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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, February 04, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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Don't fall to lmnr Philip Phillips.
RIelly hftH n. large n&ck of hats,
which will lie sold at New York whole
tulo prices. tf .
The Contluentul In the only cook stovo
with Hlhllng ovuh doors. Warrnntecl In
nil n.t,nnli Dllntii.K Jt. M. ...i.i. lit IT."
ill! cr-j it v fc'T. A jiuij I i'v ...
Commercial iiventie, cor. 12th street.
tiov20tf , ' ' '
The ,'U. Nk'hoiaHlllllliirdllull In oiio
of tho 1 irge.st unil host furnished In tlie
country. It Is the resort of both ciIIb'siii
and Htr.ttiKeiH who Indulge hllllurd play
In j,'. JnnOtf.
Notlre tn tlic Tn. papers if.ll"iiulr Ca.
I will he in my office at the courthouse
every day during thU month for the pur
pose of receiving State uud County tuxes
now due Cairo III. Feb. 1st 1870
feb-idOt. L. II. MYERS Collector.
1'or Nnle.
A good nhow caso 8 feet in length, may
beiteen at the Ht. Charles Hotel. For
particular enquire at 'Hulk-tin' ofllee.
feb2d3t E, A. RUIINKTT.
- - - -
P. Hlelly having determined to close
out the balance of bin good at the
narlleftt possible moment, will hence
forth cell anything on bund at cost, and
The most MylMi fcllk liatH arc Invari
ably found at P XelpH, No. 7&, Ohio
Levee at prices that defy competition.
Xone but the best good In that line to
be found at this house. tf
The annual meeting of the Illinois
Womuutiudiugo Association willjbe held
In the opera house in Hprlngflcld on the
Sth and 9th of February We have been
anlced to mttku till announcement pub
lic that the woman' rights wo
men of Cairo n.ay be duly Informed.
Lucy Stone, Hev. Edward Reedier, and
ottier rioted fenules will address the
I'liruUtiltiK (inml
The completest stocli of gentlemen'
urnldhiug goods In the city , Is to be
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
be a remarkable want, Indeed, in this
Hue that they cannot satisfactorily mipply
at tli very lowed figures ruling in the
market. ' .tf."
Kllk lint.
Tb stock or fcllk huts at Miller & Mill
er'a comprises the rery latest wtyleH and
the finest make of the M.non. The
variety Is very great, tho Htock large,
and prices have been regulated to liar
monlzc with the times. Call in and ex
amine. tf
The residence of Mr. Churlts Galllglier,
on the upper limits of the city, Is no
doubt the moat complete and costly
bulldlnof tho kind in Southern Illinois.
Tne thousand detail that contribute to
the com fort uud luxury of a home, have
been carefully looked after, and pro
Tided. Hold ;mi
At 122 commercial Avenue," between
Seventh and Eighth Mrett, U a first class
house of eiitertulumout, kept upon the
restaurant or European Htyle, furnishing
oysters, i;nme or meals on short notice In
the best style. Also elegant rooms and
beds for transient gueMs. Patronage
respectfully f-ollclted.
J12tf IIknhv Hakims, proprietor.
The second term of the Cairo Con
servatory of Muslo will cldse with a
musical eutertulnmeut on the evenings
of Thursday and Friday, February 3d and
4th. Tickets of admission will bo glvuu
the friends of the Conservatory.
The third term will begin on Monday,
February 7th. Terms, ?5 CO, In advance.
A first-class piano forte tuner will be In
town soon; please leave your orders at
the Conservatory.
T. 8. The best mado piano fortes in
the country for sale at the Conservatory.
At tho residence of Mr. W. ! Eilioti,
Villa Itldge, Pulaski comity, on Monday
the 2nd lust, by tho Rev. W'm. 0. Mor
row, Mr. J. H. Fombell and MlfM EJla I,
Many neighboring friends were pres
ent to extend congratulations to the
newly married couple, and to join in tho
festivities that followed. Mr. Fombull
is a well-to-do merchant of Villa Kidge
and deserves tho excellent helpmato he
box securod in tho person of Miss Rush ell.
