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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street, Thornton's Building.
Murder of School Children.
lion' It is Itt'liukcd In Co ii ncct I
Tlii! .story i hh told by a correHpondeut
or tuo Hartford Couranl, is, in Huustaucu,
that iilittlu girl, nlre yearH old, attend,
lug it iiubllo huIiooI In Manchester, hav
ing failed to reolto her geography lesson
ii;rfectly on T huniday, was required on
l'rlilay to repent the Ichhom for that day
and tliu day before. Hlio failed again,
and, uh a punishment, wan required to
Htnnd on the lloor In a passage way,
where there was a draft of cold air, while
hhe learned It. She Htood there for an
hour, and afterward wan compelled to
Ntand In tho nchooNrootn five hours lung
er, till hIic learned Tliurnday'ii lesson, and
for an hour more, trying to learn FrI
diiy'n, and wan not released until nouie
time after tho other ncholarH had been
dent home. Hhe bisaid to have been full
of health and cplrltfi on Friday morning,
hut on Saturday her legs began to aws-ll
and hhoauirured iutuimely, soon becom
in I f dellrioiH, trying to repeat the less,
on which was tile occasion of her pun
MuiieiH, and begging of her teacher
leave to take her neat. After a few days
of thli agony she died. An Investigation
by the .School Committee wax demanded
and held, the committee 11 ml lug that the
teacher was guilty of an error In Judg
ment. A child of tender years falls to accom-
pIInIi what wan clearly beyond her ca
pacity, and Is cruelly, deliberately and
with a lleudlsh inulleu aforethought,
iiiurderud hecauxe of the failure. TIiIh
crime, bald and Inexcusable, and for
which the unjoiutlug of a neck should
be the penalty, is pronounced by a Coii-
nectlcutt Bcuool.hoard, "an error ofjudg
menl." In tho name of humanity, how much
longer will American parent pwrmlt
brutal teacher, men and women of bad
passToiiN, cruel, resentful Daturas, to leat,
bruise, malm, wound and kill little chll-
drenV How much longer will "errors of
judgment," by which children lone their
lives, pans unpunished " The answer In:
Just to lung as public Meiillmuiitsatiutlous
cororal putiUiiment in otir to-hooltt, and
no longer.
Tliu.Tliieu-Alleii Mill.
A tlglit between Jem Mace ami Tom
Allmi bus boon arranged, aud will come
oll'ou the 10th of May next. An there la
an appetite for the hayings and doings
hucIi degruded and brutal creature, wo
give below a letter from Allen concern
ing the approaching light, addressed to a
j fellow bruiser In Saw York. It in to be
lncerely hoped by every decent man in
the country that both Allen aud Mace
will succeed In knocking eacli other'
head oil'.
Hero is the letter, written In "tho
champlon'rt" own peculiar style:
St. Ihms, January 1(5, 1870.
Dkak FitiKND I received your esteem
ed letter hoping that you aud your fain
lly are In good health I want you to go
to the LSipixr ofllco and wee, that Mace
Mlgns the article that I hare oeut I am
Hiiro to lick the man lie in ten yearn old
er than me and fourteen pnuiidH lighter
and two Inched shorter and ho knows no
more than me and never fought a clever
inn-!! beforo Joe Ooss in a piece of wood
Ifl had not have Imjoii crippled I should
havo won and very easy to and then I
was heavy. Iain
Champion of America
and j on bet I can keep that'tleket.
New York Hociety now has live noble
men. Ten old women, widows, nro keeplug
house together, at Palmyra, New York.
The price of a three-cotit nlgar, has
fallen in lTaytl, to two hundred und fifty
The South Carolina railroads only
charge immigrants one cent a mile.
They are holding antl-coolle meetings
in Kan Francisco.
Hot dinners for a penny are- furnished
In Loudon.
During the lust ten years Harvard has
bestowed only thirty-six qf tho highest
honorary degrees.
Tho New York dry goods houses are
discharging ft great many clerks. Sixty
have left Stowart's since New Year's.
A citizen of Now lltiven.Jft Ropubllcan,
recently refused to havo his child vaccin
ated with matter takon from the arm of
a Democratic child.
