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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 19, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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For good lilting clothing ready mndo
or made to order, go to 1 Nell, No 70,
Ohio Levee, tf
o .1
Have you seen theAliiHku boots? They
nro the most comfortable hoot in use. For
.stile nt 1 NolfH no 71), Ohio Lovee. ' tf.
Shell oyiiter, mime, etc., can always
bo teemed at Vtillter it Slssoli's lestnu
rant. Nov tf
1 Welly liuving determined to close
out the balance of his goodx at thu
i arllest. iiosilblo moiiioiil, will henue
' fo'rih Mull anythlngon hand at cost, and
I.E81TJIA.V cost! tf
100 dozen genuine English and Lisle
thread socks, at a great reduction hi
. i formrtr rirlee.at Peter NelPs, No.79, Ohio
' ' LWee. 1 tf
The St. Nicholas Billiard Hall U one
of the largest and best furnished In the
country. It is tho resort ol both citizens
and strangers who Indulge billiard play
Ing. jauOtf.
Uso Endcr'.i Chill
Cure. "It never
Do you want n stylish hat? Nell's Is
tho place and the only place to And
them, of all the latest fashions and In
great abundance. His stock. In this Hue,
cannot bo c'junllcd in Cairo. tf.
Tho Continental Is the only cook Btove
with sliding oven doors. Warranted In
nil respects. Pitcher it Henry, nt 102
Commercial avenue, cor. Iltth street.
The largest took, of over coats In the
city, at P. Foil', No. 70, Ohio Levee, tf
The stock of silk hats at Miller & Mill
er's comprises thu very latest styles and
the finest make of the reason.. The
Ivnrloty Is very great, tho stock large,
and prlces'have been regulated to har
monize with the times. Call In and ex
amine, tf
Neir'a is the place to buy your Shirts.
Ho has on hand a magnificent stock
at prices that defy competition. For In
stance nil wool llnunel shirts, one dol
lar and a quarter each well made. tf.
The HI. Xlcholna Hotel anil Itckluiirntit.
This popular and eligibly locnted house
of public entertainment Is now fitted
and furnished throughout in good Myle;
and, undor the management of Messrs
Walker fc Sisson, Is doing a large and
thriving business. It is kept upon the
European plan the guest calling for
what ho wanta when he wantt It, wlietlt
cr In the day or night time, and paying
only for what ho orders. The rooms are
large and clean, furnished with the best
of beds and bedding, while all other fea
tures of the establishment arc arranged
with an especial eye to tho comfort and
convenience of the guests. JnOtf
1 lir Svw Yntr,
Ilegln It right, by buying, for cah,
of J.H. Metcalf, No 1132 and 3.11 Wh.
A v., who has enlurged both house and
stock, and Is nov. prepared to supply cus
tomers with iUv'bett of nil l;iiitN(f staple
and fancy groceries,
ory, 'glassware, yell
queeii.swme, crock
How anil ltocklng
ham ware, table and pocket cutlery.
All kind of Milt llh, given, dried, and
tanned frnltH, plelele.-i, elder, honey, yr
tips, tine tem, cotlees and sugars,
choice tablo butter always on hand. In
short, everything usually kept In a first
vlass grocery; besides notions too num
erous to mention, all of which will be
wold at tho lowest flgurct. tf.
I'lirlllalllllK OOltt,
The completest stnch of gentlemen's
furnishing goods In the city , Is to be
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
bo u remarkable want, Indeed, In this
line that they cannot satisfactorily supply
nt the very lowent figures ruling in the
market. tf.
I.nillei.' Itontniuniit.
The Ladles' Restaurant fitted up by
Mews Walker iV KIhsoii, Is directly In
oouneutlou with thu Hi. Nicholas Hotel,
where tho motrcipcctnu!e ladles and fam
ilies of the city may tako meals or lunch
es In perfect quiet, and without tho least
(ear of coming in contact with objection
ablu characters. It will be kept in first
class stylo for first oluss custom. Polite
and attentive waiters will always bo In
attendance, and patrons will always
command the most courteous treatment
and attention.