.... . ..
Tlie lies! lit the Cliiel.
l)ooley'n Baking Powders has nut only
attained tho position of the best, hut tho
cheapest baking powders now in use.
Strictly pure In Its combination, and so
exactly proportioned, that there is hu
trouble In making light, sweet biscuits,
rolls, pastry, &c, every time. One pound
will o further In tho cujlnury depart
ment than two pounds of any ptliera In
market. Try it ami bo convinced, Jfor
sale by all UrocerH In quantifies to
suit. JunSlOt.
P. NeJPs, No. 73 Ohio Lovee, janSltf.
Norman's Chalybeate Cough Ryrutl
'has superseded all other Cough Medi
cines wherevor introduced. Forsuio by
.8. J. Huram. Ja'n310t."
, ,
Manchestkk coats ready 'niado''and
made to order irr th best of titylo at F,
Neff'sNo. 70Ohlo'Leve. "0
IMilIlp I'Mlllp's C'niiivrr.
Of this Juialy cKebrated vocalist, the
Westeri'L'hrlstlaJi Advocate' speaks an
follows: r
Philip Phillips. Tlfoie w'tfo have
h"ard,thcHweet fjnger!wlll have a life
long recollection of Hint, for h'o ahvuyH
hIiih hlmHelf Jnto, tho heart. Ills power
Is marvellous; whotherlu tlm presence of
tho highest iilgnItnren.or the nation, at
tho oonlerence, prayer meeting, or Hub.
bath Hchool, ho charms alike, and rouse
patriotism or devotion a( will. Nor Is
no great alone on great occasions, before
vast uHHcmblk'H. lie Is uh touching and
as tender In the social circle, with a select
and admiring few.
Mr. JPlillllps will sing In the 'MY 15.
Church, In this city, on .Saturday even
ing Feb. 5th.
Admission V) cents; reserved seats 75
cents; children under 12 years of age, 26
cent. Tickets for sale tit Rriitol fe HtlJ
w ell's until -1 p. m., Saturday
- ' -
Giu:rr IlAttfiA i.n'h von this Month
ONi.V in hats nnd caps at P. Nell 'H, No. 70
Ohio Levee. tf.
IT It .V f 2 1 1 51 A ,S t fc !J lilt A I K
It A
WnNliltiglnit Ilnll, XVI,. '21st .
A Grand .Masquerade Dull will be given
as above, under the auspices of the Cairo
Turnerx.' Tlic public generally Is Invited
to attend; tho management pjedglng
themselves that no cllort wllllio " tpar6d
to render tho occasion one most
pleasant and ntcrluirjing to nil who
may attend.
roMMtTTr.r. or a juianohmknt :
R. UniUACir.
. SI. Wwt.
1. V. llitrrlay lit., for Hoyor.
A .petition, calling upon Mr. P. W.
Barclay to become a Candida to. for ,tbe
onice of mayor, Is in circulation and re
ceiving the willing Hlgnaturei of many
of our best oltlzehs. Wo heartily indorse
this movement, and hope that Mr. liar
clay will bo able to w far hacrlllce his
personal Inclinations in the premise, as
to yield to this call of his follow citizens.
He Is a well-informed gentleman, n cor
rect busbies man, a devoted friend of
Cairo and a zealotw advocate of all pub
lic enterprises calculated to stimulate her
growth and add to her general prosper
ity. Ho has served most acceptably in
the soke: council, and .therefore, not
uninformed as to tho many wants and
necessities of the corporation. He would,
in horr,-ill! the olllce of Mayor with cred
it to himself and to the satisfaction of
tho people.. Let us, then, look no furth
er; but unite on Barclay, uud elect him.
Tabftceohalrw Ymltnlajr.