Head waiters and chlof cooks In Now
York hotels and restaurants are paid
$75 to ?150 per month and boarded.
The entrances to tho principal saloons
of Norton aro guarded by sevoti doors,
and seven knocks aro necessary bofora
one can seo tho decanters.
A Tuxas man. and not a very healthy
t nn.. rnnnntlv lived II Vo dUVH without
V , I .....a ..II ilui (Imu trumnltil?
lOOll, IMIU nua Htv m.h .r..-o
around to llnd a lost mulo.
Eight small boys, in Albany, recently
inuonii u imrrnl of snirlts on the wharf.
and drank themselves Insensible. They
narrowly escaped death,
Although the nonulntlou of New Jersey
Is notover one. tiillllou. she pays more
Income tax than auy oinernittie, except
lug four.
Don Piatt says that a clean shirt and a
ft vo dollar bill aro tho keys to ton socioty
In Washington.
"Hedged In" is tho title of tho now
story by the author of "Hales ajar." It
Is announsed to be a story "with u deep
purpose," and is to bo published in Eng
land and Amorlca early la March.
This yoar thirty-three now trades have
boeu added to the London Directory.
The Loudon 'Times' says It would seem
that we are rapidly approaching', by the
division of labor, very near to tho acmo
of refinement ami civilization.
"The American women," says. Madame
Andouard, "are the antitheses of the
men. Just In proportion as tho lattor aro
vulgar, Ignorant and ferociously egotls
Ileal, the former aro beautiful, elegant,
dinUnguca.uA Intelligent."
A gentlcntnn, who entered tho room of
his brother-in-law, In Texas, a few nights
since, struck a match for a light, and the
brother-lii law mistaking tho sound for
the cocking of a pistol, Miot hl.n dead.
It Is stated that unimproved real estate
In White Pino which onu year ago was
held at inordinate prices, can now be
had In many cases for the taking, few
caring to go to the expense of a deed to
extiose themselves to pay taxes upon It.
The Lnie George 1). Prentice.
DHhIIm Hi'lHtivc to Ills Deiilli
Preparation Tor the l-'uuurnl.
lH'l?H.LK. Kjr . J.II.M, 1170.
The death of Uoorge D. Prentice, on
Saturday morning, at the residence of
hi. son, arewiuiiesrrom tins any, 11101111
not entirely unexpected, was received
with every mark of profound sorrow
throughout the city, and many Hugs
were placed at half-mast.
Mr. Prentice had been dangerously 111
for some time. Ifo has made his home
In tho Courier-Journal ofllco for a year
past, but has boon In tho habit of going
down te his sou's farm on Saturday af
ternoon, aud returning on Monday. On
the Saturday before Christmas, he left
the city in a buggy, lato In the afternoon,
arriving at his sou's aflor night, very
much chilled, and shlvorlug with cold.
the weather havag changed suddenly,
aud found him without sufficient
wrappings. The next .morning he
woke up sick, aud was seized with
nueumonla. For everal days his life
was despaired of, but his strong constitu
tion mastered tlie disease, and until
Friday ruoroinr tio was thought to be
recovering rapidly. From that time he
commenced sinking, and all the efforts
of nls physicians to rally him wore of 110
avail, riiey ascrioo nis ueawi 10 no
specific caUM but iroueral exhaustion ef
the vital powers. He was conscious up
to within a few moments of his death
although he nover spoke for about two
hours provlous to his dissolution. His
last words were: "I waut to go." On
the previous day he algued a deposition,
after doing which he said: "My work
is done."
His remains readied tho city to-day.
about 12 o'clock, and wero taken charge
of the by Masons,of which body ho was
an honored member. The body was con
veyed to Masonic temple, wnere it win
lie in state until tho Amoral, which will
take place from Christ's church to-mor
row, no one was annmieu to tne uau
to-day, but It will be opened to-morrow
from i) o'clock to 1, when thousands of
the doodIo ho has so lone served will be
allowed te gaze upon all that is mortal
of tho illustrious poet-editor beforo its
dual passage to tue tomn.