Pitcher it Henry's large stock of hard
ware,' cutlery, to'ols, stoves, tin Warn, etc
will be sold without regard to cost. tf
- .
Normfth Chalybeate Cough Syrup Is
no humbug. Try It and be convinced.
S.JjcHgjujim, itgent,, corner Commercial
avenuo and Eighth street. Ja7-lw
One of tho best remedies for Croup
ever discovered is Norman's Chalybeate
Cough Syrup. S. J. Humni, agent, cor
ner Commercial avenuo and Eighth
street. Ju7-lw
"the best in U8K" Eudore' Stomach
Bitters. tf
Almost giving away. Nefl" Is Helling
gent's undershirts and drawers, and In
fact every thing In Gent's underwear, so
low'!that it docs not look like buying
them ftt all. It is more like giving them
Armor, tic at wi t,i, tit tikomk yon
wiiuk it is tsxr.yiwv.
There are, in Cairo, nbout ono dozen
persons who should' be Invited to leave
town with all possible expedition, and
who, In the ovent their refusal to com
ply with tho Invitation, should bo
promptly kicked out, and admonished
to stay out. About that number retard.
In every poslblo tnanne., thu growth of
the city, keep up a perpetual growl about
dull times, tho alleged mismanage
ment of corporation and county all'alrs,
and oppose every measure or undertak
ing designed to promote tho general
prosperity. They pronounce all our
proposed railroads, humbugs and delu
sions; damn the Illinois Central as a
curse to theclt; are conlldent that no
honest purpose to build tho Cairo A Vln.
ecuues roud was ever entertained; and
complain that tho business of thu city is
controlled by monopolies and so
managed as to enrich the few and Im
poverish the many. They find nothing
to approve or applaud; see lank starva
tion staring tho laborer and mechanic In
tho faco; and glvo expression to tho
charitable wish thnt tho d d town may
sink Into eternal perdition. They aro ?
vory unhappy and much discouraged
themselves, and their unhapplncss Is
greatly Increased by tho fact that they
cannot put everybody else In n like frame
of mind.
If these wretched and obnoxious citi
zens would confine their complaints and
dolorous utterances to each other's ears
their self-Invoked punishment would bo
Biifllclent; but they aro tho first to con
front strangers seeking location and
business In our city, and regard it as a
special triumph if they can drive them
away. Wo have tho most absolute proof
that, within tho past six mouths, parties
who contemplated the erection hero of
cxtenslvo manufacturing establish
ment, wero detercd from doing so by
the slanders and mhrtjncinttatlons t
dtttcns. Tho parties in question wero
sought out by tho "croakers," assured
that thero was no prospect, near or re
mote, of the building of the C. it V., C. k
.St. Louis; Junction and C. t F. railroads;
that citizens wero acrlflcing their prop
erty and leaying town every day; that
tho limited business of the town was
monopolized by a few, who invariably
crushed out all newcomers, and that tho
Property Trustoes could not glvo a good
title to the property! All this, coming
from cltizons, had the intended effect;
tho now comers were driven away, and
tbe city thus robbed of manufacturing
enterprises that would have given em
ployment to more thnu ono hundred of
our laborers and mechanics. Citizens
of Cairo did this, and felicitated them
selves that thereby they had gained "a
victory overTaylorl"
Moat of theso enemies of Cairo aro de
pendent upon the good will and patron
age of their fulluw-cltizeus for subsis
tence. A few of them aro prospering,
yot they lose no opportunity to stab the
reputation of thu city, and aro best pleas
ed when the stab accomplishes mishlcf.
They aro of tho ungrateful kind that
"curse tho bridge that carries them
safely over the stream;" and of the foul
birds that delllo their own nest. It was
a sorry day for Cairo that resolved theni
to locate w(th!n her limit, and many a
dry cheek would they leave behind
should thuy nut upon their advice to
others, and locate somuwhero else.
