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Don't fall to liear Philip Phillips.
The Continental Is the only cook stovo
with sliding oven doors. Warranted In
all rcHpectH. Pitcher & Henry, at 102
Commercial avenue, cor. 12th street.
The Ht. NIcIioIuh Billiard Hall 1 one
of the largest and best furnished in the
country. It is the resort of boih.eiljzens,
and strangers who Indulge billiard piny-"!
'nK t JunfJtf.
Notice, Co tliTx.jnoror.lrnilcrC'o I
I will bo In my office at the court houio
everyday during this month for the pnr'
poso of receiving State ami County taxes
now duo Cairo III. Fob. 1st 187)
febldOL L. II. MYERS Collector.
Mr. Barclay declines a candidacy for
the oftlco of mayor. We arc sorry that
ho feels himself compelled to do ho, as
hit acceptance of the offlco would have
given genoral Ballsfactlon.
I'ur Hole.
A good show case 8 feet In length, may
be necii at tho St. Charles Hotel. For
particulars enquire at Bulletin' office.
feb'idOt E. A. Buhnett.
- - - -
Th most atylleh silk ha' are invari
ably found at P NefPa, No. 70, Ohio
Levee at prices that defy competition.
None but the best goods In that line' to
be found tit this bonne. tf
Mr. llnreluy UccIImcn. The HI. McIioIhh Hotel.
Editors Unltdln, , i ft " nom the VvlunU Kcntuekian )
OnNTr,8M Ktf : I ndtlco Jbjydur cUltlona Some citizen or J'adncah who recontly
of tills date an article in regard uflttiA passed through Cairo desire us to apeak
petition mild to bo in circulation caillfijfl1 Hi'w-rmly commendatory terms ofthj
urtoutheundeWncd to, become a c&d 8t" ' ,uh'!ttS "li e , tt.. ..v'?
, , , , ,t" '. . . , t Kcmiuuiuu nuiruu jiuiiiiiuu vijis ui
dldato for the honorable office of Mayjr? tanhud Uitreto. He met then, at the
While I fully hppruciale tho compliment boat, and was eo obliging, ho cmitlilerule,
anil 8" uhoitn to mem, utiti tii-.y were no
Well sutlafled with tho accnirnu'idatioiis
tney rocoivfu, mat tney wieii io iihsurc
andun grateful 'to ,my frlprfpr;the
Diime, niy eiiKagemenis nro HUCIl mat i
am compelled to deoiiuo. Hoping that
wo may select gopd and competent men
fur all the offices, aud thanking you for
the compUmontiiry terms of thu, article
referred to. x .
I am-Vcry Respectfully.
. . . P W. J5AK0IAY.
Cairo, Feb. 4th, 187f), " ' '
It Is stated that four-llfths of the wag
ons that pass through Cairo in transit for
southern markets aro manufactured by
Mr. Mllburu, at Mishawauka, Indiana.
His factory is sixty feot wide, three sto
ries In height, six hundred feet Ju length,
and turns out three wagom every hour.
It in undoubtedly the largest establish
ment of the kind In trie United Htate,
and, If located In Cairo, would bo the
most proipcrou.
I'nrnlttilnir Uoadw,
The completest stoch of gentlemen's
furnishing goods In the city , li to be
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
GiikJLt Bawjaiwii fok this Month
only in hats and caps at P. NoiF'sNo.-7U
Ohio Levee '" "'".'iW-'r
tuiim;u MAsm nniK
WmIiIiikIoii Hull, b. Ulaf..
A Grand Masquerade Ball will bo glyea
as above, under tho auspices oftho Cairo
i urners. 1 ho public generally Is invited
to attend; IU management Jfcjfgip,
inemseives that no efrort will be pardd
to render the occasion - ona most
pleasant and entertaining to all who
may attend. , .
It. UniHAcir. '
li. Vttth.
Mankhestek coats ready made and
rinde to order In th best of styie at !P.