At the Planter' Tobacco Warehouse
yesterday, moniitig,lt sixteen lihds.
tobacco were sold at tho following
iatUfaoiory prices: , , ,
2 hhd.s. lugs, at $0 7.V, 1 hhd lugs, at
50 80; I hhd. lugs, at fO M; 2 hhd?. lug,
at ?7 (V); 1 hhd. common leaf, altS 2o I
hhd. common leaf, at SO W; U hhdshlp
ping leaf, ?ll 2o, ,U 50, 11 75, 12 00,
12 12 50, 1 hhd common pic bald,
at' $J 75; I medium bright wrapper, at
Ttw HI
Alrlioluv llolrl on it llrvlnnrnnt.
This popular and eligibly located hou.e
of public entertainment Is now lltted
and furnished throughout in good Mylo;
and, under the management of Messrs
Walker it..SUson, in doing a large and
thriving business. 'It Is kept upon tho
Kuropeau plan the guest calling for
what ho wanLs when ho wants It, wheth
er in the day or night tlmej aiit'l' payitig
only 'for what' he orders. Tho rooms are
largo ami clean, furnished -with the best
of beds' and bedding, while all other fea
ture of the establishment are arranged
wltlr an especial eye to the comfort and
convenience of the guests. JaOtf
' f )T
'I lie Xc Yrwr, ' 1 k
Begin It right, by buying, for cash,
of J.H. Metcalf, No, 332 and S3! Wash.
A v., who has enlarged both house and
stock, and Is now prepared to supply cus
tomers with tho bat of all kinds of staple
and fancy groceries, queeriHwaW, -crockery,
glassware, yellow and Booking
ham ware, table hn'd pocket outlery.
All kinds of salt fish, green, dried, uud
canned fruits, pickles, cider, honey, syr
ups, ' fine 4- teas, codecs and sugars,
choice table butter always'oh hand. ' lit
short, everything usually kept In a'flrst
class grocery;-besides notions too num
erous to mention, all of which will bo
sold at tho lowest figurci. tf.
TIip New Wlmlow Fnt.
Evorybody who has a house, or place
of business, will bo1 Interested In the new
window fast, Jut being Introduced by
tho Boston tfc Merldeu Manufacturing
Company; Its namo IndlcatjiigjHst what
It is, vJ.': "Never falling and self-lock-ing.'.'
.Viudpws Are always jocked
wherever and however left from being
forced either up or down. All admlro Its
simplicity, and admit Its superiority over
any other!Fast. For full description sed
our advertising columns. It.
Messrs. Mllieratid Miller havO Just rp
ceived.au unusually largeWoll assorted
and strictly faslnonablo supply of plec'i
goods, tq which they uaUbpeqal atten
tion. Tlie lotjemlmices die 'illicit, cibths
and caslmors over brought to Cairo, and
aucu ft.vorlety ofstyles that all tastes may
be accommodated. SuU's.fir garmotijs,
mm tliosn croods aro mado to order In the
'bestfjAerllMjst.tyle, ami at
n ...til ,l,.f.rr.r.... mllllo'll I'llV
llgures iiiiu wui iikij -uii4ioi,.v.,.
pYoof fehhls they'enly ask tom'ut yppn
rlal. At all ovents call arouud ami sea
trWnow goods. Jan25tf.
An KntrrprUliiKTown.
ThatEvansvllle is a town of consider
able commercial Importance is due, not
to htr favorablo geographical position,
but to the Indomltableenergy of her lead
Ingcitlzcns and business men. With ad
vantages' superior to tiio.se of no locality
oo the river below Loiilsvllleand nbio
lutely Inferior to thopeof Cairo and prduts
below Culro, sho bus built up a cotton
market scarcely second to thti; )f any In
the Northwest, and a tobacco murkol of
first class pretensions all within a
period of two or three years.
