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'FKmAYTjflJAitYl ,1870."
Tho Aurorn oil will not stain or grease.
i i i i i i i
Grkat Bargains von this Month
ONrA" In hats and caps at P. NeiF'e, No. 70
Ohio Lovee. tf.
P. Welly having determined to clone
out tho balnucc of his goods nt the
tnrllcst po.islblo momont, will hence
forth Hell unythlngon hand atcoht,aki
The most stylish bilk hatn are Invari
ably fbtimi at J NefPs, No. 7tf, Oliio
Lovee at prices that defy competition,
f Notte but tho bent goods In that line to
he found at this house. tf
The celebrated Aurora oil can be had
at No. 92 Ohio Levte. Jan2Mm
Tho S(. Nicholas Billiard Hall In one
of tho largest and bent furnished in tho
country. It 1h the resort ot both citizens
and strangers who indulge billiard play
ing. JauGtf.
Use'-lender's Chill Cure. "It never
Tlif Continental l.s the only cook tovc
Willi sliding oven doorn. Warranted in
all respects. Pi teller, 4i Henry, at 192
Commercial avenue, cor. 1-th street.
nilfc lint-.
Tho stock ofullk hats at Miller & Mill
er'ti coniprlsos the very latest styles and
tho finest mako of the season. Tho
variety Is very great, tho stock large,
and prices have been regulated to har
inonhc with the Union, ('all In and ex
amine. tf
'S'lii- ". N'lelioln Hotel a net, flt4iant.
Till popular and eligibly located house
of piihlio, enturtapmi.t t now fitted
untl "fiirnlnlicil tiitou.r;n.it-in good style;
ami, ,un(!r. tint ainiingomeiit of Mcsira
Walker fcHlsEoij, is, doing a large and
thriving lViJ)si. It is kept upon tho
Kuropontj, plan tho guest calling for
what ta wunts when ho wants it, wheth
ejlu the day or night Hint, unit paying
Hilly for what he orders. The loouxiure
largiTaud eleuti, furnished with tlti best
nf bed und bedding, while all nthir fea
tures of' tin; establishment are arranged
with an cxpocial eye to the coiufat and
convenience of the guests. JaOtf
The Xcu ,ur
Begin it right, b$ baying, for cash,
of JkIMotcftj.f,,NK.2-and 351 Wash.
Ay., who has purged both house and
Btoqk,aijd,!flLio.y prepared to supply cus
toin.e.wUla. the bcrt of all kinds of staple
aii'tauey groceries, queoiiswuro, crock
qry, glassware, yollow and ltocklng
ham ware, table and pocket cutlery.
All kinds of salt Hah, green, dried, ud
canned fruits, pickles, cider, honey, ,yr
ups, lino teas, ooli'ees and Hhtgars,
cdiolce tabic butter always on ni-iul. lu
jtort, everything usually kv;)t Lu u irst
u)ass grocery; besides ntjirVKis too. uurr..
eoiw to mention, all 3 which will be
sold ,a( thjioimf flffuifif. tf.
t'lirJflilitir (Jnoila.
The foimiXe.Ht, t(ich ot genMr men's
furnishing itoodsi.ip tho eUy , Is to be
round nMijler :uul Miller's. It would
be yrynruiblu want, indeed. Jn thin
'jii't.thii' they uitimol satisfactorily nupply
4itjM v,'r.V lowest figures ruling i n the
lfilketj..- tf,
LmlieV Kealniirnnt,
The (.tulles' Itestauraut II ttcl up by
Messrs, Walker & SUson, is tilnetly in
onnectloii with the St. Nicholas Hotel,
whom the nir;st respectahlo ladles uid fain
Hie' of die city may tako nioals tt lunch
r in perft'Ctquiut, uud without tho least
fvnr of miming lu contact wlih objection
able cliurued'rs. It w(J bo kept in Urst
fjass stylo fnllrt,fttSK ruitom. Pol.te
and attentive wallers l alwayh bo In
attendance, and puKon will always
iMiiininnil the mint, vcurtcou trcatinrnt
and attention.
Pitcher iV Hvw'n large stock of hard
ware, eittlet tools, btovus, tinware, oto
will he fh without regard to coA, tf
Noniian's C'hulyhoatc Cough Kyrup lu
no huuiluig. Try It and Im convinced,
S 1 llmnni, g,enr, corner Commercial
avuno nliil KtxtiUi htreot, JaMw
tiiut at. the hft romedles for Croup
vtir dlitedvere'd U Nprman's Clialyheal.