Nell". No. 70 Ohio LoVeo. tf.
llne,BtTln:ilclilat( mtid Malic.
A. Sumner's celebrated piano fortes,
Indorsed by tho highest authority, and
thoaame as used Iti the Conservatory of
Music, art? rented out by J. Cv Carson,
and the rent applied to tho paymeutof
i tne price or the piano, adirlag machines
ouajijotcrmn, f-ewlugmachjiipfiud
) ings, pUuio stools and covers, sheet muMc
of the latest publications, etc-, on moder
" ato terms. A popular piece of music
bca remarkable want, Indeed, In this 1 given gratis to ull purchasers of music.
line that they cannot satisfactorily supply
at the very lowest figures ruling In tho
Milk Had.
Tho stock of vllk hats at Miller & Mill
er's comprises the very latest styles and (
tho finest makn of thu season. The i
it ...
variety is very great, the stock large, , ,
Mr. Atkins, Mr. A. Sumner's regular
ly employed piauo tuner,, will arrive in
the city In a few dnys, und will take
ordyu for piano tuning at S5 per year, 5
first quarter and "i V-ach aubquent
quarter. Orders for piauo tuning may
be left at my room,corner of Klght and
ton, or at the Conservatory of
monlze with the times,
Cull In and
Pianos ."old by me are
two year.", free of charge.
llolrl Uarnl.
At 122 commercial Avenue, between
Seventh and Klghth stiect, Is a first class
houio of enturtalutncnt, kept upon the
restaurant orKuropcan style, furnishing
oysters, game or meals on short notico in
the bst style. Also elegant rooms and
btds for transiout guests. Patronage
respectfully solicited.
J12tf Hk.viiv Harkis, proprietor.
Willard A Co., New York, unwilling
that the public should longer pay forty,
fifty and sixty dollars each for sewing
machines, advertise their ability to fur
nisi an elegant, compact little t-cwlng
machine, weighing lew titan two ouncer,
not liable to got out of order, and such
as may be UKd In sowing anything from
the vapocy gauze to the heaviest kip-
skin, for the marvcllounly low price of
onu dollar!
Norman's Chalybeate dough i Ryrud
has superseded alL .other Cough Mudi
dries wherevor introduced. Forssle by
S. J. Humm. ' Jan31Ct.i'
"How's th;tt for low?"
In answer to thlw advertisement, dol
lars aro golug forward to Messrs. Wil
lard A Co., from all parts of tho country;
and In acknowledgement of the receipt
of the dollars, Messrs. W. k Co. send out
for each, acheapsewlugawl, worth about
four cunts. As In at least four cases out
of five tho "sewing machine" falls to
give satisfaction I wo advise our lady
readers not to invest.
The lint Is tlir 'litritl.
Doolcy's Baking Powders has not only
attained tho position of th . best, but tho
cheapest baking powders now In use.
Strictly pure in Its combination, and so
exactly proportioned, that tliuro Is no
trouble In making light, sweet biscuits,
rolls, pastry, tc, overy timo. One pound
will go further In tho culinary depart
ment than two pounds of any others In
market. Try it and bo convinced. For
sale by all Grocers in quantities to
suit. Jan31Gt.
J. It. I.tpplncatt Co., Philadelphia.
We have Just received from tWese enter-
pricing publishers tho February numbers
I of "Uood Words'1 and tho ."Sunday
Tho latter is profusely Illustrated,
printed from large, clear type, upon a
good quality of book paper, and In point
of matter is pure, high-toned and In
structive. Among other contributions of
sterling merit wo find "Episodes In an
obscure life," by a curato "Knowledgo
Is Peace,'' by the Kdltor; "On the mira
cles of our Lord," by Geo. McDonald,
Lli. D.; "Dealing with the Samaritans,"
by the Rev. Win. Webiter, "How to
study tho Old Testament," olc, etc.
