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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, February 05, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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OFFICE: No. 13 Tpnth Street, Tliomton's Buildinq;.
"intn trtn
ThcStoto Capitol Building Commis
sioners of Nevada advertise for building
a Capitol building for thai State?
Hon. George W. Juliuii announces
himself as u candidate for re-election to
Congress from tho FourUi Indiana DJfr
Tlio Kufaiila, Alabama, Times' Buys
tliat newliomes arc being built In ninny
parts, of, that pity, and wqrkmen all seem
bo havo' their handH fiill. '
J)urlng tho year., 1809 tho number of
emigrants who left Liverpool was 172,731,
a larger total than hai been witnessed
tliice 1852.
A store pa tho premises, of Mrs. Bed
ford, In Montgomery, Alabama, wm net
on fire for the cecond time within the
past month, on Prlduy night last.
Dr. Owen's ham at Lebanon, Tennes
see, was consumed by lire Sunday night.
Kour flno lioriics'nnd a largo 'amount of
provender wero burned.
"Tempos fuglt," Is the comment of the
Iuka 'Gazette' on a light between Jos
eph Mauulngaud George Time. George
drqppeUUIi. pstol7nd rnnA ".T 1
Hie' "bronze statue of "Freedom,!'"
crowning the top of the dome of the na
tlonal Capitol, Is ninelecn feet and tdx
Inches (n height, and weighs 14,932
pounds. '
The young lady who 'wished she was
a bird' changed her mind aPur dinner on
Christmas day, when she saw how dread
fully llttlo wan left of the turkey.
Tho Patent Olllce, the other day re
ceived a letter from an Iowa farmer, who
wanted to know if ho could get a patent
on an "Improved mode of making fried
A negro woman and child lay dead in
l'aducah, Kentucky, an entire week he
foro burial, tho friends being too poor
and the city not caring to interfere in
the mutter.
A firm in West Gardiner, Maine, have
received an order from New York for
twenty-four thousand hat sticks for the
use of base ball players, which they are
rapidly filling.
A Maine paper enthusiastically de
scribe tho courage of one of its subscri
bers who cut a hole in his burning
utoro and pulled out twenty-seven firkins
of butter with his feet before it had melt
ed. George B. Center, the oueo brilliant
politician, who died recently at Cleve
land, the victim of intcmperaucc, called
his iboon companions to his deathbed
and gave them solemn warning:.
It is rumored iuHan DIcgo that exten
sive gold digging haro been struck near
Table Mountain, Lower California, forty
miles South of Now Sun Diego. Two
largo prospecting parties have gone from
It is &Ald that in the once llourlihiug
town of Meadow Lake, California, now
almost deserted, there are lets than
twenty persons iu tho town at present
about ten or llfteeu houses to every per
son In tho place.
Last year the eight hundrcdjand coven
tccn manufacturers iu Louisville and
seventeen million eight hundred and
thirty-four thousand five hundred and
nine dollars capital .invested, employed
eleven thousand six hundred and
twenty-six operatives, and produced
articles valued in the nggregato at forty
ono million nine hundred and seventy
nine thousand dollars. '
Tin: i'l,auitou.s iudi:r
The CJovcrnmcnt Vixyu tho Komi
holder a Hoiimn $1,530,558,
000 to Secure l,:t71, 11,..
OnthoESth instant tho Hon. D. y.
Voorhees delivered a speech in congress,
a copy of which should bo in tho hands
of.every voter in tho land. Wo sincerely
regret our inability to Hud room for more
tnan tno following telling extracts: Wo
invito for them a caroful persual:
Sir. Iu examining tho financial policy
which is now proclaimed bv thondiriln-
lstratlon In power the history of tho cre
ation of our national debt, the manner
in which it was rormed, becomes a pri
mary and Important subject of lnvestiga
tlon. It had its origin In tho midst of
tho convulsions or war. The contract
for Us payment was made when' tho
sword impended with bloody menace
over the existenco of thb (iiivnrnmmit.
It was negotiated when the sounds of
or uattie along a thousand miles of divi
ding and ensanguined borders wero in
our ears. The smoko of carnage lay
heavily on all tl IB air. and imilor tli
shadow of its 'threatening canopy the
uuuuiTvi iwi no iiinuueuanco or mo
armies and the lender for iiMtirvnr.r. miin
crept about and arranged tho terms of
mat siupenunus ueoi winch now cmi'
fronts us with its insatlablo tin
The hard, bitter duress ot a dnadiv nrii
wan upon all the functions of tho nation.