Cough Hyrup. H. 1. Ilumm, agout, cor
ner Commerclul avouue and Highlit
flreet. Ja7-lw
"iiii: iiKvr is i'8F." J:;nderK, Htoinauh
Tnt.'Ji:u MVSttl'EItAUK
WtikliliiKtuu llr.ll, I1,, SI 1st.
A Grand Masque-ado Ball will bo given
as above, under the auspices of the Cairo
Turners. The public generally Is lnvlte-l
to attend; tho management pledging:
themselves that no ejlort will ho spared
to render the occasion ono most
pleasant and entertaining to all who
may attend,
B. BitiiiACJt.
B. Wkiiii,.
- - -
Foa CrxntiNu Made to Okdkk In
Up-top atylo and at fair livlug prices, go
to P. NefFfl, No. 79 Ohio Ijovoo. tf
lie AdvlaeahlafVlcadaor kla pnrpoiCjad
In not IttllcTtrJ.
Dr. A. Carre, nioro generally known
as tho "French Doctor" visited tho City
Brewery yesterday afternoon, shortly
after 5 o'clock , nnd asking tho bystand
ers to drink with him, called for a glass
beer. Beforo drinking It ho drew a
small vial from his pocket, and taking a
small quantity of tlio contents upon tho
blado of Jiis knife, sifted it into the beer,
and, with tho remark that if was
"strychnine good for tho stomach ex
cellent for thoo who intend to go to
Villa Bidgo-cmptied the glas. An It
had been his custom to take medicines In
this way, his conduct exited llttl or no-
attention. He Insisted, liowevor, that h
had taken strychnine and would "lln.
Ish" at six o'clock. Ho then passed out
on tho platform iu front of tho brewery ;
sat down, and soon tumblod ovor iu a.
tor rl bio convulsion. True to hU predict
Ion that he would "finish" at C o'clock,
ho died whllo many of tho timo pieces of
tho clt.r were proclaiming that hour.
Dr. Carre was not a regular physician,
but those who wore acquainted with hi in
say that ho had boun well educated,
was known In France as Count Veltte,
and (Bird tho position of Captain in tho
rroiifb army. He lied his native coun
try la escapo tho consequoncea of a con
spiracy against Emperor Napoleon,
whom ho hated with an inveterate hato
Arriving in Cairo in 1803 ho commenced!
around of dissipation that was continued
with occasional intervals of rost, up to
tho tlni9 of his death. Whether bile
story of his carreer and position la
Franco is true or falso, It Is undoubtedly
true thnt his wife occupies a plato. near
tho person of the Empress; and it was
tho receipt of u letter from tier that
hastened tho end of his existence.
Ho has during his stay iu Cairo receiv
ed several letters from his wiftwjiearly all
of them imploring him to reiuiu Ho
received a letter of this kind yesterday
morning, and tho retlectlou that he was
a poor, penniless cast-away, who per
haps would never be in a condition to
rejoin his family, Npurred him on to o)f
Yesten'.ay morning he entered Mr.
Kluge's grocery and asked tho clork t
go to Mr. Fclth'uand buy him a colli a
HeHubacqueutly motMr. Fcith, who had:
Just uhippod tho body of Qen. Horron i
Villa flldgu, and assured him that A
would soon have the Job of disposing of
his body in llko manner. During
tho day lie told other partius
that he "had too much
troublu bure; but would bo happy to
nighl.1' HIh bearing, liowevor, gavu-uo
proo', of his sincerity, so every body ad
dre itued by him paid no heed to what h
Btf.ld. Those who saw him, as we did
Mils morning, stark and still' in his pau
per collln, have evidence that he was
fearfully iu earnest In all ho said.
An Inquest was hold by Coroner Cor
corau over tho body, during which most
of tho above facts were detailed by the
witnesses. The verdict of tho Jury was,
that tho deceased had come to his deatlt
from poison administered by his own
During tho dfr the friends of the de
ceased provided means to secure a good
collln, mid respectable interment of the
uotiy in t:io cemetery at villa Bulge.
1'. Nkkk's Stock of coatings, cas.
meres and vesting li unsurpassed for
quality and slyle-aiid will be made to
order at low prices to reduce the already
tremendous stock on hand. if
A Hall 1'rlUay .MjtUI.