Prlco ?.f,50 per unuu.ii Address pub
lishers. Of the "Good Words" It has beeu
said : "It Is of tho most skillfully edited
aud one of the fouudest and purest in
tone of the British monthlies '
Good Words' Is a truly high toned, fresh
informing, and genial periodical, and
the Illustrations add vastly to Its attrac
tiveness." Price $2,75 per annum. Address
A Suke Vay to Save Money, Buy
yourclothlng furnishing goods, hats, caps
boots and shoes, at P. NefPs, No. 75 Ohio
Levee. Ho Is now closing out his entire
I stock at actual cost since January 1st,,
I 1870. tf
Paducahians traveling that wav that
they will be us Well salt-fled with tliuSt.
Nlchnlasa with any hotel in Cairo. If
they don't meet Mr. JlulI'mainit the boat
let thorn hunt up Mr. Hilton, one of the
proprietor), who is just as clever.
Hibernian i'iro '. Hall
The Hibernian Fire Co., No. 1 propose
to hold their 9th annual ball at
iJohn School's Hall, on Cedar street,
on Wednesday evening, Feb. Oth, 1870,
As-thiM company heretofore has been in
the habit of having very well conducted I
halls,, wjioru all could enjoy themsclv
the management intend on thl oc..i
felon to spare no time or expense to
mako it the finest ball they have ever
held, and one at which every citizen
honoring 119 with their presence can en
Joy tYienisidvefl to their heart's content.
Prof. Kifccnburg's string baud hasbeeu
1 engaged for the occasion.
' . J. H. Enom.ui,
C. J. IlYIMNl),
' Jah. Kennedy,
John Mim.eh,
Jan24dtd . Tim. . Gouman.
jsfEw Style Vivian scarfs, Victr-ria1
scarfs, Eugenic scarfs, Just received at
P. NelPa, No. 70 Ohh Lovco. tf
The concert at the Conservatory of
Music, last night, called out a full house,
and pasfe'ed oil very pleasantly indeed.
The young ladies, without a single ex
ception, acquitted themselves creditably,
arfil sevefK) tit tlldm displayed excellent
culture aliko in their singing aud instru
mental performances. Tho listeners,
composed chlelly of the parents aud re
latives of the pupils, wcreof course, do
lighted, aud awarded to Prof. Blalsdell
tho measure of praiso he lias so justly
earned na.a teacher.
Bear in mind that Philip Phillips sings
inthe M.E. Church this evening. Those
"wild Would listen to one of the first male
vocalists of thu day should attend.
- -- -
Medical niPn prescrlbo Norman's
Chalybeate Cough Syrup for Croup,
Whooplug Cough, Dyptherla, &c. For
sale by S. J. Humm. Jan3ICt.
- - - .
Out- 1.1,000.
The comptroller's semi-annual report,
submitted to thu Council last night, shows
that the city scrip outstanding amounts
to tho very Inconsiderable sum of $15,000.
Thin constitutes thu entire floating debt
of the city. Why, under sucii a favora
ble condition of ttifrlrs, the scrip should
command no more than Co cents on tiie
dollar, Is one of those financial myste
ries for which we have no solution. Wo
have a score of business men In our city
who carry an equal debt, aud although
their resources are not equal to the ono
hundreth part of thoso or tho city, yet
their paper is worth dollar for dollar.
Hold Arrlmla.
St. Ni. fcolai Hole). 1IiumIjt mrrj Uli, tSTO.
John N. Patton, Cly; W M. Wll
Hams. City; T. S. Torre. 1. Ky. : E A Ter
rell, Ky.; W H Webb, Mound City; OK
Lee. Mound City; W H Hicks, Ullln,
Ills.; E A Walke, Mound City; James
B Hart, Osceola, Ark ; H Goodrich,
Osceola, Ark. J K A lWur( Rallunl Co.,
Ky.; D W Le Ray and !a 'y, Mr. Johns,
11 P Holster, John Hawe
P. Nrkf'3 Stouk of col tings, casM
meres and vestings h unsurpassed for
quality aud slylo and will be made to
order at low prices to reduce tho. already
t emendous stock on hand. tf
The renowned. vocalist, Philip Phil
lips sings In tho I. E. Church tills even
Ing. If you wouju enjoy a perfect feast of
song, attend.