But little was done in those dark days
from untrammoled choice, but. munh
upon cruel compulsion. The doctrine of
free will gave' way In the 'obunclla ofUia
Ilepubllc to tho code of an Inexorable ne
cessity. Wo were , compelled to have
money or perish from tho faco of tho
earth, and this was known In every
tnorfcy market In theworid. Wo went,
reeling and bleeding under the blows or
thii rebellion, to the counters of broker
age nnd offered our paper for disoouuk,
when money was as vital a necessity as
breath to tho dying man or water to one
whose lips blacken with thirst In tho
burning desert. Were these clrctim
irtt.fHM fuvnrjiMo toft lust and euuitablu
negotiation? Did these sinister omens'
give promise of u fair transaction witn
tho capitalists' ami1 moneychangers?
Will wealth seek no advantages
from individual or national dls-.
tress? Is amassed capital unselfish?
Does Ks6ek no more than Its own wluf'n
tho s'raluof poverty or peril drive men;
or government!" into its-power? Such Is
not tho experience -of' triankj)ti, artd
such was not tho exporleu'co of tbd
American people when under tho strew
of mighty ollllctlons they heeatrte borrpw
tr and tendored their bond4 tor tne'rei,
payment or the sums outaineu. J. appeal,
to tho facts of history within the kuoul-
edge and memory of all who hear' trie.
The capltallstsor this country discounted
the ctedlt of their covcrumcnt In Its
struggle for life moro heavily, shaved its
notes in tue uroKer-snops more ueepiy,
than was over before known uuder simi
lar circtmstances In tho annals of civili
zed nations. They drove tho hardest
bargain ever known between citizens
and tno government wnion protectee
them. They trriJed with less coni-clenco
upon the fluctuating fortunes of tho Hag
than any other class of beings that ever
drew breath beneath its fohK 'ihelr
kefii-eycd cupidity kept watch over the
imperial standard of their country, and
tho measure of tlielr exactions was
gauged according at it ndvunced fall'
high iu the hour of victory or borno back
in gloom upon the ebbing tide of defeat.
And disaster brought them their richest
'muqueU. The clouds that so often llllid
our sky wlh darkness, were to them re
lieved with a golilen lining, nper nation
hovered over tho fate of our armies and
fattened like the vulture upon tho uu
burled (lead of lost and stricken lields.
Death and the sordid greed of gain held
high carnival together and ministered
to each other's ferocious and Insatiate
lust and appetites from tho opening to
the close of the dreadful conflict 1 Mund
prepared to Mistaln these statement. I
am fully aware of my responsibility iu
making them; but knowing'" I do the
facts as recorded In the archives of the
Government, 1 here solemnly assert and
hhall prove that a vast proportion of pub
lic dent ns it Is stated upon paper has no
uxistence whatever in reality; that It is
a fiction created by unjust and scanda
lous legislation, or the still more unjust
and Hcandalous perversion of the true
contract; that It Is a fraud upon tho labor
of the nation utterly without considera
tion either legal or moral; that 11 Is a
t-hcer ntul ,Jial;ed, extortion from the
wants, the n;ceas)t, , ' thQ"b61pIe3ati08S
of the people and tho armies when 'they
wero wholly at (he mercy of capital. I
have made my calculations, and made
them safely. 1 have underestimated the
wrong of the people and enormous ad
vantages of tho bondholder rather than
overestimated them. I desire those who
receive my statements as authority to
feel amply secure from contradiction. I
wih to enable them to challenge denial
fvrry where, as I do hero.
During the year of 1SG3 tho records
show that the government Issued its
bondrt to tho amount of SlGO.037,6-50, In
timating tho price of gold at l&S iu cur
.oney, which will be found too low in
stead of too high, it will bo seen that
those who bought this issuo of bonds
paid to the Government only the sum of
SlUl.MW.bH being tho vast sum of 150,
OC3,600 lei than tlielr fate at which they
are now held over the bended shoulders
of weary and over taxed Industry, This
was the original discount tho brokers
shave in tlio beginning. Tho amount
nominated iu tho bonds is unreal and
Imaginary and rcprefciiLsonly tho grasp
of remorsclesscrodlton. Uut this bonus
of over flfty-nlno millions by which wo
procured tho accommodation of capital
in our days of distress bears also Its six
per cent, interest, and enables tho
usurer literally to reap his annual golden
harvests where ho has sown no seed,
The people lo already paid' upon It as
Interest In gold tho siini of 17,70,010.