They are a curse to Cilro, and certainly
descrvo no favors at thu hinds of th'sou
whom, In thu aggregate, they bo Indus
triously strive to injuiv. They have
earned n kicking from every citizen who
earnestly desires tho prosperity of the
city, and ouyht to be paid
llutrl i.rnrillT
At 122 commercial Avenue, botween
Seventh and Eighth street, is a first class
hoine of entertainment, kept upon the
restaurant or European style, furnishing
oysters, game or meals on short notice in
thu best style. Also elegant rooms and
beds for transient guests. Patrouagt
respectfully solicited.
Jan2tf Hknkv Haituis.
There was n terrlblu clanging of lire
bells last night, occasioned by the out
break of lire In a wood shed in the rear
of Mr. V. II. t-andusky's premises. How
thu lire got there has not been ascer
tained. The Hough anil Hiadles and the
Hibernians arriving on thu ground llrst,
sought water in the school house cis
terns, but their suctions wero not long
enough to reach It. Tho Arabs follow
ing, ran into Dr. .Smith's clitern and suc
ceeded in getting water. This done, It
was but tho work of a few minutes to
drown out the lire.
Cll)-Scrip lor fiulc.
Five huiulred dollars city scrip for sale,
a'icaplnbunistohult tho purchaser. Ap
ply to Miller &, Miller, Ohio Levee.
Kxlilliltlou In the Clirimiaii churrli to.
The dissolving views will bo placed on
exhibition In tho Christian church, on
Eighteenth street, this evening. Doors
opon at 7-30. Admission, 25 cents.
Children 10 cents. Thero Is much In
theso ylews to entertain the spectator,
and as thejprlco of admission Is very low,
there should bo a very large turn-out.
lwo Dining Itoom Girls nro wanted
at tho St. Nloholas Hotel. Apt girls,
who can como well recommended, can
secure ft steady situation at good wages.
Knit Jackets, all wool, nt tho actual
cost, at P, Nen'i, No. 70, OhloLovce,
AM to SInrlii 'iVrtyn or
t) ry-itockt .
Tito t'onltnittooon manufacturing inte
rests have concluded to recommend to
tho olfy council the appropriation of
$10,000 to securo tho erection Imre of a
sot of dry docks or marine ways. Tho
appropriation i- to be made under such
terms nnd rcsti lotions ne the City Coun
cil may neu lit to Impose.
If thu absolute donation of that sum
would secute tho erection of docks or
ways here, it would be money most
Judiciously expend d. There is not a
fair minded tax payer within the limits
cf the clt.y that would Interpose an ohjee
tlon. :
If, in addition to tills stun, otii- well-to-
do citizens would take tock iu such an
enterprise to tho amount of $23,000 to
?oU,000, six months would not elapse Lc-
foro boat building and repairing would
bo one of thu ohluf industrial Interests of
the city. It would employ nt least one
hundred of our ineohiinlc and laborers,
and distribute through them, oursaw
mill men and others, at least ?150,000per
annum. Such an end Is certainly
worthy of tho ellort required to achloyo
There is no point, on either the Ohio
or MIs'Ksippi river, thnt li as advan
tageously bituated for tho successful con
duct of boat building and repairing as
Cairo. To the fact that there isnlways
uninterrupted navigation below us (an
advantage no other locality can claim)
wo enn add thepresence of an abundance
of the best timber in the world, and all
the other advantages and facilities pos
sessed by the most favored points in the
country. IJut on this head we need not
enlarge. There Is not a man In tho Mis
sissippi Valley who has senso enough to
succestfiiiiy manage n boat building and
repairing business, who Is Ignorant of
tho superior claims of Cairo.
There Is reason for anticipating good
results from this movement, and we
hope and believe that the stop so aus
piciously taken will be promptly followed
by such others as may teem called for to
Insure success.
Tjil'th. Tho powers of Mrs. Whit
comb's Syrup for children are as positive
as the sunlight from heaven, nnd gentle
nnd soothing us an angel's whisper.
Tlir I'lraC Slilr, I'lnitlly.
( ilrrt.em'tit.)