Philip Phillips sings jj.thoM. E.
Church this evening. ATa vocalist and
a song writer ho has few equal and no
superior In the country. HJs voice,
which he has under marvelous control,
is full, rich, clear, and speaka directly to
the heart of tho listener.
It is rathorstrango that tho honorable
aud lucrative offices of Mayor and City
Attorney, under our municipal govern
ment, should "go begging." It was not
always so. On tho contrary, Injilfoies
past tho fiercest contests have been be
tween aspirants for these offices. Can
didates have worked, spent money, time,
breath; taxed patience, and worn out
shoe-leather all in the strugglo for the
mayoralty and city attorneyship. But
what was then a goui ti tho race of our
be.-rt men, no longer. hltuHcs .''strife or
contention in any quarter.
Tho attention of Trrdwro ile!r, Cr and Hotiia
buildcrg ami ovmcri d re lectful'jr Invlud Io the
Pctcnt, Never -Falling, Self-Loeklaf
"Window Fast";
v.T,,'!l,,ir,,'I?'"3r.t,lie t'8t'n' moit Important In
V.y.',Vn.ir I"1,,d',In . I lmpl!eliy and won
ilerful silaption both fur houfl nJ car wlndowaia
,.. . -r"M..u.8,;uuiii,iii.ninj:BTerjfintnif thai
van poaalblv bo de.treil, atifl yet bme eheabei Ihan f
any r.th..rlmlnra,l. For 'houae wlmlOH? It dia. '
IiKfj. ith the clghta ndimiya,nttratinR equal.
well on the top nod bottom aaiii, Rllowlna ellli r to '
U raised or Ifiweroda much or at Tittle Mwlnhed to
w.iuo TentilatlnntnndTet baloekpialvurivi...
point, from thy Intruder or burRlar, and wlllneTtr
vet om of order. It liaa the peculiar element of
l-eklngttaelf In wlutOTcr iwnltlon yon leare It. For
I'lm or horae car wlairowa they are flnlahedlna
v.irlcty o st) ei. making an elegant flnlah to the car
window, and thn only arrangement ererlnlrodueed'
that can never fan.
Tho Homo Faat for aale by all hardware dfalara. .
I.IbcMl lndnoementi to to afteuts. Send for detcrlu
lle cfreolara and prlcea, etc. 1
. v l09. MKltirjE.V UANF'O CO.,
m Fderal-t., Moston; 7IChambtra.at.,N. T.
J-fn Urawh Oil k M Dearborn-at, Chicag.. ,
P. W . Umr.a, Qen'l Trateling Agant. Kebidlm -t
of the condltten of
of Cairo, Illinois,
At ot huaintu, January 23J, UTO.
RCMOUIttllSl '
fOanaand diaebnnti . iiflai
9.W9 M '
100,000 00 .
25,000. 00 .
1T.81I 1 '
10,t92 It
W.6T1 38
3,tl tO
13,000 tO
1314 07
41 CS
VA 5
3.CT3 00
2.09T Hi
20,000 00 '
S.OUO 00
Hit- SI. A'lcholiM Hotel tad Realanraut,
TJ1I1 popular and eligibly located house
of public entertainment is now fitted
aud furnished throughout In good style;
and, under tho managemont of Messrs
Walkr Si SIsson, is doing a largo and
thriving business. It is kept upon tho
Europoau plan tho guest calling for
what ho wants when ho wants It, wheth
er in tho day or night time, and paying
rnly for what ho ordors. Tho rooms aro
Urge and cleau, furnished with tho best
of beds and bedding, while nil other fea
tures of the establishment are arranged
witii an especial eye to the comfort aud
convenience of tho guestu. JaCtf
The Aurota oil will not stain or grcaes.