Mr Prentice was in his twin year, anu
leaves one son. He- waa at one time
comparatively rich, but it Is understood
that little of his former rlshcs survive
Fron tho CnlciKoTrihunn,,
One of the most colohrated industrial
establishments of the United States has
been the "Novelty Iron Works," of cow
York. It lias enjoyed a world-wide re
nutation for Its marluelengiiies, sawmills
aud other machinery. Rome of tho
most maguitloeni maoliltiery tnat was
ever put on board a Bteamshlp has been
produced iy in use wors, 1110 country
will learn with regret that the establish
mentis closing out its business. Tho
reason given Is tho want of work. No
one now builds au Amerian steamship;
noono uow wants au American marine
englno. That business has been taxed
out of exlstencoby tlio tarill'. Tho duty
on Iron has put au oud to building Amor-
lean Htoamsnips anu tneir maoniuory,
and has drlvon all that onco immense
Industry to the Urltlsh ship yards, and
lute the hands'of Urltlsh mechanics.
The Now YorK world states mat, 111
1800, thero wore in around Now York
city ttio following irou ofltablishmouts,
employing, between U,000 aud 4,000 me
chanics, at liberal wages:
Allalro Works, 700 bauds; now used as
a carstablo.
Etua Works, GOO hands; now shut up.
Neptuno Works, 600 hands; uow shut
Novelty Works, 80 hands; uow
South Brooklyn Works; now liquida
ting. Fulton Works ceased to oxlst.
Tho Morgan and Dolamator .Works,
which alone aro doltig business, employ
less than half tho bauds tlioy did when
11 these other works woro in successful
aud profitable operation
Tho Now York Tribuno' attrlbiitoH tho
itinaincr of these establishments so cred
itable to tho skill and ingenuity of our
moohanlcs to stagnation 111 uiosieam
iiiin trade." Hut what has produced
this stagnation? With iron of a hotter
(lllul itv. and canable of bolnc produced
lu a greator quautlty tlnm tlu any other
country, shlo building is practically
prohibited in the United States. Our
shipbuilders aro compelled by law to pay
11 Ixiiintv to tho furnace of SO nor ton. on
all Ire 11 thoy may use, or abandon the
business. To pay tho bounty Is ruin; so
tney nave toauauuon 1110 uusiuess.
It Wus3t Wasn't!
A Washington telograin of the 22d
Inst, says:
For three mortal hours the IIouso
quarrelled to-day as to whether it should
print 11;, 000 pampmet copies or tne re
cent revenue report of Commissioner
Wells; and in tills discussion the whole
Pennsylvania delegation cot fired up on
tho tariU'questlon, resulting iu tho most
bitter denunciation, rrom mat quarter,
of Mr. Wells and his report. Mr. Cake,
or mat mate, cnargeu mat Air. wells
had been bought ovor to free trado
with Urltlsh gold, llrooks, of Now York,
replied, repudiating the charge. McCar
thy, of the same State, reiterated it sub
stantially, and said that this age as well
as that of tho revolution, had Its Bene
dict Arnold. Ho tilted with Cook, of
Illinois, and told the latter goutleman
that ho had made a false statement; to
which Cook replied that he did not uso
such language. Logan and Kelly then
got into a row. ixigan said that tho
Congressional llepublican Commltteo
had distributed one of Kelly's high tarlir
speeches as a campaign document.
Kelly said that was not true. Logan
said it wan true. Mr. Kelly retorted that
Mr. Logun knew it was not correct; to
which Mr. Logan replied that ho couldn't
hold any further controversy with Mr
Kelly. Jloth got very red iu tho faco.
The members laughed very immoderato-
ly, and the Speaker hammered for quiet.
The result of tho debate showed that the
Western Democrats and Itepublicans
were united against the Pennsylvania
and other protective tariff Interest. Tho
House, by a large majority, voted to
print Mr. Wells' report.
MiaHlk.lppl Itcprt'HcntiMl In tlio 17.
S. Nunatc by a Xegro.
Tho Memphis 'Avalanche' of Satur
day publishes tho following special from
Jackson, Miss:
II. 11. Revels, colored State Senator
from Adams county, was elected on tho
tlrst ballot to-day to the United States
Senate, for tho term expiring on tho 4th
of March, 1S71. He was born iu North
Carolina, of free parents, aud Is forty
seven years old. He 'as educated in
Ohio, and is a mlnl.-ter.