Kmtoih 11ui.m:ti.v: Permit mo n
brief space In reply to another moan at
tack from Jowett SVIL'ox & Co., proprie
tors of thctJt. diaries. It is tinuccensary
to brand the charges again as false; and
I here challenge Mr. Wilcox to make
oath to thch truthfulness before any
competent nfllccr. They do not deny, in
the card of yesterday, that 1 was in
formed by proper authority that tho
fat. Charles could not nceomun date over
forty-live teachers, on the upper Hour,
without Mich; but still liioiit that I was
oppoicdto the meeting of the Asoda
tlon in Cairo. Lot'us see what tho re
""""'J : 1 placed Cairo in nomiiiu
tlon ul Pcorln, and secured thu iultui-ucu
and nftintnnce of tuaoher In It favor.
I 'of. H. M. Ktter, of llloomiugtoii, and
chairman of the executive imiiiiiiIUuc oi
the Aiiouiutloi), wrote me in Septum bur,
that hu was constantly Importuned i.
change the place of meeting to n more
central point, on account of the oxtrumu
location of our city; and, our want of
ample hotel accommodations. I refer
Mr. Wilcox, and his friends, to my re
piles to Prof. Utter. In every letter I
said: "A change nui-jt not be made."
I opposed a change until I was Informed
that the "ample root" of the St. Charles
could not shelter over "forty-llvo teach
ers,on thu nppsr floor, without llret." Hut
I thli was not all that finally discouraged
1 me. Ed win Cook, esq., of Chicago, Stale
I agent' for tho school-book publishing
lioti-e of Iveson, Phlnny it Co., of New
ork, wrote to mo in AugiiNt,to neoure
hiuiiclf and partner a rom at thu St.
Charles, for the Association, and to suud
the number of thosatno to him. 1 culled
at the hotel, but was informed that
rooms could not be secured so long in ad
vance, I received seventeen like re
quonts from other agents; 1 replied to
them all: "Cannot securo roouiH." If
Mr. WIIciix and friend will exuinluu
my letter to the executive committee,
ami toiover Ilfty teachers in our State,
they will tlnd in tlium a defence of our
hotel ncconiinodatioiu', especially the
St. Charles.
"Hut," says Mr. Wilcox, "suppose the
St. Charles could not accommodate over
forty-five, all ho had to do was to-lnlorm
the public of the lacjr of hotel accommo
dations, and our "whole-souled citizens
would cheerfully havo loft tho latch
string out, and received tho touchers
with open hands and filling hearts."
What 'a plea for sympathy I Ho who
would censure under ci circumstances,
would bu a coward. This letting down
reminds mo stiongly of thu drunkard,
who In JiHtlllcatlou of his own course,
said that his brother was a temperance
man. "If our amplu roof and accom
modations for two hundred guests'' could
not accommoduteover forty-llvo "on tho
uppor lloor, without tires," says Mr.
Wilcox, "tho latch-string of my neigh
bor Is always out, with hands opon and
hearts willing." 1 needed no Informa
tion from Mr. Wilcox on this point. Cairo
liberality nml hospitality nro too extcn-
alvely known to need any defense
"Ihll," nays Mr. Wilcox, again, .iy
did hu not anneal from
lnck of hotel accommodations
to our "whole-souled citizens." f
nnMWcr: 1st. Uccaue, members of the
Association did not desire, and would
not haVo accepted such accommodation,
They were able to pay for llrst claws nc'
commodation and would not have been
satisfied with anythlngless. They meet,
not only for Intellectual gain, but alio for
social re union; and always expect such
hotel accommodation as will secure
their objects: '.'(!. It would have been
too great n task for our citizen have to
t'ntertained at least five hundred teachers
during thu Association. T inn satisfied
With the change made. If Mr. Wilcox
and friend! are nut, let them attend the
next Association explain their case, and
secure its location.
I can assure Mr. Wilcox that I know
nothing about thu last articlu he refers
to In the Uulletln. I did inform the cdl
tor of the cause of change. Hut adieu to
controversy. Iluforo Mr. Wilcox at.
tempts another defence in the press, per
mit mu here to Inform him, that there
Is a wide difference botween defense of
one's self, aud a mean personal and tin
truthful attack upon another.