There will -be a ball at Jamss Clonau's
corner of Commercial avenue and Thirty
fourth street on Frlduy evening the 21st
lust,, and an invitation is extended to one
and all to come and participate. Good
intihto and a pleasant time will be tho
order of the evening. 2t
Tlin Water Ntopptd.
Thoso person who watched with con
cern the spread of tho water on
the commons beyond tho custom house,
may now rest their fears. The leak that
mippllud the wuter ha boon stopped,
An t-Humiliation made vesteday un
der tho direction of the Mayor disclosed
tho fact that trash, or sediment hud
prevented tho complete closing of the
I.cven sewors. The valves wore purtly
opened and admitted a rush of watur
that cleared uway the obstructions.
Thu sewer watt then closed, and the
uuwelcomod supply of watur was cut otr.
Hotel (Jnriit.
At YiX commercial Avenue, between
Seventh and Klghth street, 1h a first class
Iiouko of ontertalrimcut, kept upon the
restaurant or Kuropean style, furnishing
oystuis, game or meals on short notice lu
the best stylo. Also elegaut rooms aud
beds for transient guests. Patronage
respectfully solicited.
J12tf Huttttv Haiuiih, proprietor..
C'lljr Marshal,
The race for tho office of City Mars..!
promises to bo an Inteiestlng one. We
hud ncarcely finished writing Joo Ar
nold's announcement to day when Dau.
McCarthy entered an appearance bL
ordered his name posted for the same of
fice ; so we have Bambriok, Arnold and
McCarthy In thu Held, and the promise
of two or three more. Well, "the mora
! the merrier," particularly for tho printer.
Titum.-Tho powers of Mrs. Whit-
i comb's Syrup for children are as positive
us the sunlight from heaven, aud gentle ,
and soothing as an angel's whisper.
Janl7d&wlw .
Fait 1'artleuUri.
Wo announced yosterday tho loss of the
Lady Goy. Since then wo have learned
tho following particulars:
While passing Crawford's bar thoboat
struck tho same obstruction that has
caused so many dlsa-ters In that vicin
ity, and commenced going down imme
diately. She wont to the bottom in less
than three minutes, and now lies iu ton
feet water, so careened as to place her
labroard guard under water. Cupt
Jones, in command at tho
time, Is of tho opinion that tho
bout's wholo bottom wus torn oil', aud
that, cou-cquontly, she cannot bo raised
iue pa.sengers, or wnom tnere were
thirty or forty, were Immediately re
moved to the shore, where thty remain
od until tho arrival of thu Rubicon,
about 8 o'clock yesterday morning. Tho
Rubicon bsiug downward bound con
veyed thomto their respective destina
tions. Fifteen or twenty horses and mules
and about seventy hogs, on board were
drowned. Tho freight in the hold, con
sisting chiefly or pork and lard, will
not be seriously damaged. The greatest
Injury In this respect will be sustained
by 1,500 to 2,000 barrels of Hour stored in
tho hold.
Capt. Ike Jones aud all the other of
fleers acted with great Judgment and
coolness, and no doubt prevented a panic
among the passenger.- and los of life.
Testimony lu tills bohalf Is published In
another column.
The boat was Insured for $2-4,000. The
amount of Insurance on the freight we
did not learn.
Use thu Aurora oil. It will uot smoke
j chimneys. Jau21-lm
Tho weather to-day is mild aud Spring,
t like, the sun giviugout a genial warmth
Chat would, iu a few days, start out veg
etation sufllciently to excite the voraci
ty of that eccentric hehfg yclept "Jack
A Sunn Vay to Savk Monky. Buy
yourclothiug furnishing goods, hats, caps,
iboots and shoes, at P.Netf's, No. Ti Ohio
Levee. He If now closing out his entire
slock at actual cot since January 1st,
1870. tf
Tho tobacco sales yesterday comprised
'ten hogsheads, and tho prices obtatuod
.ranged from o,&0 to $11,65. Kvery
.hogshead cutcred was sold.
The prospect for on active season Is
rgood, planters in rattier roraoto parts of
JCcutucky and Tennessee u vowing a pur-
pose to forward their crop to Cairo. If tho
Calro and Vlneeune road were opera
i tlDg Johnson and Saline county would
j -each send us soveral hundred hogsheads
during tho season. By another year we
hope to be enjoying that much desired
Gents-Shawm at Cost tho finest iu
unarket at P. NefT's, No. 70 Ohio Levee, tf
What It la Not And Wlinl It la.