Fon Clotiiino Madk to OnDEit in
tip-top style aud at fair living prices, go
to P. XetPs, No. 79 Ohio Lovec. (f
hi '
Everybody uses Wizard Oil, and
Barclay Bro's. sell It cheap for cash.
Patronize home institutions. Buy from
the Barclays.
Mou to make rails, build fence and
clear grouud. Apply to
W. M. Williams
Feb2-3td St Charles Hotel
v f j.i ta ....m. ............ ...,,,,
U.K. llohils to secure clroulatton..'.r.
U.JJ. Ilond on hand.-.,.... mm
Other atqeU,bonls and mottgagp
Urte from ltadeemltinand Renrrra AtenU
' " other Natienal Uaaka-...J.......
" otlxr llanka and Uankeia...-.
jianKina; itnuie
Other Real Eatate.,
Current Kiiwn.-ei..
Taici DiUd
(.'n.h Itemn (.Deluding atampa)..
iiiui ui mot wurii ianai
hrgnl Tender Soif
Jfutttated currency for redemption
Ur.l Tit ir.
Cftpit.1l tfk'...M-..i n....M. 1100,000 CO
"urplu I-uuJi........ . 3,000 00
KxehlOKC ......8 '.',IM tl
Infrent 1.U5 7 i
rroflta and Lon- m....Jm 1,'JTA to ).7 si
Circulfttlon outilaniling. w,ooii to
Inillvidiial depo'lta .... 311 fn M
p.ie to llanka and Banker Vlll It
I'lTidvDd unpaid ,. Fis fl
f4M,Tll tS
State of lllinola, i
CViunty of Alexander."
I, A. U. Pullonl, Caihler Of (hi City National Baakl
ji vnu, uuKuirinair niraar inatino ADOTiatatetaaat,
U true to the be
mr knr:tedffaBd belief..
a. u.sArruKUjUiinr,
Hnbfribed and .worn to belotfl me thin SOj day of
Januatj.A. D.ico. '
, . . H. H. CANDEE, Notary Pablle.
Correct Atteit
k. 11. uiT..M.MiiiAM. V I) rector.
J. I), williamso:
of tho condition of th
of Cairo, Illlnola,
Saturday, January -id, U70.
Loana and discount - . f lO.Slt 1
use" Enders' Stomach
I'se Ender's
Chill Cure. "It never
P. NefPs, No. 79 Ohio Levee. Jan21tf.
A regular mooting of the Ht. Patricks
Benovo lent society will bo held on Sun
day tho Oth Inst, at tho usual
place, a full uttondunco of members is
J. II. Knolish, Secy.
Cairo Feb. 5th 1870.
Messrs. Miller and Miller have just re
ceived an unusually large, well assorted
and strictly fashionable supply of piece
goods, to which they ask special atten
tion. The lotumbraces the finest cloths
and casimers over brought to Cairo, and
such a vurloty ofstyles that all tastes may
be accommodated. Suits or garments
from these goods aro mado to order in the
'best manner and latest style, aud at
ligures that will defy competition. For
isjinj0' of this they only ask to be put upon
trial. At all events call around and seo
the new goods. Jan26tf.
A l.KW nook for" the I'eurilc.
Franklin Chamberlain, Esq., a dis
tinguished member of tho United States
bar, has prepared a work on Commercial
Law that admirably answers the thous
and wants of the farmer, tho merchants,
the mechanic, the trader and tho manu
facturer, 09 .they devqlope the n elves In
the routine of every day llfo. It embodies
forms of every character, with poplous
notcs and explanations, aud furnishes
thejb'iislnels marYof overy culling withalP
the legal Information necessary to Insuro
a safe, Intelligent and legal pursuit of
his calllngy ami satisfactory transactions
With Ills follow lUlaUti It' it a," h
The workJcontalus ttboutJ,pQQ.f paces',
every; paragraph of which fa.oXgrejavai-.