Travel where you may In the .South
anil you will find runners and drum
mers from Evansvllle. If a single house
Is unnble to send out a drummer, two,
three or a half dozen houses combine
for that purpose, aud the result Is there Is
scarcely a retail merchant, or cotton or
tobacco planter in tliq States of Ken
tucky, Tonneskee, Mississippi or Ala
bama that has not heard, thr... fh the
mouths of her hired talkers, " about
Evansvllle, her wholesale hoM-es, her
manufacturing establishments, land her
ability to do this and that and everything
else that any other city may attempt to
do. The result of all this is seen in a
steady, prosperous trade, a lively,
thriving town.
Without such agencies Evansvllle
would bo a second Henderson, for In no
particular are her natural advantage?
and surroundings superior. May wo not,
then, learn wisdom from the example
hero furnished. Tlie same effort expend
ed in behalf of Cairo, would soon build
up here tho leading manufacturing and
commercial city of the Mississippi
Valley. Wo havo every natural ad
vantage th.t Evansvllle has and many
to which she urges no claim. If It were
widely known that tho Cairo market
can furnish Hour, groceries, drugs anil
medicines, boots aud shoes, qucc'.isware,
ulussware, hooka, and stationery at as
liiu" hud In some Instances lower, figures
than govern elsewhere, we should toon
j-oo a grtatly Increased animation in
those departments of trade, and through
them, in all others. Evansvllle achieves
her notoriety, cheaply-lit a few paltry
thou?ands per annum, and we fiee no
good rtaion why Cairo may not "do the
Mime likewise alfo."
JllbtriiUii Kirn Co. Ilnll
The Hibernian Fire Co., No. 4 propose
to hold their Otli annual ball at
John .Schcel's Hall, on Cedar street,
on WednoMlay evening, Feb. Oth, 1S70.
As this company heretofore has been In
tho habit or huvlnif very well conducted
balls, where all could enjoy themselves
the management Intend on this occa
slon to spare no time or expense to
make it the finest ball thoy have over
held, anil one at which every citizen
honoring us with their presence can en
Joy themselves to their heart'H content.
rProf. EiBcnburg'sitrlng band hasbeen
engaged for the occasion.
J. H. Enousii,
c. j. hvi.and,
Jas. Kennedy, .
John Miu.Eit,
J Tim. UoitMAN.
r'-NEw-Styee Vivian scarfs, Victoria
scarf. Eugenie scarfs, just received "t
P. Nell's, No. 70 Ohio Levecw tf
- -
It should be borne In mind that the
Young Men's Dramatic Hoelety, assisted
by the Cairo serenading kind, will give
a variety entertainment, In the Atbenum
to-morrow evening, for the benefit of the
Orphan Asylum. Tho pert little comedy
entitled Nature and Phllosopy forms one
of tho attractions of the evening.
Men. to make rails, build fence and
clear ground. Apply to
W. M. Wir.tr.vMS
Fel-2-::td St Charles Hotel.
- -
Tlmr Ny February. XI ;.
J ft CamelTrospect Giles Co; A L Sims
Prospect Giles Co; MFitz, Frankfort 111;
John W Corgau, Frankfort III; Dr Fuller
and lady; Dr Hamlin; H Seymour Chic
ago,' III; (nVlllor, Evansvllle, Ind; C B
Fuller, Chicago, III; US Hamlin Chic
ago, III; W D Brownleo; H B Bradbury,
Texas; (' F Straight, Fairburglll; John
DHolf, Falrburg, ill; J PClough Illinois;
J Mattlngly; I) E Sparks Evansvllle Ind;
J1 J Jves Decatur, III; R Thompson,
VaudalinjJ C Gray; R Darius; Jame
W Evans Ballard County, Ky; Grundy
Bryant, Ballard County Ky; Riley Slim
Held Ballard County Ky: Jim Hendrlck
Paducah, Ky; dipt Scott, River; J 0
Curdwell. Hllos; W.T Smith, Nnbo; J S
Saylor, Paducah Ky; Win Williams,
Osceola; E A Ferrell Ky; Win PItlgoou,
Ky ; 11 G Carter, Mound City ; C II 'Hay.
wood St Louis; A H Jones St Louis;
Jefferuon P Korth; yu E Morton Du
Quoin III; G W Slmflor Chicago; L Link
and Son Burlington Iowa; S W Curtis,
HJIIsdulo Michigan; P V Piusloy Da von
port Iowa; S II Roohello Ky; J II Row
mau Ylclnburg; J K Easloy Vlcksburg;
James Bartllson Grand Chain 111; David
Haggncr Ky; G W GiirnsrKy; Mrs M.