Tlieso truths are self-evident. 1'halon'a
"Vitalla or Salvation for tho iltflr Is
neither .sticky like molasses, nor muddy
like a gutter-puddle. It Is on the con
trary u genial fluid, clear, limpid, aroma
tic, harmless, and will restore to gray
hair whiskers, beards am) mustaches,
their original color certainly as sunshine
melts the snow. J 20 1 wd&w
The copartnership heretofore existing
between D. W. Hamlin & K. F. Davis,
under the firm name of E. F Davis &
Co., was dlsolved on tho ifith instant by
mutual consent. It will be seen by tho
notice published In another partofour
paper, that the Mr. A. A. Arrlok will ad
Just tho unsettled business of tho firm.
Manckkstkr coath ready made and
mado to order in tho best of Hylo at P.
Neir h No. 70 Ohio Levoe. tf.
Two Dining Boom Girls ure wanted
! .at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Apt girls,
who can come well recommended, can
.secure u steady nltuatloii at wood wages,
4'ard or Thank to Itif OlMcrra of itir I.MUy
Caiko, January,
Cait. 1. Jf. JonksandOkhiukiw Wlille
wo the passengers of the lamented Lady
Guy, would offer to you tho siucerest feel
ings of gratitude for tho noble ellbrts iu
our behalf, during the sad disaster of
.yesterday, we would tender to you our
warmest sympathy, aud bestow tho eu
logy so Justly merited by your gentle
many deportmuut, calm intrepidity and
unfeigned interest for our preservation,
when dangers imminent uml fearful
.seemed ready to hurl us to the mighty
"Ocean of Etornity."
With feollngs of grateful remembrance
wo ok for tlii tcitlmouial your kind
Mm TJ W(Uwortli.
Mr. I. II Dr.kc Nt I.011K
K M A.i.luwnll.
Mm M Vritt'r, Cincinnati.
Mm Kmitu. Wriubt.HDirtlil l)r C A (Joal.l.
Urn AM lTi. LitchfirM. Mis A Uallelc, UtmMn
Mm AW K-ll.Yii-klHirx. Oil. Mom, Vivvluru.
II U IhuKim, Mom' Yark. T B (ioo.oi, C'lrruilton.
N NUnali-jr. Carrolltuiv -I B MoKltci-. tjuiucj.
U Krurr, Ciaoiunatl TJ W lvrntlh, lltlulla,
W F Uimick, Hapiugtun.. C W Clart.
Full Suit foh onb dollah. Men's
undershlrU and drawers one dollar per
pair at P. NefT's, No. 70 Ohio Lovee. tf.
Oily fterlp for Hale.
Five hundred dollars city serlp for sale,
cheap iu sums to su it the purchaser. Ap
ply to Miller & Miller, Ohio Levee.
The Aurora oil gives a clour and boautl
ful light and Is noiisoxplosl ve. Jan2l -Ira
GOUT AND I.KS8 TIIAKIJ6ST to close out at
P. Nefl 's, No.. 7? Ohio Lovee. ' Jan21tf.
Tour Children may die of Croup before
aid can reach tham. Always havo on
hand Norman's Chalybeate Cough
Syrup. Janl70t.
P. Rlclly has a large stock of lints,
which will bo bold at New York whole
sale prices. tf.
No better medicine for Croup, Colds,
iVc, has ever been otl'ered to the public
than Norman's Chalybeate Cough Syrup.
Nkw Styi.k Vivian scarfs, Victoria
scarfs, Eugenlo scarfs, just received at
P. NoiTs, No. 70 Ohio Levoe. tf
Dau. Able, from Columbus.
Wm. White Paducah.
Rubicon " St. Louis.
Sam Orr " Evausvlllo.
Mary Allco " Iouisrlllu.
A. J. Baker " Orleans.
Dan. Able for Columbus.
Wm. White for Puducah.
Rubicon for St. Louis.
Sam Orr for Evansvillc.
Tyrono for Nashville,
A. J. Baker for Pittsburg.
The weather remains bright aud
beautiful. . .
"The river has risen fully 4 fiot lu the
past 24 hours.
The Mississippi is receding at St. Lbui
f inches per day.