uo to the business man. Tho author has
been specially fitted for the .preparation
of such a work by an extensive practice
running over'a portbd ofmoro ithan a
quarter a century. In tho one matter
of Insurance, fwJ)Ich It iresents witjt,,
great care and thoroughness, it gives in
formation worth double tho price ssked4
fnr tho: Wholo. book. r . . . 1
It Is sold cxolutlvely 'by Mibserlpton
through auihorjjtejl agouUjFuiyeather,
neat law 6tyle, S5.00; clolh slden, leathnr
back, 4-50, Agent for Cairo, John
Patrick Marnoi.
Tho ixcoud term of the Cairo Con
servatory of MtHle will cIoj-o with a
muilcal eutertainmeut n the uveuings
of Thursday and r'riday, tebruary :id and
1th. Tickets of admission will be given
the friends of the Conservatory.
The. third term will begin ou Monday,
February 7th. Terms, So 00, In advance.
A first-class piano forte tuner will be in
town soon; please leave your orders at
the Conservatory.
P. S. The bet mado piauo fortes in
tho country for a!u at tho Coin-ervatory.
Ai.i:xA.ii:n cikcuit coi'ut
Henry Harris vs Louis ;Bum, appeal ;
jury assessed plaiutill's damages at
.$00 UO. . .Motion for n new trial entered.
WMWIlllanis Wll Towerliiio &
Bro;asHumitlt; Judgment for plaintlfl'
for ?2SS 00.
Qeorgo AV Seal by his next frloud vs
A J Hanks, appeal; appeal dismissed
with procedendo. ,
Cuurc theu ndjuurued until to-morrow
morning utl) o'clock.
a . i , UAYr-VOKENOON,
iRosanha McLean ot ed vs T. J. Craig,
partition; default of debt entered, decree
us prayed and commissioners appointed.
Robert W Miller vs Leauder JAxley,
'et al, forclosure; decreo of forocloiuro
,J S Uavio administrator &c. vsWH
Sandusky, assumpsit; demurer to repil
;catl9U, j3onfet!(jd and havo givo second
replication ,
BonJ. Mcllavena vs Bollman & Thomp
son, appeal; ou trial.
Court then adjourned until this after.
noon at 2'clock.
- i' , i .- , ... .
The celebrated Aurora oil can bo had
aCO- 'oS Oljlo Levio. Jan21-lm
,. kdsTS rr,vVLs at Cost tho finest In
'markjjtjflt P, Nefr"s, Xo. 70 OliloJveo. t
Pitcher & Henry's largo stock ofurd
M'arv, cutlery, tools, stoves, tinware, otc
will Vo sold without regard to cost. tf
' ToMoTHEits and Ifviwrs, Mrs. Whit
'comb's Syrup for Blurrhoe Ac, In child
jTeri whether Induced byte, ililnt.r other
causes, is tho Mfet and best
remedy. Jat.'tldriwlw.
I'or City Trraaurrr.
e are autlmrited to announce Mi. JOHN II Y
a candidato fnr re.i lection to thoortice .
Hty TrMarer. (P
W ar authorhvd to announce I hat J. 11. T.WI.Of
.i!lUia candidate fur City Treasurer, at tho entulnx
ihatt-met-tion.. Jaalttd
Tor C lly flerk.
We nr.-aulbor iiol t announce llj.l WII.f.IAH If
McltltH iaacaadMatn fortlio oiace of City t'erknt
the envillng chatter alection. tf
W w authoriied to announce lint JOHN 11P.OWN
lincandidaU f.jr the office of City Cleric, at Itic cniu
ingvhartercleetlon. junlSci
We are authorized to announce that J. C. CHOW
LEV will b- aoflndldatu for theotSre ofCityCleik at
the entuiuj; chatter eii-ction. Jan'JHil
I'm- Pllv Hmh.l .