Joki. G. MoitUAN.
Your Cnlldreii may die of Croup before
aid can reach them. Always have on
linnd Norman's Chalybeate Cough
Syrup. JanKOt.
(Jent'i calf boots only .T7S, at P. Nell's
No. 70, Ohio Levee. tf.
Wiiililucton Hull, IV It. Mll.
A Grand Maquurude Hall will be given
as above, under the auspices of the Cairo
I timers. Tho public generally Is Invited
to attend; thu management pledging
themselves that no ellort will be spared
to render thu occasion one most
pleasant and entertaining to all who
may attend.
It. IlltlllAClt.
II. Wiaiu...
noit.m: Tiin:r.
nr. VAitirts his; rAiti:i:it nv
MiJouitN i.vthc i;mon nit'M V
A Iiir.I)c II IVIIimw
During tho lust three or four years tho
States of Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri
and 'luiincs'co havu been sub
jected to the horso-stenllng raids of
a iiaro-ilovll fellow going bv thu
nutno of Frank Weaver. He has, pro
bably, itolou more horaoft than nny man
of his tine living; ami few men havo
umdo more halr-bruadth and mavelous
escapes than he. Ho, has at limes, ben
hunted by whole communities of out
raged farmers; has been cornered,
euuglit,nhot, beaten, imprisoned; but has
never been deprived of his liberty long
er than It kuitt-d him to be. Last Fall
he made 111 apjitarftiict.' on the l.'nlon
county fair ground, in the inldet of
pariU wl..i knew and hail pursued him
n a li'ir-i-thief, nml took a dltlniiuUhed
part In all the spurts and gamei of chance
common on such oecanlons. In due time
however, he wai arretted for stealing
horse-, in Jackson county While en
.route for the Jallat Mtirphyboro, he com
plained that his haiid-eulfa chafed.
him and promised to go along
qulotly If his guurds would
roleno only one of his hands. Tho mo
ment this was done the wlley t-eouiidrol
made a weapon of his Irons with which
ho knocked one of tho guards headlong
from his saddle, and very nearly unseat
ed tlie other. Thu llrst party assailed,
quickly recovered, however, and sont a
bull whizzing through thu vllllau's arm,
nnd assured him that if he so much as
moved, the next ball would bo sunt
through his brain.
Without further trouble ho was placed
I., ll.. i .
in uiu .uurpuysii'iro jau, wnero no re
mained Just oxaclly as long as. it suited
nun io remain, wno nno morning, a
week or two later, tho Jailor awoke to
find his "bird flown," and tivo or three
of the neighboring farmers, each to find
ono of Ills finest horses missing.
For an Interval of two or three mouths
nothing was seen of Mr. Frank Weaver.
Men could bo found who had lost Hue
horses, and their loss was ascribed to a
vi ist from Weaver, but the Individual
himself, could not bu located.
Late last Friday night as u citizen
was passing Garrett Subiett's saloon. In
Anna, no discovered a light and heard a
noise within that attracted his attention.
To his inquiry "who's there? "tho party
insldo replied:" MoElhauy. Garrett
is somewhat unwell to-night anil sont
mo down to get some whisky." Hy this
time another citizen ciuno up, and the
Joint conclusion being that "something
was was wrong," ono of tho cltizons kept
watchjwhlle tltu other wont aftorSublott.
In a few minutes that gentleman mado
his appcaraucu, entorod the saloon, and
stood faco to face with Frank Weav
er tho noted horso-thlef. Weaver, not u
particle discomposed, approached Sub
lette, and In the blandest manner poss
ible, acknowledged that ho had been
caught lu tho act of "doing him dirt,"
but ho was perfectly willing to com
promise, and make everything satis
factory, Ho would do tho fulr thing,
and return half tho goods Jiojjad appro
priated, nnd, if Sublott wns hog enough
to Insist upon It, ho'd glvo nil of ,tUem
b.-ick. Stiblett, Hotifjlit a chaucp to an
swer the scoundrel through tho Iron
mouth of bin revolver, but was prevent'
cd by tho by-slanders, who seized and
bound Weaver, and escorted him to tho
.lonesboro Jail, vhere hu now roinalns,
with a lively prospect of a ten year' so
journ in thu Jollet penitentiary.