Tho Ohio is rising slowly at L tulsvillu
with 33 feet water on the falls and 11"
feet In tho canal. It is also
rising slowly at Cincinnati, but Is fall
ing ut Pittsburg with 17 feet In the chan
nel. Thu Cumberland is declining at Nash
ville. Business contlnuos brisk.
Tho Whlto brought for Parker and
Phillls 00 sacks of corn.
Tho Rubicon receivod GO tons here.
Mr. Snood Strong, pilot of the Lady
Gay, was a passenger on the Rubicon
last night. From him we learu that the
accident by which the Gay wai sunk
occurred ou Wednesday at 1 o'clock a.m.,
5 tulhi below Grand Tower, and only a
short distance above where the Kate
Robinson and W. R. Arther sunk. The
locality being a dangerous one, tho on-
glnees hud been stopped 300 yards above
where she struck the snair. Notwith
standing the fact that she wa-t merely
floating ut the tlmi the yollclty of the
current, and herown great'welght caused
the snag to tear such a hole lu the hull
that she sunk in about live minutes,
thirty yards from shoro. The wator Is
up to her cabin floor on the larboard side,
but is uot quite over the lowor guards ou
the starboard. No human life was lost,
but GO mules wero drowned. '
The Quickstep Is tho regular packet for
Evausvlllo this evening.
(icncral biulncts hat toon quite good du
ring tho week, and the ngr-gnte nles of
flour nnd grain bare been only limited by tlio
Amount received. Shipper! horo are taking
all thu low grade 11 our they can get, n well
at nil .hipping lot of corn nnd onU, nnd are
p.iying for the nrtlclci si good or Iwttor
price tlirwi cuu he obtained In nny Western
market. There in ulto u otvftdy local nnd
order deui nnd for the :inic commoditiei, n
well n wlii-nl und Imv, iind unless held itbovu
uinnait rntut, we Ijidfevo no receiptt of nnv
of tho foregoing uru golni; into more. With
theto fiictt before tlio public, it it rnthor a
mttttur of itirprlfo with ninny thnt our re
ceipt uro not at thin thnu mueh Urgor than
they arc Hut when wo rclh-ot upon the
fnct thst Cairo it yet yountr in yenrs, snd
not gonernlly known abroad n a Urgo uinr
kt, together with tho very unenviable ropu
tntion which every nnwtpnpor torlbbler of
riral cities hut aided in building up for her,
w only woiidir thnt fho it doing at well ni
she Is. Though limited in numbers, wo enn
nfiily sy that Cairo merchunts, nt a e!n,
tiro in tumid flnnnRlally, nnd conduct their
btiilnr.it upon nt correct principle, nnd us
tathftictorily to their ctittomer-, n thoso of
any city in tha bind ; nnd with good prices
nnd quick return for their produce, ship
will eoriMilt their own intercut by nt
Ifftit giving till nmrknt u fitir triid, which,
wc nro ussured, will convince them of tho
truth of U wu claim.
Flour ha continued nctivo for the lower
"nulotfor thlpment. while thor! Isa fnlr or
der nnd trndo domnnd'for tho hotter qualitloi.
Price have remained steady during thu week
with sale for tho past threo 'lay of,
U.8 bhh fino nt
100 hbl stipertiup, nt
100 hbls " at
205 bhU " nt
200 hbl " tit
010 hbl X at
470 hbl XX nt i
041 bbl. XXX nt
230 hbls family brandt at
050 Ibis various grade., iu
order lot, nt from
3 7.'i
A 10
I 20
I 2.1
t 27J
I S0to-1 70
.1 00 to & 25
0 06 to 0 M
7 25 to 7 50
I 25 to 7 50
Tho nntiro .ale. for the week aggregate
OJODbbls. h
Wheat. "Wo aro without uny receipt
ninco our lust report. Tho market is steady,
n'. qiiotutioui given in another column.
Corn lm been in nctivo doniuud, for ship
ment nnd the local trade, nnd price. havo
remained quito Arm, though uot quotably
Sale wore 1 car now mixed ou track, at
70c. 1 cur white, at 72, both thellod. in bulk, !
. til a- . a. 'I
10DU sucks vrniio iiwsouri. soiu in two lots.
nt S5c, nnd 225 tacks on orders, at 874,
Outs have boon steady, with good dumitiid,
and Fate of 0 cars mixed, ut 50c, uud 5 curs
ut 57, all in new burlap dellvored.