This is interest paid upon money uever
received and whloli the people do not
owe, The amount still to bo paid as In
terest tipon this fraudulent bonus byjtho
timo this Ishio of bonds maturo is 53;
187,030. llomember that the bonus
Itself being placed In the face of tho
bonds without consideration, all inter
est arising from it is likewise a spurious
extortion. The transactions of 1603 then
sum up In the following striking light:
Atnonnt of Uwl Iue i, -.,.,.,..JtC0,S7,Wrf
Amount JM for them-......, loi.nii
AmounUtUom ......,,....... MMy&
Inti-rrit lrewl paid.en bjnUV.ia.,tJ IT.WOIO
Intanut )ct to Ik paid on bonus M.IST.O'Uf
Amount pjM anil jet itn tlio bondhhfdfr
for wlifcli lio In Jaia uolhlng nt all ,....S130,CIJ,730
Hero Is demonstration whjoltvboldly
dolies an assailants mm uiq nonuuolner
to-day has In his. possession' tho obliga
tions, of tho American people to riny him
over one hundred and thlrtynlllloriqol-
lars in goiu, gmwiug out ow mo opera
tions ofaslnglo year, not ono cetit of
which did ho ever advanco or ex
pend in their behalf. Ho, paid Into the
Treasury ono hundred and ono millions'
and a fraction, over, as I, have sjjown.l
This he of course receives vbatk' ngain
with its six per cent, luteresi, buttho
unbearable injustice lies iHtht',addltlon
al $50,000,000; tho bonus and.the iuterest
thereon, all of wliioli- Is. somethlnifor
noiniiiKi r
III' 1864 there wero issued S3S1. 292.2601
worth of bonds, ea far ni their, faco. dls
dosed tholry.ojue,- The orloo or gold,
during that year was' at' an averauq or
01 In currency. Hertfwe find tlfar- the
salo of theso, bopds roallzQ.,to the,.Gov
ernmout the pum of $lBO,007l03r)-.'Ie8s;
than' oue half their iiomjoal nipount.
the.sumcharg(!d by the bonillioldbr'for.
the advancement and loan of something
over one humlredand elhty-nlno mUn
jllons was the fearful bonus -of SJOljoOI,
014. Figures aro the faithful Witnesses of
truth, and I submit them hero to reveal
oppression' nnd to produce reform and
justice.' Oh no otuer.subject did they
ever speak with a moro potent voice;
In no other ago did they over bring to
light a : blacker phase of avaricious na
turo of man. pearly two hundred mil
lions nr6 here shown to I," ofr absolute
gra'tallv, and the li terest which up to
this time has been wrung from tax-pav
era and applied upon their onormous d
imtlon to avarice reaches tho bum of
143,092,703. The usury yet to bo paid
upon Iras Interest on money never re
ceived by the Government amounts, to
S183.030.832. The realtor financial on-
'peratlons In 1S04, therefore, stands us
Alnonnt of Und Imucd . JKI.Hrt.'iV)
, Amount i.i for tlicm H.iai.(-)
Amount nt Lonui
lot-mt lrradv paid on lionui....
I6(rrtl)U to Ix'juld on b-jiui....