Tiii ley ii ritM.
Cairo Jnu. Hih, 170
Mr. J. r Crowley -Dr.
Sir: We the undersigned citizens.
and voters of thu city of Cairo respect
fully request that you allow your nanio
to he used as a canditiie for the ollho of
City' Clerk; and wo promise a vote of the
majority and intelligence of those who
are willing and anxious to promote the
Interest and welfare of those who by
honesty, sobriety and Industry have
shown themselves worthy of tho confi
dence and preference of tho Democracy
and of the city at large:
1'. W. Itnuilln,
11. II. CiimmiKlintn.
i", ruMii.tsfoHiutii,
J J. litiriloii,
W Kill,
l Pin,
.tn. Hurl.,
T (iorman,
Jim KhiiumIv,
M. 1). Ilulnli m,
:. ii. NchIsiiiI,
I'. DUnalilHi.
Mirliel MolAirtey,
S. II. Aycr,
Wm. I.oneiKMi.
1' HiirLc,
P. Welly has a large stock of hats,
which will he sold at Now York whole
sale prices. tf.
No better medicine for Croup, Colds,
itc, has over been offered to tho public
than Norman's Chalybeate Cough Syrup.
Hold ArrlviiU.
st. NifIiuIm Hotel, Cairo, III . Jumwrjr It, lrn.
A. G. Williams, Dongola; W. S. Han-
lies, Dongola; H. G. Carter, Mound City ;
F. M. Law. Ullln: It. T. Calvin. Ullln :
W. H. Howe, St. Louis; T. Flnnlgan.
I. C. It. 15.; C. E. Clark, Mobile; A. 11
Iloblnson, Villa Wdge; T. G. Grlllltli,
St. Louis; C. It. Allen. MaunsbiirL': F.
Lampe, Cincinnati; P. P. McLave,
Jone-boro; J. T. Carroll, JouesborojT
Wlllaid, St. Louis; Phil. S. Hlsey, lluds-
vllle; J. Y. Cletnson, Caledonia; J. M.
Davldge, Caledonia; T. Hull, St. Iouls;
J. W. Howard, Hlaiidvllle; 11. Lvsslc,
St. Louis.
I'or Cley Trrmiirrr.
V re fuithorits.l to ftnoounep Mr. JOHN HY-
I.AM.ih ii sun'li'hts f'T rt-t-ctlon to the office of
City Troanun-r. U
W n't mitlwritrd to nnnoiiirtf !lil J B TAYI.OIt
ill ! acmkIhUIu ferC ly TffHurrr, at llir rtiu;r.;
hrtr(-lo0t..in iulitl
Tor lty Clrrk,
Wr ms nutli nt. U.nnoiine that JOHN IlltOWS
Karim.lidatt' f r tl Ri'C (if ( tljr Cl-tU, l tlif m
inif ftmrlrftk" t "it. jnlil l
N'nlh-f- It hlT'l.V UiVrli. thnt "ll fuUlt lltlllC ltl
m l tn tlx- w)ifH'M i.f eoiUin ln,l, f nr; if
Will. .iMi II Karri Ins. suit Tnjlor ami i,l n
Iar"ti', Tnit-of tli" Oaire City l'rx.rly. l ita I
lav Hi 'h. A 1. and NitaNr thr.-r Iran
ff.ni lli llirrp..!, M illi n M rrnl. ililrnil .
til In', n't Isn r nt. thrMflr. ami l. k . rr
III.; ..ijrrtlM nf lli' Ii M Ootls Mltll tl, i .