The Egglestou cllquo are grlovoutdy
disappointed that Egglestou was not
elected. Revels was decided upon by
caucus last night as the only man who
could beat J. W. Vance, tho latter hav
ing llfty-oiio vote? on tho last ballot
yesterday. Mr. Egleston's name, was
withdrawn yesterday, but ho was per
mitted, by Joint-convention, to explain
that ho had not authorized tho with
drawal of his name, aud declared his
Intuition to light it out on that line. Ho
did not receive a single voto to-uay.
Tho Legislature adopted a memorial
nravliiir Comrress to remove tho disabili
ties of all citizens of Mississippi, and
Mr. Hovels, Senator, is entrusted with its
Bloody Affair at Hopkins-
villc, Ky.
One Mmu Killed and another Mar
ti lay Wounded.
(Xrom tkr Na.hTlllr Union, Jan. 21.)
on. attain nnllH niinii tn nlirnnlM
another deed of blood, involving the loss
of tlio life of one man who was killed
outrlirht anil probably mortally wounded
of another. Though tho traglo event
did not occur to our immediate vinciuiiy
.1 i.ti. . tAA.. I l.
ut i.a vim titirti IHII.hI Wfiu fnrmorlv n.
resident of this city, and ills many friends
and acquaintances who still livo
here. H argues a bad stato of
thlnirs. not to say an amusoiuto
lucreaso of crime throughout tho
country, when wo can scarcely iBsue u
paper without recording tlio shooklng
murder, kilUiigor maiming one or more
parties. Tho laxity of tho law In en
forcing tno proper rigoiuu pcunmes, aim
tho freo and Indiscriminate uso of fire-
on. I ilnnflli? nnnnnnu v.rvurlinrit
and on all occasions havo mado tlio fre
quency of desperate attacks, muruers,
and killings, aud scones of blood so com
mon that tliov excite scarcely au extra
ordinary lutertst. Tho shocking atfalr
hero referreil tooK piaco in a uruiKiug
saloon In tho town of Hopklnsvlllo, near
10 o'clock, last Saturday night, though
as to tho particulars of tlio origin of the
almlr we are not fully informed. It
appears that a number of porsoas were
drinking and carousing iu the saloon,
and that a general meleu was going on,
In which weapons were freely used.
Ono of tho parties, u mau named Don
ahue, was particularly obstreperous and
scorned to bo at the bottom of tho difficul
ty. Mr. J. It. W. Pearoy, wno is an act
ing polloemau of Hopklusvllle, and who
was formerly a policeman In this city,
went to tlio saloon to arrest tlilH party.
Whllo endeavoring, to make tho arrest,
arms wero freely sed, and several pistols
were fired. Heforo tho arrest could be
made, Mr. Donahue drow his pistol aud
tired at Mr. Pearoy, the hall striking him
and taking oiled In a vital part. Mr.
Pearey fell blooding profusely, ami dlwd
lu live minutes after the fatal shut was
tired. Other shots wero fired in the con
fusion, aud one of tho bulls struck the
bar tender, liilliotiug. it is thought, a
mortal wound. Mr. Donahue waa
promptly placed undor arrest and lodg
ed In Jail. A brother of Mr. Pearey, who
liven In Pulaski, passed through tho city
yesterday ou nisway to uopkinsvme to
be present at Donahue's preliminary tri
al, which will be had to-day. and to look
after his deceased brother's Interests.
Mr. Pearey, who wan killed, was about
8a years of age. and leave a wife and
young family to mourn tils untimely
death. His remains will arrive by this
morning's train, and he will be buried
by the order or rale Faces
Moxdvt Kvbxino, Jan. 24, 1870.