... ii,w.i
...:, w.i.w
... .lssO'.i
Am ' tint piid nnd tlo Ui paid. fr,wluol
ntlnnif evir rweni-d by tti' Hot- , . ,
i.,iuRi,l...-t..i SIJI.W.1M
Four hundred nnd twenty-one mil- J
ions uvc nunurco anu eigut iiiniisiiuu
speculation as wholly and totally tin-
. 1 . 1 ... .IUU r W.,'., .1.1 .....linn
MlJjlUf It'll Uf U (lUI Ul LUIillutlllllvn
us the highwayman's profit on the mid
nlght'advchtdrc. (Iu,likc masher tlio speaker presented
the financial trnut-aqtlou-j of the govern
mctitulnrhiff tiie, years 1SC5, 1SG0, 16'",
and 1S0S, when helcontluued rj follwf :)
Mir, aljow.-ino now to recapitulate anu
place In a compact and distinct form the
aggregate of the f)bllgatloriH, M bonds
Wliluii 'worugtveu us 001111.". as u uare
gratuity, to tlio reluctant and ui.pntrtotlc
capitullsth of the country in order to win
their mpport when our need was the
sorest, .Allu,(v me to array together the
Items ot ah ajipalllng account now in the
hands of the ux-tratfiurer for colleotion,
fvory. farthing of which is a mere fabri
cation upon p.tper and a completely de
void of merit as a forged check presented
for payment. My former statements and
calculations establish tlio following ta
ble, as showing the amount of the peo
ple's obligations which the bondholders
obtained in the creation of the national
debt each year for nothing for absolute
ly nothing'
)M ..-..A..-.. $ 3T,SJI,t
3--i 1V'1'.7
tH,t ai.m-.nt
if ...AJ..a.71X-.i..;i-.-.. .. :-,Jto,rfT
a-i.. . ,y,'jt
1. . u nnJ uitrtiiiiH-rcrnt. bondi -l-.,il8. i-l
Total $t,WO8,W4
Hero btand.H, then, this stupendous to
tulof SI,W0,KS,0.j0, which the party now
In power says tho people. shall pay under
iu xoniblb penalties, not one cent of
which I have proven over left tho coflers
of the speculator or found Its way Into
tho treasury of a distressed and strug
gling country. I Invoko scrutiny upon
iay slatemeuU and shall at all times de
fend their substantial correctness.
But In this connection let us recapitu
late aloo upon another point; let usseo
distinctly how much money the bond
holders actually did loan, did advanco
upon the bonds of tho government to aid
in tho great causo of national tiuity. I
have already established tlio facts, and
now placo them in tabular form. The
payments of the boudholders were as
HH $ tl.UO.6IJ
jfVi ii,mi,n'iI
.i!l 1WM,J,.W
J.-. Jfm. ul.W)
1M n,Vt,TTI
lh.,7 S0J,M,tiU
.....MM M....ff..MM'.M'W ll,fe.',lJ
Amjuiit i- l f'rtlie tit jir cent. UmU .. lf.'.d 7,110
Tutil - -JuTfui.tU
Compare this amount of $1.371 ,4.4,2.'i3l
which the Government did receive, with
the amount for which our bonds are out
standing, which tho Government did
not receive, and we ilud tho fallowing
Amount ot debt wM43i no comlder-
tlon . f.VlO.SM.IM
Amount Iiitm pud fur :. i71,'JI.',i)i
Kxo ot nonnnnd unirrorfrttieae.
msl deM,..... SITS.HI.US
HIr, who has known the piralle! to
this in the history of tho constitutional
Govermouts? where shall wo look for
comparisons of this monstrous oppres
sion? "In whatrealm or land governed
by written, law will the explorer of other
countries and other ages tine such a
wholesale and flagitious plunder of the
people us hcro btauds naked confessed?
Under, what balqful sky, In what other
quarter of the earth has fetich a visita
tion fallen on human labor? Where
else than In thlsJatid of professed equal
lty haK wealth ver boforo committed a
crimo :agttlint Industry ond liberty of
such hfige proportions and Infernal asp
ect now towers up in our midst nnd dar
kens tho homes ofotir people with its cru
el and careless demands? Kings It Is true,
uustralnod by law, have robbed their
subjects. Despots who rulo by preroga
tive havp torn away the substauco of
thdlr uufbrtuuate serfs and hvhhcd It
upon the'luvorltes of tlio throne. The
pampered and lawless tyrants of Asia,
Africa, and Kurope, liavo seized the
fruits of toll, tho painful and precious
earnings of vigilant, dally labor and
wasted them In places of roveiry ami
endless indulgence. Tho millions tinder
imperial sway liuvo been tu Utlen down, 1
beugared, and held iu servitude by the i
uiiiiriuiLHi uvenccoi u"uiuu' juouarL'us,
Hut in what region of the ;! juo penetra
ted aud Influo'nced by th'oi popular will,
where the vocoof thopof-plo was permit
tod to creato their laws, has. ovor before
in U10 anhnla of tlfe human raco such 11
giant extortion 'been fastouod llku
11 vampire) ot death on tho resources of a
nation. '
Hirwelrnvn heard tho patriotism of i
tho capitalists updo the elujueiit themu
of eulogyVHts' prtwscs diliVo swarmed
upon partisan" Hps. Tho air has been !