k'lll.auilt Hrri'K..ih,m"liis,rU.niii"rt1.'- o
mrr of Ml oil ill flll.ILlf a, -Tlt. ji- ,
.,! Iu ii'iiiiU-rn. nirta fui. U-ii (Kii ..) , . ,
(III, in l.lork iiiiinU rr.l.1, i'i ili .turl m
to Hie rilv of C.r, in thtiftoitnlT or Alrxli In
., ... ..- M.J w. .... ,
-ti i
.MH (.1 iiiinm
hwh xiltt nuuiemt ". Ir I
h fiant. myi'r nri'i t.'iwin riraon-. triitiwiM i
Mi'i, on in iv i rin ut
y Jasiiarr, A. ll. J -Tf. f
uiticl tu OrvTt' !" '
itajC I riVoulwl in tl.- Hi-
uiu rri, .tiny
aii.l tuh a 'I uiodja
i-,r.l-r' orB ..t tl. foualy of Alrtandar, it. I-
"I. tMjflTi, ll.' aniaunt uiw btiw an l I i
ii1.!.-. im nc n;l.i; -Idr.-.. .Ii.llart itn-t 1I..1'. '
. iiritM'ipMi. i "Ilirr VfUU IMcrvat ll 11 '.
Hi.. r..t.' at-i -lut. a.
I, tie naaVr-ia-nl nfB of . Waal Tar
aiil t.lnin rar-oi'. iri. . ., iu wi. in r.
ii..iiitiwaa in-ui", l) villa of ih Irrrii- 1
....ii- i.f lh -iiu, mil, .Hi TutMty, tlx- - -tit v
f JiiM.iry. A, l l7ii. m lta o'ekx-k an... M
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l...'in .l 111 aaH iii'uljf-j... Ml at mUm all' t.n, I i Mi
luili.'-' IHJlfr, I r --li, tl th fttflt iluor I'll'''
uri linii-H Hi ai.l .-iir ur rnire. in lit roui.iv 1
Al-anltr. anH Mai. of lllniola, lb atov ilr r '- I
i.r.'iiii-.. to -lif, the imrpo-b 4 ml ron lili"ln I
inni ii,irtiwn. ilHOIIliK laTT.Nr.lt
Aitr.x, Win & Hi nr.a, M y.
Jan. II, I b7o-.lt I
Nutk' U linri.lir t itrn. tlitl. nlitrra on Id aitrt
lay of Mitrvli, A. i. IMS, Tfiumm IHtiter tut M.
....... I. I....... k.. I . ......a ....f.mi..
(M....1 Ult... HI. Tllir, lOII'IV .if.. ...t. tf,'
li'Hl, ly nhf.'h tlicv rinvyi In John H. Mnor' ut
Ihi-i-ity of St. IOM.c, Main (if MUMiUris!ni tho tJ
auJ (Hi, in Muck lu.. u'). in (tie fourlli ailoiuon. to 11. u
nyiil I'airi, AIxaniliT comity, IIIiikmv. Ojb am pu. -I-,.'
of Uttrr m urnia tli tayinwir at i cit'h 11
iiroiinitu.ry int n rvi ii iUt hum nll inurlu. ,
1'ir tli 1.11 111 uf tf. n liiinilm I n l rlflt iIollr. far.
all In Joliti S. Moori', tivii niriiilli uftrr iUte,nii l
iijih-. l.y the an Tliuiiia I'uiler i ami "lnTi'n" 41
hu. fxiiri4lt tuotultal 111 kai l inortuni'i-tliat in cavil
nf ilcfauli in lie iNtyinrnt uf a'il rontiaaory int,
or unv art I. cr. nl.iv. ..rilniKt" 'li tenor uii'i i lii ti 11
thMMio, ihi-ntli al'l Jolm x. Moor, In rci.
r. i.ii.MrH it Hll'-riipy, afiT linvinx mhcrCim I
turn -.!i- 1011 .lata In 11 iii- aivircr liltli.it'il In
(iiirn.or Ly tir.nliiiy 1111 written nr inntil iio,i.. ,11
titiial, misht aolt tho Ainm, or nny jmrt iIiitcoI, anil
nil right nml piitii.yftrr'ilimi.tioniill!iiui1Tlioina
Tnrli-r an.l )lem tl. I'.irlir, lii if. tLoir lioirt, x-
llltir 1'1111'1'H If! HIP t'ltUIHJ Mll.'l" rt.n. 1'ivnii.ri .'