C Mitchell Illinois.
A 8tJE Yay to Save Money. Buy
'yoifr'clothlilg furnishing goods.hats, cups
boots and shoes, at i veil's, Ao. To unto
Lqvce. Ho is now oloslng out his ontlro
stock at aotiuil cost 's'inoo January 1st,
1870. '
Medical men prescribe Norman's
Chalybeate Cough -Syrwp . for Croup,
Whooping Cough, Dyptherlu, Sto.. For
aalu by H. J. Hutuni.'
Uao Eiitler'rT (Mill!
"It neVor
TlieNtreel t.nni)is.
Wo were not aware, when wo called for,
a cleauslng of tho street lamps, that the
gentleman having that matterln charge,
had discovered the want and was sup
plying thn remedy. In a day or two all
cause ofjComplaint in thatdlrectlon will
bo entirely removed.
Tho.colebrated Aurora oil can bo had
at No. 92 Ohio Loveo. jati21-lm
Gi:nt,s,Shavi.s at Co?t tho finest In
market at P. Nell's, No. 70 Ohio Lc'vee. t
Pitcher t Henry's large stock of hard
warp, cutlery, tools, stoves, tinware, etc
will be sold without regard to cost. tf
To Mothers and Nuhsrs, Mrs. "Whit
comb's Hyrnp for blarrhoo &a in child
ren whether Induced by teething or other
causes, is tho safest and best
P. Nbkp's Btooic of coatings, cassl
meres and Testings Is unsurpassed for
quality and alyle-atid will bo made to
order at low prices to reduce the already
tremendous stock on hand. . tf
Tho Aurora oil will not stain or grcnes.
Fou Ci-otjiino Made to Ouder In
tip-top style and at fair living prices, go
to P. NefPs, No. 79 Ohio Levee. tf
Everybody uses Wizard Oil, and
Barclay Rro'n. sell it cheap "for cash.
Patronlzo homo Institutions. Buy from
the Barclays.
Aiuil veraur)' Hall
the Cuim
Tho members of the Cairo Casino pro
pose an observance of their third annl
versary day by a masquerade ball in
Washington Hall, on Monday, February
I'h, wh!!i they expect to render an
alfulr pleasant to all who may choose to
participate The management refer with
prldo to the masquerade balls heretofore
given by the Cadno, and promlso that
the ball here announced shall no of tho
most respectable and Interesting cha
racter. Committee of Arrangements Louis
Herbert, II. Meyer, Robt. Brlbach.
January 28-eodtd.
rsE" Enders' Stomach
Steamer Dan. Able. Columbus.
Ham Orr, Evaiisvlllo.
KeiloL'g, tet. J-ouis.
Tom JasperJ New Orleans.
Clara, Memphis.
Nightingale! MemphU.
Bteamer Dan. Able, Columbus.
Bin Urr, h.vansvue.
Clara, Cincinnati.
Tom Jasper, New Orleans.
Arthur, New Orleans.
Lady Pike, Memphis.
The weather continues clear; with cold
nights, the mcroury ranging from 33 In
the morning to 40 at noon.
Business continues fair.
Tho river has fallen '12 inches ' in tho
past 24 hours.
The Mississippi is still slowly reced
ing. at St. Louis. ' '
' The Ohlo'lsfalllnff'at Pittaburg wltliO
feet !) Inches in tho channel, also at
Cincinnati, attho rate of 25 inches per
day, and at Louisville with 7 feet 0 Inch
csln tho channel over the falls.