The oxtremuly unfavorable weather, which
has prevailed to-day, together with a scarcity
of tonngo for Southern ports, havo combined
to reitrict bui!nct, which up to the close of
lint week wns quite active. Tho wcatlior has
pro'ented ui tho unusual variety for ono dny
of rain, lnill and mow, nnd at dark tho lcrco
was covered with iluih and mud from two to
tlirco inches in depth. Tho late diiuitors
which hsvo befallen the New Orlcnni packet
line, resulting in tho probablo total lots of
two flrst-clui steamers, and the temporary
dliabling of two othors, together with tho
laying up for repairs of two of tho Mississ
ippi Vslloy Navigation Company's most
powerful tow-boats, havo had a serious effect
upon our shipping interest), and though
every effort Is being rndo to sccuro adequnto
facilities to meet our requirements, tlio Inttor
aro now so pressing, that It Is with groat
dltllculty shlppors can koap produeo from ac
cumulating in our wharf-boats, waro houses
and on tho lovec. It is at such a time as this
that tho prssiing nccssslty for a regular lino
of Cairo and Kew Orleans packets Is most
keenly felt, and wc are glad to say that tho
subject is now being earnestly discussed in
circles where to havo a want is to supply it,
which we hopo will se tho result In this case,
buforo Cairo is many months older. That
such a lino would prove ono of tho best pay-
ng steamboat investments ia tho West, is no
longor doubted, and it would contributs
materially to tho enhancement of Cairo's
commercial prosperity. Lst our shlppors
combino and oflur. such a line their tzclu
livo patronage, and ws think enough boats
coum at snco uo secured to noglii with, to
which othsrs could be added as our nccciM-
ties ronutrs it. Full freights, at fair ratw.
and plenty of wator tho year round, aro in
ducements not offered in every trade, but tho
uairo anu Mivf urieans lino would nave the
benefit of all thaso advantages, and when
onvo established the only wonder will be thai
ii wo not in oporauon long uiurc.
Flenr. Tho usual aetivo demand has
prevuiled for the lower grades, for shipment,
while tliera has been a fair order and trade
demand for all grades. Pine and snpers have
thown a tendency to advance beyond our
pravious outside quotations, while all other
grades remain firm at previous rales. The
sales reported comprise:
300 bbls Flno st 4 20
211 Superfine at 4 20
300 11 ditto at 4 27
400 H ditto at 4 35
132 Choice ditto at 4 SO
3C " Low X at 4 CO
130 " X at 4 75
100 " Low XX at 5 00
278 " XX at 5 33
100 XXX at 5 75
2C5 Ditto at 0 00 to C 50
100 Family at C 75
102 Fancv ditto at 7 25
3Ghlf bbls XXX at 3 25
8C0 bbls Various grades, in or
der lots, at from at 4 25 to 7 75
Wheat Is steady and unchanged, with
light roccipts and good milling demand. 3
ears No. 2 spring sold on privato terms.
II ran. 20 tons sold In socks at 91 10.
Corn. Strictly prime whito and yollow
ia good shinplag order, has been in good de
mand. Mixed, and soft corn is negloctod and
dull. 1000 sacks Missouri white sold on pri
vato terms, 306 and 000 sacks ditto at 87).
Oat havo been activo and Arm, with
sales of 2 cars at 50, four cars at &7, and 2
cars at 58c, all in new burlaps dollvcred. 2
cars la second hand burlaps sold at 55c, de
livered. Hay lift bson in good demand and firm,
with KiilM of 7 cars from track at 18 60 deliv
ered, and 150 bales and 3 cars from storo at
1900, delivered.
Corn Meal. Thoro woro no sulci ro
ported. Tho market is nominal nt 4 25 and
4 50, for fresh bolted, and kiln dried.
Provisions uro qulto linn, and tho
market has an upward tendency, though not
as yet quotably higher. Outsido quotations
aro gcnorally adhered to In filling orders.
flutter has been in modcrato request for
the bettor grades, with salos of 18 tubs north
ern at 30c, and soveral pkgs roll at 20, 25 nnd
Ek. Tho market is dull and prices
havo declined. 10 boxes nnd 1 bbl sold at 25c,
ippers cuuat.
sli Poultry is scarce and in demand for
both llvu and dressed. Good chickens would
bring 4 00 to 4 50 and 5 00 per dor. Live
turkeys 18 00. Dressed turkeys 10 and 18c
por lb, and chickens 3 50 to 4 50 por doe,
ducks 3 50 to 4 00, and gncso C 00 and 8 00.
iaiuo i scarco und in demand at quo
tations. Alplc ro in good supply with fair Je
mima, and salos of 25 bbls various qualitios,
in lots at from 100 to 3 00, 3 50 sad 4 00 por
Oranges nro soiling at from 8 00 to 1000
according to quality,
ftrocttrlea aro in sood demand on or
ders and from tho trade, und prices are gen
orally unchanged.