iH-utora, ailininiotriilorii or ii-iiiin In ami to tli
aaiil irniliii'i iiiul hcrca. ilffatllt lia lti lini'l"
aaiil liri,ii-i iwi'i ii.'c", un.mt .it.
in tli iwytiteni t Hi will turn of en liumlrcil
.ii.l urn iinllin. fur whinli aM nruinlivory null ami
iimrttfav wuraifiTfii, nnwllii-rrfiiro In iiiruni to
tin. luAicr oiimaiiii'ii in ui" i.ii j 1 1 'i r . 3 , wt'ii n, a
llniittiirni'j (if llioiAiil Julio . Moo if, rcllnt jiiitlio
vcii'lno, to li hiulioit ImMur, for cinli, ut 1I111 court
Iiimii. In t'nirn, on llm '.'"illi ilay of January, A. 1.
1n7H, ut tlie lionr A clt'wn uVIim-k. Ill Ilia forenoon
of aiil'l ilny, III mMlota t)v f-j ainl au (0),ln l loi k
itrnf ji. m tlui fonrlri mlililmo lu Ui city of ('ir .
eoiiniy uf Alpxmnlrr uml ftiUi of Illinois, uml mil
exei'tlie 10 1110 jiiiri iui.'t ur jnirunu'i ttt. it-w, ii-t-m
for tliucuiiveyaiii'B In feoiiiiiploor llm (.alii prc-riiix.
Ain., Wi.uiiA lk tu n, Alloriiyafnr
jun. 1-', io,'.'iiw,i guii.i . ..ivwi..
To TI111 Tex I'ayei-a of Alrxniulrr Cotui
ty nml Mntr nrilllnola.
Tl,.. I'ii l-iiik Ih now pi invhiinilt nml furtlui Mir.
.,.. ..r..olliHitini! 1 1111 ril.it... (V)lllilT. SniK'ial. l'alinor.
mil District fvliool tnxei now iliie.iinil for tlie year A.
II, low, 1 lll li at f.uro in my oince every iiny nur-
Iiik lliilnniitli nf Keliruiiry, 170.
Atlbv lintinouCJuonli ILirtline, 1,1 llRilowooit I'rc-
rliu t, on woduMnliiy, Miiruli auili, IK.o.
.t tli ftoio of Jolm Knuili, In Unity I'rcinet, an
'riiiirnliiy, Mareli 31m, 17Q.
At iIih atnru of It. A. KilliluniOn In Clil.ir frook Pro.
flnet.on Momlv, AirlHlli, U7i.
,t iu ticliool IIoiiaii, noar Tlioiua.1 J, MeClnro's m
t:)vqr C'rek I'rwlncl,ou Tliurmliiv,' April Sth, li7.
At elm aloro of J. O. ItoliviiiK, in tli ton 11 of Tliotie
ou Vilu(ilay, April litli, 1711.
At tliq atoro nf Mr4 r. Iliillner, nt Santa F on
'J'liursilVi April Till, 1S7".
At tlm htoro of M. I), (iiinter, in Gooso Inlaml, ou
rrlildv, .tril Bill, 1S70.
At thu fun so of T loiii.ia Murtln. In Doutootli. oil
f.iiiiVilSy, April !)lh, 1870,
i9 To to:) who own iKTKoniil tax, lioauroaml pay
It'nnii k.ivo cosm Tin 1 ah.'ill do alt iu my rower to
oUe(icycry ittill.iir vliaiijqil op. the Tax Hook accord-
1 ii-jiu sjnro.inil lirliiR your fonaor Jlecolpti or your
deeds in onlur tliat the Ueturiutloiit of your landi may
bo founil rcmlily. L. n. MYKHS,
'Ot.rt.ltr Mll,.!. 0A11.lnln llATdiwIa Pa
WIlMtofg Ofllco Cairo. III.'. Jon. till, A. D, 1679,

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