The Lady Gay has completed her
loatl for Memphis and will depart to-day
The Sam Orr prought for Cairo 57 eks.
potatoes 47 bbls. Hour 5 tons sundries,
and for reshlpment south 20 tonssundries
and 24 Dead of stock.
Tho Clara broughtor Dr. W. 13. Hall,
10 pkgs furnljuro;, C. 'P. HI ink, 0 plows;
for the Railroad, 247 bales cotton.
The Arthur added here, 37 hhds tobac
co; 000 sacks corn; 23 coops chickens: 200
bbls Hour arid 40d sacks oats for New
Orleons, and considerable for way
The Quickstep Is the regular packot
for Evausvllle this evening.
The Juo. Lumnsdcn Is the Nashville
packet this eveninc
The Rubicon for Vlcksburg; the. Mary
McDonald for Ouchlta: Columbian for
N. O; Silver Moon for Cincinnati, nre'
duo to-day.
The Sallio McGill aud Houston left
N. O , on tlie second Inst.
1'iir Cl Trenmirrr.
Wr aro authoriied to nnnoiineo Mr. JOHN 11V.
LAND, as ncandldate for re- ' 'Ctiin to thenfflee f
City Treasurer. te"
W'c :ir nuttiruu d to iinnuuuceiliat'J. 0TATLOU
will bo a candidate fur City Treauror, at thoimMM'rf
lrl"rleiiioo- iant;ti)e
l or ( Ity Clerk.
WcnroHillhoriied lo aonmince that WILLIAM II.
JIOHItlS Uttcan.lldate for tho1 oldco of Hty t'erkal
the ensuing clmrtur alectioii. ' te
Wo are authomed to announce (list JOHN lil'.OU'N
Is n candidate fr the ntliee of Cllr Clerk, at theinsu.
Inj chartei election. jan'litd
l'o aro authorlnnl to announce that J. C. CIIOW.
LEV w ill be a candidate for tlie olliee of City Clerk at
ihc ensuing charter election. jn20td
for City 5farlinl,
We are authorized to announce that M1CIIAF.L
HAMHItlCIC, will to a candidato for reflection to the
otncnof City Marshal at Die ensuing municipal elec
tion, an40td
Wo are author ired to antiounciMhat .JQSEI'II AR
NOLD will bo a candidato for the olrieo of City Mar
shal at tho i)Usuingchartyreeclioii. j,
We arnaulhorited to nnnounto that ).NlJJLiIq.
CAHTIIV, present thief of police, will bo usandldatJ
for the olHco of City Marshal nt 0) enjulu charier
; r- r
A llnr Collection. KowlaxTM lteeeliitn. I
Magio Arts', PscoVcrlV", Vtp.. iMlWJUtW,lUHy e to MAIt-
,., ,.,,Vv..f. -v ....... ,r. w.
postage) for CO cents.
Address It. K. NOHMANDr, 101 Market street, St
Utljj, Mo. , t strtdjiwiy'
j t i , r i- i , n ... i ,1 1, , . mi n J . 'y j . m
WANTKW For tha nrlilrcii of any enortetln
cnntiMcr, ninlf orfrmuli", I rill nen'l ra.l
g..olspyinlMnVMj)tr ily, frc. Aildron Ii.
K. LININOTON, sl. Ifalne i ntrect, Chlcso, III.
M'oiiiiiii it nil Mii'-fnl Evil.
Knt ra yofsn Mts The true tlmto of wo
man llin liapplnmi of nn bonornble nmrUgis tho
frfid 'flocUl KtiI of trittiuj, tliecdmsandcurf.
bent fre, In cMed enrelopej AJ'Ireu, IIOWAHD
ASjOCIATlON, lloi P, PhllajMrlH". P.