Illty hns been in good local und order do
luniid nt unchuiiKed rate., with salosof 300
bales Ohio river on private terms, 2 cars on
track", at 18 00, und 3 curs delivered, and 0
car fromttoro, ut IS 30.
llriiu. 500 sucks nolo in Jots, nt l 10 per
100 lbs. From store, dealers nro nsklng 1 2a
and 1 25.
Tobacco. At the.reulr ,14 to'-dny
thero wero bid off:
5 05
,5 25
1 " nt v
I " nt i
1 " at
1 " at
1 " nt
1 1h.x nt ..."
Corn Meal Is unchanged
" C 25
7 (JO
8 25
0 55
1 1 55
10 bbl fresh
sold at $1 25,
Provisions firm uud unchanged, with
light btisiue. doim- at quotation.
Btul.cruiitl JLlKK both thill, and mnrk
et well supplied. Small lots of butter old nt
20, 25 and .'!(K', nnd of egge at 2H and ,10c.
Poultry. -Hood demnnd for both livo
nnd dre. id, with ciile of tho former at $3 50
and 1 00 per dozen. No dressed in market.
4:tlllo H'lirco and In good demand. Kali'
bit and quail (-elllng tit $1 75 per dozen .
Squirrel at 25.
Potatoes. -20 bids -old at $2 00.
Apples. Small sale at from $:! 00 t-
H oo.
OruiiKt's. Choice replcked sulliug at
f 10 00 per bbl.
Grocer let Unit and iu good demand for
nil descriptions.
Freights unelinngetl and nctivo. Hout.
bound down get till they want here.
I'or Oil)- 't'rraxiirer.
We me iMitlinritcil to otiiiniini'e Mr. JOHN ll
l.A.M), ni n ciinlnl.ite for rc-eln-jioa to th llii - 01
(M) Tri'itsllier. te
Wt-Ate niltnurUisI lo niinoiincntliit J. II. T.OI.nl!
Mill leu CHtullil'itp fur City TrMiir-r, nt the ciiiiunt;
iHartorfbyUoti.. inl:i'i
fur ( It J t'lrrk
We .ire -iitliririwsl to nunntinee lint JOHN llllnW'.
if .-ninllilaU for t lt etllre df ritjr I l-rk.nt tli -
mi-hart! rtwlion. ' jnI6tl
We -fnitlmril ti attttotits-e Uml J. C CIU'W
I.KV will t' jeamlHste for lli-"ttlee o't'ltyt l.-ilt l
ihv -n-tutM( elMttt-r - l -t -tt. inn'.'i'i'l
I'or Ult)- .Slur. Iinl.
We are Mthtir4 t' MiiMiiinPe that MIl ll.O I.
HAM lilt ICK, M all U-a eaiclnlHle for retlitl t il c
ofltt-i--.t Cil) Mir.hal Hi tli- i ti-iilnx Inttttk-lrHtl
t.'.ti. 1111-1
IVt- r- anthftrtM-J to Kiiuouin-.''lhat JiiSKI'il Ml
MjI.I' wiUlwai'iOxlalBtefiK Ilie IUe of Oilf Mar
hcil ut tin- rii'UMK eliarl.-r rli-lioti. u
W. ai. iMitliaritnl to tnnoiinie IkAt fit.MKIi l
(,'AltTllV, jifm nt elilff iln-r. Mill In n . ,u.. i.i.i
for Ihenttl'-e r. tit) .M-filiil -it tlx' eoiiiui! i l.ittrr
:i:.vi:itAi. iiaktkii i:t.KtTo.x.
I'uMi-' Not e,- ! hi-ffby is -ti Out tliin -i!l l
frniT.il Mirl.-r U' ti .ri I..M in tli 1'it-r of l iru,
Vjuut) of Aleinri'I'-r. nn.Stat f lllmol.on Tuf-iJa)
) Vtruni -ttn-1. A. I'. I?''. fur the uros of rloctiliK
a Ms jt f-ir i.'l t'.t a Citj-Clerk, Ciljr Attorne;, t .t)
TriV-un i ieH'itjr M irlml; aln on- tntmU-r f tbe
Si-lefvt t.'otiiKiil from the Kirit Warl. one member of
nine from ihetw'.n.l Wanl, (ml en mrmlrr f otu
tl.HUity ut liiK. Ato one AMeriiirii from th ,rt
WrJ. two .i-rni- nfrutnlhe eoorld Wr, one AI
ilr, nun frcm iheTlnrJ War J anil en. AIJitiiihi fr tit
tb I'outtti Want.