W ato utliorj.v-d Oy announce that JlffAEL
liA.Mlunwiv, win ia a caniiuiaio ror rH.lection to the
ifticeof City Marshal at the emulns municipal elec
tion, ... jaJiSVt'l
We aro autUonerd to announce that JOdl.'i'H Alt-
auuu will iaeanuiuaioior mo oincc ot vuynar-
Hial at thoentuingohurlerelectiuti. f ;i te
We are authoriied to announto that DANIEL Me-
CAUTHV, preient clilef of police, will be a aandldato
fiirlhooffl. oof City Slartlul at the enduing charter
(leetion t
A IIImt.i1 reward iil ri paii? the finder b tenduif
deoUct iter, marked N.J. Illglry oimlJr, an) h"l
tin numberior t on the and. tt got away from llro
nnd win turned butiom upward",
ybvd.lm A, L. MIOTWEI.L A PON,
' I I ' 1
A li.t uf U'ttern reinaliiiliE tinclalma.l In tho Post
Othii nt Cairo, Illinois, Saturday, February 5, HlOt
unira' utr.
Bucliner mra
llaiuiiiu mi H M
Cuniunxlkiroi Eliia , ,
Cnrender miaa Pelle., ,
El.eKood tiilti IteWca J
Farrellrura Anna . . ,
Kind rod, jw Sarah
McCay inn Uebn c.i A
I'ardenger mra Jane
Itiley lars I.lulql,
llryantmra Jano
lleverly inn Harriet
Carlen una CMtliarinv 3
Clark illicit l.luiu
Cation milt Kutu J
Franklin I i
John mra barah
Mniler mrtFranoia
Fierre inrs
l'lullini mra A N
Wheeler mra
Aatonini 0
Urre(t J
ltainl liobt R
Clarke H FiCo
Clary Dild
Eichlar Iteur)
Fry A io
llai;dorii ieo 1
llnninion W .
H -ddy F.d C '
i;. . i rc
l evel I).1Ti
M K"V Jt. rrlt
f.nlllll U.
OltliKtcd Vim 0
Fa terKliTTui 11
knot (I J
it ,u-oli
Sia.'k lunarealli
horeiifrtn W 11.
K oit llifllinel
PcMI 1 H
'iVvior 0 n
Tailor lllnhanl
Verrn John
Wli no W
Wrjflit JoiHCJ A
I'cnotn rallini; for any of
deaao y " 4dertlaed.'f
naviiiir.N'a list.
Allen Joa 2
lleaurala Janiea .
lirown John f,
llelev I) 11
Colby John i , ,
Ilelin L
tlaoewin IVter ,
nordon RU-hard
llalleril U
iloan Win (colored)
llltBio A Hnnf ;
l.ym-h Timothy
HcUee Win
Mitchell I J
Newman T
l'ow era John
ltnberfa William
ItarUcb Joseph I,
Mnooy Wm U
HliltH Jamea O
Htobbln Harry
Tayler WiuLiii(toa
Tan.er l.eo
Ward (1 W
We.'cy Michael
Wii,' ... y Jonathan.
ll.v abovo letters will
1. M, PtlAUAU- f;M.
Overdrafta .
u 8 llorjilat(nrcuroclrculitlcn...
Other atoclr-, bond and mortfjajee....
IT 3londand e.urltit a band
Due from Itndeem o2-.d lieierToacenti-
" othorNal alllnki
Dun from other lUnkaaad lUnkera...
lteat EUto
Furniture, and Fixtures
Current t.xpensea.