Tins ntlcntlon of IfnrdAfo'dltri, Cr uJ Hou
Imlldcn aiulnwncrilBrofpctfol'y Invil-d loth
l'ctent, er er-Fa Illng, SelMcklBg
'Window Fast"
Thin it dcidfnlly the but ind tnot Important In
tention of modern tlmr. In simplicity and won.
df rful Adaption both for houa and car window Ii
perfectly nutoundlnK, nccoomplirhlniieTerythInK thai
can potnlily Im iff Hired, and jet beini; cheaper than
anyolhcrwlnilowfa.it. For hntite. Klndim It dl.
pere with tho welirlitn and pulleys, operating equal
ly well on the top and bottom muh, allowing either to
be ralard or lowered an much or n little nn wiahed to
secure Tcntdation,nnd yet beloi.'l.:cd aecurely at etery
jioint, from the Intruder or hurUr. and will noier
iet out of order. Jt hai tho peculiar element of
locking luelf in whatcrcr position you Iee It. For
steam or horse car wlailowt they era llniehed in a
vanntyol styles, making an flleiinnt finish to the car
windows, and tho only arrangement ever Introduced
t lint can never fall.
Tho Homo Ynst tot lain by all hr.rdwsre dealers.
Liberal Inducement to to asvnta. (lend for descrlp
IIto circulars and prlcea, nw.
1M Federat-st., lloston: "rClmiiibers.it., N. T.
Weatern Rranch 0mce.lMIlearlK3rn.it,, Chicago.
I'. W. Ut-Mta, Uen'l Trateling Agant. FeUdlin
of tha cou'dlticii of
of Cairo, Illinois,
At closo of Luaineti, January 'Jid, 1170.
Iansand UiiconnU 1110,791 u
OrredratU 1,W !A
t'.K.'Ilonda to pecurft clrc llatlon lw.ooo o)
U. ri. IbiwU on hand 00
Other stoelc, InimU and innrtKagea 17,611 73
Duo from lUdtvtntnK nnd Hjiervy AgenU ?,iri 22
' other N.tinl lUoks 51,671 V.
" other Hanks nnd Itankeri 5,1119 to
Hanking House JJ.OHO t
Other fteai EtAte 16,3M 07
Current Kxpcnsei.... H t5
Tuxes paid Kit 23
0li Items (including stnmpi) 3,101 IK
lillli of otUer TVattonal Ilanka: 2,7J ou
Hrxle (cidn) - 3,v)7 19
U-g.ll Tender Nntea 20,000 W
Miitiltml currency for redemption - 3.OU0 01
O i U2,7ll U
Capitnl stock m 11CO.O0O 00
HUrplus Funds.. S3,0V) 00
Kxchango 3 'i,lM 81
Interest l.tM 97
l'rotlti ana Ises...A... 17,200 to J0.7U 3i
Circulation outstanding.........;. (o,0A) o
Individual deposit ........: 21s, 71 K
Hue to Hunks ami nankera. Hi it
Dividend tioplld m... 41(0
1161,711 IS
HUM of Illinois, Z t
County of Alexander. J
l.A. II. Hatlord, Caihlerof the. city National Ilanl
of Cairo, da solemnly swear that the a bote statement
U true to thn beit of my knowledge iud belief.
A. n.'BAFFUKD, Caaaltr.
SubKtlbed and sworn to before me thli 23th day of
January, A. D. IsTO.
II. H. CANDKE, Notary rulllo.
Correct Attest ,
, ,. , iV.I'.HAI.Mnw. )
' n. H.CONM.WIIAM.y Dlreelori.
- ' '0. II. WILLIAMSON, f
of thocetdltion of the
or Cairo, lllluola,
Saturday, January 2id, It70.