ladon aml yocal jyith swoot ecomlums of ,
his generous sacrifices. Ills claims are
exalted as those of beneilcunt phi-1
authropy. lie comes liere with tho air
of a bonofaotor. He assumes a loftier '
pott than tho heroes of tho war. nnd de- I
mahdi pnymeut for what ho lias done, I
as n first mortgage on all the ; chattels, i
lands, and labor of tho nation. Never
since the birth of time, in thoAvliolo wldo
range of human conduct, was a preten
sion to virtue moro false. Never was a
a base aasumotion moro utterly crushed
by the undeniable facts of history. That.
beaumui lore or country, tnat suonmo
devotion to hor Institutions which con
stitutes bulwarks ot national defense
more powcrfal than iron, brass, or stone,
was uofau inmate of -his breast. It. elec
trified all hearts but' his It ennobled
and glorified all clasVes eavo that which
made uierohandiso of tho country's woes
and trafficked for a hundred per cent,
of profit amid tho roar of cannon nnd a
deltidgo of blood. The hither left his
broken-hearted home: the eon and the
and the brother, in the brightness of
voutn, toou nis last rnrewens orraintiug
kindred; the armies were tilled with
ardent, hopeful lives as food for the
leaden hall, the bayonet, und tho grave.
Flesh and blood volunteered, or If tho
precious ties of home nnd loved ones
over-mastered the patriotic with tho
draft, tho-tiu'rclentlng draft, replenished
thcfatiksbf war and listcno I to ho bar
gains in behalf of the hearthstones which
It made desolate forever.
Jiut whllu thesoldier stood on tho out
ermost brink of danger, whilo he' walk-."
id on the perilous ridge of battle, the .
men or many minions paneu not witn
one dollar with which 10 nay and feed
hi ui at his post of death Until their re-'
morseiesM terms wero complied with.
Money was no volunteer r nor dld'tho fa
tal wheel of conscription wrench Jt from
the hands of lis sordid masters. It
heard the beseeching volco of tho Gov
ernment with n dull, Indlll'ereut.car. It
laid still In its vaults and dens watching
for Its prry and its profits. It witnessed
a devotion and a sacrlllco in this land
more uu I versa! and unselfish than ever
before illuminated tho pages of time,
and Its metallic heart aloue (remained
cold and unmoved under tho heat of tho
fiery blase. While the armies moved on
and the lumps of dear aud valuablo lives
went out on the ghastly field and iu the
hushed Millncss of tho hospital, almost
like the luumerable stun fading away at
dawn in the sky, the spirit of Mammon,
the least erect of all that fell from
Heaven, crouched In the rear and pur
sued his calling and drove his fell, con
tracts. Ho brooded 'over his treasures
until the calamities of life, of homes, aud
of families swelled them Into twofold
proportions. In. the midst of the mighty
throngs such as the cyo of man hath not
Keen in all the ages tnat aro gouo In tho
shadowy past, pressing forward to save
the emblems ami tho unity of the Re
public, he was doling out to theni as they
pnesed Into the tempest ono dollar and
extorting their obligations for more than
Attorneys and Coansellors at Law,
WllllniH II. Grtcn,, )
M il limn n. illlrt, J- CAIRO, I IX,,
Mllm . Ullbcrl, J t 4
Speci itttntion u'.Ttn toAdmir3lr undSMirbtat
Ulrica ob Ohio Levee, llooma 3 d
over lt .atlnnnl Umli. lMff 1
Ofllre In Ilron Newr Bnlltilyf;,
Corntrof Elotenth trt and Commnct! At3u
W.J. Allen, l
II. W.tmn AVelib, JCAIBO, ILL.
L.. I. tliitlcr, J dcndlf
OOlce llooun, H and 0 Wluter'a Uloc
OiUce.eorueror'i'Mrrlfth Mreet nntlWRiU.
Incluu Atihk,
Will ptx tice la this and the adjoining Jadicltl cir
cuit, and make collretloni iu tbe nlhboiincouo
tin of Mu.ouriand Ktntuckr. cJU
Jt. WARDNER, M. 1).,
Oflloa orert'ottOdce.
cp6 daw tf Kcjidcno Walnut atieet.
It. IIUllIlAltD
llavineotifiiMl nn offic In roomi oTcrtliititaraof
Mem. Ilajncn 4 Sioo, Ho. I JICpmionrclal avtnue,
I cgH lqavo fo otrcrhn icrvicca to thcltluBi ef Cairo.