Caah Item in .i dine atampi..
i hand-D:lt of other
Cith on
N.ktlonil lUak
Fractional currency,
tilK-olo ;
Legal Tender Notes-
70S JO
tl,Jt 00
,7M S3
3,310 ti
4,400 3S
1,(04 40
41,015 U
3,20 M
S.4U It
S,410 S4
:i oo
.Si:.f5l M
.. 2,419 M
....... t.iJ U
:j,ms oo
t2M,COt IT
Capital ttock paid ln..-.:..'...-.....'. .. ItOO.WOW
t-iehauge S7.V74 41 f
Interest 4,375 tj
Frafltaml Irf). ........ l.UJ 31
Due other lianka and llanker ........ eo ti
National Hank circulation outstanding Td.Mi co
ludlrldual deposits . lw.irt y
tm.mt it
n,,iC"i: .Huh'.f' c'r o' th" Tint National
lUuik f Cairo, ililaols, no solemnly svear lhal she
nliuve.taement is true, too the b.tt of tar knowl.
edge and Mlcf. C.N. HUOUEH, Cashlsr.
Sworn and kbWrlbeil to lforn rn this, list day
of January, K70. t g. n. HAY, Notary Publla.
Correct Attest: n, HUKD,
, H. K. Hat,
J'"3'1" J.T.BKNNIK. .
Three Farms. One or all will be sold or exrkaaze fot
Cairo city property. laAutroof.
A Rstra CoIUcllou.-Howlassd'a KaWlyta.
Maeic Arts, Diacoteries, vU, oomprisini raluaal
Information for ajerf Udy. ?nt Ij mall, (frea al
poiU(e) for io cents. '
Address K. . NORMANDT, Wl Hurk.t akeat. St.
Louis, Mo. aaJTdawly
Hsttrtslia Hair pjra.
Tin trsTiv tub woaiu does not contain lead-no
Tllrlol tvilsons to raralyso the system or nrodnc
death. It is perfectly harmless rtllable instantan
tuui. Asold tho Taunted and delutise nrsnaratioaa
boustlna 'rms,tlify.,do aot io.rs,if you would
eteape the d.iniier. Tha-genuina W, A. Batcholor's
Hair D)e hat thirty years' reputation to uphold its
Integrity. Hold by DuiigisU, Applied at It liond
tree!, N, V. NssJIdiwly
' -" - - i , i i - ,
'UnakO'a C'ollectloa
Of ntarly one hundred receipts for makiag braady
all ktnas ot Wine, Otn, Ale, Deer, Cordials, Haaaner
Cider, and miu!ji,pjlier useful lnfornatioa for lhos
dealing Inormannfaefurfng aay of abois, sishsr
fir the trade or home use.
Kent by inallj free; of postags. tar M osnss. Address
It. E. NORMANDY, Ml Market street, St. Lonls. Ms.
osr - If .Toa Wsusa , .
Material to make a dolUr bottle af the beat Hdr Ka.
storatlTorer used for resUring gray kalr rn
inalKMlor; send 3Jcent for a packags.
If You Wasst
Nla TVTxtto Teeth, jfealthy Gums, aad ks4
send for onr TURKISH DENTAIFlVt rl. 'H
A aurosura for Headache', Cafarrk.Osafaaaf, k kas
sing m tbtt ears, send- far snr BT IRVTATOBT
Frico 33 cents. J
tO.'Wthsrtf jhoabora!aa p.aid m rssseyt
1 nnce.
Addreai Joseph K. Ishlr, 411 Markat atrae, St.
boms, Mo. . stTlT4aw
AN ES3AX FOK Y0UN.011EN, a Ptyslological
Errors, Abuses and Dliease, Incident Io t41s and
Early Manhood; which create impd Issenta ta VAU-
RtAQE, with sure means of relisf. Sent In aaalaa kl
er nrclopes, freo of phargs.. Address, Dr. S. BK1L-
LIN UOUCUTUN, UQwara Assoeiaiion, rniiaaei-
ptila, ls. MJTdawJm
Kmi yen Yot's.a Mm, The true- eatltaate cC w-
man the, happiness of an licnoraWei marriage tha
frurful 'rioclid IlyIU of lha daT. the cauia amlenrs.
hent free', in scaled entelopes. Address, HOWARD-
A?OClATJ0.N,'IUg,P, I'Mlsd.lpaU, JV

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