. i
mm and discount t fO,SI SI
OverdrJfn . 7u3 'tj
V b llonds to secure rirtulalion 1.2uO W
Other atockj, bondi and mortg.igej , 12,7) It
f f lionili anil securities on Imnd... 3,310 to
Duo from Itedi eroing nnd Keserve agents.. Ik. 424 K
" other Nationul l!nk 4,U ai
DtKi fmm other lUnks and Hookers I,M O
liol K-tate ..-..... 46,Old U
Knrnituraiid..ixtuic.MM. 3,VtO M
Ciirreii ilxpcnso ... s.taJ lz
Taxes paM.... . ",40 3
Itemlttonccs tn transit.. 1S U
(lash Hems fuclilding etjuijn.........,.. .... JJ.l CO
Cli on lunil.llilliulo.lit r I
.Njthinal lUnk Sll.sil on
.Fr.wtiotial currency ..... 2,119 U
Specie .1 .'. WO OJ
Legal Tender; Soles n,k!4 0ti w,77 I'l
S291.W 17
fap'ltal sfn'ck pulil in.. 1KO,UXl (XI
Kxchaui;c ........S7,;;i 41
Interest . 6,373 Hi
I'rstltHiid Los .,. , I, IK 31
Dun ether Ilinks uud Hanker 10
National Hank circulation oimundlng 7,M1 oil
lmliviiliuliteiHie.....,..., 109,171 ;m
?,) 17
1, ('. N. Hughes, (thier o( tha Fust National
Hank of Ctdro, Illinois, no solemnly swear that lh
Nlsite statement l I rue, too the leat of ruv know.
ilge and l-tlier. C. N. lllYik;-J, Cashier.
Sworn nnd euliseriniid lo lefom in Ihis, 31st dsy
f January, l7u. S. IUIIAV, Notary I'ublle,
Correct Attest l, Iltmi).
- ..." . , It. HAY,
Jn11dlw J.T.I,.F..NNIK.
poit'AT?r "
Tliri'i Fanns. One or ull will lil lor ricUsus lot'
fnirci city prulH.';tj . Inquire of
r.'dtdim r ' Tiib.MA-,(iiti:i:N a ai.ikn.
Jlnlcliolor'n Jlalr ly.
'I'm rrsr iMiir wnaln -iloei nut contain ledku
vitriol poisons to paral)ia the system or produce
deth. It Is perfectly hurmb'ss- reliable iu-lsnlas-eons.
Aold the taunted mid drlutlte preparatioa
rmaitlng Vrtnes they do, not possess, 1 you would
n.iapD tho danger. The xvnulne W. A. lUtohelor'e
Hair Djelius thirty years' rcrutation to uphold lu
Intcgrll). Hdd by Drurglits. Applied at Hi Hond
street, N. V NofJtdtwIy
Urakn' 4'ollerllan
()l nearly one hundred receipts for making brandy
atlUmdaol Wtue, Olu, Ale, 'Ileer, Cordials, Superiui
Cider, and much other useful Information for those
dealing III or manufacturing any of the ahore, either
fur the truddorhome me.
rient by mail, free of postaie, tor cents. Address
(, K. NOHMANDV, 601 Market street, fit. Louis, Mo.
so271jdaw '
If You Wnnt
Material to make a dollar bottln of the best It sir Ko.
storatiTeerer used tor rUring gray hair to llsen;.
ipal'Color, end 16 ccnU for a package.
If Yon Waul
Nice White Teeth, Healthy Gums, and aswfit brsatl,
send for onr TUHKbll DF.NTKIFICK, price, U
ir You Wnnt
A sum euro for Headache, Catarrh, Deafness, or bua
ting P lr0 enw, send for, our STCltNDTATOItT
Price 33 cents.
BJuBiUiirofitrieaboTe seat post-paid on receipt
Addieil, Joseph K. I.sihnr, 131 Markit street, St.
Lottll, V& . w e27 Inlaw
AN B53At rOJt.VptJq MKN, on I'hyslologicai
Enors. Abuaaa and Diseaaei. InelJont e tjiI, .n.i
niAUE. wiim luroiueanaoriti tr. snt In sealed in.
ter envelopes, rreo or onirai AUJrm, ut. a. SK1L.
HowaKtv Asioclatlou, Phlladel-

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