' 'H.-W. IUj mond, Eiur, Chfcagdi '
U0, StKknejr 6t.. Loui; -umi
lion. Ttiomai Kvrioz, Ohio;
L- fl linn. I. t'. Sll.
jmu'"..iii .nun
pn. w. it: smith, 0
oi-kicc, ism C(msn:ncut Hf.xvk
lOror llanoon'a licolc Store,);
it ii till.), Na. 11 Tlilrteiiuh Strut. IJ (I
C. lYt DUNNINtJ, M. I.
nESIDNOE-Cor. Oth mill Walnut Street!
tlfKICE-Cor. OthStrff mnil Ohio I.eye. '
-OKFIOE HOUrw-Friw, Sa.mrtolt m aqrl trmv
Slut p.m. dec21tf t
' r)K.I.EU IN
Finn o o x,
1. nrepiuJ to till ordvm rnnilly und tifnctonl;
uitlt tlit bit oak and lilvkorr lirvwood. . .
I.rsteordsn at HuWa odiUa l, or at tho pnat-
fliiii'. 's apTtt
(Succeaion to Strattonj Budjoo k Cltk),
Grocers . CoMakslmi McrekmrU.
,. Agfntiot
Americas Ponder Co., tinel Ma.nalatMrr
Aiceata for Cotton Yuu,
ocircr 07 obio CalM lu .
(Suceeatora 10 K. B. Hepdrleki k Co.,)
Forirardlug aa4 CobimImIor KercluuU
iriiAiiriioAi fK0Kiirroiuit
Oalro - - r. -f XUixiolBj.
LiUral deanCvjAfafl,7,Osnnmnf.
' r prepd to UciUt?$A'tt o fforntb IreiekU to
(Hucccinor.to Killli, Orean at Co..)
c ReMTfll , CowBiUsIOH McrchMt, ;i
CAIBOw.lHWI.HMWI.I....IWW..HW....I I I M WlXI.TlUV'.'j i b
. i .ii ' 1 - . ' -ida
3VT B R O IX A. RT , V .
No. 70 Ohio Lcvet, CaIMHI.
8pgttl Attention stvr-n to comlfroiripnti and fllltiu
otdri ' 4MitVt"e t.
Dealer In
boat Stores, groceries andpjio
vtKirtvw. i ''
Cnlro, Illlnela.
. r
2 1
Kxclnatvc . rf
AGENT. ' , i o
So. 80,OUIo I.eraf. Cairo,, llilMla.'
Orderi solicited and promptly and iMIilattorlilrf
fl.led. oerdlfT
- to .u.t ) tutv
p AltKERi 4c PHILWS, t lo
-Ocnral ' '
CuuiiuUsioH and Fornrardlar .MewkiuiM
And Ptaloi ui, ijjo'J H
HurVOrn, Oata, RniM, ,ta,u iutm't
. rrodtiM,.. . ' Ki qJA
" .. ii.')- tn
I. 1. AYEIU.
(YER3 & CO,
K. J. ATHU.7
ML '.
a : 7 r
- oi-a.it- t Ai&n mint
No, 133 Ohio lie rte, .. CAIRO, ILL
i HI
Dealer In flroceriei, Lime, Pta?te'r Pail',
Ililr, Cement.
In bulk, always cn hand. Corner P.ighUt eUaatV ' 1 1
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,. Eighth attcet, laooad door fruta Com. Aye., ,
Great Britain, I Soufhera GenaMj,
Irelaud,' " I France, r..ia'
Northern Goritiaay, SwedeB,
Alio, IUmee ticketa from " ' " 1
Lxvtrpool, London, Havre, Antwerp, rm(j
and Hamburg, to Ntv Far A,. . . ,-9
Or h any point Wet,
VJaUaattaM nvlaaaaae polat ia
T A X IO X.,
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la Elliott Haythornee Boot and Skea IWra,
'RO, JL1.IN0I8.
eurcuttuiedone a'ahori notlia" JWf raarUij
Real Estate, Bond and Stock Broker.
Will attend To the TpaymeiVof SUfeuatraad Clti
Taxra. and all buiineti pertalalDf to a legMjljUfi
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Galley 6' 'otf ar't r 1 h'Sjk
, BC STOVK.STOBB1 , . ah
Copper, Tin and Sheet Irta
AV lflB WAKlflNflTOff A VRKITtt
. (Above the MarketlIoaeai).t ui i .
Rooflnr. flnttnrlnff. SMUtlnr hrt' M.itai.f'w.a.1
done la a Beat and enhelaatla)' Maaaa?. ariakartaa!

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