Freight. For reasons already given,
rates are very firm on all descriptions destin
ed to southern ports, and though thoro has
vol been no advance, thero aro indications of
one, though it will not probably ho sufficient
to materially affect tho market.
Is iriiircd to Hllordria promptly and imtUfiu'torilj
with tlio lint oak and hickory firewood,
l.vvu order at llulsii'a oldslawl, or at Ilia poM
olUT. PI"
Tho conarUifrihln heretofore existing under tlm
niimo nJ Myle ol E. V. IJhtIs A Co.,wm dlssoWcd
on tlip 18th Instant. I,y mutual consent, and all MpMi
due tlw firm must bo jiald to Mr. A. A. Ariclf, who is
dul authorised to recclrs and retclpt for tb same.
I). W. if AMLIIf,
K. . rDATlS.
January SI, 1670 at
Ulus, Prum Co., III. t
January, IT, ISIS, f
Tne iiartaerahlp of Bt. I.eer, Hood So., ta Uiia
day dUolvod liy mutual contxnt of all partnatt. Tin
unsettled business of tho Orrn will b sMUsd by
Morris, Hood a Co., their successors In tho bualssss,
who are authorised to use thn namo of HI. Lagsr,
Koodot Co., in making such arltlrmant.
v.. ii noon,
, J. A. I'. TEN ETCK.
Mound City 'Journal' coj.y 3t and send bill totlil
No. 72 Ohio Levee,
Cairo 111.
Krroanl af Cairo,
ltsrsasxau i
3D B. O ZZ Jk. 3N T.
7C Ohio Lette, Clrs, IU.
Hprclal attention nisei to COnitrrianl anil flllLns
orders. 4MVC
(Suteeatort taStratton, Hudson at Clark),
Grocers and Commission Merchaut.
. A(diUot
American Powder Co., and Maanla(Mrfis
AKiitM lor uuiiou Yarssa,
Jim, 07 Ohio Ive, C'alr. Ilk
Dealer In
XIO Ohio Xsovoo,
Mi,ir 4'nlro. Illtls.
Jtm. HO Slhlo htvt. fiilro, lllhiola.
Orders sollaitad and promptly and lilntorlJ
fi.tvd. coldaf
DVA8 T. PAKKKK. JOHN 11. l'HlM.lH.
CoiuiuIskIoh and Fonrardlug Merchants
And Dealer m
llay, i'oru, Onls, llrnn, nml all Ujuda al
oiuo i.kvki: ...iAiui, hx.
apl dtf
S. II. ATKI13.
K. i. ATlUS.
iD ousatL
Mo. J3S Okie Lava, OAIKO, ILL.
(Hntcsxora so K. II. Ileadriska a Co.,)
Forrrardlug and Commission Morcbaats
nruAiirnoAT runi'HiETusuii
Cairo - " XIUjxoIsbi.
Liberal Advances Made on Conttgnmcnti.
Ire prepared to rttoelre, stora or forward IraixaU to
ill polnta ; buy or sell on cominlsaiou. ilaalnaaa al
nusl to Willi proinplDtas. aaltKUwV
q w. grken
(lucseasor to Kallls, Graan ft Co.,)
zflotjir, .o-Eizsra?.
Ueisral Coramlssloa Merekaat,
infl tf
IVlr In Oiocerlet, Lima, Maxar 1'iuka, rlastera
Hair,, CmenU
JEj'J. lit 9
In bulk, alwajra an hand. Coruar KlghUi aUoMa
Olilo mis, Cairo Illinois, luris.tt:
RiKhlli atfevl, aoooad door frum Com. Aro.,
Great llrltain, Southern Germany,
Ireland, France,
Northern Germany, ( SwedeH,
Alia, rsaj TiekaU from
Liverpool, fondon, Havn, Antvtrp, Rrcmtm
ana! Hamburg, fa Next J'orA,
Or to any point West. ,
OT-Collectlons wvleoa any point la Euroaa, - .
! .

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