Isto,
AtihaliiiuaaDf JanubllaMlmtHi. in 1IiIwum1 l'ri'
cinrt. un V,li,wl), nrvh sli, Into.
Aim (torn 01 Juiiii nnnin, in uiniy iiwihci, un
Tluir .lar. Mun-li Slal. 1TU.
Al ilia ainrt. ofU. A. IMmouann. lit CtverCn-rlc l'lo-
in. I, on M'aiday, Aur.l ih, liTU.
At tin' Muml lluuao, rn'itr Thom" J. Me('urN m
liwr Crwi l'n'iii i,i-u Thiiradar. April Mii.l7.
A Hi" More 01 J. 11. noin intf. ill niv 1011 ui 1 nvuva
on W
1 '! Al.nl Utli. 1HT0.
AttTuoioru of ilr ('. HtHnr. at PunU J'c cii
TliUMiliiy. Al.nl Till, I'M.
AtlUlon ufM. I. Nqn.fr, III Q0o Hl.in.l, on
I rl-luv, Ajinl k.li, 1870.
At Hi li..nii ut Ti'omaa JIatlin, in IMgtoolli, (111
HHtnriUy. Al.nl Oili. lTu.
OaT-TolhoMi who owe ronl tax, la. aiiruBtnl y
it aiui Mia t'oata tin I aliall do nil In my 1 r l-t
f ..ll,M.ltiVr ilullur cliti;l mi tlioTux lleot aworl
10 ui tow.
oarju, ur ami bring ynnrfornir ltoaliU or ymtr
'I. -U moiUar that llie ilcaurii'llotiw of your ImuU m:iy
I... f..ln.l r.-a.inv. I,. 11. JIVUIIS.
Hiunifanii Ijx.QIHi-io Colltwlorcir Alaxamlvr I'o,
Clln.-tor'a OJTIcm Cairo, III., Jon.'lli, A. I. Ib'U.
Nutioo in lioruby then, tlut, lifrenl on tlio tlilri
liny ut March, A. D. In. Thotnx i'urtfr ami .Mm.
nn.ili I'orlor, hla tril'o, inmli' llieir ct-rlnin inorlKnsi'
lici-ii, I7 wliiuh thoy fonvf)oi 10 Jnliu H, Mnori- or
thcvity (if ft. l.ouiK, .s.utu of Muanurl, lull llvu()
nnil (ill, ill blovk luo(-), ill III" fulirlli A'Mfe.on to tlm
i-itK' ol l.'Hiru, AlcxnniUTtoiinty, Illino1, llr tlio jxir
poij of btller RtHiurinx tlio inyiiiiiit of n ojr'nin
iirpiniaaory nniu of own ditto w tilt cul'J morlK'iK',
or the nun of (ovcu huudro I iiml llf.y ilollrn, m)
iil'lo lo John h. Moore, Uvo moiithn nr.er l4U,iiinl
aiiiioil hv llio Mill Thomas JorltT ; ami lie rem it
w.n oxprt-asly iirovilrl in u:ilt lunrlu'iit thnt In eaa
of (Iflfuulllii llio tnn UK'lil of Kiiid proinlfnory not,
orimy purl tiieriioi.iin nrilinio tho tenor ti-l filed of
thi .im, I lien llio Kld Joint H, Moore, Iiih Ick-iI rijo
rcK'ntativcs or nliorupy, nfior ImviiiK inln-rllsfil
nu-li hIu ton In u uow(p.iper piililinliea In
Cairo, orliyp'Mtinuup ttntloiior prliitnl notice h in
situate, niiKhi ll llio mnio, or any tarl lln-ri'ol, ami
,lhlilll.nUilVor n-l lenitilloillllllOHlilSThniniia
lUlir I'liucnn in 1110 ruuiuy wnuiv aiuu 'ruini(ii urn
l'orier ami Jiu.jiimh i'oricr, hm wife, tliir lioir, rs-
h,t,i i,r!miiai ami uhvnus, tii-funit him icon inmh-
lft Pffi"' f' "XWLTIS. .tl US, T'W
iiiurigaHweruKivriiknowiiirrrr!r ,u pu'u"'0 u
the power eunuineii in Un- wild iiKirtgiiKoi wo will. n
IheiUlorncyH of llio(-i John H, MduTo, Nellatjititlm
veniluo, lo llio lni(liiMt hiU'ler, for uah, nl llio cntirt
hoiuo, in Uuro, 011 tho 'Jilli iluy of January, A. 1
D;u, ut tlio hour A eleven o'olocli, ill tho forenoon
of Mil J tiny, the aniil loli llvn (S) nnil nx (V), in block
two (i), In tho fouilh ittl-lillou lo Hip city of Ciilio,
t'ouuly of Aloxmiiler mi'i .Statu of llllnoin, nml will
execute to tho purehasur or purchasers Ihereof ileeiU
for tho conveyance in feu simple of tho naiil irvmisc,
Amkk, WtDU.V lk'TLEii, Attoineyafor
Jnn. 15, 187'J-UlOil JOHN H. etOOItt',

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