I'.l,. will l.o-Bf' I lu tie dlir. nul Wr.l- f ..
0 In Hie Firit VM at the iiltwe nf XcKmi e a.
t , COIIK r of Hixtli tf. t tat. I Wa.lilliJtliitl .irii r
III Uie SN-ati-l War-lalthe Iji-JIHe U.I.e of the Afl
Kirei-OfHt'iMiT en I'oininertial n'ehlie, fiMt of Setri.tl.
tre-t. Ill the 'lluril Watd 111 tile iittlee ef II, !-hn
n ijr,c"nn r WA.h.nKtonafrinii n I Tat-lfllt ! r t
lathe KoiirOiW.ntutth'-Cent Hu, on Wali
lll.'loil atelKte.
I'olli will be oiliei 5t Of. c-lt-elc a.tM.an.) rle.e it V
o'citKk t.m.o(i.id)-. John unuw.v.
Cairo, Illitioia, Jintury 2I,1kto. tl
Notlee l lierehj- Kivrn. tlut default luTing ln
tna.te in the tiient of a eerUIti botel, curn j
William II. r'.rrt to f. 1-liuU 'lajrlor Mi l filw n
rrnni, Triitee of the Cairo City l'ioi-rtjr, dale I
Mi) the loth, A. 1 1. ami ay-tU. three Jftr
from theilAte thori-nf, with .ix p. r rent. Inteteit t.'
til due, and ten per cent, tlierraft-r. and to ir- ur
the i-ajm-nt nf winch -akl t.ote, 'with other-,
William II KurrBethem liirhrtannirtita((-w "i
twiwf r of nl on tho folluwint; de rih"l j.r- I t t
(u.wit liiiiiil-ti 'l li'li" (!). ten (10) nu l i t i
(11). in U- k iiniiil-ere.1 an ij. In tin- llunl a 1 1 i i
to thu eity of flro. in theroiint) of Alexander ,n i
State of llllli-M-, whk-li xild tiionxtt .". f I
H .'ljiT.)ltrnil Kdwin -Hr-"n.lrii-tee.a ,if. .
iAld, on the twelfth da of Jaiiiutr', A. 1 1. 1T' I
tallir reened, duly attne.t litoir-e ltlti.ri
ii nd whieh r-aid ttioitaa-ie i reeordwl in th- Ke
eonler n otttie nf the loonty uf AUxaiidsf, in I -si
'K. ' l-ii IU, the atnouat new btrtaK due and !"-
, i.ini r.-jMy-inre..
MUM awl thirty f
reut rii. i l-.l . ti.-i-il.- r
with Inlefe.t there.. u.
the IMl. al.lle .tMte.1
I, the nudir.ie. ..inr-e Of f. "ihuU Tt i
ntld lelWHI rir-otM, Tl" eei, tie,, to whom 1 I
lliirtKle ua IHA-le, h) vntiie nf the term and "
Ti.if.n- of the iine, will, on Tuedav, the xMli lay
of Jni.ii.iry. A l 17". at ten ..VIoik n.m., of that
day, mull r an I hy rlrtue .if the power of kale eun
tnincd ill id HHirtirKe, .ell at liOMic nttrtlon,to the
liliihe.t hi-l-lrr, for -.i.li, at the front door of the
court hail" in "l l eitr of Cairo, m the eounty (
AUxnn-ler. and Mate of lllinolt, the alxile drf riL-- l
treioie lo eati.fy the tiurioea ami rendition -i
auld IhOttlta.-e. IIKOICil. I.ITTNKH
At ti. Wtaa .V llt-rita. ili') .
Jan. II, l;tMtd
Notice la hrrehy lren, thnt, wlirj-i on the third
d.y of Marvh, A. I law, TtiomaH I'oitir and Men
mall I'orter, hi wife, nude their 'verlalu Itiortliage
let-d. by which they eoiitr) od to John rt. Moore of
Iherlty of !t. I.oilli, elite of Mlieoiltl.loU fire til
ami ., in M'" k twnni, u the fourth addition to the
rity ot Cairo, Alexander eounty, lltfnoU, for the ur
poke of teller xeeiirin the Kiynient nf a cet'aili
iiroinli".ry tx-le nf.Mii il.ile wtlli tuid inorlage,
for tho euin of een hitnilre I find flfl) ilolUrn, my
able to John S. Moore, lite month lifter dale, mid
rduned hy the aaid Thoiiia Toiler i and wli.-ri ui It
a eiiiri-l) liruiiHml la auld lnortj,"tKe that in rn-e
Of ill-fault III the IMiynicnt of ..lid .roiniiory note,
or nny part t. ereotVe-eordinKlo the tenor and i tlect of
IheebliH-, thin the haul John MnOre, hta li'K-l e.
l.-.i-litHliu or itttoriiO'i after llAtmiC adteiliav I
iili'h aalo ten l,i) Ml n Iiea..1por pilMlihed III
Cairn, or hy pi.HiuiK up written or ptintml notien in
four idw-f" in the eounty where anid premitea nre
iilualo, nimht n il the nuine, or liny jxirl thereol, and
ill t'lthx und -iiiiy of ri ileinptl&noriht' Tliotium
I'orltrund lie. .m ill I'otler, In wife, their helri, et
lK-uto, ndiiiiiiitrtiir or ti-liin in and to the
. l .. I.. .L.r.i.11 l,n. I.n.,ii limit..
' I'l.'llll.l. . Mil. II. .. Ml ....... . ......
i in tho p.wrivul of Hi ld -iiiii of evon hundred
' and fifty il"lUr, for wlm-h anl jirotiiliurr nolo and
I tuortKae vtnrw Klril, now Ihrreloru In punimni-n to
the power eoiitiiinel in lilt- mini luorrfiiije, ,wi w in, at
tho iiltorao) of thoaaid John h. Moore, ai-U at puhlie
vi ndiiK. to the hlitlieat ludder. f irculi. at the court
hou.e, in C.ilro, i, n thu r.lli day of Jnnuury, A I'.
li7u, at the hour if eleven
, In tha fori-uom
of Mild iljy, tha nald Iota h'e t.) ami Kfx (t),in hlork
twi(), In Ilie fourlliajidilii.il to the city of Cairo,
county of Alexander und tHto of llllnoia, mid will
em-iitii lo tho puri-liater or iiin-linen thereof deed,
for tho conveyance n fi-emnploof thj nid preniinei.
Aur.v, WtouA lliti.rii. Attorney for
J.m. 16, HIiMliOd J OHN H. MOOIIK.
To Tito Tax 1'aycrM of AUKamler t'oun.
ty ami htate or lllliiol.
The tax lMok la now i my h.-uidt ad for tho pur.
no.e of cullixitinfc the Htate, County, Bpeouil. I'uuiier,
und Illktrlot School tatet now dlie.snd for the ) ear A.
I). WO, I will ho at Cairo In my ollieo ovt-ry day dur
Inc theinnntli of Kehrunr), lfii.
At the hoiuo of Jaooh llurllilie', In Hw.U-wood Tie
cinct. on Wedt.e(lay, Jlurrii win, lai",
At the ateronf John Kinuh, in Lnlty I'rvcitiel, on
Thur.duy, Mareh aiat, ln7n.
At the .ttore of it. A. KdlnoiHoii in Clear Creek I 're.
elnct.on Jlondaj, AiriHUi, laTtl.
At tho .School lluiieo, near Thouiaa J, MeClure'k in
Clear Creek Preflinci.oa Tliurolaj', April itli, IWo.
At the atorv ofi). H. Ilnlwlnx. in tli tgwu of ,'rii( l..i
nil Wednmday, At ld Ulll, 1MO.
At tlio blore of Mm C. llellner, nt Bantu, 1 on
Tliuradny, April 7lh, 1m7o.
At the nioro of M. D. Illiuler, ill Oooho lnild, on
l-'ridav, Aliril Hilt, 1H70. .
At thu homo of Tinman Martin, in liontipitli, mi
tturihiy, April lull, Ih70.
OdTo tlioio who owe pempnnl tax, heauroand pay
II and aavo coata Uw 1 tliall do all in, my power to
eollectevcry dollar cmteil ou thttyaxook accord-
"litrlle Jure and hrliiK yourformor IteClpttor your
deeds in order that IhedricriiitlonKof your laiiiU may
ho found readily. lo il. MKIW, ,
laheriffand Kx.Oflieio Oollectorof Aloxander ( o,
Collector'a Ollice Caiio, III.. Jan.7ta,.. I, p70.
1 hhd ut....

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